Steelers Hangover: Did the Steelers give up and give in too soon just to end the Antonio Brown drama?


Hey, did you tell the families secret recipe? What McDonald's has all Bay US? Also, never layoff fish. Now. I told you to keep OJ between us it wasn't me picky premised secrets out that obey flavor. You know meets the filet of fish, you mixing mass stupefied dollars with the original filet of fix for tasty. OJ tartar sauce only epic down. Price very cannot be combined with any opera company. Limited time only thing alignment regular price. Radio. man visible life. Long. Miles to go before we sleep. Oh, man. It's good to in. And I'm so. Not go gently. We won't unleash hell here. Sweet soothing sounds of the young and renegade here behind the steel curtain dot com. It's a little once again when being is Brian Anstey Davis along would be what again is Anthony deaf. Yo as we pick a look at the end Tonio Brown trade. Now, here's the thing. This show is definitely called Steelers hangover, and I feel really hungover from the entire situation. I am still actually the come down from it. And there was just a line in the song about you know, the deal being made, you know, something like that. And I just feel like the Steelers fleeced. But that's what we're gonna do. We're gonna talk about it right here on the Steelers hangover the reason, I'm seeing least is my. What I'm feeling right now is that they gave up in gave in just the end all of the AB drama. And that's the way I'm feeling do know how to feel. So I'm hoping that this next half hour. Forty five minutes will help me see through this entire thing. 'cause I am really disgusted with everything right now. And maybe I'm the wrong person to be leading this this podcast because I'm this is the most frustrated I've been in a long time. So once again hangovers brought to you by behind the curtain dot com. Oh, the ABC news. And hopefully, this is pretty much the end of it. But all the Steelers news you ever need. You know, there's ten new articles every single day. There's so much going on. And the very first to go ahead and present it to you. We'll be behind the curtain and one of the great communists on. On the curtain is my good friend Anthony deaf. Yo. Tony how you feeling today? Well, if you and Brian I'm feeling pretty good. I'm not feeling pretty good. I'm Kevin covert though. I think agree with everything you've pretty much said, it's it it feels like they had a drive. That's it. Get first round. They reached get a under. Gave up they didn't want to deal with it anymore, and and they had no leverage. So yeah, it's a very disappointing return for the gresh receiver in the game graduates Uber in team history. But in a lot of ways it says own fault, and but when he care, right? He's. He's in. He's in Oakland and Steelers are left with. Have a little trouble hearing, the you're cutting in and out. But thanks for thing that, and you know, I'll agree with you on that. So my question is we have this show will week ago? And we were talking about that. It's probably going to the raiders we felt like we still felt like you can get a number one pick out of even the number two pick wasn't the worst thing in the world because that's the thirty fifth overall pick. But now, you take a look at it. And you know, you're getting third round draft pick a third round traffic that you got from. From martinez. Bryant you're getting a fifth round pick, and basically the paint to replace the pick that you lost. When you traded with the raiders for Ryan Switzer. So in in ten months, this is the third trade for a wide receiver with a wide receiver being dealt in three in ten months with the same team when we're talking Bryant, we're talking Switzer. Now, we're talking in Tokyo Brown, but I feel like the the raiders at this point shift of the leverage. And and I don't understand saying, oh, we've got pay him more. So we're gonna give you less. They have all this money underneath the cap. Why are the Steelers taking so much less for them? And the answer is simple. It's because with the buffalo madness that happened this week that he drove the price down. Upon on himself. So he got everything he wanted. He left the Steelers I'm not going to say in ruins, but he left the Steelers holding still only twenty one million dollars against the cap because of this guy, and it's just a whole thickening situation that the bad guy in this whole thing got everything that he wants. And I'm sure there's going to be people saying, you know, well, you know, the NFL teams are bad guys because they don't honor contracts, and well, hey, walked I mean, they kind of player, but the player can go out and get another deal. And that's exactly what they do. And it's just seems like everything that Antonio wanted in the situation in Tonio got and the raiders didn't hate for in a pay the market price for him as far as the trade goes to the Steelers come. Compensation was low because. Hemed knew that Antonio Brown in that piece of crap. And I don't care I'm not being professional here. That piece of crap drew Rosenhaus who's done this before