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Learn more about the peleton bike at one peleton dot com or visit your local showroom time for straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts, and you got to start with the National Football League here on this Wednesday. We have four big playoff games coming up here on wild card weekend all of them. As a matter of fact, I think are very very appealing in my opinion. I cannot wait to get to these games. Three of the four. Of course are rematches from games that were played earlier during the regular season. But there's also a lot of news happening off-the-field involving teams. That aren't going to be part of the postseason derby when all of the off the field nonsense and all of the chatter and all of the drama that really lead to some of the downfall for these teams. And that is why they are not playing football in January. And of course, we gotta start with the Pittsburgh Steelers here and Mike Tomlin the head coach spoke a little while ago for the first time since the season ended there on Sunday and season, which I don't know how you want to slice it. There are a lot of teams in the national football equal, of course, missed out on the postseason this year, Pittsburgh being one of them. And I think when you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, maybe more so than any other. You could split hairs. I think the Minnesota Vikings were also team that had a lot of expectations when two thousand eighteen began. But if you look at the Pittsburgh Steelers to me that is probably the club that underachieved more so than any other. And especially when you consider how they began the season at the midway point in November. We're sitting there talking about a Steeler team, which you know, what this is going to be the year possibly were. Everything comes to. Gather for them. This is going to be the year where they finally able to overtake the New England Patriots. And whoever else is gonna come in their way in the AFC and get to a Super Bowl, but it didn't happen for them. Instead, the wheels came off and everything just completely bottomed out. And it's funny because for the first half of the season, we were throwing bouquets at this organization that they finally did a good job of blocking out. All the noise blocking out all the distractions. You know, that was one thing that you may be wanted to say that Mike Tomlin while he was the head coach was guilty of a little bit. Right. Maybe not doing as good of a job allowing all that noise to stay out and acting the way they play on Sundays. And we all know how the season began it began with the on bell deciding to stay away because he wanted to get paid. He didn't wanna play under the franchise tag. He didn't think that that was good enough form. He wanted a long-term deal the Steelers balked, and then he said, you know, what fun. I'll sit out the entire. Two thousand eighteen season, which he did we know that James Connor filled in and in absolutely wonderful job for him. But then he ultimately went down with an injury. But that's still was not enough to keep the Steelers away when you get off to the start that they got off to they still should have been in the playoffs here, but laving on bell. It was an act of selfishness that began their season and some of they have to deal with throughout much of two thousand nineteen and if you look at what was ultimately the final chapter for this. Pittsburgh Steelers team here in two thousand eighteen it was also an act of selfishness. Because when we got the word that it wasn't a knee issue that kept Antonio Brown out of that game against the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday when we found out that it was because AB throw a hissy fit in practice and walked away from the team and was unreceptive to the head coach and other members of the organization reaching out to him. And they did not the only thing they could have done the activating them for the game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Then we find out that he leaves the stadium at halftime of the game. You can't make this stuff up. I mean, this is opposed to be professional football. How are we talking about a guy who in the most important game of the season? His team's fate is on the line. Yes, they needed help. We know that. But if they didn't win it wasn't going mean anything, and how do you tell me that this guy just all of a sudden decides to go rogue and say, I'm more important than the team. My feelings are more important than all the other guys in this locker room. You know, what I don't need guys like that on my team. And I don't know what an Tonio Brown's future is on the Pittsburgh Steelers. I don't know what two thousand nineteen is going to hold. But guess what? I would have to think long and hard if I'm in that locker room again next year about welcoming him back into my room as if nothing happened. And we know that Antonio Brown is guy who was acted out in the past. We've seen a MAC selfish before remember, the whole Facebook live thing, or Snapchat, or whatever he did in the locker room after the win against the Kansas City. Chiefs all those years ago taking the whole world inside what is supposed to be a sacred place the locker room environment after a playoff game. No less can't have that. You just can't have that. And the fact that the head coach that the quarterback that other guys on that team were trying to reach