MadTrio Podcast - Episode 053


welcome to the podcast this week. The other California Brian. Johnston Charney James the Fatman Batman Stevens in the man who on his will wants to be buried in a pair of his girlfriend stocking his ryan breast comfortable so remember to shave your legs have hair sticking or the person going to prep. His body can just do so. Here's one fry people who hate Christmas decorations early Texas. Hoa Tells Family to take down their Christmas decorations rations. Because it's too early. I hate even though I'm a part of one but that's kind of bullshit shit. Claudia Simmons Simon's. Simon says she's pregnant with they do December twenty fifth so she and her husband put up Christmas decker. Kurt decorations early. Just in case. So what do you think should be allowed to say. No Christmas decorations if you're part of a Hoa. You're already in India idiot. You already know the rule. Yeah Actually some issue as depending on how good their run are good other. Hoa's board members. Just make up rolls and because of the board members they get away with it so that may not have been something a lot. August comes down to you reverend. Asian mean people aren't exactly showing up to the way meetings For those of the Homeowners Association was basically what happened in your neighborhood to the point like like your hedges being third and the height and the amount of trees can have their guard Cetera. James and I both knew a guy and his family got around wilder than a little city called Guerrero Their Homeowners Association. We're so strictly your fucking kids played in the front yard clough so the got a letter asking the head one of those giant inflatable double snowmen. And that's what they asked for them to take down. None of their other decorations justly inflatable snowman. I think what happened is somebody's smell meant melted as a child. And they're just you know really anti frosty Richard. No I'm being serious. I'm just like wait. What because why else would you just say? Hey nothing else. Just just do this. That's kind of crazy. Yeah Yeah it is pretty stupid. But I mean I guess if they want the entire neighborhood to look A certain way which is basically A. Hoa Wants. I can see them saying thing. No you're too early. I mean but they had other decorations up. That could even look like there was a Christmas like a Santa Claus Lay in the background of the pitcher. There's there are neighborhoods where I mean ours. In particular demographic of of that neighborhood might be play where it's like. Hey Man I like might be quiet. Did Not drive down the street. And you think everybody's puffing Christmas but there are also neighborhoods Around the year that our mandate than if you live in a particular neighborhood you decorate out of your so. That's what I was GONNA say. I wonder how much because I would totally do like one string delights. It's and then say see it just decoration. It doesn't say many quantity type style. It just says decoration so there that one string lights. 'cause I don't know what what the actual regulation is A little town called Hastings ranch around here but I don't know if they have like a minimum requirement. And you just feel like what if he just knew the minimum but it seems like everybody goes pretty APP in a library. I don't think I would feel like a deck. I'm just honestly I fucking hate crime decorating for Christmas like inside the House you deal with it in that neighborhood. Yeah I mean I would. I would probably be the one house. Matter of fact it would be okay with it. I'd be the one house that was dark on on Halloween. The had no Christmas stuff up. I might put the ball humbug stuff on it. I'm okay with that number four. You know in in your yard. Halloween one creepy out. I'm okay with it. So so like the movie. Nagara's I'm saying go full blown fucking auditor. Yeah right yeah have to sign China waiver in basically sell your life away like it'll be like uh Ho Ho Ho Santa Claus dies tonight. Well there's an actual haunted house that y you have to sign waivers and they can just basically do whatever the hell they want to you for twelve hours I think it. Is You know what I always wondered on that. Like how many. Yeah those actors in there actually just punched because well my thing is I was thinking depending on what they do. Because there's always the ones come out and actually touch you. I think if someone actor her male or female comes up in hits you if your automatic reaction is defend yourself I mean I I I think I'm okay. Well Yeah but you say Ryan you tuned out there for a second. No saying we'll both row. Yeah Pretty Pass if you touch them but they also can't touch you you know they can. They can get real close. Can do all these things but there are certain you know hundred houses where you're signing waivers you you know like saying like these people get pretty good. Yeah so but does that also say you can fuck with them back. I mean well. That's what I'm curious. They carry not so I got so James what's your carrier. At and T. MOBILE AT and T.. Ryan what's yours so if you have horizon. I guess. I'm the only person who has verizon. You get a year free of Disney plus through verizon. I am wondering during how pain in the ASS is going to be canceled but I signed up for it because it's a year for free. Why the fuck not a couple of things interesting right now? There's not a lot of options options for the stuff. I don't WanNa Watch. Obviously there's no songs of the south which isn't particularly surprising that we all knew that. Whatever taste no? I think it's funny of all the stuff that was the one Disney is going to go. No there's none of the Japanese cartoons. Excuse