Johnjay dressed as Kyle is an image I will never forget.


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Legat, this is the big boss know snoopy decoupled jizzle Faint Bom which you don't do shit. We're not talking about last the one and only you know. Face to me, and in the place to be, you're listening to John Jay, Rich Lake you'll. John Judge. Enrich. Phone Number Eight, seven, seven, nine, three, seven, one, four, seven, you call right now jump on the air with us. It's Thursday October twenty. Nine. I gotTa tell you I was I was my son Cabinet of a basketball game out of town last night two hour drive out of town home toll eleven. I got up morning I. Did my Peleton. Yeah I wanted to stay committed to the Peleton. Workout. So the thing about this Peleton workout is i. keep going to the same guys guiding Alex. Is a hip hop guy and I love the hip hop classes but I'm so tired impress for time. We'll have time for a twenty minute workout. and. I love the hip hop workout. But I clicked on a different trainer this woman. I don't know her name and I guess it was a ninety I thought maybe it was nineties hip hop, but it was ninety S. Just nineties music. And I bought it started off with this. This song called crush or something like that. Jennifer. Something I don't name Jennifer page. So it's Sung some I'm. and. I'm like you know it's your time. It's three o'clock in the morning right and I'm like. Man I want to X. Out of it and go find my guy. But I'm already now three minutes in and I'm like I better just do the workout. So after that. She's like this is so exciting. This is a great of you're GonNa love these songs smash after smash after smash. got. GotTa be kidding me 'cause The music motivates you to work out for sure you pumped up right. So then The workout starts now she starts is pick up the pace and and this song she started song. The song. Go back to sleep going. Crying. In Cuba meanwhile peddling twenty. The speed of. Mike. My? This miserable. Where's My hip hop? Right. So then it's like don't speak she picks up Gwen. News. Things. Might be motion kind of whatever this year in the Ricky Martin Living La Vida Loca. Okay. Okay and then she goes I'm so excited for this next song guys she could afraid this is so great and this is the next song she goes into Friend I forgot this was a hit saw. She stops she's she's paddling and she does. Look into the camera like the first person the world ever this. Got Him. So, upset Peleton right now right now I'm like no desire I'm like I can't believe that I'm going through this class. PELETON tired I didn't get home. Last night. It's three o'clock in the morning now I'm stuck pissed. then. This. Happens. And I'm I'm writing and I might. Who is this? I don't know. She. Your. Wilson Phillips. Compelling. And I'm like this is the worst. Song in the world chunks, but I gotta go through with it. Right. Right. All sudden it's like also my hands are out in like. Stars. I'm like. I'M GONNA mountainside arms are out. Some Day some buddies. Hero I'm sweating and crying. Out tattling. Totally with this peleton teacher, we're we're we're and we're. Now. I'm like. I play list. The workouts almost over there's only a minute left. This is Oh, I can't believe a Wilson Phillips, where have you been and then she wraps it up with. That ever. Three you want that slowed down. This is such an emotional. Jam You pellets out. So. That was my morning Florida van Damme. Too, much too much. You have your no fleet basically. Such a crazy. So are you gonNA be Cranky to us all this morning? You'd be. Okay. Well considering I mean we don't operate on any sleep anyway I don't think. Got endorphins from working at this morning. Smile on his face. Like I don't. There's something wrong with the peleton anyway. Like. It's broke. Broken was complaining to them to come fix it as usual everything. I get something broken. Bars or too low and I'm a backer. So that head I now the Peleton. Stupid bike. And I got the Peleton for everybody else in my family ability when using it. She did yesterday a little bit but. Anyway So, it's Halloween time we decided to do something different. If you've been watching I get a lot of people asking me about these masks that I've been posted on social media, right? I had. The saw Guy Jake saw I. Got some a face with braces on in different mass ago the beer spot. Yeah we're getting from his is really cool company. So they made masks was cows idea. Look at college right now she's wearing got a mass a wig on we have masked made of everybody on the show. Yes, and Kyle's wearing my face. and Suzanne is richest face. Enriches Suzanne's face and I am Kyle's face. interbay also shows everybody else and the company was flyers direct and they are amazing. It literally are amazing. So you go to them go to their website and they can make your face. The or or the colour. These up so fast for us it was crazy but riches were Suzanne has made it. Her Lips puckered up and actually looks like a butthole. Nothing. Has Looks like a little? Moon, the camera and Shit. Sing like Suzanne 'cause I don't think I've ever worn track pants to work before they are so comfortable. I literally said that, Joey this morning because I'm John, Jay's classic Nike Sweats, Air Force Ones and love up black shirt and I said, I suggest where I have never been this comfortable at work. That's got this doubt I had I'm dresses Kyle today at this moment I'm not but I brought my cow closed because to be Kyle. It is no wonder she gets up to A and. You just put on cows like when it's time for us to do our photo shoot and these outfits like I need some time. I'm very excited about it too. I'm very excited about Mykhailo outfit 'cause I. Think it's one of those I think you gonna go. Oh you can. You think about what? Kyle, where's the work she always comes in glamorous always looks cool. Right. So what what am I gonNA how? Kyle Oh but I think you'll get it. I feel like that bag is huge and chuck full. Just. Wait I'm very excited about. Mykhailo a very excited. The I'M NOT GONNA. Say just wait till the. Excited judging. Rich. Oh it's time for our scopes. WHAT'S THE VIBE? what is it? That makes you feel trapped to according to your sign. Guy How you doing today good Rico as the what that makes you feel trapped for a Jemma Ni- our favorite. A. Kind. Of Plan makes you kind of want to tear your hair out you can be. As They Gemini. You can't give another person any kind of commitment and that drives those around you kind of crazy and people going bonkers is what you consider a complete trap one that you have to walk away from completely. That is social and you know what? Another one that make me feel practice Gif. TAP into the same person every day who was very time today I would like home