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McGregor vs. Cerrone Press Conference Reaction With Chael Sonnen, Fan Calls


Gets into his flow. He just posted too. Many threats around feeling called against fully prepared fully committed Conor McGregor stupid. To think at this man doesn't have wrestling defense or some kind of grappling defense. And it's me at this game. I made this game. What it is you know? We stay smits Tom. You shouldn't get near although we'll be blood spilled it will not be bad blood and it will be Ko gentlemen. Welcome back in your life on this Wednesday night here in Las Vegas Nevada Hogan everyone and welcome to a very special edition vary Hawaii's Emma may show right here on. ESPN radio oh the SPN APP and Siriusxm Channel Eighty. We are instant city and it is nine. PM Pacific Time a little. After nine Pierre nine zero three to be exact but more importantly midnight on east coast twelve o three. Am and I am told that the freaks come out at night. That's what I'm told from the the radio vets at ESPN. So I specifically asked for this time slot because I wanna hear from the FREAKS. We've got a lot to talk about on on this Wednesday evening. The you have to forty six press conference is in the books. It is the highly anticipated return of Conor McGregor. The notorious Conor McGregor who did not fight once in twenty nine thousand nine who had unbelievably Tumultuous Twenty Nineteen. His last appearance inside the Octagon October of two thousand eighteen. He lost to Habibur Mogomedov in a fight. That was dark. That was heavy. That was At times times uncomfortable the trash talk vitriol. The venom being spewed by both men and in particular conor McGregor leading up to that fight was not fun. The fight itself itself was cool. It was fun it was it was dramatic at times. The aftermath was ugly and could have gotten a lot worse. It was here in Las Vegas. You Recall Habib even and his team. I thought incited it. All by Habib first jumping over the cage and Going after conner's team and then he'll be team going early in the cage after connor and everyone got to spend it was just a whole mess of a situation where we haven't seen connor flight since then and like I said twenty nineteen one to forget. Multiple will run INS with the law here in the United States issues back home in Ireland accusations allegations and for a minute. We thought maybe he wouldn't come back but he was actually trying wrong by the way to come back over. The summer broke his left. Hand that derail things that delayed things but now here we are January eighteenth. It goes down. T. Mobile the arena. Las Vegas you have to forty six. At one hundred seventy pounds Conor McGregor going up against Donald Sharoni. In fact this rivalry if you will started back back in two thousand fifteen at a press conference here in Vegas where they went back and forth and now here we are like four and a half or so years later. They're actually going to fight. The stakes couldn't be higher fire. And it's interesting because this is the first time in Connor's career that excuse me first time over the past five years of Connor's career that he is not fighting for the belt or that he is not a champion going into a fight but still the stakes feel incredibly high. Why because he needs to get back on track? He hasn't want since November of two thousand sixteen. His last win was against Eddie Alvarez Madison Square Garden where he made history by becoming the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time then of course when after the mayweather fight light fought him in August of two thousand. Seventeen here in Las Vegas went ten rounds ultimately lost. That fight took almost a year off Fox Habib and then then last year was inactive. He has to win. He has to look good and all eyes are going to be on how he looks how he behaves. What he says afterwards on on Saturday night in Las Vegas Tonight on this program? I want to hear from all of you. I WANNA get your say on what you thought about the press conference what you think about the fight. What you think of this this new conor McGregor what you think about the dynamic between both connor answer only where he goes from here with victory? Anything goes whatever's on your mind. I want to hear it. So gimme a call one. Triple eight seven to nine three seven seven six one eight hundred eighty eight say. ESPN that's the number to call one. Eight eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six all of our callers. All of our guests appear on the Shell Pennzoil performance line and of course. ESPN radio's presented by Progressive Progressive Insurance. Now it's time for straight talk brought to you by straight talk wireless. This is the straight talk as far as the press conference. That happened just about for so hours ago here in Las Vegas Vegas I. Everyone wanted to know if connor would be late. He's notorious for that. Pardon the PUN. That's his thing guess. What not only was he on time when he was actually early? Twenty minutes early they started exactly at five. PM Pacific Great Sign Right and what has been the main talking point going into this fight since my interview with him aired aired on my show on Monday area. Who WanNa know more than may show on the planet? You probably already big fan of it. If you're not get with the program anyway. The big story was the new connor. Wow He's so calm. He so collected he so zen. Like where's the. Where's the trash talking conor McGregor? Where's the mean conor McGregor under? where's the Connor McGregor? Who Likes to put down opponent? Looks a talk himself up. He seems so at peace so happy and going into that interview. His team kept telling me no. He's really really happy. There's been no issues. He's back on track. In fact he's in a better place was back in two thousand fifteen. Two Thousand Sixteen Prime Conor McGregor rigger. It's actually true. Him Fighting on one seventy not having to cut