They stole my phone, and it was the restaurant staff and then twenty security men were like bum rushing me. And so I picked one on the ear. Ladies and gentlemen, take two and roll it. Sort of small talk show me where you just angel by. Yeah, you're you're in. What's it like being in love? Everything must be. Hey, guys. Welcome back to Paul sieve, the number one podcast in the world. And by the way, in the Milky Way. Galaxy we just got that fact in so that's that's super dope. Thank you guys to all of our listeners and viewers. We absolutely love you. We have so much fun doing the show. And by the way, if you're not subscribing to do so wherever you listen to podcast Spotify, you to whatever we also do an exclusive question in audio question and answer audio only after the visual element on Spotify. Again, wherever you listen to podcasts for your listening. Pleasure. So today. Yeah. Today is gonna sit by see I can feel it. We got we got a dope yesterday. A very dope. Guest today. Guys. I want to introduce her. I wanna bring her in right? We're. Her last name is my favorite president's first name. She's the only person to make it out of teen. Mom with the career looking me, and we're gonna wave around. He's the only person make out of team with a career. It's reality starts and Adolfo mattress. Social media guru, faira Abraham. How are you? Welcome in the hair. Thank you coming on him bosses this. I'm impulsive, so welcome. Join the home. Yeah. Yeah. I love that pink hair, by the way. I'm so glad we got you in that David Scissorhands, snatched this. So I wanna be noticed. I noticed to your daughter so FIA miss Sophia. What's up? That the mere cat, right? Oh. Is she America in your spare time? Hello. Hasn't been on a podcast. I think in a bit. So you love human baby child. It's amazing. Do they have those around here? Baby. I'm looking to get one soon. Can we turn the camera? My dog is making love to a stuffed animal this this whole pocket killing that could be the first one is going to be. I'm a little I'm a little curious. Okay. What's stopping by saying? Hi, so factual. It's a little little bit of a bull move. I'm not sure what's going to come out of my mouth today is hippie impulsive less. The point of the show. Exact we embrace that. I have a question. Why did you how did we get you here on the show? Like, how do we convince you are you crazy crazy coming here? No, instagram. I happen to be in town. So I was like, okay, you're not based here. No, I'm not based here anymore since that whole jail. Beverly hills. Saying I want to ask I want to ask about that. We have so much so many questions. But yeah idea to you or it's always you and also is usually the one who helps me DM back from joy Holum. Yes. Who's joy? She's been my assistant for like five years. Now, she's like marketing coordinator, you know, just switch the titles as years go, right? Does she board whether doesn't she's the for Twas student and out of my hair? We were worried you were gonna show up with someone who's going to say and what not keep it real shell. I'm from the midwest. So join the club, Ohio Michigan. I have my best friend Heather Walsh from teen. Mom, my producer friends. She's in Connecticut. So we like I said, we are very lucky and happy to have you here. I have so many questions about like reality, TV, your career, etc. So that that is the child that was that was with you on the star baby. That's the star baby. You're a star. You know that how many does she have an Instagram fifty five hundred seven thousand it's growing. She's she's nine and you're twenty seven right. Yeah. All now. No, no, that's young. I think I Joan to me all this in a room. No. Yes. I am. Okay. I once dated a girl when my first girlfriend when I moved to LA, I was I think nineteen she was like twenty five and she had a seven year old. I played stepdad for a bit. It was dealing those ages. I mean, I didn't think that it's like a big deal. But it is to like there. I mean for me being a single mom dating, you know, like over ten years and actually like it's a big deal. You are dating. No. Yeah. I mean, I'm single I haven't really been dating. That's fine. How many dates dates and before you start to see this connection or like you wanna see a connection between a new partner and so feel because it's not just you anymore. You got to. Crimes like kids are so intuitive. Al just have so fan meet the person because kids are like honest and truthful, I'll be like, oh heavy. And so short, isn't that bad or you know, he's got this like girls women. They're always like, okay. That's able but kids are just like no that's not short. What do you think about me? So far just first impressions thumbs up. Thumbs up sides forty. Well, I'm positive that. By the end of this show. It will be a thumbs down. So having a having a daughter so young how did that affect the outcome? The course of your life. That's because that's about you know, the reason why we I went on teen. Mom, I can't do for everyone was to just show like I can overcome some of the things that people think, oh, I have to basically sit at home not travel. Not go out not make business not do different things. And I kind of just have always been gun ho about whatever I want. So Safiya is just been along for my opportunities. And I support her opportunities. And it really has. I mean hasn't been a conflict hasn't been like a bad thing. But you do a lot of reality TV still to this day. Sadly, yeah. Twentieth. Ex on the beach. Party was going to ask about this. Why you sadly because