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The cycling podcast in association with Rafeh. From grand tours to group rides the showns Eliza to coffee shops Rafeh exists to celebrate the world's most beautiful sports. Reliable. We are in central London just outside or just a little bit along from our new home venue, the Mutharika, the the vermouth themed cycling themed cafe in cozy. Art, no half. Cross. Stay happy without pronunciation, Daniel Freeb. Yes. There will the rate don't they vermouth? Football. They're manure crumble Nazli while let you have a favorite from Ruth. Donnie, no, no, I'm not really into into Sunday night home. I keep meaning to actually be sort of debate research and find out what it's all about when you drink. What you drink it with all the folk Paul while the speak social faux pas to avoid which obviously is always a big topic with me. I'm not prepared to discuss it until I become a snob. Principle by which Donyell his has lived very well, so far so good luck with that. Welcome bite line. Oh, thank you better week off getting Marianne getting there get a week off to a week off. Now. I did have a week off for my week off. Yeah. Anyways, looking while in the London, sunshine. I had a week off a cough, cough, cold just laid low. In the pollen of professional cyclists had a viral infection and always off the bike sensations. We're not good where they the sensation. Terrible. You know, didn't stall any of the stages law. Sweet. Well, I was with you. I should open this week. So by Paula jogging for the the noise in last week's episode of the the ruled I got the recording levels of bit wrong. So I do Paula jobs for hope are added to the the atmosphere. Wonderful for my sickbed listening to you guys on on your can roundabout show just to see busy. It was entirely my phone. I was using Daniels recorder, which exactly the same as mine for some reason fell on April to adjust the recording level. So sorry, everybody riding somebody else. He's bike, isn't it. Good weren't good. I've ever sensations work. You'd obviously am podcasting with with you and me orca dining on back. Now. In London 'em in this week's episode. We're going to hear from TJ guardsmen who has made his debut for education. I and it's looking pretty good. The new start for him. And we're going to hear from sent van Mark. There seem teams classics specialist as we look ahead to head news blondes the weekend blindly, you're heading there. And that's the season proper for you, isn't it? Yes is really on. I, you know, I don't want to totally discount everything we've talked about since the dog January. But it does feel like the beginning of the season to me anyway. But then you know, I'm old school. You are certainly are you certainly are. Well, we'll we'll hear from from those two-guard feel things talk about as well. But can you give us a new trend up? Please. I kind yet again another bumper week of news first of all rich. Sorry, I did provide some notes weeks. News roundup started a couple of areas in didn't a couple of areas for you that you didn't fact check. Hemi them five minutes before we start recording. I was in. I was in a feverish state rich, you know, temperatures very high accuracy dicked to sort of fifty eight fifty nine percent. I think but the one kind of gray area in the news roundup was regarding the Belgian writer who had a hit replacement Raj for one teach about clock. That's right. And the team and declerk himself said he's the first Perot to have a hip replacement. I meant to insert in the nose just Floyd Landis question Mark because we know Floyd Landis hired. I a hip resurfacing. And then he did have a full hit which is on the Murray has just turned. Yeah. And there's a difference because you've had your hip replaced. So replacing my hips sergeant is a podcast listeners, Marcus banks, if you're listening, you will be great, very good. Very good mine. Anyone listening for hip replacement? He is your mind but Landers hit replaced, and then did return to racing of some kind at some level, basically. Yeah. Happy to clear that up. Anyway, the racing loads of racing at the two of them on concluded astonish Alexi Sankoh wrapped up his second consecutive victory there for Steiner. Astonished run continued at the route two del Sol yucca PU sang winning overall his teammates on is again. And Pella Bill Bauer with second and fourth with Steven Krause like of you Mbo visible in third place. Tim Wellens whose meaning good form this season. So far won a couple of stages, including the time trial and Matair Trentino of Mitchell. Tim Scott won a couple of stages as well. But probably the outstanding performance individual performance of the week was Simon Yates is so low stage went into Granada probably talk about him a little bit. Once news roundup is concluded just a little over from the Ruta del Sol, which is in southern Spain the tour the falter out gov in southern Portugal. One by twenty year old Slovenian tonnage, polka char- who won the tour eleven year. One of a number of very talented. Young writers pulled off the victory with a perfectly timed stage. Win a head of wealth. Polls and Rick mass and Sam Owen possibly benefit a little bit from a little bit weakness in team skies train tailgate heart look, very strong. But then Davidoff cruise kind of let things slip a little bit left, while polls with little bit too much to do and Pugachev pulled off the stage when there and everyone's no seeing Remco who exactly. Yeah. That's how quickly it changes, doesn't it? But we had a little feature on ta Emmers you a team emerets aren't called on the last week's podcast in here that against the drawn of the buses and trucks in Palmer. And but we spoke to urine swore their medical director and go a little bit of a sense of the the the overhaul in the backroom team team. They re yeah. Mention matching financing with the. The gentleman who is responsible for scouting pull the charter. Who has you say everyone now is predicting will be next Eddie Merck's the latest in a long line. But there are plenty of caution retails on their few people posted online over the weekend. The lost ride is to to win stage races kind of angel stage raises that level Thomas? Love quest was younger than Potter char. When he won the secular saw in two thousand four and his career ended up being of anti climax. Didn't it boomed and busted net really had that very good couple of years with HTC Columbia. Not sure what they were called at the time. Actually, we'll just Columbia, and then but didn't quite work out from sky. Did it trade too much too? Young thomas. Look love Chris. He he was he was a big trailer think he posted. There was a. Yeah. I mean, I know the saw the tweet. Shirt. You're talking about am. I mean, there aren't many twenty year olds Bernardo Ruth was twenty years old when he won the two of Kathleen nine hundred forty five and that a long time since somebody not young has won stage race of level Wilco kelderman when the Norwegian 2011, but it was not quite in the