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MRN Motorsports Monday - Nov 5


Drivers start. Tuning up your workweek. It's immoral in motor sports, Monday, presented by outback steakhouse and brought to you by Hercules tires, and grunt style a payroll WARNING, PLEASE keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times. And do not beat the host. Here's what he came and Joey Meyer. Welcome to motor sports, Monday, presented by outback steakhouse alongside to sputter Joey Meyer. I'm Tony Rasidi. Woody Kane is on special assignment. Glad heavy with us here today. Exciting action Joey down in the Lone Star state. You know, they say everything's bigger in Texas and yesterday, and in fact the entire weekend of NASCAR racing. It took big moments to come away with the victory actually thought you're a week late on your Halloween costume good morning. And I had had hair took me a while to get the hair go. But now that you're here. It's been awhile since you've seen me play with my Joe, he's like he's right. It's always closed doors, but I get to play with my Joey Kevin Harvick clearly put a waxing on the field yesterday had no issues as execution was perfect. And he was able to maintain the lead on a late restart with Ryan Blaney who the previous restart was able to start on the outside lane drive around him and get away from Kevin and Kevin was able to track them down. And. That's the last restart. Kevin said, I learned something there. Yeah. I'm going to take the outside lane and prevent you from getting to the corner, and it was able to bring that car home to victory lane for his eighth victory. This year. Those guys have been pretty good. They've been very good. And obviously with the wind that's a top ten finish so free blooming onions, Monday night tonight. Go into your out back home. Kevin Harvick sent you know what when he wins. They should give you a free beer too. That'd be that'd be awesome. That'd be a lot. Yeah. That'd be right. You'd be eight beers this year more than I've had. Yeah. Well, there you go exciting action. And then you're the truck series delivered. Heartbreak for Christopher bell there at the end. But amazing job. I just in Hailey working his way into the championship four in Miami. And then Cole Custer with an amazing surviving. Yep. Surviving the expended race at Texas in an amazing. Just great racing. All around the X's Todd Gillian almost had a second truck win. But he's yet to win the truck series because he comes to the. The checker with one to go and can't have enough gas to get to the end hands that s- third winning a year for Justin Haley who puts to geometrics we had Johnny solder on last week. And he said his goal was to get Justin Haley into homestead boom, nothing. He had anything to do with it. But man, he's right there. Christopher bell. Who's won more races this year? Wrecks on the first lap starting on the pole. You'd think hey, I'm going to be on the poll. It's going to be a good time. But that new treacherous turns one and two in Texas really make it difficult to get going on on newer tires recalled or tires. It. Just doesn't offer the grip as we've seen a couple of last races in Kansas. We saw big wrecks off return to this took not Christopher bell out. But he definitely got squirrelly early. And then couldn't make it back up. Cole Custer gets back to homestead to raise for a championship. Who won that race last year? Yeah. Cole coaster dominated by fifty are thirteen second lead on second. We finished second with the Penske car with Sam Hornish, and he dominated. So that'll be curious turn of events to see him go there and. As for a championship for his first fulltime year in the expanding series. Yeah. But obviously the main event yesterday in Texas was the monster energy NASCAR Cup series. It came down to a final into the ratio between Ryan Blaney. Kevin Harvard for the wing Kevin Harvick picks up the victory. The eighth of the year. Like you said, and this is what he had to say. After the race. I mean, really, that's that's what you raise for you to try to get yourself to get into the playoffs. And then position yourself to have a chance to to get to homestead. So it's not easy. You know, this time of year just because of the fact that you know, there's there's everybody's throwing everything that they have at it all the all the notes, and all the all the things that you've done all year compiled into the the cars that you have on the racetrack. And and you know, it's it's tough to you know, to to win races at this point in the year and so two to get to victory lane. And that's that's our goal. I mean, that's how you control your destiny. The most is is to get to victory lane. Instead, cat your fingers and toes. It's it's fun to see a whole day come together. We've had a lot of really fast cars in the playoffs here. It's just the the days haven't come together. And sometimes you go through phases like that. And luckily, we've scored a lot of stage points and kept ourselves in the game. And and that's that's what you gotta do. Just hang around survive in advance. Joe is impressive. Is that driver of the four cars, Ben? And he's been unbelievable. What we've known it for forever. The guy sitting next to him in that video Rodney chillers being able to put it all together every week keep the team