me where Disney isn't. He was making fun of him during World War. Two that stuff's not on their fair. We're made for propaganda purposes. You know so not exactly the platform. They want relief. Those aren't I'm sure you can find like the Smithsonian or library of Congress kind of kind of Bang Disney actually a steel box set of it the number of years ago. I've actually got it I would reprise I was reading an article about it yesterday. Actually in value worker going through the list of movie I mean they do have basically everything cars and bogeyed go going back from the thirties. Yes yes no. There's some of the old cartoons from with the The you know the shorts and stuff like that but The one that was Surprisingly seem to be kind of the focus of the article was about While they brought outside the Dumbo. You know everybody's speculating in the beginning. When they announced that it was gonna be you know they were GonNa take out the cigar smoking you you know crow or a magpies? Crows Crows Because you know the sort of you know veiled racism because they're actually a CETERA But apparently they released in their entirety in its original form and I think they said just like a small disclaimer like like. Hey Hey this video contains you know ideas that are outdated and I'm talking about is the perfect way to handle the framer upfront. Here's what it is after Bert. So as much as that does actually bother me. I'm actually glad they at least allowed it to happen. So at least people can see it. I mean that was the one thing I was worried about because we we. We live in such a weird part of society right. Now that we're told everybody is totally fine with it just didn't happen So some of the the more obscure and I'm saying obscure because I don't don't know too many people who remember it Like there was the nineteen eighty. Five's the journey of Natty Gann which is fairly obscure movie these days because I don't Oh no anybody who's seen it. WHO's under our age? They don't have That I saw when I was looking at last night they didn't have the Davy Davy Crockett. TV Show but they have a couple of movies are Kinda wanted to see the DVD on a couple of other Davy Crockett movie in the rifle. Well there there was a TV show But I mean you know. I wonder if they plan on putting that there is a huge nostalgia market you know and and when all you have to do I'm perfectly fine with the that. Seems like a perfectly reasonable compromise. You know as far as like what you know. We're we're GONNA put all this stuff out out but we'll we'll let you know not like a like a weird trigger warning or anything like that happened. Just hey you know what some of the view. The movie are from the narrow. I'm not I think it's a good compromise. The some of the stuff. I some of the stuff I wanted to see like the original. Excuse me wonderful world of of Disney. I wanted to see real. mousketeers was mousketeers with a netflix cello. EXCETERA and even the the remake exercising cartoon even the Chippendale Chippendale Shit. Oh and there's there's a couple of things Now that you just reminded me of the bill cosby. Disney movie is not on there along with according to what I heard on the radio. Today the built The Michael Jackson when he was on the simpsons is not on there. What your way what Lisa? It's my birthday episode. According to what the guy in the radio said that has been removed. What bullshit? Yeah because it's Michael Jackson. He's a child toucher so therefore it should not be on. We'll acquitted for one by the way. I'm so if Y'all are listening let me cue. Something in as is all three of us. You're like just show the stuff on that. Make people be make their own judgments on it. I don't even want them to to limit bill cosby. I just don't want bill cosby to get any money from it. If he can still get royalties he probably can out of cold every woody Allen movie off the puck and shelby across America before I dropped that at without. Yeah that's a great episode by that other fucking director who got Accused of touching people and went off. Weinstein no no it was. This was years ago. He went off to another country. Yeah Roman Polanski Yeah He's not on their they own his stuff. No but I mean you see stuff around but some of the movies like inspired true stories. There's remember the titans didn't actually know if the have the swamp Pop Fox one remember. We were talking about that last week. On of the Swamp Fox went in there. I'm actually in it right now. So give me a second. I'll search for if okay Well you're looking for that so you know there's something that showed up no back. It's not in there so so you type in swamp here's what comes up the swap. It looks like a body swap two thousand leagues under the Sea. Hope under the sea. So none at that right now so I asked an acquaintance of ours. I think what's happening is just their Holy Shit. The Adventures Bull Whip Griffin stuff. I haven't seen in years years So I think what it is this is just the initial stuff in their stuff later on to come because they have the first season darkening doc the first season of Chippendales rescue rangers. I'm hoping they they do the one How God damn it's the one where blue flies the plane? I'm sorry I can't remember the name of Tailspin I spent tailspin. That's not on there that I've seen so I think it's just I think right now just getting stuff on especially the fact that Oh tailspin is on there. I didn't see yesterday Especially because the fact that it crashed there were so many people. Apparently they got ten million people in subscribers in one day. Wow Wow yeah. They were having some theory. 