and recommended relationship. What are you doing like I got a? And I like. And I will not talk to them like for a good while a couple of months. ooh. Yeah. It's a little too much for you. Too. Much. There can't be. You know it's easily done. Thanks. Kristie. What's your sign Scorpio Christie Scorpio of course but of course. Hikers. So. I knew Scorpio what is it? That makes you feel says you not being able to control everything the desire to control all things exactly. What makes you feel trapped especially with people you expect those around to be a certain way and when you realize you can't change them or change the situation that you're in that makes you feel like you know you're being trapped in. Oh. My. Gosh. Once again, you you got right. One of those can't control it and I can't control the situation and. We talk. Yeah we. We talked about it yesterday how you have really expectations for people. You expect them to be exactly like you and when they're not, you know Kinda drives you crazy. Does. I won't everything to be a certain way and its worst the worst thing is is. You'RE GONNA laugh as Mojo in my yard I will let anybody touch my yard because I'm so like it has to be a certain way fan I'm so crazy about it. Not. She's a Scorpio guys come. Scorpio's. little. Girl. Mow that yard. What? Do you get your yard. Man. CHRYSSA. CHRYSSA. What's your sign? Aquarius. Aquarius that says being controlled in any way shape or form they trap you try to avoid but sometimes can't you tend to involve yourself in many activities that require giving up control and when that happens, you usually find yourself scrambling to get out. So you rebel from all control, but until then it's hard to shake that feeling of being trapped. So true. True. And John J for Virgo what makes you feel trapped? The most is your expectations of others you want people to listen to your criticism and follow your instructions and when they don't, it's a personal thing knowing that someone won't do what you want them to do makes you feel imprisoned. For. The. It is. Sometimes you wonder if Suzanne just uses this to lay out. The horoscopes. Coming up with. Kyle for Lebron says, you're the main attack antagonist in your own trap making in order to please people you agree to whatever anyone wants. Of course, you have no idea how trapped you feel after the agreements, but you always come to resent some of your choices. You put yourself in a situation that makes you feel trapped. In order for everyone else to be happy around you. I won't say which decisions. John J. Just. Too Nice. Rich per pisces. You sometimes care too much about people liking you too much to the point where you could lose yourself and feel trapped acting like someone you're nuts and doing things you wouldn't normally do desperately wanting to be accepted will only drive you crazy. You just can't operate if you're not coming from a place of authenticity, it will make you feel trapped when you do that. Good advice for all for all. Yes. I totally thought some else for rich. Think I feel you feel trap like in a small baseball cap? We're in a baseball cap that's too small for your head. This is one size fits not that one. Except your head. You need a snapback. And for a capricorn, you're continuously getting yourself into traps of your own making basically because you're always making plans, you enjoy making plans but when you make too many plants and set so many appointments you feel trapped to you you always show up no matter how you're feeling because that's what you committed to. Show up you fill up baby. The rest of these horoscopes are up at Jay Rich Dot Com. If we didn't get to yours college somebody working up with three things, we need to know the traditional drive through is changing like specifically for fast food I'll tell you three things you need to know next with John. 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Even, when the show is over, we just keep talking and now you can hear it listen to the judge enrich afterwards podcasts on Iheart, radio or on zones Colorado would eat it out today fifty seven percent of shoppers are considering restocking due to growing fears of a potential second wave of covid nineteen Again, just like the first time around hygiene products topped the list of shoppers including toilet paper, hand, sanitizer, paper towels, all the things that were gone off the shelves for a long long time. But unlike the first stockpile I, guess a Lotta Shoppers Plan on investing in new items more of the frozen dinners, pastas, snacks, and cleaning products. Which I think people did before too. So started the same thing happening again as you know, we are getting into cold and flu season and there's like you know. Here's about that. So the NFL says they are moving forward with plans to do the super. Bowl February seventh that's happening. Fans will be in the stands at reduced capacity they say. They want to do twenty percent capacity of Tampa Stadium, which normally holds about sixty five thousand fans fans will be in pods of six feet apart, masks will be required it'll be weird to watch but this is where we're at in the world right to know what teams are going to be there already. You know I cannot predict. So the company that owns Burger King and Popeye's they may be totally changing the drive through food game. They are rolling out a new smart device drive-thru that apparently predicts your order. So they say using predictive selling technology. The drive through screens will actually use factors including your previous orders, regional weather patterns, and the time of day to personalise special promotions for you. That's awesome. Different loyalty programs that also customize menu items based on what you usually order I would totally listen to the APP to. Go there what do you? I don't know. If. That just told you here's what you're in the mood for like. Okay. Good for you Burger King. Weird that they're going to be like we already know what you've probably. Aren't they having your way. Where this will be like, you'll have it our way. You're having your way again. And we will have it your way before you know what your way. To keep things you need to know. I got John Jay's stacks interesting information that I really have nowhere else to put it except right here on the show. The average couple gets into three arguments a week over where to get dinner from according to a new survey that's a hundred and fifty six arguments year that add up to more than forty four hours. Edge is me crave. It happens Mr Babies. Do you want to eat Oh, what do you want to know? You pick all right I'll pick a seafood I don't want to. See. I'm the Mr Baby in that conversation you pick. Okay. Let's do blue thirty two now. I just want