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Hour 2: 10/8/19


Hello everybody you're looking live at fans Ville a college football utopia with a rivers flow with ice cold Dr Pepper attaches where every day is Saturday and everyone's a fan even babies paintings and the seasons never change because the only season is college percent on all other purchases now when you go out you cash in what's in your wallet terms apply Cried Passion Trailed Auburn Seven six fourth down touchdown pass and that's the night the earth shook in Baton Rouge literally is folks probably know some do the pattern tree of college football waves here this is the Paul Finebaum show our to podcast the Paul Finebaum show podcast has been brought to you by the capital one sabre card earned four percent cashback on dining entertainment two percent of grocery stores and one onto a fourth down pass it's one of those Hollywood scripted games that you can actually believe that you're watching there were so many moments the crowd was was so into it and breathe was pretty hard to top there's been other great moments in Baton Rouge but I mean being on the sidelines and watching the tension build and the tension build and then well because there are so heavily invested LSU Is supposed to win the game couldn't score couldn't score and finally they have a march like that and having come to and Lsu students had gotten a hold of his cell phone number during the week member of that and they were calling them or asking him so he runs into the end zone and I didn't know at the time what he was doing but he picks up the seismograph underneath the city actually registered earthquake activity and I can tell you that that was very early in my career covering cultural for ESPN. But it's I have a lot of wonderful memories I've been going there since one thousand nine hundred eighty eight when I was the very youthful inexperience sideline reporter on the earthquake game when Lsu in studio we did it last year was just so memorable and we got him this week not only just the kickback and talk but This week you go and a player walked over to it was just disgusted the bottle land on his feet picks it up frozen back in the crowd and I'm sitting there my head is spinning Oh frustrated and I I was in the sidelines and here came a whiskey bottle whistling over my head not the only time it's ever happened Tiger Stadium but it landed on the field there's a sports writer was shaken up there too man I I've been a lot of game I don't remember a game that tents seven does this kind of mock cell phone dial two his ears right to the student section after touchdown so it's been it's been memorable it's been salty spurrier went in there as I think a number down to four one play and that explosion of joy as only the Cajun's can on a game winning touchdown with with something I'll never forget you or sideline report I was covering that game in the press back into to baton rouge I can't tell you how many times you've hosted Game Day from there into as you say that because it's a great place six yeah event six nothing for the whole every every game was life or death it was and I think that's what that's what a setting like that can can amplify could be back in there are a lotta great reasons to come up to New York and do the show last year and I will say this one of my favorites was to get Chris Fowler one ranked team was supposed to win by a couple touchdowns course oh gave them no chance to win and LSU's sprung the upset so Su- such a great history of drama player but I thought wow this is different I haven't that was my first experience at Tiger Stadium and and I look forward to going back I was there the Tibo game he went in there and around and I see that the bottle goes in and actually hit somebody in the front row I think she was okay nothing ever happened with the I call the nightcap recap which is get on the plane sometimes to Nashville where some some of those folks then we disperse sometimes it was in the back of the the SPN gain that comes along and CBS Pick Bama am as you know that that game fell to espn and we were thrilled and kept her fingers crossed Women Alabama Harwich police escort the red and blue lights flashing my face we just posted an instagram or not many people see him but it's a kind of a hard core audience and it is a loose rambling said it done the game a couple of times a nuno's LSU might be a factor at the end of Florida's well we already see the gators once saw him beat Miami and incredibly sloppy opening week zero game TV because it's very often that were locked in and watching that game in the afternoon and obviously it really helps to see teams the regular season that you're going to see in the playoff that's often why we endo and I think they've come along since then but it's it's nice to get a second look at the gators I'm interested in your thoughts on that as you get ready for Saturday night because taggers held on but like I said it's rare I mean it's a handful of games over the years talking to Chris our there's so many so many things to talk about voice on on Saturday night obviously the Voice of the National Championship game so you don't you don't see the sec often but you do see them often in the playoffs we do we also see him rav breakdown and so that that is the fun we have after the Games are over and it's the bear joins in we've had we've had a good time doing it so we'll continue that this week tried to lobby for an Alabama game for example to see the tide we're we're always aware of that program where we're in there quite a bit and sprang and camp before the season but it helps not just preparing for the moment and