Madrid derby review, preview of Champions League meeting with Brugge.


uh-huh now to name just a few of the platforms hasn't had a great amount of opportunity to do what he wants to do but you must highlight the work that he has done here today on the fact that it is two hundred well meeting number one hundred ninety four wasn't quite a classic it produced the forty seventh draw the ten th nil nil four of those incidentally Ofcom since April more than the draw but I must congratulate my place yet again we missed a cutting edge up fronts but the effort was high but we must create more it's not only the intensity but it's all of us strength together as a team Gareth Bale who continues to show great another piece of individual mastery that had royal purring afterwards he was in raptures he has everything he said this boy z. down the reminded it comfortable when we all defend what about the captain's view then Sergia ramesses these matches with athletic of very physical it is about the most difficult rob rigo knows that we will progress slowly problem of course the Z. Damn will have is that as long as he continues to produce eye-catching Chana and maybe his inspiration was just what they lacked on the day he was with the Castille team where he's after scoring on his debut against assuming he produced on eating has already said I don't think he has much to worry about it will come in time he's not lacking awful lot he's done a good job here today everybody that he was going to be remaining very conservative with the way that they use Rodrigo he said I'm glad of what happened the other day against US assume that he that is who says of this podcast via the website at www dot Ramadorai podcasts dot com or you can find us on itunes Google Alexa stitcher and spotty also appeared optimize to respond to some of the criticisms aimed at him of late and he dismissed all of the critiques that it simply doesn't affect me I analyze licensed come to every season it's always difficult to create chances because they leave so very few spaces in which we can play a Tiba Putra application in his performances this season said Gareth is doing very well above all he helps a lot defensively and it shows the team very now two hundred twenty nine minutes without conceding a goal and that was a source of great pride for the coach Zoo data has out bore the brunt of any criticism for what was deemed to be another anonymous performance what about in Sudan's view on his plays in the performance then on the day is that I think we deserved of twenty fifty nine was gutsy there was plenty of hard work and endeavor but what they missed most were a significant goal threat on the day but it is now to the Champions League meeting with Brugare Amel Roundup all of the latest transfer rumors and speculation now don't forget you can catch up with all of the previous accrues stats again highlight somebody who feels he needs to remind everybody of the quality that he does possess as usual he had the most touches of that really picked up on if he does get sanctioned he could miss up to three games and suffer a significant fine let's take a look at some of the numbers had more and he won possession back along with Valverde more times than any other player out there as well as where Gareth Bale on four occasions both more than any other player chances were on target only one for athletic I in fact Madrid's possession never dip below fifty four point nine percent in any quarter of the gay as well believe it or not with three in the most on target with two he had nine Jill set the course of the ninety minutes winning five Ramos and Veron any Madrid player executing just under thirty percent more completed passes than any other player today he had the most shots on goal even running and slotting it through in two thousand nine minutes since they lost conceded a goal he said this for me is the most important thing of all we defend as a team we must continue on this line not first meeting between Rao Madrid and a team from Belgium they bought ten drawn three lost seven this'll be the third meeting with Braga the Belgians believe it as might matches with people who know football I speak with my coaches and my teammates Matt there were some who were disappointed that was Rodriguez on display the metropolitan it or not have a positive records remedied drawing here in Spain back in October of seventy-seven nil nil that was a time when Milan middle yanic teen he runs dribbles pasta pirates today eighty one percent of tackles one to sixty one percent for athletic what about individually time now to turn our attentions to the Champions League now just a couple of weeks ago the morning headlines as Madrid prepared to take on PS g eighteen twelve jewels one on ones but did any win three and as well today he did lose possession out there twenty three times and had the ball taken off of him they've all beaten Real Madrid standard the only Belgian dean ever to have beaten them at home and that was fifty years ago this year when they regained take it up Sergio Ramos as they wait to see if sanctions to be bored against Ramos of the home field comments that he made to a match official which would please Mellon's the climate or have him in the first team squad at least will only grow now the next few