The back optimism vaccine. I'm steve and joining me. After a few weeks off from the podcast grind. Sean glenis is here sean. How you doing doing. Well steve us. Good super bowl but well you know we. We have canadian guests so that that was intentional. Because i don't think canadians care about football to my knowledge. But i guess i guess we'll see if he resents us completely. Also we have the disgraced former viral twitter sensation. Jackie gleason it's great to be here. Sadly cancelled yup. How long did that take about a day. And then i found out that like someone who was like you know asked me. She was like look this upset. So complete strangers like this upset. So what i know you should delete it and i was like thinking about doing it because it's just annoying so i guess do so. Yeah gold the irish chrissy teagan. And then you fucked it all up so great job and then also we have a special guest. You know him for podcasts. Like the important cinema club. No such thing as a bad movie or if you are like me and you are deeply committed to buying godfrey ho film collections. On blu ray. You might know him from golden engine video and they also happens to be the author of radioactive dreams. The cinema of albert pune just nicloas here. Justin how're you doing man. I'm doing very well. Thank you for having me feel so professional. I'm on a podcast being introduced. I've got to be silent while the hosts were talking. Ooh yeah we're we're we're known far extreme professionalism. That's selling you before. I'll usually we start off with like shooting the shit and not recording for fifteen minutes. Then we have technical difficulties for another five to ten. And i mean the studio so nice plush seats. I like all these posters on the wall. That's right and we all have. Iv drips with the blood of children. Just kind of straightened and as we stay young yet we stay young. We keep the covert out. That's no we like cove and it makes us stronger. It kills the week so that we can continue our con- west fills good feels real good and honestly after watching cyborg a couple of weeks ago which is sort of how we got into. Well what we're talking about today. Our pune i feel like we're kind of heading towards the cyborg trajectory. And i just i think my next step. If the whole lockdown quarantine thing doesn't wrap up. I'm just going to stop wearing a shirt and hang out in like abandoned factory buildings in yugoslavia. Do you have a name based on a musical instrument yet. Ready to go. Yeah i was gonna go with flute boy or perhaps oboe. What the things called that. You stick in the oboe oboe read. I'll be oboe. Read as i'm going to be. Even as tanglewood focused a lot of people would have gone with reid obe because reads like an actual persons name. But i figured. I'd go something a little different. So i mean i think that in cyborg. It's mostly the name of guitars. I don't think anyone's called like electric guitar. Cool too. that's always allowed. We're not too far offer. Miss did he miss the obvious though. Because i mean there's a guitar brand called dan electro couldn't you've just called a guy dan. Electro said listen and as close to perfection but sometimes he takes a step back because he doesn't want to make other people feel bad exactly can't be expertise we asked you on for jackson. That's why we got you here man Anyways yeah we're really glad to have you on and we don't. We don't normally get a guest who's literally the guy who wrote the book about what we're talking about that that happens and as we talked about earlier the only the only book on album we we know there should be an entire like pune studies at the collegiate level. But i figured this. This is good place to start right. I was genuinely shocked. That like no one wrote one. Before i did because like i would have done this ten years ago but my logic was somebody more talented and more knowledgeable. And what's more resources than me. We'll probably do it. And then i waited. And i waited and it never happened so my book was essentially written in. Kind of a mad dash for screening. I did of radioactive dreams on thirty five millimeter sinking. Like i'll just do this really fast. It'll be easy and then you know. I'll do it and then people will go. Oh if this guy can weekend to that was basically my plan. When it came to albert. Peon i tried to style myself on the first kind of big hitchcock book written by it had come and collect the new french new wave guys. They were a book on hitchcock. Kind of lead the way all the ones that came after that but nobody talks about them anymore. That's from one day one day. no one. we'll talk about you but but that's hard to imagine. Fila which pune it's it's difficult because you know like my own experience with pune is that honestly i didn't know i'd seen multiple films by the guy for years that and it's the ubiquity right. He's everywhere like i think about all the movies that i grew up watching on just regular over the air television on a saturday afternoon and fifty percent of them are albert. Pune movies justin. Did you have this imprint. During that screening like like people go to the screening and also by the the book. I was like off at how long i thought it was gonna take to print it through amazon on demand which is how i printed the book but the goal was to do it for then essentially like my partner. Emily helped me out. Lay out the book. But i like rewrote it right up until the last second so when we show radioactive dreams only twenty people showed up so it didn't really matter that much added kill. See that movie. On on thirty five mill- vicious lips was the movie. I saw several years ago on a loved. And i was like who is this guy like. It's the guy you may take her. And i just couldn't jaeger banner winnie the pooh character. Note taker the like one of the two in in my memory. One of the seghal films that sewing coherent stands at amidst seagulls work which is impressive. What you know that like ticker has an amazing back story that they only had seagal for like a couple of days. It shows is mostly made up of footage from other new image productions stock footage of explosions and army men and stuff like that all make sense. But it's just i put it on. It's another seagull film It's great and it's dennis offers an ira terrorists which court closed art like fantastic but yeah absolutely bewildering. Film that an insoluble. Which is maybe poon's best known film most popular film but his honestly a film that every time i like the older i get the more i realized that cyborg is just a deeply weird film like as a kid it was just van damme movie older and wiser get the more. I realized that. It's just a weird asked him if he it's not it doesn't work like any other ones. What the thing was cyborg to and we. We talked about this a couple episodes ago when we when we covered it. But i feel like whatever. The tv at it was for cyborg. It was like the van damme. Action edit because the cyborg that i watched last month. I don't think eight year old me would enthusiastically sat through this brooding and walking around. But i just i remembered it being so much more like blood sport essentially which it's not at all well. This story goes that cyborg it had a test screening and sheldon led it j- who was a van. Dan's best friend. The director of lionheart saw it and called van damme and said van dan. You've gotta come down gotta take the movie away from pune and re edited and van damme did. Yeah oh so. Why is it that like i know you're talking a lot about in yearbook about the times when the bond company steps in why is it. What is it about pune is it. Is it his off-beat sensibility. That attracts like these These like men to to step in time and time again. I think that putin as a filmmaker. He's very enthusiastic. All he wants to do is create in the ideas that he has a very odd. And i think at times films can get away from him a little bit. And i'm not sure if it's because he like gets out of step with the visions or the producers are working with him or if like you know one of the biggest