Episode 55 -- Bobby Hillin Part 1


Hello my name is rik huston and welcome to the same bob podcast your source for all things nascar history. You don't work. You're not going to have his opportunities. I'm not gonna give you up to these other. People are not going to give you these opportunities struggle the next ten years with injuries that i would like to talk about. I wrote a number down over and i gave it to him a scratch at number out another number. Alex number are shing. Hannah said you gotta deal and that was it other sponsorship from or anything else. I was totally out on my own day nascar and all of us associated in any way with nasqad aw forget it's passed. They don't have any hello. I'm steve wade and i am recused and steve. Did you get the email that i got got this morning. Hi yes i did. What did it say. It said the papers have been printed grand. National scene is at arlington well. Actually they're daytona right now because they were printed in daytona so road trip and you know stay. That was an awesome pace in news and i think it's beginning to thinking that this is actually reality. It's one thing to look at it on the computer screened but then to actually consider that somewhere in daytona. There's a warehouse and there's a palette of grand national say newspaper sitting there as right right. I'm telling you man. It wouldn't be out of the realm of possibility for you wanna. I'm gonna call janey here in a couple of hours and say i'm going to be late getting home tonight and steve. We talked last week about the crazy week that i'd had with travel but then this past week i was kinda glad to get past number. One my best friend joey step in his mom's sandy who were guest hosts on the podcast several weeks ago. Oh sandys daughter joey step sister. Jennifer had some pretty significant surgery in nashville on monday and so i made the trip right you know because that's what family does. The surgery turned out great yeah. Everything's great so those prayers were answered but friday not if friday night did not take a a year off my life. I will be very thankful that i think i know why as some of the listeners may know my son is a batboy for the winston salem dash and are typically take him to the ballgames and then go back home and then wait a few hours to go pick him up after the ball game friday night at about i don't it was probably eight thirty or so i turned on the broadcast on the internet of the ball game and basically the first words out of the announcers mouth were are we have been under a lengthy delay because of a very serious medical condition involving one of our bat boys are now that had to be frightening and steve steve. I can't even describe what that moment was like and i told janey what i had heard and from that moment until the time that we were in the car was maybe two minutes. Several of her friends had posted on facebook that they were at the game and we started trying to get in touch with them and it was maybe six or seven minute seven or eight minutes until we found out that it was not actually adam. I had to be longer six or seven minutes. Say it seemed like about thirty yeah. It seemed like an hour or so and then you know we get on for twenty one to go to winston. Salem and jenny opera say to get. Let's see what's the best way to say this. We proceeded to get in a knockdown drag out. I mean hours only doing ninety. Miles is an hour steve thought you originally. I was only doing ninety miles an hour but my son was in trouble and i needed to get and and johnny decided that we didn't need to get another speeding ticket and <hes> but anyway we got to the ball game and adam was okay and other young man <hes> his fellow bat boy had been working the visitors dugout and he had i guess become dehydrated and passed out. It was pretty scary gary dale. I can just imagine but i'm glad adam was well. During all this absolutely none of this has anything to do with nascar history true true but it was a big week and i'm very thankful that my son was okay. I'm very thankful that the other bat boy was okay. I'm fine. I four jennifer was okay and stay thankful that dale earnhardt jr. can addison absolutely really was a frightening situation steve in this this episode we're going to talk to bobby hill and junior <hes> and to know bobby hill in junior is delight bobby hill engine episode because how's he is a good guy absolutely first time i ever saw them and i'll tell the story but later on when he was seventeen years old and and he was one of the most mature teenager yeah i've ever met and throughout his career and his business life and his personal life matt point on he's proven at that maturity was a natural for him and stephen our second segment. We're going to take a look at the winston cup saying coming out of the spring darlington race in nineteen ninety-three and steve there. Is i quote in that paper from alan quickey that. I don't think that i will ever forget. I know which one you're talking about yeah so we will talk about that. In our the second segment this week we have increased patriot support from eddie muller people are starting to ask how they can get their hands on a copy of this grand national sane and here's how they can do it support the podcast for five dollars a month or more patriotic and you will be receiving zaven one of these newspapers as long as our supply holds out right and also five dollars a month will get you one classic issue of western cup saying one of the original issues ten dollars a month will get you to issues in addition to this darlington commemorative issue of grand national saying now how how can i make the deal better than that. I don't know i don't think i can possibly make the deal any sweeter than that folks as i used to say on the radio don't miss this one patriots dot com slash podcast that's p._a._t. R. e. o. n. Dot com slash the scene podcast or if you would rather just do a one time show us support the address there is pay pal dot me slash