I really am over reality television. I think there's a kind of bullying it's I love production. I love everything of it. I think it's like a true form of bullying, though, when you add it and put together reality telecom too. But it's funny. It makes for funny television. It's just not always good for everyone. Do not know reality TV is not actually reality. Yes. And even though I say that I've said it a million times people think I am a horrible crazy person from some of these shows, and so far you seem good. I'm gonna give you a sideways comes up by the end of the show. I'm sure it'll be up it sound. I don't know you seem far speaking speaking of drama. We have bristle Belan here right now. That's gone. But we're watching. Yeah. What's going on with that? I saw this little airport rant the other day at the airport. Don't show my base, right? No, you no. I don't in the morning and getting off a plane. No. Thank you. Can we please pass this? We can pass. But I have a question because I've been jumping the airport before how bad is talks. This was like I might hyper ventilate and not make a scene, but I was not so happy the paparazzi come from. Because I've seen them come out of walls. Pop out of suitcases on the computer. And then he was like with your luggage. And I was like oh my God. He's trying to be nice. It's weird situation that beef with bristles men ongoing though, I saw had be versatile tofu, whatever you wanna call. I I saw this. I saw this chart. I saw this chart. You fever nobody on teen. Mom, that's old news. You're I feel like you wanna say you're above the beef. Aren't you a little bit? I just don't like people are my name on something that I moved beyond from Bristol Palin. I found this interesting. This is the daughter of former Alaskan governor Sarah Palin, who's not Burstow is now on teen. Mom. Okay. Okay. I'm I'm like out of this. I'm like movie. Yeah. I don't really know much about it. But you say you don't have beef with anyone. That's true. Yeah. So when you want to kick their ass. No, I'm on anger management right now. Probations are you really? Yes. Did you do nothing? I was actually attacked. But it's okay. Brochu and learning TV extra humble right now in my life. If there's ever a place that you don't want to be humble, I invite you to do it on. Just go for the judge disea-. Yeah. How did how did you end up? If you don't mind might be personal. But how did you wind up take an anger management think? That's interesting. That's interesting step. I don't know. I was I was like court ordered to do. Management and got that done right away. And then I have some community service. So TIs the season voluntarily. I love it six days so soup kitchens whatnot, I'm down. But this kind of cool because I had to do that. Once one fact, so how much, you know, about me be honest not much. I didn't find back in the day. I run is great recipes I did a series called getting into cars with strangers crazy. And I would do just that I would open the door of a stranger's car. And I'd get any be like, you're not my mom and most. One lady she screamed to me, she screamed at me, and she goes. It was at the time. I was I was it was funny, but she could like be. Beal whatever it is. The point is can't get in cars strangers. Trouble don't ever do that. So for your don't follow any of my career paths or decision. Anyways. Yeah. She took me to court. I was either had to do three days in jail. How did you wrangle you down first off some things? So. Or ROY Logan Paul via like millions of dollars facing. So on three days in jail or seventy five hours of community service manager, Geoff used my manager refused to let me do three days. And I was like, oh, this is for my street credit. I'll get a tat jail in in jail. Would you have gotten a mugshot? This Nuys dude, you show the dawn. I can't I can never get a mugshot. That's like why I'm like don't even go you can play with me put me in jail all that other funniest shit. But I was like you're not giving me a mugshot. You can just tell them. No. Rip shit like mouthy when you catch me. What can I say? I wanna see angry faira not not for like. There's really nothing how many days of spend. I've been so aggravated this share that nothing. Hey, join the club, it sucks. People are testing me. Okay. Have you spent some time in the cell yet? What what it's like. It's not fun. And the woman who's in charge of the phones that everything else is being really a bit to me and saying that no one was calling for me. And every other thing the phone didn't work, and like, what did you just? Was like a banana peanut butter sandwich. Like the milk. I don't drink that. That stuff here finance. What did you do for and nothing like the concrete? Everything's like concrete, and I had like a pine tree out my window. Oh. Thank god. If you're real. Have you from? Do what did you do as the nicest down sows to get there though? What I literally was I I mean like my car was stuck in Valais. They stole my phone, and it was the restaurant staff, and then twenty security men were like bum rushing me and so I- pinched one on the ear, and he didn't even he did on the. Me he might go to the hospital. This must have been a lethal paying scorpion fair. Let me sit her nails real quick. Nails at the time his training training for what I was trying to for a box imagine show up to. I remember this again, I had to make a wiser choice. Remember, an Instagram video from you. That was like yo fair is a boxer. A c see dome, bows and fizz train often. Yeah. Yeah. I think I