Resident Evil 8 Rumors, PS5 Speculation, and More! - Beyond Episode 628


This episode of podcast beyond is brought to you by Netflix is behind the scenes. PODCAST Beyond hello everyone. My name is Jonathan Dervish. George Bush and this is podcast beyond episode six hundred twenty eight yes. I'm bringing the energy from the beginning so WANNA quieter at the end of the show. People don't mind I'm your host Jonathan Nervous of weekly playstation Asian. Show here celebrating our wonderful six hundred twenty eighth episode with a star studded cast. If I'm reading the show correctly I start with the person to my right Mexico. Bill you startled me just trying to keep you on your toes. Heavens also here at Rhino town of beyond there. We go and Tom Robbery marks because he's currently investigating a robbery in the office. Low of a tail. Yeah missing tale from a statue. Don't blow up the investigation. There's a tale missing from somebody and it's it's a long story on and off. It's it's it's a whole ordeal. Yeah bulletin stealing a statue tail sift the Great Wolf from dark souls. Somebody's still put it back and then they take it away again. It's driving me. It's a long con. We're pleased to work also. According to the Russia we have crank gets. Let's McDougal cutty. Is that correct. Yeah okay or cheese lawn puffer Kevin Smell Mente Taki Corcoran and Murphy. What about Phil mccracken Padma Grind. With every time they called in sick Before we start the show I did want to say thank you to everyone who wrote in On last week's show we put out a call for a new segment that we WANNA do highlighting some smaller details and games that we all love and so many of you wrote in. We seriously got dozens of responses as soon as the episode was that we were getting responses in which is incredible because it should take you at least an hour to listen to the show but thank you to everyone who wrote in. We'll definitely be reading a few of those for the end of this week. Show so stay tuned for those and continue right those and we'll get all the information of how to do that and do on a pulpit comment. I'm GonNa pull that up later in the show as well because I wanted to start off with a few bigger sort of topics that we could discuss for the week. Obviously playstation five news still hasn't happened. We still don't know when it's happening. We've got nothing to talk about so there would probably be speculation all of this but the first thing I did want to talk about is something we know is actually happening. Happening soon. Is Dreams is launching on Feb fourteenth and before dreams is in its full release. Obviously it was an early access for I think roughly about maybe eight nine months or so since early last year. End In to celebrate everything that's happened in the game. So far media molecule put on in award show the first annual. MP Awards this happened. I believe last week is when they hosted hosted these or earlier. This week I fold name choice. It will be. It's the character in the game but yes it probably brings to mind some out yet. Everyone's favorite game were. You make your own character I would love to have entered. That contest is not out yet. yes this is obviously for everyone who's been creating in early access and so I just wanted to briefly bring this up because has obviously as we're getting into dreams full release will be talking about it more but The categories included most helpful dreamer which went to neon the coder best curator the underscore community star project genesis most improved dreamer SD RU and Lodhi underscore double best visuals. Also outposts sixty best voice. Acting Celts beat Jones. or Go back with us. What was the for the for the role of it doesn't say the role? Oh Oh thank you. Sheriff dog in pig detective to that that was a classic role. I cannot wait to play trips us that you guys played pick detective one no. It's all Choi Baker which was amazing but for this guy to come along and take troy's place. Yeah it's impressive. That's I mean that's no small. Excuse excuse me Kelvin. Jones is now taking over on retro replay for Troy. That's true take all of his work The other Troy's doing pretty well The other the things that were nominated there if I may the performances where they came from opposite day five computer voices collection pick detective Halloween special and which he would i. I love dreams so much. I gotTa Watch this Best character was Frederick. The Fox from Cody Barry. Three three who beat out ruckus anesthesia. The Messenger mayuge Roger Roger White Beard and Bo mazing. That impey wasn't very scary. Favourite countries look hung up on opposite day. Five if you watch opposite one through four you'll understand. Favourite Streamer was project genesis. The AW award for cutest thing is color with crayons funniest creation which she woods best Song Rivera daylight best sculpture. The collector to best animation by duet and creator of the year was slur. Learn Mackenzie also best gameplay cubic by the underscore Burger van and there are about another half dozen more awards which which is all to say. It isn't saying how much has been created and dreams and the game isn't even officially yet. Yeah I know we haven't really gone a ton hands on in the office within outside kind of those of us who've played a little bit of early access but I think something we've all had an ion maritime accretion pops up on our feet or like how did so and put together. It's kind of how have you felt all about like sort of the pre release version of dreams of it. The way it's been. I think the community was doing which was trying to make the most realistic or just the best English breakfast in dreams. Oh yeah and it was some of the most it looked like final fantasy. Fifteen food beans on toast and sausage and bangers and Mash and all that stuff so what I love about that as it's very art school where like a teacher comes in and gives an assignment to the class and then everybody has a different interpretation of it like we got assignments that all the time and in art school where they would be like. Hey Go home and draw the devil in some people would be like they'd rather dad and other guy withdrawal like a literal devil then people withdrawal like the like the New York City. It'd be like wow. What are you trying to say there and they'd be like I'm trying to say that I painted this for a different class? But I'm double dipping. I mean it makes sense. That man was me. Did you paint New York. City is the devil yes and passed and now I'm here her to make you to governor but no it is interesting as this thing of I was thinking about it before we start recording. The show dreams was announced with the. ps four this has been part of the PS floors lifecycles. Since it's revealed that's insane in some form or another and it was all these. Ps Four uh-huh dreams Beta is on the way dreams releases on the way and we kept getting these delay stories. The laser is actually here. This is the first major AAA sort of first party exclusive for the PS four. This year and I was I was Razan those awards a little bit but at the same time I do think it's super cool. Eight of media molecule to honor its fan base in the fact act that they're really making the effort to not you know it's not just like here's our favorite thing. It's a bunch of different things in some very real categories is very very cool to me and it also also I think goes to show the scope. What's impressed me in this early access period? Is that the quality of work has improved so much not just the game image proved but like what people can make with it and it's also proven how varied things can be right. You Have Sculpture Song Game. There are all all these different categories. Where it's you really do print things I think? Medium molecule does have a really cool sort of responsibility here almost to to elevate the best creations coming out of their community because they're probably seeing more than anybody else's because they're looking more than anybody else's but I think it's something that we should all kind of be consciously consciously digging around it and looking for like every I think every video game website youtubers and everything should be should be focusing on what what people are making in this in this game because it's it's it's really really really special and media molecule elevating. That stuff is the difference in for a lot of games between the game Being loved at launch and then just going away leaving forever right like developer support like that will give this huge extended life beyond even if just the tools are really great so we we poking fun at the little bit but like this is really cool because it's them talking directly to the community. Yeah like this isn't just like Cherry picking a bunch of kind of impressive looking creations and being like. Here's why you should buy the game when it's out. It's them being like hey. Let's actually give some feedback to people who are really active in the community. The fact that like the second third down is most helpful and best cure here. It looked for to really recognize that people are not just you know creating things or ridiculously talented but also just involved and yet to actually kind of have that dialogue with with yeah. Yeah it's really interesting to me in dreams. When you first started up at least early access version I imagine will be somewhere in the full release? It says like hey you couldn't be a creator you can be a curator you can be a tester essentially and you can have all these roles and we will reward you for diving into those roles like we are not just going to reward the people who make things things as great new amazing as those. Are we want the people who are part of this community and bolstering the community as a whole to really feel a part of it too. I think it's like this. This game does have the potential sort of transcend just outside of our circle of hardcore gamers. You look at stuff like minecraft and like there were videos. That went viral. Coming in Migra for somebody would be like I made like the Millennium Falcon. And it's lifesize her. I made this Mount Rushmore and its life size whatever. It is There there was we. Max I've worked with publishing companies that have made minecraft are books that are basically just like original art in those games that they've sent to press arrest and then mailed out to people. That is a book you can put on your shelf like I think I think dreams has that potential. Oh absolutely especially with the fact that it can be. Here's an the album I produced in dreams. Here is a series of short videos I made here's a TV show. I Made Dreams. There's so much potential there. and seeing how media molecule continues to bolster that I think the community stuff that they do not just with the MP's but week