the saints <unk> podcast help us out because that support helped us get to the point where we could produce this grand national saying member of issue absolutely eh also it helps us do this podcast every week. It helps us down and we like to feel that when you support the podcast outcast you're part of the podcast well bobby you grew up around your dad sprint car and and detained you began racing stock cars. Luckily there in texas at age thirteen. How how did you wind up going down the stockcar path as opposed to open wheels well. I always thought i was going to get into open wheel racing but <hes> buddy baker was visiting indianapolis and he was friends with al ansar he was driving my dad's any cards time and they started talking and dag was there buddy was telling <hes> <hes> those guys about his dad's driving school baker driving or buck baker driving school and so my father semi bug baker drug schools results of that conversation and that's where i'm at harry hi okay harry said you know hey i can build bobby junior car and blah blah blah and so does what started me racing those first five races racism after that i just i love love stock car racing. That's what i wanna. Do you wind up moving to charlotte at age of seventeen and you finished high school by correspondence first of all. Were you stay in with anybody or were you on your own house on my own time. I removed here. I moved into an apartment and <hes> just just own and that was really no big deal because author has let me live in indianapolis at his apartment one summer while follow on one of his indycar team <hes>. I lived there during the summer. I was fourteen so i i was used to doing that kind of stuff high school football. The ball in texas is absolutely king and you had been an all district linebacker in moscow. How hard was the decision to give of that up in favor of moving north carolina house van dyke on wikipedia so it has to be true yeah but <hes> you know i wasn't sure about football. Initially i mean i'm talking eighth ninth grade and my father just said look as much as you like racing zing sobol. You're gonna do so part of life. It's part of lies lessons. It's grown up. You're gonna play so balling. I'll twenty fell in love with sobol also <hes> but <hes> the truth is i was. I was a really big enough to play for a big school or do anything really big timing football and so you know by the time i was you know in junior senior in high school. I realized that that was going to happen in terms of size so totally focused on just having a great in junior senior era so ball and then and then moving onto racing and and go on from there that you were living on your own in north carolina so you had to be self motivated you had had to be disciplined to do the things that you're doing so was the process like of juggling your schoolwork with trying to get up to speed in nascar. How was that process. I had a i had kind of a routine back. Then in a we it wasn't through computers and internet it was it was literally. I've gone to texas tech tech. They set me up with all the classwork and the books and the lessons. It's just a matter of waking up every morning and just doing my work and so i just i uh knew that really before. I left the house you know i couldn't. I couldn't really do anything so. I had to get that work done every day. So i just focus on that. The first thing you know proudly for proudly work from in the morning until around noontime in our leave the house and start everything racial related and at that at that time we were still i still had cars harry hi shopping. Can you know get sponsorship and so it was just it was just <hes> kinda just assist that that i had in it. Were it works out pretty well. Aw what was it like working with. Harry had we've had several other people on the show that had worked with him and i believe the harry hod was just about as old school who as old school gets the i working william two different times to develop brothers when i was there later but <hes> you know it it was it was two two two different times or different from the standpoint of when when i was younger and were within the first time and by ottawa young both times i was literally to soak in everything i thought he was the coolest coolest guy in the world and he he was so oh smart and he has such a way about in that <hes> it it just came naturally he he he had a way of getting people to see things his way and and he was a really a great salesman on top of a really smart smart car guy and he he was so far ahead of time from car standpoint and people they didn't wanna most people garage i think are intimidated by because they just didn't want success some of his ways but <hes> he he really may really new star staw said and cars drove really really well <hes> unfortunately the second time that joe foreign <unk> or you know worked with is a little different because he was he was skin older and their resistance signs of of him <hes> not he was really pretty old. I mean crew cheese. Today's hurt us and <hes> <hes> and so he's a little different and also right when radio tires came in as so he was struggling with with getting hold of radio tires and wasn't really willing to make much change change goodyear was trying to teach all teams about the things that we need to change our cars to get the radio towers to work and and hurry was he was a little hard headed with that and so we created our problems twenty two of us openly good but the you know from the perspective of overall arabs a great it was great just piece of history a start out with him and working with having you know looking back. I love to be guessing and you know just feel fortunate to work with him now. Tell me about your high school graduation. I i believe it took place the same weekend as the nineteen eighty three world six hundred at charlotte. I know that you had to fly back and forth to texas a couple of times. Well really really only one time. What i did is i was. I was in north