anyway not fighting a one fifty five just focusing on the training having an opponent opponent. That isn't getting under his skin where there's no bad blood with him in the this is all working in our favor and I was like yeah guys come on. This is a cliche. We hear this in the fight. Game the time all the the fighters coming back and oh you know. He's he's he's looking better than ever any feels better than ever and he's fighting better than ever and he's training better than ever. Yeah Yeah we heard that. And then they stumble. It's like there's a bunch of excuses and I sat in front of him and then I spoke to him for an hour and now I believe it I believe that once seventy was the right call when I didn't initially initially I believe he's in a very good place I believe he's happy. I believe he's back mentally physically and what we saw at the press conference today was a man who I think thought he was about to lose all of this. You heard him say I'm so happy to be back in Las Vegas. I'm so happy to be back in America. I'm so happy to be fighting again. I respect my opponent kept thanking the audience. It was like he was at a a Disney world parade like waving to everyone just happy to be on display. He was going down the path of being that stereotypical fighter who almost blew woodall. who had nothing one everything and then was about to lose everything and I think he recognizes that this is the second chance and he'd better not blow it and so so he's been on good behavior and I'm not going to say for the rest of his career? He's going to be an angel but I think it was important for him and his team considering everything that happened to him everything that he did to himself all very much self-inflicted last year things that were indefensible. I think it's been important for them to be on their best behavior to be on time to be respectful to represent themselves and the sport and you have seen the best light possible. And he's doing that. This has been a phenomenal week. No drama no issues. No stumbles even with all the the bad stuff. Still kind of lingering hanging over him he's handling handling it all very well impressively and so to me. It felt like a guy who was just happy to be back happy to be there thirty almost lost it all enjoy the moment and I know there are some people who were a little upset you want to see the clown perform perform in front of you. You want to see the show you want to see him dancing in front of you right. You WanNa see all that stuff. I I get that but this. Isn't that fight. This isn't that moment for him. He doesn't want that if you were reading. The tea leaves. If you're paying attention you've known it was going to go down like that exactly exactly like that. That wasn't a surprise to me. That press conference was never going to be filled with fireworks vitriol. None of that stuff and Saronic not that Kinda Guy. He's not that kind of trash talking guy. He's not the Kinda guy that wants to get under his opponent skin. But here's my theory. I have a theory for all of you. Everyone walked away from the press conference saying all right there was respect. They were nice to each other. You know a couple of lines. Oh you know blood will be spilled but no bad. Blood will be spilt great line from kind of Gregory. You heard at the top of the show but I have a theory. There actually was mental warfare. There actually was mental warfare. Being played by Conor McGregor. Maybe subconsciously but I do believe mental warfare was played. You may think I'm crazy by saying this because it was so nice because there was so much so much love it was like a mutual admiration society but there was mental warfare. After after the break. I'll tell you exactly what that mental warfare was and in fact my great friend and colleague the One and only Chelsea son and the man with the largest arms at a Westland Oregon my colleague here at Espn one of the brightest minds in the history of the game as far as promotion is concerned. He'll join me. I'm going to tell them what my theory is is as far as the mental warfare. And I'll get his take on that I want to hear from you one triple eight say. ESPN one eight eight eight seven nine. Three seven seven six. That's the number to call this. This was straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless everything for less only at Walmart. Don't go anywhere we're going to hear from chill P after the break. We're going to hear from all of you we. We got a lot more to discuss right here on the number one show on the planet the Hell WanNa show on. ESPN radio as you. All know me huge basketball fan so so whenever I want to listen to an in depth conversation about the National Basketball Association I go to my guys Zach Lowe. What a show? What a podcast? The low post podcasts incredible credible but in his latest episode of the low post podcast. It's a particularly important one as he talks to UTAH. Jazz for Joe Ingles. WHO's a native of Australia? And if you've been following following the news over the past few weeks you're probably well aware of the terrible wildfires raging over there and so if you've been wondering how you can help lend a hand and supporting the fight against it's the fires Joe will tell you how on the latest low post podcast which you can find wherever you get your podcast. It's the Hawaii show right here on. ESPN ESPN RADIO ESPN APP. SIRIUSXM channel. Eighty we are live in Las Vegas Nevada. Getting you set for you have see to forty six. The return turn of the notorious Conor McGregor his first fight since October of two thousand eighteen. He's going up against Donald cerrone cowboys. Aronie it's on. ESPN plus pay per view. Everyone's ones buzzing. It's a it's a big scene here. They're expecting a gate of more than ten million dollars. Obviously whenever connor fights it's a big deal the press conferences. Tis are always a big deal. This time around. The press conference just ended a few hours