Morning Joe 12/17/20


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Mj for fifty dollars off bollandbranch dot com promo code mj restrictions may apply bollandbranch dot com for details is gonna disappear. It's going disappear. It would go away without the vaccine. George but it's going to go a lot faster with go away without the vaccine. Sure over a period of time. Sure with time because any deaths and you'll develop you'll developed her like a herd mentality. it's going to be. It's going to be heard developed and that's going to happen. That will all happen. I mean seriously what a. It's hard to hear what a stupid thing to say. You'd say it would be. What a stupid thing to say. Except he knew he was lying. You know what they tell is the tell is that he actually six seven months before he told bob woodward on tape he knew how serious this disease wise and that everything he had said after. That really was ally completely contradicted by here. We go you guys ready. Those of you that are still in this personality cult. It's all on tape. You see his confession is all on tape. Everything how deadly the disease was. how was. It wasn't the flu. I know some of you said hey. It's no different than it. Your hero said it was five times worse in the flow said that it impacted. Everybody said that it was bad. Really really bad and it was airborne then. He lied for the next six seven. Eight months was even lying during the presidential debate. How many times did he tell you starting in mortgage said it was. It was about to go away. How many times so he lied to. You might dozens of times about this disease going away and then finally the just. It's called the freudian slip in the business. A started talking about her immunity which of course he dismissed in march because it would kill two three four five million americans so mika the lies they continued throughout the campaign. The president against it's going to go away and here. We are at this stage after all the times. He said it was going away all the time. She said it was getting better all the time he said we were rounding a corner. Yeah we have rounded a corner for the worst. Joe biden was right along with ron claim when they wrote an op. Ed back in january of this year saying the pandemic's coming donald trump's not ready for it and he better listen to anthony fauci. They were right then and they were right. When joe biden said it was going to be a long cold dark winter and of course. Republicans acted freaked out about that. You know republicans you know what. I'll say freaked out about for good reason. Nine eleven and a republican president along with the democratic congress along with overwhelming number of american people really tooled our entire foreign policy apparatus for the twenty first century. We are still in the mode that we converted to after about three thousand people died on a beautiful clear fall day in new york city in september of two thousand and one changed everything. Now we have a nine eleven every day and we have a president who still simply tweets conspiracy theories and i must say many of his followers whose heart has been so hardened by the lies. Who's who's minds had been so numb by the steady stream the fire hose of falsehoods. The russian style propaganda. The nazi style propaganda. Where it's not just the big lie. It's a barrage of smaller lies that so mom followers from the truth that we can have a september eleventh every day. And they just don't give a damn about it. While the president keeps tweeting conspiracy theories hospitals keep filling up and americans keep dying a barrage of small lives and allies broken norms. It's just been made people so numb that they don't see what is happening and the what is happening is on the corner of the screen every morning when we do the show and it's the number of people dead on his watch handled this so profoundly in such a profoundly backward way those comments that we started the show with from president trump and timbre take on a new meaning this morning as yesterday we learned that top trump appointed science advisor repeatedly urged administration health officials to adopt herd immunity as a top strategy for its covid nineteen response. Willie one of many things. That happened along the way during this pandemic. That just boggles the mind. I in starting with the fact that the president didn't invoke the enforce the defense production act and get testing right. we still have terrible testing for this pandemic. Yeah we do and that story you just touched on science advisor and hhs who suggested to the president and to his boss that we try herd immunity herd. Immunity is leading the disease run. Its course literally allowing healthy people to get sick which the science advisor said in a memo to his boss. we ought to get everybody infected. We need more people infected. It's a quack theory. That's been shot down. May every doctor who's coming this show and who's spoken publicly including dr anthony fauci. He wasn't alone. scott atlas a favourite of president trump. He was for heard immunity as well. Let the disease run. Its course that was a strategy being discussed inside the highest reaches of our government. As you say now we set another record for daily deaths. Mike pence said back in june in a wall street journal op-ed there is no second wave. There will be no second wave. Were right in the moment that doctors predicted we'd be in with a surge again in the fall and the winter here after that terrible early stretch in march and april right back where they said we'd be yep no second wave and you will remember. Donald trump said wasn't coming back in the fall. Anthony fauci corrected him and said it was coming back in the fall. Redfield said it was coming back in the fall. Donald trump tried to force him to make corrections and apologize for what he said and he refused