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Elimination Chamber Picks - The Spanish Announce Table - Episode 248


Just because it's called higher education doesn't mean high tuition costs have to be the norm at strayer university. We have the radical opinion that education should be affordable with our graduation fund. You can earn up to twenty five percent off your bachelor's degree the tuition making it possible to succeed in today's world welcome to the future of Education strayer university out with the old school square. University is certified to operate by chef this vanish announce table. It was a warm day here in Kansas City oh but that was just a tease us because says if the weather this weekend we get another Arctic blast and potentially seven inches of snow not also good snow that makes you slide all over the south. All Snow is definitely not the good snow I I don't know that there's a whole lot of good snow to be found and Al Snow definitely not it but shutout to Al Snow and his clothing company Collar and Elbow <hes> they've got a lot of fun shirts at a good reasonable price. This isn't a sponsorship plug is just I really feel this way. If you're looking for a good Saint Patrick's day shirt but also want to express your pro wrestling fandom them they have an Irish whip green shirt and I think it's clever at one point. It was a sponsorship deal like we had a thing with him. I don't know if we if we could still make that an active thing or not but I haven't looked definitely we can. There's there's a will. There's a way Tim Yeah we just call up all AL and don't hey by the way don't listen to the latest episode. <hes> we love you and we would like to know right still does anything we've ever said about you but <hes> can. We Still Hawk your ship. I don't think we've been too hard on them. I don't think he's been like a Jeff Jerry in the history of the show a hard sell or the young bucks that would be a hard so so I used to call you guys the young cuts. Yes and I really hated you. There will be no <hes> like A._W._S.. SHOP DOT COM affiliate Spanish Announce Table Matt habbing bridges burnt before there was even a place to build a bridge too right. There man really really disliked the old young bucks cody. I like the Omega love which by the way we are recording February thirteenth two thousand nineteen <hes>. Do you realize two years ago on this day dominic man. I'm sure we have that on here somewhere. I just don't exactly know this happened on Monday night. Raw don't it was the culmination the festival of friendship. Oh I remember the festival of Friendship That was fun best segments in Monday night while history two years ago today and if I'm wrong but in fact check but I'm pretty sure that's right <hes> that happened in two years ago but since now we're kind of just jumping everywhere and it's just our show you know Tim Tom Hanging out the women aren't listening so tim now that the women are not spying on us and trying to find out our next Valentine's Day is tomorrow Tim what he got Tom. It's it's fun to watch you. In this like young budding relationship <hes> she doesn't need to listen to spy on me to know what my plans are. No we don't actually don't have any major plans man. I was sick all weekend and she's not feeling well now and so are plans to just do like eight say Hamburg snuggle perfect Tim Way to get her sick to her then. She doesn't have the energy to do anything and then does you don't have to do anything perfect plan took one for the team me being right yeah. <hes> actually a different kind of illness is definitely like not that I gave her that <hes> <hes> but boy I came down with it hard <hes> I was asleep most of the weekend <hes> but yeah that's kind of our like we were like you know now. We're GONNA like to stay home. Just snuggle up may watch a movie. You know just make a little dinner thing. Kids are still you know home and in the house and stuff like that too so if we don't if you don't do a whole lot of four thought yeah so yeah we are. We are staying playing free almost as it was long good for you. What the sickness yes but you you've got? You're still in the you. Don't have points to give right. You're still you're still earn your way up. Through the Minor League system here you've got bigger and this is a bigger one than most because it's the first one as an engaged couple right so this one and the next one before the next one is right before the wedding so I guess the next two are still like the engaged thing but the first one is GonNa be yeah so I'll get I'll give you a complete transparency. Have nothing planned pretty awesome zero well. That's true we do have reservations to a great restaurant can't local right from here in Kansas City. It's called Cassini's compete in Italian restaurant actually going to have our rehearsal dinner there. That's how much we like this place and if you order the <hes> the the Rigatoni you get the Spanish announce table price for sponsorship now it did spark the whole engagement talk if he helped us with that was that after we had dinner there of course let's see the options are and the bump bump above one of their options was wedding cake. You can get a slice of wedding cake today easy. You know take it easy. What are you trying to do to me here and he laughed she? Kinda got uncomfortable and then we started talking like what what really. Yeah they kind of