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This is mornings with kale and northern colorado's voice. Thirteen ten kfi k. Well vice president come alive. Cara harris not necessarily homeless. Let's just say she's in a bit of a state of flux six. Oh seven now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail auto collision specialist duty as. Yeah i mean you know. They're not leaving the light on for her. I mean it's not like a motel six kind of deal. But you need to remember that president joe biden and first lady joe biden. Well they were pretty quickly able to settle in at the white house on inauguration day unfortunately not the case for vice president harris and her husband. Doug emhoff's well. They're still staying in temporary housing at the historic blair house while the vice president's residence is undergoing renovations yep there they are at blair house. Now this is the official residence of white house. Guests located across from sixteen hundred. Pennsylvania avenue apparently an administration official told. Cnn unclear why the renovations were taking longer than expected. But several people told the network that a vp harris was becoming increasingly uneasy with the situation. What are they doing a complete remodel or they rejoined the entire kitchen. who knows. She's getting frustrated. This according to another official of a relative to harass this situation of seemingly living out of suitcases more than two months after naga ration- day the epistle also said that harrison desire to move into the residents have become more pronounced with each passing day. You think well the digs at. The blair house aren't all that shabby but number one observatory circle. This is where harris and em off. Well after all of the renovation and the remodeling done that's where they will eventually live. Well it's pretty ritzy. It's a stately queen. Anne style mansion that dates back to eighteen ninety three. It's located on the grounds of the us naval observatory. In northwest washington biden administration is not indicated the reason for the delay and well harris remaining rather tight lipped about the entire scenario not responding to cnn request for her. Take on the matter now. According to cnn the one hundred and twenty eight year old residence has required well pretty comprehensive foundational work over the past few years this along with a myriad of other repairs and updates including a three point eight million dollar contract for plumbing heating and air conditioning contractors. That's still in progress this according to an official. Us government spending report cnn report indicated that the existing contracts didn't indicate why harris am hav had been able to move into the residence up but they do have visiting privileges. Apparently the network reporting that harris indeed had been seen at the residence most recently for an hour. Long visit Several weeks ago. Maybe she was in negotiation with the contractors. Who knows moving. It's always such a pain now. Isn't it particularly for vice president. Kamala harris six eleven now thirteen ten. Kfi gay thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail The auto collect auto collision specialists studios and speaking of moving. Well we've been following the foibles. The trials the tribulations of that massive containership thirteen hundred feet. Long two hundred thousand tonnes in the suez canal. Kind of a caddie watkiss. Yeah still stock but the good news is they're actually making progress. Yes it was partially pride free and the suez canal this ever given containership giving rise to hopes that a crucial lane of global train trade consume reopen. Because you have to remember The suez canal is responsible well. Opinions estimates vary for anywhere between twelve and thirteen percent of global trade. And i'll tell you what this ship being stuck for such a length of time. And you've got all the other container ships stacking up the bitter lakes outside of the suez canal penny four hundred million dollars an hour. And if you do the math that's about nine and a half billion dollars a day. What you might not have known. Is that human error could have played into the reason why mother nature didn't help things out any there was one of those massive forty not wind dust. Storms there but apparently human error also played into the equation. But what you might not have known. I didn't know this. Until i spoke with someone who knows a little something something about the suez canal yesterday. Apparently you've got animals stranded on twenty livestock ships. That are caught up not in the suez canal but in this Relative related suez canal traffic jam outside of the canal itself. Well let's just say that livestock has a life span and things aren't going too well for a lot of that livestock over the lawsuits that are going to fly but again suez canal not exactly what i would call your garden. Variety vacation spot right. I reached out to someone knows a little something something about the suez canal because not many of us have seen the suez canal let alone transit. It a melon of johnstown town council has as a naval officer aboard the uss missouri. For it's a round the world tour in nineteen eighty six while he served on that ship and actually not only crossed the suez canal but the panama. Now as well now case that Ship named sounds rather familiar. Well it's for good reason. The battleship is best remembered as the site of the surrender of the empire of japan which ended world war two. So tell you why troy. Thanks going to give us an executive briefing a virtual tour of sorts of the suez canal. Talk about the ongoing challenges of freeing this massive containership and though it's been dislodged at last report. They've got about a football field length to to go to get this boat afloat again. It's still stuck. We'll talk with troy mellon when he joins us this morning at eight thirty five six thirteen now thirteen ten. Kfi a thirteen ten kfi k. A. dot com this time. Check sponsored by the candlelight