S2 E32: Mueller, Nadler, Biden, Chili Davis, The Glengarry Leads, "Gene Simmons" And More!


This is Dennis Miller option, your source of opinion, stories and laughs from comedian, and inactive, est, Dennis Miller and his guy Friday, Christian Blat. What's up Hiroshi? Let's light, this candle who ladies and gentlemen. Dennis Miller, a folks, welcome to the Dennis Miller option somebody from Dallas, right outside American Airlines arena, which is where the Mavs play, we're under tornado ward. And I have so little to talk about. The, you know, full on hit from a Fukushima scale. What's the Fujitsu scale, there's something for tornadoes, it, you never heard Dorothy use it. It's not like they're anti 'em. It's a Fujitsu and an old movie. When have the bus kill me with all that stuff. We're in a Fukuyama all of a sudden the straw man or whatever the hell he was called his paid as Carrie. Can want Nabi. Thank you might have Geeta scale, my fresh here, tells me, what's your name, brother? I sitting in with me for the hour done here in Texas, Fujita scale, and you have Watanabe stepping in, and you'll get in data Sela. I know I'm supposed to talk loud, like Henry Higgins. But this is how he talked in the fuck and movies. Give me a break, Asian people that you're out on the ledge of the pagoda about to kill yourself lighten up. He speaks pretty Chuck. I saw him in king, and I by the way in London, and it was divine the way that worked there, because, you know, he's the king of Siam, and he's not supposed to be an elocution, est and indeed, it, worked sweetly there. But in God's Zillah it seemed to me, somebody who was always trapped in a room with a double pane window, and he would walk up and they'd all be seeing godzillas common, and then he would do the Jimmy Smits Victor Cifuentes thing where he'd go knows gercy of what would he meets Godzilla? I've been watching these films since negotiator. And he would also chime in with the gems like let them fight. I think he had back in money on a goes Zillah hat. Really good. Sylla's been so trademarked. Everybody gets a cut of that all the way through Jack Warner. So I think what Nabi comes in and says, listen, I'll pretend mystical ninja and I'll call it goes Zillah, and I want forty percent rose points. And they say fuck your show. You should flirty Lisa deal. You got lots where I'm I'm about. I'm in the middle of a tornado and it's thirty miles away, but you never know where they turn. That's the thing about tornados. You know, they're like Mitt Romney ago, wherever the votes are. What what happened today? We'll talk about that in a second. I know this is gonna one is this place play be tomorrow weeks from me so out of sequence ligament, an auto premature Phil Danis today is Thursday, may thirtieth and happy birthday to my wife, who I know listens. You full. Happy birthday in Wai. Wait a second. Your wife's Asian, isn't it? Yeah. She's Chinese K Chinese. Here we go up. Boy, you happy. He. Day you. Go ahead. I'm sure she's crying now. But it's because she loved it not. Hey, you. Hey, you know, you say go the shit storm all the blanche of why Asians now who are ruined by that. Can't get out of bed hanging. There, folks everybody buck up, we've all turned into pussies. So there you go. We've got a D push afire selves. That's my, my goal here. D- Pacific -ation of America. Better king than I did. Because I saw it with Lou diamond Phillips in the lead. No, I sure did. That was a see phantom. Four-times. Michael Crawford was never a one night. I'm in my seat, and they go Michael Crawford sick tonight. Dennis Miller's playing. I, I don't even know the book. I just bought a ticket. I had to jump up and I said, what do I do? And they said, I here, put this half mask on and pretend you're inventory sky. That's what I did. People hated it. Now, I have gone a couple times, Michael Crawford was not there. One time. It was a young kid and other time. It was Gary Coleman. Unbelievable. It was great. He was unbelievable. Because the tunnels, they, they had to build the tunnels allot less scale. And they saved a lot that ninety gave us something off on our ticket. I thought that was nice. I said, why is they will usually when the phantom walks through here, you know, Crawford's around six one? We need head space. And I said, well, how big is Gary and I swear, let's just say this, the phantom mask is a complete Komono. And now we're back deja, and every. Because I walked, the dirt garb, I just came from a beautiful gar exhibit here, by the way in Dallas at the Dallas museum of art. And I have to say they did a great job. It was a traveling Christian. Dior not Christian was traveling Christian Blat tour, finding shirts polled callers. It was a traveling Christian Dior show. And I hear there's one at the bay. In. I think that's the name of the museum where I saw the bully exhibited in London. The Manet think it is, are they are as something Royal and ancient, and it might be Arnie anyway. It's a beautiful yet Emon as Emo, MA that's near Smith. And he's called the are and they always do the mothership installations. And I'm going to see a Dior one there. Sometime in the next month or so. But I saw a road show as it were of this one. And if this was the road show, I cannot even imagine, I'll beautiful, this is going to be I have to say that I did not know but it it's obviously hatched by a guy named Christian Dior and the old man does it for maybe ten twelve years and then becomes America's status in. Then they bring in a twenty to twenty one year old, I couldn't quite tell from the right on the cusp Yves, Saint Laurent, who just looks like a young, you know, it's like a gay, Jimmy Neutron, or something, just, but a genius. And then up other people take it over, and one named ho van, you can see he kind of takes it into a business model because the stuff's nice, but it looks more precise. But then they bring in, I'd say this man in my limited knowledge of my limited knowledge of fashion. I'd hey, there, have to say the ones that I've seen who have struck me as geniuses or John Galliano, and he Saint Laurent, and who is crazy Karl Lagerfeld. He's crazy saloon. But he is a bit of a genius and not half as crazy as you'd think when you see him interviewed, I really got solid conservative values off him that there's a great show on Netflix, Skuld the week before, and it's the week leading up to things. And they did a week leading up to his, and pardon me, as I try French here, and I'm not good at a coat you show in Paris, and stunning stunning, where can he seemed like a flat genius, and rest is soy just died, but he also seemed like a guy who? Did not give a shit about what you thought about him. And I'm always enamored of that. So I went to see this show and it was an amazing show if you go to it and. If it's touring. I don't know. It's in Dallas right now I saw was in Denver put together by the people. In Denver comes to your city, a highly recommended. It's just you realize that as much as I find fault with some of the quirky surface issues of fashion. The everything old is new, again, the finding the right phrase to reintroduce old tropes. The ochre aren't nature of it, the in and out nature of an all those things bother me at the end of the day. There are around a dozen guys and gals on the earth who understand beauty in garb, and when it's exhibited in, in the fashion, I just saw it really is. I'm hardly Andre Leon Talley. But it it's invigorating is you goosebumps beautiful. The stuff is in the they had footage on how long it takes to make pair, the shoes and caught a jacket and geniuses in their own way. Speaking of. Genius. I'll be performing this Friday may thirty years. I'll be very ping Suzy Parker. You know, he park is, she was one of America's first supermodels, if not, these super model, her name she ended up marrying the great Brad for Dilmun, take