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Four driver. Michael mcdowell. It's steers leads every area of my life. Yeah. It's to Easter is a very important weekend. My faith is foundation of everything I do and thirsty. Joey logano. Yeah. It's really good. Actually, it tastes like a critical Arcaro NPR ins garage pass. We want to help extend the life of your vehicle and Cemex micro louver into the oil where it uses the fluids to reach internal parks as it soaks into battle Zemach disperses harmful carbon build up to help improve performance produce emissions. Extend engine life and increase Buell mileage buys Cemex today at Xenakis dot com. Or your local auto parts store, your vehicle run better with Cemex micro louver kit. Ready to set record time at the dealership accelerate car buying online with auto trader do your paperwork get financing options and traded value all of to get a monthly payment based on your information lead for you by safe time at the dealership when you start the deal online. Accelerate the ordeal with auto trade. This weekend is very important a driver Michael McDowell as a Christian. There's nothing bigger than Easter faith is the foundation of everything I do, and, you know, eight is the foundation just like you would think about a foundation every my career, and my family and everything that that I do is built on that foundation. And so it's steers leads every area of my life. Yeah. It's too. I am. But the thirty four year old Aaron native admits that wasn't always the case I've race every weekend and faith wasn't a part of my, you know, my upbringing, and it wasn't until I was an adult young adult that just seeing people live their lives differently. And what that looked like in just the peace and joy that they had. And in the process was, you know, attractive to me, and it's helped McDowell deal with the ups and downs of life on and off the track to me it's hard to pinpoint faith things because intertwined and who I am if I'm handling sich. Situation differently because of my faith. I couldn't really tell you that. Because it's just who I am. Right. And so I know that my everyday life is intertwined in that. And so yes, I think it matters. I think that if I put all this pressure on myself man if I don't win a Cup race. And I raise this sport for twenty years, and I don't win one on the failure. And I'm loser and all these things. Yeah. I mean, it could eat you alive. Right. But I know that it's just it's just what I is. Not what defines you from all of us at PR N. We'd like to wish you a peaceful Easter holiday and autozone gets you. What you need. So get in the zone, autozone. The weather's heating up which means just the perfect time to get that next job done at ozone. We have the free services you need to do it. Right. But are free. Autozone. Loans will program you can choose from over one hundred specialty tools Enviro, the one you need free of charge. Getting the job done. Just got here right now. AC pro premium refrigerators only twenty seven ninety nine after twenty dollar. Gift card by mail. Let us help you. Add more than fifty six hundred locations nationwide required. Restrictions and details star. Well with the weather warming up here on Easter weekend. Austin Dillon and Joey Logano are going to be into getting something cold to drink like coca Cola's new orange vanilla. Yeah. It's really good actually tastes like a criminal. It's funny when we tasted it, they just said here, just tastes and tell me which thinking, I didn't know what it was. So it was actually really good awesome. You way talking about Coca Cola over here. Okay. You love it too. Okay. Arendt's garage pass. Brought to you in part by autozone.

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