The history of epic North Korean insults


Richard pod is sponsored by T. Rowe price. Are you looking to learn a thing or two about getting your finances in order saving and investing? Check out the confident wallet a personal finance podcast series by T. Rowe price and the Washington Post brand studio find it wherever you get your podcasts. Hey history lovers. I'm Mike Rosen walled with retro pod. A show about the past rediscovered North Korea where to begin for decades. There has been questioned after question about the road communist country. Here's one of the more light hearted ones. What might have serious implications does North Korea have a minister of insults? As long as North Korea has existed. It seems like someone in the government has been lobbing insults in creative ones at that towards US presidents most recently as tensions have heated up between the Trump administration and the rogue state North Korea's leader Kim Jong dismissed President Trump as a quote, mentally deranged US daughter to be fair. He wasn't unprovoked rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself and for his regime. There's not been an Oval Office occupant with quite the same touch for insult Trump. Just ask little Marco Rubio, crooked Hillary and lying. Ted cruz. Trump has dubbed morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski. And Joe Scarborough as low IQ crazy Meco and psycho Joe. Still Trump may need help keeping up with the North Koreans who have developed a reputation as a superpower when it comes to verbal attacks. Experts have even compared the North Korean insults to those of Shakespeare almost fifty years ago, North Korea's Major General called Lyndon Johnson, a war maniac and a living corpse. He also said that everyone working for the president would burn in hell with John F Kennedy. Here's what else they've said about US political leaders. George W Bush in two thousand nine North Korea called him a political idiot and tyrannical imbecile who lacks, quote, even in I Oba of elementary reason, morality and ability to judge reality as a human being then again Bush once called Kim's father, Kim Jong Il a spoiled child at a dinner table, Hillary Clinton, a North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said sometimes she looks like a primary schoolgirl and sometimes a pensioner going shopping. A North Korean spokesman even picked on Colorado Senator Cory Gardner in two thousand seventeen how so quote that a man mixed with human dirt like Gardner who has lost basic judgment and body here could only spell misfortune for the United States and what did Gardner due to be insulted over body here by comparison. It seems totally tame he called Kim Jong UN a whack job. A Mike Rosen. Thanks for listening for more forgotten stories from history. Visit Washington Post dot com slash retro pod.

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