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Sports with katie. Nolan is fueled by gatorade. Whatever path you take the greatness gatorade is there to fuel it. Greatness starts with j. i think sandy's domino. I actually love well allegedly. I don't think you can just say. I think we might get a phone call that hello fat lips. Welcome to sports. The podcast into the question mark but i wish could just start with what happened to travis because i still don't know and i know you guys don't know but this is the most teased i have a story. This podcast has ever had. Travis texted sent a group text to the union. And i this weekend. Saying something to the effect of i need to. I have a story. And it's a picture of travis with his lip busted covered in blood. But this is the podcast instead that ends with the question mark and it starts with a question and so i'm katie nolan. He's travis like me. She's chris kid even spoil and this is today's question it's in the way. Hello katie and the union. This matt from grand rapids. I'm currently at a wedding. Where i know only the bride and groom. What's your go to Meet strangers at an event. My is honestly while it's very strange. not going to say it not gonna not gonna lead with my openers Love you mean it. God this is christina. You said it. This is towards my nightmare for me if i can. I'm trying to do this with a dash of self-awareness. I'm sorry to say this. it's harder now that there's a possibility people might recognize me. Because i'm a stranger but i don't know for sure that everyone else. There's a possibility that i might not be able to blend in. Which makes it even weirder. Because now you're just like be your best you alone at a wedding. I know what to do with myself. I've never been in a situation where i only knew the bride and groom but i have been to one where I was dating. It was my boyfriend at the times friends and he was in the wedding party. And so i i barely had he had you hung out obligations to yes yes and strangers but a lot of them were like. Oh you're matt's girlfriend. So i could hang out and they were nice enough but it just is a. It's a weird. It's like being at a party. You weren't invited to what it feels like a party of people you don't know and they're not gonna kick you out but like did you want to be here really. I'm here to support these people who i like. It's tough. I don't think. I have a go-to travis. I bet you crush in this situation. There's a few places one is if there's a cocktail hour yeah because it calls from mingling can move around yet but don't you don't wanna be that person you just goes up to people at a wedding. And so how do you know the sal where we so one thing is if they have little tables that people are kind of hovering around you can join especially if it's If they walk around with like or There's really good ones. Those can be kind of the icebreaker. Like who in which way travis. Let's imagine i'm i'm bringing around trae. You're standing at a table. I'm bringing around a tray of stuffed mushrooms. Ready seem just about stuff. Hey do you guys want you. Want some stuff mushrooms katie. You should really try these. I had one earlier and they are really good. Oh that is great. I love. I'd be like okay do you. Even if you haven't had one yet you can lie just to create that conversation travis's saying start new friendships off with a lie and look. I don't want to endorse that idea. On the grand scheme but in in in this little tiny level of like at a wedding. Or you're probably never gonna see most of these people again. I do endorse that. You can have a little tiny lie just a small one not one that if these people do somehow become your very best friends it's going to come back to bite you in the but like don't tell them that you were once on. Mtv show making the band and you lived in the house and you almost made it to open. But you didn't. Because ashley parker angel beat out. Don't tell them that will make you seem cooler and more interesting. But that's gonna come back to bite you in. The bus told me like the six girl danny to kane. Nobody remembers she will. They all were six of them. I've seen you just missed the cut. I don't even man yes. The farnsworth bentley. Anything travis says is going to be better than anything. I can think of because when you when you started your scenario with high stuffed mushrooms. Am i instantly. Panicked like say so. Anything is rather unique. Mushroom yeah i would. I would eat it and then just drops on my dress. I do something weird with the napkin. Second i put it in my mouth. Someone asked me a question and now i'm awkwardly trying to like swallow all of hole so i can answer the question like start choking us. Yeah oh my god. It's a disaster. If you're dying we if you're alone wedding brought up an important point you don't have any allies don't eat. Anything with small flecks a parsley in it. Because you have to ask if you have food in your teeth and you will go the entire leading with your teeth. Travis go ahead the other thing though is if you only know the vitamin groom that means that you can hit the dancefloor and just go wild. It really does sound like travis. Experiences freedom in this situation is read. You and i flourish rushing sense of. Everyone's gonna notice we're alone and not talking to anybody and travis like you don't know anybody go dance and lasting. I wanted you as dance. Because then now my body's moving around and i'm by myself and see yeah and people know that i'm the loser. Dancing by myself and travis is thriving. Go to the kids. Go to the little kids win over the little kids or the old ladies and then people will be like. Oh that's nice guy. I got the grandma on your side. That's the great thing. Go ahead travis. I know you can't put in because you got that big old lipin. It's hard enough to talk. We'll stop you're right though you go dance like if there's a little girl or the grandma dance with them or through just a group of girls go over there and like try to dance with one on spin around because then the rest. The girls like oh i wanna dance to. Yeah well the spinning around of its we see you. You know we see right through that when you pick up a little girl near the stranger and you're trying to that's like people always use that as a way to win over a bridesmaid. They're like oh really. Take the flower girl and give her a spin. And it's like yeah. We've seen this move before it gets. We're not impressed by anymore. But then also you. You're going to be seated to dinner. So that's where it gets weird. Hopefully no nothing view and they sat you a bunch of people some of whom were also there alone. Hopefully you're not. The lone loner at a wedding. I would say that's that is the opportunity when you're at that table. I hope that the and groom new me and loved me enough to put me at a table with people that can mingle with that way. I make a friend at that table and having one good joke don't be a ham but having a good joke. That gets a laugh at the table and then shutting the up for the rest of the night. We'll go really far in gaining you friends. Not being the person who has to do. And i'm saying this like as a cautionary tale to myself who has hammed it up before and then loathes herself the next day throw out a funny thing or do one helpful thing for the table like everyone saying that. They didn't get any bread. You go up to the maitre d. or whatever they're called and be like our table get need branka. We got some. Then you win over the table go get around a drinks from the open bar for the whole and then boom you've got people who are like that person's cool. They're not just here for themselves if they're buried in their phone. It's not because they're weird. We should avoid them. It's because they're alone. And that's what i would do if i was alone. It just wins. It gets you on there. You get the benefit of the doubt by their hearts with alcohol. Yes that's my. That's what is allusion and or sneak off to the bathroom and call your favorite podcast. That seems like totally normal. Human behavior to me. And i appreciate that you did matt and i'm also really sorry to have said that out loud because it brought travis payne because travis can't smile without his entire face hurting and i need to get to why because in my head travis got into a fight this weekend and i must know everything behind it but i bet actually happened. Is that like somebody opened the car. Door too fast. But anyway i digress the number if you wanna ask us a question like what the hell happened. Travis is eight six five six five five seven one. Please don't ask that question because we're going to hopefully get the answer now. Hi it's friendly banter. I'm fine christina. You're fine travel. I'd watch ref happens what's up. Remember a couple of podcasts. Talked about like stubbing your on your bed frame boy. Yes all my face. You can't stop a face that's not. I'm not letting you cannot stop. No so i will. I tell the story the side of what i remember that i will talk about peace in my night together. So i i remember. Bring home from from a friend's house junk yeah k. Why else do use uber. Yeah i just wanted to know because you don't have a car. I don't know you don't know the parking situation head. The next thing i remember is Running to the sink. As i'm just gushing blood and like holding it in my hand to try to you know i listen. There was only two droplets of blood in the kitchen. Like a sink. Look like a murder scene. So then like i'm taking tau. Somehow i had the wherewithal. I took club soda. Douse my bedroom carpet. Ooh there's not a speck of blood no way so i had always heard that you can't use it's either. Don't use colder. Don't use hot. But i never remember which until it's not a useful but on blood you're supposed to use either very colder very hot water and that's one of the other the year. It kind of my own accord one of my friends. That i knew that i was with and when i did i didn't have any. I didn't know what time it was. I didn't know like what is happening. How much did you drink. A high drank a lot. Why what was the occasion friday. It was a friday night. all right And in reality looking back at my uber was at one twenty. Six a m. Okay bad boy. I was fastest. Nothing good happens after midnight. Cam nolan was right to call him at three forty five. Am forty one. And then the next morning putting pieces together. I took my contacts out. Oh that's good. Have you ever tried to do that after having already done that. Have you ever been drunk enough to take your eyeball and realized already. Take your contact over the contact case there yet. Well that's where if you were with it. Sure when you wear daily's flick them wherever or you're drunk and you just see capital away. Close the cop. I had a cup that i had with me. I put within the saint. i had changed So my two working there yourself until the unfortunate so my two working theory is the. I don't know. God the first one is i was walking to bed and i had a vertical fan by the foot of the bed in that by my bedroom door. I know i hit it because it's broken demolished and then i'm guessing i tripped into fell bashed my face into the side of my bed frame. Because there's there's lots of blood on the inside of the bed frame. Oh my god and then so theory one is close up before enqvist. God forbid anything. Any other crime happens in your room. You don't want those specs of blood to come back to haunt and then by the blood that was dried on one side of my face is the theories is that i then knocked myself out and lay. Lay out yourself out for there for at. I'd say anywhere from an hour to two hours before i came to it. Working theory number two is that i got up at some point to use the restroom and then came back and fell. But i don't remember falling well regardless you felt because you smashed your face. I had about like a billion whitelaw's though a billion what white cloth. Oh my god. What flavor every flavor. So i i. I've had i had more white clause that friday night than i've had combined in my life because usually i'm okay. I like bring my vodkas not care if you don't do this disclaimer. Don't this is a bad thing to do. This is the wrong behavior. This is behavior that is not to be emulated or aspired to. That's just a the views tweets of travis rock whole do not reflect those of this podcast