dinner playhouse in johnstown bring you the unforgettable musical little women's getting underway april eighth through june. sixth day. What all you have to do is jump online. Visit colorado candlelight dot com for tickets and show information. Candlelight dinner playhouse broadway in your backyard here mornings with gail weekdays. Six to nine in northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. Miss any portion of mornings with gail go to thirteen ten. Kfi am dot com to download the podcast today back to others. What are you gonna do about three particularly when they're stuck six twenty two now. Thirteen ten aka thirteen ten k. A. dot com hope springs. Well on a number of levels but particularly when it comes to the plight of that ever given a containership they moved it. They thought it to move. They've been pushing and pulling and dredging they brought in tugboats but still has a way to go until it's floating once again. Meanwhile you've got or oil prices falling after the ever given was indeed partially pride free in the suez canal this is giving rise to hope that crucial lane of global trade can soon reopen futures. Brent crude this is the global benchmark. Were last down boy from a piece this morning at about dark. Thirty two percent to sixty three twenty eight a barrel while west texas intermediate futures. This is the. Us benchmark fell two percent to fifty-nine seventy seven. We'll get an update from keith. Wineman presidential wealth management when he joins us this morning. Right around seven thirty five but the suez canal authority said ship. Blocking the suez canal had been mostly mostly dislodged and that authorities plan to fully refloated. Today it's over two hundred thousand tonnes. It's been stuck at well quite a pretty penny for nearly a week. So authorities are now trying to keep the freed stern of the ship away from the bank as now they work on pulling the bow out not the bom aram earlier. The canal authority had said in a statement that salvage crews were attempting to refloat the boat with ten tugboats being used to pull it from both the front and the back to try and extirpate it of course suez canal. One of the world's most vital trade arteries analysts warn last week that's blockage threatened to cause oil to become more expensive for all of us do to hire tanker rates now the ever given again that massive containership that is in the process of being set straight. It's almost as long as the empire. State building is tall again. It ground in the suez canal on march twenty third massive effort and check out some of the memes relative to the ever given their absolutely hysterical. There was one. I just saw the other day. I'm gonna try and pop it up on my facebook page but it was an aerial view of This ship sitting catty in the suez canal. And somebody had superimpose. Will i over the top of the photograph. They superimposed the words. Has anyone thought of this. And then they superimposed two giant cans of wd forty. It's not funny but sometimes you have to laugh so you don't cry right so massive effort to salvage. The ship is focused on dredging sand from below both the bow and stern of the ship before pooling ship with tugboats apparently there was some concern to Not because of the shifting wait just because of the weight Being different given the fact that it had run aground and was offered in on either side of the suez canal there was some concern that once. They got this thing floating once again that it might actually capsize. But you know engineers boy. They're running all of the paradise and all the numbers to ensure that that doesn't happen six twenty six now thirteen ten. Kfi may thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice speaking of boats and hope springing attornal. Yes some of the boat ramps at horse. Tooth reservoir and carter lake will reopen this thursday april. I can you believe talking about april squirting to a piece out of the loveland that reporter herald you had mark poplin. Or it's toots reservoir district managers saying. Please vote with caution during late. Winter and early spring conditions but with caution always i think would be the more important way to put it particularly seeing the amount of boats up at horse tooth. I think it behooves us particularly. If you're boater. You know what i'm talking about to be safe not only during late winter and early spring but indeed throughout the boating season but when it comes to those late winter and early spring conditions. Mr kaplan says pay special to ice and debris on the water and make sure your wessel has been properly winterized and is in good running condition. Whatever you do. Don't forget to put in the plugs now. New aquatic nuisance species shelters will be installed this spring at both at both horse tooth. Reservoir carter lake for more efficiency and checking boats for these Annoying pass destructive as well. Construction of the shelters will require a temporary boat ramp closures in april on advance. Notification of closure will indeed be posted via social media and the Website as well worse to three thousand four hour. The south bay ramp will be open from seven eight. Seven p daily during april and six eight to ten. Pm daily in may the inlet bay ramp will not repeat will not open in april but it will be open from six eight ten p daily in maim while the san tanka ramp will not open in april but it will also open six to ten Friday saturday sunday from may first to may sixteen th and daily for the remainder of may spring is in the air to break out the boats. Just don't get them stuck whenever you six twenty nine now. Thirteen of a thirteen ten k. f. a. dot com on a more somber notice. We continue to both remember and mourn. The lives lost does ten people whose lives were cut so brutally short By this rampage by that twenty one year old suspected gunman just a week ago. This table mesa king supers location in boulder. We continue. remember them a columbine survivor wants them to know. They're not alone. Her powerfully moving advice up closing