Let's Ride: The Steelers gave a recipe on how to beat them Wednesday


Introducing built to last a new podcast by american express. I'm elaine well trough. And i'm excited to host debut season where we will be deep diving into the stories history and continued legacy of small businesses. That shape american culture through these important conversations will hear how the black business leaders are. Pass have inspired. Today's black owned small businesses and communities. Join us for the debut season of built to last on spotify apple youtube. or wherever. You get your favorite podcasts. Pittsburgh steelers fans what's going on. This is jeff. Hartmann your host on this friday. Let's ride and you know what i've been listening to everyone. I was a part of the post game. Podcast i've been listening to other podcasts. I've been reading what people say on twitter. And everyone's down in the dumps there down in the dumps. So here's you. Here's what i'll do. Here's what you're ready. who they. The steelers beat the ravens. I don't care who they had. On the roster. Bob dole shoulder they revenue no do know it. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's what i'm talking about. Folks be happy man be happy. The steelers beat the ravens ravens. Hate week is officially over for the regular season steeler. Sweep the ravens. It's the first time they did that. Two thousand and seventeen holy cow people. Let's not overemphasize everything. Let's not freak out over everything in every little tiny little piece of the puzzle. Trust me okay trust me. There's we all knew they were going to be peaks and valleys and if that's valley what we just witnessed in twelve where the steelers beat a decimated ravens crew nineteen to fourteen. I will take it. I'll take it every single day of the week and twice on sunday or monday or thursday or wednesday. It doesn't matter. I'm not a great mood actually. I'm in a really good mood. You know what. I was writing down stuff Writing on my notes for the show. And i just couldn't get it on the head. Whoever everyone's kinda of down in the dumps today when you listen to my thomas post game press conference. And he's a sucking and ben rothlisberger was. We didn't play well enough. The look the players and coaches and say all that they can say all of that. You know what i can say. Living in the state of maryland. The ravens fans have a at that. That's on a book that i used to i love. It's actually a series I won't get into all that. The golf bug actually and That was what one of the characters used to always say when he'd went a bit. He made a big putt to win some money. In when i as the money. It's a quarter on a whole these old guys. he's they have a socket. That steeler fans in maryland right now are are living the high life. they're living the high life not only. Are they eleven to know. But oh my gosh. There's we have a clenching scenario this weekend. The steelers can clinch a playoff berth. They essentially eliminated the ravens. From any chances of winning the afc north in the statistic. That i have said from the top of the rooftops for years now is gonna ring true again that no team since the afc north was established as ever won the division three years in a row. None of them. None of them. Not the tommy. Maddox led steelers clearly. Not the time that it's leads dealers. Not too early ben rothlisberger steelers not the carson palmer bengals people forget they won the division a couple of years not the ray lewis in terrell suggs. Joe flacco led ravens. Not the the the steelers of the killer bees none of them. No one has ever won the division three years in a row in. It's funny. I'll say this now. I actually am gonna win a decent amount of money because a buddy of mine. Who's a season ticket holder for the ravens before the season even started. I said i'll bet you that the steelers win. Afc north this year and he laughed and said you. Don't wanna make that bet. And i said i do wanna make that bet. I just had a hunch. I had one hundred and this was this was before we won. This is there was no preseason. I had no clue what ben rothlisberger arm was going to look like. And i said let's let's do it. He said my brother wants in on it. Two brothers big ravens fan. Yes it sure. That's do it. let's do it. Put your money where your mouth is. show us. Which made of. yeah. I did it. I'm gonna be cashing in and hopefully may and this is a question mark though. I also have another bet with the same ravens fan. Just him his brother that the nfl season will go off without having to end early. He said there's no way they finished the season. Well we're heading into week. Thirteen and they've they've done it so far. So i'm hoping that the protocols work and i could win some money outside. It's a small victories in life. Okay here we go. I l ramped up. And i get off all sidetracked. I'm sorry about that. let's go this friday podcast. let's ride jeff hartmann your host co editor behind the curtain dot com. And we hope wherever you're listening to your podcast you follow us whether that is google. Play itunes stitcher anchor. Pandora