you finally get the moment you out there and quit yourself very well and Rescue Team Against Kentucky and then hammered Tennessee and Chris and I mentioned because you you everyone is so familiar with you being the host of Game Day for twenty five years now they know that but mullen has found a way to get kyle trask ready enough to step in I think he's a master of getting backup quarterbacks readies throughout his career talk to trask today contention has been paid to them with other teams in the conference overshadowing them again this week all the hype on the LSU offense people are not talking much about the Florida defense they don't feel it hours and my instagram fate for the entire week I think that you get a much deeper dive into the team that I was able to before game day is broad but not read preparation a game is narrow but very deep so I'm watching a bunch of tape won't watch like the thousand Games these teams play watch most of every game in question here but but I am interested maybe some of the audience hasn't heard you in the past but I mean it's such a big game and it it's not you just don't roll out of bed Saturday it's really nice for us as long as he's going to be sure you're gonNA have on the plane after we're doing our I don't know if you are participant instagram but we're having a lot of fun doing it Brian on a defense that they still feel is very underrated you talk to the the gator defensive players Granada while ago they feel like not nearly CD copies because I want to hear what's been said the stories are and I like to watch the game unfold rather than just watch coaches tape I've done that in the past two but you don't get it true indication of the floor Aca I was just surfing around the game I get to see a lot of different games that we can including recent Kirk call that game and watch it back sin so I'm I'm definitely excited to see him in person I think they they know that you're not gonNA burn them thirty years in the business hopefully they trust me on the phone I think they're much more guarded so it's a combination of phone bob coordinators that's mostly herb streets world and Kirk will will take the lead on those interviews the coach head coach will split up quite evenly and but yeah now we we normally don't get to SEC games because there's not part of the site Hackett CBS has the exclusive three-letter network rights to it so love if you don't love the process of preparing I really think that you're sort of doomed because you'll get bored and you'll you'll begin to think you can mail it in and that's one thing baton rouge in in in how how do you map out the preparation for the game well it's nice to have just four hours a week to focus on to be honest people who talk about game day I mean that it is the story but as you approach a game what are you trying to deliver to the audience a sense of being there I mean I think you WanNa be is a tremendous run for May twenty five years was a great round number doing both for one season and fourteen was really tough Paul we've talked about that and and now being able to focus on just four in in my view now we've had some lopsided games last couple of weeks Ohio state has been bludgeoning people it's been almost over at halftime if not over and so the second able to describe things that the pictures might not show when the picture show everything you sort of say out of the way it's a visual medium and you can trample the visuals if you're over million things to talk about the game with Florida's big win now the stage is set so you normally urine urine Herbie during the ABC game it being down there that night I mean I walked out of that stadium going this team didn't look very good there's some negative things to sell your postgame assessment of the gate Brian I guess it helps to have a low clouds the no you know game days there bet at logistically it makes lower costs thing to have kirk and stay stay and do the game but becomes more of a talk show you're not doing your job if you're not broadening the scope and trying to hit on a some things that might interest fans are not hardcore Buckeye fans will watch the bitter end I don't think you completely depart from what's going on but hopefully what you're talking about although it's tied in is not just calling third and six I can tell you we'll never do there's a lot of different philosophies that go into a game and you know anyone who thinks the game speech itself has never broadcast won the game the thirty two point game I mean you you you need to be able to talk about we were talking about Joe Borough in Lsu's offense last week late because borough is three years at Ohio state and and fans tape and then we'll go to practice at LSU on Friday we'll get with the gators when they get into town and it's it's fun I mean I like studying a subject that you really Thomas Copiers did yeah we had an Miss Alabama game the one that almost one on the easy Carrim we had another Oh miss game at Baton Rouge which came right down in Alabama fans are watching Oklahoma you're you you are now following programs you might not be dialed into because to a much lesser degree than pro sports make a blowout seem entertaining in a blowout it's almost cliche to say well you got to have a lot of material but you're making mainly just talking to kirk about it start to the season 'cause you you're out there all day long all night with epic matches and feet up and watch the women's final was over pretty quick but college fans are still interested in following individual players when they move around right so it's now we're aware of that people in Ohio following LSU people in Alabama one podcast welcome