a dump, and I'm gonna look up her gams. Well, she was a statue us, beauty, an American Beauty sort of Christie Brinkley, but taller and more fashionable way before I'm not putting Christie Brinkley done. She knows that there's a certain sort of high fashion model and then there's sort of beautiful healthy American Girl. Motto can do Ralph Lauren polo and stuff like that. But Suzy Parker I think the birth of it, and they had a beautiful picture of the was the genius photographer. The, the model's name is no Vena, and I'm blanking on the photographer's name, but it's her with the elephants, you've seen that pose, right? There's a beautiful picture of a model named. No vima. If you can look it up. And I know as soon as you say the naming you forgot that you remembered no Vima, but you for Richard Avedon he takes a picture of her in an evening. Down surrounded by elephants and her. Right. Hand is splayed out onto the elephants trunk? She's literally grabbing it note the elephant on the left has so much debris on his back. It's a stunning photo. It's, it's I something about, I don't quite album. I was maybe interpreting it to roszak in, but it was something about the beauty of the world holding in abeyance the bee's, the dirty piece, although I like an ice elephant trust me, but you didn't want to see the elephant in this dress. But I it's just an amazing. I think it might be the most famous picture in fashion history. So it give that a look, if you get a chance and look at Thai Thai is beautiful man. I have had guys I've worked with for years, Christian, never fly off my way. It's like I'm Joey Chitwood on a Vespa look over. Where's the other guys not there? This cat is beautiful. He's got the photo up in front of me. Rice tie. Old may. I think the, the safe distances why we continue to work together after fifteen years. Christian, those that I'm of live spotted character to be handled with isotope farms. You gotta be on the other side of the Andromeda glass. 'cause I highly visible -tarian to thirty five. I just touched myself and did the thing. Thing. Anyway, I'll be performing this Friday at the IP casino. No taping of my show. I want any I- piece. Left. Thai just quit because he's bleeding from the writing fractured. Some oh, he just told look the skies genius. He just put up on my screen is he's a member of deigned use station to club charter member. I just reflect up Zia station to anyway, whereas the IP casino and resort. You ask it's in Biloxi Mississippi and MIS ISS I p p I will be there. Laughs. June eight in Honolulu. Hawaii aloha. I think on a Lula's pretty liberal state. Right. This is my sales, they're kind of poi-. He just rooms shut. All the good will tired. Do you think they've ever hired anybody to do rim shots and porn? Oh. When there's there are porn films that are everybody has their, their thing. And there's some that are, you know. Let's just say Orpheus problems. And I'm wondering if they have anybody just for on beyond. So the set I, I know the John Ford is to have a mariachi band on his sets. I think as directing porn film, and it had the anal participation, and I might have somebody there with drama, simple just to do. Little room shot. One. Get out of this. I'm not going very far in a rush still uncomfortable. Sometimes I just forget, don't kid yourselves. There's no such thing as a good excuse for not appealing up. If you've used any of these excuses or any others, you're putting yourself at risk of injury or death at this in twenty seventeen more than ten thousand people were unbuckled when they were killed in crashes. That's fifty one percent of people killed motor vehicle crashes that were not not wearing seatbelts. No matter what kind of vehicle, you drive, wearing your seat belt as the best defense in a crash, even when you sit in the back seat is still need the buckle up. Not also goes for taxes. When you use ride sharing services. Cops on the lookout and writing tickets. So why take the risk as I said in two thousand seventeen alone? Here's the upside seatbelts save nearly fifteen thousand lives. Do the smart thing. And buckle up every trip day or night. Click it or ticket paid for by our friends at nitsa. What are we going to talk about? We have a guest, the guest is the audience. I gotta find a good restaurant, Dallas, by the way, because I ate a two restaurants. Just say, I don't want to be the American comes into town and says the names. But one of them in one of the articles, I read was the top rated restaurant and the other one was the nineteenth raided rest on, I might have caught a bad. They I'm not saying I'm not saying their names. So I only do that because I'm an interloper here and I don't want to come in and act. Like I know it's not exactly like my palate, is that educated? But tie where can I go to be assured of a good meal tonight is going to tell you what a bird like something Tex-Mex hobby airs? All right. We'll remind me of that, when we're finished because I gotta get local knowledge because I'm going off these lists like eater dot com and it has thirty eight. Things on it. And I've tried to the thirty eight so I'm one nineteenth in, and if the food had gotten any more troublesome it to two places I was at I would have tried to ask them done. Shane me from the ore and ask the drum guide to slow down a little because it was bad food. Lovely people. I'm just saying what are you gonna do? I cut too bad meals. Oh, what happened today? Just before I came in, I think Robert Muller, is that his name Muller Muller Muller Muller? I think he's an asshole I, I really do. And I don't think he's an asshole listed if he'd found Trump guilty after two years. That's not. I think he I think he cares about what people think about him to me when you hold a press conference, and you take no questions for of awed precious little precious for me. And when you say in that eight to nine minutes, you are going to let the report speak for itself. And then you have a couple of caveats. That's gotta cares about his image. I think he wants to ride off into the sunset. I don't think he found anything on Trump. I think he realizes Trump's radiactive. I think he's going to go to Sally, quince Christmas party, and not be seated in the anteroom, he's going to have to stay involved on there. I think his wife, probably said listen, I don't want to be a pariah. I don't wanna be Hester prynne in this neighborhood now because you didn't find anything on Trump. So he split the difference. He goes out, and he talks about. I am here today to tell you that it almost reminded me of Komi when he did that fourteen minutes thing, where it was all about all the laws. She had broken it. And at the end he does the used to be a ride in the amusement parks called the wild mouse. It was like a roller coaster, but it was all built on right angles, and carriage was the thing that shifted seed get down to the end of it. And you'd look like you're going to go over and then made hard left, that was Komi speech to me the wild mouse. And today, I was thinking, well, what if you don't wanna talk? And if you're saying you won't talk in the future. And by the way, the moment that thing goes into where he drops out. It can be subpoenaed like any of us any of us, and he has to show up, but he sends that preferable note that my testimony will be the same as it is. In the report, I want to let the report speak for itself. Nonetheless, I'm gonna come before you today. I'm gonna take no questions because I want to report the speak for itself. But I've got a couple of explanation. On a couple points. It's bullshit. I think. I don't know what am I to think that he doesn't want to buzzkill Chelsea Sandler's crush on him. Or what? But all I know is, I think he's a little more self serving than they let on. And we'll, we'll see if he's who's the equivalent of Jerry Nadler, if I was at the