you name. It follows the you don't miss a thing. And behind the steel curtain dot com. I can't get over the fact that when we were. We first started our youtube channel. You can find us on youtube. Good at youtube dot com and search bt as he steelers radio and i we would talk about the website and people in the live chat. Say what website because people found us on youtube or they found our podcast platform and had no idea that we were a part of a website. Yes go behind the steel curtain behind the steel curtain dot com. I'm telling you. It is literally i say it all the time i mean it your one stop shop for all things for the die hard steeler fan. It's an amazing web sites amazing community there. So make sure you check that out our. Let's get down to the nitty gritty. Before in the second half we give you a my picks going to give you my pick for the steelers game. Nope you're gonna have to wait 'til monday for that folks. But i'll give you all my other picks. They're getting better actually. I'm really close to five hundred and yeah Some might say jeff. Why are you celebrating mediocrity. It's because my picks early were so atrocious. I dug myself such a deep hole. I didn't think i would ever get out in here. I am on the precipice. could i get out. I don't know we'll see but let's get down to the title of this episode. The headline of this show. It's all about when. I was watching the game wednesday night. I'm watching the steelers and the ravens play. And i'm just shaking my head like everyone is. I can't believe this is happening. They i can't believe that this is happening now. I'm very thankful that they won. Obviously at the beginning of the show. I celebrated hopefully you too but i it was the situation. Pin one is going on. We haven't seen this from this team before not like this. And we saw them stumble out of the gate against dallas. We saw them stumble in the second half against tennessee. We've seen some of this. But never like this. And i said you know what i finally see it. I see the recipe for a team to beat the pittsburgh steelers. I've got it. I have the recipe. It's right here. I wrote it down and we're gonna follow it step by step in its it. Hey if the kansas city chiefs are listening you would be smart to patty mahomes. If you're listening out there. I'm giving you the directions. I'm giving you the keys to the castle here. Had to beat the undefeated steelers step number one in this is really the only step everything else is a subset of this one direction and that is the steelers have to beat themselves. I could end the show right there boom done. I'm not going to but i could. I believe in my heart of hearts. And i'm being one hundred percent honest with you out there listeners. I believe that the only way a team is going to beat the pittsburgh steelers in. That's any team. The tennessee titans indianapolis colts the kansas city chiefs. Las vegas raiders. The cleveland browns. Baltimore ravens a seattle seahawks the orleans saints the green bay packers. Do you want me to go on. i could. i won't but i could. None of them are going to beat the steelers unless the steelers beat themselves. That's it that is it and so you're probably shaking your head. You're thinking well jeff's drinking that kool again. Someone needs to call a. We need to have an intervention. jeff's back on the juice. No i'm not okay. What outlook hear me out here. I believe that the steelers even without the loss of budget pre. I'm going to get into that in my heart to heart at the end of the shows. Stay tuned don't go anywhere you wanna hear that even without budget dupree. Now i still think the pittsburgh steelers from a defensive standpoint in an offensive standpoint if they don't shoot themselves in the foot no one else is going to put them out of their misery in other words if the if they pull the trigger and the gun doesn't go off is the only way that they're gonna lose in that. Ok corral shootout. so let's break this down. I five things that could completely derail the steelers. At any point it could be in the regular season. It could be their first loss of the season or could be in the playoffs. It could end their season. So here we go step number one turnovers turnovers if the steelers are gonna be just giving the ball away in especially giving up points. Well that's a recipe for disaster right there. So i'm talking about ben rothlisberger goal line situation fourth and goal now. I'm not a monday morning. Quarterback i let me get that out of the way right now in case this is your first time listening to me or maybe it's your first season listening to me. I'm not a guy that's gonna say. They should've kicked the field goal. There after ben throws a pick. I'm not gonna say that. I didn't mind them going for it. Go for the jugular. You trust your defense. If you don't get it but at the same time i didn't like the play call but i didn't like the execution either turning the ball over especially leaving points on the field or just something you cannot do not against a team like the green bay packers or the kansas city chiefs. That are not