overlay trained like my risks are definitely jacked up from everything clearly not training right now. Because of the nails are on. The best trainer. Do you think? The major a little aggressive like you were like fresh out of training when you're boxing. You get you get. Tony to Miami supposed to supposed to have a fight. Happy. I didn't show up. I mean why? Because it's for anti-bullying. They were trying to bully again. I'm just not with some of it is so few giving you signs in the background there. She sheer publicist she west side. I don't know what signs is going be. So so you're you said, Miami, your workout. I saw you also do yoga. You use spin yoga and box did a post for Mahama boy skyler. So do yoga a lot IT yoga every week. I like hot yoga. Pretty awesome. Like infrared lights are you in Miami? Now, do you live there? Nope. I used to live there. I would say kind of live mostly in Austin, Texas. In texas. I literally like have my stuff in storage this year, and I'm just traveling with family and seeing what I wanna do for twenty nineteen. We I I had a boxing earlier this year. Did you know about that by chance how I mean? I see like there's a like you getting punched on your Instagram. Yeah. I thought it was funny. That like, yeah, I'm a man it was supposed to be like look at me. I'm getting the Schick outta me be careful at that, your brain and your skull sensitive. I was just like Donna says he was like a tenure world champion. He's like in the hospital with a comb right now. Just from getting the strikes from the Ukrainian we have. We have a UFC fighter coming on. Right after you. And I'm going to ask him about that. Because I'm I'm sure there's something not healthy about contact sports to the head. You can die do instantly like like half, your brain doesn't work. I didn't do it partially because I didn't know the outcome. And didn't think that it was safe and the people that I mean, if you don't have management and a good team there which? They were screwing up on all ends of their contracts. It would not have been safe. So and then they had like some people there from teen. Mom, and like, Ma wives. You just wanna jump me? Like, they're a mess, actually. Actually jumped me, which is fine. Do you get a lot of hate fair? I ignore the, hey, do you get it? I get eight you get it, which is fine. So. Better every year. So it's good. I know where the hate is true. Do bring it upon herself. Do you think like welcome hate like even with my? I mean, we go to therapy for like ten years. I don't welcome too much people. Why do people hate on you? I don't know. Why do people hate me is this? I mean girls, why do people I don't know. You're you're living your best life. But we know your fiery, you, you are a fire. Huma be is that I think you have to know like personalities, and my other friends are definitely fiery to and it's good. You might you might hate me for this. But this is what I mean by this. I wanna roll a clip that's real. Let's really wanna roll the clips this is from ex on the beach a sneak peek of your reality show coming go ahead and plug when d- don't have to go for December twenty. Countdown. So our look sneak peek Shyam Parker attacks, fair, Abraham and explosives. Gemini watch. Oh, y'all y'all got. Once drunk and one spot. Shut up and you go to bed. Sparse Lowery status goes think she's over here on the nameless. Maybe I gotta tell you something US for you. People. Tonight. He went over there. You put on this. You need to call in the middle. And I'm looking left, and I'm the. And I'm looking at how the devil. These people. This is reality whole house gang up on me. And somehow I lake win over the house. It's weird. But you're gonna see in the season. They like make sure it's with my face on it. They like champion name. They love me. I don't know people like to just make themselves fill better by attacking someone. What nationality gives you that fire because I know you got a few different national any woman or any male if they're attacked enough. They're going to be like Shanna like they're all drunk, and I'm the only one sober in the house new drink. No, minority drinking. I mean, that's all. Just send you I I've yet to learn those lessons, I'm excited for them guy. You keep thinking would you learn from not drinking what was the motivation there? So I want to end up in jail and have people manipulate and take advantage of me when I go out. So that's just like from touring and clubs and all this other stuff that I've done you have a jaded past. You haven't shaded pass? I have a pass that lived say that experienced live. How old you think you are? External logically based on experience. Not by most of my friends around like forty five. So like, my true friends are like in their forties. It's probably like kind of where I am. So this show ex on the beach. By the way, y'all y'all meal fucking money like I'm sending you an invoice because I'm plugging shit out. This is a reality show. Do. I saw a commercial. It says like you guys expect define love like you didn't really expect the fine. Love has. I was brought in from one of my agents. It what they didn't tell one person that this was about bringing their Xs on that happened to me be me. So I and I've done many dating shows like last year, we traveled the world, and we did a dating show for TV. And I'm always single. So why not so? Yeah, it was like a shock and these people like knew they were going on with their Xs. So they were a little bit bitter on Instagram like. Trailers you said, and I quote, I'm