Sharks vs Skunks


From the brains behind brains on its smash boom best show for people with big opinions. Hi i'm molly bloom and this is smashed boom best the show where we take two things smash them together and ask you to decide which one is best today. We've got to animals in the ring in one corner. We've got skunks. Those woodsy smelly striped cuties. We always we could pet and in the other sharks those ancient bloodthirsty predators that make swimming meet at the beach just a little bit scary which wily creature will win this smash boom battle sharks are just better and they won't even hurt you unless you look like a seal skunk sued win because they can swim but they can also go on land skunks what do they they fired on you. Come on. I love of sharks. I think they get an unfair. Rep in the media. Skunks are nice too. I believe that the only animal in minnesota that can't legally rehabilitate. She's a little bit sad add so maybe we should be like for the skunks. Will it be stealthy team. Shark or stinky team skunk henry is here to help us decide i henry hello so henry when i say shark. What do you think about. I think ajaz can you tell us what jaws is about. Jaws is is a movie about a shark that eats a bunch of people. I know that so. Have you ever seen a shark in real life. <hes> i've seen the little ones that aquariums but but not any big dangerous ones. Are you afraid of sharks. Are you fond of sharks. How do you feel about sharks. I feel like if i met a dangerous shark in real life. I'd be afraid of it but i like the little ones you can find it aquariums and cute yeah and what about skunks. Do you know what a skunk smells like. Have you smelled it in real life life year a lot. How would you describe that smell very pungent strong. It is very pungent. So what pops in your mind when you hear the word skunk i think in i think about driving down to my grandparents house. There's normally you can smell a skunk or two on the way down. Do you already freddie think one is cooler than the other sharks skunks <hes>. I think shorts are a little bit cooler but i could very much see skunks winning. You're going into to this with an open mind. Yeah good to know well. Let's meet our debaters here to defend adorable. Nocturnal smelly team skunk is rachel ward. Hi rachel hello. Thank you for having me. Thank you for being here. You are the host of the chompers podcast. You tell us a little about your show sure so chompers is a show for kids. It is every morning and every night and it's two minutes long. Which is how long dentists say. You're supposed to be brushing your teeth. We made chompers so so that you'll always brush your teeth further length of time and you can be entertained while it's happening okay so now in a single sentence why are skunks the smash boom bust. I think are are wildly cute but i also love that they have this built in smell that makes them even more desirable because you can't have them <hes> excellent and here represents sharks those frightful fish that have been swimming are sees over four hundred million years. It's science journalist. Analyst wendy's <unk> hi wendy heli so wendy. You are the creator and host of the podcast science versus at media. Can you tell us a bit about your show. Yeah ah so assigns as the name suggests looks at all these ideas and things that are out there in the world and then we just put them under the scientific microscope right so it could be like dna kit that maybe your parents took and found out that they were half german never knew before and we ask like how oh real is that we answer questions like that. Have you ever talked about sharks on the show. We have our most recent episode is all about shocks so in one sentence why are sharks cooler than skunks i mean how can i choose amongst the stars in the sky all the reasons why uh so much cooler than skunks. I mean they're like not even in the same category of shock is awesome and cool and scary and complicated outrageous and lake what is got like two ks in it. They could doesn't even have variety the lettering system. Oh my gosh it's even getting into the spelling. This is going to be an excellent debate. Let's review the rules of the game round. One one is the declaration of greatness each side will use facts history and lord to prove that their side is the coolest and they'll each have thirty seconds to rebut their opponents statement eight point then. We've got the micro around a creative challenge. Each side has prepared for in advance. They'll use this opportunity to make a splash round. Three is the sneak attack a surprise challenge for both our debaters and to top it all off. We've got the final six in this round. Each team will have six words to make closing case as for their side are judge henry will award one point after each round but he'll keep his decisions top secret until the end of the debate and listeners we want you to judge judge to so mark down your points and at the end of the show head to our website smash boom dot org and vote okay everybody. Are you ready. Yes on ready that is time for the declaration of greatness in our debates will present the most fascinating facts and awesome arguments in favor of their side. We flipped a coin and rachel europe. I it's time for a declaration of greatness that will make us all delight in the smelly glory of skunks. Imagine it is sixteen thirty four and you're in paris so it's a huge city in france there no cars no electricity but more importantly there are no toilets