together. Keep that pit crew motivated because Kevin can be hard on them from time to time. He's done an amazing job of keeping that four-car upfront as well. He so outspoken. Yeah. I mean, just he's back in any. He likes it that. Exactly, right. The thing that they're going to have to control now that they're going to homestead Phoenix is a great track for Kevin the last couple of years has been off a little bit. But it's a relevant for them to go to Phoenix. They get to go enjoy it. But when I go to homestead they really the team has had speed all year, they've got eight win stickers on the side. You can also get another car added because we have plan b sales. Right. So if you do that you have to go to homestead and not make the mistakes. And that's what's held them back all year long. They would have had ten twelve victories this year if not for some smaller mistakes, and that's where the. The crew chief for Rodney children's is gonna come in and really try to make that teen discipline no mistakes. And I see them coming out as a victory in the second championship for. Kevin harvick. Yeah. If you're a Kevin Harvick fan. This has been a great year to really work on your collectibles. And don't forget that race winning. Kevin Harvick die-cast from the win at Texas as well as all race winning and other die-cast are available as always at WWW dot plan. B sales dot com, man. I'll tell you what you know, what I love about plan b these cars, they're doing these wing cars. Look identical to it. They're very good. They got they got everything on it. Such a limited run yet. When we're back in the day. He was a thousand thirty thousand or not doing that more. These things actually means. And even though you have my have eight cars of Kevin Harvick this year alone. The last ones in the playoffs are discriminated or they're they're disciplined with the green splitter in the front and the green spoiler. So you can say these are the playoff cars, and this is the regular season cars, pretty cool WWW dot plan. B sales dot com. All right. We gotta take a break here on motor. Sports monday. When we come back a little on track off track. We'll let you know, what's on our mind when we return right after this. Good. Grain on the Bobby. Thought it boom. Chris crock it straight from the NASCAR stands with another member of our Toyota racing family. Jason. Hi, there seem in patient. Well, I've been holding it in for a while awhile since it started the race. Now this season gives you don't wanna miss any action. Don't you just take Lee take my eyes off? And you don't look so good can offer you some water food. Louis NASCAR Toyota racing with family like this knows. Learn more dot com. Let's go to Richard. M dot com. Has you covered out our original digital program motorsports. Monday, Joey Meyer and would Wayne nation with Steve post and Aaron Everett hand, that's car. Coast-to-coast would Kyle Ricky and Hannah knew how crew call with semi Joe in Rocco NHRA talk on the street. Lock. Classic NASCAR races on throwback Thursday. Inside wind has all your fantasy racing bents with Tyler net and Dylan well MR in dot com regional digital programs. Kevin Harvick in. It's another blue Monday ask for your free blooming onion tonight at outback steakhouse. Now, it's back to Kane and Joey Meyer. Welcome back to motorsports. Monday, presented by outback steakhouse home of that three blooming onion tonight, Monday night, fun alongside Joey Meyer, Tony Rudy sitting in for Woody Cain who is on special assignment. Lots of great things going on in the sports something's goods something's bad. It's a segment we like to call on track off track. So Joey tell us what you're on track this week. What are you feeling about? No, one of the things that this long enough, and you sit on the roof and you watch races, and you watch cards around circles, and you see mistakes, and you're like man, I just wish NASCAR would would be open and honest talk about transparency. Well, unfortunately, one of the victims yesterday of them being very transparent. But after the race start was the forty eight car procedure, we go through inspection, we missed once you go to the rear you missed wire, you go once you get the fixture car you go twice smaller penalty. But normally if you miss three times you go to the rear the field Jimmy Johnson's car yesterday, only missed inspect. Failed twice and Lerone. Slee? We're committed to go to the rear of the field before the start of the race. Now, we could have just blown this under a no told anybody about it. But NASCAR said we made a mistake in the middle of the race called down to the forty eight car and made an Email said, hey, we made a mistake. You should not have started. You should've started twenty-third. Will you qualified? Not in the rear are bad. We're sorry. We're going to implement procedures to get in place that we don't allow this to happen again kudos to them. That's what the sport needs. We need to see the transparency. There are too many times rightly or wrongly and terrible vernacular. However, what we had is we have NASCAR being accused of doing shady things behind the scenes that we don't get to see now. This was the occasion that they called themselves out. This wasn't Chad canal, which I'm very surprised he didn't catch up on earlier and make a big stink