something out. Speaking of food majority of people are pretty sure Thanksgiving is going to be twice as stressful this year according to new survey there also coping by fantasizing about side dishes. The top ones are mashed potatoes stuffing engraving An Old Theater Ontario Canada's holding a fundraiser right now for twenty five dollars, you can enter for the chance to have your ghost haunt the place after you die. Is that right now it's haunted. So they're looking for when you die, we will let you haunt. It's cool. You need new ghost like all the goes from the eighteen hundreds are played out. Lake. All the ghost stories I've heard are not really people gave them permission to be there. Along potty us. Twenty years ago I paid twenty five dollars. Watson me man I paid to be. A woman attacks taxes upset because there are Homo Hoa's forcing her to take down her Halloween decorations which are pulled dancing skeletons. She says the decorations are great creative outlet for her. They gave her thirty days to take down the decorations, which is fine because Halloween's over. The next week. I lucked out. Of Florida demanded a refund at spectrum cable store on Tuesday and they wouldn't give it to her. So she grabbed the Khobar Crowbar and pried open registered to grabber on refund and she was arrested because that's illegal corey. Survey asked couples which annoying conversations keep coming up over and over and over? Already said what to eat for meals. But what are some other ones? What do you want to do this weekend? Social stuff could hang out with bedtime alarm clock sounds which movies or TV shows to watch on day one. How much time to spend with extended family? How long it takes for? What are both to get ready? To go to bed my wife and I go to bed right away and then usually she wants to cuddle or something I'll be like, Hey, what's your timeframe? It should be three minutes and be like, okay for real three minutes, Gosh. Focus I gotta go sleep. Sleep if she's cuddling with, you know a breathing machine. Even. Sleep time maintenance. Okay. A woman in Thailand has found this very successful business niche. She dresses up as a Zombie to sell dead people's clothes. So creepy that is. Family dies sell the calls you hire her. to sell, the clothes. Spaghetti Thailand. COSCO will stop selling coconut milk from Thai suppliers. Because they use monkeys as forced. All the monkeys. Can get the. Out. Still stable yeah. Monkey. Oh. Hawaii's animal shelters are overcrowded because the pandemic. So a group called paws across the Pacific. Just flew six hundred dogs and cats from Hawaii to Seattle to make sure they didn't get put down two largest pet rescue flight ever at amazing. Yeah. A study says that among all celebrities Lebron, James has done the most motivate people to vote. And the celebrity whose opinion we trust the most on political social issues anyone anyone I thought Oprah fiance. nope. Tom Hanks Tom. Hanks. Yep. Kim Kardashian shell out a million dollars for her private island birthday bash last week it happened over five days at this island resort in French Polynesia. Magazine more Borat to yet have you seen Bart. There's a woman in in their she plays. She's a babysitter for my daughter. and. She's amazing in the movie she she's real. And they only pay thirty five hundred bucks is what Sasha Baron Cohen pater, which is really a shame on him right So her name is Janie Jones. And they put together go fund for her a pastor together fund gofundme for her in Sorority raised over one hundred, five, thousand dollars. So she's doing well, they're getting money for her. Rich we ever life hacks. Some life hacks are fun like how to you know make your Halloween scary. But this this could change your whole life because the Journal of population economics went through everybody who was married everybody who stayed married and they will tell you the exact age that you should marry somebody. So the thing is they say, if you want to live a long happy life with a long happy marriage, there should be no age difference between you and your other whatever age you are twenty, one, thousand, five, thousand, five, whatever it is you should be the exact same age if you want a long and happy marriage. Really. Yeah. Because they say that say that your ten years apart first couple years you get along great. But then after that, all of the differences in just your generation starts showing up. So they say exactly the same age is the healthiest. No, I. Don't agree with that. Because I feel like. Men and women are different. Like women mature. Quicker. father-in-law is seventeen years older than my mother-in-law. They've been married forty years. Wow Impressive. My wife is six months older than me. That means. A neighbor of mine older older. He's married to a much younger woman he said. That for man have a successful relationship, a mansion Mary a woman, half his age, plus seven. What was the reasoning just because I don't remember but I just remember him telling me that that's stuck with me for a long time and I was like day we got married. By friends. Girlfriends her mom told her you need to marry a guy younger than you and she's like that's Seems. Weird. Because like the guys that are younger than me are so immature and she goes to listen when you get older, you don't want to be taken care of him. You ought to take care of you. Lena. You're on the air good. Morning. The morning to say I love your welcome her catacomb yesterday you did great anything you call you. Said my cattle from now on. Kill module Allocate who's et Gallo or if you haven't seen Suzanne's costume could see it right now on instagram. Day as Walter Gallo also some cool stuff happened yesterday with you being welcome to cal arts. We're GONNA we're GonNa hear about what happened as Suzanne was in actually amazing. Your outfit was just truly amazing but she got to very much in a character. You'll hear what happened next John Dean Rich. Nobody. Fully understands the effects. On Sleep. Yesterday Suzanne came into studio dressed as Walter. Mad Gal. Fantastic costume fantastic with the gold. CAPE. She had the WIG, the pink cheeks, the ring. This on believable. He came back to life a little while. So how was the feedback? I mean the videos are on our instagram on Jewish dot com and how was the feedback was amazing because I decided to do a horse breeding on my instagram for everyone. But the little twist to it I. I was reading everyone's horoscope signs, but they happen to be better bunny lyrics weird how that happened so it's Kinda how it went instead we now most going. Looking steely. And this is where it's from. Little. Weird how that happened But it blew up on instagram and I was so happy about it. And then all of a sudden I got a bunch