ago and there wasn't a strong Irish presence and that's expected it's after the holidays. They're not expecting a lot of Irish. Is people come over but it sold out and a lot of people are obviously very excited locally all over the place I mean. People have traveled from all but I don't think we'll see the same kind of Irish presence that that we saw back in two thousand fifteen two thousand sixteen days. ESPN radio's presented by progressive insurance. All callers appear on the Shell Pennzoil performance line. You can give give us a call right now. One triple eight seven to nine three seven seven six. That's one eighty eight say. ESPN and we're brought to you by the Shell. V Power NITRO PLUS PREMIUM GASOLINE SELENA engineered with four levels of defense against gunk wear corrosion and friction so Prior to the break. I said that I actually thought that mental warfare where was played at the press conference. Everyone's saying Oh is nice pleasantries all that stuff more but actually think that something really interesting and smart happen. Let me say hello to my good friend and colleague one of the brightest minds in the history of this fight game the one and only showpiece son informer UFC title contender former belt or title contender. And just all around great guy. He's probably in bed right now. He wants to be sleeping but I've asked him to do one Hick today because we've been out of seven and Chelsea how are you. What's up here? One eight seven. Am Sun early for me from the country up early every day. It's nice to hear your voice. Oh by the way it is very nice. I missed you. I mean I saw like two hours ago and it's been a great day. We started the show. Excuse me the day on the Strip Caesar's palace we did Arie on the bad guys up on. ESPN plus the platform that we built That was fun. We got to do a whole bunch of stuff throughout the day. We're going to be doing doing a whole bunch of stuff all week long here in Vegas but the big story of the day. Of course. The press conference highly anticipated. Everyone wants to see what kind of connor would show up with. The VIBE was between before I ask you about my theory I let me ask you this scale of one to ten. How would you rate that from an entertainment standpoint? I loved it I loved it because because of the old bits McMahon philosophy always give the crowd what they want but never give them what they're expecting. I like that and I think conor is going to go. You know he's GonNa go hot sometimes on a scale scale of one to ten he's GonNa come at you at ten every now and then he's gotta go with two or three. I mean a great way to make people here. You isn't to shout it's to lower your voice voice and force them to listen a little bit clear but I have to tell you. You did a great tease at a great leader. I am dying. What what is your theory? What really do you think happened happened today? Okay so this is it. We know that historically Donald Surani sometimes on the big stage you know. He stumbles historically when the going gets tough he tends to. He tends to turtle up a little bit you know. He's fought for the multiple times and W C world extreme cage fighting back in the day and of course now and you have see. He never won the big one and even when he's not fighting for the belt. When it's a big stage he falters and so what I think conor did subconsciously consciously was ler him in false all sense of security where buds? This is going to be fun. It's going to be like an old sparring match. There's nothing to worry about here. It's going to be okay because look at what happened exactly aclu year ago. Exactly you're going to Brooklyn first event on. Espn Alex Hernandez what did he do. He poked him remember. He said if I soon the hotel he's an old man I'm going to retire. Hire him all that stuff you remember. How Hot Surani was how Mattie was? How disrespected he felt and look at the Surani that showed up? Connor doesn't want that Surani. He wants a happy Surani. Happy to be happy. Happy to take part in the in the connor show and Bam Saturday night. BAM head kick Bam left-hand Bam you're done in round one. I think he was playing tricks with him. I I think he actually feels. Now it's running. We're buds it's not going to be so bad and connor was playing and that's the mental warfare. What do you think okay make? No mistake okay. Yes Congress is going to step in the back absolutely within the rules and Donald Lauren. Conrad trying to play that same day with him and he's going going to step in the back as well. Look I like everything that you just said. I don't know if I will subscribe quite to the fact that it was calculated in predetermined. I think it was more unintentional. I do agree with you that that is what happened for whatever reason. Connor is not very nice behavior. Not for nothing. When Connor wants to be a gentleman he is quite a gentleman? I mean he could be very complimentary at times. I thought I want to go. And then he was going to be pretty nice to Donald. I think you predicted the same. However here's a part I had wrong I oh I thought that conner would spew plenty of Benham? He would just shoot. The Benham added the S. brother at copied ATMA's but I thought he would pick his shots and then remain main humbling kind to throw me. I was wrong about that. He man when he cooled down. He called it all the way and by the way. I don't know if you picked up on this but a very big thing for connor At press conferences historically and the way in for that matter as well when connor does a face off he cannot be trusted. I mean they don't white has to break a sweat every time time. He's gotTa get involved sometimes Dana pushing so far apart I would. Somebody caught her through a kick at them and just like barely missed like connor can't be trusted face to face and I thought okay. They're going to clear the tables tables and this is where he'll turn comes but it never came and quite frankly for somebody to