so after i called my friend and he was like if you need if you need to get taken somewhere like call me whatever. For some reason. I decided to facetime my mom and she couldn't sleep five in the morning to forty five time but yeah like that makes o q forty five. She watching world she a talking to her. The next day she was like i had issues. I couldn't sleep. So i just happen to like kind of be awake and talking her she was like you know trying to ask me what's going on and she's like i'm surprised at like how like well you seem right now like i was like together like like not now. I think the adrenaline knocked the drunk out his me. Yes that's actually take that happens. That's body calms. Treat body chemistry. That's like when you start to when your body kicks into a we can't. We're not around anymore. Something's going on your body hits panic mode. You're no longer drug next day. We'll brother news in at college in a kid fell down the staircase. And he said he came around the corner and som- laying there and his body was like you're not drunk anymore. Get this man to the hospital. I went into my phone like the history. I'm like all right. Let's see if i was on chrome to like if i was determined i wasn't on my phone at least on chrome like past time. I got home. So i'm guessing that i gave weird. I'm pretty sure. Knock myself out and gave myself like a mild concussion. Just napoleon hurt no big deal today. Did you have enough to eat that day. I actually eight. Yeah i ate before. I left to go the party. And then we have Pizza and wings there to party pizza. Yeah because the only time that anything similar has happened to me. I pieced together and it was a little simpler. It was 'cause i had gone to too hard and started to freak out as i was trying to go to sleep and then i remember saying to myself. Oh if you drink water when they will do it you yeah and i remember reading somewhere that if you drink water it could make you less leg day And so i went to the kitchen. And then i woke up on the floor and i was drooling like crazy puddle. Drool on the floor with me. Because i waking up healing my face off the floor and being like why. Go to sleep on the floor. That was weird. Then i got up. And i got into bed and i'm laying down on my white sheets and i kinda was like hold on. Maybe that wasn't drool. And i picked my face up blood and there was blood all over the floor and my pillow case now and i went in. I ran into the bathroom and my like tooth a scarf from it had gone through my lip. I had gotten out of bed to get the water and then just hit my knees to the ground from full standing needs to the ground face to the ground so it was like a thud thud son so my knee was all jacked up. My chin felt like a piece of the bone chip off and was floating. It was ter. And i was also it was still leg day so i was freaking out. It was really bad and you can see on the wood frame on the bed. Like on the side. There is like a couple chips where i'm guessing and teeth. Your teeth teeth leia. they're they're all there but there's sore and then on the inside as were it's the worst and inside of your lip. Yeah oh oh you're not going in there that's what that is not good. Luckily my sister-in-law's you go to a doctor. Did you just like clean it up. Facetime my sister-in-law a saturday morning who is a midwife. i wanna say. And she was like morning technically This was all saturday morning. Technically was three and she was like no. You're fine and then. I liked today unlike center photo. Mike are you are. We sure. there's a lot of white. And she's like. That's it trying to scab in your mouth and like are you doing like saltwater. Incidentally that's the band names scab in your mouth and she's like saltwater nco. Mike yeah it's like okay. Well that's like that's kind of like the same thing as like peroxide it's gonna make it by quite but it just here put adage approx on something yet bubbles and gets all white be. It's hard to sleep because then it just like you just think about it. That's one thing. Is i when i finally tried to go to bed after the drilling down like the amount. The cheer pain was brutal. And inside. put a An ice pack on my face. And i woke up in the morning is strike was on the ground. So i'm pretty sure like passed out with icepack on my face to have you should get origin will have joe stuff rules. I've had enough mouth accidents. That i'm very familiar with or adult whether it be balls off the face or leg day i've never I've never gotten drunk and smash my face. But i've definitely injured myself. I think the most recent was probably about a year ago i Had come home after drinking and also decided to take a little trip to the gym. Little late night sess- after midnight bank. I don't mix oh yeah. Nope doesn't mix well. So i was laying in bed in decided. Okay now. i'm starving. So i get up to make a little like late night snack. I don't know what it is machakos. I truly have no idea. Because when i guess what happened was i took a plea out of my cabinet in turned and must've either tripped over air or something and fell to the ground and i didn't hit my face or anything but the pleats smashed on the ground and then cut open my hands. Also and when you're a fun fact when you're drunk your blood is thin and it just comes pouring out. I had like chopped my hand off inside. I look at the at the time. I was like That's going to hurt tomorrow. Didn't feel anything in the moment. I just saw all the blood and was like yeah. This isn't gonna be good. Woke up the next morning. My entire like arm was just in utter paid. But haven't i haven't smashed my face. And hopefully i don't know if you can see there's a fine line right here. Yeah yeah. I see That's like. I'm pretty sure that that's the the baseboard. Try friends broken to travel. Buddy what are we doing. What's the lesson we learned here. Don't put a fan for your bed. Were you walk in the bed when you walk in. It might scare you. Cause you to walk into doesn't even work tripped over. Show you think defense broken like theirselves into it. Maybe fell into it. Maybe you tripped over something else. Maybe your brain was just like we're gonna shut off for a sec and then you fell into the fan. Don't be maybe your victim blaming right. Now that i can ever work again speaking of like demolishing your fan because either you trip over it or you fell onto it but it's broken have alleged into something and just totally broken. It is sober face tripped and fell. Yes but tripped and fell into A standing laundry basket like one of those plastic ones you get from like target or something fell into it and leg just destroyed it when you trip and fall into the wedding cake and you're like oh no. I don't think that's ever happened to me. But i do specifically remember the feeling of fear when you would break something that belonged to your parents or you did something you weren't supposed to do when you were a kid. I remember there. Were these like three hanging photos on the walls of my bathroom. And i was blow drying my hair and i lifted my elbow up and bumped just a little bit one of the pictures from the bottom so lifted it off the nail that it was on slid down the wall and smashed and i remember the feeling in my body that was immediately like i want to go back to five minutes ago when this happened and i want to be that katie and i wanna stop blow drying my hair. Because i don't even need to do this right now. Because i don't want to deal with the consequences of what's about to happen to me such a terrifying feeling of dread when something would break and you were a kid and you were like all in trouble and dorsey part is so. I've had mashed potatoes. Macaroni cheese ice cream. I've had a worst part. Yeah attracted sounds in. What are you talk to eat like a grown baby. But you don't get the satisfaction of like food. You're just like well they. Blenders blender technology is very evolved. Now you could probably blend a steak right up. Look my water bottle like i can score it because it hurts to dislike live pucker up so i just like skirt every time anytime soon so that was my my weekend. It sounds like a good weekend in general not. Nothing happened any other days right. What's i didn't hear you said you'd nothing happened any other days. You didn't like lose any money or no. I laid here for the last two days. So that's i mean me too same. I mean i had the majo- again but there was not that much wasn't a whole lot on yesterday. Was a bummer. Yeah well speaking of things on manifest on. I mean season for coming to netflix. This is not an endorsement now. Anyway this is this is. This is a disclaimer. This is a support. Group is what this is. This is helping each other bravely with our names on it. Non anonymously manifest quick. Refresher course is a is a just detached from reality Scripted show that was about a group of people on plane that disappeared and then came back to something later that how many years later in house five and a half years later and to the people on the plane it was it had been five minutes and to the people that are the rest of the people it had been five years And and what happens all the things that ensue from that and boy does it go off the rails and then it gets back on them only to then. You're not even on a train anymore. You're on a plane. It's dream logic that the show operates on but it sucks in the same way. Lost did where it's like. You can't give up till we answer these questions and didn't answer any of the questions and then it got cancelled and everybody was like and it now. It's back which is simultaneously. Great news and awful news. The great news is light at the end of the tunnel. I'm going to be done with this. Show the awful news is twenty whole episodes more of the show. It's an hour long right. I think so. Yeah if you're doing twenty episode season. And i'm gonna binge it but they're going to break. I think they're going to break it up. You're not going to release all twenty whatever either way. There's twenty more episodes of the of of this and if they don't wrap this show up. I will devote my life to destroying the people involved in creating it. if it doesn't come to an end that make sense and be pissed yet because the pain of watching how it ended was at worse than my face really that both. I appreciate speak only for yourself. It's worse than the pain that your face caused you but your face is causing us pain as well at this moment and i'd compare them. I'd say they're appreciate the amount of people that tweeted at us about manifest was simply amazing. We've got informants dude. We've got people who let us know when news related to us is occurring. We literally have a source for everything. I know and it's incredible. I'm telling you i've said it before. And i hate to brag but we have the greatest podcast audience of all podcasts. They're the smartest which backfires for us sometimes because they know a lot more than we do every time but but they're usually pretty gentle about it. That i just stupidly opened the red at while in the middle of a sentence and got distracted. Because it's hard to look at people talking about you and try not to focus on it. Did you know that each eight to eight is like the big. There was a huge like manifest movement on august. Twenty eight because of the flight number. Oh god makes sense. Oh god yeah. I saw a lot of people tweeting at us at you. Guys was collateral. She's never seen it you to do with this. I haven't seen it. You guys have told me not to watch it. So i was home alone all weekend. My boyfriend was away. So i take that time to just find the weirdest strangest whatever i wanna watch on tv I really for a minute a really long minute on saturday night debated starting manifest. Because nothing else on do you. Who watched instead what. I watched cooking with paris hilton. I actually and let me tell you. I can't let me spell yoder move here. Thought my decision was you know it why were in. They were right a ball. Anybody who's looking for something so mindless that combines my favorite things which is a cooking show and just stupid reality. Tv this is the show. She brings on famous friends. Kim kardashian also internet internet people. But what's fun name. Any other people who else coal-rich richie doesn't count have you even scotland's that'd be amazing nikki. Glaser is on. It and