expedited journey down to the flu spark the flame that is now engaged couple of emily and I so the other thing though I'll give you guys a report award guys and girls I report next week but she Italy has a plan surprise for me that will be delivered to my work tomorrow. I had zero idea what it is. Some people said it's like a singing quartet. You know L.. Other people think there's a company called hurts donuts. That's here in the United States nationwide <hes> that will sing like Cindy Fatman in like keep it out fit and stuff like that. Are you my next gig yeah moment. This is this is you should be cupid for her stone so people take that diaper yeah. That's what you wear diapers wimps. I do wait. Wait do employ to acquire their own diaper or is it because I mean if I'm going to take us on. I think I think you know I think it's easy for you to find a diaper. I think we know that about you know how to make dad with pretty much any kind of Eric or or threatening or or plant based material. I could probably one yeah look at you. Daniel Bryan good for you got the plant based material ready on hand right yeah from naturally fallen fibers get for you so that is the Valentine's two thousand nineteen <hes> but let's get into some news because this is a pro wrestling. We're both above mountains well. I'm more just on my play it off of love what this surprises right so if she comes in with like a million dollar surprise baby new year to reciprocate and I'm going to go you know two million dollars surprise right but if it's it because I don't want to shoot my shot because we got more years of this to go so I'm not going to go. You know one hundred percent I move. She told them saying that's right. If she said she got the surprise I play about a year and then I go just as much as she goes Yup yeah because if you get like a singing telegram Graham and the singer sucks you can be like yeah you know it was a nice guy. You know what matters most share you know. What I mean is that that's right exactly? That's what matters that you try. Let's get into some big wrestling news I do since we are a pro wrestling podcast here we the biggest news now. This is outside of storylines but I believe biggest news was the double or nothing of event that will be taking place may twenty fifth two thousand and nine thousand nine hundred on sale and this was a good litmus test in my opinion on what's the what's the feedback from the audience and I tell you what the general public tails on sold out in four minutes yeah the right so the first show all in that took place last year it makes sense right. They have the pro wrestling tease kind of partnership. That has a good following. It was this new thing. It's an alternative to at definitely the time when W._W._w.. Its slowest of the point lowest point of the year last year right like that was when the AMERICORP and stuff started kind of taking place and just everything ms before Becky Lynch you know and so it was a great time to strike while the iron was hot and so all Elaine was just as massive success as Richaud right it was a great show. The second show takes place and this is where it's okay you can do something cool but enlightening poise and like I said generally ticket sales sold out in four minutes the other caveat this is in Des Moines Iowa or small town Texas. This is Las Vegas Nevada. There are a million probably not exaggerating a million options of what you can do when you're in Las Vegas so that means that means they on a destination draw too so like people weren't just like Oh Oklahoma City and whatever's at the at the venue like we're GonNa see what's there. Maybe we'll take it so we like it now. They're coming for this right yeah. So what's your thoughts. What what what do you now? It's been reported and we're kind of assumed that the main event is going to be Kenny. Omega versus Christie are too so that's GonNa be the headliner. Obviously you're gonNA probably have the young bucks now. Another piece of news cody Rhodes just had knee surgery surgery. I assume you'll be ready by May because I don't think it was a two invasive surgery but still you got to maybe go into a tag match after knee surgery kind of thing so we doing both your general thoughts from yeah else out headliner. They seem to be on fire. People are ready for this to happen right which yeah I mean they were ready still ready not overdoing any promo for right. They're showing up in some spots and their series. He's right four sped down your throat yeah. We don't see this on. You know you know Fox football commercials. We're not overdoing this right. <hes> I'm looking at it here and again. Some of this is based on what happened at these <hes> you know <hes> press rallies and all that Kinda stuff <hes> Kenny Omega Chris Jericho. That's the thing they've said that's going to happen and then there's hangman had a page versus pock that was going to be the first match announced that one's GonNa be fun and then there's the young bucks taken on Pentagon junior and Phoenix which brose right yeah. I mean that could a decade only crazy good then S._C._U.. Taken on <hes> what does the C._I._A.. In Two partners from O._W._I.. Man <hes> yeah I don't China maker Versus Kylie Ray and then going into to be determined yet again. Cody could be a tag. I would be shocked just because of the you know hey. You don't want to go to the ball when you have a company. This is