cases of a bond company stepping in radioactive dreams and that was because they lost a huge chunk of money. I think in the middle of filming so i think he was still trying to do the things that he had in his head with way less resources than they had started to do with. But like you said this happened. A lot happened on. Sword and the sorcerer as well that another company kind of stepped in similar talk for claims he directed all sorts of the source where pretty much which is not true because that film is filled with humanism. God yet like radioactive is. It's super interesting because you'd think like okay. You got a couple of films under your belt. Here's a shot to make another low budget movie. And you're like what am i going to do. And your decision is. I'm gonna make a post apocalyptic like chase opera hardboiled detective but not really action sci fi extravaganza for me every movie. I see he just he always has this grand ambition and this these big ideas and a lot of times. You see low budget filmmakers and you can go while they've overextended themselves and they fell on their face and it just didn't work but with him. He is clearly overly ambitious with a lot of movies but the best part is he gets so close in so many films just almost there and it's amazing what he seems to pull off with zero dollars at all. It's it's incredible stuff. And then he was able to keep doing it like that. Consider as well that like he was from. Hawaii had no film connections at all and he was somehow able to not only like get a film. Ground the sorcerer that he wrote and directed but continually make films that are genuinely weird like someone that worked as much as him. You would expect that eventually. He would kind of become kind of cookie cutter if he's just doing this as a job and that never happened even like his worst film. You look at them and you go. oh well. He had an idea here that is trying to achieve and he may have like not achieve those goals. But you can see that attempt on screen and that is very impressive especially when you look at the whole body of work And i love the things that he he really commits to you. Know what punitive the is like again. You have a clearly have a limited budget. So what did you choose to put money into and again radioactive dreams. He's like you know what. I wrote a part for a giant ass rat and i'm going to have a giant rat and i don't care if i don't actually need the red is just those are in all the storyboards for the film. The pitch deck that went around like that was a big part of the movie. So i don't think he was gonna sacrifice that giant rat zero sanchez rats which i support fully. You know like if you're gonna do one thing new movie make sure you have a giant rat known fault shift for that so you don't get george candidate in there just kind of definitely giant rats were think focus on. I mean it's chekhov's rat. It's introduced like twenty minutes movie. Come back at the end. That is airtight. storytelling. I'm more a fan of alike rat or whatever. It is with like this this smoking rat with tux. That's after i believe both of those. I think they're greg canon or canon effects like the fame special effects artist. I think he did both of those shows. But i could be mistaken. They look great. I like the one a vicious lips to though because it just reminds me of a chucky cheese character essentially but you know he's smoking and in space so little different whole thing has like on choky cheese. Seems like a solid enough reference point of kind of radioactive dreams. Fish lips are both achingly close to like kids movies kids adventure movies but then also play out. Inspector of like social annihilation at radioactive dreams takes place post post apocalyptic posts nuclear war. There's mutants everywhere and then it's just like american ninja himself. Michael dudenkov doing like slapstick. Comedy and singing. And just it's such a peculiar vibe in music break and this sounds chaotic. But i do like radioactive. Dreams doesn't feel chaotic to me. It feels like a very sensible progression of events. Because i'm like it feels to me like a pune is a guy who seems obsessed or certainly preoccupied with with humanity hurtling towards collapse but kind of feeling that honestly there's there's something positive in kind of Kind of bring in what we can our best selves to the collapse of society. I don't you know what i mean. The names out on the dance number. That's pretty much like you know. Well you know you just gotta keep going taking it back to what you started with jack of talking about how these are close to kids foams reminded me also of arcade and i guess justin was this like sort of. I mean you were introduced as a child. Like those sort of your. Yeah i think that arcade. I think i talked about in the book that it was the first pune film that i saw and it scared the crap out of me considering that the film is not scary at all and i don't think i saw and i was like i want to know more about this guy. It was just a memory. I had of seeing it as a kid. I was definitely nemesis. Like oh i want to know more about this filmmaker because aesthetically. He is doing stuff like john wishes john williams kind of cyberpunk stuff spaghetti western at a time where that wasn't popular in like the tv field. It's like how did he get to that point. And i think that's when i started exploring the rest of his work and i'm like well. Wow he made a fun andrew dice. Clay film these exists. it's crazy. Oh jeez i forgot about that one. That's another one where i watched that. Like she's probably ten years ago. I didn't even connect the dots and another one that sticks out in my head to that. I love smasher jacket. I don't have a brain smash yet working on getting one the other one the six out in my head is kickboxer to just because i remember watching it on tv like saturday afternoon or whatever and i'd be like oh shit. That's cody from step by. Step the tv show and it just it just totally up as a kid. Because i was like. Oh my god. He's he's awesome. It's like he's karate kicking the shit out of people but also he's cody on step-by-step. This amazing then. I get like you have all these memories of his films but i never put them together and so i got older. And it's just like oh. The greatest living american filmmaker has been right under my nose the entire time. I kinda like why albert does it have more of a following because it's kind of baffled me considering that filled are are so kind of personal in weird but there's not really like a group of people unless they're doing an ironically being like the captain america so bad and i think it's just because he didn't make any horror film if he had done that i think he would have more of a cult following than he actually does. I agree one hundred percent. And it's honestly i think for people who who just like to trash him terrible. Just dismiss him. I can understand some of their inclinations. Vicious lips and i can see how just surface level or if you're just paying attention you're like what is this. Nothing's happening to me. Vicious lips was an unfinished film. Like they didn't get a chance to finish it. Which is why it is the way that it is essentially end with a montage. That's like seven minutes long of the movie. You just watched which we really. I think it's one of the fun things about it. Is it kind of works it kind of like. It's got this weird hangout. energy to it's like saifi revette in in somebody called it. Yeah like last knows me a book. I called it last year. At marian battle yeah and me of lava terata sleep. It's just like a bunch of people aren't house filmmakers. that's it it's his antonioni. That's the anri the lots of sense of self even the restarting. It's like that antonioni remember which one it is. I think it's land nut lips like reason arts at the end. Dna thing about fish slips is silly movie on its surface about a all girl rock and roll ban crash lands on a desert planet. And all this and there's a mad monkey man in the back that's chasing them sort of but not really and it's all over