if you need to pee in the middle of the night u._p._n. A bucket and then you open the window and throw it in the street. They're also no showers and there's no deodorant which becomes particularly apparent when you decide to embark on an adventure to the new world because to get to the new world you have to write on a ship with a bunch of salty sailors who are definitely not wasting any of the boats limited fresh water on bats so when you finally reach the new world to you it smells amazing sparkling clear rivers the scent of pine forests but but then one day you smell something you had never smelled before something that is more foul than anything back in stinky old old paris it is so stinking and cast so foul odor. No sewer ever smelled so bad. This is a description written in sixteen thirty thirty four by missionary who took that journey from the stinky old world to new france part of what we now call quebec. I would not have believed if i'd not smelled it myself. I self your heart almost fails. When you approached the animal welcome to the new world buddy and may i introduce you to the skunk. There are no native skunks. Thanks in europe so these black creatures with two white stripes down their backs were new to europeans but native americans impersonation folks have been dealing with these stinky boys for a long time and our words skunk is actually borrowed from the konkan skunk comes from a word that means p fox according to legend we should be grateful that skunks are only about about the size of a house cat because the story goes that one day two brothers or paddling downriver in their canoe when they realized hey we're near. We're that big skunk roams. The big skunk could shoot his stinky skunk spray across the ocean so he has kind of reputation. One of the brothers is like yea yeah. Let's get him. This is my whole thing. I kill dangerous and large animals in the big scott booth so they work up this plan. One brother sharpens a stick. You you know so i can plug up the skunk stinky shooter and the other brother says i'll smoke my pipe to make big clouds of smoke so the big skunk can't see us and then when they get to the part of the river where the big skunk typically pounces on his victims. I'll jump out of the cloud of smoke. Anne pierce the skunk but he doesn't kill him and the brothers lay dude. Why did you let the big skunk live just wanted to make small enough so that people could use him without getting hurt you know his health is pretty beautiful and there's some good meat on there so from now will be giant. They'll be small and had just enough power and their spray to protect themselves and boy. Can they protect themselves themselves. First skunks give you a warning. The tail goes up. They give it a shake. They stomp their feet. They might even do a handstand and then they turn and look at their buds as if to say. Do you know what this thing can do. I am warning you pal but if all else fails and the skunk can't get away. They're pretty terrible at running. The skunk will fire in the stuff that makes the stink is file. That's a chemical compound that has so far as its main ingredients so you might know that as rotten egg smell skunks can spray their blasters five to six times at once up to ten feet and the smell is so fouled that you can smell it from half a mile away and it has the power or to temporarily blind some predators and if a skunk isn't able to directly spray their attacker they can make a cloud that the predator has has to run through. That's what you get for messing with a skunk so that's all the wind not about skunks why you should not mess with these is black and white bodies but here is the why of skunks why you should all be stamping your feet and doing handstands to get a spot on team. Skunk skunks are tough tough little forest forager's. They will eat anything. We're talking bugs. We're talking spiders. We're talking toads. Frogs lizards snakes mice chipmunks eggs plants in pests farmers actually kinda like skunks because the gobble up the kinds of grubs and grasshopper's that farmers eight in eighteen ninety four farmers in new york actually push for a lot to protect skunks because they were so helpful with their hop crops plus stocks are nocturnal so they do all their eating at night while the rest of us are asleep so so could these guys be any better eaters you bet because skunks eat bees if you've got a hive in your home sending a skunk because they don't even care if they get stung while they're eating them and finally i'm gonna leave you with the words of scientist charles darwin upon encountering his first skunk conscious of its power in rome's by day about the open plain and fears neither dog nor man if if a dog was urged to the attack it's courage is instantly checked by a few drops of the feted oil which brings on violent sickness and running at the nose certain it is that every animal most willingly makes room for the skunk and so i invite you to make room in your heart for the skunk a very arousing argument for team mm skunk henry. What did you think about rachel's declaration greatness. What stood out to you. I like how you said that they give a warning like. They're more polite than just like oh yeah. I'm just going to spree because you came near me yeah. I think it sprayed by soccer kind of sounds like it's your own. I wanna see them do a handstand really bad. That sounds awesome. Well wendy. It is time for your rebuttal will give us your best shark attack. You've got thirty