carolina and <hes> i had already flown back to lubbock because that's where to go take muscle exams of about a month earlier and <hes> and so when race we can come around. You'll back then. If you remember the qualifying session on wednesday the it calls on thursday because sessional friday and i think i qualified on wednesday in the first round and didn't make the first round but stood on my time and he goes to be around long time really understand what that means but the loans to reassure once i qualified on wednesday us lose out on. I can't remember my calls i don't serve but i flew out and was there in maryland for graduation friday <hes> and was able to slide home sometime sometime on saturday and to be able to make the race on sunday so we do much practicing we practice before qualify and i can't remember i get to practice any on saturday. I don't think it did and just got back on saturday and <hes> goes back and everything was just commercial flew commercial and was able to start the race and i sink i started like forty s or not forty somewhere in the back and <hes> and ended up finishing eleven so it's pretty fun day and priests resod weekend and you know just altogether so i think that weekend just really cemented my drive and desire to to to wanna make it in nascar bobby. I have to ask your young at the time and you're flying back and forth to taxes to graduate high school. You're living the good life as a winston cup driver. How how did you keep your head on straight and not get into trouble or you know. I think it's mainly my solloway. Raise me you know i was fortunate to <hes> you know to to have that opportunity and and <hes> you know my dad's always kept me grounded and you know and i look back preschools but i didn't act spoiled and i would and he training out to act that way not to be there. He trained me that you know you got to work hard and if you don't work hard you're not going to have these opportunities. I'm not going to give us. Opportunities and other people are not going to give you these. He's opportunity so skilled me a a really strong work ethic and i. I saw like i were charred myself and i always wanted to make him proud of me and and you know the work that i want to put into it. He'll sort generally for me around right around that time was when my father father my grandfather basically went bankrupt and there was no more money coming from either one of those guys to get started and really from at that time on an even before the graduation. I think it's it started that season. I had to go get my whole sponsorship and as i if i'm not mistaken i had a sponsor answer on that core that we can i had around ourselves because again my dad and my grad kind of helped me at first year and then in and that was it i service a sponsorship from family or anything else. I was totally totally out. You know getting on. I think it's interesting that you say that because there was a perception that bob dylan the wind was this rich kid from texas oil money and i'll be honest with the i did not know that about your family that year the the only races i raised her win win or when i would go out myself round in and around charlotte and what gives sponsorship and i called the guys we go back on the car and and get ready to to go to another racin jason and when <hes> when i'm at the stroller brothers they were a sponsor they agreed to sponsor me for pocono and bill steve all the said said to me after the race well how much of the person i get the i ready. Do i get. I said well you don't you don't get any us at the owner. Drivers split that and in this particular case. I'm the owner owner driver word. If i want to be the owner i said i wrote a number down on a piece of paper and i gave it to him. A scratch at number out another number gave to may alex number are reached shing. Hannah said you gotta deal. Okay my car. Bobby today getting started in the higher ranks of nascar at such young age. You are what eighteen not pain about that time that we're talking today. That really is a neat thing out of the norm but back then you were racing against established established mandarins who were in their thirties at least so how were you accepted by the old guard back then in the beginning not not not that great and then i think they accepted me pretty good but you know obviously so many mistakes i look back and because it wasn't normal you know. I really needed to have a certain that i don't. I don't really know how to describe it but it was much much tougher outside one talladega and part of it was you know bringing stuff on my own and part of it was just the natural now once i want. It was like okay they work. We're not going to help this kid anymore and so he's a little bit <hes> kinda tough part about it. Now you talked about joining bill and mickey east avala and in nineteen eighty-five bobby allison ran the season finale for this delays and then joined the team full time as your team may in nineteen eighty six he had left daugaard midway through nineteen eighty five because he wasn't exactly a fan of two car teams. How did things work out that he became tame mate at this develop brothers well. I think there's a lot of stuff behind the scenes that i really didn't know about <hes>. I don't think copy hobby wanted to cartoons either gonna be and and that was a struggle for us and <hes> but you know it was is what it was and and we got through it and you know what probably win the best scenario for me a long-term it was really good for short term because it helped put us on the map <hes> the best scenario for me long term in nineteen eighty-six though you start off the season by finishing fourth in the daytona five hundred you take a sixth place finish the next rights at richmond a few weeks later you put together three straight top tens at martinsville talladega and over what did that do for your confidence at at the time or at that point. My confidence is probably at an all time high. I'm just let things are