Episode 178: Lyrical Missteps


So. Hey, Michelle, baby, you know, with the passing Burt rentals remind me of that thing that happened on the twenty five thousand dollars pyramid. First of all, I love Burt Reynolds, always have even I knew I knew of him from his episodes of television in. Late sixty. Yes. And then I mean, I'm not I'm saying, yes. Like, I know, but I know that he did TV. Yeah. And then he started doing movies like fuzz, which I think it was nineteen seventy one or seventy two with Racquel Welch. Yeah. It's a movie with Recco. Welsh where she saw I don't think they have any scenes together. But year before that they had done a movie called one hundred rifles with Jim Brown. And I think Rick L Welch had sex scenes with Jim Brown. The black ex football player on our Welsh. Yeah. Welt? Okay. Why said well like welches? Great chip. Yeah. Well, she's grape. What I'm saying? Rick L. Well, she's from Wales. Yeah. You're right. You're right. It's well I wanna make her from well. Welsh. Yeah. Well, like the grape am saying Welsh. Yes. Yeah. Kell? Well, well, yeah. Racquel yet. Yes. So they apparently hated each other on the movie fuzz. I I remember seeing I was a kid, and I saw all of his movies. I loved Burt Reynolds was so sexy so sexy, but let me tell you this by the way, if you wanna see him, really sexy. You gotta see him in the movie Hooper because he plays a stuntman in that movie, and this is nine hundred seventy seven or seventy eight and tight chain Hance tight while he had lots of bulge. He had. I think you know, I think he had a lot of potatoes. You think he a lot of potatoes? Oh, yeah. Because that's not a lot of meal, but a lot of potato. Yes. Long story longer. My favorite Burt Reynolds story is about when he was on the twenty five thousand dollars pyramid. I've told you this Steph where he's playing with his guide. And and I love the fact that. He he was taught movie star in the world. But he was also on twenty thousand dollar payment. He was on win loser draw. And he always did that stuff. He did television. He did movies at the same time him a TV series in nineteen seventy three or seventy two called Dan August while he was doing all those movies good ole boy movies stop. But he was on twenty five thousand dollars pyramid with this black guy, and he had to get the black guy. You know, how twenty five thousand dollar pyramid works say the who say the word. So he said. He said the word was deer like a deer like Bambi the deer. So he said to the black guy to get him say, dear he said dough, right? Dear right here dough and the black guy said knob. Oh my God. That you remember the audience reaction? I I didn't see this. This is folklore that's been passed. But apparently Bertrand spent the rest of the show on the floor holding his side's laugh. Yeah. Holding side laughing, right? And I think the black. I laughed were minute while but then after thought oh this guy's being racist. Right. Right. Of course, the black. I lost the game didn't win because boroughs. You couldn't pick them up floor and you kept and every time he tried to play the game. Again, he would start to laugh again because he the door. Knob would come back to like, you can see them laughing like, yes. In your head. If you know that the match game, the pyramid any of them most the show was made with them laughing. Yeah. That was the Welby don't all in. They do a week's worth of shows in one day. They're loopy and back in the seventies. People would have a few cocktails dilution up a little bit. And they would you know, like definitely on match game. Yeah. They were drinking. Yeah. But apparently the black guy later sued Burt Reynolds for that's what the urban. I don't have the facts. But this is what I was still something with Sayid serious had been have been said, so but I love that story. Are you a dirt? Dirt Reynolds, a good drag king a great drag king name Terret Reynolds, take it pitches. Take it women maybe Benz dirt dirt Reynolds, Reynolds, Reynolds, fine. Perfect. I am. I love Burt Reynolds because I grew up like I said, I used I know we've said it, but let's re re interet. So my parents will every week. My grandma Sally lived in the project go where every week they would go out every weekend. Every my mother father, go out to dinner, they had friends and children were not invited. So we were go to my grandma Sally's, and she lived in the projects, and I used to hang out with crystal and kisha, right? And that's why I've had a double Dutch in all that shit. Don't know. Exactly. So my grandma Sally was a TV addict. So I grew up watching. It was a weekend routine of the only kid show that I remember watching was lamb chop, and Sherry which is why was obsessed with that puppet. So much why love Tiffany Pollard because she reminds me lamb chop. And that's set the with the most love the most love, so Tony Orlando and dawn, sunny and share Sanford and son all of those shows the match game, the pyramid prices, white password. Maybe this was password. Pass was on all the top star in the world. And he's doing these these shows so I loved him best low whorehouse in Texas, obviously. And then he was in a bunch of those good old boy movies. Yeah. And so my dad would watch them, and I would see him. And I knew that that guy was very attractive with the mustache. And I'm not a mustache lover. But like Tom Selleck sexiest fuck, oh, I it's another one. So that whole kind of ilk, even Robert Reid when he had that cruelly hair, not Muslim curly Perm. It's a seventies thing. Yeah. And just Burt Reynolds had that something extra men, and I loved him in Lonnie Anderson together really did like them because they were like this. They were like porn couples. They were because you know, the reason that Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds seem so great together that they are both drag queens and Carol caricatures of of. Of male and female, and so is Lonnie. And so it was on it. Yeah. And that's why that works. You know, one of my favorite things Burt did so many things in his career. So many movies of what was the one with the smokey and the bandit. But in seventy six he did a movie or seventy five he did a movie for pita Donovan with civil shepherd called at long last love where it's a musical. And Rex Reed road review of this musical, which was a big bomb. He said watching at Burt Reynolds in civil shepherd in at long last love is like watching a bunch of watching them dance is like watching a bunch of hillbillies trying to put out a campfire. I would watch that. I would watch that. And Rex Reed had a scathing tongue. He had a choice. That'd be