hot. No, if I was, I think, is now Senator a congressman. He's a congressman right? I believe, so I who gives a shit. But if there's a corresponding panel under Lindsey Graham, I would have a subpoena out to Robert Muller this afternoon. It's like any old courtroom thing, you say where you, you know, they say have your counselor bring it up before they can bring it up. They're going to bring this down on the, you know, Jerry, Nadler's going to get hold of him. And he'll crack Nadler's genius interrogator. He was the guy who broke let's shake up if they're gonna play. They're gonna play good cop fat cop with him. I don't want to ask you the tough questions. But, you know, Jerry now there might have to come in here. Jerry Nadler has more bands inside of them than. Allison. Shirt member in him. It was a sweet reference. Alison American pie band Camco. Oh, Alison Hannigan. And again. He has more bands inside of and. Alyson Hannigan in American pie. Not Lindsey some podcast together so that so that it would seem like he said at the first week we leave it like that. Yeah. He's a congressman. You're right. I'm sorry. Tie was playing the adult here in pointing out the Jerry net. What were you over there? Jabber walking about. I was. Did you know? She's also with doogie howser and. His name swipe, you'll get wacked. Toby steelers. Smucker's abor shut up, Chris. I'm doing a radio. No, you're not. Oh, like I couldn't do a radio show. Come up. I mean you could but are there radios anymore? I don't even know listen, this podcast might not have no listeners. But it's not because it's not listenable. We're going to get the stream of consciousness. That's why we're firmly cemented. One tar below the bronze medal. Stand in the podcast. All alright what are we gonna do? Today. Christian we've got a lot of study wanted just hit me with a lot of topics or. Oh, yeah. You wanna do this, citing part of the pocket, we got folks we all come together organically. We don't know where. Anything can happen and usually won't. Hey, by the way, what Conforto slam last? Yes. The game I didn't go to be going tonight. So they'll probably lose nine and nothing. But so you were at Kershaw degrom. No, I didn't go to that one either. My son went. I hear Conforto last night was talking about canot game. But tip as he stepped in. He said, I don't know who's, who's the hitting coach for now for the Mets. It's some old player. I remember reading the name, but canot said to Conforto stepped in, he's going to try to get you to hit into a double play. So the guy comes in with some high cheese. Conforto gets on top of and parks, it chili Davis is the batting coach and the ISIS could afford OSA from now on Kono's my hidden. Chilly over this. Thanks for that comes up to you with the most nebulous note I've ever heard. Try to get you to hit into a double play. Well, thank you. Iota chili Davis over there, putting the ball in the fucking t it's a hundred ten degrees in port Saint Lucie that there for two hours. And by the way, chili Davis turns up in that great rob Schneider tape that he sent me. I've sent you that Christian. You must have you've told me about it, but I've never actually I have. CD of L send to you. I can't even tell the story anymore because we live in such times, but it's, it's a story that a San Francisco giant radio announcers telling during a game when chili Davis is still playing. It must be twenty to twenty five years ago, and it's about a developmentally disabled kid in Detroit attending baseball camp. And the he intertwines it with report, Taj of the game. And in doing, so it's about the wrong thing you ever near life. Rob Schneider happened to be listening to it when he was writing, and we were really close at that time. And when the guy said, we'll be right back with the story of a developmental disabled kid, trait ghetto and him. It chili. Davis baseball Robson. I put the taper. For the next twenty minutes this guy calls the game. And it'll be stuff like. Candy, Maldonado took the kids, aside ashore, Jimmy's different than you. He's an unused. He uses the words. Hurt. Anybody that word was not as verboten then that was the word we had for that. We didn't we weren't replacement. You said he's, he's retarded and he can't play like you. So they let him hit a dribbler and run it out. You know that whole story but he's interrupting it with sure Jimmy's different than you. He's retarded jelly Davis step in. And he twins too, and it's so. You can't believe that he doesn't see horrible mistake. This is. And then at the end somebody grounds that he's doing this thing where he raps the inning up a nice ribbon. He's just thought you'd like to hear that story. Mount, a retarded kid out of the Detroit ghetto bright moment. Another wise, gray, and misty were. His so. So that's chili Davis turns up in that unbeknownst to him. But I can tell the guy's got a good heart is trying to do the right thing, but you either have to tell that story in a rain delay, or it's not interrupted by foul. Literally is he's telling the kids are crying the for space. The poor kid was born with too many chromosomes. Right. It's time for the old style. Big hit of the game. Brought to you by coal refreshing old style beer. Anyway, it's in the hall of fame. And I think I have a CD, you know, who I'm going to have a listening party, because, you know, a mutual friend of ours who will enjoy that. Now more than more than anything. Will be like Lenin. Irking all together. You know whatever that story. I need to hear that, sir. Paul. Listening in you notice that I didn't shake hands with them. Erection on the shoulder your circle. I mean, really what an aunt story. I just I've had close friends in my life. If you've got to a point outside of Bob crane, and Willem Dafoe in autumn. Have you ever sat with a friend? Some sort of co- away, now that is really crazy. Let's, let's silver beater. I mean it's on the, it's on number one list on the group orgy. Handbook is like, no, no, no, not, not that. There you go. That's another radio. All right. So there's, there's a lot of headlines. You know, I'm going to get to some VM's some voicemails from our fans. Yeah. Some VM's that that'd be cool. But just go through some think if there's anything else, I'm watching show called broad church before we sometimes. How far in broad church? Now it's gone off the rails. I you know what I'm thinking honest to God, I think broad church was is a possible. It was meant to be a one-season show. Yes. I think that got picked up. It's really now I'm three in and four better. Start to get a little sensible on out. I mean, you know, the first season was fine. Little hard to watch. Sure. I don't say you can say, anything's popular entertainment when its core issues pedophilia. But there's a lot of that in there, but it's well written and, you know, the proper seriousness is paid to that part of it, and then hard wrought detective the Brits know how to do that whole thing. But I swear to God it seems to me that it should have ended after one because now we're into season two are into the guy's trial, and he he's from season one. And, and then there's a home, other case introduce that I could care less about, you know, it's like some guy who looks like Cumberbatch meets Robert AVI something he's in. He's. Have you seen it? Oh. So then that's why there isn't with. Fuck is that guy every time they show tight t shirt, cutting wood, I'm thinking really. So probably be out lesson episode for somebody says you look handsome today and he goes to gloat and takes his foot off. Yeah. He's always cutting wood with, and then without a foot, then or something to work. Your character is Asian off of when I do Richard third. What do I say Christian? I always kaffir tape my right leg back, put the he'll up against my hamstring, and I work on the limp. Dickey threes. Limped out the rest of it's