by week our follow a bunch of the team. There and people like John Beach. And I'd be happy who we had on the show last last year and so many other people as part of the team are constantly interacting with fans answering questions being like. Oh you made an awesome thing. I didn't know you could do that in the game. I'm going to now try making something because I saw what you did. And it's just this amazing fan feedback loop that I think is unlike most games we see these days. Of course we're going to try to be covering more dreams as we get especially closer launch and everything there's a great piece recently up from Simon Cardi from the UK team if you haven't read that Basically about his being bad at dreams dreams is still fun and sort of the process of not being the best creator but still having a really android time with that. He was really getting into a volcano. Yeah Yeah it's Absolutely worth reading his experiences with it so far. I think we're definitely going to dip into that sort of storytelling. What dreams and from the community itself? Obviously we've highlighted Dan cool from the facebook podcast beyond group who meet A. PS five dream concept of console design that then a bunch of random fan sites picked up his leaks of the PS five. No yeah so many. Dan is funny because I was falling it in the facebook feed had the funniest twenty four hours after I posted his screen shots on Jan.. Because so many sites would just pick it up and be like is this the PS five. It could be it. Looks Pretty Real and it. Didn't they read the art. They didn't know they didn't all. It's funny it's gotta read the articles guys. His creation creation has his name and his company's name on it. We don't know if he has five won't have Dan calls name and it's true that'd be really weird for him. If they reveal that thing and it just says is like Dan. Cool in the corner say that and they're like no it's the second. FCC thing ignore it. Yeah Tory about to be fair. That's a really good name to put on on the thing. Yeah cool. Dan Cools a cool name. Yeah the Dan Cooling vents on the PS five. Yeah they really get the job done speaking of the PS five. I want to talk a little bit speculatively heavily about the PS five because since we last met and convened for the meeting of the podcast beyond not really much. ps five news has happened. We're still waiting. We're still waiting for something. But but one of the things that I keep seeing pop up and I thought we could address a little bit. There were not necessarily writing about on. I is this the strong belief that on February Harry v Playstation. We'll be revealing the PS five at reveal event because people keep saying on February fifth or. It'll be five reveal event. I want to put this out there. Because right right now Sony has said nothing about the. PS Five right when they're gonNA show it off what capacity. They'll show it off at first. Obviously they won't be three so it's kind of up to their schedule and calendar but there have been and a lot of rumors and speculation about early February because the PS four had that early February reveal For for transparency. That is eight. That would be eight days from today. Yes yes so. If they are doing an event where they're inviting people probably WANNA start inviting people by now. It feels like one of those rumors where a wick. It's a rumor equivalent of like a wikipedia media footnote just being a link to the wikipedia. Page you're reading. Yeah where it's just like this reclusive thing like people have said it enough that suddenly it's common knowledge and there. It must be true. Clark we could also be wrong in the a complete surprise thing our yeah. I got cyberpunk delayed Jinxing. It is most likely that as soon as we post the show. Two hours later the playstation twitter account will announce a February fifth avenue but As of right now that's not happening and really Sony can dictate whenever they WANNA show us anything about the council because their information so far has been a CAS reveal of a logo interviews with wired a couple of playstation blogs. If there was any kind of event happening happening somebody would have taken a photo of this of an invitation or something. Yeah Jeff Healey's we're we're going to get those tweets. Whenever there is an event we'll start? Seeing people take photos of their invitation. But I wanted to bring this up to ask. Do you want. In event February. We were all talking about this on the show for a while before the announcement of we assume they're going to do something in February because it just makes sense to ask the same pattern but they're very different rulebook this time playing a close to the chest chests I will say I'm sure all of us have worked events or trips or preview preview things. Where the turnaround time is this quick? Yes where you kind of come in on a Monday. And they're like what are you doing on Friday I don't know and they're like Brussels That happens but I don't think I don't think it's happening that soon but I do think it's happening. Do things happening in February. I think something is happening in February. Yeah and I don't know what I don't think it's going to be. I think it's going to be like a series textile rollout where we'll get probably a little bit more information than that and But not a ton was at the. ps four were. They showed the controller off. But we didn't see what the console looked like for like seven months. Yeah the controller came at the reveal event. But the KONTA wasn't until he three but that was so funny the jury a bunch of journalists on skateboards in air quotes. I went to New York and went to the to an event where I believe there were systems but they were covered in tarps. Something like that so I'm trying. I'm trying remember exactly how that work because I know there are photos of people holding up controllers. People were playing Games yes they were running off of light. PC hardware at the time very possible. There's a big. There's a big controversy. I think it was three that year where somebody like opened opened one of the booths and they were like that. It's not xbox one in there that's a PC. Yeah Yeah so what do you think what do you think they make the Games on. They don't make it on an Xbox game boy color like Dev kits but yeah no. It's it is a very interesting pattern we're GONNA get into whenever like. Oh it's is it a playstation five out in the wild as we've gotten with Dev kits but yeah I mean in my mind. I think playstation should do something early in the year to start drumming up the attention again but I did want to ask in terms of. Do you think they're waiting waiting at all because they do. Have these big triple eight games for the. ps four still to come and they don't want to muddy the messaging in any way last of us with ghost with dreams. I I don't know if that's necessarily the K.. Yes just because these games have so much hate using this word but inertia on their own right. There's already so much kind of excitement for them. Removed from everything else. I think people can be excited about both at the same time I think honestly and I'd like them to do something in February two and I think it probably makes sense that they would at some point early in the year. Like you said the the trick to me is that I don't think that they at this point have any pressure on them like like you said they could be. They're playing by a totally different playbook right now and in a weird way Microsoft has shown more of their cards and now they can wait until they're one hundred percent ready to to respond right. Microsoft is shown off off the controller and to a certain extent and the system like the way it looks and all this stuff and so they can just make sure they're totally satisfied with it in away that they can respond right or they do that so the thing about that though is that Microsoft has the freedom to do that because Microsoft is not having the swansong year. That Sony is half yes. Microsoft has has begun the sunset what the xbox one is game pass will be alive and kicking. They've announced that all of their games will essentially be day one games on the series so there won't be any exclusive launch games. Sony has jam packed the final again. SKATEBOARD air quotes year of the PS four four with tons of gigantic exclusive games. And so what they have to do is not only sell those games to people which is pretty easy because some of the most incredible looking games ever made and But also sell one hundred plus million. PS four owners. Who are happy is helping these brand new games that hey you don't just need that you also need to go spend five hundred dollars this November and a brand new thing and that's a really really tough thing to do? I mean people like us. We're going to roll into the new generation and be like I'm buying it because I need to buy because that's it fills the holes in my my head or whatever but then there's other people who are like I'm good. You guys gave me a like. I'm still playing my Christmas presents. You know like you guys give me a really really good final year here and so. I don't think that they're worried about that. They made that bed and that's something they decided to do. And they'll have to work with that but I do think at one point this year they are going going to have to figure out how to take one hundred plus million people over here and slowly or quickly moved over here and that's really hard to do when they're making them more and more comfortable bill to tell everybody there's a party across the street and the bigger house in the united. Dora charging it's five hundred dollars and everyone on the couch and they're like getting drunk and having a great time uh-huh comfy man. I don't WanNA move and so they're gonNA have to figure out how to do that. And that's that's a really tough thing to do and I think that you can't do that until you have enough cards on the table to show so if you have no launch games lined up if you're all that with just a controller which is very different than when you went from the PS three to four controller. That was a big jump pretty much. That's right you'll shocks going from the dual shock to the dual shock. Five based on the leaks. We've seen who's he's just like a little thicker you know. He looked back in the after college or older under. Yeah so they're gonNA need more than just like a PC with tarp over it and a chunkier controller and then a couple of games. I totally agree with with all of that. The thing I think the difference there the thing to specify there is. I think you're right that that affects new consoles. I don't think the. ps I think that affects me is five. I don't think that the PS five effects the new games as much right. Like I think that what you're saying is more likely which is that. The new