going to do that very often. So those turnovers are killers. Oh but it got better. In twelve rate when the steelers defense was really imposing their will on that ravens offense in. I mean robert griffin. The third couldn't do anything they weren't running the ball. He couldn't throw the ball so you get it three now something to happen. A whole heck of a lot. On wednesday night ray ray mcleod muffed punt and it was very akin to week one when diontae johnson did that at metlife stadium against the new york giants. You just can't do that. It just can't happen. And i hate to say this but when you see that happen immediately you can see it in the player and you can feel it in the coaching staff. That there is now doubt. There's now doubt and you could even throw in in zaina turnover. But these gaffes on like chris boswell missing extra points. He's missed four on the season. Yeah it's only one point but now you're chasing points or chasing a number so the steelers scored picks extra joe haden awesome. They missed the extra point. Six points next thing. You know the ravens score a touchdown in here real now. They're trailing seven to six. That's what i'm talking about these turnovers. They can't happen period. Luckily for the pittsburgh steelers in their fan base david doing a great job. This season of protecting the football. They've been doing a tremendous job protecting the football on twenty twenty but it can still creep up. Now's the steelers lead the nfl in differential of plus twelve. They've given it away. Eleven time six interceptions and five fumbles. They've taken it away twenty three times though that leads the league by far. That's three better than the second place team. Which is tampa. Bay buccaneers with twenty. That's impressive right there. That's impressive but if the steelers protect the ball that step number one so to beat the steelers. The patrick mahomes and andy reid. You're listening to this. You have to be able to take the ball way. You have to force those mistakes. They didn't happen often. They did a really really bad moments at tie bad times during the game. But that's what you have to do. Second thing the steelers have to screw themselves when terms of blown opportunities. And what i mean by this is if you look on offense. You're looking at the wide receivers dropping the ball literally dropping. The ball not figuratively clearly. I move my buddy. Jeffrey benedict a great contributor to the website. Also is a part of the wednesday night podcast. He looked up. He went back and went through the game. He found five passes that he dubbed. And he's he's a pretty harsh critic. I'll say that he does. These five passes as had to be caught. Perfect throws not a thing wrong with them five drops the denny had another five. That he said could be on the questionable. Maybe the throw is a little off maybe as little high maybe whatever the case was you can put it into the drop category but you could also give an excuse for why it wasn't caught all of them he said were catchable passes though so that's anywhere from seven to ten they you're like holy cow they have they were blown opportunities blown opportunities and then you look on defense in. It's tough to really go against what. This defense did on wednesday wednesday. Because i want to say wednesday night. It was wednesday afternoon on wednesday because they stopped the run but they gave up some big plays they gave a forty yard run robert griffin on third nine. They gave up a couple of runs to justice hill. And we all know. Trace mcsorley hit marquees brown hollywood brown antonio brown's custom he makes terrell edmonds miss and he's gone mega. Fitzpatrick is literally just running zigzags. Trying to figure out what he's gonna to do in next thing you know he's in the enza that can happen either period. You just can't you can't give up the big play on defense. You can be abandoned braid. You can mean a dig about going against some of these high powered offenses. Even someone like the new orleans saints drew brees is under center. You might give up some yards. That's nfl in today's day and age but at the same time just can't give up those big places back-breaking place look at a perfect example is look at the. I'm trying to think of as monday night or sunday. I can't remember tampa bay in kansas city playing last week. What happens in the first quarter. Patrick mahomes the tyreek hill for over two hundred yards. It was incredible. Those are the big plays. You just can't have. And so you can talk about xs and os all you want in on that. Big play. Marquees brown was highlighted. Perfectly by jeffrey benedict on our film room today. On behind the steel curtain dot com. I'm sorry that was on thursday. He diagrammed how joe haden gambled and he expected to help to be over. The top in edmonds just wasn't there. He was a little late. Any whiffed on the tackle. He whiffed on the tackle. So you just can't have that in an election my dad's and they need to cut terrell edmonds. I lead menzies had a great year but he wasn't great on that play. Those are the things just one mistake