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The. And welcome to the wreck extra views right here on wall, talk radio dot com. He's rock. I'm Lindsay, and we are back with episode eight of total Bellas and this. This was this was not the most exciting episode. I have to say just read out of the gate. No. It was not. This was again. This was I feel like another filler episode. This is on the road to ever Lucien. And we're seeing really the final say the final count to it. Merthyr choices were made to the citizens were brought up and we learned different things about different people. We learn things about Nikki, Bella how she's a perfectionist throughout this episode. She showed off her perfectionist side. Whether it was the axe throwing where she took the final lesson before throwing act. So she could be the first one hit the Bower haven't stick. And then her training and everything that she had to have everything. Perfect. And then. What we've always known Brie Bella and hurt in the slice of nece, which you would think because she's all or you wouldn't think as she's always. So sure of herself if she wouldn't be as indecisiveness, she wasn't this ups owed though, but you see throughout the numbering all offense, and they talked about, you know, the all the different homes. They lived in the have a home in Washington where they've lived two months total. They've have in Phoenix with they got rid of they running in San Diego. And now they want to leave San Diego 'cause that reasons. Well, they pointed out that, you know, they only moved back to San Diego to be with Nikki right that Nikki broke up with the X and she needed a place to sort of heal and rejuvenator self and that was San Diego, so free and Brian birdie all packed up the car, and they through the dogs in with them. And they drove up Arizona having sold their house to move in essentially with Nikki like this house. They rented. Did was designed so Nikki could live with them. I mean that that was the whole intent. And this is they bring it up again. This is not the first time the brim Bryan have dropped everything for Nikki. She to go live with her. Yeah. The original premise of the show was the Brian embrago to live with Seila, Nikki that was the regional thing the show, and they bring up how breeze like I'm so happy. We didn't buy that house in Florida. I had to laugh at that. It's horrible to laugh at it. But I had to laugh at it. Because it's true. It's true. One thing of note on the build up to Evelyn one person who was very influential for them was Paul Heyman poly in the house. That was cool. That was very cool of cool. We had sushi sushi making class 'cause reasons and again Nikki's perfectionism came out she to have the perfect sushi roll. And this where we learned the the thing about Brian in this episode. He's a bit of a slow driver. He's slow is a so try raise a slow talker. Slow slow thinker everything he does is slow all we know is slow at something else to cookies or not his. Thank you, total bills for teaching that about any Brian. Yes. The man likes his foreplay. What can I say? There's nothing wrong with that more men should like foreplay anyway. Yes. So you we have a cute moment between bream Brian where they're like going back and forth and Brian's purposely drying, very slow. He's moving very slow and breach. Like God, David Brian. You're gonna get us it, and he's like what me. No, no, never. And she just like get out of the car. I'm driving. And that he she asked him for for her purse, and he's like hold on here here. Here took forever to give it to her. Then on the opposite end, they go go karting later in Rhode and he's the fastest. And she spite of spy, and she was the slowest and JJ thought it was goat carting. Yeah. Not go. Karting? Goat curbing. It's like, okay. All right. But they were all pissed at Nikki at that point because Nikki had decided, well, I'm gonna go double train forever Lucien. They let the boys going. Shame. Shame. Shame. Which was funny. It's funny. But I mean, it's like I can see see here's the thing. I can see both sides of it because Nikki this is very important to her. This matter is being in the main event, and she's taking it very very very seriously. She's training incredibly hard to be ready for it. And she wants to be ready for it. So it's too. I can see that side of it her doing extra work outs. And sacrificing time with her family doing all that. That's I can respect that on a lot of levels. But at the same time at some point. Point you have to take breather. You have to stop for just a second and go, you know, what? Hey, I'm gonna go. Go karting with my family, or I'm gonna go do this or I'm just gonna chill or I'm gonna take a moment to myself, and relax and sort of get you know, let my batteries recharged. Because part of what happens is when you push yourself that hard. If you don't take that breather. We kinda see what happens later in the episode which is Mickey sitting there, and she's physically mentally just