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Ep 36 | Graham Allen Tells it All


What's going on in America. I am Grim Allen and welcome to the newest episode of the Dear America podcast Jacobs here. It's Monday today's Monday. We have done this episode to give you guys something. Listen to and hopefully make it a little a bit different. I asked people on Instagram to submit some non-political questions that you guys are interested in about. I don't know me the show so our life. What's it really like to be who we are and what's it like to to do that so we're GonNa talk about. Those things have some fun today day. So whether you're listening on your drive to work you're at work not doing your job which we love you for it or I don't know you're working out or something. Hopefully well you hear something you enjoy it. If you're listening to make sure you subscribe give us five still said. Give us three stars. Give us five stars and yeah before. Are we get into that. Let's get into a word from our sponsors. 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Graham and receive an additional ten dollars off your order support your country defend the constitution in support report great American Business Satisfaction guaranteed. We the people holsters dot com slash Graham Offer Code Graham so now we're here and yes. I know you guys are noticing lack in female voice. Elissa is not in the studio why we filmed this. Somebody has to be with the children. sometimes anyway so. I'll I'll edit her in just sitter over there watching on video we're going to Hologram cut in a picture or an image of Elissa Lissa so she'll be on the on the video side of the thing. I love you sweetheart. Sorry you're not here all right so like I said we asked questions from you. Guys that are not necessarily political that you guys are interested in hearing from us because we we also understand this podcast. Sometimes people like a a little bit of change so we're going to kind of open up a little bit as it were pullback the veil a bit make it not so produced and you guys can get to know us a little bit better. A lot of people have asked how me and Jake operate so before jake ask questions. I actually had that one in the back of my mind Jake People WanNa know. What is it like working with. Graham so be very careful what you say on this no no no seriously go. Go Go for it. Go for you will not get in trouble. This is a safe haven of talking so so so. What's it like working with me. It's been awesome honestly. No I mean some days. You know there's just so much going on here that sometimes I gotTa Rangel you you know and he'll say hey clap clap like we gotta get to film in Rand Nation because I know you've got a lot going on to and and it's Kinda that that's a part of it but but I know how busy you are so you're so okay all right well but what I do like about you is that I don't know if it's from your military background but very to the point. You don't dance around stuff so they would call that. Being a jerk and part of my issue in the past was being a little bit too dancing around stuff. I try not to maybe hurt people's feelings or try and soften. You know like trying to ask somebody to do something for me now. I'm like you know it's so much easier to just you know say straightforward and and get to the point like that about your last question to put Jake on the spot and they were going to go through the questions that Jake has got a lot of energy to the big is the biggest shock when getting to know Graham. That was a question too so I guess what was the what was the what was the biggest. I guess like shock or thing that you didn't know probably how much of an introvert he actually are like yeah. I mean we've there's been a couple days as where you called me up and said you. WanNa just catch a movie or something. I just need to chill out you know and just unwind basically yeah off camera. You're you do have of energy but a lot of times. You're just maybe overwhelmed with always having this. You know I'm Graham Allen. You know loud energy. which is what? I think mm people feed off of the yeah but yeah you're super laid back off. People don't find interpretive people contagious. I guess like their energy or whatever so I a random fact about me that most people don't know until they get to know me is I'm what I like to call a selective introvert yeah like I have no problems hanging out with people like don't and often times. I feel like I enjoy laughing. I enjoy making making people laugh but I definitely hit like a wall and a point where I'm just done people. I don't WanNA talk to nobody. I don't hang out. I not being a jerk about it. You know I well. You've seen what we'll go to these events man and we'll be there and I'm so thankful about it. I really truly am but so many people who want to take photos and stuff and I've never been the guy that's like yeah. Let's take the photo get out of my way. I'm the Guy Hi. That's always like hey. Let's take a photo. What's your name where you from you know. What are you doing here. You know that kind of stuff and it just it. Does it sucks a lot of energy out of you. The Young Women's leadership summit here in Dallas. The line was out the door probably a few hundred at least I I wouldn't think people there and there were other social media influencers also doing the same thing they came and went. You are still sitting there and yeah and and you weren't. You know just standoffish you you. You should talk to them a lot of people in the business and like I said this was going to be a little different. I I know that I really enjoy podcast where they break break it down and they show behind the scenes a little bit so that's what we're going to do on this one in the business that's called clicks and what I mean by that is people have certain number of clicks six and a lot of times when people go to events or