not okay with Xs there like trash. Yeah. Mine. Do you think this out of curiosity asking for a friend? Do you think all exit should be left in the past ideal has been way better? Because of that. It's like it's almost like an open wound that you just keep picking open it just scabs over. And then I mean, my axes they like write me emails wanna hang out do all sorts like I like my life goes on. I can't think conversations every day on reality. Nothing ever changes. Right reality for them. You have to make a sacrifice to be incredibly open invulnerable. Yeah. That's that's scary. Why why did you scary especially when people attack, but I will say that vulnerability is power. That's why I've been so great on reality television over the years. And I think if you are a person who never wants to lose yourself and be all shook up after people hate on you, then it's a good thing. But some are just like. Buck everyone, and they don't get their way else. Do sacrifice by doing reality. TV? Can you have a real relationship? Can you be real mother to your daughter without being jaded by what people think say about her, and you also can people go on TV and not jaded by the production being around them. It's public, but it's also personal because you have production around do you? I've always made the healthiest choice to focus on my family, my parenting my child developing properly, so that doesn't affect me. I think a lot of parents on teen. Mom haven't decided that yet. Got you. Okay. I've a question on this parenting thing as well. So I've seen a lot of. I've seen. Yeah. Shutout so fear. I've seen a lot of moms get shit in the past couple of years for having their daughters on their. Igiea? And so he has five hundred seven thousand dollars on she's nine years old. And to be honest with you like this Instagram social world is kind of fucking ugly. Sometimes do you think you brought her in a little a little earlier because she knows how to not focus on like cyberbullying. She rises above it. It's again, I was just on like face the truth or something with Vivica, FOX that show as I'm all about creativity. And I'm not letting hatred or evil things stunt our creativity in our social platforms. Sorry like we have brands and it's going to keep going, but I will say how do you maintain a connection with your audience? Because even when I do you. It's like joys messaging me back and a lot of your tweets are a printing just like basic like it's there. No, not your you tweeting is it like the links and stuff to like websites. Five other companies that are on my social platforms, plus weedy, lake promos and shots for people. And yeah, there's like maybe ten percent. That's me. And then the rest is a lot of other companies. I'm also just like busy living my life like with what do you? What do you do when you're busy land? Busy living my life. So I don't I mean like right now, we're just getting ready for twenty nineteen and like remerged are brick and mortar stores onto our Amazon prime set. I get so overwhelmed with products and businesses and creating things so that's kind of what I focus on. So you're trying to be like an entrepreneur business mogul Syria entrepreneur chorus coming out Astra class. Okay. So you tweeted the other day about Miley Cyrus going to acting like ice tweeted. This. It was a different company. So I'm not like posting reality TV news like I'm not like pres- Hilton. But my platforms give you the news, don't they got you. Do you have a celebrity that you relate to most do look up the people in the industry. No, I think as like entrepreneur, I'm always learning. I learned from people and religious like who I'm becoming from learning. Yeah. Would you you don't you say, you know, living your life, and you don't go out any more. You don't do like fun Twenty-seven-year-old things switched chess. And what's the deal? Switch to just like travel in the world, and like experiences, I don't really like to club that much anymore and let them pay for it. And did that's about it. You gotta make this Bank already toured done that. So I don't really care to do any more that cow. Are you making the majority of your money? Steals. I I would say licensing deals guide for different many different products, overly. Okay, that's cool. And I know with the with the tweets and the companies that run you get paid per clicks. Like when people click on a lot of clicks. Or they pay me monthly. I mean, you call them. I got can I because I would love extra income. Hey, I want to do this thing with you. Just to spice it up a little bit. We've never done this before the first one it's twenty seven rapid fire questions twenty because I'm twenty seven. That's perfect actually amazing. So yes, for sure that's why we chose that. Number. A lot of questions. Go it is it's going to be fast. I'm gonna say go. And here's here's the thing. You're the first person ever do this. I wanna time you I wanna time. You see my answer them. That's fine. There's no wrong answer. I wanna time you, and I wanna do like guys wanted to leaderboard thing where we do this twenty seven rapid-fire question thing, and we'll put our guests on a leaderboard behind Spencer. Which by the way, we switched their seats. Today wondering how y'all are feeling about that leave comments below but seven rapid fire questions. You're not your daughter my dog or getting along. He was. He was humping the stuff in earlier. So. Dog said tongue ever makes it fully in his mouth Shays coming back. Look at them, Andre I think he is a she thinks she's a mere