to say it. Make it these scientists. These doctors these these people who've been trying to save lives since this pandemic kit. They knew it was going to be the worst pandemic since nineteen eighteen and they had to deal with the president that constantly was pressuring them to lie to the american people. Look at that graph. These this was something that could have been mitigated that those numbers of deaths could go down. Had we done simple things had had the president led on them. This wasn't some complicated scientific journey that the country has to this simple. This was masking. This was this. Was the government getting behind a not not just vaccine research but getting the ppi and the testing to the people so that we could contact tracing and do it right. It was all done wrong and those deaths belong to donald trump. Many who knew much more than us about this would agree with that along with joe willie and me. We have politics editor for the daily beast. Sam stein nbc. News capitol hill correspondent and host of way too early casey hunt with us with news on covid relief so casey gives update from the hill on covid relief. We've heard it was going to go forward mitch. Mcconnell told us earlier in the week it probably wasn't now looks actually like it's a fait accompli. They are moving forward with the outline of deal that we talked about a couple of days ago. That's right joe. It finally seems like we're gonna get some good news here and of course this news. The most important for all of those americans set to lose jobless benefits literally the day after christmas. The sense on the hill that there was no option. They had to actually get this done and the deadline. They finally ran out of deadlines. Kept moving the timeline on this because there was always another day when they could address it. And that's simply not the case anymore and with you know as you've outlined the terrible toll that the virus is taking right now. Even as we're seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccines. There was finally realization that they absolutely had to get something out the door. So we're hearing at this point that we could see the final package later on today. It it we're kind of in that situation where you could see it get delayed for a few hours but i think that at this point everyone on both sides of the aisle all the leadership telegraphing the same thing which is that they are going to. They are going to get it done. It may take into the weekend but some some key pieces of this show. We expect this deal to include direct payments stimulus checks to americans likely in the six hundred dollar range. Some of these details are still being absolutely finalized. also extended unemployment benefits likely of about three hundred dollars a week More money for small businesses. I think one key thing to watch here in the final days is money for restaurants. It's a huge part of the economy. It affects farmers. The supply chain all the way down. It's not it's not just the restaurants themselves. They say that they're being left out. That they need special relief here. And that has been one of the last sticking points we've been reporting so something to keep an eye on here as they finally do. Close the steel but bottom line. It seems like there's good news for the holidays or we'll take the good news. sam stein. Some direct payments unemployment insurance much of course after all these months. So i guess the question people watching today is. Why did this take so long. It's not a massive deal. Like was initially proposed by nancy pelosi three trillion dollars or even the second bid at two trillion dollars. It'll come in under a trillion. I know a holiday deadline tends to hasten things in congress so congress members can get out of town but why did the american people have to wait all these months and months to get this deal too good question. I think it took this long precisely because A huge part of the congress felt like the current situation called for three trillion dollars Call for package of that magnitude And you know we got to a point where I guess enough people have decided that something is better than nothing at all you know. Prior to the election there was some coalition around one point eight trillion dollar package. And i was the deal. That steve mnuchin and intimacy were getting close to and then it just never happened and obviously the specifics here matter. there's been a push for liability coverage for businesses that mitch mcconnell wants and then on the flip side. There's been a push for state and local aid which democrats want Citing the fact that there's just not tax revenues to support public institutions Police fires fire houses schools. All that And so when you have those types of massive disagreements congress really doesn't do much and now when you're at a deadline of course congress connect I think the critics of this deal by not that you go from three trillion dollars to nine hundred billion dollars. You're gonna end up with a lot more hurt on the back end of it But i guess the end something is better than nothing so meanwhile this is what the chairman of the senate homeland security committee. Ron johnson was focused on yesterday holding a hearing on election. Irregularities the wisconsin. Republican continue to maintain that there was fraudulent voting in the twenty twenty election as did committee member rand. Paul no good god. This hearings should not be controversial. Even though courts have handed down decisions in the electoral coral colleges award. Joe biden three hundred six electoral votes. A large percentage of the american public does not believe the november election. Results are legitimate. This is not a sustainable state of affairs in our democratic republic. Today we will hear testimony and how election law laws in some cases we're not enforced and how