same category of race. So a real standard chievements, and he lose he lose. He looks good looks. Well, the cycling media can hate the speculation on Pocahontas showed like a game of Bucker rue the. Nine of them for you there on the charge. I know Slovenian is not your not your strong point. So I'm hoping now I did in Slovenian writers in the last week. I have nailed the pronunciation of his first name. It's like the word today in cockney, Ted. I. Today. It is the stress on past. Syllable. Today. Poca CHA well. Anyway, name we're going to be saying a lot in Dade helicopter went over a couple of seconds couple of minutes ago. Wasn't it? We live now on TV anyway sticking with Al golf, decoding one the first and last stages with Fabio Jakobsen and Zidan exte- bar Steffen Kuehn of Groupama F D J won the time trial and Dylan grown, awaken of by visa one. The other sprint stage at the tour de hope for three day stage race in the south of France. As it is now used to be a one day race in a two day race now three day race by about twenty fifty Opie as long as the tour de France this right people Pena one after winning the final stage. Mom fire on the famous climb. That climbs above too long the other stages warm by if education I set by Mark who were hit from a bit later on and trek Sigfredo Giulio, Chico. Ni Pino one over with ahead of bar day and EF's British writer, Hugh, coffee, more Astana success with the stage win from the hallway Khuda the of Rwanda and the world tour resumed with the UAE tool, which is the first edition. Merger between the Abu Dhabi and Dubai tours. Few days in now vis Sma won the team time trial, perhaps some signs of that progress in your friends special rich hearing about how they of worked as a group. An idiot won the first sprint stage. And I'll hundred Verde got his first victory in the rainbow. Jersey yet Bill. He also on the in the w tour last year as we speak Primoz row. She's leading overall still a few days to go in UAE tour. So not done yet. There's a women's stage race in southern Spain. Set Valencia only ranked two point two as on. So many four day women's stage race is worth a mention in fact in the world tour owning the JIRA rose the women's tour and the Holland tour longer anyway, the stair the race was won by Clark Hoffenberg of Germany Finland's lotto, Lupi sto won two stages worth mentioning converged rights for W N T team. That's really step thoughtless year. At Lisa Brennan, custom veal to joined that team being are in for fears. Oh, they nobody talked about them. But they look set to be quite a force and not was incredible right by copen. Berg a real talent. Off wife from the racing. It's being confirmed that the twenty twenty one to two FRANZ who star in Copenhagen capital of Denmark, second ground tool start for Denmark after the twenty twelve Jiro started in beyond rhesus hometown hurting looking forward to a weekend in Denmark's be through savings and then rest as slash transfer back to France, which is a slight departure for the tool. The Jiro is certainly so, you know, trademarked almost this this big star that they had a transfer back to the host countries team skies, right? Ben swift is out of hospital after spending a few days in intensive care after a pretty nasty training crushing tannery waves riding with guarant- Thomas ruptured spleen unsure of the moment. When here we back in racing. British cyclocross champion, ten time British cycling champion, Helen Wyman has retired. She was also twice European champion. And well championship bronze medalist and Belgian ride victocrat. Says confirmed that he's our record attempt will be in April eight with the sixteenth or seventeenth in Mexico at out chewed, the women's hour record was set there by Vittoria Busey of Italy law September companies of lotto sheet, our needs to beat fifty four point five to six kilometers at Bradley weaken weakens record, and what's the feeling is. We heard from him, then refuse good. Daniel spoke to him has our record. I'm Vichy's is this a earlier than we expected. I know around about the time when he was thinking during always slightly struck when I spoke to yorker by the say, how posit nature of his planning, but certainly seemed fairly well less less kind of serious and forensic than than Bradley. Wiggins is had been was in two thousand was two thousand fourteen I couldn't I had a bit of a a mental block earlier today. I was trying to think I can't remember. I was actually out that record. I think. Recollection beineix. It was a very stressful occasion for us was a live podcast. Remember Daniel, and we only just go on air with about a minute to go. We were the second most shambolic broadcaster on that day because sky who was showing it live missed irony adverts when when we actually pushed off and then just had fifty nine minutes and forty seven hundred. I remember how on earth. Did. We did we commentator or broadcast than our record for an hour. We keep doing she's that. If you wanna go back and all this pharaoh brower and hating Hines thinking, it's an event. Best followed on teletext. Isn't it? But can you do? I mean, I referred to me as his preparation then. I mean, what really struck me was when he talked about his bike for the hour record. And he said, well, the reason they're specific there's no special bike when we've not done any real work or not Ridley of God good track. Boy. And that's what I'm using. Which as I say was in settling contrast to my recollection of of the kind of hype and preparation that went into the Wiggins, I record attempt. Also, you know, the pedigrees of the various riders of have attempted it weakens sunny, how to more impressive. Palmer and company currently has run. Dennis certainly has has more better credentials time trolleys than companies has or the company is himself. Ragtime charlie. I I'm not sure. I wouldn't rule it out. I mean, there are other riders and couple of Danish writers who attempts to lost couple years surprised me with how close they've got to the record. I was a refresh my memory the other day. I was reading Thomas Thomas Dekker's book and the descent, which I would highly recommend it's a fantastic book sort of doping memoir, but he also talks about his I record attempt. He he had a go when he's career was pretty much over on the road. And he wasn't that far away. The time the ball has been Ray slightly since then, but Thomas decorate not pulling pretty much washed up as road rider and competencies he's in his peak peak years, so any I mean unconventional is is the the word that springs to mind in his approach. He's been training Namibia as well. I notice he complained about having not been drug tested while he's been there. He was he was surprised that. He hadn't been drug tested, which shirt, you know. No, no matter where people are training. You would hope that they would be drug tests, especially if they're going for something like that I record and he. For over his preparation lay. Not be quite as meticulous as Wiggins. He will have the advantage of of