the place but then it has all these moments right beneath the surface where it feels like albert pune is like working through some of his own shit. It's just like well. What the girls in the banner having that conversation and they're like well what if what if you don't make it. What if you can't do it. What if and then. I got the dame of the club that they're playing at is literally radioactive dreams. So it's almost like he's he's trying to wrestle with the fact that maybe he's not going to hit the superstardom heights that he thought he was headed towards. And that's i mean that's a pretty intense thing to watch a movie like vicious lips while the film was made as an answer to another project failing and it didn't work out. I don't remember which one. I think it may have been radioactive dreams. Mississippi sat on the shelf for a long time because there was incomplete and he made the film. Because he's like all right. I'm going to do it just with people that i know. The film was produced by joseph. Bardo which is the namesake of the character of brick bardo that appears in a whole bunch of films. He just loves calling characters. Bardo who i believe. I don't say to the book. But i doing dislike cursory research that i think pune may have worked in pornography when he first came to l. a. and that's where he would have met joseph bardo because that guy did direct kind of like soft chorus stuff uh while they became friends and joseph bardo produced vicious lip they shot and like a really crappy like warehouse studio space that they rented for like five days and then tried to get the movie done like joseph bartos wife did like the costume design. It was a real. This lifts was a real family affair. With when you view it through that prism it also brings another textual layer to the film as it plays. I can't imagine pure making pornography like this wholesomeness to very own as he makes hyper violent. Movies about cyborgs. Hunting each other and spies and like international intrigue. And i would say have you seen nemesis four because that's close to as he's gotten to pornography and he's very open about the fact that he's like i love gye muscle women a four and they're naked this is true nemesis four is that that's a strange when although honestly as pornography it's a on that search that's maybe even more of an art film than than vicious lips on on the surface of it's just people hanging out in cars having discussions but one of them happens to be female bodybuilders price and they have a lot of sex and nemesis four was another film that was made because albert was forced to do re-shoots on adrenaline fear. The rush and when he was forced back to the country to do re-shoots he's like. I'm just gonna shoot another movie while i'm here. Screw you guys. It'd be nemesis for god and it shows. Oh yeah it is. That is a bizarre film. I cannot imagine somebody renting nemesis and being a superfund cyberpunk elite runners club. Van damme. I want the sequel. They don't have two or three. All right i'll pick up for sure it's say and being like oh my god. It's a great test. But i think the way that pune works because i think you you've allied him as well in your book you mentioned Very similar someone like say just franko as a guy who just seems to be compelled to produce film. He accurately stop so his working. Yes so his films have this kind of like like he. Sequels often so loosely based on what preceded they're really just kind of tangential thoughts that you know so he's films often start with a prologue that says. Hey it's a hundred years on from the last film and everything's completely different now so this what's happening now the nemesis ceres between one to four kind of really follows. That line like each film is wildly different. Two and three were shop together but have always zero connection aside. I'm guessing what the main character but sort of like the most tangential connection between them. But it's kind of like it's really just impressive. We talk about how. I don't understand how he continued making films. Because normally the the rule for continuing to work is that you bring stuff in on time and under budget. And he didn't do that in his early career. It would appear people kept coming in and intervening and yet somehow. He's just able to keep going spin. They will just like. The guy must be a master negotiator because he can just spit in projects off mother projects and then i mean he. He's made a you've mentioned. He's made several movies like nemesis four and to cease and is blood match. I think which were all made on the sets of other movies yet that he's shot in yet that he's in managed to sell back to movie distributors. Which is used kind of aerobic. Frankly and especially surprising weeks. I think deceit particularly which was shot with re-shoot money for cyborg is honesty. I think one of his best movies like a weird scifi agree and i feel like deceit is one that is going to come out from behind syndrome through archive series. If i act bet money why because it looks like trash. Now they just put out house of usher and that's a twenty-first-century picture which is the other company that Golden globe ran distributed deceit. So fingers crossed. It'd be perfect for that. Label his his mamat movie. It's like only on a boat with millions and polyps looming again alien. Same thing about like it's all about like sexism and men and women like it. Sounds like a joke but it is no it really is. It's like a norbert visor. Who like his one of his main guys go to actors shows up kidnaps says samantha phillips. Knows you might know from like phantasm to drag her to a warehouse and what. They just told each other. He claims he's like a sex fiend alien and she doesn't believe him and it's for while it's unclear although it being out for pune it's pretty clear he's probably in alien. This is not much reason to doubt when he says you know what someone says. I'm an alien and pune movie all on. They're going to be but it's like kind of like you know when two people trying to figure each other out with a couple of weird curve ball thrown in it is such a strange film and i. I absolutely hope someone rescues us. He's like please stripped here. 'cause i don't wanna force anything on you but please stripped on your clothes. Feels like a very different. I was gonna say i was. I was struck by a phrase in a felipe for totta the brazilian critic he said in. I think it was radioactive. Dreams right up that he was pune he sees pune as as like the Perfect distillation the expressive esoterica in like both good and bad ways. I don't know if anybody has any reaction to appa. But i thought it was pretty crystallizing I would say. I think pew pew is the movies in a sense he kind of represents just the fault we should probably latch onto more just in terms of just unbridled kind of optimism about producing films like at every film. That exists is kind of like a miracle. You know it's been said before and yet you know a lot of people we we we. We watch a lot of movies. This movie sucks. This movie blows. This is terrible and pune kind of the antidote. That in that a lot of his movies like a lot of movies. I think are bad. But they're never bad in the same way and they're often bad in ways. I frankly not really thought about four. Which be are they still bad at the. I'm he's never. Why does she sound like boy. And then make the sequel only for the real pune hits earlier and this this podcast right now. Do not watch that one just like five seconds emo philips even if you're a big email phillips guy out there just stay away that's not well journey to the center of the earth talking earlier of how he would get his foot in the door and i think it is a mixture of susie azam that when he talks to people they believe that he believes in the projects that he's doing and it's also a i will do it with whatever you give me. Even if it is nothing. I will do. And i think that is very pleasing to producers that they're like oh this guy is going to take on. This journey to the center of the earth. Fail is a