sometimes can be. What just really really breaks teams backs. He can't have that. So i was turnovers. Second was blown opportunities. Third situational football. You're going to beat the steelers you have to hope. They have horrible situation of football. I'm talking about short yardage just the inability to get a yard. There are times where. I am more comfortable with the steelers on third and four third and five third in three compared to third inches. That's frightening to me. It shouldn't be that way. The pittsburgh steelers our team. I text from. My buddy is a dolphins fan and he was watching the game wednesday. He's he's he hates the ravens as much as i do and he said i can't believe what i'm watching is the pittsburgh steelers that are lining up in the shotgun empty formation on third and short and i said yeah man this is. This is what they are now. You don't even recognize it anymore but at the same time. If you're gonna get the steelers you have to hope that. They're not firing on all cylinders. On those on the these situational football another area is third down offense struggled. They struggled the last three weeks on third downs. They finished three thirteen. I think on third downs. Let me double check. I had that stat here. Irio third down six fourteen. They finished against baltimore but still. That's horrible it again. It comes back to the drops. It comes back to this blown opportunities if eric ebron and diontae johnson. I'm thinking of three plays just those two. Were they dropped the ball on third down. That have really helped their their average would have made it a lot better nonetheless. They didn't convert. So if you're going to beat the steelers you have to hope that they have those really bad horrible lulls in situational football. You have to hope that. Because if they don't if they're if they're third down offense is clicking this team in. This is a stabbed that marco bali of the athletic out there. I can't take credit for it. This steelers lead the nfl and time of possession and yet they are one of the worst running teams in the nfl. Because they use a short little digging dunk passes their third down. Offense is on good luck. Getting them off the field. That's just a that's just truth they can put together. These drives that are just. They can score quick. They can take their time. They can really methodically move the ball on the field but again it comes down to situational. Football in the steelers are having a bad day. It's a good day for you if you want to upset them next red zone issues. This reared its ugly head on wednesday. It had not been an issue leading up until week. Twelve i'm not gonna say that. This is an ongoing concern. But if you're going to beat the steelers this is what we're talking about in this episode. If you're going to beat the steelers you gotta get them to turn the ball over. You have to have them blow opportunities yet. Have horrible situation football and you have to hope that they struggle in the red zone in twenty twenty. They have a sixty five percent conversion rate on in the red zone that means when they convert touchdowns not just points convert touchdown sixty five percent. That's eleventh in the national football league in their last three games. It's sixty percent conversion on wednesday. They were at twenty five percent conversion. It gets more interesting home at heinz field. They have fifty eight conversion percent conversion rate on the road though. This is insane. Seventy five percent conversion rate. They're on the road there. Red zone is offense is tremendous tremendous now. If you wanna have comparison if you will laugh look two thousand and nineteen and two hundred nineteen red zone for the season. The reds and conversion percentage was thirty thirty five percent thirty five percent so think about apples and oranges here terms of twenty twenty and compared to twenty nineteen but the red zone issues again if the steelers convert on just one or two. They converted on one if they converted one more red zone. Chance that games at it's out of reach. It's out of reach the game's over but they did they did. They had to settle for three field goal. So that's going to be another thing that if you're going to beat this dealers if you're going to upset the steelers you have to hope and pray that they struggle in the red zone last thing the fifth and final thing. For daybreak that could derail the steelers. It's the same for every team in the national football league covid nineteen issues you saw with scheduling heading into week. Twelve every single player. Every coach that we've heard from has said that although they're not going to make excuses now wouldn't expect them to that. It was difficult. It's difficult to simulate a saturday before. Sunday and saying okay. We're gonna play on thursday nowhere. Not now we're gonna play on sunday. So you have your saturday on saturday but no we're not now. It's moved to tuesdays now. You're doing a saturday on monday. Now are moving into wednesday. And now we're going to our saturday. That's tough that's tough so but stuff like