the thin air in Mexico, and he'll be acclimatized to that. Reg. Wrench. There's a there's a payoff to that isn't because I mean, I it's a difficult equation. If you listen to people who have attend to be I reco- thought about timing altitude than obviously you through the equity, it's harder to to breathe and taking suggest so and I think most people think that the benefits outweigh the the disadvantages finish up with the news. Few other trauma to Oban comes into effect this weekend. News blood will be the first race where trauma toe is completely bind. A little story in news in the newspaper, the Belgian newspaper from the UCI they're beefing up the fines for littering and throwing beat on water bottles thousand Swiss francs, fine, roughly seven hundred and fifty pounds slightly strange story. They it's one of those throwaway remarks us that's been extrapolated out into a new story. It's felt to me because don't really see. How the regulation is changed. Remember green Jones introduced in about twenty fourteen. I think these are the areas where riders can drop their litter with impunity, and it will be cleaned up off to them. It seems that the two things that UCI want to clamp down on our littering, obviously. Which is you know, there's really no excuse for it, certainly when it comes to the gel rappers could just be put back in the pocket, and that's important. I think because sex an example for genocide could spoil Tiv riders people just out riding bikes to to take their little how really no excuse for dropping it on the side of the road. Anyway, whether you're competing or not, but the b don't issue is a tricky one because we see right is throwing them away. Sometimes in what looks like quite reckless fashion. You know, big high arc, but the priorities not to throw them onto the road. So they caused other riders danger. The. The idea is to try and clear the road and get into frankly into the hedgerow. And but I think from us of the optics of are not great the look of the peleton riding long throwing bottles away. The irony is they want to not have bottles being thrown near spectators where there could be a danger. But if they all thrown Westpac taped at all, then the fans will run and gather them a souvenir. So it's kind of a strange one. It's one of these until you see how the rule is being written. It's gonna be interesting to see how they discriminate between who does get fine. And who doesn't get fine. What will be the circumstances? Gloriously unclear as some of these UCI mischief seem to be that will come into effect this weekend. Finally, the world track championships get underway in produce cough in Poland ritual. You there in two thousand nine. Yeah. Wasn't it? Andrea. It was great. Yeah. It was. So keep an eye on that. One of the stories that will probably get quite traction in UK is the return of Toya Williamson who broke her neck back and pelvis in January twenty sixteen at the Rotterdam six day in a very bad crash. She made her comeback at the Hong Kong World Cup. This January she returned to the world championships. And we'll do the sprint five hundred meters. Quite a lot of stuff about her comeback on the BBC's website on with her injuries on the second book Femina a couple years ago with a along with youth her, and it was it was remarkable. Her determination was remarkable. It's been a long much longer than -ticipant that and as I said, it's the opening weekend in Belgium, news, Blad and Colonel Brussels Kerner and twenty years since I first covered a professional bite race, rich. Can you believe it? I mean, look at sixty. I community around the world. Stories and films with the most compelling characters the world's finest apparel. Explore the world of cycling with Rafeh. Thanks very much to our headline sponsor Rafeh, I'm and the latest installment of the gone racing. Their series of behind the scenes films with education. I has just gone gone up is well from the tour Columbia am tour of Columbia wanna call it. And it's minute focus on Rigoberta around their talisman, hugely popular figure in Colombian certainly comes across in the in the film and just the there wasn't a lot of TV coverage or it wasn't easy to wash the two of Columbia. So it's a nice flavor of what it was like. And what the atmosphere is like in the Colombian fans, and so on so highly recommended good Rafferty CC or you'll find it on the RAFI channel on YouTube. And that's the latest gone racing episode. What caught your eye in all the the recent racing that we've just heard by? I mean, an one pocket char we talked about him. And you know, few writers cashing, my DIVY go do in you a road extremely well to he was the only guy could go with ROY glitch, initially, you know, movies might be very impressive there as well. So far rogue lich strong. But Devin God. Yes, sorry. Daniel Joe on teams as well ridge. I mean, we keep referring to astonish run of thirteen victories today. And the most extraordinary thing, I think about this run is none of those have been in sprint stages. Usually when teams rack up a lot of wings, the sprinter somewhere in there who's who's rattling off three or four and the number of general classification victories have had in stage races today. It's just staggering. I mean one and Valencia they when they when Columbia tool approval. Rooted ou- soul with sign and omen will Sankoh and their well-placed as well with kudos to win tour. Rwanda the question. I mean, everybody's asking is to what extent do we credit the Astana rap? I mean how much is that? How much has not been a factor? Do you think in this incredible? And it has been building for a while have to say I mean, Astana is interesting is going to last season. They looked the lost fabulous REU loss. Vincenzo niba. Leeann it looked like they had their head cuts off to some extent you wanted where these wins. We're going to come from. And then can remember exactly a year ago? There were exactly a year ago. In fact, there were questions about payments salaries have not been paid there is uncertainty over the future of the team. Michael violin one news blinds. And that was all he was asked by around that time, you got the sense. The team was Golvin is than on. These guys always been capable of grief from MRs light violence. Started delivering, and it's just really kind on from there. And it got me thinking riches well about this period of the season that we we've spoken in the last couple of weeks about Tim Wellens was very tickled by government who was tweets the weekend about the threat global warming poses to Tim Wellens and his career because he seems to thrive at this time of year. When it's basically wh when it tends to be quite cool. But there are so many stage races this time of year. And you know, later in the in the episode, I think we're gonna talk about TJ vanguard. And and sometimes when we think about stage races, we think in terms of well, are they gonna do GCE or are they going to go for stages or possibly at a stretch, you know, they could stop focusing on one week