'CAUSE nobody nobody expects ten million people accept Disney should because Disney for some reason everybody loves Disney even though the House of mouse is on the dark side. Don't believe US look at the thirty six princeton looking up okay Tournament the name of that episode. Do you remember the name of that episode. So it's episode of Dad that's it yes it's of what season you're probably thinking season. Two or three. Let's see what they have here so season to stark raving. What was it Dad Bark raving dad episode number thirty six? Oh thank you So it stops at twenty two on season two so it see if it's on its policies three Let's let's see. I might have to go back and look for the title Stark Raving Dad. I don't I don't see it but it you know it looks like all they have is every episodes twenty two. ABC's Tony Two episodes so so it just may be season episode. What what? What did you say it was thirty? Four thirty four thirty six thirty six. So sixteen season. So that's Bart's dogs gets enough Bart's dog anything in their programming dad. That's what I'm looking for Ramat. That's what I'm looking for right now. I'M GOING TO SEASON FOUR STREETCAR NAMED MARGE. Oh that's a good episode Yeah it's gotTa be here but the way they laid out. Let me actually a google. This real quick all right so he's doing that. So Ryan got a quest for you just looking around some strange ASS news. What was the last time you heard of cattle mutilation? I've heard of what the last time that you remember. Hearing about cattle mutilation fuck like the ninety so October Eighth of Twenty Nineteen Holy Shit in excuse me so stark raving dad simpson Lee episodes episode number season number three episode number one and season season. Three episode. One is not there. Oh Wow why on earth is going on. So here's a little description to the listeners. Because this is a podcast that see if I can find a description of it. So lease reminds Bart that he forgets her birthday every year. So Bart promises just to get a present this year. Meanwhile homer discovers that all his white shirts have dying pink because of the yeah because his lucky red hat. Yeah so I just a little heads up so I'm not surprised. The one thing that was that was one of the best songs of the simpsons is. It's your birthday by the way this goes from eighty nine to twenty eighteen so none of the newer stuff is on if anybody actually watches the simpsons I'm not surprised I think this is the one thing. This is one of the reasons why I've always rallied against online content streaming services. If you don't own the medium is the fact that stuff is gonNA disappear. This is just the nature sure of it because not many people that I know personally are like James Myself Ryan were. We'll just show it if if people don't WANNA watch it they're not going to watch it. I mean are they gonNA get okay. I just got I just got to go out there. Can you look up episode. A star is burns. Hold on let me see if I can can find it a star and then possibly look up the hold on hold on the Dalmatian Asian episode Ryan Okay. So that's the season six episode eighteen. Aw Firm over the neighborhood. Other one a star is Burns is on keep that episode and not the a star is burns right. Yeah that was Critic effort of one there is so much more twists humor in a star is burns. Then I mean. He talks about making bonds via damage by bombs. Work Unlike Schindler's I mean come on I am. I am wondering why I haven't seen the episode in Jackson. Excellent no no I mean the the one you talked about. I probably haven't seen it in twenty years so then there's the other one word the the Mr Burns oh looking for. I think it's best for something but he wants he wants a suit. made out of puppies can't remember the name of that one but that won't even make fun of Disney and I mean if a star is burns burns in there I guarantee the other one is see my vest. Yes see my vest thank you yes. He might've so I'm actually I just google it. See there's a benefit ladies and gentlemen of having in her shit don't know this so they went to the simpsons. Wiki what does it do not tell me the freaking actual episode number KNBR Anti Episode now now Okay Disney. You fucked up. You touched my Simpson's yeah yeah you fucking so season six episode Sir. Twenty may show up. I mean on a Disney so bad in that episode and then steamboat Willie steamboat itchy. Got So what does it say. Season six episode twenty. I mean if they're making that man that my lifelock in heart so I mean to hold on this weird fucking thing about this one guy who who happens to have been a character and a thing like it. So here's a I mean there's so many levels of separation between is they'll those potential alleged events so here in the actual actual so it's episode twenty two dozen and one Greyhound the simpsons end up twenty five puppies but Mister Burns wants the dogs dogs for a four fairies purpose. So let's see so that's their how you did remind me of Of something. I wanted to look up. Sorry this is basically US bashing one of my favorite companies of the world because they do and N. Walmart while we're at it. Yeah I mean both I mean of all episodes to to take off so I'm playing. There's nothing horrible about that episode so trying to get on trying to get Swiss family Robinson nineteen sixty to play. That's where I heard when you play it. That's allegedly where they let their kind of hey blah blah blah so right. Cattle mutilations bullshit nothing. There's nothing I'm really sorry. Nothing comes up on the Swiss. Sean Lee Robinson about being even remotely no check Dumbo. Okay Dumbo gotta having so with the wording. Yeah Mutilation Oh yes a five young purebred bulls were shown up with a drain blood and Eddie parts precisely removed up in