show Cowboys Aronie respect of which in fairness he has earned and he deserves. I thought it was a cool move in many ways. It wasn't what we tuned. In or but era I am glad I did if I'd be fair with you. We're talking to tell son in here on. ESPN PIN radio. ESPN APP Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty. Were breaking down the press conference that we do here in the world of mixed martial arts like the NBA press conferences. Come and go and no one cares about them. In in our sport we actually do shows based off of press conferences. That's how much fun this sport is. All right everyone needs to lighten up a little bit and just have a little fun and it was great entertainment but one thing that I thought Surani did wrong. Chill he said Hey. We're all good as long as you. We'll talk about my grandma's lines we're talking about family. We're all good connor. That's me to me. That's a guy who's saying like please I don't want any harm. I don't want want any trouble please. Just don't make a personal. And so what did Connor do. He did exactly what Sironi asked him to do. It's not personal buddy. We're friends and then come Saturday. He's GonNa go for the knockout very early. He's he's it's so to me it was. It was brilliant. It was a different kind of brilliant. It wasn't the same kind of aggressive connor that we've seen in the past but it was the one who is here little kitty kitty and then cup lamb no air. I'm not going to be able to sleep at night. I'm not gonNa live with the fact that you are. We're giving so much credit to this. Your analysis and interpretation of what happened is completely correct. I don't disagree. You're feeling the audience. But there's a part of you giving living connor credit for a mental manipulation. Yes that I don't WanNa take credit for it because I don't believe that he tactically and strategically earned it. I do. I think it's a byproduct I think everything that you had is true. And yes he's looking to complain and he's going to ask back. I just think you're giving a little bit too much now. Read it to his strategy strategy. I really think it was unintentional. You're crazy We have thirty seconds on me. Ask You faced off. Size has been a big talking point going into this fight you feel like Surani. It has a size advantage. Yes I do. And by the way thrown had a a great jacket on not for nothing worth metrics. Yeah I think that size is a real thing. Look if you hit somebody the size that they are. I mean it's kind of like chopping down a tree. You need a whole bunch of shots. If if it's a big tree you just do it could just take more it can just absorb. It's a very real thing. What connor has the knockout power? I don't question that. But he's not gonNA get one shot like he has. Some people use Josie by example. It's not that kind of fight love. You can go back to bed now. Thank you love you son and joining us your calls. I promise after the break we're talking. UFC Two forty be six right here on ESPN radio. Don't go anywhere Viva Las Vegas. It's the Hawaii show right here on. ESPN radio these Sirius. Xm Channel Eighty. Thank you very much by the way to our good friends over at ESPN radio eleven. Hundred here in Vegas for allowing me to do the show here special Wednesday late Wednesday early Thursday morning depending on where you are addition of the Hawaii show it is nine thirty two. PM Pacific Time Twelve thirty two am am on the East Coast. And we are talking all things Conor McGregor versus Donald Sharoni. One triple eight seven to nine three seven six one eight eight eight say. ESPN that's the number number to call it. UPN radio by the way is presented by progressive insurance creators of the name. Your price tool choose from a range of coverage options and pick the price that works for you visit visit Progressive Dot com today so I said calls we want him. We got him nick. Pittsburgh Europe I. What's on your mind Ariel? Oh my gosh. I can't believe we're speaking. This is amazing for having. Oh Gee maybe you need to have this on your Monday shows like maybe once a month a little phone call actually a little bit cook. We break the fourth wall here for a second. This show needs to be on every day. All right enough of Dili. I'll put everyone on bless this show on. ESPN radio every day. Anyone who thinks there's nothing to talk about this sport doesn't have an off season. There's always something to talk talk about. Is there a better show. Is there a show. That's more in tune with the fans. And what they want to talk about what they have on their mind than this one. No anyway back to you. I'm in Pittsburgh. Berg talking to area Halawani right what he sits across from Qatar Mcgregor bird with what do you mean. Oh my gosh but but now there's no shit okay. A couple of this is this is good to see connor back but you know this notion that this is a new connor. You know you wait until Mas Ospital COMINGTON anybody stand in front of him and starts now thing off. I have a feeling we're going to see the old connor starts to come back and I mean it's not only just that you know everybody is writing cowboy off. I mean I think conor is GonNa win but what if you know we go in here. McGregor wants to make a statement. You know he's been and submitted a couple of times he wants to try to submit. You know Surani trying to send a message and you know Surani catches and slipping real quick and then you know Surani tries to go get his. BMI SPELL B. Where does that leave McGregor? What happened to McGregor if that happens? Okay we'll make you said a lot there first first of all. I don't think anyone is suggesting that the old connor can come back at some point. I mean he's not like a completely different guy didn't walk into a booth and you know change himself in a completely different human but I think what was important. was that for this fight. He showed up a little different a little more relaxed more calm just less aggressive and I think