in the past when ahead and drove the market down. So the Steelers just basically had to give them away. They could've played hardball. They could have been you know, completely vindictive and not training. But what would of that settled? So at this point. Are you glad that the dramas just over Coney? I'm glad it's over because you know, I it's it was all consuming for since what December thirty first. But I'm still not happy. I wish I wish to draw away of continued. And they would have just been more patient because I mean, they had all offseason they had till the end of training camp essentially to to make a deal with somebody for attorney. Oh Brown that they could have just waited. And I realize roster bonus that he was due. And and there's there's other areas they have to address and they just wanted to move on from it. But if I'm them, and and I'm dealing with the raiders like we talked about last week. Give us one of your first round picks or there's no deal. I don't care how much money you have to pay this guy. You want him? You get that you want. We get one of your first round picks. You have three of them. We want one of them. I think that's very fair for the greatest receiver in the game. So I I mean, I'm glad to dramas over. But I'm not I'm just not happy with the. Outcome at all. I went to bed last night thinking that they were still gonna one from the raiders. Yeah. I was convinced when I saw third in the fifth. I've I'm still angry about it. I'm so angry that that I'm with the point with. I'm losing faith in the entire system dealer system. The NFL were just letting a holes get what they want at this point. That was completely. I mean, you know, he made and Brown made a mention this week that you know, he wants to he wants to come back. And you know, he was come back and be skier years from now as in the hearts of the fans, I don't know how he said it, but he always wants to be recognized as a Steeler, or whatever I think, you know, what I'm talking about here. But for me, it's just I. I am not a jersey burning guy, but the two jerseys that I have with his name on them. I do not want. Back. You know, you wanna you wanna contact me? If you wanna give Tony you want, my AB jerseys, yours if you want to you know, what I'm good for now. When when when those heal wounds healed for right now, I'm you know, what I don't want the wounds that heal because I can see that. You know what I'm just saying? Not welcome. He's not welcome in Pittsburgh as far as I'm concerned. What did he leave them with? He trashed them. He smashed them. He I mean he liked. He liked the tweet about the quarterback raping raping somebody. He completely smashed everybody. He does not care who he hung up dry. He got what he wanted with money, and it's guaranteed money. And how could you know, what I could not hold my head up high. If I did that. So me, I think he's a PO s at this point. And I don't want him back in Pittsburgh. So the wounds are not healed. You know, I'm boxing up anything that I have with that guy on it. And and that's all I can say I mean, he really I don't wanna say ruined a franchise because this is a good franchise, but he really left them in the lurch and that whole business with. With buffalo of the other night. That to me showed exactly that that a player can just do whatever they want and get what they want 'cause somebody's gonna end up paying them until we put the foot down. Of course, the raiders are going to do it until we put our foot down and say, this is ridiculous. We're allowing this to happen. I'm dangerous precedent has been set. And I'm sick of it. So that being said, I. You know what I'm at a. I was saying just a few weeks ago that I'm knocking wis poorly on another player. But I I hope it doesn't go well in Oakland or Vegas or wherever those that team plays. And I just hope I I hope it blows up. In fact, I am going to go as far as saying that I wish a reparable erectile dysfunction. How it toasts and? Yeah, I the on this guy. So an Rosenhaus, and you know, what I'm gonna throw another name Jian Rappaport in Rapaport is an idiot. This guy. This guy reports lies all the time. If it was in rob import have Antonio Brown coming back to the Steelers. So excuse me later on bell coming up the Steelers so many times he's in after his job. And he made this situation work worth with the entire buffalo thing that was two days over. On Tuesday from what I understand Thursday night, and unite or are texting back and forth thing. Wow. He's going to buffalo in rob imports. Reporting live reporting ABC's because he any throwing stuff out there. How can you trust a word? This guy says while we got that source. Well, trust your know, what kind of sources you have. But so this guy help make it worse. Because after that buffalo stuff went down. You you. We're not gonna get any better than a three on the sky. It's a three and a five. I mean, if they would have got to and five I'd be celebrating with you today without to being the thirty fifth pick. This gives them no advantage whatsoever. This doesn't help them. Now. What's this help? Help them gives them an extra three another five. You know, five were last year there fives were tailing Samuels, which okay, he was okay. And Marcus Allen. Good news every play dies. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean when sales we we got a little bit out of. But he's he's a future running back at that team. We could hope he is. So you know, and. So maybe I'm just crying. Maybe I'm just being a big baby here, they got nothing out of this guy. A three five to me is is nothing. Maybe I'll be happy if they get a steal on draft day. But the they really don't. We're not. So who who are we blaming besides can we really put the blame on art Rooney? Kevin Colbert everyone's fire by and it's all my comments fall setup. I I don't wanna hear it. I don't wanna hear the my calm and stuff. We really blame though. Could we blame? Kevin Colbert in the situation or did. He just do what he had to do just to end it. Well, I think when when when Antonio Brown refused to return the bosses phone calls back in January right after the end of the regular season. I think the boss said Kevin Colbert, we went the guy gone. And obviously they met in Florida. But he knew that he wanted him gone at that point because that's that's direct insubordination right there. But you're not you're not entering your boss's phone calls, especially after you after you walk out in at halftime of a game that you're being paid for. So I don't think you can really blame. Kevin Cobra all that much because I think they could've waited in. If I were them, I would have waited. And I I would have put him on the exempt list you can do that next. Season's that where you're not gonna even get paid. I'm not sure they could do that. But personally, but they have to look out for what's what's best for the France. What they feel especially the franchise and and Brown just not gonna make it any better. You talked about. He was he was going to Knicks any deal that he didn't like whether it be buffalo Washington wherever they they were planning on sending him as wasn't a situation. He liked. He was just gonna say he's gonna pony lie. Manning and say, I'm not going. Well, you don't have you don't have any any leverage at that point. You can't get anything better than what they got. I guess I mean, I personally would have waited maybe closer to the draft to see if they could have maybe if talked to the up, and maybe they could have gotten a better pick. But you know, I I don't think blame chemical. But the only person I blame right now was in Tokyo Brown because he made this whole thing so much worse. He could have been more professional about it. He wanted to leave fine. He could have been way more professional than he was. Instead, he act like jerk. There's no other way about it. You just laid out all the all the things that he said and did that were just awful. So yeah, I think the only person blame turning Brown. So with that being said, though, you said something that that really your sparked something in me, though, you mentioned that they could awaited into close to the draft million dollars for me. They weren't willing to give up to another two point five million dollars here, and they ended up with so much less of a hall. What here's the questions I have for you would have if they would away the closer the draft would have Antonio Brown Bologne, this up even more would. I mean, what would have you gotten for him? If you waited closer the draft. Would you the compensation be less because of or would have created a situation where he would've just? Piece would have given him the money you want it. Or what have you just made this sets of such a horrible situation that at this point the best you're gonna get round pick and not even the third. That's a good point. Because I mean and turning Brown businesses, always booming with him on social media. He's always making the rounds. And he's always saying something. And and I it's it's hard to imagine him not saying something destructive or self destructive or team destructive between between now and the end of April. So yeah, I mean, it's it's just as likely that they have gotten worse compensation as as you know, they have gotten better conversation. So yeah, I guess all things considered. This is probably the best they could have done. But it just seems like they it just seems like they could've. Could have had a better return. But we'll never know. Well, let's get into the factor. Fixing portion of our show we like to do this every once in a while. So let me throw this one out to you. And if it's regarding in Tonio Brown, it's regarding this entire situation. So fact or fiction the Pittsburgh Steelers going forward should clause and players contract regarding social media and the team what do you think? He. As far as using it fact, if it's if it's anything derogatory or makes team look bad, let me because other employers do that. So yeah, I think fact. You know? I mean, that's something we really need to. I hope they really started looking at because I you know, social media aided him in this entire situation. I do