speaking events and stuff. They have like a like a package this how much it costs to speak this law and that's how much is just like this amount of money gets you. This amount of clicks Blah Blah Blah. I've never really liked that and that's not that's not digging people that do there are some people that are far more popular than me that they have to cut it off. You know what I mean like that like they have to cut it off or they will literally be there all day and unfortunately and I know I was one of these people to before. All this stuff happened. I was like man these pop is brexit forgot where they came from but but but ladies and gentlemen ah they pushed so much stuff into our days that there comes a point where you have to set those boundaries because if you don't you you won't get all of your work done and if you think your job your boss gets mad when you don't show up on time or say it's the same way here you know. People people pay money. They make plans. They have thousands of people. Show up to hear you talk. You know I mean you've got to be on time early and be there for that kind of stuff but anyway I say all that to say. I've always tried my best to really talk to everybody and try my best to to at least ask their name name and where they're from right I don't know I don't know if I deserve a pattern of back for that. I feel like it's the least I can do because you guys the only reason that we can do the stuff in the first place anyway so that's a little behind the veil. They're heard a little bit about Jake getting to know me and coming to work with us Jake. What are some questions nations that you have from people one good question was? Have you ever thought about writing a book a book. You know if my grandmother was sitting. Here are the fact that people even WanNa know. If I'm going to write a book. She'd be like if you heard him. Talk Man is qualified to write about. I will say the Yes. There's been a lot of people that have asked me. I've thought about it a lot and I will say. There's definitely been talks about a book you. We're not there yet but I will say that. I've done a lot of thinking about what I would ride about. If I wrote a book and has take dear America. Let me know what you think. I know what I would call it and for legal reasons and people not stealing it from me. I'm not gonNA say what I would call it smart but because there's not a book yet so so I'm not going to have somebody take it from me but I already know what I would call it and this is kind of what I want it to be about the first part of the book I think I'm GonNa talk talk about me and who I am where I come from and all this stuff because I feel like people know apart of me from the videos Rosen from this show and everything but I think letting everybody know how I got to be who I am and where I am. We'll put a lot of perspective into the videos that I've made why I've said what I've said etc and then my plan is to kind of along with me just saying what I think I I wanNA feel about society toxic masculinity gun rights blah. You know the standard stuff I also WanNa do something cool and I wanNA take tweets and I've done in videos that I've done that have gone super super far and I want to break those down of why did them. In the first place yeah right you know like the Tattoo video for example hundred and thirty five million people watched that but that's only six minutes right is six minutes of a thought. It's six six minutes of a feeling but but what I WANNA do is take that and actually put the the context and the perspective as to why I even felt the need to say something about it in the first place so that's the book. I want to write if you guys are interested in that. Let Me Know Hashtag dear America. Let me know if that's a book that you would read. you know like everything that I do. I don't WanNa make it that stereotypical political book. I could care less about that crap. I don't liked it so my book. I would really WANNA make it more of like a like a conversation almost like a almost like talking to myself kind of in the book kind of deal Gotcha so anyway. Let me know what you think I met met. Maybe maybe one day soon there will be a grandma Alan book well. That's what you're supposed to do. When you become famous writers write a book write a book well another question we have with. What what's it like to be famous that one that one? I feel like we could talk about for for for a long time of convincing Jake. Jake is always always trying to keep his anytime like all right so condensed version on what it's like to be famous one. I'm not necessarily sure I if I like that term famous. I don't necessarily know if I'm famous. One hundred thousand at least people know who you are. You're famous famous yeah. We're definitely there. I think that people ask me. Was it like to be famous and I always tell them. Was it like to be famous. Miss is coming to grips with what it what does it feel like to be alone and I always tell people that because that's the flip side of all of this yeah you you know you guys in even J. J. Has a first person perspective but even you like. Don't travel with me a lot. I mean you you do sometimes but but probably probably seventy percent of the time I'm by myself on these things that's probably the hardest part to me for for for fame or whatever ever is man. It sucks like it really does in the airports. You know I mean we do well ourselves. We're not quite at the at the flying private bit level yet I would say things. Keep going the way they're going eventually. It's GonNa come to that point. just because you know it sucks you go to the airport. You have your hat down. Get your headphones on. You know you kind of try to blend in yeah you kind of try to blend in because you know if one person spots achieved a lot of other people are going to spot you and just like anybody else. You know. We're just trying