he's accomplished that does not. Everything's he's GonNa Change leading up to this fight so that's number one number two. Yeah you're right I mean cowboy can win this fight. He's no bum. I think he has been a little bit disrespected. The guys the winningest fighter. Can you see history. He can win this fight in many different ways. His ground game is underrated in my opinion and the fact that it's happening seventy probably favors him because he is the bigger fighter and the more natural seventy pounds. But here's another thing that's being talked about historically connor fights guys who are on winning streak winning streaks excuse me their confidence is very high. They're feeling good about themselves. They want five zero six zero seven in a row. Right I mean although and Mayweather Mendez Eddie Alvarez just just one the belt when they fought. Here's a Guy Donald Sironi who's lost his last two. Not only has he lost his last two he was finished in his last. Two and those fights happened happened in the last seven months. What's his confidence like? How's he feeling about himself? Where's he at mentally so there's a lot at stake here? There's a lot at play and I think that's that's what makes this fight so much fun. Let's go back to the phone lines. Great Call my mouth. Let's go to Jack in Harrisonburg Jack. What's up hey funny that's awesome? You know as I just you know wanted to make a point you know I think you know which mcgregor a greater his downfall really happen but the mayweather fight and I don't think after that he he was saying. I all the controversies everything you know. It got to his head but I think he's finally back to where US like. Okay I'm good and I'm not GonNa talk trash anymore until I finally win again Canal Valley when he's GonNa do that he's back Jack thing. Here's the thing yes you can look at. That may whether fight as a turning point and I think there's something you be said for the fact that look I referenced this all the time but it's a real thing Marvin hagler great boxer once said it's hard to wake up at five. AM when you're waking up in Silk Pyjamas and all of a sudden he has sought pajamas. He's got a lot of them and he's got silk sheets and all the possessions of the world and the Nice cars it's up and yeah maybe he lost a little bit. He lost that drive. Dr But here's the thing. He may have lost the drive but then last year he almost lost it all. He almost went away he almost screwed it all up. You know what I mean. And that's a scary thing for a young man who's thirty one years old and has two children and I think he saw the light and I think he now realizes I can't screw this up. Now you know remains to be seen we've heard this athletes before but at least for right now he's saying all the right things could Derek in Chicago Derek. What's up Derek? Are you there Derek. What's up yeah how you doing? You're on the air my man what's up. Yeah Yeah my question is Do you think this is a new conor McGregor due to the laws to took a beat. And you think you take his trash talk will ever be the same after what happened between him and could be and and I think that it depends on the opponent I think he has no animosity towards Donald Sharoni. So he doesn't have to trash talk him. I think that I see a lot of people saying Habib humbled them. Listen to how he talks about the Hubby fight. He thinks he should have won that fight. He thinks he mistake self-inflicted mistakes write the drinking all that stuff. He thinks that he actually did better than people think he did in that. I don't think he'll be pummeled them. I think what happened last year. Humbled him I think two thousand and nine thousand nine humbled them. I think being a jail cell Miami humbled them I think the allegations humbled them. I think him acting a fool humbled them. I don't think he'd like to us. It could be that way but I don't think internally he feels Kabaeva pummeled them and he thinks that he could beat him nine times out of ten. Let's go do nate in Columbus Nate. What's up what's going on man? What's going on man how you doing great? Hey so so. Here's the thing McGregor eight humbled. Let's let's just get that out there. Okay he's still the same person Persson he was even before the mayweather fight is a hype. He's a hyped fighter. And here's the thing that a lot of people don't don't take into account account for A. I saw something today. Where online or on social media where he said you know he saw Lebron spends hundred fifty million a year on taking taking care of his body and McGregor realized that? So that's GONNA help. Prepare him to be a better fighter. But then also there are people in his camp that really that are really like substantially good fighters at is weak spots so like Dylan Danis being a world class Ju Jitsu or more Moi Tie fighter. I mean that like working with Dylan. Dana's every day is going to to prepare him to be a better ground fighter so I give McGregor this fight because he's going to be a better ground fighter. You're going to be a better striker. Like he always has been. He's that he is a world. Class striker always has been but now he's got ground game on point and it's GonNa be all McGregor Schwinn say. Thank you for giving me the time to talk. Doc in the air have a great night and go bucks baby all right. which books are we talking about by the way we're talking about the Tampa Bay buccaneers the Milwaukee Bucks the Pittsburgh Pirates? I don't no no let's go to Joe in Chicago. Joe What's up going. Thanks for having me So I got two things. I WANNA share theory About Qatar augurs gauge. I'm sorry Cowboy vers gates after that and the DC the Mike engage face and he said you know there's Irishman next for you and as you I know he's retired. I want a real fighter so I believe that's why cowboy and he in backlash you blew. Psychology didn't work. Well actually I think it bothered him that gate. She was so personal with his trash talk. I think