completely different movie that we're going to track but he'll he says he'll shoot something else. Was he meager resources. That are left. Okay he could do it. Sure why not. I mean i i will be. I would've given anything to sit in with. What's what's that a cannon movie. I was a canon move. Yeah i would love to sit in with cannons marketing team. Trying to figure. I know they pre did they sale that movie. Just yeah they always bring movies yet giving out with a straight face to distributors like yet. No that's that's the movie it's good people will love us. I think that he must have been in south africa. I think that's where they shot it and he wouldn't must've been shooting alien from l. a. And he just picked up the baton and finished journey to the center of the year with the same set and cast. Which is why it's essentially a direct sequel daily and again at example of a sequel of his that really. It's not like he couldn't get kathy ireland back like she doesn't she doesn't show while it's a sequel without the main character. It's being but again it's like this sequel in spirit is like his movies exist in continuum. Would you get. It reminds me of like say jess franco that move d'amato or demaim yet just like movies that become almost the their interrelationship to each other becomes roy for examination that his film starts like mixing melt in a in a peculiar way because there appears to be zero downtime or delineation between the different projects at times zone of them are pure just taking advantage of like i guess they talk about how the opportunity is preparation for several years. Pune was just ready to go at any moment somebody like. Can you make a movie like absolutely ear. You go. i mean what. I don't have information in front of me. But he was supposed to shoot spiderman the cannon version back to back with something else oh it was masters of the universe that he was going to start spiderman and it would have been windy peter parker and then they would have taken a break and then he would have shot. The master's university quill and then the guy was playing. Peter was supposed to bulk up so when he came back to shoot the back cavs spiderman. Spidey would be all buff and stuff like that. That's always good. It's just like yeah. Just go jack for eight weeks. And i'll see you soon man. This is before milan. Johnny was in was in the business. S couldn't get it done speaking of a superhero stuff. I i really liked to let us what you said about Captain america in terms of like Before what we know is like the mcu like this was sort of just like this. Very silly thing. Anyone who cared about that but now in a world where there's so much quality control And there's so many versions of like this. Big captain america movie star. Whatever universe Why not watch this like it feels like especially for people who are diametrically opposed to like. Ncaa always like this is such a interesting like it's just a curio and it's also just kind of fun to watch. I mean captain. America's another film that like you read a few and talk about it and like the scenes at the beginning. You wanted to film them on slanted sidewalks. Steve rogers looks smaller than everybody else. When he was like muscular. See reuters is completely different. And that's what is that. He goes in oftentimes a lot of grain ideas that he doesn't always pull off. But i love that he tried. Yeah especially everybody loves captain america with his like. Oh stop the car. He insists he's runs back to the doesn't do dives the best part. Let's burgas superpower. It's like well. He's kind of a wimp and able to manipulate people by pretending to have to vomit. That's carjacking captain. America i mean the thing about albert pune as well is that he's a guy that's like. Fool me once. Fool me twice like even fooled a south time in the sense captain. America's another film at the budget. Like i think it was cut down one tenth of what it was supposed to be. He actually had to pay out of his own pocket to shoot a lot of the action inserts because canon or twenty percent. Which is the company that you know it released under. Wouldn't pay to shoot the inserts. anything. I need these. There's no movie without it. I can't even imagine what they would have had like. What what is that. I guess it would. It would just be absolutely nothing with the wimpy. Captain america of all time to the tenth degree. That's amazing it is vital to. I mean there's much talk about some pune film speaking They don't quite work. Whatever is like it isn't a whole him like he has had some tremendously bad luck with projects and to captain america like that can budget caught yet. What we're expecting him to bring in like just can't murray going for a walk like there's just nothing else you could fill like films cost money. Stuntman cost money. So i think he did pretty well. And you know the the his captain. America is honestly audit kind of strange down-home Hopeless in a way that feels like more commentary on america the batard day captain america sucks constantly winded from running gone. That's it he's he's the embodiment of the american people. Right there in red white and blue spandex. Beautiful like captain. America like sucks as well as movie because he failed his first mission gets frozen and then it's constantly on the run for the rest of the movie until the president of the united states is essentially the one that saves bacon true. That's that's i mean. It's kind of amazing tweet. At no point in captain. America does discount american. Break out a pack smokes. It just feels like that kind of move fish. That's right have been america's the ultimate fail son. He's jd salinger song. What the moment. I would love to be like. Yeah i did it on purpose. I wanted to get like a great american author and you know we make his son. Essentially a failed son the star of movie. I said what he's not good at what he's supposed to do. It's perfect yeah. You don't even need the guy to go method. He's just natural fail son. That's that's it. That's what he lives day by day. I dunno matt's allender a very nice man. I'm sure is great. Yeah i mean just in. What did the research look like for this book to find a lot of these like production notes and whatnot. What's funny is like in the book when i wrote it. One of the reasons that kept me from doing this kind of stuff is that. I'm not a very good light. Academic slash research oriented person. So i didn't want to have like well. You can find this in that variety article. I actually look through variety search name. And i didn't find that much stuff so it was like a lot of stories that i knew and i tried to back up with like other like internet or interviews that i could find through as moses as well of like decades of just reading about his movies listening commentaries. And that's one of the reasons that i didn't interview albert for the book because i've read a lot and listen to a lot of his interviews and he's kind of hit the you know he has the same pattern every time when you talk to him and i knew those are the stories that would kinda get and you know. He's been sick for a very long time as well so i didn't really want to bother him about that. What i was shocked was as i was writing the book. I did interview a bunch of people. And i just reached out on like their website or facebook and what was wild was. They were answering. These questions were so excited because no one had ever asked him about this ever. I could imagine if you reach out to a guy like so. You're in the movie deceit. What was that like. whoa. I don't think anyone's that what's great about. Talking to these people. As his cinematographer. George mooradian he had worked with albert on dozens of movies. They shot those films. And like george says in the interview i did within that. He's like we shot it. I knew it was gonna video. But i always shot assuming we'd would play on the big screen and when you look at the film. It looks like that they don't look like you know Just making this a couple of bucks but the camera down and fill like he they are very professional cinematographers and just artists doing the best that they can add for an audience that are usually teenagers and wouldn't really appreciate it but they didn't care they were hoping that maybe someday someone write a book on them. One of the ones that strikes me for that particularly. I don't remember if moravian shot at is raven. Hawk which is like revenge is native american revenge. Hbo production from ninety-six but credible looking film. But you can only for the university. I could find full screen. Vhs quality call. you'll hook you up. 