stage. Instead, but actually, you know, there's such variety this time of year to to rack up easy wins. But there are lot of opportunities to win three day races four day races five. Raisins, really something for everyone in the sort of galaxy of of stage race writers, and that's really what astonishes done. I mean, they've won with a variety of different writers variety of different ways relying on that time trialing ability that climbing ability over three days for days five days and taking a lot of pressure off themselves for the rest of the season is frankly, they're not going to win a grant, they're they're, you know, they don't have somebody. Oh, sorry. For by Lopez g whiz. Sorry. The could win a grunt. He's the one guy capable of the, you know, the rest of them are, and as you say capable of winning at the level that they're winning at the moment. I think the the interesting thing is certain riders seemed to be winning specializing time to season or winning in the same places or similar places. Streaks even Valverde winning on the same climb in the Middle East quite bit of this going on Kim Wellens as one in Saint place, a New Yorker, I think he's one in dose. Oh before as well. I'm. Also Las year. That's right. Yeah. So kind of Roger to oversee that focus on this part of the season. But you you say Daniel it takes the pressure off in two degree it does. But it soon gets forgotten doesn't it when big racy start coming the classics and into the Jiro these winds of they they have greater importance now while their current, obviously. And they do they do put a little bit of money in the Bank so to speak. But you know, they don't wreck up a great deal of interest in. I don't mean on interested in you know, you astonished spring street can soon turn round on them. And if they don't win anything in in the classics or the grand tours the question will be well, how come they were so good in in the spring when it didn't matter? And now they going like a gone true napalm, I would say from an egotistical point of view from an individual ride is point of view, this this very good reason to come into the coming to the season pretty hall on target some of these racist because you know, we've seen him in lost few years particularly lost year with uncertainty about any takes one sponsor a couple of sponsors in the in the world tour there ends up being a bit of a mad dash in in all and September to get a contract, and if you can stop rocking results early and. Yeah. And you're in a position to to. Sign sign a deal or or sh shop yourself around in in may and June. I think it's a massive volunteers to that. So those guys. The ones of them are out of contract at the end of the year. The guys have already racked up good results in these races in February of very much enhanced the than market value. And of course, there's a lot to be said for getting out on the front foot racing and trying to win as we saw Simon eight of the route to del Sol. I mean, you can't me churlish about it. We want to see the best riders. I'm giving giving it some Weli whenever they get. They get on the start line. And to see particularly the way Yates raced. I mean, the the day that was kind of folks flat Trentino one way is riding on the front with a couple of teammates. I mean, clearly working training working training. But also, then when the road went up which and he had the opportunity to get away. He he co the road on his own so kind of double h to it. Prepping prefering preparation preparing for the. Bigger events to come. But also just rediscovering rediscovering the sensations of of winning. Yeah. And Simon eight as well as catching the eye with his performance caught the eye with an interview he gave in Spanish press. Didn't he? Yeah. He did rich. Some very eye-catching quotes from that. I'm thinking about the tour de France and his lack of interest the Toda FRANZ. We know that he's not he doesn't plan to do the total this year or certainly not going to be a priority might roll out the Jiro an end up starting the toll that the jerseys number one party, and he said to Spanish website cheek law and twenty one dot com that he really doesn't doesn't feel very enthusiastic about the tour as just another race for him. And he gets much more excited about the tool. I'm sorry. The jarrow in the welter he was he was hinting. He didn't go into a lot of detail about why this was it's more of a sort of motion or visceral thing, but he was sort of team that the rue itself tends to be much less exciting. In the tour, suddenly from his point of view, and also just everything that that goes with the tool of the hype the the this in media presence, which he doesn't particularly relish, many feels that the year in the welter it's much more about the bite racy, and that sort of ties we what we see from Simon Yates. He someone who I think he's he's biggest asset really is his ability to zone in focus on racing. And he's was much easier to do that the GIO in the Welte. There's less pressure. There's less attention. But yeah, I think you know. You know, the won't be any flog raw hampers winging their way to two Siamese Dutta in under after interview from I think the Gatien to say that the tour is the most appealing thing to you in the season. I mean, doesn't feel no obligation to say that if that if the first year on the welter and the style of racing good on him for saying because you know, the tour is of. A business conference isn't a it work. It doesn't look that doesn't look like there's a same opportunities to to to express yourself as a writer. The we see how much importance is placed on just those little flurries at the end of stages. You're you're effectively waiting waiting waiting for four or five kilometers of racing on each given mountain stage. I know that it's loosened up a little bit. And Pete teams have tried things lotto Mbo last year, and notably really went all out on the outdoors states. But it didn't work. Never very good reason why it doesn't work whereas in the Jiro, and if welter there's you know, there is more freedom and more but unity to make things exciting. And if it's exciting for people to watch it more exciting for the ride it. I'm sure you know, being being away up the road making the race Hutton putting people under pressure behind got to be more acce-. Citing than sitting in a group of twenty that becomes eighteen becomes sixteen and twelve and then five an going pop, and you know, they is more dynamic racing off and just finding on chaps. Do I have permission to make a fool of myself? Always you I thought you might said that well, I was thinking about Siamese cuts me of the current peleton. He is probably one of the two riders would be most confident of winning another grand to a winning a grant all from here until the the end of time. I think he's he's a he's coming into his eight years and was so impressive lost year. Anyway last night. I got thinking about this river ranking of the likelihood in in descending order, you're you're on your own. And then the