fraudulent voting did occur as it always does but we can't just say didn't happen we can't just say four thousand people voted in nevada that were non-citizens. And we're just going to ignore it. We're gonna sweep it. Under the rug zone of the courts have decided the facts. The courts have not decided the facts. The courts never looked at the facts. The courts don't like elections since they stayed out of it by finding excuse standing or otherwise to stay out of it but the fraud happened. The election in many ways was stolen. And the only way it'll be fixed is by in the future reinforcing. The laws so what i wanna know is we've had rand on the show. What does he get out of being a liar but does he get about lying to the american people about things that he knows he's lying he's been lying to his constituents and the american people about covid from the beginning he's been shooting out conspiracy theories he's used his position as a senator to lie repeatedly this year he's used his position as a senator to lie about a stolen election. He's lying about courts. The federal courts have been quite clear. Even the wall street journal opinion page admits it national review his written new risks aditorial people who defended donald trump day in and day out despite the fact that donald trump did all the things he did over the past four years which i won't even get into the federal courts even those people that were these strongest anti anti trump voices on the hard nationalist trump est right have read the court proceedings have read. What federal judges have said. Which is that you've given me. No facts no facts from which we can provide relief. No facts at backup. Donald trump's tweets. That there was wrought widespread voter fraud. In fact eddie mccarthy was national review a guy who was defended donald trump every step of the way through all of his dealings with russia. Even he brought up the fact that in a wisconsin federal court in front of a trump appointee did judge the had the opportunity to present facts that had the opportunity to call witnesses and ron johnson state. By the way they had the opportunity to introduce documents to prove not widespread voter fraud any fraud. You know what they chose to do nothing they said you know what we agree with. Biden's statement here it will. We'll stipulate to the facts. Zandi mccarthy said which should have sat the national review. It was shocking shocking. That would actually continue to lie to the american people that they continue to spread the sort of lies the rand. Paul is spreading right. Now that this election was rigged. Intel is always whether you're willing to put your name on the line at the bottom of the pleadings and you wonder why even the trump easiest of trump lawyers would never do that going into federal court. Never hold the press conferences outside. We have evidence that martians had come. Dow and they have taken over the bodies of republicans on the local level and had caused them to participate in widespread voter for. They will say that they will say that outside but then they go inside or something like that. Then they'll go inside and the judge says. Do you have any facts it. You'd like to introduce to this court to prove that there was widespread voter fraud. Now you're on. Do you have any evidence that would support your claims that there was widespread voter fraud against donald trump. No no your honor. We know we don't have that either will. Are there any facts. But the biden team has put forward before this court in wisconsin and before me a trump appointed federal judge that you disagree with just one factor bizzare one fat but you. Trump's lawyers would disagree with in front of a trump appointee judge in a federal court wisconsin. One fact. Well your honor now not really we. Just here we we. We agree with what a president-elect biden's lawyers said hello and paul. Why are you lying to the american people. Why are you purposely. Inspiring people like the proud boys to go around and yelled. Stop the still beating the hell out of people in the streets. When why are you doing that was see. I don't get it what's in it for. You ran the be a liar to your people to your constituents want to spread violence across america by spreading this lie. Why do you want to undermine american democracy. Why do you want to my faith in our system ran. 'cause i gotta say i don't get it because you know it's a lie you know. There's no widespread voter fraud and yet you keep stern up so i'm just curious what's in it for you. Is this an issue in kentucky. Now i think they point kentucky like american democracy so who are you planning to who was his donald trump. He's leaving the white house in a couple of weeks. He can't go golfing with him anymore. Help us out. he ran. Help us out. Why do you keep blind people kentucky. Why do you keep lying to the american. Why we don't think ron can help himself. He's gone and you have you ever seen anchorman brick town. He's break so he. He loves lamp. that's fine. that's fine we got. We got no run through the years. But you know better. I'm not sure. I don't get it in your hand down on the ground. Mika so its performance is not like that but like wasn't we saw from senate republicans. Oh come on you know is true. I agree with you. Laziest hell that rand paul. Continue really first of all really. You agree with me about ron johnson. Being the break. The united states senate. There's a potential for putting mayonnaise in the toaster. If that's what you mean. Yes there is time there is but but he's purposely. Were joking about this a little bit. But when paul is purposefully undermining american democracy and he's lying and he's he's he's seen those court rulings he's seen what trump federal judges have said. He can really got nothing here. You got nothing everybody saying that what what's rand the answer to that