gravy from me. Trae tickets. Pop version of Richard started. Yeah. These are the things that you should message to Konya instead of giving them away for free on the podcast. I admire him immensely, and I didn't for years. But I, I don't think he admired himself isn't funny. When somebody Myers themselves to some degree or gets their self esteem together at allow, you know, some people want that patently shy thing all the time. Where's your pawing the ground with your feet, and averting gazes? I don't want that if the guy's got something to say, well, you know, when he's loaded on Hennessy grabbing a young girls Grammy away from her. Ama it looks like an ASO. Guess what? I think if you ask me, so. Yeah as a minimum Astle, but I admire him now for stepping out got gotta do these John Rourke angrier than John gulled sort of things we step, and you take the heat. And you, you know, who also I if, if you're not an objective, you bridal at those three people and indeed, I'm reading atlas shrugged again. And I find it. I don't I'm not enjoying it as much this time because. Her her fantasies of, you know, sort of stern. Let's say love, it's just the sight of sort of being de it's you know, it's a little tedious. It's overawed at threaten, like a harlequin romance novel. Now, the message of it. I find invigorating but also all the bad guys are super bad, and all the good guys super I agree with that to a large degree in life. I don't the shading thing doesn't work, but there's a couple of guys in there. The could have a little shading. And so, I think if I point out three objectives heroes, I think the easiest ones the one you'd find most palatable are probably hang Grier would be less palatable, because he so strident about ingots and you know. Riveting, and then Secondly, there's. I would say, Dan Konia or John Galt, who's like, in obscure so far seven hundred pages in and then there's a Howard work is palatable, because we think is Gary Cooper, but if you're looking for somebody to admire and contemporary arts or like not in the literature, but rather in the film's, Tyrone, power's, turn Larry Darrell in the razor's edge is absolutely brilliant. It's one of my favorite movies ever. I watched it again. The other night, Robert Osborne, when he was alive told me that one Larry or when gene Tierney, descends the stairs in the house. She staying in, in Paris to go out on the town with Larry and they know it's their last night together for while his favorite movie scene ever in history. And Tyrone power is just I don't know how I don't even know if he was nominated for an Oscar, I don't think but he definitely. It's a it's a it'll last forever that performance he so perfect in that. And there's a scene towards the end when he man on a spiritual search, and there's a little bit of dawn Draper, Christian because another man dies for him. In battle now, he doesn't much more. Nobly doesn't conscripts man's identity. Draper does. But there's that sort of haunted thing where you're now on a journey to find out why that man died, and you didn't, and he so he's on a deep spiritual journey the entire film. You see why billing Mario was attracted to it. And it's but at the end Lifton Webb who plays the him the book end on the experience, capricious man shallow, man, a man, who literally is our VP lifeblood. He's dying and he hasn't been invited to a party that matters to him on the co design, and Larry Darrell goes and flirts with the secretary of the woman holding the party. And she looks away. Elsa Lancaster in a brilliant, little Taryn. He picks up one of the invites and pens in himself that he's inviting him. And he thinks it's the Princess inviting literally lift web reads, the invitation and dies with a smile on his face. So to have the most consequential of men, that's the part that I don't think Iran got it's just to etched in stone that there are some alert to in the Uman experience. But for the most consequential of men to go back and do the most. Insipid act just the lead. This old man happy is such a leavening agent that it really makes perfect. Movie from me. The nominees for that Clifton Webb was nominated did not win, but and Baxter did win best actress in supporting role but Tyrone power's is not nominated. We'll there you go. I don't think you know, you read about those things sometimes in life where somebody isn't that the whole thing, ten polls off of is not nominated absolutely boggles the mind. All right. What topics are up Christian? All right. What happened in the world? Voicemails. Voicemail. Let's have a rap session to it. Let's let's, let's do it. Let's see. We're going to go with an old friend of ours jersey. Joe left. A message for us. This is Joe Dolinsky is or friend. I cannot express my elation at the fact that the prodigal of perfunctory has returned to the air, along with his melodious Caruso, saying, voice, David through, so however. And, and. Added bonus. I will attempt to me saying a little ditty away out, west a name wind and rain and fire awry. Oh my go- and Mariah. I like the actual song. I think it is. I think you want do in Mariah. Well, listen, a nice run at saying, not exactly generals gathered in the nam mass say. Just like witches at black masses. Evil minds that plot the structure. So this construction in fields bodies burn. Mission keeps to and death and hatred to mankind. Poisoning. Brainwash mind. That's listen. I could have been Ozzie Harriet Ozzie Nelson. What about that? What about dad is an L sky? Ozzie Nelson from Ozzie, and Harriet is the front man for Sabbath. Tony Dow from beaver as Tonio me. Pacific. We should get hit their last Ozzy can't his up till then it's possible could carry oak that, but I can't. Then I have to practically have to dress up as a compromise to alter boy to get the. Oh. Cyprus cool. I remember I was in seventh grade, we had a priest come in hipster. Pries the mod squad. Oh, did he ever guitar? That. Love that. Buffy sainte. Marie? He's like twenty three. Comes in. I'm in seventh grade. And he says, well, here's my deal. I'm father. I don't even remember his name, and I've decided at age twenty three to always be broke and never get laid. I remember thinking, well, there's a good idea for you. That's not going to back up. Yeah. They passed the list for altar boys. Stay out of that. Tumble, wait over here. Blown coin. So what's your ass ration- never going to get laid? And I wanna be broke. All right. Well, good luck Nixon that wine up yourself, think I'm going to be there. You put together, the Luton free body of Christ. You gotta go in that known as a lot of Celia. There who believe and as I've said before on the show every two minutes one hates to get one's Lord and savior lodged in one's one. Drink. Plenty of water. Absolutely converts, the wine right at the base of the Assad. Think. I think. Do you know yet to spend her not anymore? I had. Yeah. Allow no, I had a malfunctioning us off. Geel spanked her for a while and took care of it. Before it started a bad influence on my nother painter the moneymakers think there. The other ones that one for weekends are made for. Lighten up. Grab a mic. Anyway, give me some shit some shit. So, you know, I don't much care for the pas. Finger now, by the way, it's from him being away, on the Beverly hillbillies literally, give me the finger. I think he's Christian. He's going to tell you for dinner. So I'm, I'm enjoying the back and forth between President Trump, Joe Biden, so President Trump said that he was sticking up for Biden by calling him, low, I q after Kim Jong UN called him an idiot, and who could possibly be upset by being called low IQ like yeah. Absolutely. I'm on Trump's side on this. Well, listen, you know, I, I liked Trump in many ways that this is one. I Don I don't dig the offshore thing. I just don't I didn't when the, the girl from the Dixie chicks did it, I