hitter Fridays winning grand tour between now and the end of that Chris Joyner here it number eighteen, of course. Right. So very quickly do Milan, Simon Yates from glitch. But now mass superman superman Lopez, obviously guarantee, canton, neighborly automates, Roman body Tibo. Pena Ritchie port, Mika Landa. Bob young owes Wilco kelderman Rigoberta around. They. Poca char bogus stories on that. We've not say he's twenty. Should be there. What do you think about the pull out? Now what? Hey. Hard top five Duma line. Glitch bernau. It was quite surprised to hear between. Christopher Chris firm. I hope I hope he's not listening. I was quite surprised that Gary and Thomas was so far up there. Head of London. You think toll much more likely to win a grand tour another grant or then Landers? Go to three more opportunities. Would you say? Lander's got more. Got more opportunities. But he's got nowhere near thus far. So thus far, correct? Anyway, sending you Rankin sending you top eighteen everyone. Team car tax. PK race radio with a tour to France to remind us to tell you that this episode is sponsored by the economist the economists newspapers about far more than just economics and finance. It covers a range of subjects from well, politics and business to science technology, the arts the environment, and even sport, the economists sift through the noise focusing on the essential information that tells the real story in a time when facts matter more than ever, and it's for the kind of person who never stops asking questions and wants to know why the world is the way it is. Now that's much dictionary. Definition of you. It's very good. Lionel what have you been reading in the economists this week will the article that caught my eye this week line was towards the back of the magazine is the Johnson column what we talk about when we talk last language than you might think is devoted to conveying information, obviously, not when it comes to the news right up in this podcast. It takes us. A starting point a big focus in the New Yorker magazine on the novelist. Don Mallory and his relationship with the truth. Which is a fascinating piece to read 'em. But it looks just how language is more slippery than we might assume am and how little of it is actually by conveying information and facts, and again, which is contrary to what we might Shim talks about study at Stanford University looking at those five minute conversations between strangers and how little of that conversation is by conveying facts and information only thirty six percent and find the rest of it is all just agreeing canola djing or appreciate their price. Person is saying, and I thought this was really interesting kind of confirms things that we may be thing that we know. But am explains them in a in a very clear and quite thought provoking way, a solution to this the article suggests that the end is forever to to realize how much language is non proposition, and and in the course of a conversation to constantly say to whoever you're speaking to expressing yourself or proposing a fact could revolutionize the cycling poke cost. Well, this may not may charming conversations article says, but it may prevent misunderstandings. Well, well, we have corrections corner in the oven misunderstandings. Don't. Well. If you want to get a free print copy of the economy's delivered to you. And you're in the UK, you can text the word cycling two seven eight zero seven zero that cycling two seven eight zero seven zero. Well, I'm still digesting your your your list, which she delivered in rapid fire. They are and. I'm going to arrive it on someone describe it. Yeah. The problem with the Daniel is the floor is that it. Solely focused on past performance predicting future events, and as we know from cycling, somebody will come along and make a mockery. We'll basically write a horseshoe three or list probability works Lionel. Basic concept. Is only. Only go on the evidence that there is rather than they ever this doesn't exist yet. So, you know, they'll be other people alive who will win crunchers. Yet somebody they'll be the next the next polka char will come along. And be Maxine Moore who knows? Anyway, am one person who wasn't on your list, Daniel TJ vine garden. No TJ fund Godwin shocks me to realize how young TJ garden still is twenty three. No, he's thirty. Yeah. I was joking. Yeah. He's he's been around for while on he has embarked on a on a fresh chapter this year with EFL education first off several years BMC, I think you'll be interested if he gets on because as we've talked a lot BMC is a was a team with quite a rigid hierarchy and a system of of writhing and education. I is certainly team where there's maybe a bit more room for individuality and maybe a bit less pressure as well. So we despised our man, Tom Walley or ace producer. And you may recognize Tom Tom's voice from the explore series of podcasts. Well, but Tom went to the EFL -cation first training camp in Girona last week. And then a few interviews for us and spoke to teach Gardner by rebooting his career, Anna by the eternal conflict between writing for g c and writing for stages where he stuns on that this team. The union new. He seems like just from speaking to the riders and interviews and stuff seems quite a free spirit team, so embrace it. They're idiots increases of the riders of is that. Yeah, there's definitely. Writers are encouraged to express their identities and. And you know, just just have an identity in, you know, be themselves. And and yeah, I think that's great does that you is a writer. Yeah. I mean, well, I just I definitely I I wouldn't say I'm is. I'm is out there as some of the other guys with the mullets and mustaches and everything. But but yeah, I definitely definitely feel like I'm free to be myself and express myself here, and I'm talking about the team in this the free spiritedness alternative race calendar crop into it's about is that anything that you'll going to be a part of you is on the types of races that you might want to do the one. I mean, it's not on my calendar as of right now. But the one that that I think would be cool would be the lead Bill one hundred because it's it's after the tours doesn't interfere with any sort of preparation in that regard. And you know, I live right close to Aspen. So it's just it's just over the hill from where I live. So I'd I'd go home and have good fitness from the tour said. It'd be a fundraise to kind of hop into. So you mentioned the tool than the Tories on you'll program for this year. Then as of now, yes, obviously, getting closer to the to the event anything can change you have to be showing good form at the time. And you know, a lot can happen from now until July but the seasons planned as if I'm doing the tour. Yeah. And this new team she'll she'll roll here you I mean, you can be the team leader the stage races. How'd you define your role? I mean right now, I'm more focused on just getting into the races. And you know, getting getting some results and getting