wanna say something real quick. I want to go back to some comments. I made earlier because I am an apologist. And I will do that. I will just say that my. My assessment that in my my thoughts that I do wish irreparable. Erectile dysfunction, diarrhea and that breath on Antonio Brown. Your Rosenhaus they do not reflect the views of Anthony deaf. Yo and behind the still curtain SP nation in general. They are just my thought. And if anybody takes exception with those thoughts, they are mind, but I tell you what that's about the first time. I've said that today I continue to say that again. And again, I I I'm just this is not the kind of guy that skewers wanna do business with anymore. And I hope we don't get it individual like this ever again. But let's try to move forward a little bit on this Tony. So where it is. What are the Steelers go from here? And where do they go wide receiver? Do they go into the free agent market? Do they look at a guy like golden Tate who a lot of people are trying to decipher his tweet today with the emoji. Like, the I believe it helped me out with this is what's the emoji with the? Yes. The eyebrows raised like the rock like the great way in the rock Johnson with the people's eyebrows. What's that for what the Steelers only got a third and the fifth out of Antonio Brown or you guys need a star wide receiver. I think it was the ladder because he's a free agent. And and you know, obviously, there's a job opening now at at why receiver in Pittsburgh. And and I think I think it'd be crazy for them not to pursue somebody like that, you know, you have to you can't wait till the draft to find his replace you have to try to find it now. And then maybe if you find another great prospect in the draft you go for it. But yeah, I think you have to try to you can't go in into twenty nineteen with so many unknowns. And you're gonna have so many as it is I need to at least get a professional veteran receiver in here to pair them with with do. Hey listeners. This is Luke Thomas show hosted m finding if you like mixed martial arts and combat sports. You should check out our weekly show. The m a hour each Monday, we speak with the top athletes enemy from world. Champions two rising stars also bring you in-depth analysis on technique in our Monday morning, endless segment. We talked to some of the brightest minds in the game. We answer your questions regarding the latest news and headlines of the world of professional fighting. Find us on apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts. Can you think of a better option wide receiver than golden Tate to go along with Mr.? Hanno? I think that'd be that'd be a good a good signing. I mean, I I've asked a couple of people who know more about football than ideas that I think it'd be it'd be a great addition. It depends on the place, and as you notice dealers aren't necessarily eager to overspend the free agency, but I think there's ever season to do. It might be this one. So where does you know, we've been talking about this all along? And we we knew that Antonio Brown was going to be gone. But the question that I have for you now is where it is his put wide receiver. Now, Tony I mean, I still think inside linebackers number one is in need. I think cornerback is number two as a need and. I think wide receivers three more. Now that I think about it more. I mean, do you need a wider a great option? A great veteran option at lied receiver to go along with us Mr. more than you need a corner in free agency. Let's just say free agency at this point. And then after that, we can go ahead and talk about the draft. So let's start with free agency. Is it more imperative that they they go for a white out a corner free agency. In my opinion, the more. I think about it. Yes. Because you know, Brown and bell. And then I mean that was bread and butter of this team. I was the engine of this team last how many years that was the reason it was considered a Super Bowl contender? When now to those people are gone, and you know, you're confident and James Connor that he can do the job if healthy, but we Heaver I mean, other than huge you. We really don't we have there. You know, you have a known Jayme James Washington. You have Email. I who I think you know, you had with him. He's not really going to get much better than the is. Which is dependable slot receiver, which isn't bad. But he says the attorney oh Brown certain starting receive Rany NFL for as number two. So I think you have to and definitely find a really good number two receiver in frames. If you can if you can and then after that, then maybe you worry about the cornerback spot. But I think there's enough there's still enough there in the secondary that they can I. Eight to get by because you don't want just to get by. But I think the secondary. It's I guess the town when I'm trying to say is talent is more evenly distributed. Whereas the re in the receiver position, I think it's too. And then you just don't know. Okay. Let's play a variation factor fiction here. So we're just actually gonna do rapid-fire. Let's do it. This way blank