says whitney cummings they were both on it It says she cooks the whole thing. Is she picks a recipe and that invites a friend over they cook it and then they eat it and everything about it is just. It's just so it's so paris all of her all her like what they cook that. It's so hot they cook. Every what's crazy to me. Is she talks like she's like this so hot like as she's cooking and i'm like i love this. I'm eating this up because it's reality. Love it trash. But they're also cooking and they're not bat like she's not a bad cook so it's like she's actually making god held in paris hilton. Become a good cook. Good for her definitely never needed to know how to do that. She's a turkey aside help in the mount and everything like all right maybe or maybe she just likes to cook. I mean people can like to cook. She could be a really good cook. And i'm going to choose to believe that parasol in is a very good cook That i absolutely love it. It's six episodes or twenty minutes long Go and love it and binge-watching all in one night if you want to like i did It combines the best of all worlds basically cooking reality tv and it's mindless you don't have to really pay attention. You have to like the specific worlds. The christina seems to like i understand if you don't like people go right ahead interest not pay attention but if you do happen to like all the trashy things i just said go right ahead and love it. What did i do this weekend. I watched tv. I think not even i. I listen to podcasts. I watched a little tv. Oh my god. Myrtle threw up on dan. All know we're sitting on the cow. He had come home from the road. This was the weekend us was to go. But i couldn't go. My mom got sick and so key came he left. He came home saturday night. Really late sunday. We were sitting on the couch talking to each other for a couple of days. Heavens great conversation and then all of a sudden It she normally will do her her and then you know she was she. She was on the couch with her head on dan's lap. And she just all of a sudden just went pie and just cuter wholemeal in between the couch cushions and onto dan's leg. And so we were like what like. I was so stunned and it was armed. It was upper body day. What do you call it when it's not leg day but you go to the gym armed day chest chest day drops going girls had chest. You don't say traps day. That would be a very specific day. Anyway it had we had hit that we had hit our workout so it was so funny and i was in such shock that it had happened because it came out of nowhere in the middle of like an important conversation and i were having that i was like i kept going. How could it was between. I was on the verge of like laugh crying and also crying because my couch was now going to be covered in dog puke It was. I just crumbled to the club soda. Cleans it up probably to what. I don't have clubs soda in my house. Because i don't drink vodka soda and you wouldn't either unless you also had a bottle of tito's like i don't have club soda my house but thank you for the advice. Two days late leader. We got it out. It's fine but it was just you know. Imagine you're just looking at the guy you and you're having one of those really nice sundays and there's your dog and everything's great and you're all said and you're both like what what. Dan pulled his shorts off. It was like a whole thing but she seems to be. Okay now i think was having some sort of an allergic reaction. Because her skin was all underneath offer was all red and bumpy in certain spots and then our year was all red. And i was like damn i gotta take her to the vet tomorrow and then. She woke up today and she was fine. Everything was fine. She ate her food. She had no problems. It's very strange. Why clause you have spent a weirdo. Probably a lot. We're trying to piece together night. But her memory's useless because she only remembers a couple of words so yeah not really helpful and she can't really communicate with us but yeah i think that was the i hate to say highlight of my weekend remember last week when i told you i had the best pizza that carbon pizza from the antique bar bakery had obviously talked about it at length today and saying that i had my best dinner when he wasn't there and so we order. He was like i hate to do this. But would you wanna order again. And i was like. Why do you hate to do that. I would love to order it again. We did and i was so nervous. 'cause you know when you rave about something and then you show it to someone and then it might not be and he took one bite. And he's the best thing i've ever had. And i was like yes and then halfway through when we're still eating and watching probably jeopardy or maybe the challenge He turned to me and he was like. I've thought about bringing up how good this is again three more times. Every bite is good. And i'm like i know so if you happen to be in this very specific neighborhoods. Go to go to that restaurant and get the pizza because it is incredible the challenge. We haven't talked about that at all. You haven't watched it. No no. I watch it every wednesday night. Yeah it's This season it's bothering me because it is simultaneously taking itself too seriously and it's leaning too hard into the we're like an action movie so it's like these useless explosions that have nothing to do with the challenge. Like literally the thing. They're competing in but they're just supposed to make it look like fast and the furious and then yet they're also leaning too hard into the where the fifth major sport and it's like you can't be both you can't be a movie and also a sport you have to pick which one you're trying to be yet i notice they love to do you know the explosions to make this crazy. Challenge when all it is. Is somebody dropping things out of an airplane. You catch him. You put them in a bag. You run to the finish line. Like is very simple. They need like i miss. When there was like five people working out and the rest were just hammered and land by the pool. Now everybody works out all the time. I remember when it was like evelyn was only one working out. Yeah yeah not going to the gym working out. That's different but yeah so it's it's good it's good. Ct is starting to look like old school. C. t. in the sense in both senses that number one. He seems like he's being less responsible than he was before. I think he might be single now and the number two. I hate to say that these two go hand in hand but man he looks hold. This isn't the fifth he's not nath. It's not the sports so we're good right now. They're trying to see. Ts reminding me of when i had a dumb crush on him back when he first started being on tv. But that's neither here nor there and not to be shared as public knowledge. That's just between us and our close friends who listen to this pod who feel remember complimented a few minutes ago so you should be nice to main. Pay it back by not telling anyone. I said that. See tease pretty hot. And that exactly that particular brand. Unfortunately does it for me because of where and when i was raised. It's not my fault a product of my environment. What else i can. I ask you a question. Do you guys watching youtube. Yeah well specifically what what kind of. It's a good question. I mean like people. Talking about youtube and youtubers no have they. I was watching a video the other day and somebody bleeped the word attack. They were like he attacked her and they bleeped the word attack. And i was curious about that because look i haven't been. I haven't watched youtube videos and wild. I don't know what their whole deal is right now. I know there's a lot of things you've got to get around in order to make your ad sales ad since money or whatever and there's like guidelines and stuff i know have missed a couple rounds of those since. I used to make youtube videos. What are we doing are we. I haven't we just bleak words. That sound mean now. I don't know. I think maybe i don't know if that's a guideline or like a rule. I don't know if maybe they're just trying to be sensitive to the audience which i get. But there's an oversensitivity that has a negative effect. Yeah because if you are the way. I see it is because i've watched videos where people get like bleep crazy and now you're leaving too much up for interprets confusing. What what are you leaving out because if your bleeping out something that's really not that bad to be saying in the first place then now. I'm assuming far worse right. Or it's also like i dunno. Let's just follow the story. Say we're like person to the person so that we can have that out in the open. Now we can assess it and discuss. Because if you're bleeding divert if your bleeping the verb than how do i yeah. Yeah trigger weddings. I understand or like heads up. This is sensitive content. We're going to be having Vivid descriptions of whatever but Bleeping the word violent is like what are we doing. I'm gonna pick a word episode and disability bit even though it bad and then you have to go through and bleep every every time we say. And we're not gonna pick that already like these are just since since fragments. What's happening on the mental health. Update house every. I mean travis. Are you in the protocol right now. I think physically it then blends into mentally. How are you doing. I'm just a little worried about your brain coach. Try to take my helmet. And i said no. I'm staying on the field now. I worked yesterday on sunday. Getting any headaches any residual headaches headache early today might still be from the little ones like bright lights. Don't bother me. Not getting like nauseous or anything but i mean i'm member working theories i knocked myself out some guests and i add a little concussion but you know at least there was one. Knockout this weekend. Send you got to play through some things sometimes. I mean that's not no you don't Again the views of travis have literally never reflected the visas potassium through it. You can take a break. Take talk. I saw yesterday. That was really funny of that. Trend words like how bow now now now and it's like you take a picture view looking and saying the opposite and it was a person being like taking a break for your mental. Health does not make you selfish and then during the freeze it was like unless it's me you're doing okay. It's taking a day off and doing nothing does not make you lazy unless it's you to themselves in a mirror and i was like boy. I've never related to talk more than this one. We were like everyone. It's okay except me. I'm the worst. It's bad when i do it so. That's my mental health update. That's where i'm at. I'm trying to figure out what my life means. And what i want to do with it and i hate thinking about any of that because also big. I hate when every. I know this sounds stupid but when everybody goes what you want and you're like i don't know somebody to tell me what to do next not me i don't have to do it. What do i want to sit in my bed and watched dumb. Shows all day duh. It's not viable. what why. What am i supposed to one. Oh i did absolutely nothing this weekend. So all day yesterday Laid in bed. Watch take talk. I saw take talk like that. And the caption was something like What anxious people do And it was like you know talked to therapists and then during the freeze frame. It's like Random body aches and just ignore it and just like that like things that come with being anxious and or depressed where your body aches. Your scalp is itchy. And you don't know why you're over thinking it and you get random headaches and you'd like stress headaches you don't know why all of the signs of hey i should take care of myself but i'm too anxious to then further to consider the way on which i have to take care of myself. So that's what i did all day yesterday Let's fun talks that just further told me that i'm anxious. So that's all right. Let's do nothing about fog it into bed. So that's a victory. That is exact compared to travis. We all won the weekend so travis. Thank you for your service today on the podcasts. I don't know. I was going to have travis. Tell me the news now. I feel like he can't use his mouth. Mets given fans thumbs-down obey players. I should say yeah One of the paul brothers watched it chavis. Dan came into the room in the morning and said tell me without the immortal he no. He walked into my room into the bedroom and he goes. I owe you. I'm going to give you fifty dollars. And i was like why he was like. I wanna watch that. Paul brother fight and i was like no i said no and he was like i think i have to and then i watched him. I'll tell you more obviously but go through the progression throughout the fight that i went through the last time i watched paul brother fight room like okay. Welcome to where i am now. We're never doing this again. what else drivers nam soccer had a good. Tweet tweet mike. Yep yep okay What else do we have here. Lewis hamilton had a bad bathroom and incident. Oh on the return of f one. Maybe so i hope you guys got your got your stuff together because speaking things we got tweeted at us there were a lot of people saying that f one. You guys have to take a swing at this weekend. And i'm willing to do it. I've considered an unwilling but there's a lot riding on this. Silence does not. Make me feel confident. I feel prepared traveling on the other hand. I don't know how much he'll be able to offer considering he did not watch any listen. I'm playing her okay. That's doesn't use it as an excuse you're choosing to play. We tried to take you out of the game. You're choosing to play you. Don't get to then say every time you suck that you play in hurt okay. You can't but i his podcast brought to you by so tell me how you want me to tell people about mandy As if you're steve. Jobs steve jobs making one of those famous apple announcements ever with a new product. A famous apple announcement in my life is something that we've all seen seen it. I've seen the video never watched. I've never listened to the way he talks. Just a magic. Wear a turtleneck wise. Imagine that you're presenting to a large audience or even just looking at this first word. is i sentence instructors. 