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Hey, I'm Brad milkey, and I hosted new daily news podcast from ABC news called start here. Every day we get you up to speed on the story that are going to be driving your day. We get important context from experts with on the ground access, and we do it all in twenty minutes. So start smart and subscribe to start here. Nightline return to Normandy continues. Good evening tonight from France. And we are here at the Normandy, American cemetery where we witnessed something truly extraordinary today. World War, Two veterans from back home, who made the journey back seventy five years ago to the day when they stormed, the beaches right behind us here. They lost so many brothers so many of the crosses here, read, June sixth, nineteen forty four. It was the largest amphibious assault ever. And what they did here was nothing short of heroic. In every corner of the country from fixing planes in this Alabama, hanger to quietly reminiscing, among treasured photos in Nevada doesn't matter war pitchers here, all my buddies, the or the modest heroes who did something extraordinary seventy five years ago. You don't know their names they have asked for little attention. But now we document to return to Normandy, World War, Two veterans who were there on d day and who are now going back Herrell fail. Mac merlin? My name is Jack Browne playroom and I was seeming first class in the navy. My name is Gary I was in the US army named herald Kimble's back. I was actually drafted into the army when I was eighteen and we have set out to beat them to travel with them as the journey back herald. How are you? It's an honor herald, Himmelsbach raised in Yakima Washington. He is. Ninety-three about to turn ninety four. You're almost ready to make this trip back. How significant is this very most? Time when my life and I remember best and it's all things that very few people have ever see. And I saw it all. Herald, remembers everything the boarding, June sixth, nineteen forty four that moment when those mines began to explode that was the moment you knew. Right. You'd better believe it. It was dramatic. All he just goes up in your face. I was saved other guys died within feeding me. They could all been training for d day. They woke up herald and his brothers on that ship at three AM told them to eat and to get their gear and all of a sudden, I'm out on the debt when I explain took place. So I had no, you're on anything else that was just didn't even have me home at all in all of a sudden, this explosion took place, right next to us, of course, was Schoff obviously. And it just all of a sudden water came up over my head and washed over the top of us and everything I was knocked around down. It was a tremendous jolt because it was actually Terry parts of the ship open. That was just the first explosion. Right. As you're standing there. Getting your bearings right? A second explosion, right? The second one is more violent. That was a power. Awful explosion second one, and that's where it gets them much. Jamming. This was the moment brave sons became men. I remember I had picked up one is head in, because he'd been cut and so forth. And you almost took it as a reality of while you, were, you, new, yet, you do these six that reality at eighteen years old a reality. He shares with veterans all over this country herald McMurray new market, Alabama paper say, how did you get off that boat and go in on the beach? There was a job had to be done. Somebody had to do it. We did it. No frio Sakari, Las Vegas, Nevada. Man scared. I didn't realize what war was until that day. It was awful Ninety-six. He remembers d day even the smell to this day I have. Have flashbacks us. No visa while right away. I think of the day, can open I just can't help it. Jet clayborn Dyersburg, Tennessee, he was a gunner on that day, seeing all the boys. It was killed and just laying there on the beach, and just is this just up and a little gin ham, and we were all young finishing Unger Orlando, Florida in the navy. We were the first on that beach Utah, horrible sound from the canyons and the bomb dropping everything all around us who was a fire explosions. And back on that ship herald, who woke up at three AM eight breakfast with his brothers on that ship at learned already lost. One of them, I explosion, it was just take care of your friend. And that's we all did we all jumped into save others. That's right. All of these men, who were so young when they were sent in on d day now packing up ready to go back. I'm ready to go herald with the letter. He wrote to his mother just days after storming that beach. I'm looking at this letter. You wrote to your mom he tells me, he hasn't read it in years. But he was about to read it to me peer mom, I suppose, I should begin this by telling you, I am somewhere in France. He was extremely careful with his words, you were being careful because of the sensors and also careful because my. My, you know, motherf center trip to see it. He shows us the photo, his mother made him take the moment he returned home proof. She had her son back. So this handsome, young man is going back to Normandy. That's right. I made it. It is a journey, they never thought they would make herald, McMoran and the entry. It is diary that fateful morning, June six nineteen forty four invasion started seven fifteen a m English time. That would be all he wrote for five heroin days, herald at ninety four drive to the airport. He's going back. So as jet clayborn. This is Ray. Vinton under and this is my baby. My ship going back to. No Hikari Puerto v m Fabius brigade on DVD company pet. We wore this, and I felt on jackets, all of them leaving home, again way to Normandy. They have yet to beat one another, but they already share a bond. They were all there, that morning, June sixth, nineteen forty four the largest amphibious invasion in military history fifty miles of Normandy, coastline, the beaches with codenames Utah, Omaha gold Juno and sword. And what they did you change the course of the war when you looked around and saw all of those ships. Did you think this is actually happening? I sure did could you see the beach? It was a couple of thousand yards. Did. They saw things they will never forget herald McMoran fourth infantry division the metaphor over oil with rounded people. Sometimes they were wounded himself trying to try to perform. Sometimes they'd be more shapes than men is trying to take care of. We all had what we call it a buddy. We knew that he would give his life. Rush. Buskers. But no free Hikari remembers the orders the office and let's go inland. We've got to go. I can't even get up for God's sakes. Just fire over your heads all the time, Vincent Unger second-class signal been in the navy. The water was from ARIN JR to a deep red for miles four thousand allied troops were killed, but their brothers would prevail. When you go back to Normandy. I'm sure you'll be thinking of some of those lost. Yep. Right. I'm hoping that going back to Normandy, Disney closure, some kind each of these men flying to Atlanta to meet up, and then fly together to France, the pilot thanking them before they even board. As for the paid for us. Thank you. Lying to France. One by one herald Himmelsbach walking to the gate with his daughter sue behind him. Have a light, sir. Thank you. Arabic Murrin brought to that plane jet clayborn on board to Vincent Unger. And Onofrio Sakari looking out at this journey ahead, all of them ready. I never vote. I'd be coming here. I am. Would we come back the return to Normandy, the unexpected moment on Omaha beach? All across. The vet and his one wish to find a friend. 