would be a great option for the Pittsburgh Steelers at wide receiver through free agency factor fixing. So let's start. We already talked about Golden Gate, and we're gonna 'gree fiction. So let's just go down the line with some players from my article the other day and free agent market watts. So I have upright here Jameson crowd or Washington Redskins. Seth I think you competing player. Yeah. Tyrel Williams, Los Angeles charters. Oh, yeah. Fact, I like him. Restricted free agent, Robbie Anderson New York Jets. Much about him. I'm gonna go fiction. He he's like even like he didn't really excite me. He's he's also a little bit of problems out off of field with the law in with some things. So I and you have to give up a second round pick for him. So I'm gonna say fiction Michael Crabtree. Baltimore Ravens before you do that before you. Go ahead and answer that Sean Brown. Baltimore ravens. So both of those. I think the mom might be. I think John Brown would be a fact then he's he has more upside Michael crappy. Also fact, he's I think he's a he's a veteran receiver that you might be looking for who might not cost you all that much. Randall Cobb Green Bay Packers. Fact that's another player that I'm kinda like player. I'm looking for a veteran receiver. Who knows he knows that? With that being said, then you're probably gonna say the same thing about up here are sewn Mary's Thomas as well. I would think so it sounds like we we could go we'd be fine with a solid player over the age of thirty. If he could come in at a good price is that what you're going to. I think. Six five of these. And let me take Tiro Williams off the list. I think he would be great option. He's twenty seven years old. He's six four. He's probably going to cost a team a lot of money. So we're both agreeing that he would be good fit for the Steelers. But for this exercise when I go ahead and take them off. So let's go golden Tate, Michael Crabtree. John brown. Randall Cobb in peer are sewn, and let's rank them with one being the highest. One being the best the best fit and five being, you know, we take them but not as high as number one. So let's go ahead with. Number five. I'm gonna go with I think Garson, I think he's probably I think he's always best years many years ago. I think he's probably the lowest on the list that I would I would be excited about. How about number four? Let me throw one maybe Crabtree. Yeah. He's another one called who has I think crappy probably number four. I think he's another one who's who's best years are behind him. But you can still give you something. So I guess then Cobb number three. Yeah. Cobb. And then I think I'm gonna go with John Brown is number two. I think he he'd be. I think I actually I I like him. I think he's a a younger receiver. So I I don't know exactly how what he is. But he's a new receiver then. And then I think golden Tate would be number one. I think he's he's definitely the one that can come in. And and give you the biggest bang for your buck right away. Well, you know, those those are some good names. I agree with you on that. I think out of those five I would be looking at John Brown, and and golden tape, and you might be able to get a guy like John Brown cheaper. John Brown is the guy that could pick the top off of defense really easily construction out. Here's some other names and the Mary's. And does Bryant, you know, superstar in the past probably a little less tractive. Would you take a flyer on the desk? Bryant. Actually, I would. I mean, I, you know, he's he's not. I mean, he's obviously a div every Seaver, but he's also somebody if you're willing to willing to bring him on he can he could he has potential obviously, he can he's at home run hitter. And you know, he can. You close to what AB could could could do in his prime. So. Yeah, I would I would I would personally take a fire breaks I like this Bryant. But then again, I don't have to deal with Bryant. So if he to say. Well, it feels like we've had to deal a lot with Antonio route over the last three months, and it is over it's all over. But what the cryan, and there's gonna be lots of crying infielder nation, Tony. And we know that and we understand that. It's just. Disgusting that you couldn't get more out of a guy like this. And I don't think you look all you GM's out there that wanna play GM's and saying you should have done. This could have done this. I don't think he could have you weren't. This was not a fair fight. It it really wasn't set up to be fair fight whatsoever. And the Steelers are going to look bad for a while. They can turn it around with a very good two thousand nineteen of very smart free agent period and a very intelligent draft. And if they can do that they can turn this whole thing around factor fiction. The. Oakland Raiders win over six games in two thousand nineteen. I wanna say fact, I think 'cause I think they were pretty good a couple of years ago. I think they hit some injury problems the last couple of seasons. So I'm gonna go with facts. I don't, but I don't think they're gonna win many more games. And I think