but it's important i think to go back to the beginning of that sound bite. We played from senator johnson which laid out the rationale for the hearing. Which was that. Millions of people believe this election was illegitimate well. Millions of people believed. The election is illegitimate even though it wasn't because of hearings like that because republicans like rand. Paul and media outlets continue to perpetuate the lie. What was valuable from that. Hearing though is that the testimony of christopher krebs the former head of cybersecurity the homeland security there he spoke and he shot down systematically. All of the lies that were coming from the panel here he. I would appreciate more support from my own party. The republican party to call the stuff out and end it. We gotta move on. We have a president elect in present elect biden. We have to move on these officials that are republicans. Look at georgia. Bracken's burger gabriel sterling. Jeff duncan these are republicans that are putting country over party being subjected to just horrific threats as a result. This is not america joe. Christopher crabs of course is the guy said it was in charge of cybersecurity was fired by tweet by president trump. For speaking the truth that it was the most secure election in american history and he patiently. I should add yesterday. Sat there offer his testimony and explained to the members of the senate sitting on that panel. Y there was not widespread fraud and why this was in fact a legitimate election. The there's just no evidence no evidence that there's been widespread fraud. There have been trump appointed federal judges across america. Saying gimme gimme anything. And trump's judge trump's lawyers have given them nothing because there are no facts that any lawyer would go before a federal judge and put court even the most conservative trump appointed judges because they would be sanctioned for lying. I guess it's a shame. We don't have sanctions. That are leveled against the united states senators when they purposefully lie the undermine americans faith in the american democracy and president trump and his lies and performances that you saw there from ron and rand. It's the reason a lot of republicans are making the difficult choice of leaving the party. Joining us now is the co founder of the lincoln project jennifer horn. She is former chair of the new hampshire republican party and this morning we can also call her a former republican overall jennifer Thanks for coming on to share this with us when you leave a party usually because you don't have any hope for it anymore That it could ever come back to what it was. Tell us about your decision. Well very good morning. Mega and joe. Everybody thank you for having me on this morning And that's exactly the conclusion that i've come to and to be frank. It's not because of donald trump you know. Donald trump Is a weak and cowardly man. He could have been defeated. Pushback silenced at any time if the leaders in the republican party wanted to use now if they had the will to do so. It's because of exactly what you've been talking about this morning. It's because of what we've seen in the weeks. Since the election from so many elected republicans across this country who were willing to enlist in a coordinated intentional effort to essentially throw democracy in the united states of america. It has become clear to me that the party of lincoln is no more and the today's republican in party cannot coexist with the ideal that we know america can be you say This is the last straw for you on right in usa. Today i found myself fighting for what i thought. Were the principles of my party in the face of the ever deteriorating character and integrity of party representatives. They have revealed their impotence and decrepitude as they have fallen one by one at the feet of the most corrupt destructive and unstable president in the history of our country. So what now to try and help put the country back on track. If you can't work in the party well for me. It's always been about the principles mak- the pro what. I thought what. I thought were the shared principles of the republican party. I'm going to continue to be a voice for a conservative values conservative principles for constitutional leadership in most importantly for compromise for bringing people. Good people who care about the country who want to solve the problem a to come together and be at the same table and have those conversations that had not taken place under republican majorities. For a very long time you know. There's there's a lot of disagreement out. There are a lot of division out there and the republican party has has minded to their financial and political benefit I find that to be To be to be shocking unacceptable. And i think that we need republicans who care about the values of our country principles of our country to step away from the party and become part of an effort. I guess to start focusing on solving problems again. So jennifer Joe is not just the former head of the new hampshire republican party but she is a co founder of the lincoln project and it's incredible voice throughout this process and the lincoln project is one year old today. it's the one year anniversary of its founding. Jennifer i just briefly we just give people a little bit of background you and i have. I guess it's been years we have. We have been talking to each other for years. Yeah exactly and what we've talked about for years it's been up. The democratic party not been about independence been talking about. 