the one off of it like all in bright. Did he get hurt messing with old moonshine manteaux out there online. Maybe oh moon Shane Moonshine my intel for wwl product known as Maverick here from Brennan show been on the show a couple of times <hes>. Yeah Baby. I'm not sure injures Kojiro cody to be honest with you but just be wearing tear right like you know your free. No a gym has been on show four was with wwl former organization around here it was <hes> that was one of the places that w invaded little spot with him in the ring and chicken put the old enough or is this you know a shoot that that goes into a work and we're going to get the first thing. I don't know maybe a great guy man. I think they're going to do all right here. It's all going to be in the packaging and the follow through you know. I think this is still l.. Honeymoon phase right so all in like mentioned was that big one off event that had good partnerships and every hot any star in the world was involved and it took off right. They had the partnership with N._W._e._a.. They had the partnership per tease every <hes> Darling. There was like sure let's let's just jump in and do this right now. I still think that honeymoon phase but again. This is almost like take because it's the first event as now all elite wrestling not just hey. It's a fun one off right like everyone has fun now. We're competing right now saying like maybe Jay lethal because Jay lethal was a part of all and you know obviously don't see him being a part of nothing so now we're getting like revolver might not play Nice. New Japan might not play nice impact wrestling if they have any because contracts. They're going to be pulling nice so we'll see but I still think this is like as I mentioned take two of the first show I think a good litmus test for them is going to be the second all wrestling show where this Jacksonville Florida right now Jacksonville Florida is a big metropolitan Alton but it's not face the nation as you mentioned right so if you're gonNA be a little bit more of our people locally going to turn out our people get a travel to a second place so close after the first show then I I think that's where we're going to start to see how this is GonNa be. I assume their home base and the owner of all lead is from Jacksonville Jacksonville but we're going to see you know what I mean so I think the second show is where we're going to really find out if this has legs but a great first impression I would not bet that general public ticket sales hundred hour. I'm interested in that. They're going to use that Florida southern area as their home base of operations because I feel they're more of a northeastern crowd right like maybe north northeast all the way up there but more definitely of the Chicago the Ohio's the partnerships yeah one of the big partnerships still going after all in is the pro wrestling tease which is based in Chicago so you know is are the <hes> pro wrestling tease. You know brass or management gonNA keep coming down to Jacksonville every time. Where are we going to get a little bit looser of a working relationship? We'll see how that goes <hes> so yeah. I think the second show is we're GONNA see but I definitely think I show needs to be a home run in Chris Jericho Kenny Omega the first one was awesome now to me. It wasn't Oh my God classic what it was like the second one right right so I'm definitely interested in that. <hes> the Mexican again blue-chip or whatever we're calling their lebrons WWL <hes> that's what I know as <hes> Love Them Young Bucks again. I feel like they're just 'cause playing as pro wrestlers and not so little Kiro belt them but everything else hangman pages pocket. I haven't seen too much of hangman page. I saw his mansion in seen some things on YouTube pock on one hundred percent and I hope he becomes the number one. He'll I wanNA see pop and Kenny Omega. That's where I'm going like. Let's have Chris Jericho thing have that go our separate ways right crowning the new champ. Can you make a one event of the first show so the second she'll champ ach won his match contain main page and we get kinnear talk some shit. I WANNA see yeah in due time right. Maybe way so we'll see how it Paul shakes out with timing comes around but are you interested then so with that response from the general public sales of people going and they're going to do another star cast and you know things like that as a viewer here in Kansas City or wherever you listen cynically Kansas State. Does that make you feel like maybe interview the first one I mean maybe I'm still more interested in storylines than I am the in ring performance I mean you know they both got to be good but until like a regular programming with something that I care about. I'm less inclined. TEND TO WANNA pay to see the outcome of it right like so. I don't see these storylines might another exist but I don't see them right now because it's not the consolidated viewing location of that makes any sense right right so so I guess then are you more of the waiting to see what the card will look like and then go well. That story line looks good or you're going to be more of the weight and seem to say hey. Let's see what they do and then if I mentioned interesting done you know what I mean like you know well that that's another thing I mean do a t._v.. Deal two months before this pay per view and then that's what leads into the