that bothered him. I think he'd like the fact. That ceremony was a lot more respectful. But all right I it's a fair point but I think it was more about the the personal tax. What was number two? Okay okay So number two I'm a big. I'm a big bear fan after his Shuki points last year The jump on Rachel Nichols She kinda go into his Sexual assault allegations and then you today. At the press conference there was a question regarding that I just wanted to like. Where's the line between like? Are we just going to judge them as entertainers ballplayers or like people. You know Was that question. You think Fair for McGregor tonight after the answering all this stuff on. ESPN like Dana. Said and stuff like that obviously. It's a very valid question but Do you think time is right for that or not. I think it was fair because a lot of other reporters. I haven't had a chance to ask. I didn't even know what the question was because he got cut off. I think the fans and look this is going to happen. You're doing a press conference in front of fans and they get rowdy audience they have their own agendas far as how they want the press conference to go I. I don't think it was right for them to bu but in particular I don't I think Dana White thought that he was helping Connor conor by saying he's not going to answer that we've already addressed it. I think he actually did them a disservice. I think Colin was ready to talk about it. I think he was ready to answer. Whatever question was being thrown at him same way? He was ready to answer them when I asked him about. It didn't say anything before hinder. After and I think Dana was trying to take a bullet for him so to speak and I think he actually did. It serves because now now people are saying like oh he has something to hide he shouldn't have done et Cetera. Let them answer it. It's his business. It's his story and then move on and at that point. Oh you could say look I answered it today I answered it with Arie on. ESPN we're moving on. I'm an innocent man and The the truth will come out time time. GimMe patients all that stuff. But I think by just jumping in there without letting him speak actually did them a disservice. The fans should be ashamed of themselves. You should not be bullying reporting should know y you are are there. That's for the media is a press conference press conference press conference press being the operative word let the man do his job ask question be quiet and then react F. words words and let Connor have his say I think they should just let him speak move on and everyone's happy. Unfortunately that did not happen. All right one more break much more of your calls to forty forty six talk special guests all that and more in the last break for now though standby how Lonnie show. ESPN radio you have to forty six right here on. ESPN radio you the APP and Siriusxm Challenge. We're back after this. There is on fire coming up here in March. There's no main event yet. Things go okay on on Saturday inge quickly Yes yes God willing become here safe and from this bound Saturday night mostly might be well attainable. And who would that be you. Think lawing them or not I couldn't care any weights anything. I'm in prime condition and ready to go. Welcome back to the Hawaii show right here on. ESPN RADIO ESPN APP. And SIRIUSXM channel. Eighty that was from from the UFC. Two Forty six press conference earlier today in Las Vegas. That was my colleague. Marker Monday asking CONOR McGregor just how quickly he can return to Action Shen if all goes well if he walks away relatively unscathed on Saturday night against Donald cerrone and he has lofty goals for twenty twenty says he he wants to fight at least three times. Maybe four told me on Friday that. Hey if all goes well if this goes like. I think it's going to go. Why oh I can't fight next next month now? It's going to happen next month. Because there's a pay per view already booked in Houston and it's it's filled up. They're not going to put them on that card. But I threw out a very what I thought was a very interesting theory on. ESPN DOT COM. This morning. You can see the article. It's up there now. What if conor McGregor defeats Donald Thrown in the relatively really quickly on Saturday night what if he knocks him out in like two minutes could he possibly turn around and fight on March seventh here in Las Vegas March seven? There's a pay per view T.. Mobile arena is a CO main event. John Wayne Lee. You WanNA NJ check throwaway title but this domain Donovan. They want Israel Adesanya to fight. You'll Romero they're having issues with the last style vendor contract issues. They can't agree on terms. Conor wins. Slide them right in their muscles here. He's training he's holding a press conference tomorrow. He wants that fight. Mazda O'Connor conor connor who's connor anyone connor nate Diaz Connor. Nate's luck getting surgery. He's good can they turn turn it around. Can they come to terms with connor. They need a main event. He says he wants to do it so I thought that answer was very interesting. The question was interesting. Good on mark for asking. Let's go back to the phone lines. Let's say hello to Nina in Los Angeles Nina. What's up Inari there Nina going and once all right? Let's go to Tanner in Chicago. Tanner what's up. Hey Areo hey what's up I just wanted to say thanks for taking the call. It's a pleasure to talk to you a student journalists myself and you cover the most bad ass sport and the game so thank you for taking the call So my question for you is If Connor were to and certainly don't hope at this happens and I don't think that this happens but if connor were to lose the cowboy but he still wants to continue his fighting career should he possibly consider moving trying to a different camp. Especially after all the you know over analyze Asian of the you know the whole John. Cavanaugh comment about Connor running the camp and I think Luke Thomas had like a