cat this. This is good. I'm so sorry to all our viewers. If you've never seen dog home things man apologies. Reliability is a liability. She's used it like when we go to the aiders, and we watch movies, and they have bad scenes like. I noticed you. Cinema's kids say caffeine or theater. Theatrics. Not cool. I like one word theaters is dope, though. Yeah theater. All right. Listen, twenty-seven rapid fire questions. Okay. Are you ready? I'm ready to start the timer and go. What's your favorite milk? Substitute. Coconut milk. Eat popcorn and one at a time or handfuls catch him on the top or side of your fries. Catch them on tap. How old is Mike? Look twenty-seven. What is your order? I don't know what it's called. I am vintage ability have that on the menu. When did you lose your v card gear Sophea? She knows fifteen with her father. Oh, really? Yeah. Rock Obama or Donald Trump, Donald Trump. What shape is earth round Drako Conde near huge or small draft sponsor white or we bred whites. Jake, Paul Logan. First thing you'd say to Kim Jong Hoon if you were to meet them. Did you assume my gender? Great did Spencer Spencer banana KENDALL or Kylie neither SAT ACT score. Remember, would you have a grizzly bear or snow leopard as your roommates smell that Barrett. What's twenty minus eleven? Nine. So glad you got to help ask you to drive a Formula one car real fast and done around the track mazing, I activity if you made it to Mars. Eating your phone number not going to say. Dead person you'd hook up with while. He's not dead yet. Good. How would you skate prison? Tell you can't escape it whole. The jumping dirt bike or punch hippo hippo lemon to the I R pineapple to the dome the dome fork or spoke, spark one minute and forty five seconds. Was that too many questions though, the first time we did that I felt good. Good. How're you enjoying that banana, Spencer Goodman? Okay. Thanks for telling me. So one minute forty five seconds credible. So far, you're on first place here twenty seven rapid fire questions. Okay. So I kind of ask you this dating. Do you have a type are you into rappers? Athletes YouTubers, what are you into? I think I'm just into businessmen really for sure. Like a business. What kind of what kind of businessman like inventors of clothing brands, or branded partnership people like that kind of stuff. No. They just any business guy. Normally have a couple of different businesses field is that when you look for in a man and someone who's like bossed doing brains when I'm talking to someone and someone who's kind of done more in business than I have. So it's good. Yeah. I got a twelve sixty. I'm SAT how how do you? How do you balance work and life though, you don't want to overwork, right? I don't mind it. I would rather. Stay busy SATA trouble. Speaking of trouble, though. What does drama or controversy controversy help fuel your career? It's good for angles. Good for making money. Right. Yeah. But sometimes it gets a little too real like. Rail. I could never be real enough because people think fake. That's a little. That's interesting. It is interesting. So just trying to be railroads that hair real. No. It's really fake. It's wig. It's really. Nobody's dope. Good. Did a great job again. I'm so glad you're the pink hair. I feel like I should do that for an episode. Yes. If I were to die, my hair Pinkas. Yeah. David has his -til. So you should have. Boys do do consume content YouTube TV anything. Yeah. You watch it. I think so FIA watches it. She's pointing goes goes shoe. Who do you watch via? Watch your mom on TV do watch. Joe see what she doesn't she watches? What's her name Barringer or what is her name? She just had a baby storytime a note. She just had a baby. Oh, call him Bellinger. Miranda sings, hey, by the way, congrats congrats. That's amazing. I'm very jealous loves her and loves the baby too. So whatever name you guys found, but I know because it's so FIA one of a child babysitting. Fair would you let Logan babysit for a week or so he's he is easy to babysit. Yes. Yeah. I don't know you'll make it out, but she'll have fun. One day for log. Yeah. One day she she looked so excited. She looks way more excited than. Go to the hospital. You have to take. I have a question. I have a question. I'm curious how having having a child ensure you get this lot? I'd haven't heard an answer having a child, and you you being so prevalent on the internet. If you know what I mean, how do you? How do you handle that we've talked about it, and it's handled you just let her know just part of my it's part of my life. Like who says that none of you guys have had text apes, or, you know, kids. Oh, never. But I think that's just part of like birds bees conversations and your actions when you get older where you always open a buyers sexuality as much as you are. Now, I think from being on teen mom sixteen pregnant I was open with my sexuality. And then you gotta learn to reel it in a bit question the sex tape. Yeah. Was that a decision was that plant? Did you say I'm gonna make a sex tape? On some of people involves had. How many people were involved? That I was involved with had their own outlook or whatever they were trying motives, and it was hurtful, but that's that's normal. You date hurtful people, and you learn from it will also I think in a way that people are really jaded from the adult entertainment industry. So they may never have normal relationship. What what's the cost to get you to do another? What's the cost? Dollar lake got the ever. I would. That's so funny