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Go home week pizza hut have a non working number? Car alarm headache


Hey everybody says Prestige Jay I want to tell you you know now you listen to your favorite radio show or your Kathy's Well I could do that and so now with anchor you can I love you this is prestigious if you listen to us from bitty country dot net play I got a headache cone now got a bit of a headache because for almost three or four hours or studying or whatever and then if people within diety that my out that come for grief ever you want to be but most important have fun that's why have fun this is your show and if you're going to have that going on for three hours plus heat index the heat it don't makes y'all don't mix but I got my food and it gets some food for at least well maybe maybe not for the whole leap maybe for the rest of the few days that I can this is your moment make it what you want to be sign of anchor and you will not be sorry that you did this prestigious and you can do it too so if you sign up for anchor the day you could be on your way to get your listeners you could find the show car alarm off and keep it off unless doesn't danger in that keep it up because you've got people eat arresting way I've been dealing with this aid and I gotTa go through three days I mean my land leased waited until I got everything you want you can do news you do sports you could do talk you could do trivia just be yourself be who a day for three hours for the first time I had to call the landlord but even when I'm laying pizza person it is ridiculous turn hours clean for hours it is too hot for this to get ahead again pass out picky country has been invaded by somebody who have the car alarm going off and on off and on almost three a pair for if I want to go Friday I'm not worried about Wednesday because Wednesday is all clear but if I wanna go fighting and then I have when I go out man oh man oh man I gotta get through these days I knock on my head down again headache getting a headache doing trying to pay the have a great day okay this is Prestige J. so now not only hot town on Saturday so it was after I got paid prepared and pay the rent and all like that having taken care of for Saturday able to go to Friday if I wanted to Wednesdays no problem to let them know about Karnal somebody with a car alarm going off also north of our on what style knowning I don't Wanna I don't WanNa pass out I don't WanNA pass out anyway I've never done that never had to usually turnoff anyone I was waiting for the Pizza Hut and I don't like about please let me tell you the I did I did and then get ready for Saturday which I did premium food you're my next Prediction show because I need time now I got a headache now I mean I plus it's too hard participatory I know I know so hopefully I could time now I'm glad until Tuesday so the Pizza Hut story so I order my pizza and then the store closest to me is on east battlefield and the normal pasta and so of course I got my stuff class pizza finally have your stuff class pizza full time and I just thought before I made this does broadcast this segment they had the phone number of course on website on email honesty that you get when you have your why had the call Humphry Date I wanna go home permanently anyway anyhow so everything is ready everything's Friday I want to go Friday but I'm definitely ready for Saturday got some food pay bills in a positive factory it's still too hard to do anything Oh my God Alp i WanNa go home even only in anchor because this is one of the many way that Bakti zone gets to grow more on more people at this time and this is disconnected or out of all the at this time as the three or four times that I called the

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