that the chiefs in charge is clearly the two best teams in that division. So yeah, I might say fact, but not not by much. You know, what we talked about the the raiders in Tonio Brown to Rosenhaus, of course, all being winners in this with the Steelers being the loser here. I would throw. Ian, rap report in the loser section because I think he lost ton of credibility throughout this whole thing reporting. What what he has reported in never being right on anything. Maybe he got the the raider thing right at the end. But about wasn't hard to do. Here's another winner in this whole thing. Levy on bell is no longer public enemy number. What wouldn't Steeler they? No. No looks like he's being recruited to the raiders as well. Could you see that happening? Those two in the trading gold for silver and. Thing. Both of those those two killer bees. Together in Oakland Vegas or Cal wherever they're play. Can it happen? Absolutely. I could see it happen. I mean, it's it's the raiders as you said they have a lot of under the cap anyway. And and they tend to love they they've always had a reputation for loving, the the bad, boys. So to speak the renegades and clearly at least in Pittsburgh Antonio, Brown, Beller or renegades are bad guys. So I could definitely see the raiders doing that and bringing them both in the fold. It would it would cause. I mean, first of all like you said moving the biggest so they need to excitement for their new city. And and number two they would. Be considered Super Bowl contenders right away. Because that's how people are. I don't think they would be people contenders. This how people would view them. So I could definitely see that happening. And it'd be a good story actually, see those two back together. I think the great story just as a football fan is a Steeler fan. You want wanna see him fail, obviously? But just for pure entertainment. It would be it would be a great story. Factor. Fixing in the Soumare final one of the night. I am wrong. Brian Davis is wrong for being so disillusioned with football right now. Fiction. This. I know I have you. You have every right to be angry. I mean one moment you're cheering on Antonio Brown. He's the best receiver in the game, businesses booming. You wanna love them you have you said you have to jersey and then within what nine weeks he's gone for third and fifth round pick, and he act like complete jerk on his way out of town. I mean, you ever have all the right in the world to being re it'd be disillusioned. It's it's it's how how many Steelers how many times do greats have left the team in such an ugly fashion. I can't I've been Franko who was at the end of the line. Anyway, I can't think of. Of many that wasn't. Anthem me. I mean, we were to you. And I were twelve years old when that happened, and there it was kinda devastating. But it wasn't as ugly as. No, I don't even close. His contract was up. So. It wasn't a situa-. I mean, it was completely different world than and he never really. And he kept coming back is a Steeler railway. I mean as soon as the apples over if you remember reading the book was their life's work. Yeah. They that that Christmas he was after being cut. I think that Christmas. He was he was at the Rooney's home for Christmas party. I mean, five months after being cut. So I mean, yeah, he he was he was a Steeler. Couple of months or a couple of weeks. So I mean that was that was just one that was the only really, bad example. I can think of but it really wasn't that bad. This was ridiculous with Antonio Brown. This was a guy who wanted his own way and didn't care who he stepped on whose feelings he hurt. How how much hurt his he he didn't care. How what are you gonna do to get his own way? And that's and it's gonna be hard for people to really ever accept this guy back into their hearts. Again. It seemed like a Terry Bradshaw thing. I think we're gonna take twenty years. And maybe that might not be enough. But the fans weren't mad at Terry Bradshaw. Terry Bradshaw was mad at the organisms. Right. Yeah. This is I mean for all intents and purposes twenty Pall Mall could be mad at the organization, but the fans just a door him. Wait it went down. So with that being said, it was a business move. So with that being a business moves, it might be a hip am I being a hypocrite for being angry at Antonio Brown for making what he thought was a business move. No. Because he he didn't handle it. Right. He did not handle it in a professional manner. He he basically handled it, and they office space kind of way, you know, he he from. From. Happening on the way out. I mean, he became Peter Gibbons. I mean, that's exactly what he did. He just not care when he said what he did. He wanted all the town, and he broke the copier underway else. So he no he he was not professional at all. So if you're gonna if you're gonna act like that in a very public way, then you have to be prepared for people such as yourself to say, I don't want what your jersey anymore. So I mean, you you have every right to be angry at at and how how he handled himself and so to many other Steeler