that. Can we saw it. everyone saw it it can. it can look off. The product is off. The product is bad. The nfl should not be saying we should do these. Wednesday games were often. I really hope they don't stick to what they have right now. It's fine. I still don't like thursday nights for that reason because it's sloppy but still you got the you coming. My gosh you saw it the players missing for both the ravens and steelers but even the steelers not having to it not having connor not having pouncey that was notable it was it was notable. It was also notable. The gerald hawkins was in there when you saw kevin dots in the rookie. Go out as an eligible blocker in not know what the heck he was doing out there. He's a rookie. It was his first time doing that. I get it has on twitter. Actually those pretty funny but still it. That's something that can be. Ro any team. Okay if a player gets if ben roethlisberger. If patrick mahomes if aaron rodgers if philip rivers for the colts ryan tannehill or derrick henry for the titans if you know i on and on cuyler murray for the cardinals russell wilson for the seattle seahawks if all these players or just a few of them were as somehow tests positive for covid. You're done you're done. That's that's not just the steelers. That's just an nfl thing. So there you have it folks the five things that you better hope and pray the steelers do to themselves if you want to beat them you gotta hope they turn the ball over you have to hope they screw the pooch with these opportunities. You gotta hope they have horrible situation will footballer. Hope that their offense struggles in the red zone and maybe get lucky and covid rears. Its ugly head. that's it. Otherwise folks. I am standing firm in my belief that the steelers don't beat themselves. No one else is gonna beat them period. No-one take it to the bank. That's right are we going to say could break. After the brave text eighteen year we want the best of both worlds. We want a hybrid a smarter. Hybrid cloud approach with ibm helps retailers. Manage supply chains with watson i while predicting demands with ease the world is going hybrid with ibm ibm dot com slash hybrid cloud all right for you event. Welcome back to the second segment of. Let's i'm jeff carbon your host here co editor behind the steel curtain dot com. And it's It's that time. I can't believe it. I felt like. I talked about the ravens and the steelers game leading up a week. Twelve for two years and now i turn the page in. Its friday. And we got a door picks. Oh my gosh. Let me find the tape. I think. Sit up here. We go and all right. Pittsburgh steelers fans. We're gonna get to the steelers pig on monday but we're gonna start off one o'clock sunday. There's no thursday game this week because of the steelers and the ravens being dumped wednesday. So we're starting off the new orleans. Saints atlanta falcons to saints are only giving three. Why the falcons playing better football season got rid of their head coach. This is going to be an interesting ones that visual game in atlanta. I'm gonna say. Take the falcons. I don't think they win. But i think they keep a close. Take the falcons here. That's my gut. Hunch falcons plus three over forty six take the over next. The cincinnati bengals. They go to miami at one point. This could have been a borough versus to a two still not right with his hand and wrist. They're not sure if he's an player. It's gonna be patrick. We on the boroughs out for the year. Cincinnati is getting eleven and a half points the over under his forty two. I m sorry. I like miami. I don't like him that much. I'm going to say take the cincinnati bengals not to win straight up but getting eleven and a half over under set at forty two. I'm going to take the under apply. The bengals probably aren't going to school a lot of points next the jacksonville. Jaguars traveled to the minnesota vikings. The minnesota vikings are an inconsistent team. You just never know what you're going to get the jacksonville jaguars one in week. One and having one since they looked better against cleveland. Last week with mike. Glennon doesn't tell me much. The jaguars getting ten points. I'm sorry i don't think i think jacksonville's been giving teams are best shot. I just don't think it's going to be good enough. I wanna take the minnesota. Vikings giving ten the over owners at fifty two. I will take the under. The las vegas raiders. Go to the winless jets. The vegas raiders are giving eight points on the road in new york. The raiders are coming off embarrassing. Loss to the atlanta falcons last week. I thought that the raiders after they played the the cheese earlier this year they played the chiefs so tough talk about a letdown game atlanta. I don't think they lose. Two in a row are still in contention for the playoffs. Afc they're still someone to keep an eye on. The jets are dreadful. I'm going to take the las vegas raiders to be eight even though it's on the road across country the over under forty seven and a half. I've been going a lot of the under this week. Take the under the game. That's