games run a risk to the PS five then the PS five running risk to hurting the new games. Right yes right I guess I respect the hell out of that. Yeah in terms of you're seeing a little bit Actually I question when you skateboard. Are you constantly making air quotes. I'll tell you it's a few years. But in terms of wanting to when they deliver that message they need that message to deliver like a small piece meal thing of like. Oh maybe this is a reason. Maybe maybe not they WANNA show as much as possible to really convince those hundred million people. Do you think the silence is okay. Then I think right now it is. I think it's totally okay right now. Now I don't think anybody's staring at their. ps four right now being like just diary you know. They're not there's just so there's so much going on like we're getting we're about to kick into a new year I'm not gonNA knock on wood but there's a bunch of games we know are coming to us for. They have confirm release dates their exclusive. They look effing awesome. I'm really excited for them. It's take your favorites and the release dates they. I'm not doing that knocking on wood. There's this has been. We were trying to figure out if there was anything in twenty twenty so far that has been moved up and I I think it's like Vulcan and winter soldier. Yeah and one division. Yeah yeah they got moved up one. Division was GONNA come out next year now literally. Everything else got delayed. OBI WAN got delayed delayed. And so yeah. I think that they need to come out and they need to go okay. You're can do all this and it's awesome but this is what you're he has five can do and it can do this so that your ps four can't do it so needed they need to drop like a Banger of an exclusive game reveal and go. This is what you're playing on day. One we're not just going to be playing. You know last Gen game Sunday one like we did assassin's creed black flag and stuff like that like they they need they need some big exclusive bangers hangers on day one on ps five. It'd be a really bad way to reveal it. They took a page from the Arkham Arkham Book and they just revealed one button at a time. They were like the X.. Button it's back three weeks later circles there to your else. Yeah and then we just have to wait a month for the square to be sure. Yeah I I would hate that that. It's very interesting. I totally agree. I think they need to really when they decide to show the five they need to show it off and it can't just be the they've talked about. They're going to be at hundreds of events this year to talk directly to people. I think you can't reveal thing at each event like I think it does have to be at least initially a big like coming out from the do you think we're we're GONNA see in the same way that sort of the xbox series x is like it's it's keeping the xbox family going and sort of really reinforcing that backwards compatibility side of things we know. That's a huge talking point this generation Asian. But do you think there's going to be a lot more of like this. Is less obvious going to be called the playstation five. But do you think we're going to see a lot more sort of like. Here's the playstation brand. Here's the the playstation family of devices we've Kinda playstation VR. which is its own device? But it's never it's never playstation four. VR and I mean we got the playstation for pro. It's confusing it's Kinda messy could be better but I could definitely see the kind of thing where we get kind of dual reveals for games where we don't know if we're going to see games dropping on. PS Five that are like at launch. That are also community as for more or less the same game with less bells and whistles and Tesla and ray tracing or whatever you know. I I hope I hope so. I think we might see that but if we do see it. I think it will play out on a much longer timeline. Xbox and Mike Microsoft did that with xbox right it stopped being a game console name and now xbox just their brand of game things and it's on the xbox one and kind of everything is just under the xbox flag. I could totally see Sony doing that with playstation especially as they start doing things like horizon on P. C.. Is the rumor or is the rumor. Yeah and like if they if if they start kind of moving that direction of let's get a little more platform agnostic things to or whatever have you which I'm not advocating for. I'm just saying if they decide to do that. They could be trying to play that game. But I don't think that's a thing that that will start in holiday twenty twenty so the thing is again. I don't WanNA keep dunking on Microsoft here but Microsoft is doing doing that because they have to because they spent because they spent the last. How many years coming up with bizarre borderline just incredibly cumbersome knbr some naming conventions for things like the three sixty and then followed by the one and then the one s and the one acts and other series x and the essay say the Xbox all sad all digital right and so it it makes it makes sense for them to jam everything under one roof with one name and they go okay? Let's let's forget all that other things. This is just this playstation they drop a number every five or six years. And that's a big thing much simpler if you look at the pro. That fit right into into their family. Line perfectly right like I didn't think they had like didn't have to like Vanessa didn't have to come out and be like. Oh this is what this is like. It was just explained it was like here's A. PS four pro. It's a PS four. For but it's a Pro Yada but then look at the PS Vr. And right out the gate like a system like that. which hypothetically you just plug right into your? ps four and it would work Had had connection issues with the pro in terms of pass through it used last Gen charging cables for its controllers. So that's that's a family SORTA OUGHTA but it's like a messed up. You know some of the kids. Don't talk to dad anymore. Yeah I guess. What I'm picturing is one of those kind of like sort of chipper upbeat? You get going into holiday stuff where it shows you all the hottest games on playstation and it says something like play best on. ps five or something. Like we've seen we see that word. They show a trailer for something. And it's like playing on playstation four. Pro You know. It's it's one of the things that wants to reinforce that we're definitely going to get stuff. That is exclusively on playstation five. But I can't help but feel like we're going to see if the backwards compatibility is happening the thing where they're using essentially essentially current slash last Jan Games to be like. Oh sell the new stuff right. Yeah I think we'll absolutely see that and excuse me a little bit to Tom's point I do think we're gonNA see broadening of like playstation as their brand and so they are going to be okay marketing a game for four. ps four pro NPS five at the initial launch. especially as they try to in a different way or at least in a different impetus get people into wanting to play on playstation because if they are moving things they will want people to play playstation games on PC but eventually come back due to the PS five. Yeah I see playstation moving in the direction Microsoft has because I think as much has had to do it like you said Brian. I do think it's a smart way to run the business sure. Yeah I think playstation will move there but I think maybe not begrudgingly but at a much slower pace until they're forced to because right now they have seen. Success is with these standard traditional way of doing it and I don't see them wanting to change that dramatically but I do think they will realize. Hey we have one hundred plus million people who own a PS four. We can't forget them even as we try to get them to the PS fall. I mean the there. There's going to be one hundred twenty one hundred thirty million of those things in the Wattana. PS fires ready to go. Yeah I honestly think that like they're going to look at that and be like what worked here and I think a lot of a lot of that is simplicity. And that's why the more I think about this the more. I really think that there's only going to be one playstation five in November only going to be one skew and. I think that they'll do that. Because if they are lagging in power or a little bit they'll make up for it with with an exclusive game library and they'll also make up for the for the fact that they know that people like us in a year or two will grudgingly. They dragged that box to game stop or Amazon and trade. It in for the new thing and I I also on that same note I think that the PS four. We've talked a lot about trying to get people over. PS Five five today. But I think the PS four is going to have a sort of Nintendo we like situation but we're still seeing ps four ports. Six years from now. Well it's also Imagine Mashed Justin Twenty twenty seven is coming to ps four imaginary here. I imagine appears before and he has for pro getting a significant price drop at black Friday this year and next year. Yeah well I mean this past year in two thousand nineteen you could buy a PS four with Spiderman Horizon and God of war for two hundred dollars. Yes well yeah. It is amazing which. I don't know how you go lower than that. Yeah but you do yes. PS five is out to that same bundle at least one hundred fifty dollars the easy you can go crazy one hundred dollars but I was saying it with family this weekend and my wife's cousins was like you know she's like I was going. I was going to be crazy or this new consoles coming out. And she's like she likes names but isn't hardcore into it and she's like should i. Should I get A. ps four still. And I was like you should absolutely get a PS four. Yeah it's there's no hesitation to be like I recommend this without question to anybody. Oh yes a massive library it rules. There's so much school stuff. It's I mean it puts four K.. Like it's it is up snuff. Then what is the five going to do. And I'm like no idea I don't know what to tell you know it's going to be difficult. I feel like to recommend that I mean that's caused more mass with any new hardware but for people are going to come up to us going to socialize and be like should we got the new thing and it'd be like I mean what are you. What are you GONNA do? Yeah like appears appears for pro is is powerful machine still and answer those questions. Yeah that's the type of thing where you're totally right. But as we've been saying they have a lot of time to answer those questions jeans and they they hopefully get some of those answers soon. Yeah but I ought February fifth if not February. I hope we get some sense of where we're going soon because it. It is a lot of lingering questions that don't get me wrong. I can't wait for this year on. Ps Four so much look forward to but as both a professional in