to get where we gotta go. I hate flying. I'm pretty sure I've said this multiple times. I am not a fan of flying some already not in a great mood because I'm not a fan of it. I just hate the whole experience of flying and so but you fly by yourself alf you don't talk to anybody in a lot of times you show up at these events and you show up the day before so you show up you go to the hotel. Tell you know I'm not a single guy. I'm not I'm not a bachelor. I'm not a partier. We've already talked about that so it's literally just me kind of sitting there in the hotel saleroom by myself if I plant it correctly. I've got like a five thirty or four. Am hit on Fox News the next morning and so I get no sleep do that then do the event. You're exhausted by the end of the day you go back to the hotel the next day you've got a little bit more to do and then you're back to airport again flying to somewhere else hopefully back home but most of the time it's multiple hits and it's it's lonely it's somebody always says and this is not to toot our own horn but his lonely at the top right. That's what you know. Many successful people have said and it's true I've lost friends that I thought were friends. not because. I'm a hundred percent not to blame the process. There's things I could have done differently learning and all this stuff and then there's things they could have done differently to and then sometimes jealousy comes into the way with it too and anyway the more are known you become the less people you actually interact with. It's weird how how that tends to to work outside of Eliza. I talk to you trying to think any people that aren't like work or professionally related that I speak to these days. You know we talk talk to the turning point guys a lot. talk to people here the network a lot but other than that that's really about it man you know and and so everybody always says. I WANNA be famous or want to do this and I tell everybody you know. It's not what you think it is. It's really not a lot of work sucks man. It really really really sucks sometimes but we do it because we believe in what we're doing and we believe in what we say so that's why we keep pushing. It does have its perks. We get to do some cool stuff we get. I don't think I've gone onto a normal concert in the stands in about two years ago. I always end up getting backstage with that stuff. So that's cool. You get to meet some amazing people. Oh Man in the movement. I'm proud to be able to say that you know that we are friends with candace. Owens Charlie Kirk Dan Crenshaw. I mean Dakota Meyer Cal Carbon Kyle Kyle Carpenter Medal of honor recipients Hairston David Harris Junior. I mean the list goes on and on and on John Cooper. The lead singer of skillet follows us like with legitimately shocked that we knew who they were which is crazy to me. You know the undertaker undertaker breaking Benjamin Guys Danny any war snip asking Alexandria. David Boron is seal team Goldberg Wrestler. I mean all these people. The Bachelor People Caulton combs sounds good friend of mine. the floor Amateur People Reality TV folks. All these people know who we are and we'll get to meet these people and get to know these people and it's really cool. It does have a lot of really cool advantages but the biggest thing you gotta realize is those are light highlights. Yeah in the vast majority of it is workman. Dan I out side of yourself jake. I don't know very many people that work as hard as I do or as I am you know and so so that's probably the the biggest thing of what it's like to be famous that a lot of people don't realize yeah lots of flights for sure on my fan of flying my son right right so so inside thing of Jake since we're talking about this. Jake is so funny because you can tell every time that I tell him I have to travel. You can see like the hamster hamster fall off the wheel. It is a short circuit almost his I will twitch a little bit and but that's just that's just the nature nature of the game doesn't like being gone but she does well. It's gotten to the point now. If I can't be sappy for a moment it was really cool to travel at. I know I six months to a year. It was pretty cool because I was small town Mississippi Kidman. You know the thought of seeing New York City one time. It was like a like a bucket. Get list kind of thing so all this stuff I started. It was super cool because I never been in these places before a kid now especially now that the kids are older older they notice when I'm not there. They obviously don't like it and I honestly don't like it either. I would much rather I'd much Israeli just go home and that's what I'd rather do speaking of things that elicit doesn't like what's your biggest pet peeve for you. Some the biggest gosh biggest pet peeve just natural things is I I. I think I do what every man does and I have like my little like like closed corner that like if I wear it okay all right the dude listening if I wear one pair of pants one day. I'm GonNa wear those again and I'm going to lay them down. You can wear jeans for week. I've the them in a position where they don't get all wrinkled up and I'm GonNa lay them out and that's what I'm GonNa. Do I got a little close pile light do not it disturbed these. I'm gonNA use these again. She can't stand it man. She hates it. She hates it. I've got these clothes like scattered in little piles says says so. That's something that I do marital wise who boy it's bad. It's a real bad but we're being honest right so the guy's listening back me up on this I it spawns from my military days in order to do something I knew whole is not gonna be happy about this kind of thing and I would wait to tell her at the absolute absolute last minute that I'll baby. You know you go train for about a week somewhere else. Lying can't count you yeah you know kind of thing and so that has definitely carried over and she hates it and I definitely. I definitely don't know if it's IT'S GONNA. Change at this point ten years in but yeah so that's something I'll do if something comes up work related I will wait to the absolute last last opportunity to have to tell her because I just know she's going to be Super Mad and so I will I will avoid the the retaliation as as long as I can but but but but to say she's a very rational lady she has her initial like resistance to things but then you know I mean she's an adult. She comes around knows that I gotTA. I gotta work and that's just the way it is but that's that's probably like her. Biggest pet peeves well speaking of work about another ad another ad time for our sponsor self defense. Is Your God given right period but it's your responsibility to practice which is why I want you to go to your computer right now now and get an eye target pro system. 