going to be fun to watch. The indianapolis colts travel down to houston to play the texans to shawn watson. They haven't played since thanksgiving when they completely blew the doors. Off of the detroit. Lions in early game on thanksgiving day. The colts are coming off the loss. A tough loss to the tennessee. Titans back to back division games. The colt cannot lose this game. If they lose this game they might as well kiss the. Afc south championship goodbye. They are going to be struggling to get into the playoffs. The colts need this game. The colts are giving three on the road. I say that they're going to bounce back. They're gonna find a way to win the over fifty one and a half take the over. I like the over now. One another game. That a lot of steeler fans are gonna watch for a lot of reasons. The cleveland browns going to tennessee. Titans had just had the titans are coming off a big win cleveland. Eight and three talk about doing it under the under the silence of night. No one's talking about the browns. No one's really believing in the browns. This will be a good measuring stick for them. The browns are coming off a pretty close wind down in jacksonville. Gotta go down the road to ten. They can a way to win at tennessee. Holy cow that turns heads. We'll see the titans giving five and a half the over-under set at fifty four. I'm gonna take the tennessee. Titans and i'm gonna take the under a fifty four because i don't think the browns they they can't run the ball and if they give behind they just trouble dacre mayfield's not that type of quarterback the detroit lions our still stolen. One o'clock games spoke on sunday. The detroit lions go to the chicago bears. Nfc north football. This one's gonna be weird. Because detroit rid of matt patricia typically in my experience teams and fire their head coach. They seem to place fearing they seem to. Kind of get on board. They kind of rallied. The troops saw land do it. I think detroit's gonna do detroit's getting three. I like the lions getting three the over under said at forty four and a half Take the under. Because i don't like the chicago bears offense. I don't think they can put up. Now it's good to the four of five slate. Los angeles rams travel to arizona. This is going to be a fun. Game between golf and murray arizona cardinals bear really hit or miss leaving god. Arizona at home is getting three points. I'm going to take the cardinals at home to rebound finally to win over under set of forty eight and a half on taking the over a name taken the oath of iowa new york giants four or five travel across country to the mid west to play the seattle seahawks. The great northwest. I'm sorry not midwest. The giants are getting ten. No one knows that. Daniel jones doesn't matter. I'm taking the seattle seahawks giving ten at-home to beat the new york giants. The giants are still clinging to hope of maybe winning that nfc east and least whatever you wanna call it and so the seattle seahawks giving ten. I will take that over under senate forty seven. I'm gonna take the under because again. I don't think the giants sports on the points at four twenty five. The new england patriots go across country to the los angeles chargers. the los angeles chargers justin herbert. They're coming off a loss in buffalo last week. Rangelands coming off a big win at home. No one knows what to think about this patriots. He made the patriot. Keith the cardinals last week. I know this is a pick em game. There is no spread on this game whatsoever. I'm gonna go with bill belichick against a rookie quarterback period going to go with bill belichick a rookie quarterback even though they're on the road that's just my gut over under said at forty seven. I'm going to take the under national go to stain a four twenty-five five the philadelphia eagles. The green bay packers philadelphia. Eagles are getting nine points in green bay the philadelphia eagles can't protect carson wentz. And when they do he's not making any place. I like the green bay. Packers giving ninety over under said forty six and a half. I will take the over next eight. Twenty sunday night football. The denver broncos kansas city. Jeez denver broncos. Kansas city chiefs. The denver broncos getting four points fourteen points. I'm pretty sure that they're going to have that the today that the denver broncos. We're going to have a quarterback this week where therefore if they do have a quarterback. I liked the denver broncos to get not win no. I don't think they're gonna win. But i think with fourteen points. They cover over understated fifty one. I'm gonna take the over. This could be a higher scoring game. But i think especially if it's true lock. They will keep it close enough within two touchdowns maybe some back door. Maybe maybe a back door cover. That's my hope. We'll see as the monday games. Well you just have to wait there. You have folks. I hope you enjoy those picks. Some really good games to watch this week. We're not done yet. We're not done yet. The heart to heart my heart to heart this week is i was reading a tweet. I i didn't. I don't