back yeah we continue with Chris Fowler in of course everyone knows Chris is the voice of College football but we may even go back in time a little bit talk about Chris showing up as the host of Game Day and we will return after this to listening to the Paul Finebaum show Oh of again when you look at all the offense place than all the defense suppliers that's what analysts typically do get on the phone with as many players as they can because that for me that's one of the most enjoyable parts of the is it this is I said I'm not sure there were top twenty five team that was a struggling while you watch the Kentucky Game You weren't sure they were five team for three quarters either it hasn't been pretty it you you mentioned you began as a as a young reporter of coming out of Colorado of course but most I became aware you have to engage the customer hopefully have that problem this week but I think kirk and are good at doing that 'cause twenty four years of working together in a pre-game show and lots of other segments it wasn't anything back then so being the host of Game Day held no Cachet I didn't beat out a bunch of people in Bristol for the job believe me I was proud typically get my own in an interview with him in person phone calls I think limiting those guys aren't trustful on the phone are your face to face with nobody else in the room Avatar Darren Kelly here we have the blow up material ready for tennis for football I mean there's so much more going on on the field it's it's theater at a bigger level on fans and colleges embraced it and saw the potential in creating an infomercial for their program by putting on a good show for the cameras and then it became a matter of school. What's going on with Oklahoma Georgia fans are watching allow that of course it don't go anywhere this is a one of my favorite days of the year Chris Fowler in here and Louisiana we've been accused of talking too much sometimes out of sheer enthusiasm for what we're doing but you're you're documenting and event it is not a place to inject schtick or opinion I've never done game day but I knew all the principals involved and and you know Lee Corso Beano Cook etc so Did well enough in my my audition yeah yeah whatever happened to him how big ten network I've seen a few times it's so great view when you became a again I very young host of College Game Day I I'd like to turn the clock back to that all the way back to nineteen ninety yes I mean remember the games in that when the job came up with next year I got it and we didn't go on the road for three years so it was not a big deal it was a show that was on life support they were thinking about cancelling it espn viewing habit on Saturday mornings it changed we start take the show on the road ninety three the one game ninety four ninety five we were kind of Aetna we can engage and it's a sort of second nature here we go shift gears we're still GonNa pay attention what's going on the field but I think you just oh it to the audience to to to try to there you go into Serena match where federal match Djokovic especially early in the tournament I got my trivia questions ready I got exactly what I want to ask you know John McEnroe Kirk keeps you gotta see this Lsu office person. I'm looking forward to look good tape I want to see him in person and I know this is kind of pedestrian Rasco and the cornhuskers had it rolling down some big SEC games in the mid nineties and began to see the potential for that pretty soon we're on the road every week and that's when the show kind of took off it just didn't we didn't lead studio yeah we didn't lead into games anybody cared about I'd be league contract we had some very small games at noon so no one was making they're interested in him which interesting in this sport just to get off at a tangent pause with all the transfers and the fluidity of Moumouh these players I find that fans I and it was fun and then it became much more challenging much more fulfilling much more rewarding and the thing just grew and grew I mean I believe the first game was never listen to duty when Bob Carpenter who was the host eating hines wife gave birth into leave town I got the call on Friday went in and had been report on the show hadn't done much live studio stuff at we're on immediately after the game and at of course who holds his office is right down the way from from this lobby and he comes striding in their steps around it was it was a memorable day and that game just because of what went into it was finally the impetus for the bosses. ESPN to spend the money I think I remember ever use I mean obviously you're not just making it up as you go along you prepare material already when we absolutely yeah just like when you do and can you top me one week after another school tried to be crazier and louder and larger numbers than the other schools had been and that's why we have new or something ladies and we we started to realize that people were tuning in to see what was going on in other parts of the country and that's one of the things I'm most proud about game day the and it was with all those trophies and that lobby it had about a nine foot ceiling was not set for TV at all it was like a red rope around us and the people who had now but you know at that point that bit yeah exactly and it's when was that moment football season and get a taste of fans Vilnius fall during a college football game near you Dr Pepper the official drink a fans Ville grab some today Austin College and I think it was just a great moment I mean Corso Jumps up we didn't have extra Mike's Worry for the him we we barely what we were doing we weren't planning on a post game visit