exhausted from all the work that she's put in all the work all the work. So it's you do have to take those moments of, you know. Yeah, I need to go train. But you know, what? Maybe I just take a breather. Maybe I don't go for that. Second trading section, and I just you know, meditate or do yoga or do something else to recharge my body. Recharge my brain just rest, and relax, and and do what I need to do to take care of myself because what's the point of doing all that work and doing the thing if you can't enjoy it? Other things that happen on the show. We learned that at super showdown free were her gear backwards looked weird. And then she wore two different way on TV. The moms like you wearing your your your boat on your front. She's like, no, no. I'm actually wearing it. Right. This time while they do things backwards in Australia, even wearing gear. So that seeks some we're sticking to it. Yeah. All right. But one of the big themes was of the show was there was talk of their storyline on rawal continuing past I've Aleutian to survivors, and maybe beyond because the crowds eating it up. And they're doing it. We got the whole he'll bell thing. We got the bedroom joke and everything like that. They cut the word seem out of it, by the way. Yeah. Yeah. Those were clear. Yeah. Oh, but they left John in there. But you had to. Yeah. Do because otherwise it doesn't make sense. But yeah, they some very clever editing there, but it was breeze really indecisive about what she wants to do whether she wants to even continue. And that was the theme. The show she the trying to figure out whether she wants to continue and where they have to live Brian. He was dealing with an internal struggle because she's never she mentioned. She never they never had a home that was a home when she was growing up. They were always going place to place to place to place. They were never found it, but she never felt settled. And that's what she has right now. She doesn't feel settled with the home she has chosen because she's never had it and Brian the opposite. And you really got a good insight into how things are with them. You see what different worlds they really do. Come from incense, it Brian grip in a very stable sorta family environment that his mom always made sure that they lived in the same house. They were supported their loved him saying that Brian Nikki's mom didn't. But their mom, you know, because you know, because of what she was doing in her life. They were moving around a lot. So they didn't live in anyone place, particularly long. So they weren't able to settle down roots? That's why breeze. Capable really doing what she's doing for Nikki and just picking up moving at a moment's notice. Because that's what she's done her whole life. She's used to it. Brian hasn't done that. So for him. It's a little bit more of a struggle in with them having birdie he wants to settle down and have roots. So that way birdie has roots. And she has that family house as she grew up in and she's known all her life, and he wants to give that to his daughter. And I think ultimately breed us as well. I think she's just struggling with letting go of other things, including a wrestling career recyc- all we've heard about his his comeback in how it's been a failure for her. And she's just really struggled with it emotionally and physically because it wasn't as easy to has been in the past. She just she hasn't been able to just come back and everything snaps into place in it's perfect. She struggled and with that has brought a certain clarity in terms of. Well, what do I really wanna get out of this? Am I getting what I want? And should I really go on because we find out that, you know, they've been told hey, you want to carry this well past I've Lucian we wanna go saviour series. With this. We wanna do this. We want to do that and breeze just like. Right. Maybe. And so ultimately, she Umbrians down, and they have a talk about what they want, and you know, 'cause they're talking about buying houses. And if they wanna buy house in San Diego, they wanna buy a house in Arizona, and he's like, essentially, you have to figure out you you have to figure out what you want in this issue that you're having this identity crisis, which is what she's really having is coming from way deeper than just buying a house or your wrestling career or this or that or something inside of you that you're internally struggling with and you have to get right with that before you can move on ROY. And the ended up later in the episode. They will house up in Phoenix because that's where her brother lives, and Vivian and birdie along and they want that to be a bond, and that's where they're going. They're gonna move the Phoenix back the Phoenix's they were there in sold their house. And so that was one of their decisions that made in the cities they're going to stain the go, which is good Phoenix. They're going to go go to. The felix. Yeah. Because Brian brought up the point we bought that house in Washington or