coming together and and you know we were just moving in the right correction and and it's just a great as a great time and at that point i just knew it was a great feeling you go to talladega second talladega that year and you wound up leading with twenty laps to go and at the end the last few laps. You've got a mirror full of bobby allison and then tim richmond right behind him. What were you thinking at that point. Don't let them slingshot balmy yeah for sure now going into turn one on the last lap. There's a big rig behind you. Did you see it no. I didn't see it i didn't. I didn't say that i didn't really i barely realize that accident happened until i guess until you know after the checkered flag even then you had rusty wallace driving ricky rudd car and then tim richmond was right behind him they were kind of hooked up in second and third right behind you and you mentioned the slingshot and that was at a time when the slingshot was all but a done deal. I made if you're leading race last couple laps. You're pretty much a sitting duck. What do you remember about coming through the trial and taking the checkered flag. I just you know just i remember coming off a sore thanking okay. I've gotta work this. I've gotta work this this. You know i got navigates straightway internist dogleg just perfectly because of i don't you know they're gonna pull the draft and they're gonna give beside me and you know back then the locking was very very much <hes> frowned upon and you got you got <hes> you know you gotta look at really bad way and and everybody in the garage orie would talk poorly of you and you need. You should use to do that back. Then and today is commonplace but so so you you know you could you could move around to keep cars from pulling up beside you because the car pulled up beside you you really couldn't block them at that point and so <hes> you know my my whole thing's things just get making the right moves while they were still behind me so that they never could pull up serving now also believe that tim richmond kinda tried to get around rusty. Did that help you who knows i can't remember that part of you know it just <hes> just all the big thing. I remember about racing in that in that timeframe at daytona. Talladega was the fact that you know there is a big every driver wondered okay. Do i want to be leading on the last hour. I wanna be segr- sir you know <hes> that was kind of big and because it was really depending on circumstances you could all obviously if you're leading you've already got the lead so it's just a fan and then <hes> and then after that it's well okay but if your second or third you can sern had to take advantage of the draft and try to sling shot by you can have a better chance so i just remember that was the question of the day right around that time. Bobby mentioned it just a second ago but you had just turned twenty two years old a month or so before that and dan. I'm always kind of gotten the impression that you considered that race as maybe a turning point in your career and maybe not for the better us you know it was causing a lot of ways at that point. I quit learning as much as i did partly because i was probably pretty cocky partly because like i mentioned earlier the other drivers really didn't want help me at that point anymore. The one that really the bigger things that i think was just a bad situation that i was too young. The handle was the fact that it's a still others. You know our team just all the sub decided they restore building our own kassy's and for the next in two years the cars run drivable. I mean they were allowed us. Rival and you know bobby also actually came a and tested he test. We were testing together at daytona. He got in my car and he leary said. Let me let the hair on on my head. It was so spooky those were his words after my car and so i just went for two solid years with a car that was designed by our own team. Leave it at that time. Nobody was really designing their own. Chelsea's user ran a hutcherson pagan or a banjo or lawford chassis. If you didn't run one of those chelsea's you you were out to lunch and <hes> we were. We were one of the first to start designer on chas. He's in it like i say literally for two years. The car was drivable title and i was out on restaurant struggling <hes> and <hes> and then in nineteen and in nineteen ninety was when our nineteen nineteen ninety was the year the harry hi came back in in that year <hes> we ran actually we really ran even though we were struggling with radial satires hurry in iran much better than i have been around the last two years because the cars are driving really really well <hes> but that's also year that i hit the wall aw charlotte really really hard and i you know this is probably the single biggest thing i'll say about everything backgammon concussions and broken. You can show and all that stuff in you. Don't you didn't hear that much about having a sector driver but i can look back now and thank you know i had some i to my worse <music> actions at nine hundred ninety and my neck was never the same and that really probably hurt me as much as anything. I struggled the next ten years just with with you know injuries injuries that i didn't want to talk about assoc just a struggle for me at that point you know although i still had some good chances to win races and do some good things but it was just nervous same after that bobby. Was it a situation where maybe you were being used as a test team for bobby's operation or was it a situation where you you were maybe too young to maybe have a say so and say hey. We need to do something else here. As far as the chassis goes it wasn't it wasn't i was being used as a testing testing for bobby's team at all. The teams are totally separated. It was interesting about that time. I had some familiarity with the way some of the two car indycar teams operate bruma guys operation and even formula lawn because he had a relationship of some of the