think, all this shit's readily said, in house, I think, Biden's more on, I think he's a backslapping morning. He's, you know he's not my Cup of tea. I, I, I don't think Trump is on, I think he did something stupid here. I don't think it's the end of the world. And I think the world is used to two years at Trump now that he's not going to be presidential at all. That's fine with me ninety percent of the time. I do know that there are people in North Korea. Who have been killed? I think the kids a pig. I hope we get along with them because we've gotten along with pigs throughout the world. You know, let's face facts, if you can get a pig who's not willing to blow, you up, you're better than having a pig who thinks you're Satan, right? Listen, the Shah of Iran was a crazy motherfucker, but he wanted to go to Beirut once hearing get laid by high end European hookers. So you could talk to him Khomeini thought he had the die before he got to meet high end European hookers. So you couldn't talk to him. It was no leverage. They're so I'd rather have a nut, you know in our pocket. And I think listen, if, if the kid is blown away by knowing friends with Dennis Rodman. You know, he's blown away Trump and he can be buddies to some extent, definite that being said, I do the draw the line at going after buying a narrow that, that is not the end of the world. I you know, I've seen a Bronco Bama standing in a park and Berlin apologizing for America. So, you know, that wasn't the end of the world either, but they both pissed me off. I'd shut it up and you know what I'd do if I was Trump, I would have a camera crew at the top of the stairs as Air Force One landed at wherever it lands. What's it called, you know where the plane lands in DC, I would have camera crew meet me as the door open say, I wanted to tear by new asshole about how stupid he is overseas. But I didn't do it, but I wanted to get to it right away soon as I landed here. It's important to. As soon as it touches down flip the camera, here's what he said about him, but, you know, to do it overseas is charming. Well speaking of Joe Biden, he is. There's an article is reading that he's already taken time off, well, e seventy six men, and he looks frayed. Listen, oddly enough ancient him becoming ancient has served the hair plugs. Well, because all that's blurred out. You know, you look at the front of it now there's plugs there, it's still a fallow field that it's where it's caught up to him. Now is they get wispy on the back end. You know, they get that little old guy flip on the back of their hair. It's like a duck sass of the duck had been shot hanging him. That's where he's looking old. He looks ancient he's been into for water week. Mitch. Mentioned taking time off, it was Memorial Day. I'm staying out of the way, I'm telling you, man, it is a bear that thing. And, you know, when you're out there being Biden, you've got a whole inner firewall that you have to set up between yourself, that can get elected and yourself that wants to be a regular backslap and guy and turns into an ASO on a second. Fake diner, you hallucinated diner. We say Barack Obama's what was the I know you want to say the words because vibe say the words. Now, I'm a klansman, but I swear to God of trumpets said something about Obama being. I'm not going to say there. I won't do it anymore. That's how I play that. The society has gotten so fucking weird. Everybody knows what I'm talking about. I'm not going to say the exact words because I don't want to get caught and paraphrase L. But at once in a while Biden, says something so stupid something about, you can't go into a seven eleven without Indians. I think that's what it was. Nice an hassle. And it got to what does he have the election? Not be an asshole, you know, basically, it's like it. You know, and it's like it's like George Sanders at the end of the children of the village of the damned where he's put a bomb in his briefcase, and he goes to teach the kids, he knows the blow them up, including his son, because they weren't really their kids, their birth by some meteorite, or something, and they're going to take over the world and kill everybody. And they can read his mind. So he has to go and imagine a brick wall, and they work on his mind in the thing until the last second, they see there's a bomb valise. They go to grab for it, but he held them bay too long. That's what Biden has to do with a stupid side to go in there and concentrate on a wall all time. And it takes them out of, and that's why they can only wheel him out every three or four days. Well, that ties right into the articles reading I think, you know, we're seeing that he's the front runner by every measure, including just something he's up eighteen points. But the one way he's not the front runner is, he's not drawing big crowds. So people are saying they would vote for him, but they're not gonna actually go to see him speak. They're not as excited as is listen, that vote is strictly you member in the last election, I said, they can put a ballot that has to boxes on it, one that says Hillary one that says, not Hillary, and I'm going to put an X in the not Hillary box. Let's flip this time you can have. That's all that's all Biden is at this point, they're looking at them and thinking who am I don't even think he has great chance. I think they know that. But they're certainly a he's a good dog. Paddle, you can hold their right? You can float in the Red Sea with him for a while before you start Australian stroking the road who knows who shows themselves. I think it's going to be Hillary, and everybody looks to me and says you're crazy. You watch. I still best campaign is to not campaign. I think she gets a little loaded her sick. I don't quite know what it is. It's one of the two you see her starting to get a little hazy out there. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. I'll say it's deleterious task and it wears her down, and she starts to exhibit some exhaustion. So that's nothing work for when they're pushing her head like a perp to put her in the back seat of an SUV to drive driver away from his speech. So I think they're saying listen you were out there. You, you don't show. Well, but you can't but there's still a lot of people who give you oddly enough imprimature, and they're there with you for the rest of the time. Probably run thirty five percent over there. Stay out of the way don't run have your Spitzer in the evening. Go out and give a paid speech for two hundred and fifty grand every month or so rail against the powers that be do a minor quibble against one of the twenty two candidates are weeding them. Out, picking off strays as they used to do during the one, they'd escort ships across the Lusitania, they'd always been one that got a little bit outside the vector, and they'd pick it off or in Tari and safari pick out a stray, and then down the road you're down to five or six guys, none of them looked tenable at that point, Biden, Biden said by speaks braggadocio and sick all the less. He knows about something the more he leans into it. That's going to catch up on. Nobody shoots the cuffs after they hit the bed like Joe Biden, and that's going to catch up to him down the road. And then you Gallup in say I don't want to do this. I called by my party and my country to save us from Donald Trump. So that's my idea on Hillary, but Biden's. Listen, you don't mind in the sanctity of your own house saying vote for Biden at the dinner table, or when you're with your echo chamber at work, everybody has one you really, you really going to be the guy, the first guy to dance at the winning, you know, where to Flamenco dancers are getting married and you go out first and you're on the floor. Looking like, you know, you're. Playing Congo's for buckman Turner overdrive. You're such a stiff, of course you don't want to be show