the imagery of hill billion trying to stop out a campfire as equate it to their dancing stocks. Neither Bert or simple shepherd or known. They're not hofers. Well, there's a lot of people who dance that shouldn't be. Well, you know, that's okay. Yeah. That's okay. Burtt? Also did us a movie co Nickelodeon. I think that may also been was it Peterberg done. It's also a musical scene. Lonnie? Well, Lonnie was last talk about Burt Stafford. Yes, she has. Okay. But Lonnie was last seen in a Michael Patrick king television series called it's the Bridget Everett show. Bridget Everett had a show with Michael Patrick king. He has pilots that we didn't take off the rest for Amazon right in take off. But shale did the pilot yet, but Lonnie was in that. Well, I and she looks great. I'm sure she still does. Yeah. Seventy two years old and Fairchild another one that looks, you know, looks great and listen they've made their trips to the flock adopters. Sure. But God willing looks incredible. I had a friend who worked in wardrobe. She still does. And she gave me something that was lonnie's. It was a dull chink Abouna leopard top. And she took it because it's leopard adults. I'm gonna say it love or hate him. I'm not the fan, but dull has the best leopards out there. Don't chain. Roberto Cavalli have the best leopard prints 'cause they use awesome. What they use leopard. They mixed them up. They're not like that cheap looking cheetah. So they know what they're doing. So she proportions of the animal print are profane know their shit. Yeah. And I will tell you that what I love most about lonnie's. She said, I'm so lonnie's really Scott like really fair skin really fence, can she bruise really easily. So she got zippers put in the back of every single thing. She owns so I have this great top that normally wouldn't fit over my, and I could slip right into it. Because Lonnie had zippers put into everything. But how smart is that? That's really smart this fine mesh dull Jenga Bonna shirt. Like, it's like a soul. Shut zipper put in the back. That is so weird because she didn't want slip it over her head. Yeah. Well, that's because you want mess up her hair art of it because her hair's always been helmet and her make up Yanxi bruises. Sometimes she could be hard to get into get stuff stuck. But I was like I'll take any. But even my boobs even couldn't handle lawns are big mine were bigger. Oh, okay. So hers and her tiny, my back is not tiny never has been. Well. Yeah, aren't. Yeah. She shouldn't a lot in all these years. She's up there. Now. Seventy two wraps. Yeah. Wow. Silicon great though. But rose while what a movie star would move interesting. These people what happened. He got hit with a stroke is that what started this year, a heart attack? Well, that's how it died. Right. Yeah. Heart attack. I think is what killed him. But did he have a stroke a few years ago? Bad one is that what it will know the story goes that he like a genius would do a lot of his own stunts. Aided a bad back. In fact, he tells the story told the story of being on the movie city heat with Clint Eastwood and the great Irene Kara where they he has a fight with with the Clint Eastwood, and there's a chair that's supposed to hit a dummy chair like a a prop chair that gets him wacked over the bat. Well, of course, it wasn't. They wasn't a pop chair. It was a real chair and it screwed up his bat are Spicer so delicate so Odell so he was on pain relievers for a lot of the time. And then did you get the surgery? Finally, I'm sure he did everything, but he was on a cane and hunched over for the last probably ten years of his life. In fact, the a seen him in a movie his last well last movie, actually, I'm a movie for Amazon again called the last movie star. I saw it about three months ago. And I and he's only been dead two weeks. I think it I cried to the home movie it was kind of autobiographical and how Hollywood and the public forget stars. And when I tell you he he saw Dr biggest star. Yes. He was the biggest box office star from nineteen seventy seven to nineteen eighty two or eighty one. The biggest box office star in the world. It's like a for lack of better term. And I hate or a hate this. I'm not a fan of this person. I hate that. This guy gets the accolades the money makes but Tom Cruise he was like that your box office people go to see Tom Cruise movies, not so much as much anymore, but still the last mission impossible, I think did well no still go huge blockbusters blockbuster. But you know, Burt Reynolds made a lot of bad choices a lot of bad movies. He carried on that good old boy movie thing for little too long. I know that he turned down terms of endearment, which would would would bring brilliant for him. He want got Jack Nicholson and Oscar, but he apparently, according to sources Burt Reynolds felt he said, I'm not gonna play second fiddle to some chick so stupid. And that that's that mindset at up, you know, because of course, Jack Nicholson a best supporting actor for that. Let's with that what's wrong with that. And Burt Reynolds also turned down one flew over the Kuku snus, which John Mason wrong. Jack Nicholson went to Jack Nicholson, I think Jack Nicholson won the Oscar for that. Yeah. I think that's right. And I haven't seen Jack Nicholson either. And I well he's very old. Also, he's probably eighty two years old. He thanked. Yeah. I thought he was in seventy no he's he's in his eighties. You know, and Gene Hackman retired ten years ago where all where we going to get the next how much what? Eighty one eighty one. Yeah. Jack Nicholson is eighty one who's the next generation of these guys. Don't know. I think people's attention span things change. Yeah. With the internet and all the peoples the audience's attention span is much shorter than it was those movie stars had a long tail long growth for. But we will rule like we have the action stars. You know, Tom Cruise is still there making money. Well, perfect Tom Cruise is is that but way in the rock Johnson. But Wainwright it hasn't been around that long. No, no, Tom Cruise. Definitely definitely. But I'm thinking of like, you know, who's really picking up steam, obviously, Chris Pratt. Does it doesn't. Well. Well, you Don the newer one dollars. Can they go through? Now. None of them are movie stars away. Burt Reynolds was a movie star. They're different kind. I'm talking about the action. John Chris GI starting to do a lot. I know you make it's he's doing a lot movie wise, but even like the Matt Damon's aren't really there anymore, and you know, the benef- lex like it's weird this movie businesses changed so much