seconds and go all right so skunk sound like they just eat a bunch of garbage. You say like that's great but i'm just hearing like much garbage machines over here funny munshi garbage machines. It all reminded reminded me of a tail henry met. My dad told me it's not a dial so much as a life lesson. If you don't love the smell of your grown fats really love yourself. That's what i'm thinking about time the rebuttal <hes> but just as a reminder wendy we should point out that skunks don't fart they actually spray a smelly liquid from glands near their rear ends but i very useful lesson for all of us wendy. It is your turn. We want to know why sharks are the coolest creatures in the animal kingdom right well henry you said that you knew about jaws and in fact what a lotta people have heard about shocks comes from films in fact the very first first blockbuster film involving shocks was the nineteen seventy five film jaws is as if god created the devil uh-huh jaws well forget all that 'cause it's time for the truth about shocks the whole truth and nothing about the tooth together. It shocks have tasted. We're going to get to that just to say some fun. Shock facs axe. There are in fact hundreds of different shock species out there like there's one called the shy shock and it has is like a cat my my personal favorite is a shot called the welby gung. It means shaggy beard in australia. Aboriginal got that shaggy bid and he got got that name because these shocks look like these beautiful swimming carpets okay. That's the welby gone but of course the shock that inspires legends wins the great white and that is the shock that jaws is based on and these shocks a huge. There's a reason that they called great and these shocks hunt their prey in these crazy call ways so the great white will often stop by diving diving deep down into the water and looking and looking out for a silhouette silhouette of their favourite prey yom checking chugging seriously seriously looking after your mom they not after your mom all looking after your mom they are often looking in for a seal okay and when they see that silhouette of a seal the shock start barreling through the water because if a seal spots them no denote for schalke now scientists have found that with a couple of flicks of the tail they can go from a cruising speed of about one mile and allah woah to twenty five miles an hour and they can move so fast because over millions of years shocks have evolved all these things called adaptations nations that help them move through the water like even this skin has these tiny little bumps that create little whirlpools in the water to reduce friction and seth ado debt. Whoa please thank you now when a shot gets close enough to their prey to protect there is from a seal fighting back great whites will actually roll their eyes back so at that point they are basically blind and then in the shock will clamp down that he and their teeth truly super duper scary. He is how shock scientists taylor chapel from stanford explained get to us. The teeth on the bottom of the jaw are sort of like a like four times then the top teeth are those really iconic white shark teeth at their big triangular in their saturated to sort of move back and forth in order to cut down through that prey so really is like we like grab a steak with the fork and then caught a little pace with a serrated knife like dot is the shocks mouth. That's that's what they're doing which is pretty cool. Yes great whites basically have a set of flatware in their mouths and seals. Don't just have these scary tastes to worry about. Got great whites have these powerful bustles around their jaw which scientists have estimated gives them one of the strongest bite forces in the animal queen dim. Now people say that great whites can smell a drop of blood in an olympic sized swimming pool but that's actually not true great whites actually more visual predators as we think they use their eyes more than they're schnauzers okay now. I know what you're thinking. Shock to. The best thing in the world is so much better than skunks but also oh. You'll probably thinking this scary well. Here's some good news. You don't need to be scared of shocks. Why 'cause you're not a seal and shocks in the avast. Boss boss boss last vast majority of cases. Don't like to buy people get this scientists in australia the u._s. and south africa have seen great white sharks and bull sharks swimming nia hundreds of people and they just don't go off to them yet. People hardly ever get bitten by shocks like each year. Millions of people hit the beach and yet only about sixty to one hundred people ever get beaten by shocks world wide and on average. Only six people killed like six. What's that anyway he's bought. Shock research at taylor had to say about it your way more likely to be you know have have a t._v. Fall on you and not very many people are terrified of walking pastor televisions so to find out why shocks don't like aiding people way at science vessels the podcast gosh i work for and you should totally listen to shameless plug thought that we should ask a shock why they don't like aiding people so hey justin biba woah justin. I was just why you didn't like eating people. Is it too late now to say sorry a con understand what you're saying so we couldn't get answers from justin but then when we asked the next best thing scientists they told us that the reason that shocks don't like aiding people is because for millions billions