of messages that people like Gosh, the official Walter Mikhail page. reposted a you am i. that's a win. So I run Iran show Mr Baby and yes the official verified page mutuel. Muccio. A mode and I I'm guessing this is from the documentary that was on Netflix reposted my video on on instagram stories, and apparently there's a Walter Mercado contest Halloween. Costume contest going on right now and everyone was like. You this Hashtag. There's a contest going on you have to enter and sure enough like started with the everyone like all the people that were dressing up as Walter Gallo and I entered the contest. I don't know. I. Was Looking at their their post and it says something about. Like, you're gonNA receive some but I got lethal some gifts from Walter. Vitamins from Willie Oh. Burma vitamins. I think really the one running the instagram Pale really yes. Because I saw video on there and you can't see who it is but he's talking showing like this award that was presented to alternate callow in the past and it sounds like his voice. Oh, like really. Is Assisting. He's in the past. Really is go check it out because it was really good costume unlike the costume causeway right now. But you know what I've been trying so hard. It's like looking mayor for me. It caused me do that thing where I'm standing we. Looking in the mirror. Ask. Megan you're on the air. Hi. Commodity was up. High. All I was on your instagram night and I saw that you've got pulled over. What is you do girlfriend? On story got pulled over. We trust like that. Actually if I was just like this, I think there might have been a different outcome. Let's find out. We'll find out the the outcome. What happened cow she got pulled over what was she doing out so late? Coyote. Because one time you're late, new pullover would happen shorebridge. arrested. And I went to jail for two days. You will find out what happened cow Kaga. Pulled over John Dean Rich. In race. A little bit ago cal told us that not sure she got pulled over last night but years ago you got pulled over for doing what speeding and what happened I got arrested and I went to jail for two days. For today, you spent the night Aj. Forty hours with a lot of people to sell. There was one other person in the cell with me at the time. But I had to people because both of those people only had twenty four hours sentences and I was upset because both those people that were with me had do is I'm pretty sure speeding isn't as bad as a Dui. One forty eight hours to say hello to your cellmate from way back when. Charity, how are you? Know. How to stay. Bloom in a red light. Not. The worst experience that you actually want to go back? was was the worst experience that toil naked to the drinking. This connection. Oh Great. How are you? What's happened to your life since you spent time with Kyle back in Cell Block H. I became at one zero, four point seven fan what I have. Those. Those matching teardrop. Cockroaches every day to authorize. Saying Dory. Kyle. Prison. Stripes. Charity thanks for calling bye. That's so funny. Okay. Twelve years ago you spent time in jail for speeding. Last night. We out drinking like where were you? What were you? What were you got pulled over? I had literally the most mom day ever yesterday I went home from work I picked up my son we step by the costume shop I picked up my daughter from school we went home I dropped her off I went back to her school for parent teacher conferences I left that I went to her dance On my way home, it was like the end of a very long day because I think I spent all of twenty minutes maybe at my house. And I'm like, okay, it's dark out. We had driven separate cars. So Scott my husband had addy with him and I had my son eastern with me. And we do this thing, there's like a handful of houses in our neighborhood that have halloween displays out. So we go look for Halloween when we get into the neighborhood and we slow down and there's a couple of houses that are his favorite and there's one on the on this corner that has a spooky tree and easterns obsessed with the sukey tree. And so we get to the point in the neighborhood where the spooky trees coming up. So I'm like slow down and I'm like, do you see it so exciting by there's this spooky tree and he's like, oh and. Then I so I'm going very slowly by the house and then I turn onto our street. And all this is either the lights by me and I'm like. Gosh. So you know I pull over I, roll the window down and I'm like why I don't like what just happened and the officer asks as they usually do do you know why I pulled you over and I was like, honestly I, do not. And he's like. Well, you know there's a stop sign back there right and I'm like, yeah, I thought I stopped because we were trying to look at the spooky tree and he's obsessed with the Halloween decorations and he says, well, what you actually did was you slowed down and then you went very slowly through the intersection and apparently we've had a lot of complaints about people who actually live in this neighborhood of people running the Stop Sign I was like Oh we live here too like I'm concerned about everybody's safety totally again I just I thought that I stopped because we were focusing on the Halloween decorations and I guess maybe I didn't. And he's like licensing registration. Somatic. Keep. Keep your cool eastern in the backseat like who make this a good experience for him and I'm like, okay and I don't know where my registration is. Like all Dark get it and I hand everything and he's back there for a long time to the point where now eastern starting to have a meltdown at the end of a very long day for him to and he's like no stop stop goal and I'm like. In. Trouble. Mommy's doing time. We've. Got Record. You. Off. CAMIS. Think so So bad. and. So the officer finally comes back and he's like. I'm giving you this ticket exchange. Streamline your. Forty five seconds away from my house. I know and I was like, but you I mean you literally told me I drove and I quote very slowly through. Section, it wasn't like I like I know on the street that he's talking about people have complained because like people drive really fast through there but you literally said I drove bear re slowly. Stops apparently, ditch rolled slowly through the stop. Sign. But vary. Key word. Ticket to take. Driving School high. I got to look it up. Like holiday. With a warning I would literally still have the same effect where I would like be extra. Super careful. But Anyway I get wearing wearing but I feel like if I was dressed like you judge, you always get outta tickets. That's true if I hadn't. been controversy. Wait. We wait judge Venice on android. Wow, you tend to to turn on the Dome Light. What if he's talked about raising eastern the