'cause i got the Laser disc and that one's wide screen. So 'cause i looked phenomenal. The the film has its problems. And it's another one of his lady bodybuilder. George mooradian production too. So that's like his look looks incredible show on mountain ranges. Beautiful scenery reminds me a lot of kind of like the seagull ego. Or you're kind of infused films of the late nineties You know if if you're into that that's definitely want to track down in. That film has like an insane. Cast like ed lauder collegue like everyone is like a character actor in that picture. Fortunately it's that guy it's never gonna come out because it's an. Hbo film and they don't do like dvd release. And that's why like the hit. Your hasn't come out more. The second civil war joe dante films both of those being. Hbo productions. I never even occurred to me. Check lane it's probably even on hbo. Max rescued some of their older movies. But that one probably is just below the pay grade. Who's which is weird. Because i mean honestly in terms of iconography the poster. It's exactly the kind of thing would throw on like late night. Friday swine off. It's like like you were saying it's like bad luck. That like he other than claude van damme unfortunately none of the people that acted in his movies became big stars which would like turned attention to the other films that he made as well so he kept working. And you know there. Wasn't that big breakthrough film other than the ones that he did. That's the close. He gets a gary daniels. Small role in like nights. Mcnary daniels honestly. Probably one of the least known of the like kung-fu guy has so he really really never really got that close. And i guess he did direct. A robert patrick failed hong kong ninety seven as well and it's a shame because he's got one of things have been fun. 'cause i've just been watching a bunch of these movies. The same people showing up and he has warlike pretty solid stable of actors that are showing up and lee elites to collect some fun. Things like m watching spitfire for example as his james bond style opening credit sequences. Because it's an international spy movie. So why wouldn't have james bonding and it came out at the same years. Goldeneye all things and it's got tina kota is is like the sexy lady in the opening credits and you'll see her throughout his films. She's not in the mood for. He just hired her to feed the opening credits. And it's a such a strange like kind of adjustment to to figure out what he these people clearly. We're willing to work for him in whatever he could give them and they're not bad and his movies. It's not like when. I'm watching a film that i'm always struck by like terrible acting. Honestly probably when the worst performances in one of his movies. Probably Rene or whatever. His name is Which also fits. Because he's row bosh so you know but honestly you know i mean i guess soup prices. A little shaky in the air in the nemesis movies are also. She's like arnie's not exactly great acting. In some ways cases to certain on his earlier films didn't really lean into that. But it's kind of unfortunate that you know one really broke big to bring him up with them. I mean he's worked. With people like dennis hopper and rutger hauer and few downward trend. No it's a spitfire has has lance henriksen technically in the in the title role and he's like in the lead role and like i say he had him for a day tops. You know it's kind of trying to work out where the where the which actors actually met. Each other in some films can be a fun little game. i mean. Hey hey. Hey it's not technically lance that the star it is the gymnast who only acted. It's true i shouldn't say he was his top billed muscular enough. You know better come on. Brings me to something that i do really like about. Pewnce movies. you probably couldn't describe as movies as being feminist. Probably not quite break the for that but he is absolutely interested in kind of female protagonists in active female agents and something that i think is really interesting in his films is he hires women to play the roles based on their qualifications which i think is like In spit fiery phillips. I think the name who's a real. Gymnast world-class sue price bodybuilder. For nemesis and you know he. He hires will who are capable The lead actress in nights is also a kickboxer. You know so it's kind of interesting. You know soderbergh did the whole thing with the wire. Several many years after pune had made this regular performance. But like he's not looking for like traditionally beautiful women to you know. Filling these roles is like girl power advocates like. He's looking for kind of women that fit the role and it's actually somewhat refreshing. Even though i guess within that context of bars dismally load for doing nash but still good good for him. The man was groundbreaking to one thing. That i know is in vicious. Lips was so famously. Nineteen ninety. I believe total. Recall the the woman with three boobs. Okay so you watch that movie. You're twelve years old. Your big takeaway is. Arnold schwarzenegger makes funny faces. And there's a woman with three boobs vicious lips. Nine hundred eighty six four years earlier. The first triple boob lady in the history of cinema far as i can tell us. A landmark was surprised of video editing on shout factory released fish slips on blewett which i think might have been the first home video release vicious lips like it was buried for years. I believe in north america. It was released in other parts of the world on. Yeah yeah which is good. That's good but it's real rescue from shout factory to put blew. It looks fantastic tremendous film but they got for intriguing charles band rather than a rather than pure to talk about and band takes at takes full credit for its funny because he talks around the movie because it's very clear he didn't actually have a lot to do with us. But one of the things he does take credit for is many breasted women and women with breasts in many configurations and apparently he wants credit for that. So we can have. It is who who really was the the groundbreaker on nash out. That doesn't necropolis the charles band film also having many breasted woman or a weird breasted woman What year was that. We might have to hand ban the he may actually be be. The guy for this is that might be his thing. I don't know macropoulos was nine hundred. Eighty six but. Yeah if it's if it's a ban movie i don't yeah man movie. Yeah there you go. Maybe it'll charles band it's actually them but actors breaking big probably one of the actresses broke biggest out of putin's roster. Is tim thomason. But it was into full moon entertainment and thanks to pune that he kinda of brought him along when he made doll man or wait. No trans came out before that right. I'm terrible with years. I don't recall may be. Yeah it's an. Tim thomson is again when these guys just shows up threatens films and he's i don't know how many transports easter are more than i thought there were. I believe they're six but the sixth one is not officially a trans movie because Tim thomason is not in it. Because gets there were four so or five four and five were shot as one movie and split into. It's also a medieval film for some reason charles band castle. Yeah why not yeah. So that's our all that's where castle freak was shot. Wasn't it yeah. Yup i love the fact. That charles van owns a castle. That just it explains the almost something thanks to a tax lien at some point. That'll do it. He