boom or pay per view and tune in tomorrow because we have new deal with gene or whatever it is with Netflix or whatever we'll see. Maybe interested of all right. Let's take a legal download this. If I don't buy it I might buy but I'm for sure gonNA legally download it so that's what I'm saying they will see this one way or the other or I'm going to at least two thousand nineteen. I'm seeing their thing right. I'm GonNa Watch it live in my bathtub. motherfuckers aren't so yeah. Let's take a break. We're back and we're GONNA do a deep dive into the story line having any W._W._e.. Realm and pretty much the only the only real written story that and that's why we'll dive into it we'll do that when we come back. <hes> in the meantime <hes> you check out our website spent shell still dot net. There's a link there announced merchantable is on Zaza so you can go to Zaza L- dot com slash spinach announce table or to our websites mission able dot net like I said <hes> and buy some stuff. In right by some fresh threads and it's an extra support podcast rats podcast which will be back shortly suspicious fun fact the average human head has about one hundred thousand hairs in the Spanish announce table. Tom Elimination Chambers coming up this Sunday on the W._W._e.. Network I like the Elimination Chamber it usually doesn't is an failed to deliver or even it usually yeah usually delivers on a good match usually the chamber match itself. I agree I get a little tired in today's Day and age where we have the Gimmick and then put the match around it. I've always felt other than money in the bank because money in the bank equals and opportunity to become a champion right like this contract gets you to be not potentially a champion whenever you choose right so putting participants in that make sense but when it's hell in the cell or elimination chamber or any of those kind of gimmicky matches his I feel like the feud should take you to the match and now you know because we have elimination chamber pay per view. It's well. Here's the gimmick and we're going to fill it in with this time women's tag league matches and get a little like okay whatever I I liked when you know hell in the cell was because Kane and undertaker whatever it is you know that they couldn't be contained by anything else other than this measure so that's what I liked. <hes> now I just kind of feel like okay well the gimmick a secondary or secondary to we gotta have the Gimmick you know but yeah like you said it always delivered right. There's GonNa be one spine there where I'm going to be like what why those those people are crazy. You know. I'll probably do a couple of times but it's yeah it. Should you got six people in and well. Let's figure it out all right so they don't have anything listed as official ziglar kickoff show so we'll start the beginning of their list here on wwl dot com Braun strowman Barron Corbyn in a No D. Q. match maybe Corbin Lenses because of a No D. Q. Thing. I'm going stroman but you're about to rant on this well. I'm GONNA go Barron Corbin because drew McIntyre isn't involved in any other match so this is where he gets involved and the next one fast lane. That's where we get a tag matter of curtain Bron versus stew right but don't you think and this is where my rant was gonNA come in. Don't you think instead of just doing a no Deka match the elimination chamber or a hell what a cell would certainly better purpose than just don't know like that you're missing it. That's where I get irritated with well but the Gimmick this time is elimination chamber will these two guys hate each other that should be held on the cell well we can't go helen until handle elimination chamber. What did not give you the last man standing yeah you could invite but stick with our picture catering table brawl there it is or they can just fight at the announce tables? They have their international announced that right Christian at all this season I started like the first couple episodes and then like I haven't caught up yet. They do one where like they go to like the French team and this team and it ends up with like the I. W. C. It's is to people living in their mom's basement and it's it's pretty good. <hes> this season was was really fun to watch. They're done now yeah so I'm going to retire will interfere and that gets us to attack natural raw raw women's championship Ronda Rousey will defeat Ruby riot one hundred percent Charlotte might get involved and then that's when becky comes in and there may be a way somehow that would be right technically wins a match email yeah but she will not have the champion Derek fucking the first loss variety would just be fish face fist face Ruby Ryan fist <hes> telling a guy like me Kinda right uh-huh yeah man if like they built all this storyline with the Becky Lynn Charlotte thing and then if they swerved you with now ruby riotous suddenly the champ gummy. I'm sorry wait what four-way Becky Becky and Charlie and Ruby Rana. There's no there's no there's no rematch fight Oscar there. You go you go all right. Let's talk about the Intercontinental Championship Bobby Lashley and Leah rustic enough in a handicap match yeah. They're gonNA give this development. They no no no no no no. This is what bobby you know. It almost looks at thirteen somehow because Leo takes the fall or takes the fatal punch daddy idea but you'll punch fatal punt. Maybe this is where you