solvent along guys and you know i was a real proponent of heaven teams act as one team with two different drivers where you really is more like what hendrick does today and <hes> and so we weren't that way with several teams i still ah couldn't say it was because i was like testing for the teens operated totally separate <hes> it was more just you know <hes> our guys trying to do their own all saying and i was just i really have a say team bobby in the late nineteen as around nineteen eighty eight eighty nine. You wound up doing a series program. I believe with ted kander as a team owner at a time when the cup program. Maybe wasn't going the way that you liked you wound up winning a couple of races at dover her and at nazareth i believe how much did that play into your confidence in keeping you on track so to speak well it was a huge also also booster and an i can't say enough for the guys helping puts together. Ted connor mentioned ted was he's really the nucleus of that in and i'm at ted shortly after we started his two brothers and ted walked in our shop one day and we immediately become great friends at ted ultimately was like my father for in north carolina he was my second father and he he was really hustling brain sponsorships and the lawn of people don't know this but terrorists responsible for us <hes> having all pro auto parts is our sponsor and that was chuck rider and and you know a lot of people don't know this either but we want eighty six chuck one to be our primary sponsor autoparts well developed others stuck with miller beer and that prompted <hes> chuck routers start his own nascar teams so you know ted was responsible possible for bringing chuck rider into the sport in like you say later on when we were struggling savalas brothers <hes> ted had a relationship seelig sa- bodice and so ted introduced me to see looks and the three of us put together a team <hes> i appointing a couple of busch races with and so you know ted was a big part of add ted was a partner her people don't know this also today was a partner with felix about us and and and and really begin got three looks involved in nascar so he was a really gig supporter of mine and he's a big supporter of so parsons it allows for field parsons. He did a lot for a couple of the other bush drivers and he was really doc in those days was one of the main guys driving sponsorships and bringing sponsor to nascar a assoc- is good for for me and we had a great relationship and he's a great friend and he did allows the sport bobby wood did that do for your confident because house like you said the cut program wasn't going well for you but you get this opportunity in the bush series and you do well you want a couple of races was that maybe the key to say in. Maybe i can do this. Maybe things aren't so bad. After all it was it really was and you know like i say uh on cup level we were designing and building our own cars and then they were just undrivable and and so we had opportunities start the bush team it was great. I mean i mean sherry kenan and todd bodine and john also were the three main employs three those gossip gone on to great things things yeah and and and and we just we had an unbelievable core group of guys that worked will gather i mean they gave me cars over so sunday drive and we we were completed everywhere. We went on a you know. We won two races but we were competitive. Everywhere we ran gradings just a fun sun time on and it really did cause a lot of things to happen on the other side say hey wait a minute. We might not have driver. Probably we might have a car problem. Now that prompted you awesome change and again you know we ran really well on the cup series <hes> in a lot veteran eighty nine and ninety at we've gone through a struggle and some of that was result of these changes changes in the that the team made made because we were on so well bush side at darlington raceway tradition comes alive. Here's bill elliott out of turn number. Four herald kinder- has the checkered flag in hand elliott takes it and wins the winston million and the southern five hundred seventy years of racing the track too tough to tame aw come celebrate the nineties with us at darlington raceway on labor day weekend earnhardt will win his second southern five hundred six victory at darlington raceway in south carolina jeff gordon will win mark. Martin makes it four wins in a role to purchase tickets call eight six six four five nine race allegoric racist off turn number three and back to start finish to take the checkered flag or visit darlington raceway dot com the measure of career winning a stubborn five hundred they bring the family and relive the history rich but gets the jacker at tim richmond wins the southern five hundred south south carolina just right so steve bobby hillen is seventeen years old when he moved to charlotte to start his winston cup career. He's not even graduated high school so he's he's doing schoolwork at home getting that knocked out dingo onto the race shop and trying to put together some sponsorship for him to make the races and all that kind of thing leaving on his own at seventeen more than thirteen hundred miles from how did he not get himself in all kinds of trouble and you alluded to it in the intro that he was one of the most mature people for his age that you had ever met absolutely and that's probably the reason why he did not get into trouble because being mature individual. I think he realized that doing things that could possibly get him into trouble with not serve him well in his ambition to become. I'm a race driver. The reason i like to talk about bob at this stage of his life is because that's when i met him and here's how the set the scene grandma grand iran national scene used to be located in a converted country store in concord north carolina and more times than one in my first year is there people would just walk in dan and ask for nabs casey nine minutes older gentlemen a bib overalls. Everything