out to him and couldn't get a hold of them. Leading up to the biggest game of the season. You tell me what that means you tell me it's the perfect icing on the cake for what by and large wasn't extremely disappointing season for this football team. And that's how it's going to be remembered. Now, I'm not sitting here saying that, you know, the Steelers should move on from Mike Tomlin or anything like that. I don't think that that's the solution. And by the way, you know that the Steelers don't do things like that. Right. They've only had three head coaches for the last half century. They believe in stability and Mike Tomlin's are good football. Coach K. The guy's got a Super Bowl trophy the guys done some winning for that franchise. You walked in the lobby there at the Steelers headquarters, see all those Lombardi trophies there. Mike Tomlin's responsible for one of them. But sometimes the mix just isn't right. Sometimes you're overlooking talent to a certain degree or your focus too much on talent than you're overlooking. Some of the other stuff, which ultimately can sink your franchise and sink your football team. And I think that's the case of what happened here with the Pittsburgh Steelers. That's the bottom line. It was a bad mixed from the get-go. And I'm not just putting this all on leaving on bell. I'm not putting his all in on Tonio Brown. There's other guys, you know, what Ben Rothlisberger in my opinion is not. Without fault in this situation. Ben Rothlisberger did not exactly how all throughout the course of a season. A right. He threw the most interceptions in the National Football League this past year. He not exactly played an all pro level. I think he's some of the blame. I don't know how conducive is to success when for the last couple of years during the off season. You have your franchise quarterback throwing rumors out there like, yeah. You know, what I might hang them up. Yeah. You know, what this might be it for me? You know, if you're constantly talking about retirement, and if you're constantly talking about hanging it up. How is that going to be good for the organization? Bill Parcells used to say if you have one foot out the door, and you're ready talking about retirement, if you're thinking about retirement, you're retired ready. That's me does not help the betterment of the organization and the team it self. But this team should have been. I mean on cruise control to the playoffs this year cruise control if you looked at this team on paper offensively with everybody pulling in the right direction. And I'm including Levy on Belen that which we know he wasn't part of it. But if everybody who was a Pittsburgh Steeler was on that field this year. I mean, they had the potential to rewrite the offense of record books. That's why when I talk about a disappointment Minnesota to me is huge disappointment in the NFC for what they did you give her cousins eighty four million dollars. You don't make the playoffs. That's hugely disappointing Pittsburgh on the other hand. I think even more so just because Minnesota I don't think at least on one side of the ball in particular has much. On paper that the Pittsburgh Steelers had and this is a proud franchise. A very proud franchise. And there's almost some parallels to a certain degree with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And the New York football giants, and I'll get to them in just a little bit too. Because they've get them in the general manager of the giant spoke about what lies ahead for that team in the off season. But if you look at the Steelers, you look at the giants, okay? And I'm not saying that the giants X petitions were on par with where the Pittsburgh Steelers were, but we know that they had a very disappointing season. They had a brutal first half. And then it was way too late for them to pick up the pieces, but they both have franchise quarterbacks guys who were part of that fame two thousand and four class and while Ben Rothlisberger didn't play necessarily as well as maybe people would have liked for him to play ally. Manning went out there, and to a certain degree showed you some things completion percentage was as good as it's ever been in his career. But the team still didn't win in other assets of what the statistics you look at for. A quarterback. They weren't up to par. Let's say some of these other guys in and around the National Football League. There was some drama that they had to deal with always with Odell Beckham, it something this or something that just like the Pittsburgh Steelers with their guys, you know, and I don't know what the future holds for the giants and alive. We'll get to that in a minute. I don't know what the future holds for him and del Beckham junior. But we know what the Pittsburgh Steelers. They're now faced with some very difficult decisions that they have to make moving forward. That's the bottom line when the organization when Mike Tomlin when when art Rooney when when Kevin Colbert, the general manager when they're going to sit there and try to figure out how did this whole thing. Go wrong. This is certainly a huge huge area of concern. And I'm not saying that this blew up their season. I'm talking about the Tonio Brown situation. But it clearly is not a good look. And while Mike Tomlin was addressing the media about an hour or so ago out there in Pittsburgh, you have in Tonio Brown. Posting a mess. On social media saying, quote, my options may seem