in on six thirty now. Thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi k. What's happening in your own backyard. Listen to no co- now with tanner's swint a northern colorado's voice thirteen ten kfi as remember the lives of loss. Chand who perished at the king's super table mesa boulder location by the way officer. Eric tally who gave his life trying to stop. This gunman will be laid to rest tomorrow. It's important to remember the impact that this has on a variety of levels particularly for those who were there who witnessed the carnage and for those who are left behind as a result of the lives. Lost six thirty seven now. Three ten k. k. Thirteen ten k. f. k. a. dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail via the auto collision specialists studios. You know there was a piece that i pulled out of the hill by alex. Ganger tano talking about the fact that sadly this easing pandemic has We are able to at least approach. Whatever the new normal is going to be seemingly is marking a return to gun violence. Of course we. We're all morning the tragedy at the boulder colorado king supers but you also had eight people killed in shootings at Several spas in the atlantic area last week or the atlanta area. Excuse me covid. Nineteen pandemic kind of led to a reprieve of sorts for mass shootings with the number of sprees in public places at its lowest in ten years. But unfortunately we're starting to see an uptick in that as we just witnessed one week ago. Well a columbine survivor after surviving that mass shooting at columbine high school twenty one years ago crystal woodman miller. According to a piece by victoria daily on out of nine news she helped form the triumph over tragedy program for the onsite. Tom dacian in january. Twenty twenty this program is a healing retreat for survivors of mass shootings and currently septic accepting applications for its august. Twenty twenty one retreat at no cost to anyone that was in any way impacted by this horrific of that crystal woodman miller knows firsthand that the healing from this kind of trauma it takes time. She said if there was a manual that existed on how to walk through trauma how we walk through suffering. It really wouldn't apply because each and every one of us deals with sub suffering in a unique way we all process it differently. She wrote just an incredibly compelling ladder that i wanted to share with you this morning. Here's what she said dear fellow survivor twenty two years ago when i survived the shootings at columbine high school there were very few words or sentiments that could bring comfort or solace. That is still true. Today words falls significantly short. We feel small feel trite however she wrote. I feel compelled to at least try to convey some of the comfort. I wish was shared with me some twenty two years ago when columbine happened people would often ask why i shared my story. She writes. I would express how desperate i was to prevent mass shootings. Because i never wanted another person to experience the pain and suffering my friends my classmates my community. Yeah i myself did on april twentieth. Nineteen ninety nine am deeply. Sorry she said that. I have failed you that we failed you. I'm so sorry tragedies like yours have become so commonplace. I wish i could erase the grief and sorrow that. Have now become part of your story. This is not the way it is supposed to be. I want you to know that you are not alone. This is in a letter from crystal woodman miller survivor of the columbine massacre april twentieth nineteen thousand nine hundred ninety nine. You are now a part of a club. She says that you never asked or wished to be a part of in this club. You are known you are seeing you are heard and you are valued. Your story matters greatly in this club. You are accepted and you belong. You are safe safe to be you in this club. You have permission and space to feel and process your individual emotions. We're not uncomfortable or scared by the intensity of those feelings because we as mass shooting survivors. We have felt them to. In fact your thoughts feelings and emotions are completely normal. They don't make you strange broken or weird in this club. You get to heal a pace. That feels safe and healthy for you. There are no expectations to move faster slower and your healing journey. Let your process take as long as it needs yet in. This club will also support and encourage you to utilize the tools and resources at disposal to face navigate and move through your trauma to find healing strength and yes purpose on the other side because you will find. You are not just a survivor. You aren't over comer in this club. Hope can become your reality. Hope she writes you see is a choice one day whether you believe it now or not one day. You will have the opportunity to make that choice. You may be numb with shock in the chaos of this moment. I know that through though the immediate dangerous past you know no longer feel safe. You're innocent sin. Security has been stolen what what's like she says to continually replayed the event over and over and over again in your head. I know the inability to shake the sights and the sounds. I know the crippling guilt and shame the unanswerable questions of why and the second guessing of your response. I know the nightmares that haunt your sleep. I know the loneliness you feel even in a room full of people. I know what it like what it feels like to be used and abused by the media. I know how overwhelming it is to experience every emotion and yet somehow feel absolutely nothing at all. I know the tears wanted shed yet. They run dry. I know the disbelief and confusion of staring at an ever growing makeshift memorial. I know the grief that makes your soul aac another way to fear. I know the anger. I know you feel as if this song bank crush you. At any moment. I know it feels impossible. Rights crystal crystal. Woodman miller again. Ah columbine survivor. But i promise she says this is not the end. Hope is patient. Hope will wait and hope will bear