invested all his money on. Puppet shows like r. Rated papa shows in las vegas for any of the evil bong heads out there and i hope you don't exist. That's what the movies are about now. Jesus i've always been more of a ginger dead man guy myself so long versus ginger dead man. That is a movie that the world needs god. No now don't watch it plead. It's awful movies for no one right. Yeah oliver pune trying to find funding for all his movies. Meanwhile or rated puppet shows evil bong stuff keeps showing up. Yeah well. I built movies. Were made for like maybe five thousand dollars anyway. I don't wanna go down this evil bong. We'll bring it back on for long episode of points. I sat down with a friend. And i watched all seven. Maybe eight of the series been around like a decade. They just make whatever year. Charles van just loves it. He cannot stop making them and they are nothing movies. It'll be like characters in a room talking for sixty minutes ten minutes of credits and no one dies in the movie. Oh my god. we're not doing evil bong. that's raw line. I feel like some of the things. I've proposed to the bad guys that we've done. I've pushed the guys too far we had to do. Let my puppets come a few weeks ago. I think that was the breaking point for a lot of people so that would have been classy. Compared to going down the bandwagon. I would rather watch seven times. Let my puppets come to sit through. Although seventy bog movie shout puppet star clitoris leach. men. Are i think the mvp she lifts she. She died the way she lived. God all right so my my big question for you. My goal through just my life moving forward is basically. I wanna appeal pill the masses. I want everyone to love this director the way that i love this director. So if you were to put together like your starter pack. You've got a saturday afternoon. Say three hours so you can give them two. Maybe three movies. What do you do to convert the masses. What are your i. Don't have my book in front of me because that's actually what i do like the first five. That's like that's on the first page. So yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna read to you from your own book nemesis good choice radioactive dreams great. That would be a mind as well to see. Ok mean guns slinger the director. Kota cyborg okay. Let's five. I think if i was gonna down nemesis radioactive dreams and then we're going to get a little fucking weird and i'm gonna throw vicious lips in there just because you need to see the art house pune as well. Let's search my only argument against that. Is that vicious. Slips is very similar to radioactive dreams. That's true so if i was going to sit somebody down and be like i wanna show you this director when you show them deceit. What's great about it and you can tell them a story behind it where you're like. He made this on the weekend. During the cyborg reshoots which gives it like. Oh that's cool like an director. Did that then behind it. The got crowd. So i don't know i. I guess that's a good point with the seat. And the other thing is to fishy slips. I watched him back to back and my wife just walked in the living room. And she's like. Weren't you already watching this now. This this is a different one. She's like that's the same girl that was singing the song and the first like different song. Different band totally difference. Technically same girl could assu sad dubbing over the actors. Okay that yeah. The dreamer just dreamt in new dream the validity of the appear on experience like more than any other like direct wreck and think of a sort of how he he reformulates some similar things but the movies are wildly different experience. Even more than you know. Like i keep going back to jess franco or someone or joe. D'amato they're much more solidly in kind of like surrealism or horror or a raw shikha pune is just bounces. All over the place. i mean. He's got radioactive. Dreams and fish slips were like eighties. Power odyssey's. He's got to see his talkie chamber. Drama mean guns is like a ninety s tarantino knockoff. Kind of thing taker is absolutely incomprehensible. And nemesis is like nemesis literally challenges. Like the john. Woo of hard target for just sheer firepower. Which i can't imagine not many films that have done that. That don't weren't also directed with john. Woo nemesis this is one of those rare movies where it's clear that albert got all the resources that needed to make the movie that was in his head. Absolutely you look at that. And you're like why did this happen more often. You would have more nemesis little extra money to get like brian james to just get rid of the accident. You know now. Brian james as he said he told investor alone when they may tango and cash. I'm a master of accessed. God but yeah like he's all over the place or even something that is like universally dismissed adrenaline fear of the rush. Christopher lambert pandemic movie. If you see the director's cut like the idea that he had making the movie is kind of fascinating that it's essentially like a video game movie where it's like people just going through these catacombs being chased by the psycho killer and like when i talked to the cinematographer about it and i think there's some pages from the script in the book like Human wrote like. I wanna make this a war movie like that's the intensity in the honestly watching that movie Diversion is always by. Would it says it putin's directors cup but it was seventy five minutes long. I believe there's a longer caught. That might also believe in european cut. Like so i see the pune director's cut. Is i think that the tricky thing with that is that it's his director's cut. You know many many years later when you think about it and rethinking which is not always. I think to advantage because he tends to rethink much when he gets to like. You know those long credit card you say like what are you doing or the odd voice over and so like the european cut of adrenaline rush. I think it's closer to his original intention. But they're still the reshoots that miramax forced him to do it right. Yeah 'cause 'cause that's definitely a film that m talk A war movie. Like i think it's a movie that if i'm being honest it's a movie. That's more interesting to talk about them to watch. I was not racked into attention with it. It's very difficult to watch. Because it's essentially like a claustrophobic tight angle. No breathing space kind of thing but it reminded me of like m. does canal yes. That's exactly the movie that he wanted to make. Think yeah and it's it's just a bunch of people terrified for their life in a dark corridor trapped you know and it and i say i don't know if it works really adults. It doesn't help the version. I saw what looked like absolute crap. It was like a old vhs quality thing which for film that's like almost entirely shot in the dark the compression average Terrible i i'll come back to but a again like the idea of just approaching that movie and making such a stylistically charged film. Is you know why not you know. Why wouldn't you don't more people do this. I think it's because they have careers. Like albert. pune where the audience is like. What the hell not what i wanted. Because the weinstein's komen and they fuck everything up you know for us film fans i think pune is just as great through line of just adventure had literally every time you put on one of his films. You don't know if a worker won't work you don't know what genre will be in. You know honestly. The actors are probably the most predictable part of his films. Like norbert visor will show up. Tim thomas show off after that. I have no idea what's going to happen next. And that's you. Who can you say that about. Even the great filling ingmar bergman or gawk like honesty. Just one genre boring this go harsher. Don't quote me on this os zoo people talking. He made them move. You crossed. The line knows zoo. What by accident. perfect. He's like with an uzi records. I mean i think. Make an argument in the book. Movie like omega do and if you were like a teenager and you rented