up and see a neighbor of yours. And you think wow. We drove twenty miles siege. Oh, biden's. Right. But the thing that you always say, is that nothing would surprise you. So I, I assume you wouldn't actually be shocked if he did become president because we bite everything you just said, would you be surprised or or not? Obviously the math of is anything can happen. I would be shocked shocked and I won't say anything they do about where they're going Joe. But if we go back to a shithead like Joe Biden, and if no other reason that countries should use this as a cudgel in the future, to have the democratic candidate or the Republican candidate B is out there as Trump because this whole thing about the presidency as I said, I think that's all falling apart. I don't view these great men to me. We should go to a volleyball talker ac- where we elect five guys and they rotate, when one of them fucks up the next guy come in, but so I don't look at any of these guys as Jesus Christ. But Biden certainly, one of the stupidest most predictable politicians if that is the yield of four or eight years from Trump, that you're going back to square, one, picking the hacky assed of hacks than indeed the countries. Well, listen in the. Guys being progressive. Certainly they've gotten a lot more square. I mean really just try to think of any other time in history, ABBIE, Hoffman stigma daisy, and a rifle gun turrets and Tiananmen anytime where they were young people rising up to take back the power think about the end of that being Joe Biden and that'll show you how much they hate Donald Trump. Really they're saying invigorates you who do you want to get out there and fight for who do you wanna get the clipboard and the slicker register votes in the rain, for this, only one man, just me that much as only one man, that reminds me, Bobby? Who is it Joe Joe seventy five? He's been a more on for so many years. Listen, anytime, you know what the kiss death is when you exist in politics from age twenty nine hundred seventy five he seems like a nice guy. Can you think of a more tepid indictment? They might as well just take me in the Roman Senate son and put the long knife in at that point after all those years, he seems like a nice guy. Yeah. Well, there's a high aspiration. What did he do? You know what he did? You know, big thing. He did the crime Bill now. There's somebody somebody has to go in, and I don't know why Trump doesn't do this. I don't know why Trump doesn't literally say I'm going out and I'm going to visit the ten major black populations in this country over the next ten days like hustling for other people, I would just announce it I'd say somebody's got to hear this. I'm going to go read the crime Bill to podium in Baltimore Detroit. New Orleans cabrini-green in Chicago. I'm going to go to ten places that have been fucked up for black. People by the Democratic Party. And I'm gonna read this crime Bill that Biden, pushed through and. And then I'll later if they wanna vote for monolithically like they do in the past, they wanna get ninety five percent of their votes. So be it, but I'm at least going to tell them what's going on here. And I don't know. I you know that's one thing. I don't get about. Republicans people always such. I'm not a Republican. I'm fiscally conservative trust radical Islam as far as I could throw it and think we have to lock Antlers sooner the better. And every other thing I'd say, I'm liberal on. But I, I do I am creeped out by the fact that Republicans don't do that more. I think we'll what is that enough? It's racism, I just can't can't figure it or does polling show that it's so etched in what did they freeze Han solo in carbonate. Yes, they did. Yeah. Well, maybe votes, so frozen in carbonite canning go there, but somebody ought to be out there. I would literally make it a tour. I wouldn't do this thing where they go pures Trump's showing up periodically I denounce it. I just listen. I'm losing ninety five percent of the black vote in this country. These idiots have got them in this jam, when the great society took over in nineteen seventy five the single parent birth rate in the ghetto was twenty one percent now after fifty two or whatever fifty five years of it, it's up in the seventies say, that's the yield of this stuff in the disenfranchised communities enough, it should just go say that these long speeches if I was him. I would go hang a little, I would you know, they're always talking about. Oh, and, you know, if he does not do that, I'll have to wonder what will what is what is wrong? I would do that. This time through is. That's one thing I don't get about Republicans and you know what listen, I think abortions in many cases, those late term are just flat out. Murdered a me. I'll say that out loud, I think in the first three months of it. None of my business. I'll be honest with you. I it's just I don't know. I don't know or care enough about strangers to get that involve when their life when they've got life in that I assume that God settles up with them, if it's wrong down the road, I do believe in God. I know people do use I do I go once a week, I prayed a gun in the church, I don't go to the mask because I don't believe in that anymore. But I do believe in God and I say my prayers, and I figure, he'll Seto up on the tote board at the end of the day, if somebody's done something caused Mickley wrong, but to think that I would be presumptious enough to think. I'm smart enough to start lecturing strange women who have a at that point at the beginning of the pregnancy. Something in them. That some people will say as a child, some people say is not a child and what I'm going to come in and say, well, here's what I think what I think is. I don't know to stay out of their way on that. But I do find it off when a state rules that if you're a victim of incest, or rape, the not supposed to get an abortion that seems I don't get that. So there people say, well, would your robot. I don't even know if they're bonafides that's just common sense to me, a family member. And you were having a baby. And you find out about it right away, and you're not, I don't get that. So sorry. I guess that makes me I'll probably be hated by both sides on that. But all I know is this at the end of the day, I willingly concede, I'm not smart enough to figure stuff like that. That's cosmic stuff. So that being said the individual can make their call. If somebody extracts baby in the seventeenth eighth month. I think they. I think they've murdered somebody do any one else in terms of those what they're referring to is heartbeat laws. One of them is pending in Georgia. And there's a lot of TV and movie production that happens there, so net flicks is the first studio that said that they're going to strongly reconsider their plans for production in Georgia, if Pat and do whatever they won that flicks passed on me because they've unfunny jerk off. Sorry. They made that decision in a heartbeat. Pitch for three seconds. No pass. Hey, do whatever they want. But you know what? This is a great time to mention that your latest special fake news. Real jokes is available on Amazon prime. So you know you up beautiful. Alec baldwin. Always be closing put the coffee. Nothing funny to me. Alan Arkin, the no. That add Harris. Yeah. Whole. Last seventy percent of the movie is nothing but these leads are shipped. Entire shipley. That makes me laugh that being said that film is both one of the more hilarious films I've ever seen. And one of the most heartbreaking simultaneously. Maybe DNA aing, you know, the double helix seeing that together is genius. When Jack Lemmon is in that phone booth lit by that harsh light and his daughter needs an operation. And he's trying to get a sit the clothes some shit condo and. Florida. I almost have to avert, my gaze. I feel like I'm being voyeur and he's so