about it before the race. This wasn't something that Rick Hendrick sitting at home. That's not right. This was NASCAR going. Hey. Hey, I made a mistake. And this is what we did on. Sorry, we're human, but we're gonna put procedures in place so kudos to them. That's what we call transparency and it worked yesterday. Unfortunately, the forty eight was the victim of that mistake, and it may have cost him two or three spots there. You know, they had to work their way from the back of the field. They know what else the sport needs more of the word aronie Asli erroneously a walking the sorrow over here. Hey, my on-track this week is just the fact that and we've talked about this before in the sport win. It's time for the drivers to find another level little bit more speed another gear if you will the great ones always do drivers love to tell us all the time during the regular season. Look, we can't go any faster. There is no once we get to the play offs. We take it to another level or, hey, we're writing this thing of emotion, we can go even faster we're going as fast as we can except for every time somebody needs to find that extra gear. They do. Kevin Harvick founded on that final restart against Ryan Blaney. If you remember, and you were up there. So you saw it Blaney got a huge push going into turn over one at actually cleared. Harvick down on the bottom. Harvard got no push from Joey Logano who wasn't gonna help him at all yet. Harvard state in the gas went around the high side which was on restarts. The side you wanted to be on. But with Blaney already gap. Him and could slit up. Harvick state in the gas. Didn't just pass him pulled away from him. So Harvick in that team. When it when they needed it found another gear, and we consistently see this among the championship teams and drivers when it gets to the playoffs. They find another gear and it's fun to see a race fan. I love to see race teams sports teams when they're at their best shine. Well cream rises the top came from. It's why the saying was made because it does the better drivers. The better teams. Just like we're going to come up with next year with new packages, and it's supposed to compress the field from performance standpoint. The better team you're still going to win next year. It was like we see the better teams now are winning this year with Kevin Harvick obviously Kurt Busch in the playoff air Merola clip, boy, all four of the Stewart Haas teams, they're pretty good as a company, and obviously the cream of the crop those four Kevin Harvick has won eight races. So absolutely. Yeah. And you got cool Custer over on the Finnish side coming out of that garage as well. Not everything's always peachy. In the world of NASCAR world sports heck of world in general, joy what you got off track. This week know one of the things we talked about on this show one hundred times, and if you'd like to go back and listen to one of our podcast on dot com. You can download it at least at least a hundred and this year. We've got a lot of people. Listen to our show what we talk about all the time is racing being selfish, and the reason it selfish as I have something, and I'm not giving you a much sharing it. And if you have something I wanna come steal it. Let's not talk about racing each other too hard. It's ridiculous. When we talk about we heard drivers yesterday complaining that one driver was racing. The other one too hard at a track like, Texas one spot giving up could equal five because now you're out of the groove your momentum's loss. Those guys are going to get by you and everything about this. Yeah. The one driver being complained about was already in the playoffs. So he didn't need to worry about the other guy. He doesn't care. It's a selfish sport. He ended up finishing third. The guy that he was racing. Too hard ended up finishing behind him. That's what racing is about. If we wanna go make friends go. Go to your home association meetings and talk about kids, and and go to your daycares and talk about kids. But when we go to the track and you stick to helmet on this is a selfish sport. And it has no place right now for racing too hard. There's etiquette in a sport for sure we saw Mark Martin back in the day. Who is the most notorious respectable driver in the world way. People by early in the rates, and that was fine. Everybody knew how Mark, but we shouldn't expect everybody to be a Mark Martin. We should expect everybody to be Dave markets. We should expect everybody to be Ryan Newman who we knew those two drivers. And and kids look it up. Dave Marcus was a guide us to wear wingtip shoes for driving not even driving. She don't know. What wingtips look that up look up wing Google wing Timpson, Dave Marcus, it'll be the same fixture. But what you expect? Now is everybody expects everybody else to give them something. And that's what the sports about its racing. It's selfish. Stop talking. Don't get out of your car. Even if you think it's right. Don't get out of your car and said he raised me too hard. No, not at all. In fact. The funny thing about Joey is in the regular season. I'm might expect somebody to cut somebody a break. Maybe. Right. But not in the playoffs. I don't care who you playoff playoff. Right. You wanna cut Joey gaze of break in the playoffs. So he can get back on the lead lap. I'm