Daily - Why did Dale Earnhardt Jr. turn laps?


The final lap with kerry murphy is is now the championship four points. Wrap up for nascar in twenty twenty cup series. Looks like this top four denny hamlin at number four. He had seven wins. This season. eighteen top fives and twenty. One top. ten's giuliano at number three had three wins twelve top. Fives twenty one top. Tens coming in at number two brad kozlowski with four wins thirteen top. Fives twenty four top. Tens coming up just short of the championship. This year's twenty twenty nascar cup series champion of course chase elliott five wins including the final two races of the year. Fifteen top fives and twenty. Two top. Tens for the expanding series. The top four. Looks like this chase. Briscoe with a series best of nine wins and no championships. Sixteen top fives twenty. Two top tens justin haley at number three with three wins ten top five twenty one top ten justin all guy number two three wins eleven top fives and nineteen top. Tens with champion being austin syndrich with six wins on the season. Nineteen top fives and twenty six top. Ten finishes the truck series at number four grant finger with four wins eight top fives and thirteen top. Tens brett moffitt number three. He's got to win ten top fives and sixteen top ten zane smith two wins seven zero five thirteen top tens and the champion for the season sheldon creed five wins nine top. Fives thirteen top. Tens like us facebook dot com slash the final lap. Hey listeners if you lost your job or have reduced hours due to covid. Nineteen listen up fast forward career training program at your local community. College can get you on your feet fast. There's also one time vouchers available now that cover tuition and fees for certain programs fast forward prepares you for in demand jobs and feels like healthcare and manufacturing the training prepares you for industry certifications. That make you more high rebel. Most training last six to twelve weeks and lots of funding is available connect with a fast forward career coach by december fourteenth at fast forward. Va dot org.

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