Oregon. Oh Wow I thought this stuff stuff was over and done with. I mean what's next week of crop circles. Come back right. Yeah so it says rated G. Contains Tobacco depictions but I don't see anything thing about little kids killing pirates. I don't see any. I don't well. This is on Dumbo. Oh Dumbo I don't see anything or labels. May So when I if I get home this weekend when I get a chance I'll check it out my apple TV. Because I don't I'm using the IPAD APP and right now I don't see anything that actually tells me anything. Here's Peter Pan and Peter. Pan Has the thing that we mentioned that Yeah the red wine maker Redman Red Song and then also you know Nokia with all the kids doing when all the crazy she had contains tobacco. I I don't remember tobacco and half these movies. That's weird thing I don't seat seat and you know I I don't see any of it. So maybe it's because I wonder if there's a child setting maybe I'm just fucking in parents who were prescribing program to be able to fuck in you know manage what their kids watch like. They've always done. And maybe it means that not as many people are bitching is the the internet or the media would like believe. That's asking a lot of Disney. Just because Disney hold on a second. Let me did you have to you. Have to take into account you know working it from a from a media perspective you know people on the media saying and this could be you know fucking blog or the news. It doesn't really matter this point just saying that like Oh people oh are outrageous but by people quoted they could be talking about fifty million or fifty. Disney is the one who didn't know the answer that question there the one receiving the phone call and he gave him a letter and only getting fifty letters who gives a shit fifty million. They might do something out of that. A little disclaimer number or at their bets. A little bit. But I'm not doing that. Strike me as if not a big of a problem as people wanted to believe it. Well it my first thought is maybe it just didn't show show up on my APP. I mean because I I'm not sure and the other thing is you could be right on. However for some reason the vocal minority of people who were like this shows insert insert thing here is horrible because of inserting here? And it should be banned or Blah Blah. I don't think that many people but they're loud motherfuckers. Well Yeah but they've always been wide motherfuckers. But it's Kim and and people have always no matter what they wanted something to go away. I'm sure there was one hundred. The people that wrote letters about the mighty ducks by the way Tipper Gore. I blame you so wait a minute. We'll get that reference to remember. There was an an episode. ooh They have the rocketeer. I as a kid. That's that is a damn good movie. There was an episode of the Simpsons. Where Bill Cosby was in it. Do you remember that one want. Yeah no what was that. I don't remember really but there was a bill cosby episode of the Simpsons and now wondering if they pulled we are find out and I haven't I haven't really checked out for because I don't remember what the bill cosby actual I can let I can let Ryan pulled up where I can just throw to John in he can pull it up the only thing according to Saturday's of Thunder I'm looking at his children of a lesser. God will let me let take a load boo cosby's in I'm sorry by the way ladies and gentlemen four but so so what you do look up. Just typing and global comes up to the WIKIPEDIA. Click on that. And we'll give you the actual episode. which is sounds its way about a very odd way to get there anyways? Always but Now I'm wondering if the three episode I get that forty four between phony point most. Okay that's Bill first appearance called Saturday's Funder Pine Pine Car Derby episode. Thank you start someone else. Trying to think what's it called Saturdays of thunder hold on got the again. I know it's honestly Disney plus is super cheap. Far As when you're talking about the cost of things there's like seven bucks so it's a season three episode nine reasonably cheap. It's about the same price playing for crunchy. Oh Yeah Saturdays of thunder episode nine season three. Okay now. Now I'm just going to do now is my shit. No here's the thing there could be there. It could be reasons why season three episode one isn't isn't there. I'd like to believe it wasn't for nefarious purpose. But you never know. There must have been something there that got everybody's huckle look what what was the episode about actual because it was just basically an episode where they were throwing it in as an oh mosh is to a clockwork orange One flew over the CUCKOO's nest. A crazy guy in a mental hospital who thinks thank Michael Jackson. Well homer gets labeled crazy. So that was Michael Jackson episode. Then Yeah Yeah with the Michael Jackson episode. Oh wait you're talking about those rows no no. It was the why the bill cosby one was. Just basically Hummer was trying to learn. Be a better dad to borrow the season for like a thirty. The season. Three episode one. It's the says we're Bart's red hat. Yeah so that's the episode Michael Jackson's on then. Yeah and that's that's that's the one that's why it was because my guess and by the way I don't really understand it Because Michael Jackson still makes a ton of money from his music so was it. His choice was visit Disney. Because it was Michael Jackson potentially give people issues. I that's the thing I don't understand I just don't get it but are you saying there but under a different title no So from what I heard on the Radio Disney purposely removed that from the simpsons removed. Did the bill cosby at some point. Made a movie uvi with