the industry and as a person who's been through so many council introduces fan. I WANNA know why should get A. PS Five Yeah Right. I know what's coming. The only thing we know is when we're not getting this news that's three yes but even then we could they we. We just know it won't be happening in that theater in the Convention Center at the show floor. So what will happen. The same time as Microsoft's e three showcase that would be so. Oh so eft up it would be it would not them. It wouldn't matter to why that would be so catty. As healthy Soviet counter program would destroy everybody and they were like aren't we have a very special through presentation the exact same time and then it was like the the grossest Ashim afloat guy just came back reprise raucous. Hey don't talk about the flu guy. You don't understand art I don't that's true is what we were called out on last week but were hate flutes. That was the the big sticking point for you. Did you spend any upper you. It is a funny instrument though right it is. It's like a hose that you poke holes in its great flute shade. It's a long thing anyway. before we get to the PS five. I was mentioning dreams as one of the first big upcoming. ps four excuse me I must mention the announcement of PS for exclusive coming out this week in fact a day after the show will drop on January thirtieth pat. Ponto remastered is coming to your. PS Four. Finally Greg Miller can rest never heard of it now. You haven't heard of PAT upon now. It's because you blocked greg as I did. Yeah Yes there should be some sort of like loud industry veteran who championship Game Multiple Times a day for the better part of a decade seven seven hundred and eighty two days. I think he asking. We'll understand what's happening in paddock. Ponto if I have not play PAT upon one Tom. I don't think anyone understands what's happening John Time. They've played it. Yes you will take full advantage of my playstation pro hardware four K. is a full four K.. remastered of the two thousand the SP game For those who don't know pat upon them GonNa try to. Can I full screen this note pad upon is a rhythm based action game and my guess is the best way to describe it. You're it's like it's kind of like a rhythm. RT almost but side scrolling rhythm which is a bunch of words. Yeah it's you. Press buttons in time and each button each of your face. Buttons is a different sort of like instrument or noise one button is pat and other on his phone was Chaka and and you do these. The entire games on a rhythm like a beat with the music and you enter artists like attack commands or defense commands by replaying different like series of four notes with the different buttons. And then there's four beats of those executing and then you play four more so if you want to move forward with your troops you do. Pat Pat Pat opponent. And you have to keep doing that and you get combos for keeping on the rhythm and it's actually just an absolute delight probably pat opponent to is one of the Best Games on ESP. It is just the top of that pretty impressive library It's really up there and it's super weird and cool and exciting that it's finally coming to I to ps four. I'm very happy for all the PAT upon to fans out there especially Greg also totally feels like one of those throwaway softball e. three predictions. We would make go three predictions okay. Tom Hearing it was announced years ago. Two and a half years ago when the first one came out that this one was pretty close behind and then it just went away and nobody knew what it was impressive. Nobody knew what was happening. So it's it's a longtime coming. Yeah it's very cold and it is a thing where they didn't need to a six month lead up to the reveal. Reveal Patpong to remain For I'm glad that it was like hey this week this is coming out. We know you've been waiting here. It is Greg debut the game play from it. They played that on kind of funny. So if you WANNA WANNA see some of that right now go check that out. But Tom Hearing you describe this the game makes me realize by Greg. Just yells the title of it. Yeah it's it's like awesome rhythm based action puzzle or were you command trump. He's just like Panapa. Mike Okay I get it. That's the gameplay. He's playing the game is he. Does that I I. It's a fun nice way to start out. What is actually kind of for as crazy as your is relatively slower for later? It didn't get laid January thirty second. No the this episode of podcast beyond is brought to you by Netflix. This behind the scenes. PODCAST if you're familiar with this you may know that this podcast takes you through the process of going from script to screen season one to deep dive into the inner workings of stranger things now in season two. They're pulling back the curtain on the witcher starring Henry Cavill in a weekly multi pert miniseries. You're no doubt familiar with the game. Which of course takes excused from Andrew SAF Kofsky bestselling books? And so. Does the NETFLIX series host Brandon Jenkins who you may know from mogul and there's something about dolemite explores how the series takes three thousand pages of source material and brings them to life including interviews with the cast the executive producers the people making the swords etc Gill Jennifer Sorolla. They're all here you name neighbit- and behind the scenes covers it. New episodes are available now. So subscribe wherever you get. Your podcast like apple podcasts. spotify Google podcast stitcher and more and now back to beyond other big piece of news that I want to talk about before you wrap up something that broke earlier this morning it originally. I'm GONNA pull up the original YouTube channel. That revealed yielded. It was residents of evil reported and since Euro Gamer has confirmed that they've heard similar things that in unannounced inevitable inevitable proper resident evil. Eight will be coming in. They've heard some details. Essentially that it will retain the first person Gameplay Ari seven So we're we're getting our the three which is based in the classic style of that game. It's not a chain similar to. It's not changing verse Person Perspective. Do you guys. Obviously I know we have some big resin evil fans on the panel right now. Are you excited to have another first person entry. You didn't get the best part of this rumor that the dude is coming back coming back even Yossi fans coming back hunt Chris. Redfield might make an appearance Ethan will return the protagonist classic Resi character. Chris Redfield Hong the big the real big ones coming where wolves where will swear wolves where wolves should becoming where will like enemies. Excuse me like throw yes will apparently becoming. And how do you guys feel about this as the Pie. Love where wolves so this has gone too far. Why every other edible at this point in the sand where we did sharks alligators guerrillas birds plants? I don't like I don't like dividers Scary rustic old farmhouses so I'd too cowardly for the for seven. This sounds great it also suggests will see Werewolf like enemies proper zombies in a female apparition. Who Chases you through castle and village environments? Max that sounds like ghosts and goblins give yourself some credit. Sounds like horse APP. When resident nevil seven came out? You had watched maybe three horror movies and pissed your pants through all of them since. Then you've watched tons of Har- movies you've beaten resin evil to you beaten resume before you. You're playing through bloodborne. I think you're not afraid anymore. I don't like that Stew stew on the disgust office. Have you ever looking at pot in. VR YOU WANNA throw up in there not play that game in Vr does too. I've heard like struggle back. Welcome to the family. Saw Sir No. That's a great game. two-thirds are a great game. The first thirds. It's been the buddy buddy. Start coming out of the ceiling and you've got to fight them on a boat or something at the end of that game really could the US. Where were you thinking about? That game is like sort of mostly we did like one. Let's play and then stuff that I've overheard you talking about. Like I got the gist of it. I guess I got it is genuinely you like one of the scariest games especially for those early portions that have played in a long time and is great into someone who is a relatively nascent fan of the series. I've only played a couple. Oh pretty recently I really liked seven direction with Jeff where they could continue taking it especially with the track record of two and what we've seen of three so far it feels like they're on a bit of a roll with the series. Currently that game handles claustrophobia. Incredibly well seven. Yeah yeah in. Terms of locking unit contains space and making. Can you fight someone to the death of five. There's a boss fight in that game in like a ten foot by eight foot garage guys driving a car in a circle like they can't kicks ass. Yeah it's great. It's sort of captures in one again. I've played recently but it captures to me the spirit of the original resident evil in terms of like. Here's a location that you really getting the hang of one. It is focused on the small set of houses that you're in getting various have and it really gets the sense of like I'm becoming really familiar with the layout at these places. I'm learning how to navigate properly especially when more powerful enemy start to. I really hope this new game takes place in an office building and you have to go through floor-by-floor and it's like a little die. Hardy like self contained like you said like the resonate will seven kind of fell. Apart when they left the main area were the game took place it kind of jumped the shark in one in a couple of different direction sort of office environment would gel with the Castle Village Environments Aware Wolf Office. You never you never been to office in roundtable pizza corporate headquarters the whole time. He Ireland I even. This is the funny thing about this because even if this rumor is unfounded for whatever reason reason I think just betting on there being resin evil eight is not a like a risky bet with how good seven wise and with how well to performed in three remake is coming out and again. That's an easy three prediction. We'd make just to be safe because yeah yeah exactly so. I think that's definitely interesting. One of the things is when back before three. Two three remake got announced. We did a poll on June dot Com. That was like what do you want the next one to be. Whether it was like three remake or resin evil eight and one of the questions. The answers was resonable. Eight in first person or is Neva late in third person and most people wanted his knee will eight and most people want to receive late in third person. So it's interesting to hear might be sticking sticking with I. I don't know obviously