of years shocks have been eating marine animals not people and so great whites and other shocks probably evolved to prefer the taste and feel fish and seals and sea lions. They don't like eating us given all this why a people scared of shocks well. They have bad p._r. He aw i mean shock week. You know that usually t._v. Event would scary shock videos or all over discovery. Channel has no news of the the man eating great white shakes nerves across australia shock week more like shock wake like like within a in a weakling get it yeah anyway and now the research dr chris pepin nephews at the university of sydney told us us that sharks have been demonized and when i do my musical flaws the musical it's going to be you know like wicked. It's gonna be like wicked and the the you know. The shark is going to beat. The star of the musical chris is still riding his musical goal. Sorry my amazing producer rose rambler and i we recently got together and we wrote a song from podcast science masses to right this wrong here. It is alvin of wicked. I know you people are scared of me <music> but i'm not the one to blame you saw jaws sast child's and now i. I need to weed some times. Even if y'all run the beach you choose seal food back three <music> by dry by a bad not but he men less. It's just not my cup of tea. I won't hold you down sharpie. I find that hard to believe. Don't fit listening to anything. You really don't want to eat huma. No i just mad uh-huh maybe but it's really just not what i mean to so. I won't wow has our first fully produced musical number on smash boom bust so henry. What did you think about that very musical declaration of greatness first of all. I'm flattered you wrote a song for me and they evolved over millions of years to just not like eating humans. That's convenient yet is well rachel. I know you have some things to say. So you have thirty seconds for your rebuttal. Why do shirks stink pink and your time starts now first of all i'd like to apologize to all of the seals and manatees and the smash boom best audience wendy's sri they discounted. They're feeling the second of all. I want to say that there's a lot that my opponent is hiding about shark biology so sharks are also oh scavengers much like skunks they are attracted to the chemicals in the intestinal systems of their prey which means that they like to hang out around sewage outlets uh so that they can eat poop. Oh what also this is. A lotta game talked about these shark teeth but did you know that show are i their gums not their jobs all right henry. We've heard a lot sharks skunks so much. Let's take into account but it's time to award your first point and remember. We're asking you to judge based on one simple thing which is cooler. Don't tell us which side you're going with but market down when you're ready difficult decision put point with so you've decided yes well. We're going to take a short break. Thank you can have a baby seal snack or blonde bucks because you'll need your energy. We'll be right back with more smash boom best your watching state of debate home to rage in rhetoric and awe inspiring argumentation taylor lincoln here with sixteen time debate champ todd douglass list greetings debate heads. I just caught a real stunner of debate on tape to classical d._j.'s for arguing about which composer is better beethoven or unload side beethoven obviously way more mozart because you were a child prodigy to now because i like the music better sure hey you can't fool me taylor the talented lincoln. I just wish i could hold a twofold raw tape. Listen to this d._j. Base mozart's eine klina the knocked music isn't it gorgeous. Mozart is the best classical composer. No no no. I respect your opinions d._j. Jay treble but i still think beethoven is the best yeah but mozart was a child prodigy. He started composing age five. Yes but beethoven composed imposed some of his best works death meaning. He couldn't even hear them and they still ruled ever heard of the ninth symphony. I want you to imagine how awful it must have felt to go to lose the one asset you needed for your life's work and then to go on composing despite it all to hear all those beautiful sounds in your head to feel the music india bow now that is he's genius that d._j. Is sharp ooh. She's using a great debate tactic. Something we like to call an emotional emotional. Hook is when you connect with your audiences feelings and make them empathize with your argument. I don't agree with d._j. Base but he did make me feel oh really bad for beethoven i know but remember debate heads you always have to support your emotional hooks with facts to exactly facts plus emotion and make very strong arguments like for example mozart only lived until he was thirty five and he's still managed to compose six hundred works music here. We go again with the child. L. prodigies two times for seven major debate. Tips on state op debate in today's episode is sponsored by homer reading teaching. Your kids how to read is all about engaging them with things they're interested in. That's that's why homer reading is a learn to read program that combines your child's passions to create a personalized learning to read plan designed for kids ages two to eight eight the homer reading app offers thousands of lessons on phonics sight words a._b._c.'s and more and it grows with your child as they learn your home or membership includes two apps homer stories a library of interactive stories and homer reading the proven learn