limited by people or circumstances. It is then I remind myself, I'm in command of my attitude. I'm divinely blessed with free will utilize that gift choosing to take charge of my life to express the creativity vitality and wholeness that truly define me. You know, what should we be surprised? This isn't only about Antonio Brown. This is the there's a lot of guys in sports that have exposed themselves as me players not just in Tonio Brown. But just think about this for a second. You have the most important game of your season week seventeen all the marbles just for one game. And this guy decides to go away. We'll this guy's unhappy about whatever we find out to be that it really is. Whether it was because he wasn't voted the team MVP, and he was jealous of juju. Smith, Schuster, whatever. Rumors have been kind of. Circulating the last couple of days. How do you allow that to come between? What you've done for the last several months and with each and every one of those guys in that locker room who are playing hurt who are just trying to get to the finish line doing anything. They can to help that team win. And you put yourself ahead of the group like that. Like, I said earlier if I was in that locker room, I would have to think long and hard about welcoming him back with open arms. Ben Rothlisberger went on the air yesterday in Pittsburgh and said all the right things about you know, what Antonio Brown's a friend of mine is a teammate of mine. He makes me better. I make him better that might be all well and good and Ben might be at the end of the line right now. And maybe he does have one eye on the future. And certainly he's played way more football than he has left in front of them. But that's still shouldn't change things. Right now. This culture right now is problematic with that franchise. And it's a franchise that as I said has been very reluctant over the years to go out there and make significant. Change. They don't fire coaches they stick with their program. They have belief in the guys they hired to do the job. And I commend them for that. Because more often than not it's been successful. Every guy in the last fifty years who has had the head. Coach's title for the Pittsburgh Steelers has won a Super Bowl Chuck Nolan a bunch of them Bill cower finally got over the hump and one one. And of course, Mike Tomlin has taken the team to the big game twice. And he has one of those trophies. Is it a stretch to say that the Steelers are never going to win again? While Mike Tomlin is the coach. I don't believe that to be true. Mike Tomlin probably has to ask himself. The question. Do I want to be here and be part of this? You know, is this the environment that I want to be aboard. And guess what? If Mike Tomlin if they ever decide to have a mutual parting of the ways, for example, and Mike Tomlin decides, you know, what I'm going to go. Elsewhere, maybe throw my name in the free agent, head coaching waters and see who else maybe takes the byte. He'll have a job and five seconds Super Bowl winning head coaches. Like that don't stay on the market, very long. You're going to see that with Mike McCarthy here coming up probably in the next couple of weeks. I'd be shocked. I'd be shocked if we get to even through the second week of the playoffs and Mike McCarthy is not the head coach of some other team right now in the National Football League that he interviews with. But the Steelers have some things they got to work out because there is no reason none whatsoever. Ever that as we get set to embark on the NFL playoffs that the Pittsburgh Steelers are not one of the twelve teams that are competing for that top price that to me is almost a catastrophe right now in the National Football League. And if I'm the ruining family, I'm sick to my stomach that we're not playing this weekend. And if it was an ownership group that was a little bit more impatient. That doesn't know what to winning. Maybe they do decide to cut ties with the people in charge and say, you know, what I'm not standing for this. But that's not been the Steelers way the thing that they have to investigate here is how do you remove that culture that toxic attitude from the locker room? How do you get it out of their lady? I'm bell was easy. It took care of itself. He stayed away. Because that was all contractual that was all financial they just kept him out of the way, and he stayed away because he wanted to get paid even more. So than what the franchise tag was willing to offer for one year. He wanted security. He wanted a long-term deal. Antonio. Oh brown. It's not about money. He's getting paid. He got his contract. So there's a different story there. This is all about being selfish. It's about me. And how can I be different from the team? How can I get my stock? My name my brand apart from an organization or maybe even a guy or two on that field that might be insulting me by having me do certain things that I think I'm above. And as I said that's not conducive to winning because it's been awhile since that Pittsburgh Steelers team competed for championship has it not two thousand ten they went to the Super Bowl. They wanted in two thousand and eight so we're going about a decade now. And they've had some good teams. They've had some good teams. But they haven't been able to keep it together and get to the top you want to say that they play in the same conferences the New England Patriots. All right. That might have been part