since those days amount. There's our big movies. Well, listen Burt Reynolds head, you know, he was able to do small roles in the sixties. He built his name up in the in the late sixties with television stuff early seventies. He hit his he does Mark. I think deliverance was either seventy one or seventy that was Gene Hackman knows Voight wasn't. Oh, not Gene Hackman. I see his face. Oh, Jon Voight. There was another one John Saxon. And what's his name? Ned Ned bay Ned bay. That's the. Yeah. Thank you. I saw his round face. Yeah. Anyway, God Russ is. So he brought a so much joy. And I. We will always be remembered one of my favorite movies, actually is a movie did with Goldie Hawn called best friend. Yep. I love that movie and they were matched together. I mean, he tried to turn it around. He tried to sort of fix the good old boy image with doing movies like starting over and the man who loved women he tried to sort of and the movie the end, right? You know, he tried to do that thing. But it never sort of caught on. So we'll be remembered for smoking the bandit. That's right. Yeah. He has quite a legacy. 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Our friends at today tics, we love, you know, Michelle what's the name of the movie with Patti LuPone where she goes off on somebody's wife. Oh, the comedian. What Danny devito, it's somebody was talking about something was said somebody was talking about that. I was on the airplane. And it's a scene that I have on YouTube, and I you have seen on you, what's on YouTube. But the point is every time I need it. I pull it up to show people 'cause Patti LuPone is so farican genius in it. She's genius anyway. But it's deniro and Leslie Mann his Judd appetite. Yeah. And hard. Tell Danny devito closely Chapman, eighty Falco Patti LuPone, and I should all those names way. Too fast. I was raining couldn't process. Yeah. Okay. I hardly need to hear and Patti LuPone. And who does that you say, by the way? Okay. Okay. Let me start hearing them. We'll go to okay. Robert deniro hadn't heard of him. Yeah. Bless man. Yes, reject apoptosis, Danny devito. He played the hang on taxes. He's the taxi. He is Harvey tell Harvey now there's a name you don't hear that often anymore. Damn good actor, why don't you hear from him anymore? Don't know. But he was in the comedian that was twenty seventeen Clorox Leach men who has to be in her in her hundreds by now, eighty Falco. Yeah. And the great, oh, I saw the comedian because wait a minute had a antelope owned because chlorine Leach, men plays a Phyllis Diller type character in there. I mean, she plays that in life. No what own. Yeah. The comedian. What how do I? So that wasn't twenty sixteen. Actually, I saw that. It's an Eero. Plays agent comic. Yes. Have you seen it? Yes. I have seen better days. So you saw the. Scene. We're Patty and Leslie Mann, Patty attacks. It's fine. Did and hilarious. If you've never seen glee. Remember it? I don't know the Hugh to hone tax of it eighty Falco. Yeah. Okay. Go. So she was that the Emmys she was up for the this. Yeah. Runnin this issue. You saw. Yeah. Here looked great point is bringing this up because I'm watching the sopranos right now. I'm binging because you you didn't see it the first go round. Oh, you wanna know why you want to won't let me tell you. Why you wanna talk about this long? You wanna know wind? Why I was where's probably crystal these days we're Billy Conn genius anyway because we were on the radio at W Cates. You not not WPRO pey w k. Not to be confused with w any w. Twenty four to. Yes. Twenty no twenty twenty four. We did that no one twenty five twenty five came at twenty five. I went there in a four at the end of it you at the very end of four I came in February of oh five. No, I came there in July of four and I had to wait about six months from me you with I you are Rick state with Kim. Remember, her Djerma it'll come on. Yeah. And Anthony Chiasso. Yes. Oh my God. He's just lovely my God like Roshan Izzy call yeahs you like the guys that are kind of like a room, you know, and he's just I have never been able to pronounce his name. But now the mystery is solved its Anthony Biaz. Oh, I asked Anthony Kolya's Zo causa. Yeah. Anthony kiosks, and you know, he had that Brooklyn talk. Let's you love that. And it was coined of debt Lacey toward a rule. We got a break coming up soon here. Yeah. He was sweetheart. He actually he emailed me the other day saying, congratulations on EMI. He's the sweetest. Oh my God. That was oh four. He just had a baby. Then did he and if the baby was how old is the baby for teachers fourteen years old Michelle my God that math, right? Yes. 'cause I know foreign four eight that is this is an eight right. This is eighteen. Yes. Oh, my great. Yeah. Yeah. Go go. Yes. Are you talking about Harvey Kotel or you you were talking about Harvey tile? We're talking about eighty don't do that. I forgot. I was I lost it on Anthony Chiasso WKBD. We used to do sopranos report because it was a very Italian station. We played the Guido you music. So we did a practice recap everyday, you know, before 'cause recaptured the thing on the radio wasn't a real recap. Or was it a recreation of just what they wanted to hear. It was like it was like a recreation with also a recap. Oh, so you Johnny would you know, it wasn't like a reenactment. It was like sometimes but by wanted to do it. And then we called our traffic. I Angelo soprano because it was the hot thing in the moment. So people like, oh, I love that, you know. So anyway, I'm watching it now with clear is by vising. No, John because I've never seen it before. And I get to watch it on my time. My HBO now is Westwood. Season. Are you on season three? Okay. As Houston to run something like seven, okay. My point is the star is not James scandal. No, not in any way, shape or form. It was one hundred percent the genius. That is eating falcon eighty four ran for six seasons. Yeah. Carmelo listen James recipes was amazing God, he was lovely and amazing. What he did and Lorraine Bracco a SOGA. Yeah. In this role. So many of the actors that we never saw really work again or so goodness. But she is a fucking poet if I could do an eight like I'm studying her watching her she is so in it. And so real at things that she does with her is that are just so offense. I love nurse. Jackie never missed an episode nursing. It is so brilliant, and that was on Showtime. But I I know her from other things, but I fell in love with her work on nurse. Jackie which was recent but going back and watching the sopranos all over again hot damn that woman. Is a fucking