to read program my preschool age daughter. I love the homework reading app. There are a ton of different lessons for her to choose from and they're especially good at appealing to her sense of humor to check it out. Doc visit learn with homer. Dot com slash boom to start a free thirty day trial. That's learn with homer dot com slash boom and best mash <unk> smash. You are listening to smash smash boom best. I'm your host molly bloom and i'm your judge henry. One of my favorite things about this. Show is all the amazing debate ideas. We get from listeners like you blake from from washington d._c. Sent us. This awesome. Idea farts versus. We're going to check back with blake at the end of this episode to see which side he thinks should win and now it's back to our debate of the day sharks versus skunks. That's right and it's time for round two micro round around for this challenge. We asked our debaters to imagine their side either a shark or a skunk as an advice columnist and then write a response to this readers the dilemma dear debater every day after school. I catch up on some reading under my favorite oak tree in the park. It sturdy trunk and leafy bows are my one refuge but lately a flock of chickens have been beating me to it. They never shut up and they're always laying eggs in inconvenient places. I've tried to find a compromise but they're very rude and unwilling to negotiate a tree sharing schedule. Please help sincerely fed up with these foul foul. All right rachel went. I last time time so wendy. Let's hear your razor tooth response to this pleading reader alright and here we go well fed up with these foul fouls. I'm very sorry to hear about your terrible predicament as a shock. I don't actually have to deal with chickens. It's really great because i'm in the water all the time but i did call a lot. My very wise shock friend ruth beta finsberg and she's going to arbitrate on this now. Most people would think that her shock advice would be eat chickens but honestly when not that into chickens like all those feathers anyway now as great whites profess heels so he is what ruth told me she said that when chickens unwilling to negotiate. There's only one thing for it. You have to sit on them just right on on them and then you have to pretend to rate now chickens being chickens they will squawk and squeak but just don't mind that you just pretend your reading to the chickens okay a ball. They'll get uncomfortable and then they'll move on and hopefully you'll get to rule the roost excellent advice team shark okay rachel. Let's hear your skunk advice for fed up with these foul. Fouls dear fed up. What a rude brood now. You might think i'd recommend putting up a stink the next time these hens run the hood but we're not certain whether chickens have enough of a sense of smell to be off put by an odor so these fowl are running afoul of common courtesy than it looks like to make this omelette. You're gonna have to crack a few eggs and actually speaking of omelettes skunks love to sneak a raw egg out of the nest austin into their mouths so i say next time these chickens clucking be like skunk pluck a couple of eggs right in front of them seeing you laying into what they've laid age should be enough of a deterrent to keep them off your turf. That's basically the way of the skunk. Our reputations tend to precede us so much so that animals that really ought to see skunk hunks as delightful dinner like badgers. Wolves generally have no interest in catching a noticeable. They're scared of the very idea of what we might do so grab a bite in front of these bossy birds and watch their appetite for your perfect park perch disappear excellent advice for are fed up with fouls henry. Yes it out to you in those advice columns. I feel like both ones would be a really good way to just show your dominance over the chicken. I think sitting on them would be the very effective strategy or ceiling their eggs. I feel like that's also a very good way. 'cause you could very much steal them. They get mad and chase you away both good options. It's hard to choose but it's time to award a point stone. Tell us we are voting for listeners you to award appoint for this micro around henry. Have you decided yes. I think i have he has awesome and it's time for our third round. The super stealthy sneak attack our sneak. Attack is is animal cast. Write a short catchy trailer for a podcast hosted by your side be sure to include information fan like the name of the show. Your animal host's name any guests. You're at least a wireless tertia tune in it will give you a few minutes to work and do all year brainstorming. We're going to listen to some lovely hold music ancient predators of a deep razor-sharp bows of scary not bloodthirsty great white ghetto way from me d- cdl dude gosh how rude watch for the white stripe prancing through the <hes> all all right rachel. Let's hear team skunks podcast. Hey listeners. If you like smashed boom best. We think you'll love think before you stink the skunks. Thanks guys to confrontation and how to avoid it. I'm your host titusville fighters and we'll tackle how to talk it out or stamp your feet or do a handstand or screw up tree or goal all all of the strategies that can help you avoid causing stink find think before you stink near the garbage cans by the cat food and the compost heap borba wherever you listen i would subscribe for sure all right wendy. It's your turn. Let's hear about bloodthirsty team. Sharks podcast have