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Live from NPR news. I'm Lakshmi saying major developments on Capitol Hill this hour. The trump administration is seeking to discredit one of the nation's top immunologists as he testifies before. Congress about the government's response to the corona virus pandemic. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports. Dr Rick Break Claims. He was ousted from his position at the Department of Health and Human Services last month. After pushing back against unproven treatment for which President Trump is still advocating. Bright testified that the administration could have done better and things stand. He says. The Nation could face the darkest winter in modern history. The window is closing to address this pandemic because we still do not have a standard centralized coordinated plan to take our nation through this response health and Human Services Secretary Alex as our insist everything. Bright complained about was done. This is like somebody who was in a choir and is now trying to say. He was a soloist back then what he was saying. What every single member of this administration the president was saying freight also testified that the US lacks a plan to fairly distribute vaccine once ones available Windsor Johnston NPR news. Washington the FBI wants to know if the chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee profited from privileged information by selling off stocks. Just before the true extent of the crow virus outbreak here came to light causing the market to crash. Now the target of a federal probe Senator Richard. Burr is giving up his coveted seat on the powerful committee. Npr's to Mac reports on the latest and the FBI investigation into the timing of burs decision to sell up to one point seven million dollars in stocks. The FBI seized burs cellphone Wednesday evening. A significant escalation in its probe into the powerful. Senator Senate Majority Leader Mitch. Mcconnell says that there will be stepping. Aside is chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee for the duration of the investigation. Burr questioned by reporters that the capital declined to comment on the insider trading allegations but said that he was cooperating with investigators. He said that he's stepping aside because quote. This is a distraction to the hard work of the committee and the members and I think the security of the country is too important to have a distraction to Mac. Npr News Washington. Npr's learned that federal investigators have questioned one of the top Democrats on that committee. Spokesman says Senator Dianne Feinstein answered some basic questions last month about her husband. Stock Trades lawmaker from California provided additional documents. At the spokesperson says show the Democratic. Senator was not involved in those transactions. Even though leading health experts are giving Corona Virus Vaccine Development Twelve to eighteen months. President trump says. He's shooting for the end of this year to that end trump's elected former glaxosmithkline executive on Slough to be his chief advisor on an operation. President trump calls warp speed. The Dow closed up three hundred seventy seven points or one point six percent this is. Npr news the unemployment rolls have expanded by nearly three million the Labor Department reporting that marks another slight decline in weekly first-time applications in all about thirty. Six million people have filed for unemployment in the last eight weeks since the government locked down much of the economy to slow the spread of Corona virus. The government recently confirmed in its most recent comprehensive assessment of the labor market the unemployment rate in April had searched a fourteen point seven percent its highest level since the Great Depression the Pew Research Center suggests the pandemic is hitting some age groups harder economically than others in this country. Npr's Hansie Lo Wong tells us the survey finds the oldest members of Generations Z. Have been hit especially hard half of people between the ages of eighteen and twenty three the oldest members of generation Z. Say that they were in their home has lost a job or taking a pay cut because of the coronavirus outbreak. According to the Pew Research Center's analysis that was at least ten percentage points higher than the rates among millennials. Gen xers and baby boomers. The survey was conducted in late March in both English and Spanish. Few has also found that younger workers between the ages of sixteen and twenty four. Were especially vulnerable to losing their jobs. Before the outbreak younger people are more likely to work the service industry including restaurants Hotels Childcare Services Retail and transportation the William. Pr News New York. The Dow closed up one point six percent to end the day at twenty. Three thousand six. Twenty five Nasdaq was up nearly one percent as NPR's hundred up more than one percent this is NPR.

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