it you'd be like what the hell is this but if you subtitled it and threw it in a cinematheque. In a different language people will be like. Oh yeah this is deep man. It's like weird kurosawa's movie in one hundred percent mega. Doom was in russian. Pb like this is. This is like a serious film because it seems like robots contemplating thrown death. Yeah let's let's say you take you take cyborg or slinger. Even make black and white change the soundtrack and it's better than yo jimbo as far as i'm concerned so yes i mean. I've watched slinger in black and white with a different soundtrack. Iraq's steve omega do is say that she is jim jimbo yes. I have watched that one year. Now i'm hyped up for it so you know that. I can't keep keep the pace that jack keeps i. How many of these films did you watch in the last three weeks jack. I feel like you've watched at least two a day. Are you know. I've been doing two or three day. You like putting pune on a spoon and cooking him up here like this. I can't. I can't overemphasize like you couldn't do that with most directors. Even if you're really enjoyed the movies. But like i say every movie is different. So it's really easy to watch dobra triple bill. Yeah i mean sometimes it's a little tricky when you should. I did a triple bill. Friday night in the ended with journey to the center of the stage. Yeah a triple bill. The urban films that he made the wrecking crew corrupt and urban menace. That'll be a rough night. Well no. I'm not going to do that now Yeah no. I need to explore his post to thousands output because check. I saw you get that feeling. A little bit at taker which i saw close to when it came out i guess or maybe a couple of years after is probably the only one of his post two thousands. I know like a semi sequel to sword the starring. Kevin sorbo from designate ten. I can't imagine that's gonna work very well. But nothing incomplete film as well it starts like ten minutes of like summing up with storyboards end. Who's ten minutes of storyboards. Excellent good he also made two thousand five infection. The film that he shot in one unbroken take from a dashboard of a car. Interest-only finance everything just multitudes he is he's the essence of cinema. That's that's what you get with this man and that's probably is because i know you want it to talk mostly a vicious lipton radioactive dreams. You can get back to that if you want this. This is why i feel like we. We covered obviously. We covered radioactive dreams and vicious slips. That was the plan going into. But normally with our podcast. It's like we have a plan but fuck it wherever it goes as long as it's good it's good and this has been great so actually we kind of wrap things up. We try to keep it around like an hour hour. Fifteen when we can but there's something we do at the end of every episode called put overs where we put something over every week. Which are you a professional wrestling fan by any chance. I am a dabbler in professional wrestling. I like my friends who are fans to explain to me but having to sit there and watch it regularly is something that i'm not willing to do so when you put something over in wrestling it's like you. You make them look good. You let them my good friend. Roman reigns everybody loves right sure. Yeah he's he's the cousin of the rock who doesn't love. Everybody loves that. Yeah this is like a joke for people who are like what the hell are they talking about. Roman he's a wrestler that sucks but he's somehow still the headlines. he's he's everybody hates him to clarify. I didn't know put over a wrestling thing. So you're already bad nordia insane. No that's that's a different matter entirely but yeah also fuck roman reigns. They had a spot the other day where he had a title match and he was handcuffed to a giant steel pole and the spot was supposed to be his manager. Came out was supposed to release him from the handcuffs but they couldn't get the handcuffs to come off so there's just like a endless. It felt like five minutes stretch them fiddling with handcuffs while the other guy pretends to be hurt trash absolute trash anyways roman reigns outta here. Get the real star. Shane mcmahon nerve. Wwe i wanna see his red face and see him have a heart attack while. That's why i watch this kind of stuff. Exactly what more ladies if ww could learn something from albert pune where the muscle ladies get him out. Here We love him. You're listening to the optimism wrestling. Podcast exactly anyway. So so we do we. Do this. recall jakob you. Just pick something not not doesn't have to be related to the podcast subject at all. It could be music movie tv. What you just read so justin. What do you put into this week. You know what it just popped in my head. It's tough for people that follow my stuff. I am always recommending to see. What can i recommend that. I have recommended in a long time and i'm looking behind that myself and i'm like you know what i've been watching a lot of banshee the cinemax show. Have you guys ever watched that. You don't believe. I believe adam. Our our lackey is a huge fan. That's right admirals producer. Adam and usual co host loves banshee. Oh benches great amazing action show but like that crew made a series called query say correctly q. u. a. r. y. That star is the guy that he looks exactly like. I can't think of the name. His name Whose venom venom. Oh tom hardy tom hardy yet. You know the guy. That looks like tom hardy. But he's not tom hardy. It's like lucas green or something like that sounds about right. Logan marshall green. I was close anyway. So far this one season of tv show and it was directed by a one guy and it's an adaptation of like noir novel and it's so good it only lasted nine episode. That tells one whole story but it came and it went nobody ever talks about it and yeah i'd recommend people go out and check out. Quarry are at sounds good Jack what he put over this week. I'm going to show how my brain works really well and really good. I was gonna put over a twisted. The upper pune movie didn't discuss which which is a real fun movie. It's kind of like his weird adventure out muddy. Yeah but but then. But then i was like you know what she gonna put down. 'cause 'cause i ended up listening to it because oh now don't put it down. Put it over on put it over. I was going to put over depeche mode construction time because it's a great album. It's my favorite pash motel. But then i remember. Depeche mode was in the soundtrack of a different view and movie dangerously close. So it's all modeled up but listened to patch. Most people. just do just do a baby. Now here's the big test. Sean messaged me about three quarters of the way through our recording and said. Hey i can hear you guys but mike. Stop working so sean. What are you putting over this week. Yeah he's back he's back all right. We got house. Wondering i was like man. I feel bad. sean has been so quiet. We just love talk it over. And that's like one of my favorite hobbies see this plays into the whole wrestling narrative of that guy that comes back up as a non wrestling watch like that does happen though right these. Like surprise comeback. Yeah all the time you like the undertaker people ninety down they just pop back up rolling your eyes in the back of your head. Yeah you got bad knees though any big fault also really into the blue lives matter shit. Which is weird. So that's right shit all of your childhood now Undertaker loves cops. Go ahead sean. I only been wanting kyun movies and eric rohmer movies. I guess because we talked about kunal over uphold over the comedies series of romar. Some of which are just a bunch of like justice. Not a fan of french people on vacation with problems zona but Made that claim somewhere. I their problems are so funny. Curb your enthusiasm al-fransi yeah. It depends are they like slamming doors and running into room. In which case i do like that. It's it's more of a vacation. I can't. I can't figure out how to spend my holiday. I'm having existential. Crises while scientists are they rich in which case you got