that doesn't happen every day to me. No. I would never know. Because you did more than one a really I did. That's what everyone thinks. Lugging because he must be watching them. I'm going to tell your mom. Oh. My mom. Vicky showed. Your mom's like, I'm gonna use that move tonight. My mom, my mom. Joe imagined another third. Your mom's releasing way more guarantee, you she has not she is a nice Ohio west is Saint, but you did show her some Riley stuff the other day that was a little bit more graphic. So if you were to go back and redo you wouldn't do it gonna redo anything respect? Okay. I learned a lot from it. Or did you learn sell much? What did you learn that you could tell me I don't have to drop a sex tape? Or maybe I do you magin way. You said you learn from your husband. Well, I'm gonna just I'm gonna just give a recommendation don't do it with anyone who's like a porn star. Because then you're important star. Are you so funny? It's like if you have X with someone that means you are that. I mean, I guess Nicki massages case she's like sex offenders and stuff. So maybe she's like a sex offender now is Kim abort store. I don't know if she is Paris is she I saw this Nikki, Nikki things actually said to me, I think she's like stuck in whatever she was abused as a kid and like reliving it. I don't even know what the what to say about this. If you guys down say anything then. Yeah. Okay. You're right. Pulse. It isn't policy. Okay. I didn't. I didn't read enough about it. Res- Hilton was like new human arches career is over because if everyone who she's eighty and so I just feel like she's been hanging out with some crazies. No. But aren't they like registered sex offenders stirred? I'm not I can't that's book of boo pop up of my radar. Also, it was like she was sixteen in the girl was sixteen like it was something like he was layers registered sex offender. That's like a big step. That's that's a hard one to have an excuse for two. We'll also I mean, this is what I was saying. I don't want to comment without like wellbeing ignorant, because I don't know too much about it, you seem to have a stronger opinion. I mean, what if what if I came in here, and I said, yeah, locum Pau my boyfriend is Bubba and he's a sex offender. Would you be like oh my God. She has a kid she's dating sex. But it was like the bunko like he he was fifteen and the girl was sixteen like it was just one of those situations where it was a year. We can't. I'm not saying it was okay. But late nights, the okay tail younger than her like, I'm just I'm just going with what Nikki's been saying like he was younger than her. It was a situation where it was like a small age difference of one year. And this is always a taboo subject when it comes to dating. When you're fifteen sixteen years old like I was I was sixteen personnel Dir, and there is never any confusions. Unders a sex offender, but you were fifteen. Yeah. Yeah. So could not have been a situation. And it wasn't though is it a state by state thing. So some woman must end parents must really upset with a human being. Severe line that makes sense. Yeah. That makes sense. I still love you Nikki it is so hot in this room right now. It was going to get spike. Oh shit. This nothing. She she's like this. Dreamt about this. Here's the thing about me. I don't know if you know this. But you know, typically like, I'm a lay back like squeaky clean brands love like, I don't really make any. Says Cussing what do you mean? Okay. So the whole the whole about real life today. Real life stuff. I'm me to living in it's on our news. It is under news. There's a lot of things in the news Kevin Hart, stepping down from the Oscars thoughts. I think you did the right thing that's kind of sad though. Because he's great at hosting awards. Have been great great is the best. And I really don't think that defines him. I think if anyone says something that offends someone I think it's a learning experience, and they grow from it. And there's they commute great person. Do you think everything is offensive in this day and age now because I don't get offended easily and. Life people who get offended everybody. I'm. Yeah. I could probably annoy people pretty great who is the veteran that Pete Davidson. Made a joke about his eye is missing I that he lost in combat. Does anyone know would've Dan crunch? I just look it up. Dan. That day. So p Davidson made a joke about Dan Crenshaw missing. And I which he lost in war. She's about her and my dad is, Yup. And Dan Crenshaw his response. I thought was incredible. He said he has he tries to live to rules one. Is he tries very hard not to offend people. And to he tries even harder to not be offended, which I think is especially age like, he's just balanced. Yes. And no. But then he made it a point to. I mean, I mean, that's that's someone who is funded. They would make that comment because they are offended, but they wanna feel for their ego. Like, they're better than whoever made a comment towards them. It's true. It's just like I can imagine that someone brought that up. I am said that he has an entry. But also like with many things you kind of have to laugh at it. And stop being like bothered by something like if everyone said to me every time, I was offended. Oh, you're a porn star. Because I saw you have a celebrity sex tape. I couldn't be offended by that anymore. So it was like, okay. Like, I don't care anymore. Do you? See I. Like, I've had plastic surgery. And I know things bother us on our faces. But I understand from all points of