genius. Every EMMY she got she deserve a lot of Amazon, she got AMI's from the president of the she was on both OSHA at the same time. She was on two shows at once it wasn't the Sumner and something else she lives in my neighborhood. And I remember walking down, and she says she likes to sing. And you know, she's a song girl. You're kidding. I know I deal he is so talented that woman press cancer survivor like she lives her life, and she doesn't give shit. You know? She's a mother. She's unbelievable. Oh, wait a minute. Was she booked she on Oz? Also. Yes, she was an all those and the sopranos at the same time and then after that show of geo shows, right? Yes. Yes. Then she went to nurse. Jackie was a few years later. Right. Because that was like in the teens young, you know, and that is sought she's a drug addict in that. Yeah. Who's who saves people's lives everyday to New York City hospital? God there's so much content. There is content which is why I'm going back to the old stuff that I never got a chance to see the new stuff overwhelms me. It's like you can't. So you know, I I start watching all the old stuff in HBO puts out such pure content. Puree are so mean their shit is good. It's laser focused. It knows what it wants. I feel like stuff on HBO is like a step above. And I just I just love everything that they do. Yeah. Just really and you pay you pay for HBO HBO now. So I have the app so I can watch it. The only thing that sucks is like when I go out of the country. He can't download like you count on Netflix. Although not all the shows are downloadable like shameless. I couldn't download. So I got to the country. And I'm in the UK a lot. You can't watch it over there that SOX 'cause I still have my past my log, and I feel like I should be able to watch it in other countries. It's not the nose on there. So I have to download a VPN and all that shit. Oh, my guy getting confused. Oh my God. I have. No, I I can barely use my phone. I don't know how it works. It gets confusing. It's it's genius at this phone. I mean, you you taught me the other day. I got you. So happy this Instagram stuff. Now, I've forgotten a lot of the stuff you taught me like how I get that filter that good filter that you like and how to delete my pictures. Oh, you go into your phone. Okay. Oh, I go here. No. That's your camera. All right. Your photos go into the one with the little flower looks. Oh here it is. Here's my flower out here going there. Jimmy, take your lower go into camera roll camera roll. And then you can get edit. Oh, or relax those select. Yeah. And then what you'll do is you'll go in and just touched the ones you wanted to leave. Okay. You'll see the garbage at the bottom put them in the garbage. As far as the filter goes now were ru is talking about the filter. I take all my pictures all of the guest stars that come Rupel's rag raids come to my room because my dressing room has the good light. And then I use the filter that Jesus touched the one on Instagram. I don't even mess with Snapchat anymore because that's that's for the kids. Right. I go right on Instagram. And if you go to the filters, the it used to be at the end, and I am not the only one that has found this. Because now it's the very first one it's the purple outline of a face with the glitter dust, the sparkle dust. Wait, the symbol, wait. Okay. Where do where do you find this Instagram, you go to instrument, and you okay? Let me because I still I can do it along with this. I've just I've just gone to Instagram is coming up. It's opening right now and go into your so go into your story going to go into story for Iraq. Like, you're gonna force this the only way to do it is to go into store. Yes. And then down there you touch her. Face. Oh, it's a little smiley here. And then there it is. It's an egg. Will it's supposed to be a face. It's an egg with some stars around. It's purple. It's purple. How did you make it the first one you press? I don't think you can switch them. I think you everytime. We upgrade look women that ain't MOViN bitch meant is not moving. I think it's every time Instagram updates. They changed the position of it. So then you you switch that way. Oh, yeah. Towards me and towards you know, wait, I'm gonna switch it towards me. Okay. And wait a minute. Let me just slip. Did you hold on? Did you click the purple one? I think I did let me just. Let me let me do it me. See hold on. Okay. Little there. Oh, yeah. It'll like wash over the screen. Okay. Did it wash over here? Oh there. It is. Yeah did wash. Now, you see the difference between before and after sorta like deal, look very old. Very very old less adventure at the end of the day. Eight a magic wand, can I can I say full strength. Is it just wants? So rank this one strength. And then you will. But overhead lighting is not my friend. Don't talk to me, Mariah. But then what you have to do. Is you take that picture like that? And then you can swipe to do the filters. You know about that way. Okay. Okay. So I'm gonna take a picture. Okay. Take it yourself. I'm not gonna put it on your story on the like this like a millennial. They lose frustration with us grandpar-. Let me do another my mouth was so close it. Oh, a close. Yes. You're throwing that away you might have to touch the filter. It just again, I'm glitter wash here goes glare. Here goes einste- five I Greg. All right. So so now swipe right to the right now, you know, a lot of people don't know these tricks all the kids know these today. Oh, oh, wait a minute. Whole swipe doing other one. Oh, oh, Albert logos. Lag owes Melbourne yet key Carta yet Abu Dhabi. What is that? There's just the name of the filter filters. Okay. Find the ones you like when is ours? Stand back New York that is nurse to be so hard because that's what we are just poor. What did I four? It's it Jairo. I like, Cairo Egypt. Oh Tokyo is just start. It's like a blanket white blue real judiciary DJ. Oh, that's I guess. So so you can do that on top of that. Well, I need more than Oslo. And I need more than when you save it like this. Yeah. You get click save down there. She'll do millburn. You can do you? Don't. Have then you click save. And then you go into face to. Okay. Say I'm saving that. Right. Then I go into face tune and work, your waited for a minute. And then you come back to your story. And you put the Jewish one onto your story. I see listen, is it honest. No, they wanna see you look in like that. Do I have to send it to? Yeah. But you don't wanna saved already. Right. So you don't have to do anything to close it up up exit out. So the way to get this. That's what I didn't know is the way your skin to that filter through my story. I know all you kids will be Melanson telling us more things that we don't know. 