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If trying to figure out the future of your business is keeping you up at night. Are you seeing it come back at all? At least you have company what do you make of the most recent virus headlines? How should Labor respond hyping to get political pressure experts, information breaking news all day all night everywhere do you expect the euro to continue to strengthen why even have this hearing Bloomberg Radio? The Bloomberg Business Happened Bloombergradio Dot Com Bloomberg the world is listening. Financial Capital of the world twenty, four hours a day at Bloomberg Dot Com on the Bloomberg, business APP, and Bloomberg quick take. This is Bloomberg radio. Bloomberg Markets Glenn and Paul Sweetie view the volatility in the marketplace here downturn for American workers in history across the board across industries trying to show up their balance sheets, very disturbing dynamics at work breaking market news and insight from Bloomberg experts equally to look the speed up vaccine development of all the dislocations, there's always relative value trades you could be doing this. Perception of shape profession certainly I think that is really freaking everyone. Bloomberg markets with funding Glenn and holes we on Bloomberg radio coming up this hour we're going to chat with Vince Sick Norell. He's global macro strategies for Bloomberg thoughts on the markets and particularly the US dollar, which is shown some weakness over the past several weeks plus Steve Silver President Coo of. Dale Foods, we're going to discuss the grocery business and how the pandemic is impacting that business. But first, let's go to Greg Jarrett we get Bloomberg Business Flash Greg what happened stocks you're up all but treasuries are sustained.

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