you're afraid of certain things that might what if this makes him have this fetish or what if you do this? What if it turns them into this? What this them the life of crime. No. Cobb lights he gets his thrill thrill the red lights when I when I the video that I posted I like slowly held up by phone, and then he's sitting in the back seat and it's on Selfie mode. So he can see the lights which he can't really see because he's faced forward and I put the phone down and he's like, can I see the lights again mummy? assured. Exit. Into this life of crime has right before he kills people can see the lights again. Mommy. Thanks guys. Fear. Taking trees. Officer my house. That's my house right there. You see that guy standing there with my husband. With a baby in a bag the car see to. Oh yeah like. Windows obviously. Mike my son he wanted to see the spooky. Tree. No. You don't like Halloween. Was a police officer for Halloween couple of days. Play the Game Kyle play the game again. I I don't know I never know what to say in those situations, which is probably why I never get out of tickets. As you like. A bunch of like whatever money I have. He's like, Oh, I was just about the donate this to the please. Take it for me. This morning. or the Roses Andrea found something in both friends phone that was shocking. It shocked her so much. She didn't know what to do. So she came to us but is it proof that she needs his prohibition needs to find out that bridge cheating we got war of the roses next Johnny. Rich. Not only. Do you need to know if they're cheating you deserve to know the truth? Roses right now CIANCI rich except for the roses. Andrea is in a relationship. Yeah. Hi Do you think boyfriend's judy or your husband? Are you married? What's what's the story with you? My boyfriend we've been together for five years. We've been living together for two. Okay and all of a sudden just kind of out of nowhere he started being like real weird about his phone. So it's really making me suspicious. and. I feel like he's cheating on me. And thinking that he's GonNa get away with it so I'll tell you the story. So the other night I grabbed his phone and I usually do that. So I grabbed it phone because I wanted to look at it, and then that's when I realized that he changed his password. So the whole time that we've been together and like at his phone and stop and it's not a problem and then he changes his toddler just randomly. So I asked him I say, Hey, why did you change your? Password. is there something on your phone that you don't want me to see? And as usual, he calls me ridiculous and that's that's like crazy fight. So it's like back and forth back and forth you know you don't. You don't trust me this and that's like and I'm upset he slept on the couch at night. The next night we ended up making up, right so He like made me feel better about it and he gave me the new password for phone. But then the other night he got back from Driving Uber East. And he passed out as soon as he got home, he was so tired and I was bored so I grabbed his phone as I do. And you know I started looking around. And then all of a sudden I go into pictures. And I could not believe what I saw on his camera roll their. Photo after photo of this one naked woman like over and over the same woman naked woman and it's not like it's a professional picture something. Selfie, these are pictures that were taken by the women and like he's he has these pictures in his camera roll and I didn't find like tax or emails like probably like deleted things so I wouldn't be able to see it. But how do you get rid of pictures like that, right? So I know that I didn't find those tax or any other evidence, but she has these nasty picks and it's all the same girl. We got to see these pictures I don't. Don't. Understand. All. By Newt selfies. Is even explain that away. Even, if it's like a front front of his like you should have those pictures on phone, I shouldn't save them. Did you happen to check his instagram like messages or facebook messages? I. Couldn't find anything. So like I look at his Yams I looked. I looked at his text messages and so unless he's like. Sharp you know what I mean like. Okay. Let me get rid of all the things but pictures I think would be hard to get rid of as you have somebody that you're like you know fooling west so I don't know I. I never said anything to him because. I said, you know what? I'm not. I'm not going to like put myself in the position where all I'm going to get a financial lies because that's what's going to happen. That's what happened. You know the night that he changed his password it's like deflecting deflecting and so I didn't. Say anything to him about it and I've just imploding inside. So this is why I wanted to do this with you guys because then he won't have any wiggle room and we're gonNA catch him in the Lai. On any to catch him in alive this is why I want us to be war of the roses. What does he do for a living because I do have an idea what does he do for a living? Drives up for Uber. That's okay because I was GonNa say if he's in the entertainment business, for example, as I am. I have lots of pictures like that that people send me that I have saved I. Don't know who some of these people are but I saved them I have naked men, and they could women that I say just because they're painful. Okay. Jeremy is a beautiful there I stumble upon some right now a little bit ago while I thought. Well, these are neat like. I have pictures on my phone that I know that my wife would scroll what the hell a lot of them are feet right they're very hard to explain because she knows about the at unfold foot page she knows why there's weird feet not weird feet they're beautiful thing. We're. Not, like healthy. I was trying to think what would be an excuse for him to have a a non outside of him seeing this girl outside of the obvious. Why would he have in naked pictures of woman his phone trying to think of an innocent legitimate excuse and I can't think of what he's an artist or sculptor? Again I can. I can only think of one in that is if for some reason, he shares like what are those family cloud storage is with Percy, his brother and his brother's girlfriend. Stretch but only thing that I could come into the password to the thing he's got going on the pictures A. B. He's got he changed the password. So that's that's the thing too. So he's got two strikes against him so. If, he deleted all of the message, the maybe text or facebook or. Instagram or something like that if he deleted those. Like, you would think you'd be smart enough to at least put the photos in a hidden folder or something unless automatic. He knew you were going through his phone. We make sure they could be innocent unless he. Did