just. Our poll is not the entire world but it. I'm very interested to hear you're going to see how that looks. And why that is and maybe they're keeping the remakes third person and they're making the main line first person is very funny to me. I really appreciate that. They're willing willing to kind of juggle. Both perspectives at once within this series. Do you know what they're doing for the first time in resonable history they are no. They are successfully satisfying On every side of that fan base yeah instead of taking parts of it and Cherry picking them and putting them together in one sort of disheveled amorphous dwarf his beasts like resonate will six. Where like you like Har you like call of duty no not true? I mean there's there's the whole multiplayer side of three. Yeah they really are checking all the boxes now. If only there was some sort of crisis of dinosaurs we I know I feel like. I'm glad Lucy's not here because she would make me right this feature but like is this the best era of resident evil currently like should these are aid. Rumors proved true and it is a strong premier. I feel like between seven two and and now what we're seeing of three like. This is one of the best eras of the series kind of. Yeah I mean none of these are on the level of for sure but that was like a general time for the series that was was a fluke incredibly rare it is to give a development team like infinite resources and time to make twenty five hours single player that that doesn't happen anymore. Yeah ever ever. Obviously we don't know too much for sure about resin evil ape but we do know Ari threes coming in April and so we'll probably have plenty more to talk about that series as that a release approaches whatever comes afterwards but I hope it's rules I do WanNa talk about though what we do know is out and are currently playing. Obviously some stuff has come amount including some reviews that have been done for better or worse for some of us on the panel. We'll we'll start with better with Tom. Yeah I read I read Kentucky Zero which is finally finally finally finally out on consoles now that it is a complete five act game it took seven years from the first twenty. Thirteen thirteen eighteen might have ended twenty thirteen thousand six years. Yeah it's it's really great. It's a really lovely weird point and click visual visual novel hybrid. Sort of thing Very good writing really really lovely graphics plays really well the controller. I played through the entire thing on switch Because that was the code we got but it. It handles very nicely on controller which was really pleased about because point and clicks don't always but there's very little pointing and in clicking click you kind of prompts for most things it's much more dialogue heavy yes is lots of dial a lot of the game and it's choosing dialogue and that does that impact impact the story your choices. Did you feel or was in no basically not like this is. This is the thing I said in my review is you don't really get a chance to influence the actual plot not the actual events of the game but you have massive influence over the story you read. So there's just tons of branching in dialogue to pick from and go down in different directions and picking something generally locks off the choices. You didn't make for that run right. You just keep moving because it's a natural conversation Asian And that's really interesting because it means you're hearing very very very different things even if the places you're going to order you're going into them is generally really pretty sentenced on not entirely sure. Yeah but for people who like you and me who've been waiting to play off I've acce because it's out finally finally together as one complete package when I want to ask you. You feel like it's pretty worthy. You given eight right. Yeah I give it an eight. Yeah this is the funny thing about our our new scale gail of only being ten in not having decimals. It'd probably would have given this like eight even if we had one hundred point scale. I like the. It's it's funny because when you have episode game that's been released over seven years. The first two accidents that game were made in two thousand release in twenty thirteen and they feel like a adventure game came from two thousand thirteen right. This is it's it's certainly starts on a slower simpler note for sex are still. They're still interesting but it definitely gets better as you go through. Because they're kind of the time they put in in the design sensibilities age with the game and with the acts. This why does it get like puzzle at all or is it more just conversation based. There's almost no puzzles in it. Yeah do anything but just talk to people or is it kind of. It's kind of really just a h pretty much that you you make a lot of decisions and you explore areas but you are essentially always exploring those areas to find dialogue right. That's that's sort sort of the whole thing of the game is you're you're exploring to have conversations or to learn story or whatever you will there. They've deterrent really any puzzles. How do you? How would you say the gameplay changes then you mentioned this earlier and I was curious about it instead of changing kind of what you're doing you change how you do it? So this is something that I it. Took me about eight hours to finish the whole story. And if it had just been eight hours of just reading dialog boxes as the first couple of acts sort sort of our. I wouldn't have been entertained or captivated the entire time but with this game is really good at doing. Is shaking up the form form in which you pick things. So between each actor interludes also and those interludes are very very weird in experimental strange. Like one of them and I won't get into story stories. Spoilers here but one of them. You're watching a play like a theater. Production from the perspective of an actor on stage. Who doesn't have any dialogue and as you look around the area? You're in like a three sixty view. You can look at different things. And then that'll like if you look at the actors that you'll start reading the dialogue dialogue and if you look over at the crowd you'll read a snippet of a review from a critic about the play that came out the next day. And then if you look at another thing like if you look at the Jukebox in the corner you'll get like thing of like liner notes. From the script of sound cues used in that scene of the play There's another one where you're actually elite juggling enact four I think it is. You're juggling to dialog boxes at the same time and they influence each other so it gets weird it gets. It's not just straight visual novel that that sounds that sounds pretty. There's an entire scene. That's like an over an hour long. Where instead of playing a character you are a cat and you're just running around listening to other people's conversations rather than participating them in yourself and that's why I was really really interesting? Is that every time it shakes things up. It's just kind of gets you back into it and it's just like a fun. UNCREATIVE thing one of my favorite scenes in this game is you're watching someone sing a song and they're singing the song it's voice straight. The music in this game is lovely early and they're seeing and you're picking the first line of the verse. They sing to you in real time as they're singing it so you get a dialogue option. While they're are singing at you you pick line and then that's that influences. What the next verse? They'll sing it. You is and that's the exact same thing right. It's just dialogue. Options is picking through them but the way it's presented is just so cool and weird indifferent. That's awesome yeah really lovely. It sounds like a really fascinating thing that I've heard so much praise for over the years and the way that approaches purchase story. And I'm glad you liked it to someone who just jumped in right now as well. That's going to be my experience not without its bumps Aebischer. It's rocky here and there but the patient can kind of like suffer at times haimes because there's moments where you'll meet a character randomly and a gas station and you'll like just talk to them casually and then they'll tell you their whole life story and you have a dialog tree with them where you like. They didn't know human being do that sort of thing right. There's a lot of that Arno. That's the people gas stations who just kind of go fair and I have A. Maybe you haven't been Gas Station Yeah. I gotta go but but it's it's still throughout all that even when it gets rocky and pacing. The writing is still great so it holds up. Step your full review. Who is an agenda? And there's a video review as well check out you've also just quickly wanted to be a mention been playing F F seven I e original. I should I went back to final fantasy seven Kevin. I'm replaying it basically for the first time in like ten or fifteen years forgot a lot a lot about it and just kind of preparing for the remake getting getting ready and now you have an extra. How do you feel about that? I'm excited for how much they can change right and it's still holds up as a game. It's still very very fun but before I started playing it again I was like how are they going to. I five hours of final fantasy seven into a full game and then I played through the first five hours and I got through the mid section and I was like. Oh yeah they could. They could easily make this a whole whole game. 