effective. Shelly in that scene. I feel like I shouldn't be privy to that. Agreed human pain. Even though I know it scripted. It's just like somewhere. That's probably happened to that degree. And I always feel guilty. That's an amazing. See then conversely, there's some of the funniest stuff in the world. Ricky Pacino, sitting with John price and Giannis bar and talking to him about the most cosmic profane. Distasteful horrific human experiences and as long screed, while they're tossing a doers. And the end of this, long, Rambos wanna show you something near each is it news? Best puck and pulls a brochure up. It is the unlikeliest Rubicon ever crossed, but, oh, that makes me laugh. And the Mamat a genius, and more of a genius, now that I know is conservative leanings on common sense. Things too good for you starting to see some of these people creep up. You know what I mean? Some people are starting to just say, hey, listen getting too crazy. And not deniro. No, no, no. If I was Trump. And they played that for me. I'd say that hurts because I always thought he was the best Boris baton off. That's. Night elton. John lit me up at that charity dinner when I look ugly American, I assume pitcher, Dennis Miller couple, pro American jokes. So they say what did you think what out and said, I said, not like Bernie top. Philly Joe's five at me. Let's gets a topic. So this would be a reversal from his policy in two thousand sixteen policy. Let me. By leg, Judy Collins on the biggest huckster in the world. And we all local record starring blue as about looked. Both is she saying that. Now, I had are on the show. She was the blonde chick from shark tank on. You got some figurines of me fighting in the Peloponnesian war made out of an acrylic. Mitch McConnell says that he would. So in two thousand sixteen he didn't feel that they should vote for a supreme court nominee in, in an election year. And obviously, that was President Obama nominee. He's saying now next year in two thousand twenty he certainly would fill a supreme court vacancy was not historical precedent for them. Oh, yeah. No, I think I think you're absolutely right. But now he's saying you wouldn't have a problem doing it next year. That's the interesting part for me that the occupant of the White House, having an next to his name has changed his opinion on, well, I'd have to disagree with that, then I agreed with the last two they've pushed through because I there was not a historical precedent, and the Dem's would have did that in a second. Yeah. And but if there is no if there is a time frame, where you let it go. And this falls within the timeframe, I would I would agree and say, let the election decide and I wouldn't want to say that. But just in fairness. So I don't know what you're doing over there. But I tell you what he's going to be remembered by history as the last gestation before the desert as when the Democrats take over the Senate by just one vote all the shit's going to be pushed through simple majority. He's the last Republican has a chance unless Trump, you know. You know, has coattails and brings I'm still convinced that the leading person to the president and twenty twenty and it is an unspoken majority out there is trust me. I'm on the road. I have a lot of people side up to me, almost like clandestine, say, good for you, or, hey, I'm a Trump guy, too, and they whisper it literally social imagine that you think they're answering pollsters at home. Really? If they held this election tomorrow. I'll just the they're not holding it tomorrow. So wait till they are holding it tomorrow. But if you don't think Trump has a chance to be president again. And you don't think that they're watching all this stupid shit out there where they're talking about pulling babies out and putting them on tables. And then doing deal no deal. You know, the silhouette up in the booth on whether or not the kid are dis. You think that shit's not resonating? It is. I just only anybody's gonna cop to it right now because they realize all of a sudden, you express your opinion next thing, you know, you're catching a diesel on a tube sock over here melons, who needs it. But if McConnell does that I think it's unfair. I will say this. I do think the Democrats are immediately going to go to a simple majority in the Senate. And the fact that he's not going to do it is going to saddle him for a long time. And Neville Chamberlain light way. He's going to be the last guy passed on that option country is so destroyed right now, if you thinking get the. Sixty pizza topics if they have to stay late and they wanna get pizza. They couldn't agree on the topics. So think you're going to get the sixty on anything that's affective. You might as well be the first one because they're going to do it in a nanosecond after they take over. So that one. I think he's being a bit naive. On the other one if there's a precedent I would say pass on that because when she lose that high ground. And you know what? I'd even give them one extra day. I'd say, well, listen, it's been never we had one six months in two days out, and I'd say. Six months in one. Just push it that way a little. He your turtles another idiot, I met him once and they used to come on radio. Talking to these guys. And you think they're powerful and you know you. You know, their powerful and I won't say the other guys name he was a nice man, but he's a shit too. You're standing there tying, I think not believe these guys have cloud because, you know, their whole thing is their whole thing is working out there Vic, that's what they're geniuses at. How little can you move the needle and still maintain your power, but look like your edging in the direction of your deepest core tenant? That's all they do. That's their genius. They might as well be Carl will Linda. You know, over Niagara Falls or something. Is there genius just staying on the rope man? And I don't respect any of them, McCain. That's the most noble gesture I've ever seen a man, make when he's young kid or a twenty six year old man. And then for him to lead the last year of his life. Almost completely ass kissing to get a nice up opet in the times after the times when he was running put an above the full picture of his supposed mistress on the front page. It wasn't even when you kiss ass on people who don't have your best interests at heart. You really have turned into a kiss ass anyway. What else Morgan Stanley is saying that the red date Carson, right? She. Current Johnny dated a while. I always loved one on happy days row. Yeah. I think everybody was on happy days. It was on for like name Morgan Fairchild. All right. Oh my money with Morgan Fairchild Morgan Fairchild says that the economy is heading for a downturn. Because stocks are falling over concerns with this trade war with China. Listen, I hear the Chinese whipping out the long March trope, so they know we've got their attention. Why not do it now when we're flush. Do we have to eat shit from China for trade for the rest of our lives? Or if we can even improve just the little, and I don't even think Trump's plan for that, quite honestly, I think Trump's plan to get it even and whenever they talk about Trump being an idiot, and not a strong man and all that. Do you think any front runner over on the democratic side? Would it shows the flush economy? He had the double Don on these tariffs, because they fucked him at the table. Do you do? See any is that not in Deering to anybody in a way that he will walk away from the Goshi. What we have to just show up and shit from China. For the rest of our life. We have to let them steal our P. And by the way, I'll be the. Relaxing, sippy, this Sammy closer clo, sorry, just ties. Sir bellum going to get the L Dorada's for them. But I'm glad somebody put their foot and Trump hasn't made me any money. All this bullshit about Trump has done is fr-. Are