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They're putting more pressure on the team. When did they boo before. Whenever they've been booed during the losing streak okay and so he was basically giving the fans thumbs down. Okay and then mets President sandy alderson. Gummy read it. It's long and this is the message for mets president. Sandy alderson in a post game press conference today havi by has stated that his thumbs down gesture during the game was a message to fans who recently have booed him and other players for poor performance for poor performance is very hard to say. I would have struggled mightily. These comments and any gestures by him or other players with similar intent are totally unacceptable and will not be tolerated is still his statement. Mets fans are understandably frustrated. Are these is still his. Because there's no end quote. Mets fans are understandably frustrated over the team's recent performance. The players new organization are equally frustrated fans at city. Field have every right to express their own disappointment. Booming is every fans right. The mets will not tolerate any player gesture that is unprofessional in its meaning or is directed in a negative way toward our fans up. This is insane. I will be kneeling with our players and staff to convey this message directly. Mets fans are loyal passionate knowledgeable among other things and more will that was me. That's my edit and more than willing to express themselves we love them for every one of these qualities. So here's the thing. Yes booing every fans right. Sure i guess. I don't think we're living in a time. Where fans need to be reminded. They have the right to do what they want. In regards to the way they treat athletes. I would say that the pendulum is ready to swing the other way. We're fans kinda start to act more responsibly. Because we've found that their ability to interact with athletes and Affect players either physically or mentally during or after a game that the fan proximity to players sometimes has felt a little too close over recent years multiple examples that we've seen of that so it is weird to me to be like every fan has the right to boo. Nobody said they didn't what happened. Was the fans got booed with silently from one guy ruth two thumbs and they're it's like what so does hot you're saying harvey by is does not have the right to boo fans. I don't yeah basically. They're saying you know the players have no right to then retaliate. In say stop doing me like the fans are allowed to boo. That's yeah allowed to say. This feels like one of those situations. Where if i didn't hear from mets president sandy alderson about what happened. I'd be like yeah. of course. I'm not going to hear from the president of the team because it doesn't so shares if look you if halvey by is giving you thumbs down as a fan makes you angry then you go ahead and exercise your god given apparently right tabu but like you either either should make you go okay. I get it. We deserve that or it should make you be that stupid. What do you think that you sucked. And we booed you because you sucked. But it shouldn't either. One of those options doesn't mean that the oh how dare he have you by as in like that. You booed him. Is he being petty. You could argue that is do you guys deserve it. You could argue that but you can't argue. That havi by is is not allowed to express that he doesn't like when you boo him. What a weird stance to take across multiple paragraphs of a statement. I don't think anyone asked. The statement was really weird. And then i do think he buys if he i don't know if he was asked about or just said it. I think he should have said like it's just a little thing. That were you know we've been doing in the locker just i. I think he could have done better. Not just like yeah. We're going on doing the fans here. He whether he says that or not. Because it the way i see it is if you're a fan and you're expressing your right to boo and then the player you or team you are doing then turns around and gives you a thumbs down and now you're offended. What are we doing. You can argue again that you don't like it that you think it's silly that you think it makes them look immature. You can have an opinion on it but that doesn't mean that you should be like you can't do that to me and i don't know he. He can't retaliate. Yeah it's almost like this statement makes met if i were a mets fan. I'd be like shut up. Sandy like don't say that because now you're making us look like we can't take we can take it so like mets fans like okay. Sorry we booed. But i'm also not sorry and we're going to buoy again if you stink and this is so silly. This feels like hobby biocene. Like they're putting more pressure on the team like harvey. Well sure i mean again travis. If you wanna make the point that you think it was stupid. You're welcome to but i think the bigger point to be made here. Is that the president of a team coming out. And basically overly he's pandering to the fans of like our fans are great. We love all of their qualities. And you will not be mean to our fans. But we're going to overcharge them and ticket prices are going to go up even when we suck and we're gonna trade guys that they wanted and we're going to like these whenever a front office says that they take these opportunities to love their fans. they're making a non existent comparison. No one was saying the sandy alderson did not come out and do this. But he did it because he wants to be the guy that looks like he's wrapping the fan. I think sandy's dumb. And i actually love allegedly. I think we might get a phone call. If you say that he acted stupidly. You can class his actions. But you cannot classify him as a person and i love havi buyers and lynda actually the thumbs down. I think it's hilarious if they did. I just think. I wouldn't have come out and said what what it is that we're doing it why not. I don't know i just talked about it. Be about it. I liked it. He's about and then the how he addressed it and was like well. If you're gonna boo me. I'm gonna give you what you know. But he did it. And i'm like yeah all right. That's how he feel the mets owner tweets. I miss the days when the biggest controversy was the black jerseys like you. That's what i'm saying. The mets have this front office that seems to want to be perceived as one of you guys like a fan. It's just like i'm just like y'all but it's like yeah except you own the teams so you have more power than we do and when you use it to say that our team can't give us a thumbs down because you like everything about us that's cool but can you win a world series please. Could you put together a team that accomplishes the thing we want. Can you feel silly silly all around. So let's do the note i do. I give you two thumbs up for that segment. Thanks so much One of the paul's our poll expert. Yeah a resident. Paul expert christina paul expert. Yeah i'd ask her. Which one sues jake. He's the younger one idea. Nope japan his haircut indicates that he's the older one So jake paul fought tyron woodley Taryn woodley's a ufc fighter. This was his first time. Foxing question mark which. I just couldn't stop thinking the whole time and we won't rehash this a million times but imagine being a boxer and watching these to headline a boxing fight in. You're just like what you've never done it before and you're gonna do it for the first time as the headliner against a bigger youtube star Jake paul is remains. Undefeated is spoiler alert. So he's now four and now In these fights that he's picked the other ones didn't last very long. This one lasted the distance. All those rounds and even people like ariel hoani continued to say on the broadcast that i watched that This gets a lot of people. Don't think jake. Paul is a boxer and this removes the question from their minds. I think you can unequivocally say now. He is a fighter. I was like i don't. I don't know that you can tyron would lease and you listen. I'm a dummy and depress anything i say from here on out with. I'm a fight. Sport dummy i dunno damn thing but what i do know is the tyron woodley. Stance did not look correct It was not really a boxing stance. It made their height difference. Look a lot bigger than it. Supposedly was if the tail of tape was to tell. The tape was to be believed It it just didn't there weren't a lot of great punches It made me feel saddened side. Which you know is my default setting at the moment but this helped me right along. There was comfort in watching this because it was so sad. There was no knockout. Like i said it was. It was a split decision. One of the judges scored it for tyron. Which didn't make a lot of sense in a lot of people saying that it was rigged or something then afterwards. Jake paul talked. I was just going on and on about how great of a fighter tyron woodley is which is the opposite of what he said before the fight which is how it led to the fight happening and no boxing is a sport. That's all about promotion but it just does feel now here on the other side of the looking glass. Thanks to the pandemic. The way i look at sports now where i'm just like. Oh so after you beat him. You're like he's a hall of famer and that was specifically part of the argument that he was making to defend himself. When you guys got in your i quote unquote fight. That led to this challenge. That led to this fight happening. It just is like of course how convenient for you so anyway. He said nothing. But nice stuff than tyron. Woodley got on the mike and he wanted a rematch right away which i think if you had to pick for me the saddest ways it could could've ended. That would have been it that you know jake. Paul just said that he was going to take some time and relax for a little because he's been nonstop training and he just wants to chill out because they asked him if he was gonna fight the other guy who used to be on love island on what's going on in boxing but they're just picking people off stuff and putting them in a ring and make them fight each other and i don't get it and i'm not gonna pretend to get it but i am going to say it feels weird from the outside but i guess the guy who used to be on love island who won his is with the guy. No what is his name. Fury no tyson fury. That's no no all you'll look it up. i have i have brooke. Well what i think is the the absolute saddest part of this entire time. If you're yeah you're right. It's very tommy fury after the fight. Paul and woodley agreed to a rematch. If woodley wait hold on wait wait. Wait wait wait. We're