you up and carry you. Steadily forward hope is a lifeline. That can steady an anger. You against him. I know this she says. Because i chose hope and slowly. Miraculously things began to change in me. Fear was replaced with courage and zayed's with peace bitterness with forgiveness to spare with joy and negatively with gratitude but hopes. She says it's not found in a system or an institution it can't be bought sold or traded it's not in a government it's laws policies or even reform if anything we need heart reform for me right crystal hope found in a savior in the person of jesus christ for you hope maybe found elsewhere in anything then yourself and no matter where you find hope you must be willing to look for it. Hope begins with us. It ripples out into our homes are places of work on and indeed our communities hope grows and unfurled us when we open ourselves to the possibility to live again to see each and every moment each breath as a precious gift hope is extended when we stop fighting against one another and to begin instead to fight for one another when we remember that each person become in contact with has a unique story and is facing their own very personal battle. We offer grace love and honor says crystal wooden and miller. There's so much more. I want to say to you. But i will end here except to offer this for those asking. If it ever gets easier. I say it does not should not ever get easier to witness death and violence. We could not be desensitized to that instead. Let us channel are motions toward action for change and yes indeed toward hope. We are among those who have lived to see another day. We are warriors as survivors of hope refused to give refuse to give in and she signs it your friend. Your sister and hope and fellow survivor. Crystal woodman miller such powerful words. Such hope six forty eight out thirteen ten. Kfi k the whole sports story in northern colorado the state in the country tune into the whole show weekdays noon to two and thirteen ten kfi k. Spring is in the air and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi to watch Forty eight hours saturday night as it aired this program about the anals fuse case. Six fifty two now. Thirteen ten k thirteen ten. Kfi eight dot com northern colorado's voice mornings with gail the auto collision specialists studios. I was absolutely glued to it. Having not had the indepth knowledge of the case. I was curious as greeley mayor. John gates was interviewed in this show. I was curious to see what they got. Right in this Forty eight hours production and what they got wrong. So along. those lines Greeley mayor john gates an investigator on this very very sad tragic case Will join us this morning. Right round does seven. Oh five but yeah. You had correspondent. Richard schlesinger interviewing journals family members and friends mayor john gates and Suspect stephen dana panky attorney anthony viewers and as reported by trevor in the trib panky who once ran for governor of idaho as. You're well aware is accused of taking twelve year olds to now from her greeley home on december twentieth nineteen eighty-four and killing her with a single gunshot wound to the head. She was missing until july of twenty. Nineteen this when crews constructing a pipeline found. Her remains in rural weld county. Southeast of greeley now panky was arrested in october. This was after he was indicted by the wild county grand jury. He pled not guilty in february and has a motions hearing at nine. Am may twenty eighth in weld district court to know. Mom's gloria matthews said and it was it was just heartbreaking to watch everywhere we went i was always looking for. I always had hope that i would find her. In my dreams. She always came home. You know she always came home. Now as you're aware panky has made repeated statements over the years including in court filings even in his divorce filing that implicated him as a suspect. This according to the indictment the says attorney the said pinky simply craves attention. Viorst's his attorney who was It was quite interesting watching how he was responding to some very very good questions as he tapped danced away. But he's a defense attorney so That's kind of a what they do but he said mr panky wanted to be a person of interest. Mr pinky could've laid blow. Nobody would have charged him. Mr pinky loves the limelight limelight. Now in this forty eight hour. Special on saturday night. He went on to say that nothing that pinky has client said implicates him in the murder while for his part mayor john gates disagrees calling it a bucket of bazaar. We'll talk with a greeley mayor. John gates when he joins us this morning. Right around does seven. Oh five Sixty four year. Old man has been arrested in weld county's woman's murder From way back in nineteen seventy nine k. Days death was the second oldest cold case in the county. James herman die. Sixty four of wichita. Kansas faces a charge of first degree murder in the case he was arrested this week after authorities said they learned his. Dna was connected to the case. The twenty nine year old day and evans resident went missing in november. Nineteen seventy nine this after working a night shift at aims community college in greeley. Her co workers found her dead in the car. Her car the next day case went cold but it was reopened in may of twenty twenty. Dna evidence led investigators to die. Who was a student at aims community college when day worked there. Great police work six fifty seven out thirteen ten. Kfi k. the power trip. Weekdays at eleven and thirteen ten k of k spring is in the air and that means high school baseball will decorate preps radio on thirteen ten. Kfi k six hundred eighty nine hundred thirteen ten k. Abc thirteen thousand. Nine k dot com. Say with us agree mayor john gates on his appearance on forty eight hours in the gym now matthews a case when he joins us this morning at seven. Oh five thirteen ten. Kfi gay greeley loveland. Longmont it's seven o'clock.

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