'cause like the very intro Mak- reactor seeing that everybody remembers and loves this. Intense action scene is four screens. Right like that's a extraordinarily brief section. And they could make that to our dungeon a three hour dungeon and you wouldn't wouldn't even baton eyelash at it so I'm excited to see what they change and I'm more excited for the structure. They've chosen after having replayed it. It'll be really interesting to see those comparison point especially as someone who's been playing at fresh. Max We can't let a week of the show go by without mentioning this game. So what are you playing. I'm playing bloodborne. Spider is finally dead tally. I phoned a friend. I used a lifeline and then somebody named after Lafi from one piece showed up and just whoop the spiders acid like a heartbeat. Just deeply anticlimactic. Because I'm just like Oh. That's just picturing that gummy pirate who dresses like huckleberry Finn showing up killing the spider and then it's like waving and ghosting and I was like like I was. I was stuck on that for like seven months. Like what am I a now. I'm PAT pass it and others new things that are killing. You're stuck on. Everything is scarier than ever. So it's great at some point. I'll beat that game win. That will ever happen but you know as you get closer to beating it. We should maybe livestream that Brian. Have you been playing anything. It just as guests. I've been playing bloodborne two or more and also nowhere to here. I you guys know on the show. I've been doing this thing over the last few months where I feel like I was dating bloodborne and I was like I need space. I'M GONNA go date other people and I did. I played the field for awhile. I played I played dark. Souls three I played Ashley. Ashley played remnant. I played lords of the fallen. I played got the list just keeps going and they're all great. I had a lot of fun with so many of them. Some of them. I finished some of my and I just went back to Bloodborne I. I have not been able for whatever weird reason to connect with a single piece of media in twenty twenty I haven't been in love with any and TV shows haven't been crazy about any movies. All the Games. I've been playing of just panic kind of a and I went back to bloodborne and I'm just madly in love with it all over again. My boss asked me at lunch the other day it was like. Why don't you talk about? What are you love? It so much and I was like because every time I play that game I go in with a new character build. I I start with a new starting weapon. I find different weapon in the field and upgrade that and I played a little bit differently every time and have a slightly different approach and the more I think about that game the reason I love it so much in so many games miss. This is that the world feels so lived in if you'll so like it feel so realistic when and yet the to Henrik with all the witches twirling around and they're all sort of dancing in the middle of this sort of like little weird park with like charnel lane okay. Yeah and there's an what that is but that's what they say. Yeah and there's a giant just like this giant decrepit statue and all. There's like weeds growing out of the the walls and stuff. It just feels so beautifully Dan. It's so horrifying. Everything is trying to kill you. Cons Love Lucy says about that and it's it's not so much that it's lived in it. I mean it's lived in a very a present sense where you are trespassing. Yeah hunting in this. You're in this place where these witches are trying to have a nice his time on the charnel lane doing stuff with the burning dog or what hanging out not weeding. Apparently and then you show up. And they're like what are you doing here. Get the get out of here you have to chase you with their sticks six to rock set you. There's also there's magical sort of incidental storytelling that happens. Every time I play that game that is not part of the plan. You know. It's not part the Laura it just like. There's this character name Eileen. WHO's this like horrible medicine? Bird woman who hangs out on the balcony. She's a lot scarier than she sounds. Because I mean sounds like a woman and you know what would knock on your door and taxis midnight runners something. What are your thoughts on Elizabeth? Warren you're like thanks. I lean the Eileen stance on his balcony. And she it can destroy you and early on in that game. You're not strong enough to kill her. But I- lured her onto these sort of planks hanging over like a two story drop and she fell And landed at the bottom had basically no health and I went down there carefully and slowly and I took a bunch of that like beasts lowering blood juice and threw it on the floor and whipped. All these crazy rats that's into a frenzy and they started jumping on with your big fat gnashing teeth and their fat asses and they're ready closed and legs and they tore apart real good. This is jumping on her and she died. I went down. I got her her badger. They now they sell me your clothes so I can dress like Eileen now and it was way too soon to do that. Who needs therapy when you have flood brake the job I was thinking about blood born the other day we do and something hit me is that he just told that story with the same sort of demeanor demeanor as like when a four year old gets home from the First Day of Preschool tells her dad they did at school? You just like we're going for just love that game. I really really do axiom axiom. I share joy had twenty twenty which is weird because it's just bleak and unforgiving I know but I love that about anyone. Oh no but like I was thinking about it. It's it's really weird to me. That of all the sort of horrifying animals that are in that game for the most part. They're like they kind of feel like they're in the same scale but inexplicably. The crows are like the size of large dogs. Yeah or the rats they will mess you up to like they every now. That's what I love about that game right. It's like I. I'm running to this game right now. I'd be cleric piece. I try. I beat father the gas going. Would that dude's ass with my with my long ass wit hadn't behind a bunch of crips graves and such various objects wisdom real good behind the tree and he got real mad got all frenzied zied up and turned into a beast at the end ran behind his fat ass whipping his ass. All over the place beat him and then I ran to the witches killed them. I went up to vicar media that NASTY NASTY WET medicine horse. Kill the crap out of her. She was going to bed. She let her hair down right long kicked her ass all over the place and I walk outside and Mike. I'm feeling good in the jumped up and got my neck and killed me and I lost like forty thousand dollars games crazy man. You guys should play the bubbler and it's cool love that game anyway. I've been playing came three. I don't know how to go on now. I've been playing the kingdom hearts. Three deal see remind mind. I'm just going to keep going with this because I don't know to get out of bloodborne except for kingdom hearts and I reviewed the DLC my reviews now and then and it's not great. Yes not great. Are you okay on not. It's made me really unhappy that I'd done. You're huge huge kingdom hearts fan. Yeah no so this hurts even holding it together. Okay Yeah it's been rough so the kingdom hearts three remind. Elsie is a very very weird package and Thomas. Ms Read edited my review. So he knows what I'll say but essentially there are two main have to it. The first half is a very story base. Four to five maybe our experience that is mostly cut scenes that fills in some of the gaps of the climax of the base game story by sending you through it. I don't want to like spoil any of the stories stuff but essentially send you back through all of that experience with some new twist to the story that fills in things. You may not have learned the original time through. The problem is most of that time. You are just replaying the end of the game there are occasionally like new cut teams that show a new character interaction or two but they're never the things that I was like demanding for someone who's played all of these games have been a fan for twenty years. It wasn't anything like really satisfied. Me Or really changed or made need more complex my understanding of this world like he didn't really add anything to it on a story level for me and then the game play is essentially largely retread to the boss battles at the end of the game. mm-hmm where you can either replay a sora or play as one of the other characters present in those battles. He didn't get to play it as the base game. So wait a minute. They resold the ending to the last game with with some new cut scenes and little bits of new gameplay but really doesn't add because it presented like an entirely new thing. Yes it is. There is a story setup to why you're going through all all of it again but it doesn't really feel impactful like it doesn't really matter to me as someone who has genuinely hanging plot threads from a game that I want to know so much more about this deal doesn't Address those it doesn't really in a substantive way like winks those things but doesn't really satisfy them and then once you beat that episode you have to beat that bit to then get to the second can half which is a series of thirteen boss battles that takes characters from the game that you fought before and just makes them the hardest. They've ever been like these are some of the most difficult boss battles in kingdom hearts game. Some of them probably are the most difficult. I can't say one for one on some of them but you can't really tackle cool these bosses on let it unless you're above level ninety year. There's a maximum level ninety nine if you're below level ninety and don't have the ultimate weapon the ski late in the game. You don't really have much of a hope of the fighting these things. So it's a very narrow place connections. Yeah for context. You finished the base game. Like fifty like like seventy seven so everything and the problem is I so I did a little bit of level grinding to be able to be these bosses. I've beaten about four or so right now. Maybe five. The time this episode goes up but they are so orders of magnitude more difficult than anything else in the game so it is a fun challenge to overcome. Like I was really excited each time. I beat one but because there's nothing else like them in the game the only way to learn how to beat them is to just fight them. There is nothing else in the game that even comes close to how difficult they are by nearly double their at least doubly as hard as anything else in the game and so you might be beating your head against the wall. Because you're like I don't know how to beat this and it might just be because you're not level ninety nine yet and then even then there are bosses who learn how to be able to break your guard who can just stop time in jail on you constantly. You have to play much differently when you do almost the rest of the game and it's cool that's added but it's hard to get into because there's nothing else that leads you there right and so I have had fun with some of these boss. Battles does but questioned their inclusion in this way and wish there was a little bit more that bridge that gap on a difficulty level. Stupid question is their new game plus in kingdom hearts. I don't know if there's a proper new game plus I think they might have added something. Post launched there wasn't when you did sound sort of like almost like a new game plus and a half so normally when kingdom hearts games would come out. There would be sort of in the way that pokemon would get a third version. There would be a final mix version of one to a few of the others and they would add a few of these really tough boss battles at a few they were essentially new game. Pauses that you would buy so this sort of takes the place of that but because you're playing it for me for example playing it a year. After I beat the game. It feels really disjointed. It doesn't really Adan much the experience that I was looking for it to add and it just feels like a bit of a missed opportunity in a lot of places you know throws