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Paul and ron johnson in those clips that you played earlier the lies and misinformation The corruption the assaults on democracy They do that and they embrace it and they stay with it because they benefit from the passion and the enthusiasm that doing so Generates in the party base the people who are willing to believe the lies of who who wants to embrace the ugliness that has been behind the trump presidency. The republican party has clearly made a conscious decision that they want to build their future on those people on the ugliness on the dishonesty on the corruption. That's we can't. They don't want to be the republican party. Joe that you and i used to now co founder of the lincoln project and as today a former member of the republican party jennifer horn. Thank you very much. I gotta say. I mean they. They have a good point. I could see why they wouldn't want to be the republican party. That jennifer i wanted. Because that would been the republican party of edmund burke and russell kirk and william f buckley and margaret thatcher. Reagan all of those people. What have been that would have been the who the hell would want two hundred or so years. Two hundred and fifty years of tradition and and and a roadmap to get us through these tumultuous. Times will not this republican party. So i guess people like jennifer and i need to figure out what to do ecstatic sam stein. You saw chairman brick tomlin's committee hearing and i gotta say i am surprised by the fat after telling me for years to stop being so shocked and stunned by a porn things that republicans are going to do here. I am and i think a lot of people are like me still shocked to see just how much these republicans will not only degrade themselves politically and personally. But we'll also actively work in the same way that vladimir putin or the same way that president. She's apparatus or the same way that iran's apparatus of the mola's in iran are north korea. He's working just as actively to undermine americans faith in our democracy as our enemies and rivals across the globe. Have been doing for years. And so i'll just repeat the question. What's in it for rand. Paul to to lie and a way that any court would call them out as a liar saying there's widespread voter fraud. What's in it for him to be a propagandist against american democracy. I mean these. The conversation with Jennifer horn in this one bleed into each other. Obviously right mean rand paul. And ron johnson. I believe are both for re election in twenty twenty two. You know when you are running in this current incarnation of the republican party. You are compelled to make. Wild unsubstantiated problematic Claims widespread voter fraud exists. It's not just as a pretense to have stronger. Voting laws more strict voting laws in the future but also to appeal to a movement. Which is trump isn't that has come to believe that. The president was unjustly robbed of his election against all evidence. Some people are Smarter and no better. Some people are not but in the end you end up at that same place. Which is if the base is so fervent in its belief of wild conspiracy theories and you wanna be part of the party. You feel compelled to you know cater to the base. Now the question. I have i guess for you. Joe in one of those hoping asked jennifer. Is you know the question here. For republicans who don't believe this stuff and want to stand up against it is and i'm sure you've grappled with this too is. Are you better off doing this from outside the republican party or within the republican party. Is there even an opportunity to make the case to change republican party from within the republican party anymore. No no ninety percent of the republican party eighty five percent. Maybe i'm not sure a really high number of republicans voted for candidate last month. Who was calling for the arrest of his political opponent because he was losing in the polls he was calling. He was trying to pressure his attorney. General to arrest his political opponent. Two weeks out that is that is a deal killer in itself and anybody who can support that and if ninety percent of any movement supports that then they are post they are opposed democracy movement. I don't really care what their position is on the import export bank. You're against democracy if you're post amok chrissy has to lay down care if you're a small government conservative. You're not by the way. That's another thing sam. It's not like i'm going. Oh my god. I'm going to have to leave a party. That believes like me and small government and balanced budgets and less of a dad stronger entitlement program. No no. They're not even that. But you know the eighty ninety percent of this political movement. This republican party supported president. Who refused refused repeatedly to guarantee a peaceful transition and they still support a president who has been lying repeatedly every day since the election trying to undermine american institution so sam. There's no really compromising with that party. And i don't know really make that there's compromising the party that's continued to vote for a guy that proposed a muslim registry which we said here some five years ago five years ago. That's what nazi germany will. That's what germany looked like before. The nazis took over germany and nineteen thirty three. That voted for a guy a couple of times who before super tuesday in two thousand sixteen denied knowing who. David duke was or who. The ku klux klan was and said. He couldn't criticize them because he didn't know who he was. Take it through. Charlottesville take it to the rallies where he's telling black members of congress women to go back to where you came from to go home. Who's who saluted political violence who tried to stir up political violence saying that he would pay for people who beat up his opponents he would pay their. Legal bills are saluting. How about this. After using stalinist phrase about mixing your political metaphors for being a fascist talking about enemies of the people then actually tipping his hat and congratulating a congressman who beat up a reporter for asking a question