getting wait wait. We're getting there. We're getting there was detoured after the easiest part. Excuse he's gonna. I won't you next. Let's get it own. Which means something very different when you say it with a cheeky accent. He so he. He had said that after his fight so then when he was when jake paul was on the mike and he was asked was like look. I don't know maybe. I heard that he had challenged me. But i'm gonna take some time off. And then they put tyron woodley on the mike and he was like i want the rematch. I want a rematch. I think i won. His punches. weren't landing. I blocked most of them on a rematch. And i wanna prove myself and then aerial awani went over to jacob was like okay. What do you think do you want a rematch. I was cringing. I was absolutely cringing outside of my body. At this point i was like. Please don't please don't because if he says he doesn't want it it's going to be so embarrassing and this is already so embarrassing and i just feel sad and dan and told me the last time he saw tyron woodley fight. It had been uncomfortable. I mean he's forty years thirty nine years old. He's just it's all weird. So we asked jake. Paul arriola wanted and jake. Paul was like Yeah i don't know. I was so nice to you. I only said nice things which was like. I hate when people do that. I hate when people take the quote unquote high road in the second year. Like yeah we still have an issue with this. I took the high road and it's like we're still driving. You're not you're bailing on it immediately. You won't credit that you said nice things about me. That's not how this works. But anyway that's what he said and then he was like i'll do a rematch if he gets a tattoo. That says i love jake paul. And then tyrant they aerial. How lonnie even ause begging him in my mind not to took the mike and went over to tire. Would you get up tattoo. And he said yeah bet and then they shook on it and always like you have to. We have a tattoo artist here right now and then i left. I got up. And i left the couch. We're clearly not gonna do this. I can't watch this anymore. And dan was acting disgusted. He was like. I'm changing the channel and i was like you brought this into our house. You did. i watch this fight. You did this and as of right now. I have spent fifty dollars on this because you haven't paid me back yet. Which he had demanded the money. Back for the floyd mayweather fight. I was like. I need that fifty bucks and i need it now. And he had a fifty dollar. How exactly it's my money. And i need it now and so that fight happened. I didn't so. I turned it off before the tattooed travis did it happen are no idea. I refused to do any research. Google watch ice on this on this topic. I don't blame you whatsoever. Because i think this isn't so ridiculous. I just my biggest question. Is it for jake paul. I don't. I'm not saying that. He is not athletic or that he can't fight because he has. He has trained. He is in great physical shape. I do think he can hold his own but why are all of his opponents. Not boxers just taking people whether they're retired far removed or not boxers and having them box him why. Why are we doing that money. Christie his argue e so yeah money first of all and also. That's another thing. Jake paul said is of course he wants a rematch. Wants a payday boxer and fight working. He's doing he's doing it it's promotion. It's like if he can beat the next. It's heat starts with somebody that you're like why anybody could be that guy and then you get one step closer to the thing in one step closer to the thing and then you get there it but what i don't like from that argument is that it's like the people in charge of putting the fight on should be like that's not good enough. You're next fight has to be between you and i don't care if we can sell it. I want it to be quality. I want it to be a good fight. It was hard to watch boxing. Because it's if you don't watch a lot of boxing and then you only ever watched the big fights you watch the good boxers fight each other. You can kind of see the complicated dance of it all and wouldn't to people who don't box box each other. It's like that's not technically right. That's not technically correct. Even if you don't know what is technically correct like it doesn't feel right. It's not as smooth. It's very jerky. It's very weird. If the fight ends in our owellry. I'll fight you again if you've got an i love me tattooed like why disgusting. It's just wanna put your name on another person's body forever is like real. It's just real colonizing energy. And i don't like it like why are you putting your flag in this man. Just let him walk away. You beat him at a sport that he his job has been closer to than yours ever has and now that. Isn't that enough. jake paul. Why do you wanna put your name on him. Another thing and this may be a controversial opinion. But jake paul was talking about bullies. He was saying like. Hey you're bully out there. Don't do that don't bully. And then he was like. I used to be a bully. Because i was yelling. You definitely were a bully. And he's like. I used to be a bully. And then i realized that i could put myself into other passions and so i have a charity. That gets both current bullies. It sounded like into boxing. And i was like. Maybe we're skipping a step. Maybe we don't immediately get bullied into boxing. Maybe we don't get bullies to stop a being a bullies by teaching them how to punch. I don't know maybe that does work. Maybe it's one of those counterintuitive things that ends up working light. It doesn't outweigh. It's like are you. Are you aggressive to other people by a gun. No no no no. We're skipping a step. You're skipping this step in between public you gotta stop being a bully and then once you've stopped being a bully we teach you how to fight and then you do that technically and you learn about fight sport instead of trying to fight other people. But you can't skip the step where they learn the bullyings bad and stop bullying a pimple and jake paul. While i know it's a great shining example on a hill that you guy who wasn't a boxer can just kind of become a boxer by speaking it into existence. I don't think that's the case for most people and especially most bullies. I don't think that they can just be like. I'm gonna be jake. Paul because there can only be one jake paul in and unfortunately that's not even true. We have two of them so it doesn't make a lot of sense as a pitch and i just feel like yes. Being anti-bullying is great. The message just felt like it was getting a little muddied there for for me to your point about like putting on a boxing match that is legit. The problem is worth watching. Boxing is a sport. That just is ran. So bad indies showtime rousers. Aaron these there in the entertainment business. So they're gonna they're gonna sign up for these because if they don't take it someone else is gonna take this jake paul fight deal and run with it and make money but until he is you know legit fighting at like he's only getting drug tested But what i think's going to happen is he's gonna slowly ended up to where he can get a legit fighter who then what's going to happen is he's gonna have to lose soon. So you're gonna get to a fighter that people can respect at least by name who will lose but it will make a lot of money which brings the the rematch of more money. It's all a deal and people complain about it by the fight. That's like saying that any website that wants to make money should just put women in bathing suits on there. It's like you. There has to be a level of institutional like all right. That's too far and it just feels like boxing like well. If people will pay for it will show it to you and it's like you can't there has to be a line and it feels like boxing does not care. Are these like the if he's not being drug tested. Are these not like officially sanctioned. How officials are but like while. I'm i hate dumb not going to watch. It is it not basically w no what. What's the difference. Is that what you're saying. Oh the product. they're putting out payment. Writers. it is it is very it is a it is a sport. It's it's you know they really physically are doing the things other than you know the whole punching punches and getting head. Yeah no. I'm we're making different points part of it. Yeah scripted. it would be a problem. That's why people get mad when these things seem to be rigged this kind of what. I'm talking about where there's this idea that it's all for the money. It's all for the payday but yet fans are upset when things are rigged. Wwe fans don't get upset when things are rigged. They get upset when they don't like the way that they were rigged. When they're like. I wish you had rigged this way. It's like kind of accepted but these are pretending to be or purporting to be fights. And i mean the one floyd mayweather where there was still fifteen seconds left and whichever paul that was turned to the audience and like pumped his hands up. Like this sucks. What is this. It's not real but it's saying that it is so that's why it's incredibly different. Wwe which is just like you sure they tried that at first but then once everybody was kind of like. It's not real. They were like sure. It's not real. And so what it it's just entertain you. This isn't this is supposedly. They've got real people who know about fighting talking about it. They've got the guys that analyze. It's on showtime. It was a showtime boxing. They're calling it boxing. I just feel like if i were a boxer. I can you just call this something else. Somebody real that will just knock him out. But i'm guessing it's in the contract can't knock him out. We think that's in the contract. I bet you they signed a contract and there's a nondisclosure and it's i why would you sign a contract that says you can't knock because because if you're tired woodley who needs some. Who has something to prove. Because i bet you you you don't and you do this song dance you get paid x. Amount in the money that they can get is worth. I'm saying is does everything a price tag on it. It just feels like every time. I look at society now like damn. There's a price tag on every thing. Whatever happened to. I wanna be a good. I want people to believe in me and we'll see how good i am at this sport. Now it's just like. I want people to think that's what i'm here for but really i am getting pay and i get it. I get it to a point but then it's just like it's you and again i get it to like wait. What's the point. I in the pot. All watching. Mrs paul be so excited proud of two minds about it. One i'm like that's cool. She's really proud of her kids. And then to like my mom just being straight talk with me. My mom would be like you got all this success in all this money and now you're to go get punched. You wanna get punched now to go. You don't have to do this. You can go do something else you can do. Why are you choosing this this very violent dangerous sport. Why what is why were this. Come from but you know your is your own so do with it as you will. And with that with that segue not as somebody reels. Your own katie nolan. Naomi osaka naomi osaka on sunday. Tweeted a notes app right but actually wanna rare. Good notes apps on twitter. Yeah one you actually want to read. She wrote the title of it. The title of it was high and she wrote. I've been reflecting over this. I'm going to read it in. Its entirety because i read it last night. I was like cheering while she wrote. So i'm going to read it. I've been reflecting over this past year. So grateful for the people around me because the support i feel is completely unparalleled recently. I've been asking myself. Why do i feel the way i do. And i realize one of the reasons is because internally. I think i'm never good enough. I never. I've never told myself that. I've done a good job but i do know i constantly tell myself that i suck or could do better. I know in the past that some people have called me humble. But i really consider it. But if i really consider it. I think i'm extremely self deprecating. Every time a new opportunity arises i thought wow why me i guess what i'm trying to say is that i'm going to try to celebrate myself and my accomplishments more and i think we all should you got up in the morning and you didn't procrastinate on something champion figured something out at