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and back to the Real Madrid. PODCAST will coming up. Today will round up. What's been making the news. We will back adds that epic mid week draw in Champions League with. PSG will run the rule of this weekend's Appendi- in League. I love as first. Let's take a look at what's making the news over the last twenty four hours. Very Velvety has renewed his contract with Real Madrid trade until twenty twenty five with a release clause asset at seven hundred and fifty million the last few months of given him the confidence to believe thirteen thirteen now has a significant future as Madrid. First team player they call it the nineteen year old forward. I'll be cells workers so far. This season scored twenty seven goals in Nineteen Games is again making headlines. He allegedly has a release clause of just fifty point two million in his contract act and it was reported. That RB LEIPZIG WERE IMPO position to buy in January but the club issued a stern denial of any any agreement actually being in existence with anybody and that message words if anybody thinks they can buy them in January unless you go very deep pockets and around one hundred million-euro to spat then forget about it. It's father Alpha's keen that he does make a move to Bundesliga to continue his development before jumped to either primarily or live league. Now some news for anybody believing that they can roll into Madrid to take venise on this January. The club has made it clear. The answer is no despite the fact that he has played very little in recent weeks. They've said that he is simply non transferrable already this January but next summer as well she rumors flying around Spain about the future of Jaden Sancho and his potential for acquisition this January newry the player has become increasingly disillusioned believing that he is being scapegoated for the drop in form of Dortmund this season in addition of course into the old breach of club discipline seems highly unlikely that vets and Dortmund would sanction a salad January but is use is only going to be peripheral by Lucian Fabra. Br Who knows he might just happen. Plenty of rumors beginning to fly ran particularly in the UK about the future of America Obama Yang with reports votes saying that he wants out of Arsenal at the end of the season of letting son to the potential for him to come to Real Madrid. Now he still will have a year to go on his is contract. So it's sizable fee. Would need to be paid. The player will be thirty one years old as well so whether Rao Madrid would want to invest a large sum of money. The player of that age. That is the big question. The reality of a move to Ben Obey looks. You'd have to say slim. It's almost moody as comments. Still doing the rams after he issued an apology to eat in Hasselt following his challenge that led to him leaving the field against PSG. All he's my goal is never to hurt or harm another. The player especially eaten ought to try to contact him after the game to apologize. But I couldn't actually see him has odd won't be it's this week but he will be back for this pre Christmas rush including the game against boss alone There is some potential bad news. On the Horizon Fort Marcelo and he'd Mendy path who stole Busey Dortmund's there's Ashraf mckinney will be returning to Madrid next summer on that will be no potential for a deal to keep him keep an eye to on Federica Torika Kiiza at Fiorentina. The Italian International Spent Five seasons with the club and is said to what a fresh challenge sedan is known to admire the player who scored sixteen goals across all competitions. He's played in this year. Keeping up voters an impressive ratios. Well Remember for Italy's under twenty one's six six goals in thirteen games another rumor circulating particularly again in the UK rest surrounds Alexander's at Arsenal unhappy with the current coach. Camera would welcome move away. More removes ciculating especially in the UK. About Alex Arsenal unhappy with the coach. Emory would welcome a move away whereas some suggesting that if Madrid Kit Package Hamas Rodriguez and Mariana as part of the deal and get some caches ashes. Well then this still looks as if it could work. Certainly twenty-eight-year-old scoring record for Arsenal is impressive. Thirty one goals in seventy eighty five appearances his contract to the runs until twenty twenty two. Now there is a lengthening queue beginning to appear to get the signature of Paolo Kabbalah. From event is back in the team and back right. Inform six goals since October. Twenty second culminating with that goal against Athletico in Champions League the other night however again there is no chance of January. Move so it'll be next summer before his future is finally sorted out. Oush optimus of that. Champions League draw all with PS G. That were clearly mixed emotions in the house and the days that followed the fans were given up. Performance reminded all that it had very best first. This squad has the ability to compete and beat