'cause there's so much that you guys know that we don't know. And guess what? Hey, I got a job. I. People. This is their job. What against the Graham social media in general has caused a whole bunch of millions of jobs because every let me tie some up when our talk show goes we're gonna have a social media advisor. We're not somebody's gonna run our socials every single show every single company, they all have social media by more. So all those things need to be filled said it's created a bunch of those holes need to be plug him. Yeah. Yeah. And it can't be us. All the time. You can't blow your own. No, not all the time. Not all the time some people sometimes. But just learning this stuff. It's very interesting. Hey, we're going to break. I hope that was helpful to somebody out. My whole definitely helpful to me. Yes. I was his when you gave me that lesson. You gave it to me. When before the goodly Emmys right before we went down cigarette. Already a little bit old. There was a lot of something say, yes, something was said. And a lot of things connected. Yes. The filtered thing I've. 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Michelle headed nerve the odyssey did show me the insights of my Instagram. They let oh my God. They're they're fascinating. Actually, I listen. I haven't fiddle around in my insights for year. Really? That's not what I know. It's true. I read the bathroom stall. You showed me guys. How to see who my audience is? Yes. And what did you say my audience? Most is sixty eight percent women on Instagram. Yes. So listen, I electoral women. Well, I didn't say that. I just say women is that not PC to say biological anymore. Well. Probably not you could still say biological. Yeah. But we're not gonna get into. Yeah. So my sixty one percent women. Oh, because women hate you, obviously for obvious reasons. A bit thirty nine percent men. My cop location for audience is London Moncton England. Yes. In New York is my second where what percentage is in London. What percentage is in in in New York? Let me say, I don't know. What percentage is in London? What's percent is in England. The same country big. Well, United States is thirty five percent. So that's the top thirty five. So you can break down by country, and you can break it down by city producer which opened that door. Right. There is getting hot up in here. What nellie? Yeah. Over the door open it up. Yeah. I wanna take my okay. So Ellie Noli is still around. I saw that. He was performing at some sort of mash up billboard. I see a billboard somewhere. Where were we drive in sawmill word? Oh, it maybe it was in in Vegas where he was at some mash up where there was country artists and Rb artist together. I love you. Listen, I have an issue with Nelly because not for Tato. No, nothing. I have an issue because on one song. He did what song that I love by Keri hilson? I looked first of all your love. Carey high live carry you know, what you know, what not only that Michelle. Yeah. Not only that Michelle Kelly Keri hilson came out in oh eight and then she another. Oh, ten or twenty ten or something like that? Yeah. And I listen to those two albums. Yeah. Over and shave one saying and over. No, no, she pretty grow pretty go rock and Hussein's love. That's my favorite song as she says. No. That's that's in that dumb. Kisha key case call who's my favorite song that song gets me every likely sufficient. How can I yes, ma'am exchange me Macarena? We're not talking about Chicago right now, we're talking mama's Keri hilson. She is a song with Nelly. And now he doesn't rap on there. So I love the song so much but Nelly rhymes the word season about if down to a rhyme. He doesn't go he arrived. He says girl sump about. What it I'm not going to be paying attention to Titian to you unless you shaking your anus. And I just don't like the fact that he refers to carry Hilton's anus of anus has let me just say this, right? Okay. Get it on behalf of the entire population. No, gender everybody. Yeah. Anus has no place. In a song. Or otherwise? Well, listen Alaska has an album called Amos, and brilliant. She doesn't sing about anything about. It's really it's just call that it's brilliant, but rhyming and don't Woody rhyme with it though. Let me like your brain is. And you. No need. Let me find the songs if he's talking about Keri hilson who is beautiful. Anus? Still have an issue with several days, I've several issues with our Kelly. But one of the issues are karaoke. Don't get me stores that he has no he has Whitney Houston singing a song about what does he whisper famous? He rhymed famous with anus, really. Then he make cookies famous Amos. Yeah. Wait a minute. Hold on. I'm looking for the song right now ever. Eat those cook loose control. Let me see. It's loose control by Keri hilson. What third verse let me see if I can find it on this iphone, which is weird. How do you wait a minute? I'm trying to figure out. Oh here. It is. Okay. I'm okay here. I'm gonna find that. Why? I love Keri hilson. Put it up to the Mike. No. Depends on how the way you shaking your age your and you don't shake your bitch. Your anus does not shave. You didn't go to a doctor. 'cause if you're shaking your role our lab push that shit back in. Needs to go back home. No, I have an issue with no eight for that reason and the album oh about eight years old. So this issue has been going on for many many years he done music since then he has shaken Amos. He has I feeling that the industry has blacklisted him because of shaking his anus. Let me tell you something right now. My think he's so talented, and yeah. But from now on when I'm going to dance say, I'm gonna shake my hand. When I go to resist. My aim is right. All right. My aim is. Oh my God. That's like farts like Awale yet. Exactly. But you know, the issue I have with our Kelly in the in the in the song with Whitney Houston is again, very old song is that. He has her say China you act like you, you don't stink. Right. And I don't want, you know, witness. I wanna hear what he talking about shit and stinking and shit and stank and she said way more in the reality show. I know what I know, you know, three episodes of that show. I three episodes on DVD. I she was amazing to me. I can accept that more. Because Whitney was a jersey girl. Like like, I can accept that Moyal. I hear but Nellie did not need to say anus. Yeah. And you know, when he wrote it he was like this this this. He's like who says anal on do, you know, I have an