Disney. I was the devil and Max doubling the devil or something back the fuck back in the sixties or something. Yeah and so. They removed that and as a few other things that I don't understand I just don't get how they could keep the one that I just mentioned but not keep. The Michael Jackson won because of their pulling other bill cosby stuff. Did Michael Jackson voices on character. Yes that's probably why because according to this What I saw bill cosby episode? I saw it wasn't voiced by him but bill cosby is in another episode and that wasn't invoice by it and I want to look up children of a Lesser Claude. I'm GONNA have to pull up somewhere else Hold on. I'm still looking things up. I don't understand it but I'm not surprised. I think this is just. I think what happens is Oh my God. Hey Disney the haunted mansion at your movie with with with Eddie Murphy. You couldn't you had to show that and of all the Disney movies that abortion of movie. I mean come on so season isn't twelve. Just children of a Lesser Clod. Because I get episode to sixty. I think these are just counting the actual episodes. Yeah they're hold on. So what does that season twelve episode. Twenty everybody's going to be really like Oh my God season twelve episode twenty. This is either going to be the greatest episode of the Boring Yeah. Children of Lesser Gods is voiced by Bill Cosby. According to homer sets up a daycare center turns the love of the town but not its own son and daughter I I I don't know I don't know why I think it's just because it's Michael Jackson and he's so controversial reversal and you know. I would love the fucking pointing out that John. Taking the position that I usually puck. And take and I'm taking of fucking Disney doing the on purpose and you know it's not including well. Yeah because I. I've always been of the opinion. I don't like censorship. One of the reasons forming politic- politics politics is one of the reasons I'm irritated that the Modern Day media is how much crap that give trump every day. They give the other side so much. A free pass I hate Disney for for basically censoring their own content. Let people be their own guide in and choose not to watch it if people get upset. Simple bitch that's exactly Juan sucking pissed off right now because up until this point I haven't had any evidence that they would have been doing something like this you know and I and I was fine for the song of the South. Hey everybody didn't talk talk about that for fucking like. Hey you know what this was. This has been shown as an example of what not to do for a while. Now look let's not go ahead and include that as our as as kind kind of pay you know a thing we'd we'd like to go away you know and it's not it's not whitewashing history and as much as people are Never GonNa Forget about slavery because that moved. It's you know it's just like hey we're gonna go ahead and Disney personnel from not one but two fucking existence yourself from the record two of the fucking very classic topic A Simpson's episode one more than the other with the faith. Your birthday saw Christ's sake but for such a a again so many level all the preparation between what that episode was and what the alleged crimes were of the of the but the thing is still okabe with fucking convicted on exactly say. Bill Cosby is convicted. Michael Jackson was never convicted. Only alluded to never convicted. He was because it was an HBO Special Nafta after the HBO special everything else. He was basically convicted in the in the quarter public appeal opinions. And whether by the way whether right or wrong you know he was by the way this is something. I actually have a hard time with. Is I have a hard time. Separating the man from the artist is one of the like when I hear a favorite movie actor say something that I completely disagree with or I know it's wrong. I have a hard time watching a role there in without thinking of what there are. I've gotten better at it. And this is one of the things Michael Jackson probably because of my age because I I was a little kid in the eighty s at the height of the king the King of pop when he was literally the hardest artists pop artists. There was you guys can name anybody else in the eighties. As I guarantee Michael Jackson was better and bigger and bigger. So maybe that's why is because he was part of my childhood enough that I still still hold he still holds a special spot for me musically. I'll go this right now. I'm not a pop fan. There there are at least probably more but at least three of Michael Jackson songs did I do enjoy what I go out of my way to listen to him. No but I'm one of those people that can roll the windows up and saying yeah but I mean the thing is that I'm one of those people that did convict him in the Court of public opinion because I did have that feeling but later down the road to to where I'm at today I don't think he's a bad guy I think yeah put himself in stupid situation that he never should have put himself often to have those accusations thrown how what he was never convicted and even people that were there and they had their names turn into into the indictment or whatever was put on him MacAulay Culkin being one of them. None of them Kokin when One of his biggest supporters fan like like like nothing ever happened. You know what I mean like good good we from an outside perspective go go ahead and call it for inappropriate. Yes I don't I don't think anybody's it destroying even after this year's going to disagree with that but criminal I I I don't think so I can't get enough victims to realize we might have got a little mob mentality without one and and like you said never never convicted. I'm assuming that the people fucking investigating. Michael Jackson are smarter than me and would have been looking at more evidence than I am but what I'm going to come back to is the fact act that I am a huge simpsons fan. Both these guys what I say this and this is not boasting or joking. I have forgotten more about the simpsons than anybody I've ever met. And that's saying something Ryan's a big simpsons. The Fan had another fan. That was really big. You mean a friend who's really became friends over the simpsons. Yeah I thought I was sitting next to somebody. It was much more than I did. And we used to sit there fucking forever hours sometimes just trying to each other random fucking trivia. 