work that's been bugging you for awhile. Absolute legend your life is your own and you shouldn't value yourself on other people's standards. I know i give my heart to everything i can. And if that's not good enough for some than my apologies. But i can't burden myself with those expectations anymore. Seeing everything that's going on in the world. I feel like if i wake up in the morning. That's a win. That's how i'm coming. And i would also like to say i've been reflecting over the past year. I just reread her whole statement. And just say that. That's also what i wanna say. Because it's exactly what i. Because i carly when i read this i was like i carly. She's a she's so great. She's so good at expressing her thoughts and boy did some of us need to hear this kind of stuff to remind us that there is a point where it's like you're you're good enough and the hardest times to hear that or believe that or when you're not doing the things you normally used to do that people would say you're good at that if you're you know changing job or you're not working as much or you lose a job or your. Let's say you're a person who's like a musician and you can't go out on tour all of that over this last year in whichever ways the pandemic has affected you and there are myriad ways in which it could as caused people to kind of see where they've gathered their value from their life where they've found themselves feeling affirmed feeling like yes. You're good even if in their own minds. They were saying no. You're not you're not good enough. Don't stop and then things kind of were forced to stop and that voice in their head was still going but they weren't getting any of the feeling like they were adding things so you're trying to tell yourself that you don't need to hate yourself in your head at the same time that you're also not getting external praising support in ways that you needed before and i think that can screw with you and so two here say that like you got out of bed today you did it is i mean really true you up thing that we needed to hear i. It's just very hard. Yeah it needs when you hear it from somebody else. 'cause you're like oh good because i could not get my brain to sing that song and i needed to listen to it so i'm very grateful that someone played it. It's also like looking at it from her perspective. Her her life is basically a pass fail and not not like how she thinks but like how we look at so unless she wins that tournament everything was like a failure and so the conversation. We had about second place in the olympics. It's gotta be a struggled in it's also deemed good enough and then the second that you win. It's like oh now. I gotta go focus on the next thing and you'll see like i don't care if you don't consistently win gold. Well you did last time. What happened like what did you like decline door. You're not as good as you were or we constantly hold athletes to such high standards. And i mean honestly even day to day i. I know i hold myself to sometimes impossibly high standards and it's refreshing to hear someone say celebrate yourself for even the smallest of accomplishments like you don't have to be someone in the limelight or someone who has a million twitter followers or people that are looking at them and scrutinizing their their past fails you could just be the average every day person and you're down on yourself for whatever job you're doing or you know your your parent in your heart on yourself or how you parent your kid's in this and that you're doing great you got out of bed and you're doing great simple as that if if i may good news by mac miller is a song that when i'm feeling this way i listened to so if anybody needs a song a genuine like actual song That's a good one. I would like to say though if you don't get out of bed and you stay in there for a while. You're still doing well. Oh yeah i'll have to get out of bed. Literally i figure you opened your eyes and then you and then you went back to bed and went back to bed just means closed your eyes than you did it. You did it. You got through another day those all you had to get done. Life moves fast now. Like i was saying this to dan before the beginning of the pandemic back when former generations. When someone was like all right. I got three things to do today. I gotta go to home depot and get lightbulbs. I got a go to the grocery store. Get my groceries. And i have to. I don't know one other thing Rented book my travel for next week. Now you could get all three of those things done in. You could order your groceries online. You could order the light bulbs that you need in like a click and you could whatever the third thing book your flight. Click click click. You could get those unin a couple of hours and then you could do nothing else for the rest of the day. And then he'd be like man. I was so lazy today but we were eight because we can do so much more so much quicker now. I think that we're all like i gotta keep going. It's like you don't you can you. Did you accomplished and now you can do. Whatever you're next thing is mentioning the grocery store. You made me think of something. Can we enter friendly. Ranchera fast Yep this is friendly rancher a segment that doesn't exist except in travis's mind. Why is it when people like drive into a parking lot. They immediately like forget how to function as a driver after. I want to target the other day and it's like the second palma parking lot. Everyone just gets amnesia. And can't they forgot drives. In what ways. Travis do people seem to you as if they've forgotten how to drbble stopping when they can easily can drive through like you've got the right way go ahead. They're pulling out. Maybe they haven't driven a car in a while and the little nervous at their mirror is getting a little too close to that other car. This bothers me in a rush for your target. I'm wanna go target. I'm in and out so then. Just park somewhere far away. Do i had to go get some ice cream more. Joe yeah stuff while now that you've gotten your rant out. I need to then circle back to the original discussion. I think through the pandemic. So over the weekend i was watching Kevin hart heart to heart Who too many hearts whatever it is. It's hard to heart. obviously the pun intended I watched his inaugural miley cyrus. Who you can't stand you. I know anyway. I watched his interview with miley cyrus. Who i absolutely love forever and always And she said something that. I think really resonated where i think throughout the pandemic. It taught me this where for so long. She was taught at such a young age being thrown into the limelight and fame and celebrity. And all of that is that you need to constantly be going going going going. Can't i can't sleep if you're not up at four. Am doing this. And if you're not working late if you're not the first in at work in the last to leave you're not doing it correctly. You're not winning. You're not you know the first to do it And that's just not sustainable lifestyle. It might be for you. But it sure isn't for me and so i think throughout the pandemic a lot of people at least myself have realized that that constant workhorse mentality takes such a toll on you physically and mentally that it's okay to have days of lazy or weeks of lazy or you know the the small window of being productive that you just talked about a banging out all of your errands in an hour and then doing nothing. The rest of the day should not be viewed as a wasted day. You've got everything done. You didn't spread it out over twelve hours more efficiently than we used to exactly. And so i think that you know. Naomi osaka's message is not only very true and yes powerful. But i just think it's definitely you know it. It should resonate with everybody to say you're fine. You're doing fine. You don't help your compliments instead of beating yourself up for. Not you know you make it to do list and you knock three things off but you had fifteen on it and you're just like man. I failed today when it's like no i succeeded. Tomorrow's only has a twelfth things on it. Now because fifteen minutes three is twelve. And so i'm i'm moving forward. I'm accomplishing things. I'm a champion. And i think that's a good mindset to have. I'm sure people will be like own those allied set of a quitter. But those people are idiots and i guarantee haven't won as many things as naomi. Osaka has so to say from their computer screen that she would have. The mindset of a quitter would be hilarious. Just be nice to yourselves. I think is the overall goal has people aren't always going to be nice to for you. What's this what's this next to. Cristiano rinaldo was Rumor to believe in union tez and going to man city. A manchester united fan was upset and burnt a man menu rinaldo jersey that he had been you really every time they do this. Your lighter money on fire Quite literally but like on the eleventh hour man city pulled out and guess who came in to make an offer with the event as to acquire manchester. You say you vent as was at manchester united. Yeah yeah so the fan. That was dumb to begin with gut. A just a nice dose of karma. Did anyone check in on him. No well. I don't know if anybody checked it on it but i just in loved it because just how dumb like it's either you dumb or you're doing it for clicks which is still dumb but i just love that now. This jersey dead. He's spent money on. He could have been wearing. I feel like you just have to stop being a manchester united fan now. I feel like you have to because you can do turn around and root for him that is you jumped the gun and now you have to pay the price. You're not allowed to root for cristiano. Because you said you hated him before. Anything was confirmed. So now you're kicked out and you have to go root for somebody else who knows. It doesn't mean you can refer whoever you want. We won't tell you who you have to root for. But i'll tell you a campy and that's manchester united because you've been kicked out you got ahead of yourself. What if he was gonna come. What if he was coming to united anyway and he saw you burned the jersey and decided. That wasn't okay and made the in demanded that manchester united with the mets do and like scolded that fan for doing that. Like you could have caused the whole international incident. And so i think you were acting very recklessly and the price that you'll pay for that. Is your phantom. Find a new team. I love this. I support this. Yeah that is the. That's my verdict. Do we have to talk about trent doodle. How to just seven there we should. I was being sarcastic in the sense. That just i don't want to He there's a video he. I guess coaches a high school team. Now lipson academy yes He was there's a video that surfaced of him screaming at one of his players Bodos ya oh sorry the it. It was weird because only found the kid's name out in trade in trent. Dilfer 's apology. And i was like just felt weird so important to know the game in which Coach dilfer was this angry. They won sixty two seven. So it on luke. Blowout probably wasn't close game. Tensions shouldn't have been that high but the video shows him grabbing the player inside the shoulder pads and steering him away from the team on the sidelines. Yell sit down now. It was a tight end. Four son of former. Nfl kicker phil dawson. I didn't know that. I didn't either and two thoughts with like we throw that out there. I'm wondering if some people put that information out there it's like to like does it to change how people might think of the story in which wire that he's not gonna oh hit hit will his dad she'll dawson is also the special teams coordinator on the if my dad was a coach and a team in a coach. Talked me like that. My dad would have been pissed just because he would have wanted the opportunity to scream at me. He would dare you. This is why i coach softball team. So i can scream at her it yeah. He's the special teams coordinator. And he was fers teammate. On the browns in oh five th this makes it weird or to me but anyway twin. We should give him his a platform. He released a statement. I want to address. The incident are silent during friday. Night's game versus independence that has drawn a lot of attention. First and foremost. I take full responsibility as the head coach and leader of our team for not de escalating and emotional situation with one of our