The higher ed wealth gap


This marketplace podcast is brought to you by. Indeed, are you hiring with? Indeed, you can post a job in minutes set up screener questions than zero in on your shortlist of qualified candidates using an online dashboard get started today at indeed dot com slash marketplace. That's indeed dot com slash marketplace. And by Sunpro from Pitney Bowes, Sunpro online software makes it easy to save time and money print shipping, labels and stamps, right? From your desk and access discounted rates. Tried for free for thirty days and get a free ten pound scale when you visit PBA dot com slash morning. That's PB dot com slash morning. The gap between rich and poor college edition. I'm David Brancaccio in New York. A study out today finds US universities and colleges brought in record charitable donations in the last accounting year, but the contributions are not spread evenly. There were clustered within a small select group of schools. Marketplace's Nancy Marshall genzer is following this anti let me guess which schools are getting all the money the most elite colleges and universities, of course. And David this is according to a survey from the council for advancement and support of education. Harvard leads the list, it raked in most one and a half billion dollars Stanford and Columbia were right behind Harvard. In fact, according to the Wall Street Journal eighteen percent of all the donations last year went to less than one percent of US colleges and universities just ten schools. What's feeding donation inequality? Then well these donors get to decide where there money. Will go many times they went to these elite schools, but one of the surveys directors is quoted as saying that these top schools are multifaceted. They may have research facilities hospitals, or even museums that people wanna give money to and let's face it many of these donors like the idea of having their name on a hospital the word museum wing what about the other schools? Well, community colleges are not top targets for these donors. They educate a much bigger slice of the population. Though. Some of these donors are specifying that their money be used to help low income students enrolled in these elite universities. That's what Michael Bloomberg is doing with his one point eight billion dollar gift to Johns Hopkins University, but they're still just helping us small number of students. Nancy? Thank you. Now. Remember the space race, call it. The a I raised today. President Trump's expected to sign an executive order telling federal agencies to prioritize artificial intelligence research fellowships apprentice. Ships computer, science education could be parts of this with other countries, including China working hard in this area. Congress would have to come up with the money. Let's check the markets. The one hundred share index in London is up five tenths percent. Dow SNP NASDAQ futures are each up about three tenths percent construction companies are set to keep hiring in two thousand nineteen amid still growing demand. That's according to a recent survey by the associated general contractors of America, but there are plans, and then there's reality that same study finds about eighty percent of those companies are having a hard time finding workers from the marketplace hub at W CPN idea stream Adrian Ma reports from Cleveland. The temperature is below freezing. At a construction site in downtown Cleveland where workers from a company called Don lease or helping to build a new apartment tower. CEO MAC Donelly knows that when the weather finally turns warm, there will be even more construction projects. So he has a team fulltime recruiters looking to hire for jobs, like Labour's cement, Masons, and carpenters, you need to stay in front of it at this point. You cannot be we act over your competitions going to go right by in this tight labor market contractors around the country are paying more to attract skilled tradesmen and women the average salary for a pipe welder has increased more than ten percent since two thousand fifteen and for sheet metal worker's pay is up more than eighteen percent. That's according to surveys by the nonprofit National Center for construction education and research still even if a company is willing to pay for the best it often as the settle for what it can get. And that's why the industry is spending much more now on training, Ken Simonson is. Chief economist for the associated general contractors of America. He says companies are investing more in less experienced workers because there is growing backlog of demand for construction of both public buildings private buildings infrastructure and apartments when deep demand meets shallow labor pool. You have to get creative. Arthur Lindros heads the firm Bolton Pratt. There were times. Last year, we hired carpenters from other companies to work on the weekends just to keep up with our workload. He says he's even Lord workers out of retirement to help finish the job not ideal. But an example of how personal connections can make a difference on that score Irian Patrick says she likes to send birthday cards to current and former employees of her company aka team, you believe the response, and how many people appreciate that. They're they're like I've worked with a company for ten years or twenty nobody ever acknowledged me like that. And when they need a job she says, hopefully, they'll acknowledge her. Her by signing up for work in Cleveland. I'm Adrienne Ma for marketplace. This. Marketplace podcast is brought to you by Kronos, FMLA F, L essay ACA, see it's harder than ever for businesses to keep up with today's evolving eleborate soup of regulations. What's a company to do? Kronos. With Cronos you can minimize compliance risk and track HR policies making sure they're applied consistently and fairly HR payroll talent and time keeping in one unified system all with a proven implementation approach and simplified transparent pricing. Learn more at Kronos dot com slash compliance. Kronos, workforce innovation that works. Now to lives saved by breast cancer, screening and treatment appear reviewed study of mortality data and the journal cancer today finds that since nineteen eighty nine between three hundred thousand five hundred thousand lives were saved. But researchers say it's possible to do better marketplaces. Jack Stewart reports research has pulled the numbers on breast cancer survival all the way back to nineteen thousand nine to see the impact improved screening and treatment is having Jay bak- is the chief of breast imaging juke University Medical Center. He's one of the co authors of the reports it's only now that we're really realizing that what seems like dry numbers really translates into an incredibly large population of women the figures show as many as six hundred fourteen thousand lives have been saved screening mammography has also been shown to have other benefits beyond saving lives because the cancer is cold before it can spread metastasized the low of the need for annex. Expensive treatments. But over a quarter of a million women still get breast cancer every year, Dr Deborah roads. At the mayo clinic is working to develop more advanced imaging most of the research now is focusing on treating metastatic disease, and I feel that that's putting the cart and the horse in the wrong order. She says the with a screening we still haven't reached the limits of how many lives can be saved on Jack's Jew for marketplace. According to Russia's business news channel that country's gonna briefly, unplug. The internet in Russia's sometime between now and the first of April a Russian law requires authorities to be able to separate the internet in Russia from the rest of the world in case of cyber attack or other situations. This test would be if that works the US publications ZD net which spotted the Russian report says the system is set up to allow Russian authorities to inspect all content to see if it's domestic New York. I'm David Brancaccio with the marketplace morning report. From APM American public media. 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