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How about a little game I okay. Let's do the game so I want to do this. You know pretty regularly. It's real or fake news or maybe we can think of something funnier than Matt but I'm going to read you a headline and you're gonNa tell me if it's real or if it's fake news okay okay. I one local man Dan fires off a flare gun inside a hobby lobby to locate his wife fires off a hobby lobby to locate his wife where did happen to me where it happened. La Mesa California after eight after waiting for over three hours for his wife and not seeing even a fleeting glimpse of her local man. Bill Gatling fired off a flare gun California. I'm saying false fake news good co Boom California no way maybe if you're in sippy can't even have flare guns out there. Mississippi they may do that. She'd off the flare gun our the waves louise runoff with Tommy again. Dan Okay Filling your hobby lobby. There'd be a lot of flammable stuff. Well maybe so anyway. second-story robot tell tell robot tail being developed up to balance out human body and stop people from falling over this is being made primarily for elderly instead of using a cane or a walker. It's like this metal tale looking thing. sure it's true you. WanNa guess where they're made to for to Japan Japan China Japan Yup Fares. How Weird Pitch Delays Anyway go ahead and they start? If I get old I start falling over. I'm just rolling with it at that point for when you lean forward. There's like a counterbalanced waited tale. I'm telling you I'm just GONNA. I'm just going to go with it next all right the Tactical Bible attachment for assault rifles now available for your a we are you. Can you can read scripture right for you. Blow somebody away. False false three Dang picture looks pretty awesome. That is is funny. All right new missionary dating APP will pair you with a hot unbeliever to convert. It's it's called witness and going man payload at disavowed on this show Halo Alto California new missionary dating APP has been launched by a startup company in and Silicon Valley called witness and chill promises to pair Christian users with a Han witness and chill yeah oh my gosh pairs of Christian with like an Nathan or an unbeliever. It's from California I'M GONNA go true that what's false that well. I'm glad its faults but at the same meantime I'm slightly disappointed the dating APP with a turtle the hall my all right wasn't that last one one remember those Arizona teas. I used to be hooked on those your Zona Ice. Tea is now making we'd brought a it's going to be the Arizona we'd Arizona we average maker SONA as Arizona a conservative okay I don't think they have they're are making a licensed deal with a cannabis company for new line. I'm going to say F- false. That's true hangings Arizona. We'd good had for you Arizona all right. Let's get back into some questions jake all right so this was a good question. I thought we can both may be tackled this one how to deal with ignorant people in general people in general it Indra they. I don't know they probably said ignorant means us. Don't know right like you don't know any better so that's easy easy to deal with stupid. People are the hard thing to hold different. Whole different type of dumb ignorant about a lot of ignorant doesn't mean that you're that. D- that you're stupid. It just means you. Just don't know something I I'll change it a little bit and how do you deal with stupid. People stupid people are the type of people that no what they're doing is dumb no this. They know that they're being ridiculous and they. D- they stick with it anyway. Man or stupid people are simply people that just draw all line in the sand just because just to just to argue with you. I think that to get into an argument was the money is dumb in my opinion. You know we're adults at this point. What are you arguing about. You know an argument never leads to anything a debate a discussion discussion a disagreement. Those are things that can be dealt with those are things that can be adjusted and there can be a positive outcome but arguing with people. That's really dumb. I don't argue with people there's a lot of people on my pays that talk a bunch of crap about me all the time and they'll even be other social media people that talk crap about me and and I'll get notifications from people going you know light them up or responding to tear them apart and all this stuff. I don't get into that you know I I. I don't get into those type of things especially if they're other conservatives that do it all right. Charlie Kirk said this best at the end of the day. Whether you agree with everything I do or not if you're another social media person listening or whatnot if you attack me and you're a conservative in my opinion you I don't know I don't agree with it. Because why would you cannibalize your own group of people that eighty percent of the time we see eye to eye on things. So why would you attack somebody that you agree with eighty percent of