'CAUSE WE'RE DORKS. Yeah and Dan so to come along and take probably one of the most And I would say the top episode of the Simpsons but one of the most memorable episodes of the simpsons. I'll send an take it off but leave other episodes with somebody who was convicted of lots of terrible acts against women in people but to leave those episodes and then take off one of the most classic episode of the Simpsons. Just boggles my mind. As to what they're thinking I think what it is. I think it's just a matter editor of time before I think what they're waiting for culture to change just because right now Disney is corporate just like everybody bitching about their their job. WHO's gone Super Corporate Britt from say a family business? Disney has to worry about their bottom their bottom dollar and you have a bunch of people a very small minority complain about a very obscure episode by the way Yes it's obscure because it's a very early episode. Now we're doing it. Somebody had complained about those particular. No I don't think it's necessarily people complaining. Yeah I think what Disney did say. Oh Michael Jackson. Will you need to remove that. I think what it was is there. Bill Cosby. I've wondered is like who's sitting in a room. What fucking cleaners? Gene is sitting in a room thinking like oh Michael Jackson. You can't do that with the ten foot bucket bowl well arbitrary making that decision for all of us. 'cause I doubt those reading enough fucking letter about that Goddamn episode to do have them fucking pull it off the air out of Sierra Holy Shit hold on hold on hold on one second one okay. I want to mention something. But if you are a fan of the simpsons as that would be one of the people who would even know this episode exist exist to come along and say no we have to stand against this episode. And how the hell are you going to get that many people to sign that. Because I'm a simpsons fan. I wouldn't sign in that piece of Shit. I would tell him to go fuck themselves so I hear you. I just found the Mickey Mouse Club. Oh and by the way Disney. This APP is not fucking being easy to to to to use. I just want to let you know. I don't know how many seasons a mouse club was have one season on here But it was a few good years holy crap this was hard to find and they have all the Disney nature videos. I WANNA find it with the one where they forced the the lemmings to go over the edge right. I'm so there are stuff so I'm looking for but they do. They have stuff like Pollyanna I know that one of the TV shows. I watch as a kid called Something Avonlea are not on the other stuff that's not on here here but I'm impressed. They have the absent minded professor surprise. That's on their young wait. What's this one? Oh Sammy the way out seal. It looked like swamp from a distance. Real surprised with the Davy Crockett. I might be worth a free week right there I know what was it. TV show. But I'm looking forward to watching because I haven't seen it in in years will be fine for you know the year two and year three. They're rollout offer stuff like they're they're not really trying to go for their usual moratorium I think they. They realized this subscription based thing is turning fucking money and that kind of their business just with that they're going to have to release it every so many years just because the copyright I think what they're doing is potentially a couple of things as things may disappear off the service I have a feeling that's GonNa Happen. Or if they put everything up. It's a fact you're the barrier entry. Yes you have to be willing to pay seven dollars a month. There's another cool deal on here. Apparently and I haven't read too much into it for like anywhere between like fourteen to twenty dollars it gives you Hulu along with. ESPN employs which is yeah. And I think I'm ditching. It wasn't just going to go with a disease in prison instead But I think that they would call stuff up on and put up For both of them puts up barn more for the feeling of exclusivity verses any kind of like. Oh she had something might happen or something like that. There's there's something I think. It doesn't really hurt their bottom line. I think shareholders aren't exactly reading those letters anyway but So so I just found something of Disney's I've never heard of the million dollar duck. They have the they have the ugly Dashon around which I liked as a kid. I'm actually surprised at finding a bunch of stuff I've never heard of which is surprising for me. Sorry I'm I'm still pissed about the simpsons fan. I I just about Oh for days people so I'm GonNa tell you all check it out. I mean it's I think there's a free trial I think it's I think it's worth it for some some things. I wanted it for the back catalogue. I'm getting it free for a year for Verizon so at least until next November keeping it is it worth it in all honesty. I don't know I mean the real big question for me is how much Disney GonNa released stuff on DVD. Because everybody's