view. Do there's a line drawn when it comes to military injuries like people that went to battle for the I joke around with my father. I joke around with many of my military guy friends, and they always joke around with me like, you know, they'll use like their legs hurt or whatever. Like, they make jokes out of it. And they live their best lives and they enjoy their time with their family friends. And I think it's just a boundary. Do think there's a difference between making a joke about it? And someone else making a joke about it. I don't know when I start making jokes laugh till I don't know it's up to the situation truth this one not so funny. Okay. So who's your who's your click? Do you have friends who do he roll with? I'd like to say, I have no friends I take pride in that. What do you like to say that because I am my own person? I don't need to click. I don't need a group, and I travel, and I meet new people. And I mean, I've had the most best year in meeting people. This you're being like that being open being Logan, Paul to meet you. Thank you for coming on. We're not just yet. But okay. So I I know you did a sketch my friend king batch. Yes, he's societas. He he's he's the best. How how did you guys? Meet the first time, we went was actually at SoHo house here with our producer friend mutual friend because Doug cash but shout out show Cobra high series. But yeah, that's how we met. And then we just don't know mutual agents or you're being discussed agents between friends and then. Yeah. One of my agents them got in touch, and then I just showed up at his house. I got you. It was a funny video. Okay. Do you have do you have a one year plan? Like do you plan on doing more Instagram sketches? Do you plan on doing reality? I should do more Instagram sketches. Really? Yeah. Okay. It does take editing time doesn't it? Don't have an editor. I I want to do myself who is your team. Like, I see some of my friends do and they do really great job. My team of editors besides joy, your PR person. Like, do you have a squad of people's protecting? You. You have a lawyer just got fired. Bye. You will work with me for like sometimes eight nine ten years, and then this year, everyone got a little extra crazy. It must be like I'm going to new level and only good people. Come for the big occasion. Did you get crazy? When you don't protect me. I I'm a Gemini like you've gotta have trust. Are you crazy super crazy? Crazy, dude. They'll question really popped out to me was the lemon to the eye of the pine up to the dome. You weren't phased at all about. Stayed in soccer watch out way. Really? Yeah. Athlete at the tracks, Okker, whatever. Yes. While you box. Would you ever? Consider sparring me gal, I sparred with the guys at my Jeff fuck me up. That's why I ask you a crazy. 'cause I Casey I don't wanna hurt anyone. I don't wanna get hurt a fight fair next. And you're gonna get your you should be on the on the card with whoever you were going to fight before. It would you we down to fight if it was like organized properly and safe and. Yes. And I go to. Yeah. Known. Yes, we yeah. He manager. Jeff. Did you hear that? Where how where's the legit moxie match going to be? Oh, we'll make it happen. Got that right here. Welcome to YouTube where we make anything. So win is that boxing match. I don't know. They like, look I don't even have a contract yet. I mean, we well here's what happened. Well, here's one nail off and one out of time. All right. I fought to could once Barra I thought it like seventeen thousand people arena like millions of people watch online. But it was it was because I didn't get a catch it. I'm sad. Did you win kinda? Yeah. Yeah. Basic, I didn't know what was that other boxing match. Whereas like, call the tie those. I didn't win lose. It was it was a tie guide. It was it was it was good. But I just feel like a good sports. Nice sports play with the ball. So our do you guys? Do you like the e gaming, the gamer tease, we want to venture into it? Suck at video games. Right. All right four. I'm all right out lately. Even you've been putting in some work every night. Yeah. Cousins just playing video games. Like, we don't even sleep what your favorite video game of all time right now. Well, then more you Bill. Halo was my time so far. Yeah. I have like, yeah. We have a whole set up at the house. Do you want to see our set of after this a little now, they play games? Well, we. We don't the meal. My fucking. Gross me as much as you want. It's dope. Everyone else is doing it this year. I'm all about it. Focused on what I try try to gaming since your YouTube. We're on YouTube gaming true. That's the best app ever. Right. Dupleix fortnight. Yep. We have that. Can we play? We were on the rose. Yeah. That's gonna be amazing because I'm actually good at four night. Okay. 