have you ever wondered which animals <hes> misunderstood like dolphins of a really bad sweet al-kas free willy more like deadly beasts and finally cheer now. What's up with them well. They'll be no cancer in this podcast. You should listen to shock shock every week with your host nikki. Finn is josh excellent work. Both of you henry think about which podcast trailer while you the most. Which podcast would you tune into. Give that team a point but don't tell us which one you voted for listeners at home you to award appoint for this sneak attack challenge henry. Have you decided yes excellent all right. It's time for our last round the final six wendy you're up. You've got just six words to make a final impression on henry here. Let's hear him knife set in mouth woebegone very nicely done and now rachel your turn. Let's hear your last six words glorious omnivorous nocturnal black-and-white black and white all right henry. We've taken a fantastic trip around the animal kingdom today from the coastal waters of australia to the north north american woodland's both teams have put up a tremendous fight but it's time to award our final point in crown one of these fearsome and fascinating creatures the smash bloom best ever word final point all right jamrud please and the winner. There is who's actually a tie. That's the only preserved our friendship. Can you walk thus through your thinking a little bit henry well. I thought that there were a lot more facts and a song with the declaration of greatness for shirts <hes> <music> <hes> but then i can like the skunks micro around a little bit and then it was really tough to pick between the <hes> the podcast but i ended going with the skunks okay and then for the final six. I chose shirts because woebegone well the good word it's a very interesting shark but there are no ties highs urines mashburn best so we have a tiebreaking round. It's time for all right rachel and wendy. Are you ready for your sudden. Death challenge never been more reading <hes> all right. The challenge is sandwich sandwich art. We want you to make up a sandwich inspired by your side. What would the ingredients beat and why did you choose them. Does it have a name make us. <music> hungry went. I last time so rachel europe. Tell us about your sandwich so i'm taking two pieces of dark dark dark dark rye bread and i'm gonna toast them and then i'm gonna spread cream cheese on each piece of bread and then gonna take a hard boiled egg and i'm going to slice it up and then i'm gonna lay the slices of egg on one of the pieces of bread and then put them together and then you're going to have a basically black sandwich rich with two stripes of white to represent the beautiful skunk. That sounds delicious. It's like a a spin on an egg salad sandwich <hes> so maybe you i'm gonna call it the chicken buster in honor of my win in the micro round smart smart move all right wendy okay. Let's hear about your shark tastic sandwich alright so you might have expected that it would be some kind of fish bay sandwich but obviously i'm not accountable so oh i don't recommend you ate my brethren instead. I've decided that the key ingredient in my sandwich is a skunk. Oh oh outrageous chop it up. Fry it up real good. Add some add some pepe you kill that thing foster weren't even fought on you at all i had that it tastes like chickens. Just like those fouls that we add some tangy tomatoes a little bit of lettuce yes and tough it up with some great white bread. Does your sandwich have a name. It's called skunk skunk. It is time to award a point for this sudden death challenge. I think i know of i'm gonna go with all right henry. Who gets your final final point. I'm gonna have to give it to shirks made me laugh quite a bit but also i thought the skunk young sandwiches pretty smart too and that's it for today's debate battle henry crowns sharks nashville best but what about you at the smash boom dot org and vote to tell us who you think should win. Smash boom bust is brought to you by brains on an american public media. It's produced by mark sanchez sandon totten molly bloom in a deadly and rosie dupont. We had engineering help from john. Miller and zack smith and we had production help from monaco wilhelm christina lopez lauren de brennan iverson iverson is the voice of our hold music and our announcer is marley foyer worker auto. We want to give a special thanks to justin coup austin cross taylor kaufman max nasdaq eric rhythm and jed kim wendy. Is there anyone you wanna today. I want to thank my team and particularly roy's ramlet who produced arab desert on shocks and helped me out with a lot of this info and how about rachel any special shoutouts i'd like to thank all of our champions as our chompers listeners as well as the champions who make trumpers and the team smashed best. You want to give any special thanks henry. Oh oh i'd like to thank dr me here and then my brother for being my brother and my mom for being awesome oh and and before we go. Let's hear who blake thinks would win in a farts versus burps showdown. I don't know who will win. Blake can't make up his mind. But what do you think had to smash boom. Dot org and tell us all about it. We'll be back with a new debate battle next week bye uh-huh <music> <music> so much fun. I mean you can crop dust. Someone you walk past. You just do a flat bed. Trap him get him in the lift fought walkout and then with a book what can you do.

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