Prepare Your Elevator Pitch


Hey everyone this is josh with the pitch will be back with a new episode next week but i'm here today with a quick announcement on wednesday september eleven. We are are doing it again or opening up the phone lines to take your calls. If you're an entrepreneur who's raising money from venture capitalists. Call in and give us your pitch. You might even get a spot in front of our investors on the show. I'll be on the line taking calls from one to four p._m. Eastern on wednesday september eleven last time we did this. We had over two hundred callers but we were only able to speak with forty of you so this time around. We're upping the ante just a bit it. You'll need to pitch your business in thirty seconds flat so it'll be a true elevator pitch this time around but hopefully that means. We get to talk to more of you. In in the end a couple lucky callers will get the chance to come to brooklyn and give their pitch to the investors on our show all right grab your pen ready. The number to call is three four seven nine one five three one two three. The phone may be busy when you call so you need to call back more than once before you'll get through but we're taking calls the whole time from one to four p._m. Eastern on wednesday september eleven okay. I can't wait talk to you then.

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