days will also be very tense for z Dan any is from the Gay Madrid had the majority possession of fifty five point eight percent creating fourteen Johnson's overall to Athletico's seven three of Madrid Edna returns the pool to finish the job no easy proposition this they are unbeaten in the lost nine. Champions League Dame's if you add in the qualifies brigger Remember Still Olten sticks to be seven corners they want fourteen thousand conceded to gather Qods on the Danta pass completion ratio sitting close to the season average at eighty seven percent career which included an Intercontinental Cup win three Spanish comes in nine Liga's recent times that Madrid founded a little more comfortable against Belgian opposition the only team from Belgium to reach the European Cup final when they lost to Liverpool back in seventy eight that who should we look out for tomorrow in Paris read the King of Europe returns or have a next of course was as sapiens reminder to all of the quality the from Vanita Ruby Nad led to row Madrid being knocked out at the young bright little stadium now they went out in the next round to eventual losing he's the coach their unbeaten in thirteen games this season they've get clean sheets an eight of them they scored twenty eight goals in the process of this week they beat Mechlin optima player and he will be key if he starts tomorrow take full advantage not s g it'd be pretty satisfied finally today let's take a look at some of the rumors and speculation around the press in the media I on the room affront iskoe's future very much of one the last four at home about eighteen scoring twenty goals and conceding just three so what about Brooke a-team these days country they lead he's carried out forward as well four goals in eight this season Kevin Diatta twenty year old Senegalese international it is third season included the great Paul Breitner couldn't breakdown Ernst Happel team they did even worse in Belgium when Arik let favre and are known I making three joke between them well this week then is Brugere from Belgium it's the by five goals to nil away from home what about Champions League for Madrid we now have lost two of the last three Champions League Games brew on paper reporting there to any attempts to extend his contract we'll be rebuffed a less united are willing to pay him thirty one million euro per season which way from the club these days interest now in these Spanish bull midfielder sue so he's currently with Milan his name was linked to in the summit that has resurfaced he's new this season he got four goals in his first four games he's Julia Goto there he's not scored since the tenth of August now the key man for knocked out Rennie has team masterminded that famous victory over Miguel Munoz remember he'd won two European cups as well in a highly decorated that she producing mentioned glad backer within beaten by livable in the final overall they've met five Belgian teams Brugge Standardization and the international break against Gowda coming up the weekend and we will review what happened in Champions League this week until then from Tim Capable Bob I said all Dutch caps is thirty one years of age now this is sixth season at the club in spite one hundred and eighty one games and scored forty two goals former final rotor said that Madrid will want up to twenty million in order to sell it well that is it for today where we later in the week as we look ahead to the final match before imagine Lee Catholic Limo who spent ten years as a plan for ninety nine to two thousand nine after you moved from Coventry City play two hundred fifty four games there scoring thirty nine goals exists in Europe see lead the return McCarty bigger what is we set continues to put on a visible effort and product very still lacking a bit all three shots were off target today did swinging eight crosses Gordon Welcome back from Tim Cable to the Ramat podcast now coming up today we'll take a look back at the reaction to the weekend draw in the Madrid Dhabi we'll look ahead gangs with Melanie scored twenty goals since his debut now Paul Paul his still making us not though for his on field performances Italian media suffered data's he's continued his impressive early season form the twenty year old Norwegian who has by remedy back in two thousand fourteen once again the player wants on Liverpool's books as played in Spain forty one season when he was on loan with a Maria back in two thousand thirteen fourteen he's played one hundred fifty if true appears to be pushing him closer to the exit door overtime to wonder had Scott's watching modernity Gareth the last couple of weeks never appeared once for the Madrid club he spent the previous two seasons on loan eat Netherlands with had vein and Vitesse Wolves do WanNa buy me yeah three goals in the last four games for him Nigerian Ford David Okay at four seasons in Italy with the spicier he had cosenza setting up goals is rude he's at seven assists so far this season I mean it was so good and consistent in the last eighteen months as picked up his A few players that you may not know Vanik Saturdays Best Goal scoring season of fourteen goes last season that was from midfield as well this season going six zero funding. Dana studied again.

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