of the problem somewhere along the line. But you can't tell me. This year. They shouldn't have been a part of the playoffs that to me is a travesty. An absolute travesty. Eight say ESPN is a telephone number eight at eight seven to nine three seven seven six Dan gross sitting in on the Stephen Smith show here on this Wednesday. You can tweet at me as always at Dan Gaza. GR a C we'll get into all these playoff games throughout the show. I can't wait for them as I said, we'll also get into these head coaching vacancies interviews or ready starting to take place, you have eight openings give you my thoughts as to which one's rank a little bit higher, maybe on the pecking order than others do which jobs are a little bit more appealing as opposed to some others. And there are some good jobs out there, there are some areas to where if you are a candidate, you can say, you know, what that's appealing to me. I can go and win there. Now, the giants real quick and the situation with their quarterback and what the future holds for line manning. Six out of the last seven years. The giants have not been part of the playoffs. That's a problem. K six out of seven years. We're not just talking about two or three years six out of seven years. That's a pretty large sample size, and what's been the common denominator throughout those seven years the quarterback. And we know that he's a good guy. He won the Walter Payton man of the year and a great guy. Nobody's questioning his character or his commitment to team or is commitment to the organization like we're saying about in Tonio Brown. This is just simply is Eli manning at his age the best option for the New York Giants to play the quarterback position as they segue into two thousand nineteen and hope to turn this program around. I know the offensive line. They had some swings and misses during the off season they tried to improve it. But it just didn't work out. And they got off to a horrible start. Then they made some changes they cut bait with some guys then slowly. But surely it started to improve a little bit in the second half of the season. But saquon Barkley who they decided to draft this past year instead of one of these young franchise quarterbacks he had a great year over two thousand yards from scrimmage, that's a home run pick. But the giants only won five games. But if the offensive line was bad enough rely manning, how is it? Good enough to get saquon Barkley over two thousand yards from scrimmage at the end of the day. Then he got a look in the mirror if you're the quarterback, or if you're Pat Shurmur, and your Dave Gettleman, you have to ask difficult questions and come to difficult realizations. Like, you know, what maybe it is time to move on. And in a perfect world. If the giants had another option in house, I think that we've really seen the move on from Eli manning they tried to do that last year when Gino Smith was there when Davis Webb was still on the roster. And then the whole thing got turned into one big catastrophe with the way it was handled. And you knew the Gino Smith was not going to be long for that place. And as we know Davis Webb once the new coaching staff came in they booted him out, and he ended up across town is a member of the jets. They drifted Kylo leda. He got busted and pulled over for the police or by the police this year in New Jersey and ruined kind of whatever chance he may be had to be the success of ally. Manning's job bottom line. Is this right now on January the second two thousand nineteen the New York Giants do not have the quarterback of the future on that roster. It's not in the building in East Rutherford, New jersey. Is that going to happen? Come draft time in April is that going to happen? Once free agency starts are they going to go swing a trade for guy who right now is wearing a different uniform in the National Football League. Who knows but he li- manning is pushing forty years old, and he counts over twenty three million dollars against the salary cap. Next year, the giants signed to cut them, they saved seventeen million dollars. That's all well and good. But you better have a solution already in your building before you decide to move on from Eli. I think the end of the day in the right situation. You can still win with him. Unfortunately for them. Though, they didn't do it enough. They've got them in the general manager when he spoke to the media little while ago. He said I had a no holds barred conversation with manning. And I gotta do what's in the best interests of the New York Giants, that's his obligation. And he said all options are on the table right now. When assessing what that position is going to be next year and beyond subject of Odell Beckham junior came up as well. There've been some reports that baby the giants look to train them look to ship them out of town. And Dave Gettleman said we did not sign him to then go ahead and trade them, and I guess that makes sense to me. Now, I would have necessarily given him the contract to begin with. That's just me. And once again, the Johnston win anything with Dell Beckham on the field this year. They got a lot of changes to make with that franchise. They still have a lot of shuffling to do when it comes to the personnel. And it starts with the quarterback a. Guy who has been good. He's been a two time SuperBowl MVP, he's probably going to the hall of fame. But you have to start to address that position. If you're the New York