know Ed Jim. They used to do the he'll G._M.. To make this match but it was never explained by Finn would just accept yeah I'll take both of mine should have been like hey guys. Bison also allow him to bring a guy who's mice is with them. That's how confident I am in this yeah. There should have been some type of you know. You think you're good you think violent you try. You'll find us both at the same time. They're at find a will okay cool for the title. Does he just so long time right yeah good okay. He's not going to back if he's not done it by now. You'd wait till mania when you. I think he loses in demons in a month with me. Being the second one you're right. You're right Ashleigh retains all right. cruiserweight changed that going on the kickoff show Murphy versus a cure. It's Zala Buddy Murphy. They are not giving that that cross-eyed can barely speak to once yeah they did it once and it was a failure so yeah keep it on a buddy buddy. Does I would probably can't even speak zoning which Manley smackdown tag team championship championship. The MS versus says they should give it to those. They're awesome. They'RE NOT GONNA THEY'RE GONNA keep it on on McVeigh's. <hes> MS doesn't that sound like a new breakfast item at McDonald's the does please or <hes> man the chick man from the bar that is going to be a bad case in the mkx. Mrs Can't get a little McVeigh's on yeah. It's only gonNA make miss well. Here's my thought process on how it doesn't is those those win at this one right then you get the okay well. We're a new team. We knew we would face adversity. This is it. Let's try to get the titles back they win a number one contender's thing through a couple of weeks on smackdown or whatever they get the next title Shot Against Russo's at Faslane and then they lose again and then that's where the dissension comes word. I didn't lose this as you lost it. Push push the mania we shane versus news so then who takes on those who you get you get a big gigantic sanity this team and that team yeah for the TAG team changes that yeah opening match and probably a great match. Everyone's going to be like that was good. I got the seven hours after this goes gosh. They're just good best tag team. Believable everything about him is fucking awesome and I even like the media Rose Naomi thing that Jimmy yeah they need to push more Russo's storylines. They're fucking call back to that too when he was like. Should we be talking about many rows and he's like way like okay. They are believable it. Does it feel like they're a gimmick. It feels like I'm looking at is what I'm looking at and I like it. They're awesome. I'm going to go just to be contrarian. I'M GONNA go with loosens news for a limited time all right. Let's you just mix. It wasn't stolen your Tom <hes> all right the inaugural W._W.. Women's Tag Team Championship match here right the first time ever we crown though w women's women sex not really but for this for this one right here we go elimination chamber the Boston Hug Connections. Can't we just the connection Boston connection is too many syllables the connection because then they do like a fun handshake like like the mega powers. That's what you should do but Boston held connection to just say actually action then what have we got here. Who Else Mania rose? What's her name Byron Desire which is good name yeah because it's all the feelings that Sunnyville has eighty rose and yeah that's good do all their play that they can have like? She's still hung out everything and then be like hey when good for you anyway yeah all right Carmella which is just if anybody entertains for that's winning anything ever any kind of anything <hes> the iconic which would be good attack team that could hold tag team titles but they're not winning this one. They're not winning here. Then you've got what's the other one from the riot squad <hes> Morgan and whatever the hell her name is Sarah Yeah the one married to the other making Sarah and live yeah no. She's not married at the Viking. <hes> Nikki married to the other guy. What's his name? No the Viking Guy is married to Sarah Yeah. They did a whole biking Robert Nicky Cross somebody from Ireland. Hey looks like I don't think that's the thing right and then you've got who I think might actually pull these down and you got to look at night Jax. How bad was there promo talking about? <hes> why should become chance to me that it's fucking overnight so then you don't hear yeah. No that was not good but I definitely think are there. I don't know it's either Balian Sasha or these two and I just going which angle we can. I don't see the smack that Yeah No. It's definitely it's definitely Jackson to me or it's mainly the baby sasha possible possible turmoil things they've been hinting at makes me still WanNa lean both ways I can talk myself into them winning because of that dissension or and it's not even said dissention here where it's just the Oh you know baby's. GotTa keep doing it by yourself F- yeah yes. I'm you know I'm say Jackson. SNUKA I- luxury 'cause obviously titles on smackdown get lost because we see Oscar or truth on this episode now the Gauntlet match I understand but still oh not even mentioned some of them <hes> so I do think they go roswell and I think the chase to mania is what keeps the connection. I'm calling the connection from now on and that's yet to get crown at mania. That's more special moment it