players. Bo dawson is one of our finest student. Athletes bodies all the characteristics. We're looking bo. Plays the game with the right kind of passionate as an inspiration for during a moment of frustration in an attempt to get our team to play with more disciplined. Sixty two two seven. I unfairly singled. Bow out somehow. Bo dawson has been portrayed publicly as the culprit in the situation when in reality i should have been a better leader and shown greater wisdom and discernment in how i handled this incident overall. I could not be more proud abo- and the rest of our team for the handle the emotional nature of each game the compete. Who was saying that. It was boastful. I'm guessing that there was a lot of people on twitter served it. Yeah i mean look at. We've said this before there's many different ways to what's the actual Idiom there's to skin a cat which is always been weird to me. Who's skinning hass skinning. Cats can we. There's a there's a bunch of different ways to coach a team. There's a bunch of different ways to coach the same like within a team. There's some ways to motivate that work on. Some people's people are motivated by competitions and people are motivated by a compliment. Some people are motivated by like a loving supporting environment. Some are motivated by pushing and pushing not physically but like pushing somebody. It'd be better than what they think they can be. Everybody's got different motivation. Ways of being motivated. It's part of being a good coach. I just don't think screaming at a kid is ever to me the ineffective one. It didn't look effective To me the way it was being received by the target so it it. I'm glad i guess the dilfer has said he takes. Responsibility should have escalated. Emotional situation I i don't watch a lot of lipson academy games. So i don't know if this is par for the course or if this is an outlier But i think especially when you're coaching high school aged kids. You don't have to go so hard it was sixty two two seven I think you had it in the bag so to the people like you put your hands on monkey. He had his hands the whole shoulder pet. I don't have that big event. I think it was like the moving part. I'm torn with your words. So he you. You're saying that the so he like picks him up from the front of shoulder pits couplings. It's he walks in back holding onto show. I think it's bad optics. But i don't think he was like there's a big difference between like putting your hands on a player and what trent dilfer did m. i. opinion. I think if. I saw somebody doing that with the shoulder. Pads in. Like a hype. Me up conaway. Let's go to that would be different. i think. no. I'm saying i think that. Grab of the shoulder. Pads paired with anger to me is like you don't need to be doing that. That's scary has your have you ever had anybody grab you by your shirt. I've i've had my face masks grabbed us a player but by an opposing player will know by the my coach grabbed it and like did what with it but you pullman like he'd like grandma facemask and pulled me and like i. I'd say more of like a stern like a yell. But i mean what what did he say. Don't remember i was like twelve. Is he like you stupid idiot. You should have gotten or was it like come on. You know governor facemasks leak you know. Get to play right or something like that. Okay i just. I just have to see it could have just been. My mom grabbed me by my shirt. Once like picked me up. It was very scary feeling. It's not a good feeling of your body. Being controlled by another person on that immediately started crying and was like i did that and it was only time. My mom's ever. I think apologized to me for something that happened when we were yelling. I was very little but It's it scary. Who have handled it differently. Of course yes but yes. Is it so wrong for a coach to yell at a player. No but he's not just yelling at a player. I'm not saying that you can't yell at your players. Yelling happens not saying it. Tell them all that. They're beautiful rays of sunshine. I'm just saying if you're trying to again. Sixty two seven. I don't know why there were emotions. But he says he's sorry he didn't escalate an emotional situation. And i'm just interested to know what got so emotional. That game wasn't on the line. There wasn't some crazy need to pull together. This is all hearsay. But there's some posts on social media that There was one post. It is here's There was supposedly there was. He had a penalty. I saw ben. Someone else tried say that he came by and said something. Trent exactly what happened. This is useful right because we don't know and because the internet's full of liars i've seen people on message boards. Say they went to high school with me and undescribable person who is nothing like me so it's People on the internet just lie because they want to participate in the conversation. I'm not saying that he should be fired. I've never said that. I don't like saying people that's not a thing i do. I'm saying it doesn't seem like you need to bring it that hard at sixty two to seven game at lipson academy when the kids. Dad is also on the team. Okay but that's just an opinion. I think you take the score out of things. Why why would. I take the context out of the situation because you consider the context keach coach things happen. That's how you would that. That type of coaching would be effective on you when your team is winning. Sixty two two seven getting screamed at like respond. I honestly did respond to like. I had teammates coaches like news. Like good coaches know like certain players. You have to you. You can't yell at every player that say you'll get the same response to me. That's how i would. I responded is the yelling that were me. I'd teammates said it did it. So i think it's i i. I think that it's kinda getting blown out of proportion. I mean well that's going to happen because it's social me. Kill for my sold on. i was solid. Oh yeah it's yeah. I think it's aggressive and i think like you said there are times where that is useful. Maybe this was one of those times based on the information we have. I don't feel like it was but it who am i. I don't know i'm a dummy. So i think you shouldn't do that but travis thinks you should. What okay here we go. It's f. one time. Who wants to take this christina. What you said. Dr watch it but also said via twitter that he had not seen a single second of it so i did read up on it just in case wait wait. We have to start the beginning. This is where we always fail an f. One there was one race this weekend so races the way one works is that you have your qualifying races leading up to the main race on sunday so the main race but just to preface all of this it had been raining all weekend down a whoring monsoon rating all weekend so from the get go from the very first qualifying race. It's been bad weather and so obviously player safety driver. Safety is of the utmost importance so going through the weekend. There was hesitation about driving just given the conditions of the day so going into sunday. It's pouring rain. They realized that the conditions are bad. they get everybody out there and from what i saw. They had two laps with the safety car in front which means basically the safety car is just bringing them around a few laps for the formation. Right exactly yeah for the formation lap they pit and a bunch of drivers or saying the you know visually. I can't see anything. That conditions are too bad. We need to wait this out and a lot of fans were getting angry because the rain didn't seem as bad from where all the fans were but the drivers were saying the way. The course is with the trees and the asphalt it makes for really poor visibility so it's basically just kicking up all of the water that is already sitting on the ground basically like when you're on the highway you're following a car didn't water at you. Yeah a lot of the guys are like. I literally can't see the guys brake lights in front of me never said to me. I can't see. I'd be like yeah. Go take the race should do so. The broadcasters are like you know we've got to listen to the guys that are saying hey we're out here driving at hundreds of miles an hour so anyway. They have three hours to get the race in the reasons to be done in three hours. And you're given x amount of time the race so that i don't know by the design of their schedule. They can't move to like monday like their schedule. I guess is really condensed postponement. Nascar had you can. They can just push it to the next day. Why their schedule as it's currently constructed the can't now there's people saying that needs change but that's how it is right now you race on sunday or it doesn't have three hours to get exactly now the day is going on. The rain is not stopping They tried twice to start the race. Where the it looked like. There was a lull in the rain. They tried to get everybody out there again and then at the rain picks up so eventually they ended up calling it. But here's where everybody got angry which rightfully so so with. I do not know the rules of now's car or any other type of driving but with f one. There's no you need to get x. Amount of laps in for it to be considered a race. So for now car from what i've seen online and people can definitely correct me if i'm wrong you need to have seventy five percent or fifty percent of the laps completed in order for it to count as a regulated race with f one. There's no rule of that so when they decided that points were going to be awarded for the top ten drivers although there were technically no official laps raced that got fans angry understandably so were like. Hey why can you name. Let me pull up exactly who case so max. Verstappen came in first. George russell set based off what third base offering qualified. They awarded they. Starting position was their final half were positions. Hey yup so fans were were mad saying they only went around the track. Technically three times in two of those laps were behind. The safety car and the third was for four formation. That the that doesn't count as even a fraction of the lapse that they actually do which means if we were using like nascar ruling. It wouldn't count as an official race so you shouldn't have awarded points for those top. Ten people top ten drivers because no no lapse racing raised. Yeah so now the Faa formula one race director. Michael massey basically described the whole incident the whole day as the most hectic day in my role not only as race director but his safety delegate so he basically is saying that. You shouldn't be both well. Maybe you should help. But basically he said that this is now the perfect opportunity for us to sit down and create. Those rules is for us to you. Know talk teams. Yeah that's how. I see it as he's basically saying we've never encountered something like this and we understand. Fans are upset. Drivers are upset but now we have the opportunity to sit down and create the rules. That nascar has come up with a okay with this happens again. What do we do. Basically is what happened. Is from what i saw and from what i understand. Yesterday was an entire show. No race was actually raced and points were awarded although drivers did not actually complete any laps and fans got mad but then f. one said hey. This is our opportunity to actually figure this out so that you know with this comes up again. We know what to do. And that's where we're at and thank you christina those comprehensive except you only left out one thing. I'd like to know what happened. What an and waving his origin. Let me know this is. This is a neo four sporran. Yeah oh sebastian. Your mouth on the on the outside scab okay or dover the inside neo sworn for the outside. Oh okay sebastian. Vital was like when they decided to do like the formation Talking to his team he's like. How is this weather any different than before. He's like they just want this for the money in tv. Basically calling him out lewis hamilton. Like every fan deserves their money back because he goes everybody else. Got their money's worth today. The fancy get their money back. Yeah i don't because i don't watch but sometimes from the outside f. one feels like real housewives where like afterwards each one of them is like i say this thing that furthers drama. And someone's like well. I think this of drives the netflix show. It's a whole bunch of divas. And i i like it. I'm not saying that. Yeah it's a nice big compliment. Is that like us is going to get me into it if it's like. What did this one bitch about this week. But as you're about to get to all of that is nice. It all pales in comparison to this headline. I saw was hamilton lewis. Hamilton had a traumatizing bathroom. Experience ahead of f one race at spa so lewis. Hamilton had gone to the bathroom ahead of the race and told his crew about his experience. I was getting ready and it was broadcast. I'm glad i went to toilet. The one i went to someone had dropped a crazy bomb in there. It was the worst thing ever the f. One driver then added it's going to haunt me for life was referring to a poop we can all make got safest because i mean maybe it would haunt me for life if i went into a bathroom and there was a bomb That would scare me. It's literally a bomb scare. That's those words. Go together frequently. But i guess what he's saying is somebody so my question is you're lewis hamilton. One of the jarvis. I'm guessing you're not just going to like a public restroom like no. I don't know you might. It's got to be. The only people should be used. The one that he's going to i'm guessing are like the mercedes people like someone on. That team dropped a bomb. What i'm saying. Actually if i may just argue in the opposite you'd might be surprised because and i know this isn't the same i know i'm not actually lewis hamilton but When we had tv show it was called always late aired on espn for a second. There they would. The live audience would line up in the hallway at the office. And i would if. I had to bathroom before the show. I would have to walk down the hallway past them. All say hi. 