it on purpose to like let's find him. So. All Hey. We'll see who he sends the flowers to Andrea Okay are you ready to do this you ready? Yeah, I'd rather now. And what is your boyfriend's name? Derek Derek. The one they call, Derek. We. Will Call Him Kyle ready prepared. All right. We will get him on the phone. So we send the flowers to next which Jane Rich. We're in the middle of the road says you've got Andrea and Derek Boyfriend and girlfriend for five years living together for too long story short there's naked pictures at his phone at the same girl there. Nude Self. He changed his password a little bit ago. The a huge fight he slept on the sofa they made up and then he gave the password but she found these naked pictures and she's pissed she wants to catch him cold-blooded Bam that's it. Are you ready? Is Derek they're. Perfect Height Derek my name's Aurora with the new company. We're called Jenner flowers. You've been chosen to be one of our micro influencers Derek. This is super exciting because you get to send our most romantic bouquet of roses to everyone and it's totally free. Throws a little shoutout on social media. All right I'm not interested Appreciate you have special in your life. This is like an easy way to surprise them because like I said, it is super romantic dozen red roses and you don't have to pay for them like I'm not GonNa ask you for credit card information or anything like that. So you get to look like the man Derek, and then you don't really have to do much for. Well, it always a catch nothing's free drive your surveys something like that like what? Like it's always the catch I mean there is a slight catch, but it's not really like a survey or anything like that. I am going to send the roses out with a nice little card and you gotTa tell me what you want to put on there. You can get fun flirty sexy on there and that's really all I. Need to get him sent out. For some on the car. We, and then of course, you know we ask that you put us on social media but we're not gonNA come find you if you don't. All. Right. Well, I I. I got something outfit on the and got something perfect like you know people I've really heard also don't be shy. This is really your chance to just personalize it to whoever you want to send them to have that card ready. So we can start with the message if you're ready. Let's let's make. Yeah we can do that Don't judge it new and I want to put on their. You're my spicy little Mama. I WanNa, bust, Happen Yada. I love it. Okay. You're my spicy Mama and I wanNA bust that Pin Yada. Okay. Do you want like a love Derek Akzo, exa what sort of citation? From Daddy okay. And then who am I addressing this too? Oh Hm. Okay. Got a question for you can spread this offer out to like a few different ladies Sir. We could do, but it would be like a half. Okay. Okay Let me see. She tell Jasmine and. To Mantha ship him to Samantha Ariana. Shot. Okay and you want the same message on both of their cards. Yup. Exact, same one. What are you doing? Derek. Below. Sorry? What are you doing? Yeah, it's Andrea. Okay. What what are you doing? What am I doing? What are you doing? How you on the phone call right now. On the radio right now full. Well I you know everybody's here. So that's cool. And I suppose you probably gave them a call 'cause you got I was cheating on your right. Probably. With my phone again like you always do. Much about. Pictures. the same lady naked in your phone like a ton of Pictures A. Bunch of Selfie. A bunch of Soviet of bunch of pictures, right? That's nobody. Put Him off a damn porn site. I saved them Emma the teach you a lesson to stop going through my phone and stop thinking of cheating on you all the time. I. Don't believe that now you did not. No you did not. Yes I did you grab my phone whenever you want to you start going through it and you read all my taxes, my DM's and everytime you expected to find some like you find me cheating on you is not healthy man like. It's not it's not way. So you knew you knew you knew, did you know you're on the radio? So he made up all those names like you like I'll tell totally believe you it in the mail girls you're. Wondering if he's like weasling his way out of it right now. I knew something would happen because you don't get enough for free in this world. That's that's for damn sure and it just all of a sudden. We're talking about me sending something to you know some somebody that I like or or on a trip come on man no no I knew that was her she had to be behind to somehow I knew it. Okay. So you're not seeing all those girls. No I feel like you're doing a really bad job of reassuring you're. Not. A really good way, but it's like it's so so essentially he's innocent. He's it's like now I'm kind like Oh. Coyne he's. Still Mad at you. You're trying to teach her a lesson, but her saying that doesn't help. It doesn't make her trust you. It doesn't make her feel good. That's that's the issue I. Dare lack of trust like she. She doesn't trust me but the thing is I gave her my my co to my phone like you really don't need to do more than that. She can go to my phone at any given moment in time. But that doesn't mean you should be doing it to look for me cheating on you. Why don't you give it a link to the website that you pulled those pictures from so she can verify. site. We we can go through it together I can show her exactly where said to us to. Be. Totally. Sure here. would. Whatever do that to like intensely hurt me especially because you've been inappropriate before it's not like I'm just pulling out of thin air you've been. Cheated. When we? First started dating. When we first started dating, you were texting other girls and you're being secretive and like it was like this. Thing and I I couldn't get a straight answer out of you. I already. I'm so to about those things anyway. So we've been living together for two years and then all the sudden you change your passcode you know. So what's the? What's the reason for doing that all of a sudden you know? So I'm thinking that there's something shady especially because I don't think there's anything wrong with me looking in your phone you can look at my phone whenever you want you have my code and so I choose not to anything wrong we're we're. Right. So if you want me to feel like comfortable and safe I, don't understand the reason why we should be sharing everything we do live together. Gosh. She's bringing up. She's bringing up the past when we first started talking that is old news owed news ancient history is like why you keep bringing that back up if we can't get past this. We're GONNA. Make you've been together five years if it's when you first started I believe I read somewhere that when you start dating someone anyone to get married at