than just a first line yeah because they'll find a way to make it look like somehow. Sasha fucked it up. The Jackson said well. What about your friend? She's overcome right all right well. I'm about to the Elimination Chamber again for the. Take chip Daniel Bryan Renton Smoke Joe and now Kofi Kingston because you can't go which hey good not good. It sucks because I really liked his angle in this team the young upstart but I also like the angle of Kofi Kingston have been here since nom. Let me get a shot at title. He's do you WanNa talk about the gauntlet match before we get into our pig on this match so oh I thought the gauntlet match was picture perfect except for one thing and it's just I thought it would a great cherry on the top is I- Kofi Kingston beat. Everyone was perfect but you're going to do that have also beat A._J.. Styles I would've had also overcome and get a trouble in paradise or fill in the blank. Get one over on A._J.. He's on his last leg and still do the reindeer now got you like I'm still here. I love that finish like it was predictable but it was a great way to say like hey but I just want cookie should have beat them all except for Morton and that would have been like oh of an impact it would be the well we really can't discredit Kofi Annan either right not to say we still can't everyone it would be everyone and then in the last seconds an archaic got Kofi is not winning this <hes> <hes> I have begun to think more and more that Kofi might have the more if they were like break up with somebody who has to be they were to run with somebody which would be the bigger likely candidate right now under those three just in that they've had in there for so long they trust him. He can kind of do all the three things like he can do. The power that you can do you can do the commie stuff and then he can get serious yeah. He's smart right looking into the smart thing like I think they may try to pull that trigger coffee I if and when they do that new day split yeah yeah I mean I completely agree. I think he's awesome. I just because I I don't know there's something with biggie where he can villain 'cause one thing that I think Kofi is limited and maybe I'm wrong here but I just don't buy into yet and I didn't buy today. No Brian has a heel but then now I'm proven wrong but I don't buy into Kofi Kingston as ambitious. He'll I could buy into big three and enough. I need five Healton because he didn't next week he'll he'll and so I- by him or as like guy the three woods something's missing Xavier. He's the manager I just by by as a wrestler but I agree. I have another fun. You know maybe two more eliminations and all that kind of thing that little feel <hes> but I think ain't shock you've had them in the final two. Even if they big you know the third guiding yeah you know I think Danny Brian's angry liberal guy with the belt to mania <hes>. It just feels like a story line. They're going to roll it. Somehow ruin finds a way to somehow get involved in it so now frozen a recycle bin that he hits them with right past could be something that gets in get involved and then it's because he is recycled. Rowing literally just recycled ruin into recycle. Yeah I think he takes he takes a phenomenal forearm orme Jay everybody that gets everybody Brian. Snakes yeah gets gets up one over on it yeah. I think that's what happens but <hes> there's definitely angles to go. I I'm more interested in where they go with the rest of the people if they decide to do feuds out of this match right so similar job it's eliminated by Randy Orton thing needle right and then Simone eliminated them beats the hell out of Randy Orton Jeff Hardy gets a one two three hundred Joe rain out of this match uh-huh fascinating fencing yeah something like that and then they go ages now Jeff Hardy Mania. He'll can be good if he's he'll he'll be fine. Remember Match Jeff can still force credit jeopardy can stick in that ringing flop around a fly ball from everything exactly Bill Paul from everything he can still do it like you say all right anything else man before we <hes> no I mean you read what as of right now is the lineup for Elimination Chamber just WANNA point out again no Oscar match what the Hell <hes> no our truth. Maybe our truth becomes a last second or truth versus Nakimora Mora kickoff show match but no our truth. Hey there you go archer. Those gets confused on who is wrestling so that would be fun. I just went to champs. It's fuck this United States but that's right uh-huh still kicking anybody to fighter for that Bill Yeah. I can't play Janet was there as well you know can be expected but still no brock listener <hes> <hes> so. Let's without a brock laser match we kind of how you read that in how I think most people are thinking that the W._b.. Championship match will be the main event but let's not be shocked. If it's the women's tag team champion being for the first ever Dag Champs closes the show the poor w championship can never close now that there's universal enroll show you know yeah yeah just doesn't do it. This doesn't do anymore. Well we do it and we do it. Well and we will do again next week for up to forty nine days fun. Fact a fish is called a fry the Spanish announce table. You'll do it right to spend less than the things you need to update and Organiz your home lows here to help you save every day. 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