follow this person. But it showed up on my feet from andrew phillip pony who's a radio personality for ninety seven the fan in pittsburgh and he talked about how he was sick to his stomach. Bud debris. I was the same way but he said that he was kind of upset because he felt the steelers would have taken care of business. Bud dupree wouldn't have been on the field and he wouldn't have gotten hurt and we would be talking about today in short. You can talk about that all you want anyone. That's ever suffered an injury like that or anyone. That's ever been a part of the game. You know that it sometimes are just these fluke. Injuries just flew that. That's that's all you can say. That was a non contact injury. That could have happened at any point in any game for bud dupree. Let me tell you a quick story. I've been in a storytelling. The recently so my senior year in high school in wheeling west virginia And i went to wheeling central catholic. By the way we were travelling we would travel all over the. Va see the ohio valley athletic conference which is one of the big athletic conferences. In the nation. We would travel all over the oviedo. See in play these games in so we were in toronto ohio anyone's ever been to toronto knows it's in the middle of nowhere. But they grow some big boys out there and they have some good athletes and so a baseball is my passion growing up and so we this very highly contested game. A lot of people were talking about this matchup. We have wheeling central with team in the state for single-a the entire year. Never forget their starting running back for the for toronto. Was this huge kid. I mean he does. Giant big-eyed muscular. He was up to bat. Scouted him a lot. And i was the catcher the starting catcher for the team. And i'll never forget. We would always play our third basement in especially in certain circumstances but he was a threat the bunt so we actually had our third baseman playing on the grass. That's very normal and so it was a two to count the junior pitcher who i'm it was. The coach's son went on to play a collegiate. Baseball was a pitcher hebrew. Hard so the to count. As a catcher i love to throw an inside fastball. Put it on his hands. A lot of a lot of batteries are going to swing at anything close. If you get contact pretty much going to be week well the pitch was any inside half but it was a little too over. The middle kid turned on one in just ripped it at the third basement. I said he's playing on the grass here. The ball hits the lip of the grass pops up his third baseman right in. The nose is one of the most sickening thuds. You'll ever hear your life. He goes down the the play stops. Obviously in the battery gets the first base. We as a concussion is shattered knows orbital bone all messed up it was. It was ugly. It was ugly. Did i ever once is a catcher. Questioned myself for calling an inside. Page on youtube fastball. Too fast on the inside after. No i didn't because my just part of the game. Sometimes you know. I mean is a bad off the lip of the grass. Anyone that's played baseball or softball or anything like that knows. Sometimes fluky things happen. That was a fluke injury for bud debris maybe had some imbalances in his knee. And i don't know. But i don't think he had knee problems coming in to the. Nfl out of kentucky. He had never really had any knee injuries. Prior he had other injuries early in his career. But nothing like this. So i don't want to hear the day should have had him out of the game or if they would have done this. Internet look is just a part of the game you know. No one was saying if the steelers if drew awkward estate in and we against the broncos devon bush torn his acl. No it just happens sometimes. It just happens. It's a horrible. I felt sick to my stomach for by debris. But i don't. I'm not a person that's going to jump on that board that if this if this or that would have happened he would still be playing. You know period period if you wanna talk about other types of injuries as different but in this case non contact injuries like that. It's just it sucks. It's part of the game. And i hope and i pray but debris speedy recovery. Whether he plays her pittsburgh ever again no one knows but ultimately i hope he heals up and he's back and better than ever before we know it so there you have it folks are. Friday show is a rap. I hope you got something out of this. I hope you did. I hope you leave this. Show a little bit of confidence in the pittsburgh steelers if they can turn things around and play the way they're capable of dan. My gosh you're gonna be a tough team to be tough team to beat. Celebrate at times we just. Let's deal with the ravens folks. That should be enough to get you through this weekend. And i'll see you back here on monday for let's rive or we are gonna talk about this upcoming game against the washington football team. I'll give you. My picks should be a lot of fun. Have a great weekend as i always finish it. Be specie e kind in. God bless those deal though. Yeah mcshane burden on.

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