we built that house in Washington. We've may be spent three months in it were never for. We're never there. We rented this house. Now, you're talking about breaking the lease at this house and moving to another place and buying a place here. He's like, you know, we just we really need to straighten out our priorities and we needed relief figure this out. And that's what the Embry makes the other decision of you know, what I'm done with wrestling. She caught caught me off guard that caught Nikki usually off guard because breeze like, you know, what this comeback wasn't what I wanted and this come in. It's very clear to me now that I need to focus on other things. I want to do other things and wrestling is not gonna lower me to do that. She's decided she's ready to have baby number two Brian you'll because the deal was that they would post-poned having the baby for her to do the comeback for her to go to Evelyn. And then once she was done with Volusia. She was done, and she was gonna come home, and they were gonna. Bang bang, bang bang on I long, so that's kind of where they're at at this point that breeze consciously making that choice. Okay. No. I'm not gonna continue on even though I have the opportunity even though they want me. I wanna go home and be a wife, and the mother and do all the things that matter to me at this point in my life, which is not wrestling anymore. And so she she and Brian announce she's they're going to have baby number two. Breeze retiring, and they're moving back to Aaron Jona which Nikki's lay Debbie f- when she doesn't even know how to take it. And she makes the comment of why thought when we were gonna talk about retirement, we were going to talk about retirement together, and that may very well been, but they left ones another back Nikki's now finally her success again. But she's finding it on her own even breeze there, it's Nikki Bella, she if Nikki trying to find herself again because she doesn't want to be known as John's ex she wants, Nikki, Bella again and her us. This comeback is probably way for her to get the spotlight back for herself rather than being with John. Yeah. I mean, that's a huge part of it is she lost her identity. She lost who she was. She said that several times a season in the fact that she was trying to become MRs Johnson ah. What did we hear for years? What did we preach at for years? God damn John portering on it. God damnit, John Mary her, you know, she wants to be MRs Johnson ah. She wants to do do this. She wants to do that. But ultimately, it's I want to be MRs Johnson, and that some point in the five six years seven years. Our lonely were together her priorities shifted and her priorities shifted from being MRs Johnson ah to being Nikki Bella to being successful for her wanting to be asked successful for him. I think we actually did see that happen on total divas as I recall, but her priorities change, and she she changes herself. She's like, you know, what being away. In a mother while it's cool, and I do want it it almost I don't wanna say because this is the wrong way to say it. But it wasn't good enough for her. She wanted at all she wants to be the career woman. She wants to be all tra- successful. She wants the big house fancy car. Beautiful. Handsome, husband, beautiful children. She wants everything. And she she feels she deserves it. And I said go get it. You won't go get it. And so when she I think part of it was was been she realized she was forever going to be John shadow. No matter what she did in that marriage. What she brought to the table. She would always be MRs Johnson a- was like, Nope. I can't do that anymore. Niece years ago. Yeah. Totally onboard for that me now. No being MRs somebody's not enough for me. I want to be myself. I wanna undermine name not yours. And that's where she's at. And so it's it's not even the Bella twins anymore. She doesn't want it to be about the bell. Twins. It's Nikki Bella with breathe Ella or is just Nikki Bella. And that's where she's at in her career in her life and so- Bree making the decision to leave. It's like a wait a minute hold on a second. We didn't talk about this. We didn't discuss this. And I think it's all to what impact is have on me because it's the come as a set. They always come as a set so is WWE going to want Nikki Bella without free. So that was that's how episode went. That's how this up sewed went. And we got a teaser. So I think Nikki's going to try to stop break from retiring, but we'll have to see, but you got such plugs applicable news rack rougeau on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Twitter, Facebook dot com as well. Tough radio network fell subscribed to use us to meet your credit code four night on most social media's Atlanta born Elliot's diversity so for I'm Lindsay ward. You've been listening the wreck extra views, total Bellas addition right here, multi radio dot com, and we will be back next week with episode nine till then.

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