came in and was looking for a pepsi well. I knew what did it because we did have a pepsi machine mine ahead nab and potatoes this pepsi machine so i took him to the pepsi machine and he put his money. God is pepsi and he was fine but you stood there for a while and watched everything the thing around them that what we were doing and i don't know they could figure out what we were doing. Buddy finally smiled and he left with his pepsi and hand now ways when i was trying to break into the sport. I thought that that place was like fort knox. I couldn't get past the secretary to front door and this guy and the bib overalls overall. You just brought him in when i was a different time. There's a few years secretary at the front door then okay okay okay so this was. This was a different building. The only bill okay now. Phil converted country store to it converted red cross office in downtown concord. Well figured you just i saw maple and up into the driveway and lock the doors fired senior driveway arcade nineteen country store and and the door opens yet again and in locks his kid that nobody has ever seen and this is hi. I'm bob halen. I felt like seeing what sir you're trespassing or something like that but before i could even a word ripening came harry hyde right by really did not true she you said what in the world is going on around here and i went up there and so what are you doing. He said i'm helping. This boy. Get started got. His father's got a team here. I'm i'm working for him and i figure he's got to be recognized. He has to know who to know in other words so i brought him here and he's just going to introduce himself well. He did and sure enough enough. We did a story on bobby junior coming from to begin the winston cup career. I think it's funny that you say that because i had basically the same experience with brian vickers dana landry was his p._r. Guy and i had known dina for years and years and years and he said that brian and his dad were going to be making a busch series started milwaukee and a few weeks and would it be possible for him to bring brian by the office to introduce me of course may be in me. I said well why don't we have lunch launch so we went and we had lunch and i just found brian to be incredibly mature for his. I know o'brien. I agree with you. A hundred percent now once bobby started racing. What was the prevailing sentiment around the garage about him at that time because that was at a time <hes> when young kids like that didn't get their starts so early yeah it was it was different and he was so young that i don't know how many fellow drivers in the garage are really took him seriously but then again you have to think that maybe they were kind of looking at him closely and make sure he you would do as well as he possibly could because let's be honest. Those guys were in that same position not so very long ago for many of them. Now many mccoy survey okay oh christ the veterans bobby in this interview was very honest about his father and grandfather basically going bankrupt about the time that he was starting his his winston cup career so bobby had to do a lot of those things on his own it'd go out and find his own sponsorship and he was doing this at a time when he was <music> seventeen eighteen years old so i think a few people if not a lot of people had this perception of bobby been this rich kid who had been handed everything. That's not the case. That wasn't the case. Bobby's father had an indycar team. Yeah and bobby followed that very closely and at age of thirteen he started driving and racing and he won the championship at edessa texas and entered the book baker drivers when he was sixteen so is not that he came came on board without any knowledge inexperienced whatsoever he did have a pocket full of it now love the story that he told about the strike and the deal with bills davila for tame ownership this head sponsored bobby at a race at pocono and expected to get part of the prize money and bobby. I had to explain you know. I'm the team-owner i keep the purse. Money bill said well how to become a team owner and evidently one thing led to another and bobby slid a a piece of paper across the table with a number on it and bill look that scratch that number out wrote another number pass it back to bobby and bobby says you gotta deal now and make peace. Davila weren't necessarily the good old boys from the deep south at all well at the time. They were considered richard outsiders because that's exactly what they were. When you talk about having winston cup teams they were from the outside but one or two those team owners. We're talking to me and they said you know you clinic. These guys are not gonna do bad even though they're not from here and there's one the reason why now is my understanding. They had a concrete business and i believe is in new jersey. I think so i could be wrong but it was up there somewhere but anyway they they had the concrete pillars and one team owner looked to being said that the reason i think they're gonna do very well is they. Don't know how much money the best way to make. A fortune in nascar is just start out with a big one. If you wanna make a million dollars started out we're too but i was told that they had the wherewithal to make something out of themselves in the sport and to be honest with the step bolas deanne dan do that to a certain degree they did become a super team by industry imagination but they were very competent team and i say that because a win bobby lined up with him in one thousand nine hundred eighty four through the years he had terrific crew chiefs jake elder harry hyde ron per year billie woodruff those guys who were all very complicated so when it came to having top notch quality help as far as pit bosses and leadership bobby has some good folks bobby had some folks but as he said in the interview maybe that was at a time when the devil all is we're starting to build their own chassis and that i don't think