really interesting quote about he was talking about his camp talks like talk about him as if he's like a dictator later so you know he's Kinda surrounded by yes men. Should he consider moving to a camp where he is Coached by people. That won't just treat him and as if he's a God. Listen Congressmen with the same guys. Since Day. One in fact he brought his his early. You know his first. Boxing coach ever is first combat. Sports coach Phil Sutcliffe two-time Olympian from Kremlin boxing club. He brought him back. Say what you will about Kinda McGregor the person the fight or whatever you want. This man is incredibly loyal. He's not doing. I went back and listen to my very first interview with him in two thousand thirteen and the one thing he said in that interview that stands out till this day he said I will never leave Ireland I will never leave as BG. I will never turn my back on my team and look at corner. It's the same guys. Owen Roddy John Cavanagh Sergei the wrestling coach Artem logo. Same guys. What is this Dick? What are you talking about? These are the same guys. Look at the success they had together for all those years. You think it was those guys that lost the Habib Fight Forum maybe the four days of partying in between training sessions. Maybe he was that or maybe it's just that could be better. How about that? Maybe that's possible and then prior to that was a mayweather fight which he was finding. I was forty nine. And he's a guy who was Owino going into that boxing match in boxing right so I mean I think it's a little much. I think John's comments were twisted. And maybe taken out of context. Who cares what they say to all of us really who cares? Do you really think that a guy with this much at stake with this much to lose is just going to go out there and not surround himself with people who are going to make them better. Like at the end of the day superstars superstars. They can do whatever whatever they want. He's GonNa put himself in position to be surrounded by people who make him comfortable who he trusts who's own interests in mind. Best interests ridiculous thing. He's not leaving these guys. I don't care what you say anyway. Let's we only a couple of minutes. I don't I don't I don't understand Dan. How the only gave us an hour here on his? What could they possibly be talking about tonight other than UFC to forty six the return of Connor McGregor? We've got like two minutes. It's left and I promised my mark money we're really late to get to mark and that's on me but we had so many calls every mark. Are you there two minutes yes. It's it's actually ended and a half. It's Mark Lundy of ESPN DOT COM. He's the one that asked that question to Connor McGregor. And so let me ask you this you ask them the question about the quick turnaround do you think if you winds in two three minutes that he actually can turn around and fight on March seventh and if so who would you book them against. It seems like that's there's been doing and NFL UFC. Why wouldn't you want convert her back in? I mean this week's not not even not even two months against that. I mean just engage. You seem like he's available. Bowl is is whore. Mas It all back from I know and this is after the Yes right. I mean like Conrad said at the press conference lineup. I mean there are a lot the possibilities for that. Is that potential fight if it's going to happen Really Inter Inter relatively short amount of time mark. This is your appearance ever on any of my shows. Thank you very much for your contributions should be should but we're out of time. I love you very much. This has been incredible. Thanks to everyone for tuning in. Thanks everyone back in Bristol. TST ANCO it's been a great night right here in Las Vegas. They only gave me the only game in our. Could you believe it or back on Saturday for three hours so we got a lot more to discuss for now we say good night how Lonnie show. ESPN ESPN radio. The APP Siriusxm Channel Eighty. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for tuning in and we love you all and we'll talk to you on Saturday. We'll yeah well. You didn't think that we would actually say goodbye on a Wednesday without our minimalist tip of the week would you. I know we were on the radio. I know we're big time. I know we're in Las Vegas. We're getting set for two forty six return McGregor Sironi all that stuff more but tradition is tradition. We gotta stick to the script each and every Wednesday. TST minimalist of the week. I need this you need. This troy hit the music. Yes tease minimalist. Okay aerial so I'm very excited heading back to Vegas for my first con regretted fight and I gotta say I took a little inspiration away from in your sit down interview with Conor McGregor that aired and I want to play this piece of sound this little quote from Connor. Quick to set up the tip of the week for me. It's not about me. I'm in a position where it's not forever. Now this is not only from me and automated so no one will stop my hunger Fridays on my hunger to to compete and entertainment and just live my life the way I wanna live in the way I enjoyed the live in. It's too much money and without awareness of in the past can be dangerous. You know we we can. There's no limits there's no boundaries. You can do anything he can go anywhere you can am. I want to do what I enjoy the on. And this is what I enjoyed going to keep the on and and now I'm doing it full steam ahead and I'm in the best shape of my life mental and physical so with this renewed sense of purpose that Conor McGregor has he is adopting some minimalist principles aerial. He is realizing that even though he has all the money in the world and obviously no for me new scaling down and for your average person rescaling downturns the amount of money we have but he is realizing that things that you can buy anything he wants. But that's not what makes you whole. That's not what makes you a a better person. We have