'cause it's would be very weird to not and then go into the bathroom that they were also in and go to the bathroom and then walk into the studio. It was the same bathroom in the building. So you don't maybe it's the same public you don't know maybe it was one of his and you also cause i don't know what bathroom he was using. Because i was watching the broadcast. No is The broadcasters the announcers or making jokes saying that this constant interference of are we racing are. We not is screwing with the drivers Time yeah exactly. Because they say you know. Obviously you don't want to eat something or drink a lot of liquid before you start racing because you don't want to have to go to the bathroom mid race strike. Get off the pot as they say exactly so as drivers are just kind of hanging out now for a couple of hours. Guys are getting hungry. Need we should see if anybody peed their pants. So is the story that i find interesting. What if lewis hamilton was like all. I got to get in those granola bar real quick. Because i don't know if we're gonna race all look now. I gotta go to the bathroom. I'm gonna go quickly to this. One might not be the nicest also an argument to be made that lewis hamilton. Dropped the bomb you on the smelted delta. I mean that is the oldest rule of the book. So he's like first of all he starts saying he's glad exactly though i wonder if he well he he would deny it. I bet if somebody alleged and that would mean he definitely supplied it but he starts by saying he's glad he went to the toilet and then he said the one i went to someone had dropped a crazy bomb there. It was the worst thing ever is like. Why are you glad then. A wonderful glad because you feel relieved and then you immediately were like. Oh they'll know it was me then so i should quickly pivot. Take a quick. Do they take left or right. Turns i should steer my steering wheel sharply to the left and say it was awful. And i'm never going to forget about it. Whoever went in there. I went in there before them that way it was. I mean how many times. I've been one an airplane. I've gone into a bathroom. Had it smell bad. And when i come out somebody was waiting to get in line and i have at least thought about saying out loud. It was like that. When i got there. It was the guy before me. I don't know how much you've been paying attention to people getting up and going to the bathroom but the guy before me was in there for a really long time and i just was in there for three for like three minutes and most of that was like washing my face. I'm really that wasn't me. It was the guy before me and most times. It was the guy before me most times. We have one more voicemail that we get to take eighty in the union. This is alex in cleveland. Ohio and i wanna know mainly just katie christina's answers. I lived in ohio. My entire life even lived in columbus. But i do not like ohio state. Talia those a raider. I already know. Crabs his answer so he doesn't need to talk but the other two you please discuss love. You mean by alex. I love you and i mean too. I wish that were a rule that worked on this podcast. That already knowing travis's opinion meant that he didn't get to say it because we just he can just sit out the whole podcast. I already knows opinion on everything and he still says it so. I bet he's still going to answer you even with this facial injury. He looks like he cannot wait to say what he thinks. I'll say this. i'm missing. Crucial crucial information. Alex do go to ohio state. And because if you didn't go to ohio state you're not a you don't have to if you born be born and raised in ohio and you went somewhere else and you could root for that team. But he doesn't bring that up. Which makes me think that he didn't go somewhere. That had a football program in that. Maybe he just isn't a college football. I'm a missing too much information. But i would say no. You're not a traitor. You don't have to be a victim of your own circumstance just because you were born in. Cleveland doesn't mean you also or whatever is that what he said. Born in cleveland lived in. Cleveland is currently in. Cleveland has been in columbus ohio. Yeah you don't you owe nothing to y- to the to the university that didn't teach you that you can. I don't think you're a trader at all now for michigan. That'd be a different story. I have a lot of questions. Because i myself born and raised in connecticut. Grew up going to almost every men and women's basketball game at the university of connecticut with my grandparents and university of connecticut. The university utica yukon. I just wanna the university. Actually utah is key thing And i ended up going to kentucky for school. And i did. I don't root for yukon. I root for kentucky. So i don't consider myself a traitor because i didn't go to the school. I might have grown up watching the games being a fan when i was younger but as i got older i pivoted and made my own decisions. So if you didn't go to the ohio state. I don't dude. You're a traitor. I don't also it's it's important to note alex. What are the reasons. You don't like it if you don't like it for. I don't know valid reasons than i would say good for you. You're free thinking individual. Who has decided they don't want to be associated with that program. Says at you to travis travis plug your ears. Everybody born in the state of ohio does not need to be an ohio state. Fan that you do have to route passionately for the paul brothers. Who are from there so that. That is the only caveat state. Don't have to like ohio state. But they do have to love both polls and you actually so i've heard is If you want to fight one of them you have to get tattooed. I love one of the paul brothers on right. I love paul. that should cover it. Yeah that'll do it. That'll actually knock out both of them. So you're find chavez. Did you wanna say anything or think. Alex little stunt here one thing. I'd like to know his host even accept you because if not lao okay. I don't think he's gonna stunned. No that's not a bad thing but like why are you hating from outside. The club can't even get in. I understand because let's say because he didn't get it. I get it. You had a major that there's a school that has it. That's it's a better school for that. So like if you were growing up and you were from columbus and you decide to root for another team. I need to know why you're rooting for that team. If you have a valid reason not a trader need to now. I think what he means that he'd like to know i want to know who he roots for. Yeah yeah and why. What school did you go to. I just am curious alex. I think we're just locking information. But in light of that with the information that we have. If we all had to make a call i would say no. Not a traitor christina. You vote no not a traitor and travis. You vote hung jury for me. Yeah we can't show you can't say hung jury for me that doesn't make that would make the whole jury hung. I'm just i. We would all have to got to have jury duty with you Right now right now. I will say not trader. Okay right now. So that's it decided. It has decided not a traitor until we hear more information private spoken. But you don't have to call back. We can just leave it at that. Alex run well you can. That's it for this week's for sedition. A sports shout to gatorade into a underpants. Whenever it's a shout to me on these it sounds like i'm saying like shadows to my underwear but it's the company shots. Yeah and china to the college football podcast. Very creatively named if travis hasn't made it clear yet college football's here. If this if that's your thing then check out the college football podcast. Paul finebaum friend of the show curb street. he's nice he's i'd say friend of the show i think he'd be okay with me saying that. David pollack never met him. Can't vouch and others will be hosting this year. So other just going through a roster mrs jeopardy they'll be posting episodes sunday through thursday this year Oh speaking of which i know. We're in the goodbye put. Update on jeopardy. Did you see that. They're hiring a minder that mike richards will have a mind. North korea like a person who's gonna like follow you around. He doesn't screw up the process of finding on your side. I mean he keeps his job and they put somebody in charge of him. It's like just put that person in the job and delete the richards. Let's just my osmose. Thanks for listening now and then again a second time on a difference training streaming service or to or you could always leave us a nice review wherever you're listening to this podcast but do it on applebrook. Because that's where travis reads them but he does love them like this one from j rod rocks at that so much like the kid screen name that i had a crush on in high school that it just put a little flutter through my my body. Do we remember the kid. You ain't got no. It's jay rock but remember when you would put the little special noises on when someone would come on. Am lou was a little in dick because it meant that they were there. It didn't mean we're going to talk to each other but it meant that the opportunity was there and you're like they might. Im me am them. Anyway that's how. I'm feeling right now. Don't delete it and make it say jay rock five ten by the way i'm jay. Jay rocks five ten. That says quote. I started listening from the beginning in march. Oh really and just got to the beginning of covert on the sports time. Line as a farmer. Hoboken resident i one thousand percent fuel. Katie's pain in the poor layout of the hoboken n. P. and lack of booze stay strong. Thank you so much on an am anymore. it's a i forget acme. It's where you buy all of your tnt for blowing up coyotes boy. Does this person gonna have heard awakening with Some changes at half the guy and he doesn't even know that exist. he's like what are they. Yeah he's actually not even going to hear this for a while and then he's like me fun time yeah well and lastly don't forget you can always leave a voice mail. The number is eight six. Oh five or six five seven one but if you just type sports into your phone should be saved there in your phone book. You probably did it when you were drunk. One of the more productive things people in the room right now have done while drunk. And lastly don't forget you can always. I said that. Why am i saying that again. Say goodbye travis. Boy love you. Do you own rent your home. Sure you do. Fortunately geico makes it easy to bundle your home and car insurance. It's a good thing too. Because having a home is hard work go to geico dot com. 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