football giants that straight talk wireless nationwide coverage on America's largest and most dependable four G LT networks, Dan grasses sitting in for Stephen. It is a Wednesday here on ESPN radio. Eight say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six. We're back right after this. I think smoking always affected my daily life because I was a closet smoker. It really sort of controlled my entire day. My boss is the one that recommended jewel. So I decided to give it a try. You don't get any of the odor of smoking. There's no ash all over your car. I would say give it a try the flavor and satisfaction of smoking without the mess of cigarette. Asher lingering odor. Switch to jewel. Check OJ dot com slash Steven. If you don't smoke vape don't start warning products. Chains. Nicotine nicotine is addictive. Chemical. Seem to the Stephen a Smith show podcast. They're gross in Senate for Stephen A here on ESPN radio eighty eight say ESPN telephone number eight eight seven to nine three seven seven six and one was the last time. You checked your credit scores know what they are. Now not from a year ago with credit karma. Learn what affects your scores, and what you can do to improve them maybe need to dispute an error on your credit report. Or maybe you're paying too much interest. Credit karma could help with that. Is there unclaimed money in your name use credit karma check, once you know, where you stand credit karma helps you figure out your next move even offer free credit monitoring, visit credit karma dot com or download the app now that's credit karma dot com. Eight say ESPN is our number eight at eight seven to nine three seven seven six. Let's get some calls and say hi to trae who is calling from Indiana. Trae you're on ESPN radio. How are you? Are you good, right? What's going on? Nothing much just talks until ball there. Tonio Brown's Jewish in. And I was going to call. What are you got? Let's go. Well, I was thinking like I was really like I liked what you're saying. He has big head. He's really good player and Mike Tomlin which were saying about like, there's no reason there's no coaching problems or anything, I think 'cause they are pretty successful team to news. You know? Well, they've been pretty successful. But again and try thanks for checking in somebody in. Fortunately, though has to answer for a season. Like this right now, you can't go ahead and fire fifty three players as the old saying goes, you can make a tweak here and there, and you can make a change here. And there, and you know, look, here's the other thing about Antonio Brown. Even if you were just going to sit here and speculate about maybe dangling out there. And if you were going to open up trade talks to see what you can get for him. What's that price tag to be potentially? Seriously. I mean, it's all well and good. And I know that there's a huge financial component as well. And it doesn't be who've the Steelers for him not to be on the team next year because they're still gonna get hit with a very very prohibitive cap charge. If he's not on the team, but what you can't stop it a first round pick for in Tonio Brown. It's a number one. Plus, what are you getting a veteran player back in return? In addition to the picker you asking for two number ones. Think to what the price tag was that the raiders got from the. Chicago Bears for Khalil Mack. Don't you think? Then Tonio Brown is certainly a player that can affect the game. And can disrupt the game as much as Khalil Mack Ken at the very least. But the problem with the Pittsburgh Steelers running into right now is that they have a guy who's disrupting their own team and their own locker room. You could call me at a date or out of touch or whatever I'm sorry. This is the biggest game that your team had this year the biggest day. And now, you're telling me that this guy the walkaway, and he's not going to be part of it. I can't buy for second. I can't I won't. I don't want that guy around. Eighty eight say ESPN, let's say Timothy in San Francisco, Timothy you're on the Stephen a Smith show. How you doing Baker me on Tim? I kinda wanna touch up on the an Tonio Brown aspect right now since it's pretty hot subject right now. He's undeniably one of the best receivers in the league. And I'm with you that kind of attitude especially in their biggest game of the season. It wasn't. It wasn't where needed to be. So my question for us. Would you rather have an Austar like him on your team? Or would you rather have a player who's not as good? But he's going to have a better attitude and gonna put forth more effort a weekend. But we got to let me ask you a question. Okay. All the Super Bowls that Tom Brady one. Who were his superstar wide receivers superstar? I mean, I'm not saying Jimmy join unto nice player, but Jimmy nettle Minns not a hall of Famer Juliana is not a guy. We're talking about as being one of the elite game wreckers in the National Football League. The best receiver Tom Brady ever played with Randy moss member. Randy moss. Was playing on out of this world level because he's one of the all time greats. They never wanna a Super Bowl together. Never won a Super Bowl when Wes Welker was there. Now, you could say welcome in or kind of the same ilk. But he win Super Bowls with the Chris HOGAN of the world and guys like that always playing to the system always finding a way to fit into the team concept. Gimme those guys any day of the week. I don't wanna