anybody in this competition. The downside for game was one before defensive. Lapses cost them a famous victory very nimble footwork adding continues from the referee to say great over from the referee that Dan could well from Amazon culvahouse returned to Val Verde Super Bowl. Aw Hey sweeping. Real Madrid ends with the pool being swept by that number nine which kicks it. Despite Burnett's attempt to tackle go also saw two goals carrying in France. The Frenchman all full against the saw from the French capital and it looks as though they all go to avenge they match day. One defeated Tarasova. PSG will keep coming. And he's the person did not last for look at all the ran inexplicably left the pool drift that he reckoned without killing them. Wait just behind gold from buffet against the club. He you might want to play full seventeenth Gulf appear essential. These won't Hundredth Day by letting go it was. It was an epic ignites wasn't it in Sudan's view in the days following. He said the players deserve to win. We played a great game. I would love them to play like this every matched. I liked everything. The attitude was good. We played good football in the end. It was a cruel Ted but will concentrate on the good that we did and I also say thank you to the fans as well. They were fantastic with us today. the big surprise of course was Iskoe so when did he decided hi today was GonNa play it. He said I wouldn't say when I decided but he has been phenomenal today. The team overall whereas spectacular on Valverde Very. He said he is growing like all the place. Here I'm doing really well. He plays box to box the whole game. He is being brilliant. And lastly a final word on Naveh sees it. I'm not surprised what he's done today. We know him well. He made five exceptional saves which helped them to get the result Johny. Chris added a few views of his own. He said this performance gives us confidence for the next few weeks. We must continue with this type of game. We played today. We aren't happy with the result. Zolt but the performance was good now after the dust settled though the reality doomed not winning the group what lies a hat full round. The trade is the potential for a big big game in the round of sixteen. The likes of May be event by meaning or Manchester City. Perhaps moving on. Let's take a look at out of this weekend's components a thirty previous meetings between the two of one twenty four loss all drawn to Alvarez warm one nil last year my will Gothi is goal goal scored in the ninety fifth minute against low potatoes team. They had one one in Madrid. Back in May of two thousand bosque was the manny charge. Way Back then mcmanamon and a NEL. Karachi played that day but dribs biggest. Victory five nil. They won three times. The last time was may of two thousand and one two goals for I will help Gehrig duty and Gyro all on the scoresheet that day now. Rail Madrid start level with bustle under the top. This weekend elevates down in thirteenth beaten six times this season in fourteen the away recco pole the home record very good. Severe the only team to you of one hit this season athletic. How warm one. Back on the twenty ninth of October. Let's get a look at the numbers. Then on the tale of the tape while goals per game Valez one point one to point to around Madrid pass completion rates seventy point three for says eighty seven point one around Madrid. Ed possession per game average four point one this season for out of s fifty six percent forearm. Madrid As for the goal shots per game nine point one out of a sixteen sixteen point nine foot rail Madrid in terms of the actual Goal Sixteen Goals School for Alabama this season two thousand eight barral. Madrid three-set piece goes out of s just one set-piece setpiece Gulf route Madrid. This nine goes in open play for out of its twenty two for rabbitry at four penalties for Madrid three penalty or Alabama's now plays to watch chat for two X primly Plas- no less Lucas Path. First of all seven goals the top scorer this season only once as he may double figures in his career. That was back in two thousand fifteen sixteen. Seventeen with deportiva time there. Yalu six goals the former former Newcastle player. His best season since two thousand fourteen. Two Thousand Fifteen. When he ate with th Hannover he to looks as if he's on course for double figures in the the only time that he scored in double figures was twice when he was with Real Madrid. Castilla back in two thousand ten eleven and eleven twelve. It was a key assist provider for these two players. V Dowell Very all that just about wraps up. Today's proceedings we will be back next Tuesday with the review. In the meantime. Don't forget you can catch up with all the previous editions of the show via the website. WWW DOT rail Madrid podcasts dot com over. I tunes is Google spotify or stitch. Enjoy the weekend and hopefully the three points that are coming in. I'll see you back again. He next Tuesday for me. Tim Capable Thaw by.

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