but they are beautiful works. And i like his six moral tales like get a lot of play but is really come to to like his color. Work After surprisingly after he stopped working with nestle men does and Yeah so look at those. What was your favorite album movie because you you you were so silent during the should give you a chance i radio. Radioactive drains is the height of what. I've found so far. But i was really surprised with arcade really the film that albert pune abandoned. And it's technically not really his such wild visuals that That there's also of. I'll say like some fetichism on my part of like these pixellated that era of like creating digital images. That is interesting to me if you want if you want to sale. Because i enjoyed our k to look. It's an orated. Are you afraid of the dark episode at. That's there's no reason for that to exist and yet there it is and if you go and look at the original making of you can see the original. Cg effects that looked a lot like tron so when disney came calling me at the change at the last minute the scariest thing in that movie is disney's litigation to there. You go all right well this week. I'm putting over two things. Because i could do whatever the hell i want a i. I thing i'm put over. Is the instagram account facebook shirts. So if you spend any amount of time on social media you get all these targeted ads and one thing that facebook likes to target. People is weirdly specific shirts like oh. My name's steve. And i live in milwaukee and i was born in december and things like that and then they just put it on a shirt. And they're like don't you want this like no. I don't think i do but sometimes they get a little bit weird so this instagram account just sort of chronicles. All of the bizarre shirts that they find. And so there's this one that i'm looking at right now where it's like three skulls with the american flag superimposed over him and the shirt says yes i'm spoil fiance but not yours. I was born in november. And i love my country. If you don't clap for my flag best believe. I will clap those cheeks and the gerena. And you're like how do they know me so much. Ads like where's the order button. I don't understand smashing. Enter my keyboard doing anything. Steve just clap and cheeks day in day. But but this kind of falls into like this hobby that i have where anytime i get served at on social media. I automatically blocked the account that that serves me the ad so over the past five years or so i've gotten progressively weirder and weirder adds to me and i actually. I think it was like two years ago. I broke down. I actually bought a shirt that was targeted at because it was so fucked up. It was a picture of sonic the hedgehog but his face is yellow like he has jaundice and then it just says harry potter obama on it and i was like sure that sounds great. Why did i buy well. You cursed yourself for life now. you'll never escape it. Yeah that's it. And then the other thing. I'm putting over. I i watched a little elizabeth taylor. Richard burton number the other day. Oh yeah boom exclamation mark. My god i. I just like like richard burton reads kubla khan and elizabeth taylor's just this pause as she goes why that's the single greatest moment moment in cinema history. Better people drinking themselves to death. It's every richard burton a little bit. Excuse just the difference between like. I guess it was panned when it came out and ship. But isn't this just their life like to incredibly rich people drinking and yelling at each other. John waters favorite movie importantly like that that makes sense. I think he's got. He's got a commentary track on the shout factory. Blu ray release. Richard burton and and elizabeth taylor like they had to make movies Network weren't there to give him a show at the time so they just moved onto onto the big screen instead of like this being like like two couples truck like in this like whatever new england home or wherever that set up in black and white this this beautiful like mediterranean sea like manson gorgeous movie. It's like a house that shouldn't exist. It's just like it's super modern right on the face of a cliff facing the ocean and then there's like easter island statues off to the side. It's completely absurd but it's amazing if you haven't seen it i don't know if you have sixty beers and watch this movie you're going to have the best of your life. Guaranteed hundred percent all right. Well i think that pretty much wraps up. So if you're listening to this podcast right now do us a big favor and in the description there's a couple of links and those our links that you can click okay. The first link will take you to our tunes page if you haven't gotten a chance to yet Get a five star written review. Because if you do that sir. The itunes algorithm likes more and then more people will see our stuff and we can continue to pune pill the masses and get. Albert's name out there it's important. This is a moral imperative for you dear listener. the other link will take. You are patriarch. Page obviously shit. Sucks right now but if you got a couple extra bucks to throw away for the low low price of three dollars you can get in on the optimism vaccine patriot that'll give you access to exclusive podcast content. A bunch of written stuff all kinds of goodies. All kinds of free things just for you well. They're not free things you paying for them but they're free once you pay for them. Listen to the important club. I was gonna. I was going to plug. Our guy. listens the important sort of a club. What are you doing with your life come on. It's great if you like autism vaccine. You love the important cinema club. They do what we do but like way better so just listen to them just. Is there anything else. You wanna plug. Yeah check out the trap youtube page. I've been doing youtube views. There and i have so many things such a bad movie. Podcasts based video podcasts. The star wars podcast. Where my friends watch all of these star wars clone wars series much to me and my other pows horror while we have our main friend. Peter gloviczki the program. Toronto midnight madness. Who is a big fan of the clone wars and is forcing us to watch it all. Who got the cartoon right yet. The cartoon there's a lot of that because someone told me to watch that i looked at. There's like a million episodes of this. I don't have time seasons of it. Too much severely too much agree with you. All right. yeah well. I'm sorry you had to experience that but people should listen to it because a unit span suffer for nothing. Come on come on get it together. We have a lot of questions for our friend who likes it so it's a fun time. Yeah i'm sure it's yeah it's better to to watch it discuss it than just watch it and in vain i would say and cry and be like what am i doing with my life. How did he reach that point. Also i think sean back me up on this one. I was thinking if we can reach a thousand dollars per month for the patriots. We should set a goal. And if we hit a thousand then jackass has to sign up for the marines. What do you think is does have Residency for that jack. Though i'm yeah no i'm a citizen. I think the only problem at this point is that i may very slobby bid thirties person but notes. Let's do it. this is just happy. Happy gilmore's scenario. We got killed for my country all about this too and then so we get two thousand. He s assigned for the marines. If we hit fifteen hundred when he goes to basic training he can only make noises like the guy from police academy. Michael winslow can only make. Michael winslow noises. I feel as cultural appropriation. I just the idea of some some guy telling you to drop and give him twenty and you're just like whoo. Ooh only in my dreams. All right Justin thank you again for being on the show really appreciate it man. And you know jake's not on this week. So jack. I guess last words yours watch albert movies. I agree in thanks for having me. I'll guess technically i still you're talking. That's perfect today's.

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