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Inexperienced banking reimagined for yourself Capital One. What's in your wallet Capital, One NA member? FDIC. Nightline return to Normandy continues here, again, David Muir. We have been documenting the journey for weeks World War Two veterans who were there on d day from Alabama to Tennessee to California. Liked to France, and then driving to Normandy, Omaha beach, where seventy five years ago. They were the young men who stormed the beaches who watched brothers die. The veterans we have followed at made it back seventy five years later. He's being back here. Stunning. It's beautiful one by one week redid each of them. Again, this time in Normandy, we gather in the Normandy, American cemetery beside of the first cemetery set up by the US army just two days after d day as we sit here in this Metairie, you can't help. But to think of if that true. But others have come home. It's true. Seventy five years later, you still remember that day. Vividly. They all do in many ways, it's difficult to come back. True. In fact, it's my first time back. And I came with them. I must say one hour, I'm not coming back. Harold big Marin of new market Alabama. He's often thought of the men who did not come back. Thinking about them right now? Yes, I'm thinking about them right now because I'm right next to them. So I have to think about. But I will not dwell on it. These veterans now returning to those beaches of Normandy, veterans hand-in-hand returning to where it all began. Herald collecting sand to take home with him at strangers walking up to a no frills Hikari from Las Vegas to say, thank you. Thank you. Seventy five years after the bloodshed on this speech beef sector five v I could see just men come come next door. Unbelievable. And a new Friel had one more wish on agrees. They're gonna look crosses over Laurie. To find the grave of the friend. He lost. He still has the photograph of him standing before his friends, grave so long ago and all these years later he finds him again. Donald Simmons who died on June sixth, nineteen forty four near the service kills there is so much gratitude here, the French for liberating them a stranger handing Jack clayborn flowers. What did they say to you, when they give you the flowers? Thank you. Thank you. But this morning as the sun came up on this June six two thousand nineteen seventy five years later this time gratitude would come from world leaders. The president of France value will quote arriving to first lady, Bridget mccrone with a special honor for one of the veterans we have followed. They joined President Trump and first lady Melania Trump president Macron walking up to stand Friday from Pennsylvania. President Trump with Vincent Unger from Florida greeting jet clayborn from Tennessee, and window crowd gathered here saw the veterans faces on those big screens, the swelling applause, then the standing ovation. We know what we owe the you've durins all freedom. On behalf of my nation. I just want to say thank you. You're the pride of our nation. You are the glory of our Republic, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Then get rare honor the legion of honor the highest distinction from France for five Americans, including stand Friday, who we have followed all the way from Pennsylvania, who after d day went far out ahead of the rest to scope out the danger. He was a scout we descend to concentration camps before they were liberated. You send any Friday Stanley Friday on the half of the French Republic. New roof is on. Award. You the distinction of night of the beach in of onum. We were waiting for STAN right after this. Hey, congratulations. You didn't tell us yesterday. They didn't tell me either the French had reached out to him. But STAN had no idea on this grand. What was it like up there on that stage? It's really. Dream at Ninety-six. This is stands first time back to Normandy for years. He would not talk about what he saw partly because of the friend, he lost many paternity. Joe's trae died. He wanted to know if I was while he was dying. It's imprisoned. Stan remembering the brother, he lost honoring the fallen. Looking out over overhaul beach, the two presidents and first ladies. In for STAN this day and his new medal is for all of the brothers. They lost the metal part is for the guys. They're, they're the heroes. I'm the standby their to hear everyone of these men. Right. I represent it for this group of veterans who became men on this speech who met each other to make this trip back to nominee together. A salute in Normandy. We'll be right back. It is hard to put into words. The gratitude you feel when you sit across from these survivors, we felt it profoundly each time we sat down with them for this report. They're modest humble quiet heroes who did not feel comfortable talking about what it was. They witnessed all those years ago until really just recently, and they'll tell you that they're here for the heroes behind us, the more than nine thousand Americans who are buried here in the Normandy, American cemetery. They're here to honor their brothers who they have never forgotten we honor, our veterans tonight, and we honor the fallen seventy five years later reporting from Normandy. I'm David you're good night. So you just woke up your phone is lighting up with headlines and push notifications. And a text from your mom saying, how do I click this? Okay. Maybe that's just me. But if you wanna get up to speed, check out the new podcast from ABC news, start here, literally, the ground was shaky. I'm Brad milkey and every morning we're going to take you to the stories that matter with fast fresh insight. Low rubber mower. Michael Cohen calling only twenty minutes start here. Listen for free on apple podcasts or your favorite podcast app.

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