to know the guys and getting my legs back underneath me as far as roles go and leaderships. And you know, the this team has it's a stab list leaders for the classics, and obviously we go for the tour. So we'll just see where I slot end. Based on how the years going. Does does g see still motivate you? Well, I mean, I'm about when when when that stage in the JIRA, you seem completely Jeeva nights it and maybe change to a more of a stage in no still motivates me. Does it? It's it's not that stage hunting is not that stage wins don't inspire me. But. How you have to race in order to be staged hunting. Doesn't inspire me because you can hop in one of those breakways, and you know, if you win the stage and put your arms in the air. It's an amazing feeling but those other twenty days of the race when you are when you don't make the breakaway in your in the group PetO and your minds kind of switch to huff. And you're just kind of slugging to the line. It's it makes the raise a really really long. So I'd rather be. I'd rather be fighting every day and mentally engaged on a day-to-day basis. Otherwise, it's just it's just the suffering that you have to go through just to get in the line and finish the day by day. It's it's not a very fun way to raise interest in say that because after you states the Commons is just interpreted completely repeal. And this was what you're going gonna do fill the rest of your career. It's not the not the case. It's all no. I mean, it's one of those things where if something happens and g c falls away. Then you have to in your mind, stay motivated and say, okay now, this is the new goal, and once that happens, then you have an opportunity to go for stage wins, but to say like, I am no longer focusing on g C at all. Screw g see like, no not at all not at all. I think. Yeah. It's like I said, I I've I've had grand tours were you know, g c is fallen away and I've tried to stage hunt. And it's it's a feeling like none other when you can actually win that stage the way I did in the Jiro, but those other twenty days man, they they're no fun when you're not in really engaged on a day-to-day basis. Yeah. Interesting stuff from vanguard and then show of echoes. What I was trying to say about Simon enjoying the Jiro in the Welte more in in the sense. If you'll riding g particularly in the tool that an awful lot of very difficult whiting around, you know, and and halt halt yards to to rice, the the thing about that is the focus is always always on. Whereas if you can just loosen the reins and just go for some state win loss of. Will lose old definition entirely. So. Shit. Isn't it did strike me as the point of view of someone who's never had to really well because it all my state. But the soon as I heard him say that. Yeah. You just don't focus on the other days. Well, you know, they're all right is in the pats on who go off the stage wins and then to Joe for the teammates on other days. Yeah. Is true. I guess it depends. What team you're on? Whether you have a writer who's going to need that sort of support, and they in they I I complete both personality types as well. It doesn't you know? I can imagine somebody finding. Yeah, we often sneer a little bit in a good natured way by writers who write Ozzy Abell Dan to seventh eighth ninth. Overall, GM on wonder what what the what the point is from personal satisfaction. I can I can imagine that writing that feeling that you're ticking off the days and thing everything that you can hot but without but. Fulfilling as well. You know, you you always have a focus don't have a folk because. Yeah. And again, I think that the the thing not to misunderstand about lighthearted joke about writing Eleazar bowed. Here's you know. It's not easy that that's the difference. Isn't it? Particularly in the tour. I think ROY does get kettle into that y of writing because a Finnish finishing seventh in the tour. Equaling battering previous best result is life changing career changing Sutton could be salary changing. And you know, and the band Godrain as well with when he was at BMC did look like he had pressure on him to be the the team lead. When perhaps didn't have the personality for the the old of the pressure. That goes without. Interesting. I feel sorry for van Gaudron because you know, he's a victim of his precocious success in the sense was fishing for twenty four years of age. And then you know, you create your expectations for yourself and you create expectations on on the team and teammates. And you're you're almost condemn them than to to to go for for the rest of your career. Whether it be in the tour or the Giro while the wealth, and you know, a lot of the time with Gaudron people, and including members of staff in BMC, for example, I've sort of been exasperated because he's you know, he's he's down when things have not been going. Well, he sort of internalized he's he's on disappointment on. It's it's kind of radiated out and created a less than ideal atmosphere and the rest of the team. But, you know, would you rather have someone who is disappointed with their own failures or? Shows that oh, would you have someone who doesn't care that he's making his teammates right on the front old day? And then, you know, getting dropped three kilometers a big climate. And losing a lot of time. And I think the law of the time, you know, he. He has been stressed and he has been disappointed because he he has expected better of of himself, and he's kind of in being in the same quandary that Richie has had web. By people say, we'll we'll to ingredients going to being good grunts whole ride that time charleen climbing. I'm completely ignore an overlook the there's a whole other component, which is about recovery, focus and unjust constructing three week, right? And that's why he he has fallen short. But no. Because he's he's a really good song is ready climate people. Have just expected him to be when you one of the best in the world. And you know, the nothing the stress as you said rich, it's also been channeled into his way of racing. Remember conversation had we Brom time kink the lot of the time ride a couple of years ago, and the Jaren he said he'd never seen someone so stressed in the pellets on TJ von garden. Expertly trying to striving to be on teammates wheel throughout the whole stage. Every day. I could just see the stress in in his face. And I don't think that was that was easy for him. And now he's gone to a team with a completely opposite approach. And we'll see how that was. Cost is supported by sciences sport, science sport, fueled by science brings to our great supporters science and sport, I reminded that you can get twenty five percent of all your signs of sport products, sciences sport. They'll come using the at the checkout s I s c p twenty five lots of you take advantage of an please continue to do. So and each we're also taking a question on putting it to the scientists sport experts. This question comes via voice memo to our what's number that number again, plus four four seven nine seven one three three eight two five c can leave a voice memo with a question or Email us content at the cycling podcast come. And this question comes from Germany will hear the question. And then we'll hear from Ben Samuels of scientists both in good morning from Germany. This is Constantine. With question regarding gluten free. Attrition, especially with my problems regarding lactose intolerance and somewhat of an allergic reaction towards almonds. I do feel that. Living a healthy diet has become increasingly difficult. Whilst trying and having to avoid Putin as well. So of any suggestions for. Recipe books or nutritional ideas on how to live on lactose free gluten free and non almond diet. Thanks. Interesting question Constantine. Such restrictions seem quite daunting fest and approach today. 