guy who's going to be pulling away from the other fifty two guys in that locker room because you're not gonna win that way, you're not and in this era of the National Football League and a pass happy existence in which we plan, you know, what they may not be Antonio Brown. But you could get a lot of wide receivers out there who are still going to be just as productive if not then some and not have to deal with all the headache. That's a fact. ESPN radio is presented by progressive insurance. Comparing rates to help you save caller click today. Find out how much progressive could save you plus with vivid seats app, it's easy to find awesome seats to any game. Download the app and enter promo code champs at checkout to get ten percent off your first order, Dan gross sitting in for Stephen here on a Wednesday. Eight say ESPN eight seven to nine three seven seven six back to the phones and say hi to Brian who's calling from California. Brian you're on ESPN radio. Good morning. Happy new year. Listen either fan since like, seventy four. Okay, Tomlin's not the problem until Neo Brown's not the problem. I believe that if the Pittsburgh Steelers do not draft a kick around one. We're in deep trouble. You can acquaint the last four out of the five games by Chris Boswell missing. I think it was twelve or thirteen point after's and field goals. And let me ask you something. Didn't we lose by three points on all those games with? We had the saints beat. We had the San Diego. Chargers beat. We had the raiders beat any one of those three games. We make one field goal. This conversation isn't even happening. Opinion on kickers. Look, I'm not drifting kicker in the first round. You never do in that Brian. And thank you for the phone call. I mean, I know it's all well and good and look they're kicking game certainly led to several problems for them this year, but I'm not going to sit here an attribute their lack of prowess in the kicking game. As to the reason why the Pittsburgh Steelers are not in the playoffs. All right. They had that Sunday night game. And that's where everything kind of went south for them. Right. That Sunday night game against the chargers at Heinz field. You at a to score lead to touchdown lead in your building. Prime time national TV against a team, by the way, which the come cross country which really had not been given the hallmark of club, which is known to win big games on the road. Now, give him credit. They shed that this. You're talking about the chargers. That's why they're going to be a tough outcome playoff time. But that game. I don't care about your kicking. You're up to scores in your building. You win the football game. K you have that championship mentality that pedigree. You win the football game. And they didn't find a way to get it done. But say George in Connecticut, Georgia on ESPN radio. Thanks for taking my call. I listen to a little while ago. Say Mike Tomlin has a Super Bowl with the Fitchburg Steelers. I he absolutely does. But I attribute that Super Bowl the Bill cower, and we'll Bill our put together, and I've been saying for eight years, and I'm a lifelong Pittsburgh Steeler fan might time. Let us not the coach for the Pittsburgh Steelers since he's since we've gotten further away from the tower era. The team has deteriorated they've had more than enough talents to win Super Bowls. The problem in Pittsburgh is Mike Tomlin. And I think it's evident because of the way Ben wrath is burger was stocked in about retiring lady on Belgium's does the cues me doesn't seem to care if he signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers are not and Tonio Brown themes. They're not care if he's back on the team or not. And I think always Jordan Jorge Rojas. Let me stop George. Let me stop you for a second. Okay. Because look do I think Tomlin. The perfect coach too. I think that he's Vince Lombardi absolutely not. Okay. But a lot of things you hit there. And I'm going to try to attack them one by one year. I would this burger rather burgers thirty eight years old or so it doesn't matter who is head coach is Bill Belichick be head coach Chuck Noll Bill cower, all these guys could be head coach. If you're thirty eight years old, you're going to be realizing that the finish line is fast approaching. So why don't wanna pinned on my Tomlin? That's not fair lady on bell. He's a businessman at this stage of the game. All right. He wants to get paid. And he showed you as much because he sat out the entire season. I don't think anything in my Tomlin, and my and lady on bell. You know, he'll go run and sign with the worst team in the National Football League. If they're going to put a bunch of money in front from that satisfies him. He cares about getting paid at this stage of the game. It's not an oh, I'm not gonna play for my Tomlin because I'm unhappy with the way his coaching style is no he wants to get money. He proved that as much and to say that he wanted Super Bowl with Bill Cowher's player. I mean, not for nothing, and I'm not taking anything away from Bill cower or Bill Kaur had how many bad losses in the playoffs. Guys. How many championship games at old three rivers stadium and then at the Heinz field that Bill Keller lose when he was the favorite. I mean, let's not make Bill Colorado to be you know, on the mount Rushmore coaches here for a second and the Super Bowl that Bill Keller won in two thousand and five they weren't underdog. They were the sixth