'cause I've been like playing I tried twitch for a bit. And then I just kind of like them I'm going to go do reelection. And then like the call of duty. That just came out. That's scary. But I like it though she play with Sophia play. I she doesn't like that one. She likes roablocks. Shoutout tall, the kiddos. Yeah. That's a big one. Yeah. Nonstop. Okay. All right. So we're going to play four night. We're going to run duos don't thing can from a lot of say this. We ain't gonna plan to it know. Youtube game happened. I don't need to talk about game. We'll catch there that we will. Is there anything else you wanna plug say do before we sign off today? Do you have you twenty nineteen these facts how gang gang gang skirt? Yo thank you guys for listening. Thank you for Abraham. We love you. We that that we do if you guys are not subscribed to say make sure to do. So wherever you listen to podcasts, I tunes Spotify YouTube. So do you want to come say goodbye sweetheart, come cat? Wave goodbye Sophia is she always America. Truly incredible. This child baby human might be the goat. By of you piece. Faira dome move. Okay. We do it. We do audio version only. Can I ask her some questions, you can just left? So hop on hop on a little microphone right there. Come on your headphones on we're gonna ask so FIA the human baby child, so FIA should not even baby. She's. Baby baby child Sophia guys have younger siblings, or no, I do sort of soldiers age. He's twenty two. He's twenty one as she. He's Twenty-one babies. Okay. I have a question for you. What's your favorite animal? Wait, she's doing more. No, she's doing she's scratching the microphone this mazing. Like the microphones does she speak English. Do you speak English French Spanish today? Look at me like you haven't said a single word. So I'm just what? What what is it me? Do you have a favorite animal like again? What's your favorite just putting them like a dog? Is that what you're doing right now with your hands up? I found this is bunny. Now, I have a favorite Cologne wrong. Why why is probably recalling fam- Barney? I love that. This is so interesting. I it's it's interesting for me to have a conversation with a nine year old. I'm doing my best should should Sophia should Logan have a child. Probably not yet. Let's not have more. I asked Sophea so fear. Share? I might have to do you got to do it. I'm gonna have to do it. Knock it off the list. I'm so I just want to kids, by the way, Mike Sophia as you noticed. She's she's. Do you have any like advice for Logan if he's going to have a child? Am I allowed to talk so via? I don't know. Just don't have babysat babies. Oh shit. See? That's exactly why. Yeah. Yeah. He do you think that you have to find the right partner before you have a baby because he's missing that step. I mean, what's the right partner? I think you just gotta have you jus gotta be fertile. That's honest. Yeah. Really anyone's. Yeah. It's fun. That's my we have divorce know. Split. Question for you. So FIA are you ever not posed like a mere cat? We're kinda mere cat today. I like it you wake up like that the the she remind you at all Eliza violet when she makes that face literally, literally how you're right, right. Violence. Awards thingy guys to let me was she's probably great. Let me just her here. Does her you could probably find her making that face to try very hard. She does honor. I g. She's actually really nice to sweep here. This is the book that could be done. Has has the best faces. I still feel are you dating boys or boys off limits? How come not into the suck? I used to have one. Oh, was it spill being spilled tea, hopefully, we'll fame trust them. Shoutout to Tristan. What did he do? Because he's you said you used to just faded after he fell off outgrew. They were like playing games together. And I don't know what happened. It's always so silly. He just she couldn't handle the clout. Did you approve of Tristan like do you have to approve of her of her boys? I wasn't. But we kept you know, like for how many years have been six years. Seven years, boys. Been hanging out. Are you gonna let her start dating like a? No. I mean when you're eighteen you can be what what about like fifteen six. I'm not gonna have her miss out on the fun stuff. Like homecoming proms everything I did. But I mean, I'm just saying dating is different. And sense of like, we have our tenders, we have our whatever's. And I think a lot of people just don't know how to have relationships, and I don't think so via deserves to have her time wasted with a mess. That's true. So feel fair you onto me. Are you? I'm still this is sad. I'm still waiting to us while they didn't they approve. I gotta pass. And then it's like they've had me on hold for like, two months. I'm like, why did you give me a pastime funny story? I think it's like crazy. Why do you tease today, and then don't do it? So as far as I'm concerned, I don't either day. Dating apps or in general. Okay. So did you guys try this new dating app called inner circle supposed to be like for career minded people? And I have to say like the doctors weren't smart enough. Like, they wanna tell me how to have a relationship. Unlike. Okay, what's more, important brains or humor? I'm sorry. Nothing's more important. You have to have it all otherwise, I'm not wish everything. Yeah. Total package. Three hundred. Why do people settle and like being sucky relationships real real question here, how as a parent for all the parents out there that you've gone through some stuff that you would maybe undo or do different. You know, how do you? How do you deliver that to your child and raise them to be a better version of yourself? I mean, I like to well we've been watching ourselves back over the years. And I think we always learn from watching our selves talking things look back chatting about it learning from it and not shaming yourself or creating negatively in yourself. It's a good way to move forward. I like that on that. No. That is the end of the audio cue. A with the phases with the faces your thank you guys for listening. As always subscribe say two million frigging times if I need to we will see you next time ferry. Abraham. Thank you. So you.

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