birthday Internet allowed me to prepare in a way that you wouldn't have been able to in the eighties and very early nineties I was I will say I didn't invent it but I was when when you go whoa this thing is I think there were a few there were a few games when again begin to build momentum mid late from halts but of course hands off as it'll microphone I don't know where he went but lose sat down and cried was going crazy and we couldn't hear each other but very early user of the Internet as apply to college football and I would knows around I could read out of town newspapers that seems quaint and crude now fight like cold rope comes jumps up on the set like a victory lap it was a big deal one vs two game they had beaten Florida state they were in position to win a national championship but they hadn't blown up the following week during at one point it was fifty grand the the huge fifty thousand dollars to take the show of course that's like that's probably the catering wandered into look at the trophies looked over and what the hell is going on over here and they stood about three D. and took it all in after the game the most memorable thing about that dot com or something like that ever wasn't and you could read the Oregon Right Register and you could know about the ducks in a way that fans didn't know about it now we really I again I remember being at that game and you know I didn't even know Game Day was their most didn't we set up on the hall of fame indoors is in November armory show that I think is when Lsu playtex her you're doing what you do in the open open yeah okay yeah I talked to you about that before that's always gotta be like the craziest back when they're watching in the west coast so this is what the Iron Bowl looks like in Birmingham we did some great games outside Legion field and they had ancient but but being able to just follow the sport more nationally Internet and then fans being able to tune in and seeing here's what this is like Eh Virginia Tech with Chris we are done with the I have a stay spurrier joining us in a few minutes we'll get him to critique this interview back with more picks give me another shot I wanna see Alice Cooper and Lee Corso in the same frame I mean it was it was so random and so fun yeah how crazy when when the rebels shocked Alabama later that afternoon and I still think that is the standard that that's an unforgettable ten minutes for me when I get asked the question I think she's the Jason Studio we're back to New York after this you're listening to the Paul Finebaum show podcast we continue but their earliest TV memories might have been watching Game Day with their dad and Saturday morning or or gathered around the TV brothers sisters family members and watching our show one fifty on on college football but it's hard to find a a singular program or or anything you can point to that has done more for the game and on our pre game show there and I'm immensely proud of the way that it sort of helped elevate the way football is followed more nationally yeah I know we're we're going through the history of Paul don't go out there and read stats notes pick games for your own crazy reasons and go with the flow and playoff Corso and have fun and people to have comedians radiantly take hold where every week we had one will be began to look for opportunities and then and then I think people begin to see that hey this is fun and you don't have to be an expert in college but that's pretty cool when you when you've had an impact and that was a shared family memory tuning into a pre game show and I still get that pretty frequently Friday even though I've been away from it for four five years when someone comes up and says and it could be a player and now they all call you Mr Fowler just means you're old means they watch when they're little kicker the accident I mean Charles was there and Auburn at Tennessee on rocky we had set up on the ramp of Thomson Bowling which is always a terrible location that many like legends like like Bill Murray in Vince Vaughn and Will Ferrell and and so many others and someone like Katy Perry come on and a Katy Perry's appearance at Ole miss and they and it continues the search continues I I still think Alice Cooper sitting there at Michigan State next to Lee Corso I said Guidos stopped the great guest picker that I've had we've got all sorts of little kids to to veterans to to people that are have power and meaning by sitting there and it tends to uh but that that also followed three weeks after Bill Bill Berry showed up so it was okay yeah the car so aspect which we all know is as a guest speaker and of course knocked out of the park he's been back a few times he's got to be the most frequent guest picker but we were onto something it didn't on Saturday morning or any morning then in college game day well it's kind I mean I don't know I I don't know those rankings but I know that it was I get enormous sense become one of the most beloved moments and in college football history how did how did that become what it is today well I mean we just brought an to attract attention to programs that lacked it were pretty legendary just brought it into TV His passion for coaching feel the heart that he has for the for the Ryan panel to sort of check and balance all that there were times I was the only other guy on this show and so you have to step outside your host role who say onto here we'll come back a couple more things I would like to talk to Chris Abedin relation to game day we barely cracked the surface. We'll do our own thirty for thirty right sure why not Chris Fowler where yeah there were a lot of great options there are other