in for example like the base game didn't have final fantasy characters doctors. Well now. They're hearing their voice again. Like Leon and Arifin Yuppie are all in it Said but there for five minutes and then you go fight the bosses and so it felt more like they were just in there because they were like we knew people wanted this so here they are but it doesn't really matter that they're they're any character could have filled that it sounds more like DLC DLC for the sake of deal see rather than deals because they had a good message or story that they wanted to tell yeah. It doesn't feel like this deal was made in in response to how we've all been discussed kingdom hearts fans have been discussing where this series could go censo- like an arcade kind of tacked on and for some people that is what some people wanted. Some people were creating that challenge. And I'm glad that is there but I didn't think it was enough for what this package could be and it ends so it's a thing that's been spoiled based on Youtube from the day. The deal came out when you try to keep it light though maybe go quickly because I think you guys will be interested on a weird just like game industry level. There is a secret video that comes at at the end of this The so full on spoilers for the Kingdom hearts three remind deal see. It's hard not to talk about without. I will get back to the show non spoiler after this you you find a character named Zora voiced by Dylan sprouse. Who is a fake character? You think in a video game present in the toy story world that is that is the basis for this character after you beat him. It shows a trailer later on that ties into the final secret video from kingdom hearts. Three that showed Sora A- and recruit the to the main characters in Japan in proper you real world Japan right and if further then ties in Missouri Waking up in a car in a limo no being driven somewhere in an exact recreation essentially of one of the original final fantasy versus thirteen trailers or he takes the place if I think knocked us from from that trailer before it was final fantasy fifteen proper which was a game Nomura was working before it became fifteen and tomato took over and he moved on to kingdom hearts but essentially naturally obviously but it essentially becomes a weird tie in to versus thirteen trailers and the world that he was creating for versus just thirteen before it became what fifteen is. Is this what we sound. Like when we talk about Star Wars Canon a little bit. But you you were talking about bloodborne earlier it sounds like to know I blacked out. Rats are yeah Samaj and they're big and wet to me now imagine they had their own kingdom in Orlando Florida. That's the weird thing is to me as someone who even as an adult my late twenty s who loved this series growing up as a marriage of the Disney rose I grew up with with the somewhat more mature final fantasy world with its own original story that was crazy and wild and silly but fun. This is like. Hey Hey what if we ignored all that stuff and put in a game. That never happened because the creator had some ideas he could use is what it feels like again we. I don't know I have no idea what the plans are came hurts for. I don't know but it. It felt like this isn't why I played three like none of this matters to me as someone who played in enjoyed a lot of three and so anyway. Spoilers are over but This isn't the way I want to remember him through. Where can never hurts has been before it goes into whatever this new era or as you said once you did level up you were saying that some of the fights were at least enjoyable? That's the thing is like I think some of these thirty dollars enjoyable right. They have been fun into these first four or five. That have been able to be have been fun now that I feel achievable. There's definitely been like a I got through that sort of experience that conjoined on top of that. It just really hasn't landed for me. Well it sounds like you're sad and you've gotten better at fighting big bosses so it is time to play Blah uh-huh thirty dollars you can get the full game and the deal sea and probably still have ten extra dollars. It's not a bad deal. Games constantly on sale. Are we ever going to be one the game probably. Yeah we should. We should talk about that. We should definitely have me play that game if you would like me to play that game on at some point in the future right into beyond Jin dot com and let us now so just comment on this video. Writing into an email is a lot of work before we get into people writing into the email. Though I do want to point to a wonderful video Max Scoville shared with me. You say yeah we can do this picture in picture this. I was just going to talk about. Is it working red. You can see it so anyway. Maximum you give us a little taste around. I I found out in the Japanese version crash. It's not like a dark secret Bob Stares at secret button calmly pulls up. One of them was is horrified. Live action music for the ever which has crashed bandic Sort of flashing rattler. Here's the music is planning apologize. Apologize attack abandon trace this yes yes also found out in the Japanese version crash bandicoot the novel foods it's called Apples And then mango is. He's had no it's apple. That was a mango very clear. Then he does a lot of air humping and he's with the woman in like an evening down. They were eating apples at like a restaurant together that he starts dancing a bunch. He's in some kind of a CACTUS garden And it keeps going and gets somehow it gets even weirder and in the next seen. He's on vacation with a bottle of what I think is sake but it has an arrow pointing to and it says it's just apple juice but then if you get to the very end of the video this is after. He has jumped into a swimming Ming Pool with his with all his clothes on. Just you know just normally and to get on one of those like Hover Hover board a boat board things waterboard whatever it he jumps on it fully cloud gets all wet and stuff at the very end for some reason. There's a very short clip of him like four frames in the pool with a plastic bag over his head. That's it that's just in the video but also dancing women so they're clearly like they're different women's so he's he's Philanderer who also suffocates himself in the pool. And is he chose himself. Thanks a bunch and just for your birthday sing a song. It's very weird. Everyone should go watch it. It's very funny. It's an Ottoman. Yeah you can find that on youtube just wondering that up because I really want a new crash bandicoot and this is what I have in. The meantime also did some. I'll tell I'll talk about more crash bandicoot stuff next week. I found it some other stuff. That's pretty upsetting. Let's let's let us in on the comments. What is the most confusing thing? bloodborne lower kingdom hearts lower that crash bandicoot commercial Scott at the crash bandicoot trying to suffocate himself the positive bag and a pool. That's up there. I'm sorry you guys are some weird bloodborne bosses but that is up there. It sounds like a blood borne involved. Yeah what bag to move on from that happier territory did want to as wrapping up the show jump into memory card which is of course our weekly weekly segment where you the viewers and listeners. At home right in with your stories of your playstation gaming life whether they be happy sad weird funny odd whatever will read them on the show every week right right into beyond dot com. If you want to share yours please write the subject line memory card oil. Miss them when I search my email This one actually came in a little earlier today. We were recording comes from Adam. Adam Adam rooted and said Hey guys I've listened to every episode of beyond but I have a confession to make I haven't owned a playstation since the. ps one he wrote in last year about never getting to finish. Finish at seven actually about that. I purchased an Xbox in two thousand and just sort of stayed with Microsoft. What the how dare you? Adam Continues News. Maybe it was Microsoft's lack of exclusives. Maybe it was got worse taking game of the year. Maybe it was Lucy's comments about the left behind deal see This black Friday Friday bundle for one hundred eighty nine dollars. I played back to back. The last of US got horizons era. That's insane I can honestly say I I don't think I've ever played through that much. Genuine storytelling Joel. And Ellie create us into trey s alloy in the wild. I firmly moved over to sport play station and I can't wait to see where it takes me love you guys. Keep up the great work. I I know which somebody who would hit me with a spiked bat. I could lose all my memory and play those games again for the first time. That's like if you saved your dessert after every meal and then killed yourself by eating a years worth of desert. Yeah Right. That sounds great. You absurd after every meal. I have lots of desserts. Oh my God that we saw at Safeway yesterday. who was buying eight individually? Wrap slices of cake. You just get a whole lake in parts the other expensive to the other memory video games and cake pieces. The other remember cut I wanted to read was in large part. Came because of Max's call four funny and weird memory cards because we've gotten a lot of heartfelt ones but we know there are some arguments you did say that anyway dirk road and said hey beyond said you want some lighthearted memory cards. So here's mine my senior year in high school I got caught having as Derek marital relations with my girlfriend. I my parents decided grounding me for my. PS One was an appropriate punishment. But I really wanted to play final fantasy tactics so I found a loophole. I sat right next to my little brother so I found a loophole Paul. I sat right next to my little brother and told him exactly what to do. Where to go and buttons to push final fantasy tactics will always be happy memory for me in a funny story between my brother and me of of your well? Also final fantasy tactics turns twenty two today. Oh happy birthday. I saw people tweeting about it more than normal. Might be there who knows his parents were like constrict and also incredibly lax to be like. You can't play that game but you can sit next to someone playing it and dictate all the moves the entire. I think if they're like you're not allowed to play. You can sit there and watch your brother play final fantasy tactics. That's actually pretty pretty major torture if you're invested kind of yeah but it's like if I told your twitch if I told you you couldn't watch TV but you could watch TV through a window. Whisper into the window. We like change change network and also before we wrap. Thank you to everyone who wrote in. We have a ton more memory cursory Syrian the weeks to come please please keep writing in I did want to start