the time in the public because because they will reason I do all this stuff is because I believe in the conservative mindset of things that's it that's it. I'm not the best military veteran I'm not got a ranger or a sniper stuff. I've never claimed to be in a never will normal army dude so I don't claim to be special forces sniper and all this stuff so I'm not awesome an elite in that area. I'm not the smartest dude in the world from Mississippi. I'm a redneck from from nowhere Mississippi. I'm just a guy that believes in conservative every values and wants to ensure conservative values. Stay in America for my kids. That's what I want. If we agree on eighty percent of things that are that then why would you. Why would you attack somebody. That's another voice for the movement that you claim to believe in like you know that that's what I don't understand and so I refuse to argue back with other conservatives via social media now. I don't mind having conversations nations with you in in private but I just I don't believe in that I think it I think it I think it weakens the movement. I think it weakens. The unity unity that we're supposed to show everybody to me is like when your parents are fighting. Don't fight in front of the kids or don't fight in front of your co workers flightless do it that way because you guys aren't my kids. You guys aren't less than me your equal to me in every regard don't have a fight with the CO worker in front of your co workers. Go back. Take shirt off fight whatever you gotTA. Do you know what I'm saying but don't do it in front of everybody. Figure it out. Work your stuff out and even if you don't agree don't oh fight in front of everybody else. I'll never I'll never understand that and it's just something that in my opinion is bad taste Spanish for we're all supposed to be a football team. If you know those people fight with each other but do it in practice you know behind closed doors and stuff like that. They're not supposed to fight each other in front of everybody else because then the team doesn't look united and all that stuff handle that kind of stuff internally and I think that a lot of us this could benefit from doing that but that's just me in a lot of people really enjoy talking crap about me so let them I don't care but going back to the thing you were saying about about eighty percent you know agree eighty percent of the time right something that I experienced which is really awesome. I have two two buddies that have been friends with since grade school and they were both liberal and I was conservative and we had a little chat a text threat or whatever go on for years like four four or five years pre trump getting elected and it was always debate you know we were throwing ideas out there numbers and everything and then about a year a year and a half ago give or take one of them got red pilled and is now conservative so the other one still liberal but the cool thing about it is we're. We're not bashing each other. We're actually trying to learn other perspectives. I mean I think that's something were missing this this day and age and I've pdf all these conversations because they're filled with like good knowledge good perspectives on ways of looking at things and and I think that's part of what we're missing and when we hang out we don't talk politics. You know we do sometimes but we're such good friends that you know in being genuinely interested in somebody else's perspective instead of just. I WANNA proved this person wrong. I want to change their mind. You know it's easy to think somebody stupid because they don't. They're not a conservative or whatever but as cheesy as the whole we need unity anything. It's like we really do because we're so polarized now the parties we hate each other liberals are Democrats if they find out your conservative they won't don't serve you or they won't do this or though. I've had a couple of friends. Banish may not talk to me anymore. You know and we it's easy to get that same name that make you feel L. I. Rodent Care. But it's easier to that same way of thinking towards liberals you know they must be crazy but back to the eighty percent thing when you really get down to discussing ideas and policies. Sometimes you end up agreeing on a lot more than you think you do. True true all right next question all right right another question. When did you become religious and how a religious question I have always been religious. it's just a matter of how religious. I was at the time so this will probably end up taking us where where we're going so so if I may get philosophical for a moment for me. I've been open about this before and I've talked about not in depth but maybe maybe I'll talk about it in my book one day Anyway I come from a broken home boo a lot of people do and so I was raised my grandparents for a while I got you know ended up in Florida for a brief bit with my aunt and then through custody and all this stuff in legal ended up with my grandparents bounced around a little bit so church became this for me it kind of became like this escape for me and so when I was younger I was super religious super super super religious. I mean I live the church Sunday through Sunday. I was pretty much there in some capacity. You know I was really into music back. Then we were in the you know the worship Band Church we were doing this. We were doing that. If I wasn't at my church I was at somebody else's churches playing stuff. My very first flight was at fifteen years old and I went to Germany playing music and and so but I learned that as an adult now I can say that I didn't really love go I did but I I didn't have my own relationship with God I had I was exhibiting what other people wanted me to exhibit in my relationship with God God if that makes sense so what happened was the second that I got rocked. I e life happened or somebody. Let me