fans Burton jerky. So I I think that's that's that's a classy move. I mean, don't do that. I mean, you give them. I mean, give it to a homeless guy give it to somebody. That would actually appreciate it. You know? I mean, it's a piece of clothing donated to someone like that. But don't Bernard jersey. But just. I mean. You know, what I'm just gonna say don't stop. And then the Steelers. I may be down. I may be disillusioned. But. The scene was going to live to fight again. And this team still more of a contender into of nineteen. Then the raiders are would you agree with that? Tony. I would agree with that. And and I also say this Antonio Brown's gone. The receiving core is kinda decimated right now. But it's also good hand because they have great wine. I knew great went into snow Schuster who looks like at this point. Anyway, he has what it takes to be a great one on field and off the field. You know, they they compare them the Hines ward and Antonio Brown spent the last nine years proving it was great. But he also proved that he's no Hines ward. He's no team player. He's no leader and juju Smith Schuster looks like he has the ability to be that kind of player to be another number eighty six if he's another number eighty six and he doesn't get the same kind of stats as an turning Brown. I think he's still going to be there's still gonna be much better off. I think that there is there is a hope for the future which his team. As far as contending extra. And as far as the overall class of the players because I think we talked about this before how they've gone another way to draft character guys years, and you just Shuster is certainly one of those guys and every every way so I think there is hope there's reason to be happy just not right now. You know, what we have our time to sports morning in sports morning is something that's acceptable. And as long as you put sports morning into perspective with other things going on in the world in life with that being said, you made me smile for the first time today by mentioning office space in Peter Gibbons. So thank you for that. I will also say you made me smile bringing up. Jeez. Smith Schuster because he had a two were tweet today this morning. Can you see that tweet? I loved it. I'm ready. I'm ready. So you know, what? Thank you. Thank you. Anthony duffy. Oh, thank you behind the curtain for putting up with me being upset. But guess what? I'm just gonna you know, turn the dial. And I'm gonna say two words, I'm ready. So that was I guess that was a quick turnaround. But I'm ready if there's guys like juju in the room, I'm ready if there's guys like jeans Connor in the room, I'm ready. And if there's a guy like lady in bell like Antonio Brown, not in the room the Neo what being said four Tony deputy. My name is Brian Anthony Davis. This was a very special edition of behind. So curtains Steelers hangover, and with that being said, you my friend have just been hungover we'll see next week and remember? Through all this just keep thinking two words. I'm ready. Good day. Everybody. Now is the chance to use reliable energy to grow your money with the dominion energy reliability investment. Our new investment product offers competitive returns, no maintenance fees and flexible online access to your money. Make the reliable investment in reliable energy, the dominion energy reliability investment to find out more. Go online to reliability investment dot com. That's reliability investment dot com. Napa know chase Elliott here letting you know that when you spend twenty five dollars for this free. Chase Elliott racing hat needed set breaks. How about new battery both or have or replacing an air filter, adding on wiper blades and headlamps just break twenty five bucks that works to go. Get your free. Chase Elliott today. Quality parts helpful people free hats. That's Napa know how. No participating auto part stores while supplies last offer ends three thirty one nineteen. My name is Spencer hall by name is Jason Kirk. My name is Ryan nanny combined. We form the shutdown full stran- keep telling you this forecast is technically college football podcast. But it's also a show about care disaster regional grocery stores. We love Tennessee Batman, homeowners associations bears in video games. Pittsburgh Batman, the hell of being trusted group. Text unreliable legal advice. I mean, there's also some actual football discussion like about coaches, having used contracts coaches making terrible decisions or coaches, saying really stupid things or the NC double A's saying released. Yeah, there's lots of stupid things in this big dome. Beautiful sport time Arkansas decided to use a captured feral hog as a mascot, and it escaped and it wound up killing seven rattlesnakes a pig and a Coyote, sometimes we talk about okay alleged with if you. You wanna take college football exactly as seriously as it deserves to be taken come find us on apple podcasts Spotify or wherever else you listen to podcasts. Like this one this full cast. It's not voltron unless it is.

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