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I'm piecing them together in a day today, Plum them really built in around the when it comes to ensure excise time on the bike for energy chose energy powders and hydro topless. Rovigo NFO suppo for yourself. So this weekend is news blonde. And Colonel Brussels Kern. Let's not forget we're gonna hear from van Mark. Who's a former winner ahead used blonde in a moment or two blindly? You're heading there. One thing. That's caught my eye already. Bor- Hans grow their team yesterday. And it doesn't include pizza Sagan who usually writes news Baden's usually there. I thought that was interesting and we've talked by Saigon maybe glue for liaised liaise this year. And I wondered if this is part of that am effort to just delay his his his debut in the cobbled classics and a little bit till I two may be extend or shift the window of form a little bit to include liaised bust alleged. So I thought was quite interesting. You say rich he. Usually rise east kind of alternated lost Jae. Didn't do they signed him weekend. Been a couple of other years when he hasn't done it, but someone where he house, but as you say, I think it's probably a lot to do with him wanting to have a pop the best on the Asian is she forgot they didn't ride loss here. So it was two years ago. Think he was second third. He was certainly out there in the break with Drake fan when he wanted. Yeah. Which the arrived at the press conference with Harry, eight rice with Harry Lang. Yeah. Never one was wondering whether we shave lakes any turned up to the store lake warmness Kibera. But Lionel it could be bathed in warm sunshine, which I was there last year on it was I've never been as cold in my life as I was on Sunday morning in Kurna. It was. Unbelievably cold this this. We can't be very different. Yeah. Vice spring-like, isn't it twenty plus degrees here in London slice slightly sinister while less than? More than slightly. Sinister is unnerve. Ing isn't it? Whether the racing too much have I mean makes a little easier if it's not freezing cold and or writing clearly for the writers exactly the ROY as well. Yeah. It's always interesting very reluctant to get involved in any kind of predictions. It's the first the first opportunity to see who is the the that preparation bit right where they are now. But we know we know from history. The only news flat doesn't really tell us a great deal when it comes to the two of Flanders pyro by. Nobody's ever one spun on through. In the same year. Yeah. No, pretty sure that still correct him. Ramar remarkable statistic. Well, there's a month between them isn't. There's an extra sixty kilometers in the to AFL on to say quite different events. I think that's a seeming that, you know, like for like his, well, it's no they know they very different races Nobel, simpler, similar roads and same part of the world. Anyway. So we hear from Mark who is a former winner of use blonde. On one of these guys who I mean he's finished on the podium pirate bay as well. He eats somebody who I think is is always been fell at some point his career. He would win Flanders are Ribeira or both and has has not done. So yet, and he's he's the law by luck 'em over the years. He's been there. They're not big win has eluded him. So he is preparing for another till the classics. He he was he wanted to do it for 'em in France. So he sees that good star on a he's made some changes as well for this year. Here's what he had to say out of the EFL -cation first training camp in Girona for the moment. I feel good. Yeah. The plan was to start an basiji, and I wouldn't well it was not not a really hot how'd race. So that was nice to get into the season. Now, just Provence. There was a lot hotter suffered a lot. And that will only be good for. Yeah. For condition for next month. But I'm happy with Mukundan. Now, I'm not normally Nuttal top level yet shouldn't be and. And so hopefully in the next few weeks and months old still good better. And obviously you'll you'll might you goals this season come early as always in the classics. Have you changed your approach this year or do you? Stick the same of routines. I'm training schedule as yeah. Something's changed. The biggest change is that I changed coaches and the first time since twelve years I was really happy with coach I had like equities. Way of coaching, and I had some great results also because of him, but it was. Yeah. The team like like we said before they changed a lot and became more professional in one of the changes also through performance is that that they wanna have every rider trained or coached by a coast net is involved in team. So that was also their request. And of course, I'm part of the team another one. Yeah. I don't know say fight against it or anything. So now, change coaches, and maybe twelve years. It's maybe good step. Also for my career just to have like some different types of training or different things to do. And maybe my body accepts. It's very well. And I go better. That's what I hope. But of course, where the different coach is a different way of training. And and some things have changed you. And obviously the classics you'll you'll main objective. What would victory in one of the big classics means or? Yeah, for sure it's I wouldn't say since I was a child that was dreaming about that. That's not true. Because I never thought I would be professional. I was just cycling and riding my bike because a loved it and never thought about that. I would be able to become a professional writer, but ends since. Yeah. Since my first year things were going well in the classic second year third year. Also, then a one on the loop at news both and from then on these start thinking about the the big classics, and that's already while ago. And I'm still fighting for it. So let's say in the beginning of my professional career, people still offer sure you're gonna win if you're going to win multiple times and this and that and after a while you start to believe like, yeah, I'm really close. And but now thirty is old and still didn't win a big classic. And I've always been close. I think every couple days I start. I'm. With the favorites in the front. I'm one of the favorites. And a