down all this other kind the stuff I didn't have any real kind of foundation to base it on and so I did the typical thing man. I got down by the church. and I lashed lashed out at the person whose fault it wasn't which was God's Fi wasn't God's fault those people at the church sucked. You know what I mean like. That's not God's fault people. Suck me fear you and that's something that you have to come to grips with. When you're an adult people saw bad things happen and so I turned away for a long time they didn't go to church the years cussing drink and all this stuff which there's nothing wrong with those things. I don't do things now because a lot one of older. I don't handle drinking like I once did but to the CUSS Ooh. That's a good thing to Qasim thing. Everybody always asked why don't cuss. It's not a religious thing so much I mean you've I've had this discussion. Vulgarity vulgarities that we know them now weren't even around when the Bible was written right. So are those really bad words. I don't no no it's up for your own interpretation for me. It's I just don't cuss in front of my kids or around my kids and it's just kind of stuck and it's just kind of spilled over to what I do and I want my kids see what I do so I don't 'cause because my kids watch what I do yeah and other people's kids watch what I do. That's it. It's not so much religion based as it is just this is we'll see the point well. It's a habit. It's a habit. You know I I go through phases. cussing is a hat just like anything else and so the fact that I don't cuss in my own time. I don't cuss naturally lawn film on video video and audio anyway back to the point. I will say this one day. Melissa talked about this. She's not here but but we have discussed this. We Really Want GonNa have like a like a marriage episode because you know me analysts through a lot of hard times man and the truth is we probably shouldn't be here but we are and and I will say when we brought God back into the forefront of our marriage. Everything really changed in turned around for for us because Yeah Man I. It's just it's true you know. People always say things like well. Once somebody's this they can never be that you know once a liar always Aligarh once a once a crook always crook wants once cheater always cheater. I don't know if I believe leave that. People can have heart changes male. I really do and I think that God plays such. I looked like this now. I realized that a lot of you are sitting there going what ever because you don't agree religiously with me and that's fine. I mean that that's cool me personally. I I look at it like this that if God God can take how crappy we are an except us that way then who are we to say that somebody can't change right and I'm not just talking about myself talking to anybody and I found myself that way. I've I've had some friends that were who wild boy and now they found God and and they're completely different folks and I even found myself going okay. I never saw that kind of thing but but then I had to check myself and I'm like well hold on on just a minute. You know I'm not the same guy I was three four years ago today. So who am I to say that those people can't change and so for our marriage it just it changed everything and so you know. Do we still yeah sure Do we argue still yeah. Yeah sure are there day. She probably wants to strangle me and bury me in the backyard yeah probably more so than not but putting putting God odd and putting religion into what we do has really just transformed everything for me because when I have my worst days and why do I struggle with anxiety really bad you know I mean you know I'm not wanting to say boo hoo me kind of stuff but I do something I struggle with and so I always always am Darren all myself and all this other kind of stuff even on my worst days. I have that now and I have that that knowing that is worthless as I feel or as useless as I feel somebody accepts me and somebody loves me regardless and so oh that has has has transferred into my everyday life now and so that may be another reason why I don't lash out at other conservatives at lash out against me. It's just because you know man very Christian. Whatever kind of thing so anyway so yeah so so so that's religion now that that is you know a real quick summary of religion why feel that way. We'll wrap it up with a little phone one Sergei. What's your favorite ice cream flavor. Oh my God I like a big child. I do the chocolate with with rainbow sprinkles because I'm not a monster. Get chocolate with chocolate sprinkles. Are You gluttony a glare you center anyway. I know so really quick. If I may again guys we know there's been a slightly different one behalf. You heard something on my ice cream. Oh I'm sorry Jay or the strawberry shortcake those wars they could make that into an ice cream. That's not an ice cream and you wanna tell your favorite ice ice cream mm-hmm well then. It's like rocky road. I'll make Rochester Rocky Road Cristian say anyway GAZ. We know there's been different but hopefully you heard some some cool things that you might not have known or you got something out of this. Which is the main point of this episode is for you to hear a little bit of us kind of with the act pulled off a little bit. You know a more us. This is probably more what I talk like on a normal basis not all the time you know I mean that's just not how I am most of the time anyway but thank you guys so much for the sport. Thank you guys so much for listening getting to this podcast. Make sure you subscribe and gives five stars. I will be back in the studio for Wednesday's episode and I'm super excited to get back to you. Guys is with current topics that are going on. yeah die in a horrible fiery blaze. No don't say that see on Wednesday okay and that's all we got. We'll see you next time.

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