seed, and they went on the road and got hot and member they not Carson Palmer out of that first round game in Cincinnati. Who knows if they win that if KIMO von Olaf doesn't take out. Carson Palmer that day. So a lot films to place for Bill cowering company. But there were a lot of years three of them. As a matter of fact where Bill coward and make the playoffs there where looked like maybe his job was in jeopardy and the Steelers stood by them. Mike Tomlin hasn't had a losing season. The coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers has not a losing season. Gimme that any day of the week. Alex, Philly is up next, Alex, you're on ESPN radio. Galaxy there. We don't have Alex. Let's say Johnny and North Carolina. John you're on ESPN radio. Hey, man, how you doing? What's up, John? Man, they need to stop. It might come is not a good coach you not NFL. You know, observer watcher Mike Tomlin is not a good football. Coach, Ben let's go to the real issue here who got full five black country. Just got fired one of them have been one year. And you might not a good football coach. It's a disaster. It's this grace that a man spent one year, let's go to John group. He had ready made football team ready made ready made. And he he he he's not fine. And I got five football coaches. Football coaches, fine. Steven Naismith, Johnny Johnny, Johnny, Johnny. Look, john. Look, I hear your frustration. But to me color has nothing to do with it. You want the best football coaches. I don't care what color. They are. All right. I remember Jon Gruden. He took over raider team that wasn't in the playoffs last year. He took over raider team, which he felt you know, what couldn't win anymore, and he made some changes they bottomed out and other paying the price, and he'd better hope that he could build it up again or else that franchise is going to be in for some tough sledding the thing with the raiders to remember they're moving to Las Vegas. They have a goal of being good again. Once they moved there. It goes hand in hand with the business side of things Tomlin's are good coach. He's a good coach. Is he one of the top two three coaches in the NFL that's up to you. But as I sit here and look at the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like I said, I'm not pinning this on the head coach as to why they're not in the playoffs. You have two of your best football players. Arguably arguably two of the best players out there position and all the. Football league, leaving on bail and Tonio Brown, and at some point in time throughout the course of the season, they decided to pull in a different direction. What is the head coach supposed to do? This isn't the seventies eighties and sixties where the head coach is the guy in charge anymore. There's one guy one guy left in the NFL, in my opinion, that has that type of thority where he can rule the roost, and if you don't like it you're out of here, and that's Bella checkup and Foxborough that is it this day and age were the players are making all that money. And they think that they have more thirty than the coaches, do you're left with the type of Antonio Brown result that you've got last weekend with the Pittsburgh Steelers. 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And if you want to tweet him, you can do so at Dan Grassi, GR ACA. Let squeeze in a call. Let's say hi to Adam and Indiana, Adam you're on ESPN radio. How are you? All right. I just have two quick gigs. Say what Mike Tomlin to me is a good coach. But he's going wrong by catering to Ben. 'cause every year he starts saying at the end of the year. How maybe I don't have it. And then he his his players under the bus. I don't care about my interceptions. And we'll irks me with about AB is the fact that okay AB wants to voice frustrations to his quarterback. And everybody's dogging him saying. He's a diva but yet just minute ago when big did he's a leader. You have a franchise QB. You got a franchise wide receiver and a great coke. Get them in line or get him out. Well, the other thing about Ben Rothlisberger to ca- throw in their adamant. I thank you for the phone. Call member heat sharped when the franchise used a draft pick on a quarterback this past off season. You remember that like how dare they bring another quarterback? It's my job. Then you can't play till you're fifty or sixty they. Have to find a contingency plan. Here's the other problem with that. And you could talk about Mike Tomlin finding fault with him catering to his quarterback. I'll ask it this way. Simply very simple. Okay. What is Mike Tomlin gonna win without Ben Rothlisberger? What is he going to win without a franchise quarterback? That's why you cater to him as much as you may not like it as much as you think maybe it goes against what you believe in your setting him. Maybe on a pedestal ahead of all the other guys in that locker room. You're not winning anything without a franchise quarterback bottom line. And the Steelers are gonna have to prepare for Ben for life without Big Ben pretty soon. I think they realized that as well. What's the most attractive head coaching job right now? That's open in the NFL get into that next. Stan Rossa in for Stephen a it is the second day of the new year here on ESPN radio. We're coming right back. Just a sample of what you hear on the Stephen swift show, weekdays at one PM eastern on ESPN radio and the ESPN app.

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