the believe there's a fifteen year window. For What for mistakes, oh. Fidelity generous. Window Title I believe that I think it was oprah. Bill. Say, all came together. The guy own just for the guy. Tolerance. That article. S. Ship the parents. Guys. If you guys want to make this work, you'd have to really work on building that trust back up. If I had done that to you if I had fooled around at the beginning and you felt like off kilter and staff. You might feel if you love me, you might feel like you would want to make sure that you felt safe and so I just and it doesn't really help that you call me ridiculous whenever I feel something and I'm worried because I care about you I love you. Guys got to communicate more. You have talked talk it out i. mean it sounds just like what Kyle said. So thank you both go down there with his Derek. Thank you, Andrea. Thank you go on there. Is Not a problem. Thank you so much for having this man like I know it's all jacked up like you know. I love her. So we're GONNA work this out. All right. Thank you say how does Roses Dane Rich. Tomorrow at this time, we have a dirty little secret update from. Maybe remember his secret. He, told him hooking up with a guy? His best friend's brother for the past six months or so. And the guys engaged to be married to a girl in December So. Aquaman will be giving us an update on the situation very complicated world tomorrow at this time. Dirty little secrets. Scott. Rogue. Rogue DM yesterday I I was fascinated by this. Her. Her Story L. The it's one of the most phenomenal stories ever heard of and I and I. When you hear it, you'll know why but there's actually another layer I think and I'll tell you the layer after she explains it rogue what is your dirty little secret? Hi. Yes. My dirty little secret that one spring break in Mexico with college There was a big group of us. There was eight of us on the first night there we had an orgy Ya. When you say orgy can you is? A little bit more into the details. Out there were three girls and five guys, and we were all hooking up swapping partners. Yeah. There are people watching up first and then they decided to join out. Here's the part that's out the extra layers antibody is that rogue is stunning. I looked at every picture on her instagram after the storm. My Gosh. Jj On. These. Friends of yours that you've had for time and did this ever happen again? You know it. It. Yes. And No It wasn't like my first time doing something like that. But it was friends that I've had for years besides like the new I in the group or like the friends that I met in College Lizzo with anyone in a relationship. Yes. Like where they there though like the couple. No Oh. You said so you had done this before. I have had a couple of threesomes before, but nothing was like seven other people. She. Stunning. Did you say pod people that were watching joined in. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. which sounds creepy when you're thinking about it but you know we're all superchunk at that point. So it seemed normal like this story. Is it a good story? Even if there all ugly. I. Don't know what your friends like. I'm assuming your friends or good because you really looking your friends good looking too. I think so. Yeah unbelievable. And so like in the orgy, would you like how many guys were you with? I was too. and and or they're more in either girls be with more guys. Yeah I think I don't think any of the girls got with all of the guys but every guy got with a girl, do you never been quite even? Girls get with girls too. yes. This is just the best way of of her. Story because all your questions anything disappointing. Thank you so much for calling. Thank you guys some people have all the fun. Keep doing your love moments. Grew what is your dirty little secret group? So my dirty little secret is years ago I had this boss that absolutely hated it was like a hold to everybody. So me and a CO, worker going to a trade show than the airport they had one of those kiosks where you can. Enter in like your name and your number to win a car. So we know that the. Information. So what we did was he put his name as number down. And we got the trade show. There was about two hundred tables so I took it upon myself. To make it my mission to make sure they his name and his number was at every single table that was there. Now. The number was his work number and we're on response status so we had to answer it. Well we did for about three months. Signed him up for everything life insurance surveys questionnaires everything L. messed up to three months mark at the three month mark was getting about one hundred, fifty phone calls a day. Probably. One of the worst things you can do to. So I get two phone calls a day like that too and it's annoyed. It messes up your day like you get a call and you know that it's the spam. You know it. Can you imagine a hundred fifty a day that's brutal that dedication. To get it done is impressive. You couldn't change his number either because it's a work number. Younger. Brother. Thank you very much. All. Right. You've got dirty little secret filtered me. Are. Found more rejected thriller lyrics lurks they want use to create a new twenty twenty version of Michael Jackson thriller will hear him next John Rich. 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Producer Bill in the studio. He's been. What following the pursuit of the modernisation of the Michael Jackson Thriller Song. This has been really enlightening because we've heard a few version so far we heard. The with the music industry's doing is so confusing right now. So we've heard. They've used lyrics for watermelon sugar four WEAP- for a baby shark. It makes no sense. This is the part of the Thriller Song that I'm talking about. Cross. CRIMPS. Creek. holiness. Classic. I don't know why anybody would touch that. That's on everybody's Halloween playlist this weekend. But again, I found another version of what the music I don't understand what they're doing with this. It's so confusing it's baffling it just listen for yourself. Why Gladys Knight. A worked for A. Concert. She was doing a little show with a radio station. We were all hanging out in rehearsals. Walks up to me and she says. I'm supposed to go up. But I ain't had one ship. Ship gives me a bag of chips. I'm like, all right. I'll go get you back. So get her a bag of chips nothing. Does concert. She thanks me during the show. Baggage. She's like because of this man, I got a bag of chips. At the best. Scary love that remix. Gladys. Knight. When I worked in Dallas for a station that did these concerts anti, she was doing a like a little show for the radio station. They were all hanging out in rehearsals and she walks up to me. She's I'm