Looking East And Seeing Results E498


Hey this Bernie go back, man clonmel now to Brian with my morning voice. I think it's episode for Four Ninety Seven on my topcoat audio clips I'm thinking about. People who are up at it earlier than I am looking east standing. To The sun coming up, and if I look southeast style, see in Brown, who I want to get big props to because. I like his Authority podcasts simple, quick succinct in targeted I need help with technical things or just people who reflect on them, although Andrew for you're listening I'd reckon third of what you talk about. Although it's accessible to me, I don't use the technology. I'm a simplistic guy with a lot of technology, but you know. You! Give me a working vocabulary and that's good. Oh, I won't thinking about some high points. Leave one of them. A lot of work to do to make sure that I'm six. My students six out of fifty, six, thousand, six, hundred, fifty, four. Make cross the line. I have one that won't. Be a hard fail to be. Recoverable failures meaning over the summer they can get through it and I have a couple of other special interests that. Well the issues that deserve special handling. It'll be interesting to see where they go. They'll be subject of a lot of discussion at an internal examination. A the good news in my life is that one of my students did cover art for emerging trends, Games and tech, which is a podcast that. I have that is actually set of conversations that break breakdown. The book called the inevitable. That book was written back in Twenty fifteen by Kevin Kelly. And side is where they are. Since two thousand thirteen. Calvin turns sixty eight this year. He also wrote the technique. He conceptualized the technique. I think the book. That, he wrote was called. What technology wants? The technion was in that. Anyway the point is one of my artistic students designed. Cover, art and Show art for. EMERGING TRENDS GAMES IN TECH I've kept it off. ITN's until she finished that and then used the keys. To the I, tunes connect account to. Put Her name as an artist in the cover art. As, well as to tell I tunes, it's available. Those conversations are probably the best. I have the emerging trends, games and tech. What's on spotify Sunol? Good putt catchers. I should say it that way I'm sure it's not on August podcasters because some of them don't follow the Apple Itunes Directory, so we're GONNA have to go back and make sure it's on stitcher. pod being maybe even a cast and sound club. the good conversations, but. They take a lot of work to prep. To record, and then to put them in a place with students can edit them by adding imagery. To different. Time code sections of the conversation. You see I've always believed an enhanced podcast, or you can see imagery related to what the students are talking about. Some of these guys are just. They have artistic talents that are just brilliant, and you need to see their artwork so when we convert the podcast into video cast that show up on you HD screens. They take on a whole new dimension. Their piece show there they could be in a show at answering students questions will what's on this program for me? Anyway. BABBLE enough. I didn't want to go five minutes. I just want to wrap this up. Bernie Look East, to you, Andrew Brown. And hoping that we get out of this quarantine situation. The Australians are already. Gradually stepping back into the breach. Taking do caution. I'm sure. You WanNa? See what I'm doing. Look for the word top gold on all good social networks, and you'll see imagery and babblings, text strings and more. By for now.

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