going towards services now in hard mediums for people like me are going away so one more yeah well back in can be exclusivity charters. They'RE GONNA start rolling out real cool special edition. Asian sorta things like you know James. Oh joke about getting the nine tall fuck in addition of Lord of the Rings. Yeah sounds so whatever so I I have John Homer the great. Yeah my God okay right now. I know you're GonNa Laugh at this one. Guess which episode is still in there that I just had Brian or John. Look up homer the great stonecutter's episode. How can they keep that one? Just early we I mean. Aside from the tire was there something particularly their satire in the whole opening sequence of the song that has making fun of Disney to well. Yeah but I mean. They're making fun of themselves. They happy because they have to get that that you've marketed. Needs that medicine the same way that Fox was always fighting with Simpson fucking rick their network. Ever get ahead making the money. Yeah so they have the entire series of the gum ventures that gummy the bears of Jesus to have Mr Boogie. I don't know that one. I think I say I am happy that dark lean duck. I'm disappointed they don't have more yard. Dog Walk Uptown although I think my girlfriend has a DVD. I've got the season. I have all the dirk window so so this some of this stuff must be from the Fox catalog. 'CAUSE big businesses in here and that a non positive. That's not a Disney from the Fox catalog in what about Mary Do. That'd be awesome. Do you think they've cut out episodes of married with children if it was on here. Oh fuck you no because there's a see here's the thing is I think the reason that whilst obviously speculation again the reason they would hold Michael Jackson because of the what Michael Jackson did the person you can't cherry pick satire. You know that would be weird. I mean there's got. There has to be willow reason then than just my view would never for banning episode making fun of Bill Cosby you know or satire in Bill Cosby and and and blue you know like like the the horrible rape of many women like that would be fine but having an episode where he's you know been arrested as a nice person and somehow you know evil because everything that that person did. You're responsible for because you had him on your show one day. Yes so I think that's really I think that's it. I mean like I said things things may change because you know people being mad at things just you know everything ebbs and flow so I mean it may show people being mad at thing. I I manage this whole thing. I mean this is just bullshit I will say Granted I haven't had a whole lot of time to play with it. I'm impressed with it. I mean home loans on here hilarious So I'm kind of I'm impressed. Oppressed I mean they. They have some stuff that I'm definitely going to watch. I don't know how much I'm going to watch holy crap shipwrecked is on here So Yeah I say give it a try. They may have a couple of weeks ago. God News is on your fucking commercial by the way right now. I hate newsies you any times. I was forced to watch that That in fucking that movie with David Bowie that I refuse to remember the name of it. And don't you dare say I feel I remember the name. Regret Myself You know I say it's worth it. I mean at least for the free trial. I think it's worth it. I don't know how much mileage you're going to get out of it. The only reason I signed up for years I really wanted to give it more than that. Two weeks free trial or a month because it I think really judge a Disney service specifically. I think you need a little bit longer fucker true. I'M A I'm absolute blind sucker. Hey I love animation and by the way people don't get how much I love cartoons and animation in general you get how much fucking John Ciardi like fucking anime cartoon Jimmy. Listen whatever last week's episode where you fucking Defends the shit out of and. Then what Virenque Eric boy gird rope in your mouth all night I just I. There's a certain cartoons cartoons actually my favorite era probably for a cartoons if you look at animation wise of like the last Unicorn I really dig. That's very certain. Style of the Seventies. Oh by the way. If you WANNA movie with an insane soundtrack by the band America check out the last Unicorn you can give or take the story today but the animation and the music. It's one one of my top. Ten Non anime movies Fars Animation. Wise it's absolutely a stellar. I'm going to bring this up because don't bother me so Disney representatives have stayed silent on on this whole thing but James L. Brooks has commented who's James L.. Brooks one of the raiders escaped. He's doing it for the audience. I mean come on. It's so James. L. Brooks is one of the producers and creators of the Simpsons along with Matt. GROENING anyways. So thank you I was getting there but Said this is. I'm against book burning of any kind. But this is our book and we're allowed to take out a chapter the crater said that. Yeah this would James Brooks listen of of the decision. Not you're given it to the fucking world is it. I the Clapham fucking argument you know like the still yours you have ownership over your art or is it released to the world for the war will enjoy as it so there was laws ars an all there was there was an artist. I don't remember his name. He was A. He's a fairly. He's a guy from Britain but he said something that I agreed with any mentioned when it came up to music as it once you release it to the world. It's no longer it's no longer yours. You wrote it but it belongs to everybody else. And kind of the opinion of it and the other thing is if I'm going to bitch at George Lucas for Editing