pleased bobby too well. I think he felt like he was kind of pushing the rope a little bit bobby hill and won won at talladega in nineteen eighty six and hey has never same to bank on that any you talked to some people about their first. I win maybe one of their few wins and they can recite every detail in depth. They remember what lap they put it on how many tires they took and all that that kind of thing and when i went down to spartanburg to pick up the newspapers from jamie bishop he as i mentioned was a big collector of racing memorabilia a billion and he had a uniform that looked exactly like the one that bobby hill in war when he wanted taliban <hes>. I looked at the issue of grand national saying that came out of that race that he won. I looked at the uniform and all the patches matched. I actually texted him from jamie. We shop and he didn't seem to be that excited about it. He really didn't you know. Jamie offered to make me a deal on it. Now is going to get it for bobby. Give it to bobby and to be honest with you. Though it was not the uniform was it was not the uniform because it had the miller script and then it had american american under that and we're zipped up the split was in a different place so it was not the uniform but it was certainly one that bobby had worn where but long story short. He didn't seem to be that excited about it and i think for bobby it turned out to be kind of a turning point in his career and not necessarily for the better well obviously when you win the race. I mean everybody happy for you but there is a certain certain feeling among the competitors that well you know we. We have looked after this guy to some point. We've helped into the more he can beat us now. Pal i think up to that point they might have treated bobby almost like a novelty you know because because he came into the sport as a high school senior seventeen years old and so nice kid good kid help him out of the box here and there but once he got up to speed won at talladega i think that dried up have very quickly and also is important to note that stuff. All the brothers also won and matt team received enough allegation and status. I think to make the other teams not helpful but wary to be honest with you. I think that there was maybe another issue that was there bobby allison had left dot guard the year before because he didn't like having a teammate and i don't know that bobby the allison bobby hill in junior necessarily enemies but i don't think that there was a close relationship there well. Let's be honest. Bobby hudson came came on more than nineteen eighty six. If we look back babe's record with us the bose kinda comes to the forefront oh yeah <hes> and then where bobby hilling does not now bobby's associated bobby allison's associated with sta bolos brings out out several historic moments and nascar not all of them very good whatsoever but still remembered first of all he won on the one thousand nine hundred eighty eight eight hundred five hundred wow that was something and no question that right there powered bobby allison into the spotlight spotlight but then in nineteen eighty seven there came back horrible wreck at talladega airborne catch fit that was definitely historic mark if bad moment for nascar for some changes required restrictor plates back on at talladega to slow the cars down so there's that that is then there's the nineteen ninety eight victory daytona five hundred good and bad bobby and this is take the headlines robbie hill annonced of all do not go to bat again. I'm not trying to say that everything that lives and bobby allison did together. We're terrific and headline making but headline making they were yes. It was always bobby allison one way or another taking the headlines for this travels and i think bobby hillen was kind of between a rock the hard place because as he mentioned in the interview this developers were building their own chassis that was at a time when not a lot of teams did that and i think that he may be felt like he didn't have a lot of say-so and i asked him specifically if he felt like he was. Maybe a test team for bobby allison statement. He said no it wasn't necessarily that it was just the hours young and i don't know that i had to say so and as good a guys bobby hill and is it was a tough spot for him to be. I don't think that there was any question that bobby hill and could drive a race car because he wanted talladega the cup rice and then he got a bush deal and bobby specifically mentioned that he wanted to include tag kander in this interview because of the impact that he made on bobby's career pad helped him. Maybe bring some sponsorship around and then started the bush series program. Oh graham forum that ran. I believe eighty nine and bobby actually won a couple races dover and he wanted nazar so i think at a time when his cup career was maybe not going as well as he would've liked that. Bush series deal was very important. Steve follow our fran bronchail on instagram and twitter at speedway screens and check out his inventory at speedway t s j dot oetzi dot com and steve this week he has come up with a miller american racing t shirt featuring uh-huh ah bobby hill and about that and bobby allison so you get two for the price of one that's right they were teammate at develop racing but them sponsored concert miller now in the interview bobby hill and talks about how that dynamic worked and maybe how that dynamic didn't work so check out that t shirt and many many many many more at speedway t s j dot dot com and follow bronchail on instagram mm-hmm and twitter at speedway screens so dale earnhardt. Has this really really really bad year in nineteen ninety two and finishes out of the top ten in points. He wins one race at charlotte. In may the six hundred and during the off season kirk shelter dean leaves andy patriot comes in and they win at darlington in the nineteen ninety-three trans south five hundred and so that was kind of a turnaround