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From the so the brooklyn. You're listening to the face radio. Can you dig it and you dig done you. It's monday it's monday. It's monday it's monday. Welcome back to the record. Show mr phil here with you for the next two hours gonna play you my usual mix of genres because stay with me. Thanks to matt further amazing wilty as always going to start the show where finished last week within a heart and digital the mix of trolls rhythm Just because you jus- cossio blue. Don't go away share do sane. You say stone attrition hard. That's just massive attack. Of course and better things going to play you. One more track in this vein before we change up rob smith and like minded featuring alice pereira negative may Talk this Aw every week steal two tracks from other shows here on the face radio and this week. I've gone for follow your bliss which is brought to you by monday. Blue every wednesday six to eight. Pm eastern standard time. And i heard this cracker on that. Show the internet role. The bank funk took action off to took four. can't now church. I talk the digging records. Show ms lion paranoia. And i heard that track on gold afternoon with jeremiah. He casts tootle four pm every saturday afternoon. He ah on the face. Radio us eastern standard time is still here with digging record. Show gonna change up now. Here's a little bit of soul to soul true salt assault. What's going on. dr packer. Remix is phil here with the digging record show an ambulance play some funky cells to for the next section of the show sister sledge to come after we've heard from cheryl lynn what pop And one night school on the outskirts of frisco album the pace battered walls. And i ran at a guy out in krakow body shea was on it. That would make love his extreme as man. Curry clo- designers. She's this young. You heard the copycat retake of cheryl lynn's got to be real followed by sister sledge on the dimitri from paris remix of. He's the greatest dancer. Hope you're enjoying this funky disco stuff multiple before we change up. Is this empress and dying to be dancing. the loneliest. Honk rework the bill savage. I town photo brooklyn. You are listening to the face. Radio the digging record show and h dan. He's still here. And i'm gonna play some nolan sold in this section of the digging record show. We've got the salvador's and duke brown to come after. Eddie and ernie. I can't do it. Yup Don't you don't do. Yes gave among detail. Don't want with the owner out. Don't let back more not any stick around the salvador's and stick by me baby and before that duke and crying over you going to stick with the northern soul for awhile is for perfection. I'm not strong enough. Bring bird up office. Nor and girl on a g off tab richard popcorn wylie and rose. Marie gonna play to more northern soul songs before we change up. Genre is going to play susan barrett. And what's it going to be. But before that. Frank croker ton of dynamite. Tom took me couch out. Store britain first march talk said runs who Cookley listening to the face. Radio the dig records show Ooh you say you're rude boy. You also say you can't go to jail but you in glass also don't show stones do move taste took usa. You're listening to the big show with me. Fell an am getting into my usual selection of scar. You heard the babe brooks band and watermelon man and then prince pasta and don't throw stones appearing. Join the stuff i love. My sky is on here every week. Gonna play a lynn to end the comets. But firstly tommy mccook and don drummond occupation and An aside eight and and and A lynn twitter and the comets storm warning phil here with digging record show. Don't forget to come join me on the socials. Instagram facebook twitter be pa. The demon gang joining with what route to three musketeers cartoons to come just in heinz domino's alton ellis but firstly the mehta. I'll never grow old a allen Nine long no took not Operator from thank you. No off will love juice. doc solo. Kirkland you are listening to the face radio. The digging records show One to watch me Jay omit the cia can help you never you you you see new Nobody go little. Bob and the lollipops. I don't want nobody else. But you feel here with the digging record show gonna play some solely funky stuff in this section going to keep it laid back for now. Here's an people's to see that you got leaving me. But i know the truth. You see the oh. They won't to say to some other excuse as stop between of fish long. Van the hey. There's the now and writing on the wall. You read it off a the digging records show. Wake up this small out today come home. Be no smile dishes. The blah blah don't Gone Own simply an incredible vocal. By steve davis is all because she's gone. Okay let's pick you up a bit. Now here's something. I've played before boston. Hans and funke physed power pro talk after income band bill. Burr governor part. Talk talk Took governing board back. Wow that's fantastic as phil here on the record show. That was at boston hones. His another checkup played on previous shows. Cocaine on three burners cabs book it fat and pardon back don't and talk You're listening to the record show broadcasting from the soul of brooklyn on the face radio. Hope you're enjoying the change tonight. I'm gonna play a song that i played a few weeks ago by nick. Current a contemporary rock and roll choon playing on march to the great little richard. And i thought yeah. I'm gonna play again and i wanna play some old fifties rock and roll to go with it so here we go through so you know news. Iraqi wrong does that. We go again lot of people that come on egg to doing jesse. James is blue suede shoes now. We'll talk about. Hey dude greatest on coming up switches won't talk radio a look. Do donald girl away. now though. Home for me lab kudu. Laura did data Eddie cash and doing all right from nineteen fifty eight. I'm going to keep up with the fifties rock and roll for awhile. He's don red robbers one another name around. Come home to have some fun you know. They won so just under gloomy kuta around especially the do must come on. Baby does so we code excuse to could the win and only name come on the no job torches through kissed you group of employees overhead the place to go come on baby social so good College level a progress saami gallons and rocking by myself from nineteen fifty eight and before that from nineteen fifty seven don red robertson. Only one around this little section of rock and roll with hip hit baby by dennis herald party have on the only girl aiding if you really wanna love you gotta rock bottom bond an end and haven't hardy all did you wanna learn. You got iraq. We don't ever ever artie. Come alone powder. Hit baby by dennis herald one thousand nine hundred fifty eight going to bring it forward a bit now to nineteen ninety and manchester paris. Angels perfume face wrote victim roles. Aw aw the big record show. While ago by rows and it's a dot com were do love you bodies Spending time discharging. August took years ago about drowsy. Heads magic net when you. Let's go to school. Turn code from leeds in west yorkshire here in northern england and attract call magic recorded in one thousand nine hundred ninety one and before that recorded in one thousand nine hundred ninety perfume by paris. Angels over the hill in manchester. Okay we've got some live shows coming up tonight on the face radio straight after we've lost and found with thomas more than funky sixteen corners with larry grogan at eight pm eastern standard nine pm. We've got up the junction with the mighty matt price and then at eleven. We've got freelance fiends with adam. Shaper joey next week for the digging record show for pm. Eastern nine pm. Gmt here every monday on the face radio own. She is shot A suit she can also world she off cow. The digging records show made at the beach. Listen wherever you are.

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