about healthcare and i could continue. But i won't but did you've heard it for five years and that political movement voted for a nationalist hyper-nationalist who constantly was committing war. Verbal war against quote the others talking militaristic terms talking about seizing power talking about having unlimited power under article. Two of the constitution. And that thing like a fascist. Do we call him. I don't know if it walks like a fascist and it talks like a fascist the. Maybe it is a fascist. I'm not saying the seventy two million people who voted for donald trump is not at all i know many of them tens of thousands of michael who died not following correct scientific standards for this virus because they followed him. I mean but that happened. What i'm saying is they voted for somebody who i think. Most political scientists would likely define as a fascist. And so no. I can't come back to that party. No still ahead on morning joe. A second coronavirus vaccine could get approved for emergency use by the end of the day. And we're happy to say our next guest who's been on. The front lines for months is now protected by it. Dr gupta received his vaccination this week and he joins us next to talk about it but first. Let's go to bill. Karen's with a check on the big snowstorm. Moving through the northeast bill. Megan this one is just epic in certain areas of pennsylvania. New york way to see these totals areas right around binghamton new york northern pennsylvania. We're getting totals that are coming into thirty to forty inch range. We just got a report from broome newark of forty two inches. That's three and a half feet. That is nuts. They said they got twenty inches of snow. Five hours the big cities. Ninety five didn't get hit too badly inside. The beltway was nothing. Dulles had about two inches philadelphia. Six central park was six. New york city was a little too warm in. The storm went a little further north than expected. That's why totals were lower there and harford all but he's still adding up the snow so we still have winter storm warnings that are up for roughly about fifty four million people. The heaviest snow is now over the capital district and it'll head to areas of new england as we go throughout the morning. Stay off the roads. Later on this afternoon things will improve and only a little additional snow. Call it another three to six inches possible southern new hampshire southern maine and also sections of massachusetts so what are first storm of the season. Some people waking up this morning and shoveling three to three and a half feet of snow in southern new york providence. A coating on the ground not too bad few temperatures have been warm enough to to avoid. Lake your friends at west of you have. You're going to see another inch or two as we go throughout the morning. You're watching morning. Joe we'll be right back morning. Joe is supported by norton. Lifelock this holiday season will all be trying to stay connected with family and friends through our devices. And i don't know about you but i've already started my blizzard of online shopping. But all that online activity can mean more chances of exposing your personal information in fact sixty. Four percent of adults admit to risking online privacy for convenience. 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President elect joe biden expected to get a shot as soon as next week. Unclear right now when president trump will receive the vaccine joining us. Now dr vin gupta. He's a pulmonologist and an nbc news medical contributor and he himself now has the vaccine that was broadcast live yesterday on the today. Show dr gupta. It's good to see you. Let me begin with how you're feeling. What's it like to get the shot. And what does it feel like a day later morning. Willie i am feeling great. You know there is some injection. Site soreness in my left to upper arm where i got the vaccine but nothing that isn't common with the annual flu shot for example I i didn't have a fever. Have headache some of those other. Mild symptoms that reported occasionally. I'm feeling great And so that's number one number two d. Answer your first question. We're we're over the moon in care right now for what this vaccine means for the country for all of us Delivering clinical care. But especially what it means for our ticket out of this pandemic because will eat. Yesterday was the worst day of the pandemic terms of deaths. This country has faced three six hundred deaths just in Twenty four hours alone. So there's a lot of excitement But it's It's important to realize that. This is two things i would. I'd gotten in just in the last day. Since the vacc- i've gotten the vaccine is questions when people are hesitant about receiving it and they're wondering well was the scientific process followed or was it politicized these basic questions. People still have concerns about and and for all your viewers out there. Indeed was very very strictly from the preclinical development of these vaccines pfizer. Madeira others through phase. One and ultimately phase three trials. Every step of the way science was put forward here. It's while safely. Clearly this vaccine will save lives. It will keep you out of the icu from will prevent severe covid nineteen pneumonia that we know for sure. And it works across demographics and across racial groups. So this is this is effective. Everybody who will get it dr gupta. You're obviously one of the first people in the country to get this first dose of the vaccine or someone our viewers have come to trust over this last year so for people considering getting the vaccine. What are the next steps. Look like how long will you wait for that second dose and then when will you be confident that you are in fact immune from the disease that you are fully vaccinated short so let me walk through what to expect in the