schools where we were the person you see on Saturday yeah that might have been option six or seven I remember I didn't spend much time you can even get up there and see wander your way up the parking garage and stand there and so there weren't many people around the set but Charles was there to watch Auburn at at Tennessee and jumped on shows entered entertainers skill he was as a coach is his coaches show you may have heard some details back in the day at Louisville and Indiana crazy creative the things that he did too aimed conic how did we get to the gas picker and and the celebrity guest picker in the course Charles Barkley so we got to it went out there. Barry Alvarez was coaching Wisconsin things didn't go well down the stretch in that game there was some playcalling controversial issues there is maybe some gay management stuff what he calls a privilege the calling of being a coach just kind of came shining through he would say things I think just were so outrageous especially early on when we didn't have the bidding to become the guest picker become oh I know is bidding I mean we had to go begging there's more beggar England later well we were I think it was there were certain schools that's one opinion and it's a little nutty so here's another opinion or another way of looking at it something you wouldn't normally do as a host because you had to kind of check of course elected in the first place that he was just throwing stuff out there but that was just an example and then obviously it became more polished more honed and what what Lee is done you know serving the latest phase of his career which is try to rebuild his powers of speech after the stroke has been pretty inspiring to see hasn't always been easy I'd like to get inside that because its way inside baseball but you just didn't show up and have a producer tell you what to do you you were deep crowded and there were so many sources of information you now we're looking at at blogs and social media feeds at all kinds of things where something might leak out chip position lease an equity share in shaping the show and I felt that couple of decades in the sport sort of give you some credibility the producers are extremely energy goes to bed at seven o'clock plus you get ten eleven hours sleep so he knows how to he knows how to preserve is resources but the watch him go out there and still have as in which to enjoy now which I take advantage of but back then man it was just you do not WanNa miss something and as the information superhighway got more and more watch we're very fearful early on and the he continues to have such resilience and perseverance and the energy level it is age is pretty remarkable inspiring he does not have to manage that it's funny he's having on Saturdays is still inspiring I say this because I been an observer of of that program from up close and and I I've seen a lot you just wanted to stay up and and and I was up till I don't know one to two thirty three o'clock a lot of times trying not to miss something and I think that in Georgia and I was doing a minute ten piece the next day on on the Tennessee Georgia game which really was not even that big of a game and also number one on the post game show and said he should walk in look his team in the eye and resign period the said on my game day one year but the bear was depicted day because somebody didn't show up Yeah we press service but you know what he's pretty qualified the bear picks games people listen so into the into the ocean on that show it was a team effort but I did take pride in the fact that I think in being the the host of the show you you better take a somewhat of an owner hosting not host or I've never seen a host who literally managed program like you did from start to finish and suspect anyone that does any job out there to the fullest of their ability and cares deeply and takes nothing for granted and views life as something where it's daily improvement and you don't you don't coast and that's just I I've learned from being around coaches my dad was that way as a college professor and someone who worked in pay attention to the details I I certainly you play by play as a work in progress I think you need to try to come out of every game better because I think this was your level in your state that that's that's not leaving anything for change team but I felt like you know as the host your sort of the last line of Defense Paul and that's why I had so many sleepless Fridays and some few Good Friday nights out there might be a whisper on Friday that this guy's not gonNa player in this guy didn't make the trip or some news story of note that you need to be up on Saturday morning men and went hard to go to bed the responsibility when you're the host of that show that you feel that you better feel Israel and I'll just this is about you but I remember sitting in a restaurant now because it's it's it's a great game we let it but there are a lot of pressures out there that are affecting it Chris Fowler a couple more minutes live here in our studio listening Alad it is a huge collaboration that people that shoot the features at edit features Tom Rinaldi Jim how people who who voiced the features I mean it's remarkable us you have such an investment as this network does and it's it's I'm concerned a little bit about the game in terms of where we go you do the day because the show was was consistently challenging and got more and more challenging won't take a break and come back and wrap chimps thoughts on on where the game is line the decline rarely reverses slows usually accelerates and so we have to be very careful that we're mindful of player safety in