Star Wars. I'm going to budge bitch this because I'm going to be consistent. I disagree with. I disagree with going going back and saying no no no no no. I didn't like that that's remove IT I. I don't mind like hang that you saw that. You may be like but very much attached to because part of this thing that you enjoy. You didn't see that I'm just GONNA go ahead and pick that out that that bothers shit out of them like I also understand the fight Mike for Major Fuck with mine. I get that but also yeah. Yeah I'm I'm sorry. Sorry Man I disagree with you so much for that comment. How could you even remotely think it's okay? I get it. You don't like the fact that Michael Jackson potentially potentially by the what's not I'm I'm talking to the what's his name because I don't want to because he potentially did something by the way there was no real true evidence if there was evidence whoever charged it well of course it was the LAPD. They couldn't convict Lincoln if they were in the booth with John They couldn't convict John Wilkes booth. They were in the box will Lincoln to borrow a very old joke but still fuck you. That's insulting someone who spent his years arguing against censorship. Did you ship of any kind. I'm sorry you can go fuck yourself shit and needs to second and also fucking personal personal level from a guy who spent fucking years memorizing your dialogue because I loved it so much in remembering the tiniest details about everybody episode you know Hey fucking desert to I guess live on my memory. Anyway you're both You know hopefully realizes it is by the way this. This is the same argument. I have against Disney not releasing songs of the South. I understand why it's so touching. I don't disagree that it might need to be handled with kit cloves. But we're all adults well. Some of US are are more adult than others. I think you all can just choose not to watch it or choose to hold a conversation instead of closing your eyes sticking your head in the sand. It's never worked. The only thing you're going to do is get people like me who hate censorship of any fucking type whether I agree with whatever you censoring are not GonNa Rally against it. I want all this stuff available for people to make their own fucking choices. I don't need I don't need government I don't need a business. I don't need anybody else. Anybody else telling me what I can't watch what the fuck I can't do if you're not allowed to say you're not allowed to say Boston government so this is why I this is why I totally disagree with Disney doing that. Yeah no I understand why but I still. I still fucking disagree. I asked the beaten. This damn horse. That really really a annoyed me so a lot of the marvel almost all the marvel movies by the way. I'll probably never watch any more marvel content ever I'm actually kind of sick of avengers Shit But all like all of its here. I'm kind of impressed. I mean there's even some I haven't seen that I know her out Cartoon Wise Spiderman unlimited. They're the one with a really wealthy per ups Parker and the planet Spider Woman's on Holy Holy Crap. Oh X. Men the cartoon ours is on their wow so there are silver surfer spiderman limits. I don't know if you've watched that then the past ten years the that the X.. Men have really aged the last few seasons h because I switched the people who made it. The first couple of seasons aren't too bad or aged. Oh Yeah Yeah and they. They're they're ninety cheap which is not which doesn't necessarily age as well as others I still say give Disney a chance And I I got. I don't know I I mean I wanNA watch chip but I'm also like I am so before we all fucking prescribing Disney thing you. It didn't go fuck yourself. Don't ever touch my Simpson's again. I keep thinking is older I get is and we're actually actually running late but I'll just went on on tangent about Simpson's while I was I was thinking you know the the older I get. Is it really necessary society for me to be outraged irritated as much as I was in my youth. Because you know you know like punk rock. In a young kid sport you don't see too. Many old punk rockers. Who are actually sticking to their convictions? See the see the lead singer of black flag for example. What least when it comes to his youth? Yeah it's not It's not that the is outrageous but to me it's mostly about free speech First Amendment issue. It seemed like everybody. Every in fifteen years needs to be reminded how coordinated and that kind of thing the one thing and this is something. Aw I may lead into next week if I can remember to write it down is there's there's coming to seem to be a new tread grant trend Grad this online so. I don't know how often it really happens happens where people aren't really for free speech but they're not but the only free speech they're really into or they really want is there's Well that's the thing when you ask them like are you for free for like of course and then you know the the policy roles and of course we're overcrowded in one way or another another but the the the blind your what they're doing is it almost coltish that that scares me as a person who has talk to people of every color every creed ever sexual orientation love asking questions the fact that you want to limit that I find insulting halting on every level. So we're going to continue this topic possibly for next week or if not it'll show up somewhere that usually sprinkles its way onto the conversation conversation so any final thoughts now already said. Fuck your hungry all right well. Hopefully ambers picked out her favorite pair for you to wear and as always thank you for listening.

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