general population if you if you don't have a pre existing condition if you're not living in a congregate living facility lexin nursing home. We expect that you'll get access to a vaccine sometime at work. We're hoping in the march april timeframe for the general population. Obviously there's priority groups will get it for earlier. You'll get an appointment through your doctor's office or you could sign up potentially at your local drugstore so there will be easy. Dopey a structured way to get an appointment. That's how we got appointments in our hospital system. You go and i. It's quick you get monitored for fifteen minutes after that injection. And it's really key those fifteen minutes to get monitored willie because we've seen in cases where people do have adverse events those adverse events really prop up in this first eighteen minutes. You'll be in a setting the is recommending in a setting. Where if there is a say in an allergic reaction. That was unexpected. They'll still be oxygen. They'll they'll be like sitting medications around so that that is the recommendation at any site. That administers these vaccines. That they will be able to treat somebody. If something unexpected to were to occur. So i want to reassure individuals. After that. you're gonna get a card. I got one of these cards here. That will tell you where to go. What was the date. She got vaccine. And then what. Wendy come back in my case. It's twenty one days okay. The second dose of the fis shot twenty one days later zach. Same place that. I got my first shot and then we expect that full. Immunity occurs about a week after that. Second shot so twenty eight days from when the process started dr gupta to two questions. Two fold questions. Because i think it's important to to talk about the moment right now. Where many are not receiving the vaccine. But we know more. Duras vaccine is going to be folded into what's headed out to the public at some point especially for young people who are really suffering suffering mentally in this isolation mode that they're in. What is the timeline on. This vaccine being fully executed to the public in a way that maybe we're not back to normal but we're back to being able to have a life where we do not live in isolation anymore. What is that look like. And how should public conduct itself now until then. Good morning class Both questions. we're expecting that. Full rolled out full access for vaccine. Supply is being rationed where there's no more tears. There's not a tiered system for rollout that again that march april timeframe here and that we expect that if you want to if you're willing to get that vaccine. There's no reason not to get the vaccine that everybody who's willing to receive. It will have received that dose by no later than the end of may. So there's still there's still a road ahead hair of safely any of these vaccines to everybody. That's eligible for the vaccine across the country. I should know that. There's still some guidelines here that were waiting for terms of when children will be eligible for receiving that back seen studies. The pastry trials from the internet and five others have not studied that specific group yet. So we're waiting for those guidelines. I will say to your second question here. This is where there is. A there is some confusion and i want to reassure individuals that way we're living right now is not the way in which our our lives are going to be inducted forever. There is the big question here. We do know that vaccines prevent somebody from ending up an icy where they see me or my colleagues severe and deaths are prevented from the stack. Seen that's vital but we have early. Signs of is that is transmission of this virus also mitigated from the vaccine meaning asymmetric spread. There is that notion vaccine can prevent severe severe illness. But we still don't have definitive data yet. Maderna's showed some signs of it in the press. Release recently do these vaccines prevent transmission as well in a nation to matic sense meeting somebody. Unwittingly still gets. The virus carries it in their nose and can spread it to others even though they're protected from the worst impacts of covid nineteen. If it's true making that the vaccine indeed prevents transmission in addition to severe infection than those who receive it potentially might people is normalized life slightly more quickly. But that's why the guidelines are very clear even after you get that second dose as you get your vaccines. Please continue to mask and distance until we have greater clarity on the data necessary. Coming in the coming weeks. Dr van gupta. Thank you so much. We appreciate your coming on this morning and coming up yesterday. We told you that secretary of state. Mike pompeo was the no show at a party that he wanted for himself and had planned for hundreds of people to attend amid the raging pandemic. This morning we know why he didn't show. We'll explain next on morning. Joe hi it's msnbc's alley she these days. There's just so much news to wrap your head around. It's hard to know what's most important. That's why we're updating msnbc dot com with a special feature on our homepage called msnbc daily. It's a place where you'll find the same type of expert analysis. You're used to getting on tv. But now with the new written perspective section all neatly organized in one place. So you can go beyond the headlines and get a deeper understanding of the stories that matter. Most you'll find perspectives written by people uniquely qualified to write them people. You're familiar with from our network. Like barbara mcquade writing about legal matters dr kavita patel weighing in on public health liz plank giving her take on women's rights and gender issues and i'm excited to share that i'll be writing some pieces of my own so visit. 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