E Romo bring. I'm gonna make the word ENA stick stiff. Not stink. No stick. Yeah. No didn't happen. I just I don't know Nell. He's one of those rappers because of his country, grandma because of his southern thing I really liked him because he was different and his he knew how to write a pop RAB and a pop song. Okay. But it had no no place for ain't. No, no. I've lost songs. Like that. Where I think the rhyme was wrong, and I've been rewriting it ever since. Yeah. There's a Luther Vandross song. There's an album he has hidden Luther. Yeah. Hidden gems hymns and he has song on their cult. I think's called talk of the town or whatever. Once we're lovers once we're lovers, and it was never released and they release it later, but it's got some posthumously. Yes. Yeah. You seen him word. Oh bitch. How you say it again hostile mostly. I never it spelt so weird. I'm most humus yet post humorously, Honma Gosling, HAMAs is the most excellent excellent. So this song the rhymes are terrible on the on the hidden gem hinge Jim from Luther Vandross code. What? I once we're lovers once. We're lovers. Flint her the rhyme. Do you now? Okay. He says the calf defined. I'm gonna have to find it. How big is the storage on your iphone? Do you get the biggest one I change? I switch it out. All the time. You get in new iphone? I'm not going to get. I I'm I'm you know, what apple I studying apple bitch. It's fucked up with y'all they are playing us. They have been playing for years and I played along for good longtime. Yeah. I took studying are playing I just bought like four new computers from apple unified, Dale. I know Microsoft, Dale. Yeah. But I have to say I will say on the Samsung side, the people that are listening to the sounds fan. Som- Samsung side, those phones are better the Samsung, they're better really enjoyed better. But we are we are wanna talk about almost almost talk about almost are slaves to this apple shit. I know because everything's connected in this and lily, my daughter is smart. We got our choose your daughter lily. Okay. She has a one. Them Microsoft Dell. Computers that you know, she loves and she has a S nine Samsung galaxy as she is happier than a pig in shit. It has the best camera out their pants down. And she could upgrade her memory by putting a micro ST card in there. Okay. You lost me at lily go with. Yeah. Just go with me. Yeah. I don't have that song in here of all the Lutheran. But this is hidden treasures ING. But he goes he goes we used to be the toast of the town. We have the best love Ola the, but he should be saying best love around. But he actually he no he should be saying we used to be the toast of the no talk of town. We had the best love all around. What does it do? I don't know. He does somebody does not do that. He does not do that. And every. I think that's only why didn't you here because you wanna do phrases that are easy to remember. Yeah. You don't want to say. Anyway, nobody ever said that that's the frustrating part when I'm recording music that I didn't write and I'm like, but this shouldn't be written this way. This doesn't make sense this way, and that happens a lot. He's got the lyrics producer, Alex producer. What what day? Be talking to town. No. What should be around? Yeah. No. He says, okay. He says we used to be the tote town. Yeah. We had the best love of all of what did he say? All of all that's love. All. First of all toast of the town is acceptable. I don't. We had the best love of all know. It's love a rat. What is wrong? Her along with a huge Luther fan. A hugely. You know, he's the best singer of all time this one right here. I love people. Oh, honey. Yeah. I love me some people listen. Okay. People is right up there. He's non as good as Louis, but he's really good. He's really good Peabo. Does it to me EV I played you that people stone Heim song, didn't I guess? Yes. He also did you know, he has that whole thing where he did like with a whole new world, the whole, you know, in plus, you know, he's got a new album out right now with Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis, what people Bryce in a new album out is about three months old with Dan Stanford love and for love is that a Jimmy Jones your loose. Yeah. Yeah. Really? Yeah. You can understand. Why Luther did never release that song? He sounds great. He does he only I believe it should be. Used to have we used to be the talk of the town. It's easy to remember. We had the best love around all around how he phrases it. But all around not of all bulls. That is some bullshit bull recount. I need a child if he could you make it a double. Yeah. Yeah. Exactly. All right. We're going to break. We'll be right back after this child that Kassar matches. Spill so good. You know, I think everybody ought to have a casper matches Michelle Passat. And we talk about this all the time, you guys, I know so many people in my life in my world that have insomnia and have issues with sleeping a lot of times. Once the health cleared every you know, everything's called. What is it? It your mattress food. Yeah. You spent so much time on the mattress, really good. Casper is an online retailer premium mattresses for a fraction of the price. We have been talking about them for years, and we one hundred percent believe in casper brand mattresses. They combine multiple supportive memory foam for quality sleep. 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I did I did love Michelle the producer. We're talking omitted. Ago. And I said it's a line from Elvira where I said to them to interrupt this idea, she says, I don't mean to interrupt. This little episode of the Walton, but it's when she's checking into that hotel, and the hotel owner the grandmother says it's that make up on your facial lady to the little teenage girl, and she's like, it's just mess. Scare in the. You get back up there and you wash your in a virus trying to check into the hotel, and she's up excuse me. I don't really mean to interrupt episode of all in, but I need to get my room. Rue do did you. I didn't like the Walton. It's not you were too young. Was there was something very little house on the prairie. A hated little house on what? Yeah. Did you? No, I love her. I love little little girl. What's her name or angles? Yes. Listen, Melissa a lighter Nellie. She's. Oh, yeah. Yes. Love nelly. Love. I love all the elements of it was too slow for me. The Waltons was no fucking. Sue was slow. There was something very sweet about it. I loved the mother Ellen Corby and whole coordinate Colby Carrington Ellen Corby. I forgot her last name. Remember, she's a character actors done