up our new segment that we want to be doing every week which is also to involve you you at home listening or watching this episode. We right now. We're calling that one thing so we were talking a little bit about. This largely came from a suggestion from Brian about about. Hey obviously we talk about all the time here. We talk about all the things in them that we love for some of our favorites of all time. There's often that one thing that thing that sticks in your mind about why you love the game so much. Even if it's not a game that you love the rest of there might be just one thing that really stood out to you and so we want to highlight that stuff because we got so many. It's nuts. How many responses awesome so happy about it and I think it's a testament to all of the amazing work sometimes it goes unnoticed from developers of really small things that can really affect your experience of the game? It's it's also a testament to how easy it is to answer it incredibly simple like a Lotta the call and response is like what's your favorite narrative arc of the God of war series. He's from two thousand and five to two thousand fourteen specifically write a paragraph out. And this is what's your what's the things you like a tree and Gti tell us about the. I'm so hungry to one from a multiplatform game and one from playstation game with the multiplatform. Shay wrote into bounded idea dot com with the subject line that one thing and and said one of my all time. Favorite game mechanics is in the dead space franchise and that's the use of the plasma cutter so mechanics spoilers. If you haven't played I still go back to the original game almost yearly and still can't get enough of it something on flee that I wish I could relive all over again Seeing shoot the limbs scrawled in blood all over the walls those and then meeting your first neck amorphous and realizing that's exactly neck remorse. Excuse me and realizing that's exactly what you need to do. Something that stuck with me even to this day and still love going back to also when he could set off an arm and then shoot it. Back with stasis fills me up inside that weapon felt so damn good like that is right that is that's when you're swinging lightsaber on fallen order or something like that and I just felt it works. They nailed that. And I think that is like so much of the success of the plane dead space cutter which is so fun to play with plasma cutters a real they're like an actual tool It works nothing like that at all in real. It looks like a garden hose with like a large alligator clip and you put the clip on the metal the grounded then it shoots like a quarter inch of arc out of it. There was a documentary. Going around with that became the talked about how they were using real mining tools for like a whole bunch of stuff that was the basis of. Yeah they're like directly inspired by a bunch of real world stuff like you video game the hell out of play. Of course yeah. There was some real world basis and their three D. Printer gun at three bullets in real time. All right Another one I wanted to read. I'm actually GonNa Change Direction just to bring another thing that Soland was inspired by David wrote into ended dot com about that one thing and said hello and beyond around. Everybody has a thing that when they see or hear the game or a trailer for a game that they immediately think. Oh this is speaking my language. That thing for me is the incorporation of choirs. In the game soundtrack back I absolutely love any game. Soundtrack incorporates choirs and chance I find it so emotionally powerful and bad ass. My favorite uses of it or games like with Adam Johnson's days X.. Games ah God of war on. Ps Four from Saas Games. SKYRO- him F F seven and F F eight. Maybe it's because I grew up listening to choirs and Church but I've always associated choirs with larger than life. The epic or emotional events. There is nothing more chilling bad us to see character. Make a dramatic comeback dramatic entrance dramatic fight sequence or dramatic defeat then with a choir guiding that scene. I you can't get enough of it. Thanks for doing the show. You guys are highlight of my week. When the Gameboy advance launched with Castle Vania Circle the moon which is a game? You couldn't see unless you sat directly underlies awful the title squeeze screen had choir music and it was very dark and there was that logo and it was like and I was like this is coming through tiny the plastic holes on a hand held. But it sounds like I'm listening to an MP three the future yeah no that blew my mind. I love it. He says this is. This is definitely speaking my language and then proceeds to name like things that probably have people singing in like seven different languages. My favorite for Skyro- this piece of Trivia where to get that dovaston chanting. They had like they had like thirty dudes in like a garage or airport hangar or something and they're all chanting in like dragon tongue and they were like no you know. It's not scare them enough so they took them chanting and they did it over like three times so it sounded like there were ninety people chanting dragon tongue. Oh my God. Let's throw our whatever that's awesome. I wanted to bring one on myself since obviously I want to come from us on the cast as well and when I did want to bring up is in the very beginning and again spoilers I guess for the first bioshock when you are first discovering your enrapture walking through the beginning section. It's one of my favorite sections in any game into in any game but it's actually the titular biological shock when you when you first shock gas. Well No. It is my first shock in the game. I guess for lack of a worst pun. One is There's this moment where you're approaching hallway and you see a woman standing next to a baby carriage and she's speaking to the baby and it's quiet otherwise it's dark it's moody and her shadow is being projected on the wall. And that's the first thing you see is the shadow and so you start slowly creeping and you've only met one or two spicer so I don't really know what you're getting getting at and then as you get closer. She turned around and goes crazy and starts fighting you because she is a slicer and of course she's gone crazy with that the whole Mumbo jumbo that has the spicer's and and then you go over the baby carriage to her interest a gun is in the carriage and that's it and it was. I played it in the demo before the game even came out and that moment for me was so enthralling enthralling engaging in freaked me out and I finished that moment I was like I have to buy this game. That demo kicked so much out what are the best seriously like it. I what what twenty minutes of the game or something. Just let you play through the beginning until there's a point where you essentially get locked in a greeted area and spicer trying to attack you. Andrew Ryan is talking to your doors opening Yep Yep and they play through them and it starts with the whole plane crash in everything and swimming through the I like the way the moonlight hit though the ripples on the top of the water and how it looked like there was oil there too from like a maybe. I'm just imagining this. But but no yeah like the spill of the fire on the water and then being in the middle of nowhere and seeing this tower power and swimming up to it and being like what's this. Oh it's not going up it's going down and then seeing whales and Oh my God and it's it's incredible opening opening up. The lesson from that is is that like in the first twenty minutes of that game you can start playing it and figure out how you're supposed to play it and I feel like we have so many games that take like a solid two hours to get you out of the tutorial. Yeah yeah it throws you in and it also just immediately grabs easily fire mental storytelling super. Mario Brothers you out there. There's the Gumbo if you don't jump you die. You learn that instantly and we'll get. You will get a little bit to some more Mario Brothers in the plugs as we wrap up this episode But of course if you want to write into with that one thing in a game that love please right into beyond it is you dot com with the subject. Line that one thing and we'll be reading those on the show for the week. Come if you're enjoying the segment please let us know right in with yours there's Lifson comments on the Youtube and Jian versions of the show and we of course are reading those and check this out so thank you to everyone who wrote in this first week already. We have so many great wants to go off from before we wrap up the show very quickly wanted to ask. Max what's in your pocket if not interesting. We'll keep going. Yes not good this okay anyway. We'll find out what's in Max's pocket next week Dory about that expert will bring a real treat for lost time for dessert. Never I never this chairs her like they're kind of like push your legs right in your body. Jonathan keeps up. That's for jacket pockets are for but it gets very warm in here anyway. I thank you so much for listening earning or watching this episode podcast on episode six hundred twenty eight of our weekly Asian show. It's normally live every Wednesday at the Pacific at beyond GM DOT COM Jim Beyond and your favorite podcast services around the world Before we wrap up I am on twitter at Jim doorbuster. Max's at Max Scoville. Brian is at each embezzle. And Thomas at Tom Marks. I wanted to point out a wonderful video. These two gentlemen next to me did in which they investigated chronologically. How much time does the first Super Mario Brothers take place over? How much real world time does that happen? A day-night cycle we asked a simple question and unravel the global conspiracy and and it is Quite the answer so go check that out on YouTube dot com slash agenda as well as I wanted to comment and of course we were saying earlier. Check out Tom's Kentucky Route Zero Review. If you haven't already any other reviews even doing over there or you're good for now. Nope I got a little bit of break you do. Yes but you'll be back with more reviews and we talk about the games you can check got my occasionally remind review and also if you haven't checked out a new series I've been hosting called power ranking. Were each week we take a fan voted poll from the Youtube community and all across our social feeds and make ranking based on all of your votes and then make silly Iraqi jokes This Week Khalil. One of our editors didn't amazing edit for fake game that you should definitely check Out Anyway thank you so much for listening and watching this episode and as always beyond beyond beyond go check out that live action crash bandicoot music videos. Make sure there's no parents over your shoulder. They're going to be suspicious.

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