supposed to go up and rehearse but I ain't had one chip give me a chip. Bag of chips. All right. I'll go get you back. So I go get her a bag of chips. Nothing said she does the concert she thanks me during the show for a bag of chips say because this man got back chips. That's what tonight. So she was very cool I like her a lot. She's cool lady. This show. Bruegel. Probably. Baggage. Chicks. Like to say, it never gets old. Inside joke or maybe we just brought you in. This story rich told a longtime ago time ago keeps telling it so great about that story is that I had the foresight to say to whoever was producing show pull that audio and put it in my machine. I think about that for a second. Repeats you. Kinda. Somebody said to me. Can you pull that audio? We WanNA make TIKTOK. Toxin. We'd love to. Talk famous rich. People are making their takeoff. That's it. If you remember all gladys made that a tick tock that would be the ultimate. Played. New. Game reverse diverse I. Think he's one of the hardest games ever this, but it's one of our newest games. Can you identify some of your favorite hit songs backwards John. Jane Rich. Rates for the last time. We played this game I thought it was very, very hard. It's called reverse the verse. Denise's are contested Ritchie the host of this game. I am we have taken big songs ever to be played on a radio right now some complete classics and we've reversed. A. Big Part of that song. So this will be a name as your buzzer format. Recognize it backwards buzzing with your name for a point. Let's Verse Verse here we go. Yep. Attari styles. Tom. please. Oh you need him song I mean Alex either. We did it's a door you. Know I. Think he did watermelon sugar last time. But I recognize Harry. Styles Voice I didn't know what song it was. It's weird when you hear him backwards, they sound totally different even really big songs. You've heard a bazillion times like this one. Yeah, weekend. Blinding Lights. Zaza. Point John Jay has a point. Betty. Reverse the verse. Jj. That's duly. Again. Though. Let it tastes new break my heart break my heart but. Now. It's good. It's all right. Let's reverse the verse. Before that. Serbia. On the board used to continue gavel. Classic. That's right and I all time classics like this one. I can. ghostbusters. Right. Own. To us because we got it wrong. Yourself. Now. Denise Lewis. On the board here. On my gosh. So Sam. Dear analysts you unless you get one, the next one is going to be a win for either Suzanne or John Jay. So here we got reverse diverse. That's Rockstar rowdy rich. You're correct. Do you WanNa hear one more just for fun. Seed. You guys get it because I was really excited about this. And you gotta you gotTa throw. The first time was played. Lloyd jared of hearing the songs that reverse too because I feel like there's a message in their ignoring leave me. Man. Denise order set you up with apprised anyway My Gosh you guys that was like the fastest. I can hear a thing. I'm sorry. We're launching something new right now, we're going to give you a phone number to write down memorize. The number. Take. The number and they'll tell you when you can use it. Six Zero Two Three seven, four, six, three, nine, zero. Six Zero two, three, seven, four, six, three, nine, zero, and we WANNA use his number. It's going to be like a drunk down number you give it to people or you can call it when you're drunk and you leave a voicemail message and then we're going to play him on the Air I. Like, you know kind of partying with you. Hear it. Yeah. Talk to US saving you maybe. So. You go out this weekend you tonight you've got whenever Halloween and you want drunk people or whatever you call us I wish it had spelled something I know this is supposedly now. Trying to work it out at the letters. W XYZ IN THERE No. ABCD. WXYC. Yes. So what? The best that I could come up with six, zero, two, three, seven, four. Out. News Zero. They can come up with with those letters and numbers real. Six to three, seven, four, zero. Soda. Six Zero, two, three, seven, four, sixty, three, ninety, and you leave us a voicemail message if you're drunk or if in your mind whatever. But no that we'll play it on the US I think new zero could work. Like a new. Loewe. Off. Then you vera always worked out on this show. Zero. Zero not that bill. Had something their life. So two, three, seven, four, new zero. Call us and then leave us a message. Right Kyle were three things when you the now. So back in two thousand, sixteen more than fifteen million eligible voters didn't because of a lack of transportation, there's a company that wants to help with that I'll tell you three things you need to know next. John Jane Rich. Now back to John Rich. Would know in two, thousand, sixteen, there were more than fifteen million eligible voters who didn't go to the polls in part because they did not have a way to get there. So this year lift is giving away free in discounted rides to the polls in some areas like restrictions apply but the discount code is twenty twenty vote. It may or may not apply to you. target has released their black Friday now deals which happened before election? Day. Go get it right now and they're pretty good on some electron ix like the fire stick like almost fifty percent off right now. So you can scoop up some great deals right now just another way for them to make up of all the money that they've kind of lost during the pandemic. If you hate when someone tells you to cheer up Cheer Charlie bad situation smile on your face you're not alone. There's one expert that says that positivity can actually be toxic. He calls it toxic positively and it's when positively identified as reality is basically when someone tells you gotta be happy you've gotta be happy he said that's that doesn't have to be. Your feelings all the time. You don't have to be happy in a situation where it's justifiable to be sad he said when it comes down to it when you're suppressing your real feelings, that's not good for your well being whatever the feelings are said, I'll do it is let it out and that's three things you need to know. Here's our drunk line number again, six, zero, two, three, seven, four, sixty, three, ninety, six, zero, two, three, seven, four, sixty, three, ninety, leave messages when you're drunk whenever drunk dial. Thank you for listening to John Jay Range on Iheartradio for more good Ajayi Rich Dot com. What's it like to drive the Volvo xc ninety plug in Hybrid The thrill of a four, hundred horsepower eight twin engine. The joy of impromptu wrote trump's. And the serenity. Of Electric Power Pure Eco, mode. Visit a DMV Volvo retailer today to experience the xc ninety recharge plug in hybrid for yourself.

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