point for dale. I think so deals win at darlington isn't something i wanna go into too deep right now because any patriots actually going to be a guest on the show here in a couple weeks so that's something certainly that i want to talk to him about. So this issue issue. There are full page sidebars on mark martin who finished a close second today all and there's also a full page sidebar on dale jarrett who finished third and and rusty wallace ken schrader and terry labonte also have half page sidebars for were they finished but steve the next to last sidebar was on alan and quickey who had passed cow paid for six place with a couple of laps to go alan was the defendant winston cup champion of course we know that but he had crashed hard hard at atlanta in that dropped him to fourteenth in the point standings his six place finish at darlington brought him back to not them points one hundred seventy nine behind on earnhardt and that was very good for allan. Listen there was a reason why he would racing kyle petty so hard for six place and the reason was points and now effectively every point counts and five points is always good for me and good for anybody who can get him mm-hmm and you know why yeah we do al look how close yeah he won the championship at atlanta in ninety two. He won by ten points. Nightside points matters a lot. Sir allen was a strategist a master strategist any he knew exactly what he was doing at darlington and allen and said in this sidebar. My car went from one extreme to the other. I started out pushing like crazy. I got it adjusted pretty good and then about halfway through it got so loose couldn't hardly drive it. I don't know if the track changed where the sun came out and made that much difference now at the very end. He said you've got to be smart and run the best. You can with what you've got. Earnhardt loves this track and won the race and i congratulate him and steve the very last line of the sidebar says there will be another day one will be better now. Steve the issue date of this issue is april first nineteen ninety three and that was the date that <hes> allen losses life in a plane crash at the bristol airport near the airport. Yeah ah the first time that i've thumbed through that and i saw that quote there will be another day when we'll be better and that issue date that is such a strange confluence. I mean it just talking about it now. Just kind of gives me chills it kind of eerie to tell the truth and then as i was putting these notes together i get on social media. I don't want to overdramatize it but when people saw that about dell junior having a plane crash cash going into bristol. I triggered me a little bit. <hes> you know and i wasn't into sports full-time at that time and i didn't know allen that's away. Nascar history repeats itself that i maybe could have done without too yeah. I think you're one hundred percent right right there. Steve the long and short of it is obviously hiring hiring tired nascar communities very thankful that dale junior and his wife amy and their daughter alla are fine. The dog is fantastic and you know if there is one kind of lighthearted moment my cousin her husband actually live like two miles from from the airport where they crashed and they're both first responders and that was my first thought was the andy and sarah would be there and later that day i cinema cinema message and for whatever reason they had not responded but andy sent me a video and it was a video of the first responders kind of gathered around ndele junior and one of them asked dow junior his name and you can't hear what dell junior says the guy kind of looks at him goes. You know what you do look kinda. I like him. You know so if there's one lighthearted moment in all that that would maybe be it but again man. I'm so thankful pull that they are okay because in nascar right now they don't get any better person than dell junior. Everyone and i mean everyone is so grateful and i'm glad that it turned out the way it did. It could have been tragically so much. Worse and steve is crazy. All that might be on saturday that weekend in nineteen ninety-three darlington hosted its first iraq race and who won that iraq race davey allison and guess who he passed to win that race alan quickey here we go and stave. That was the last race that davey allison everyone now. I'll say this he might have done some short track. Appearances parents isn't he might have won some of those between the iraq race and his tragic accident at talladega but this was the last major race the he ever won. Well davey won the race and to win that race. He passed allan allan out. Who did we lose in nineteen ninety-three. Doth both exactly this issue is very very powerful and it's powerful because of the issue date april first nineteen ninety-three and it's powerful because of this line in this sidebar and because it covers davey allison's last win hello i'm buddy parrott and you're listening to the scene vault vault podcast steve. I am so sorry that we didn't mention this last week but bill niven died on august eighth and bill was a photographer who had shot for grand national saint quite a bit in the early days as in the grand national same days and stave. Hey actually captured the image of david pearson. That's on the cover of our commemorative issue great shot. It's an awesome shot. Brian hallman who was a longtime photographer for saying he oversees an archive of our or from several different photographers and when somebody needs a particular shot because he works with several different people hey can dig into his archives and just pull it out very easily and brian was going to surprise crosby with a hard copy of this paper <hes> so bill. Here's the deal. I'm proud of your work and i'm proud that your shot dot is on the cover of this issue of grand national say because it is a beautiful shot and bill maynes. Your work will go on. Yes sir sir yeah.

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