these voids in our lives. We feel West accomplished. Or there's something there's something that is missing we try to fill it with stuff. That doesn't maybe. It fills a void or lie for a day for a week. Maybe a month but then it goes away that initial Pang of joy that you feel goes away and and it fades away and connor. What he is realizing is that things are important? It's the kind of person I am. That's what people remember me by. And that's what I want to you. Rub Off on people who I am not the things that I have. Were you disappointed in that moment. That my follow up question to that statement wasn't have you adopted the minimalist lifestyle. Have you been listening to. TST Did you feel like that was a missed opportunity. My part yeah I mean honestly. I'm surprised he didn't throw it out there right there on camera on air show on Monday that. TST has been impacting him. Yeah I think you have But but see this is interesting because you're saying this and it all sounds good but true or false true or false before we went on the air this evening and what show was so great to be on the radio. I love doing it. Thank you very much by the way to everyone at ESPN forgiving us up to you. I know I kind of play the whole like I want more. But it's honestly an honor and a privilege to even get an hour if if I'm being a hundred percent honest but true or false. You told me you're not buying this act. This changed. Act The nice guy. You're not buying it. So which is it. Is it the minimalist lifestyle that he's adopting or is he just putting on an act so for my purposes whether he means it or not I wanted to take this opportunity to expound on however I don't think this is the genuine. This is genuine one bit really. Think of everything that happened with. Conrad Gregor Twenty nineteen incidents arrest. Bad things happened. I'm all for second can chances but do people really change that quickly. I'm skeptical. I mean this is a guy who famous changed him. Money has changed him. I mean I know he just went on this little minimalist thing here but I'm not necessarily sure if I buy it. I think he's trying to fool people and I think he's on to this little redemption tour right now and he's just keeping it calm and you know using that conspiracy theory that you were alluding to earlier to try to trick people. I think he's tricking us. Wow this is fascinating thing because it feels like Kirkman wrong feels like the public is is buying right. Yeah sure people when he's changed when I spoke to him in August that interview right after the footage was released of him punching the man in the bar. I think most people weren't buying it. They felt he was not being sincere. They felt it was is just you know some sort of script that he was reading from his PR team. But I felt this time around. Not just in my interview but everything that he has said and done over the past five or so days since the the build up for this fight really ramped up. I feel like people are buying it at least for now and like I said on the air it might change. He gets booked against nate nate. He is booked against forbid. He is booked against Tony. Ferguson H. E. WHO's made it very personal. I feel like maybe guy could come out. I mean this is a man connor. I've asked him before are you know has a bit of an anger prom. He he sometimes can't control it and I get that but right now it seems like he's in a good place. He seems happy to me. He seems very genuine. You look at him on that stage. He's happy to be there. He's authentic he's appreciative. He's respectful. Why can't we just take that for what it is? Why do we have to say that? It's it's disingenuous or it's not real it's inauthentic it's fake. Why can't you just trust that? The man's in a good place. He's happy he doesn't want any problems he doesn't want any drama. He just wants to fight. Okay well we shall see. We shall see Saturday night. You have see to forty six to return of Conor McGregor. Her and like I said over the past year Conor McGregor versus a broomstick is a big deal like him. Fighting is the story here. CERRONE is a good part of the story and the fact that he's getting his fighting the big payday. That's all well and good but the story on Saturday night that we want to see okay. How plays out is whether or not he wins whether or not he wins impressively and if he loses where does he go from here? Because there's a real story to be told he loses. Does he come back. Does he want to keep going at that point does he say I don't have it anymore. I don't feel like doing this. There's so many questions that are going to be answered not just for Connor for the future of the one seventy division for Horry Mas Vidal for tomorrow's men then for the one fifty five pound vision. He controls so much. He's the only guy that controls everything from one fifty five to one seventy. Maybe even a little one forty five to why the hell not. That's why it's so fun when he's around when he's back when he's thriving it's just a different kind of fight week and we're in the midst of it and we're having a last Thursday. We're going to have Maswadeh. I'll talk to the press talking to the press Connor Rooney and the rest of the two forty six card. Friday wayans so much more coverage coming your way okay and once again Saturday from four to seven eastern live on. ESPN radio myself. TST The rest of the group. We're going to be taking your calls when we talk in a special guests getting you set on fight day flash fight night for the big return of Conor McGregor in UFC two forty-six for now. Though we're at a time thank you very much for listening downloading loading subscribing. It is so great be covering this car for ESPN. It is an honor. It is a privilege. It is a blast. I'm having so much fun. I'll talk to you next time. An interesting creature habits. The flat arid plains of many an automobile dashboard the bobblehead. 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