yeah, I've been on many podiums in many fives. But just a winning is hard for me. And so it would be dream come true. Now Indian if I would finally win one one big race. Do you ever does does down of a creep in that you can win one? Would you always still believe that I for sure still belief because it's not that I'm far away from winning them? A couple of years ago in country Lada was on his top level hours. Like one of the few guys that could follow in or like when you won the last time, Peru. He beat me when you one last time to reflect on there. I was third. He bit me in the sprints and novel Matt so since then until now I'm always into battle for the for the win. So for sure if I just yeah. Or any to be a bit stronger or need to make right choices? But most of all at just need to have the luck on my side. And where there's capping they let me go for or the Dow the four second or have just a super day where it can push a little bit harder. Butch a little bit longer. And. I think that they stop believing it then are better stop cycling fan Mark there and one of the favorites for Saturday's. Hey, news blood, and you know, look ahead to the funders rebate be one of the favorite series. Well, you imagine. And he has changed coaches. He didn't seem. Completely happy. But this is something as he mentioned, the feel of teams aren't I'm insisting that that coaching is brought in Heison the writers aren't working with people who are not and directly connected to our employed by the old cartridge gentleman called Luke one narrow relation to warranty group. Goo back. God you gone clear up. Yeah. And he's been with him a long time. So that's quite a big change. You think for him? But then a writer likes set by Mark 'em. Do feel an I'm sure the team felt that it was worth trying something new because it has he's been in a rut, I mentioned by lucky has some unfortunate crashes and punctures and so many really strong. There are many more chances to win one of these bakeries I spoke to his DS undressed Claire a few weeks ago. And he of course, he was second funds until five eight clear the education. I need was talking about just hire these races are ridden often doesn't suit van mar because he's tended to play a waiting game. And we're seeing now the writers are going. They are striking early. I mean Saigon pirate bay loss year went with about fifty five sixty kilometers to go. She'll Barra Philip Gilbert funders the year before but sixty kilometers to go. Seventy Coleman's us to go. And it does seem like the the selection has has been brought forward ab- von Mark. If he's going to win one of these races might have to get involved a little bit earlier. I think by Marx biggest problem is that whenever he gets to the finish in fon group of whether it two three four or five he tends to. Don't be the quickest outsprinted law of times by country Laura pirate by by cancel our Vanavana to a flaw ndas by Venema second only pet news blood in the past. And you know that just one. My hate is hard. You can be you can be for these races. But when it comes down to the finish, if you're not alone and the other guys quicko, it's very hard to win on that sounds really Oviously simplistic. But that's kind of the the mold of set by Mark. That's who he is. And so, yeah, maybe he doesn't need to get involved in the the preliminary by of the game rather than whiting. I'm waiting and waiting, and I mean, there's nothing new with this kind of kicking off certainly in the two of flounders, which sort of sixty seventy kilometers to go. I mean quickstep a few years back made it much that's take signature move. Devote or chevelle would go in first wife knowing that I had Tom Bonin sixteen whiting. I mean, you know, that's the ideal scenario for for the team, and it why quickstep now to current quickstep of waste being so strong in these races because I've had numbers and I can afford to participate fully in any phase of the rice, and they can take on whereas van Mark always being more on his own mentioned. I guess he's almost been too strong for his own goods unsustained, very difficult for him to move his best chances might come as his powers or as think has powers Wayne. And you know, he may be given license to gambling's early moves like him and did a couple years ago pirate bay on the, but you off filter his the way that approaches these races on his mind. Seth thing. Go into them, which could be the bigger challenge. Maybe who knows. But yeah, I mean saris. It's also a question every team isn't. I mean, they should be shaping fanny well with lung of out and Finney who had an interview with. But we're going to we're gonna hit on a few weeks. Yeah. We Taylor Phinney on pirate bay is dis one different dude. One for the ages. On interview and strange things are outside the education books to paraphrase famous nineties movie. U N often. Yeah. I mean. Yeah. I it's an it's an intra some interesting thoughts from at Taylor Phinney on training and visualizing and so on but us that's a few weeks the tracks Lionel who's gonna win news plot. Oh. Today. My top eighteen. Likely to win loot at news blood between now and the end of time. Now, I'm not saying that I think by novel my will win. Yeah. That's a good shy looks goods. Yeah. Any any any advances on Vanak Vermont? I'm looking forward to finding out. Michael Volcan may be again. He's he's also pretty sharp anytime pins. It's a race where people have gone runs looking back van Pettijohn one in ninety seven and ninety eight Stannett one in two thousand fourteen and fifteen Veneta might himself one in sixteen seventeen. So yeah, you wouldn't rule out a back toback from Michael vulgar move teams hasn't he dimension data now from Donna. But maybe he's going on the race is a bit later on in the spring. Who knows sure those shall we wrap things up for this week fellas will be back. Nice. We think we might have kind of remember what we've got night's sleep. We'll we'll have you from Han use bond. Forget might be don't over promise and under deliver here. But I think probably be some form of friends of the podcast special episode from opening weekend in Belgium, hoping to get that online on Monday morning greats. We'll say great excellent. Well, thank you very much and have a good. We can Belgium Lionel. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, just before we go over start the new thing. This we consciously copying other podcasts and saying thanks to some of you have been good enough to sign up as a friend of the podcast. You can become a friend the cycling, podcast dot com, of course. And as well as receiving exclusive episodes for friends of the punt cast, your support helps make the podcast and get to races, including all three grand tours to say, thanks. We're going to pick some names at random to mention as we play so this week and my thanks to Mark. He'd Cooper shanks. Thanks to Blake Thompson and Simone bone to Ryan Clark and Linden. Jones. You've been listening to you. 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