you kidding me? Do you realize what that the state and local tax pastor getting rid of that does to people live in my state, for instance, California? Just do the math on you for a second. Let's say I was making twenty times, what I make a year and Moza millionaire, I made a million dollars last year. Twenty three times what I'm at. I know I know just to be one of the guys, I have to act like a making buck and Burger King. So let's say if you make a million dollars a year, and California state taxes, thirteen point three, I think top end hundred and thirty three thousand you got to pay to the state used to be able to write that off against your federal taxes, and save yourself, sixty six five. Now you just pay the whole thing. So anybody who makes if you make five million, you're on an extra three hundred and fifty thousand not knocked the federal. From thirty nine to thirty seven c makeup tastes there. But trust me, this whole thing about, he's doing this for his rich friends. Now, the people are making out on that, like, bandits are people of establish residency in either Texas, Washington, Florida, Tennessee, I think, Nevada, if you've read one of those things, yet you can hang onto some of your money. But this whole thing about, he's taking care of his rich cronies well on no is I can tell you, I paid more taxes last year than I had paid in the past willing to do some of that shit. If we can reset, some of this decrepit system, we have, and some of this bullshit laws that we have, and some of the simpering stance that we've had in the world for the last few years. And so be it this China things going to hurt, we to it's going to hurt a lot of people, and guess what? If they're gonna talk long road over there, at least our long road. I think I saw the Trump s for sixteen billion for funds a couple of weeks ago, you think the Chinese. These guys are going to these guys in the in the rice, paddies Hawaii, and Japan, China, where do they have those? They have those all those places. All right. You think they're going out and saying here, here's a check. We got sixteen billion take care of the guys in the you know, the in the fields there. Now, they know is it a perfect thing. No. But if, if they're telling them, they're going to have to walk the long road again. And that's their code for, you know, we got a buck up you eat it here for a while for the greater good. I think America's going to have to do that to some degree too, because they're screwing us. And this guy sick of being screwed. And I can't believe that everybody says that that's one of his deficiencies. I'm sorry. I love America and you know, and this whole thing about well, do you blindly now I don't blindly love it staff. The people I meet who are Americans. I wanna smack in the fucking head. Chris you ever walk through an airport? How many people you love in an airport, how many people you, if you watched them board, a plane for Christ's sake? If you watched that tween Cantina freakshow parade on the Oun front of you and try to put a fuck mini fridge into the overhead. Now I don't love everybody, but as a core concept countries groovy. Almost wrapped here. Yeah. I mean, we have we've done a lot of time, we could we could play one more voicemail before we go. If you like they'll play it. If it's laudatory because after smoking this, like I didn't believe me, this is Buchan, Johnny Vandermeer pitch. Back the back. No nose. Ties a baseball. He's one of the five guys. Listen. I just smoked this. I don't wanna go out the door with, Dan. Sometimes caney gives me. No. I think I think you'll enjoy this voicemail number twelve baske-. Hey Turkey, based in base me. I love this. This is from gene in Beverly Hills. Dennis it's gene Simmons, creator of moneybag soda made only with the most elite of ingredients. This is so royalty. So if you have expensive tastes, drink moneybag, I heard a recent interview with different Paul Stanley who was on impart to discuss our kiss end of the road tour. And he failed to mention an incredibly exciting piece of news involving the upcoming kiss show at Kern, plots in Munich, Germany, on may thirty first, let me preface this by saying, we were hoping as Fraley could join us at the show. But unfortunately he has a prior commitment on that date. Unbeknownst to us ace quite recently took a part time job at the on riverside park in Lincoln heights here in LA. He works on weekends as bench. It's a shame can join us. However, I am ecstatic to announce right now that sitting in on drums for this performance. The one, the only Peter. Excuse me. I had some Spilka on drums for this performance. The one, the only Peter Dingle. That's right now that game of thrones wrapped, unless there's a willow reboot in the near future figured his schedule as wide open. But it's much better than that. I know some of our fans have been let down in the past when certain guests performance failed to show up, but I've just taken steps to ensure that, that will never happen with Mr. dinky. Perhaps Dennis you're familiar with the three fifths compromise, which determined, how slaves become -ted in regard to a state's total population for legislative representation taxation purposes. The compromise was to count three out of every five slaves as a person hands. The three fifths compromise now, as you know, Dennis along with money bounds and cuddling passions in life is early constitutional law and I discovered an obscure, loophole that has never been amended nor revoked it is still legal. United States of America to own person. If that person is literally three fifths of person, simply put I now, legally own, Peter rest assured, I consider him a valued employee and whenever engage in any practice that would demean or otherwise compromise his dignity. This new arrangement only ensures that he may be performing with kiss on future dates during our end of the road tour and I should add that if anyone is unable to see Peter perform with us on this tour and would still like to see him when he isn't touring with us. It'll be on display at kiss mini golf at the Rio hotel and casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. I hope you're doing well Dennis, let's do lunch zoom. There's a wonderful, little Mexican restaurant Shanon. I frequent on nineteenth and spring will bring the wives after launch we can all swing by the park and sit on ace while we people watch. If you're up for it leave me an Email at kiss online dot com. He's a gene, and we allowed to say, yes, I think we should always give credit to gene Simmons when he calls it. But of course, our gene Simmons is grain, rob Lord church. Yeah. And if you want to hear more of rob Lawrence, you can hear he, and I chatted about avengers and game on episode three twenty eight of my personal podcast. The black cast, it can be found at black cast dot com. DT CAS, T dot com. Also apple podcasts. I tunes and everywhere, fine podcasts can be found absolute genius. One of the funniest men I've ever met, and we appreciate it. Then mischief moving out to the coast. He's on his way to moving to move to Washington state, though. So it's the wrong throwing the coast kidding. It's a little too far. Can do up there, right? Zingers for Jim McDermott. I think he can probably get some things onto a Starbucks Coffee Cup. Well, listen, Yuli rob large, and small coastal town in Washington for the next ten years will be the next Quint. Three hundred men went under the water. On twenty. No. Alright sheriff Brody by thanks for listening to the Dennis Miller option exclusively on Westwood One. Tune into new episodes, every Tuesday and Thursday on the Westwood One app. Westwood One dot com and on podcasts and remember to rate review and share until next time. That's the show, and we are out of here from the Westwood One podcast network.

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