I think programs have to be very careful to be Paul Finebaum show podcast couple more minutes was Christopher I want to get some thoughts on on the game the bigger game than the one Saturday not that you'll be doing from Baton Rouge but in the national championship but it's a broad question but but I'm fascinated by how you view were college football sits stands today yeah it's a good question in season one fifty isn't it the past quite often too and it was really endangered in the early part of the the nineteenth century twentieth century I should say and and nineteen hundreds professional theater teach he taught theater arts and theatre directing and so it was a very exacting thing and and there is a way to do things and that is to never forget what got you that micro problem among all these other ones apologised that the sport is very top heavy and a lot of your audience is watching the southeast and sees no problem with the regional dominance down there call from us they listen I just want to go over this Friday night could handle it I I was so impressed there guess what successful people do anything you don't throttle back I got this I know how to do this you prepare more efficiently but you better damn well and I don't agree with that there's great stories great teams throughout the sport it should be about more than the bracket but I get where we are right now and for most casual Fan East or the big ten represented you just gets people in all parts of the country energizing excited we're in an era where if you're not playing relevant than your irrelevant period it's fun and pleasant and easy if you can put a good product out there scheduled good teams to be entertaining that doesn't hurt either I think that the the the job you were when you started and a mino- illusions that improvement is constant and its constantly necessary so I certainly was that way engaged it came through that I think there are consistent and variety of pressures right now I I do think that players safety has to be taken more handful of their fans and their consumers it's more much more fragile than we think attendance even at the palaces of the sport is more fragile than people think you have to make the fan experience because I think this forty is under pressure a couple of different areas very different areas I'm not sure how much time we have to hit on all of them but you have to know that this has been under pressure after year after year that's a problem talking about conferences that are top heavy yeah Clemson got scared Carolina close to losing that's true but we all know the ACC he is incredibly top-heavy how many teams in the big twelve are GonNa Annually Challenge Oklahoma and Texas the PAC twelve is para top fact the sports silvery healthy and growing and I'd like to believe them others say that it is it is declining and if you look at anything any trend in the world when things begin to ahead but as you as you move forward when you talk to people and you bring up the issue shouldn't players be able to benefit financially from their name and likeness sleep people hate the targeting rule some some people do but it is a fact that participation is declining the people at the top of the game are worried about it there's a million stats some of them support the WHO can surf into the sport come playoff time that's all they want to talk about and when you're only talking about the playoff and you're only talking about five or six teams we're joined by Chris Fowler a lot of things we wanna ask her I wanna I wanNA just obsess over game they're going to and there's so many aspects of stick you pushing down hard from above and I think he's had a detrimental effect on the overall balance in the League for sure there I will tell you that if you look at it from a National Lens it will be nice to have a team from the West once or twice contention it would be nice to have a team from the northeast table but I just think it's I'd like to see them benefit I think what's fair's fair but they got a lot of things to sort out because there's just a lot of other pressures the California bill there's all kinds of things that are entering the equation no one can correctly or accurately look at Jacob argument here's a company in Birmingham a really values the name and likeness of every Alabama player are the ones who just signed and you're you're not serious you're not seriously telling me the Barry Alvarez who I everything I say none of it serious got an offer rant and sort of like that's what a lot of people be impossible overcome we'll close by by heading back to Baton Rouge where you will be Saturday night you're talking about the earthquake why not now they've got a tough next couple of weeks with Florida Auburn and obviously the Alabama game on the road so a lot of work to be done but Wisconsin everybody nods their head that's the fair thing right coaches are making ten fifteen million the players are being taken advantage of then you start to and you have a free market economy where all of a sudden you know the name and likeness is worth a hundred grand everyone on that roster to this company which really wants I'm being incredibly deep and then they can still as the deepest league but there's still great power at the top and you got people like Alabama and Georgia and we'll see if LSU incredible unlimited potential for cheating in that I mean fair you know you're not cheating but maybe better way to say just incredibly unlevel playing field that would out the practicalities or the impracticality of it let's just say that okay the California bill spreads other states are

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