so many movies stunningly beautiful. No, no. That's Michael learned the mother. Yes. She said the mother the grandmother, you said the mother Ellen core core forgotten that part of my brain that would have remembered is damaged. Yeah. But and they'll I love me. You're right. Right. And then we'll Greer who played grandpa Michael learned was so job beautiful so beautiful. But. Will would admit who Greer would would will Greer? Is that what I said? Yeah. We'll I loved him grandpa. Yeah. And he was gay. He and he was out. Yeah. Really outback that. Yeah. And wasn't easy. No wasn't easy. What nothing's easy now back then and being out and being in the business. Yeah. Those Big Joe, I love that show. I loved it years later. I when I moved out here in ninety eight in Los Angeles, take acting classes, I took I had the girl who played Mary mcdonagh plate Ellen on the Walton. She was one of the children the redhead child. She was a enacting coach for me. Did you take her before? I von a- before I von and some I don't know who introduced me to Mary mcdonagh. But something was say she's supposed to be really good. Something was saying. Yeah. And she's the one God bless her civil. She's the one who turned me on. On to my therapist of the past nineteen which I knew that. Or she said you need help. No. Did she? I wanna make another stop before you. She recommended that my therapy. Great. And that was okay. Help me. Do the math. Okay. Oh, no. I moved out here ninety eight K. And then I started that was thirty years. No that was twenty years ago now. Yes. Ninety eight ninety eight thousand eight twenty years. So then so I started seeing my therapist in January of ninety nine K show next January twenty years we twenty years I've been seeing her right? Yeah. Crazy brilliant. Yeah. Back to the TV shows. So the Waltons I that I was too young for that. Yeah. But what I really liked was eight is enough. Okay. And all right. Eight is enough. And that was Betty eight enough really never ever on Betty, Buckley. And of course, Williams had a crush on William bible thumper now. But then of course, life goes on with Lulla pound. Yeah. You're all over the place. Aren't you family drama? That's the family dramas. Those are the ones what was the one that Christie macnichol family? Yeah, I was young with that too. But I remember watching grandma Sally would watch fam-. I wonder what pretty low Christie macnichol is eating right now. I wonder I loved her on emptiness too. That's fairly. She's a hairdresser was allowed just read that recently, do she's a hairdresser not in the state really wanna say somewhere else. But emptiness was the last thing she did know mardi marriage. She no like like the chinaman on us. She hasn't worked since then I've not seen her. I've not seen her. I wonder what goes through people's heads. When they decide you know, what I'm done. I'm Christie walked away. Because I know there were she was struggling very publicly publicly with some mental health issues. Really? Yes. And that's why she walked away. But as far as Christie, I don't I mean as far as Dina, I don't know but Christie, I just saw. Something with her recently. And she looked really good Christie macnichol. She looked like she was happy and together, and she was talking about how she's not in the business anymore, but emptiness yes, she's got bipolar Christie. And she she went through a lot of stuff empty nest. And I loved that the guy Richard mulligan was I love him so much. I loved him so much brilliant was brilliant. And you know, he apparently he was married to a porn star. Richard mulligan Burlington. Yeah. A very renowned porn star. I don't know who which he gets kudos for that. Right. You know, I've always admired porn stars. You always admired, Richard mulligans hair. Why he had that riddle? It riddle speak thing. It was like no it was that. Hey party in the middle and had like a wave the hair was grey. And it always stayed the same way. And I used to love when they did do the crossover with the golden the golden girls because he was on their other show. So p- Junker Witt and Thomas who did soap the golden girls Benson the empty nest. They did they they didn't do blossom. No, these always that hair on love number that we're looking at a picture, and he was just so funny. He died after he did the movie SO be two thousand oh, he done two thousand. Yeah. I thought he was earlier than now. Yeah. Two thousand really brilliant. Man. Katherine Helmond is another brilliant. We're talking about all these old stars who are leaving the planet. You know, there's been a there's always still with us. She still with us. But there's always sometimes during the years. There's the dial shifts you like dial shifts and a lot of people fall off. Right. And it's interesting to reconcile that. Because when we feel weird about people dying. It really has little to do with them. But more about our own more tennis ARCHE yet our own mortality because life goes on new bloody. Yeah, you would think that after a wreath of Franklin with die that something the world would fall off his access, but we've continued on and you start thinking, oh my God. Like may. I just turned fifty. You know, we start. How do you feel about that? Well, I don't the number doesn't bother me in and of itself it related to Leah say AJ number two number. Hey were. So for me, it doesn't like I made it to fifty. I'm here at you know, but I fifty feel like like Saint thing forty nine. A whole lot of tired another muddy really feel tired. Now. I mean that's got to do. With other stuff we all day and all night, and don't sleep properly, etc. Etc. But it's more about I don't know when I became fifty because in my head. I'm still that eighteen year old girls still at twenty five year old. Time has gone on. But I don't I don't know when I got to be fifty. I was always the young one more ways. Even in the group like the girls were twenty five and twenty six and nineteen. You know, I was the kid. So for me, I don't know how I became fifty. That's what it is. And I think that's with a lot of people like even people when they turned thirty. I don't how I turn the right? How I got here. How did I get it goes by so fast, so fast? I'm going to be fifty eight in November months. Yeah. Yeah. And it's it's weird because I get I don't on the inside. It's I'm looking out of the same eyes. And yeah, I do feel I feel like time has gone on inside. Actually, the truth is identify the other night at the CA party a dance. My as often I was booking and I had a good time. And I I have more energy today than I did when I was twenty eight right because when I was twenty eight I was sucking down a lot of cigarettes allow acohol a lot of drew. That's and smoking weed all day and will not knock you on your ass. You'll knock your and think of all the energy, I sort of spent doing that putting myself pulling myself down with all these down that I could have been doing using to do other things now for sure. Listen, I did my she I worked still work. Yes. But my lungs are long as I feel better today with energy wise, and my body feels better than it did when I was twenty and I totally get that. And you can speak up for yourself more than you could then and you get what you want. What you need who's good for you, who's not good. It was good. My Lee was good good. My leaf good. See you. So those things matter now more than they did. Then I often think if I can go back then with the wisdom that I have now I could make some better choices along the way. Did you make bad choices? I don't think choices that maybe weren't the best. But but not anything that I regret. I don't live looking in the rear view mirror. That's not worth it. But getting to be fifty. And you know, you look at pictures of people. I'm now at the age where you know, I see it see that I've age, and that's fine. Because I haven't had faceless. And I haven't done all that stuff. But I look at people that are in their sixties and seventies. And it's like, oh, they're finally on final. We starting to see the major they have held out as long as they could point is. So what? Yeah. Whereas maybe when I was thirty I would have been devastated. If I started showing some age, I'm looking at people from high school now that you can releasing but again, so what we've gotten this this far in life. That's why when people like young kids, and they try to be hateful and say seems like old bitch or hind. Okay. So I'm older than you. You can't change when you were born saying old is not even a Disney. It's like, okay, great. Well, they're thinking that it can knock you down a few pegs. But you know, when you are at that age you realize. Or a it's really dumb. Yeah. Because if you're lucky you'll get to be all rack, yes. And that youth is so fleeting Leting. Yes. Elite Lynn in fleet in Belfast, the go wash your ass out and out. Yup. Heinous. I'm not her not him right now. Leanne. Yeah. Was good Nelly Nelly? I studying these people because put away. Always makes me laugh because if you use old as a cut it's like, listen, there's certain things you can use as a cut that you could change. Maybe a wait, maybe a style. Whatever not that. You should I'm saying, but you can't change when you was born. Yeah. It's a dumb cut. But the point is I look at pictures of my fifth year old self I'm like, all right, girl. Yeah. You gotta going on. You look gorgeous gorgeous. I remember they made a really big deal about seal award member. Uh-huh. I did miss an episode up. Yes. She's so she's so beautiful. She's on the new show. F B is still stunned. Yeah. And then a big deal at a her turning fifty because Lord. No, she didn't look it. And I remember like damn I wanna look that good at fifty but she was on the cover of magazines. This is the new fifty but the point is fifty feels good. And if you if you own it ain't nobody gets you down. Yeah. I fifty as a. Is ain't. Everything else. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No. I I've enjoyed this part of my life. In fact, I've said it many times my life really really took off when I turned forty same for me. And my fifties. You know, these past ten years of doing drag race, and I've never been more successful and more happy. I was gonna say for you. Listen life had started for you in your thirties. Yeah. But really late forties. Yup. Into your fifties. Is when shit be Corraya the Shikha real real was late forties. Forty eight. Yeah. And you know, I got them not to brag or anything. But the job offers. I get I don't I don't have the time in the day to do them. I know it. Yeah. I've seen it trying to carve out a schedule not just for this. But for the other shit, we got planned and we're doing it ain't easy. It's like and by the way, there's no days off factored into this. But I also want to add to that. We're lucky. We're very look at the part of the reason I was able to take it to another level with my myself in my career, and my body is that I did quit drinking and doing drugs nineteen year smoking cigarettes and smoking cigarettes, which one by the doctor any doctor will tell you the the healthiest thing you could do for you. But you could work out you could do all you on run eat healthy. But if you smoke cigarettes quitting smoking cigarettes. A cigarette ahead the quitting smoking. Cigarettes is the healthiest thing you can do for your body. You don't you don't have to run you probably you probably eat healthy what you'll be. But you should have worse. Your lungs are one of the only organs you have that kind of. I don't wanna use the word regenerate. But they can go back on the damage that they didn't pass that if you didn't pass that threshold, but I will tell you that recently I needed to get my biologicals information because y'all know that I'm adopted, and I was talking to my biological cousin about how that side died. My biological mother died from smoking lung cancer two years ago, my biological grandmother. Still with us she's ninety one but she's on oxygen because she has COPD, which is I think the precursor to emphysema, right, gene wit. But now this what she's stealing within our late years. But she still with us come to find out when my cousin texted me that my grandmother and three of her brothers all died from lung cancer, the best thing I ever did. Because it's in my genes. Yeah. Was quit smoking tw-. Twenty three twenty five years ago. Can't believe it. So anybody that's listening. And I saw my mother suffer from lung cancer. If this reaches even one of you, we'll have done our job today, you know, with all of our talk because honestly, the best thing. And I know it ain't easy is not easy. No, it changed my life. When I quit. I'm telling you change my life to the best and the money, you'll save the money, you'll say health is wealth, Michelle chew and money. Can't buy health. You I heard that on that. No, we say camp by health, and we love you. So very much. We love you. So very much. Thank you for listening to our podcast. We will catch you on the Cymru on the comeback onto Amos. Shake it. All right, Michelle tone ex by. Can I get a? You'll sale. Somebody else. Can I get a name and don't forget to subscribe on? Go to love somebody.

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