fine with it or but not another playoff contender. No, no way. No way. Hey, my off track of trying to figure out where to go here because as a race fan, none of this matters. But as somebody who works in the sport and has a equity ownership in the sport, it is conserving, and that's the dwindling consumption of the sport. I know we don't like to talk about MD seats here. But it was hard to miss the empty seats at Texas, and it's not Texas fault. It's been that way across the board except for the big marquee events. When we look at television ratings there flattered down, if we look at the digital numbers here Marin this podcast and podcasting in general is up, but our radio numbers are flat compared to where they've been right. There's a dwindling consumption of the sport. And quite frankly, I think the sports done a pretty good job of trying different things to win the fan back over. But so far a playoff race with two to go at a track where the promoter is notorious for pulling everything out to get people in the stands there just aren't people there. Now again if you're a race fan. None of this matters to you, the fact that there weren't many people in the stands the fact that TV ratings are probably going to be flat radio numbers. Probably going to be flat. Digital streaming probably going to be flat didn't affect how great race was. I enjoyed the race. It didn't. Affect me as a fan, and it shouldn't affect you as a fan, but for Joey and myself Marin and other business holders in the sport winding consumption has got to be figured out. I don't have the answer. And I hate people who say everything's broken. Don't give an answer. I don't know what the answer is. Maybe it's next year's package. Maybe it's the new schedule coming up in two thousand twenty one though it'd be careful giving people the thought that things are gonna be massively difference. But at some point in time, the smartest people in the room need to figure out how to get people more interested back in why so important simply put we live in a goodwill Salvation Army industry. We live off people giving us money we period, we don't produce a product that the fan can go out and buy so we live off of sponsorship money. The only value in return is either calls on the product they're promoting. And that's why we care so much about. TV ratings and radio ratings and people in the stands the racing itself. Can't get much better last week. We had three cars within a car length of each other crossing the line at martinsville sideways. The only thing they weren't doings being upside down on fire five wide like we saw back in the sixties accordingly. Last night. We saw green white checker finish with. Kevin harvick. And Ryan blading battling it out as a fantastic. Finish. Was the racing. Great for the whole three hundred thirty four laps probably not bit. But that's what we expect from a mile and a half track. It's a marathon martinsville is more of a sprint race. And that's the kind. That's what we have. We have different diversity throughout the entire season. But why are we so important about numbers? Why do we care? Why do we talk about it? Because the people that are giving us money to produce the product that our fans are watching. That's the way they see a return of investment. And that's why we need to get people back watching back in the stands back on TV back watching somehow. But the consumption rate needs to stay up and get back up in order for those people to be happy. All right. We gotta take a break here on motorsports Monday. When we come back. We'll talk about the other two series a little bit talk about those great finishes as well as preview the upcoming race in Phoenix Arizona at ICM raceway. Stay tuned. Grain put on the Bobby. Blooming, boom. That would it's up. What style American fighting spirit is everything. We are five hundred patriots federal stroll manufacturing that to be state. Civil Marica always moving forward. Never retreating never giving up. We are what he'll defend get Gore's one style dot com. Chris rock it straight from the NASCAR stands with another member of our Toyota racing family Jason. Hi there. Oh, you seem impatient. Well, I've been holding it in for a while awhile since it started the race now this season 'cause you don't wanna miss any action. Nope. I don't just Denny handling. Take Li I have taken my eyes off him. And you don't look so good can offer you some water. Absolutely not NASCAR until you'll racing with family like this knows layoffs. Learn more dot com. Toyota, let's go places rich. This is also doing now back to our in motorsports. Monday. Thanks for spending your Monday with us to sputter Joey Meyer, Tony Rudy sitting in here. What he can't on special assignment. Oh, forget you can listen to all of our podcast. We've got many of them. We talked about wing sprint car racing. We talk about non wing sprint car racing. We got a great. Have you listened? The Jack rouse podcast. We got going on right now, Jack and his amazing guy. And if you don't have a history of realize he wasn't just involved in some airplane accidents his history in the sport goes deeper than just about Henry Ford. Yeah. Yeah. And his sports car dominance is really amazing his rise in the NASCAR ranks check that out. All of them are over at Imran dot com, or I tune Stitcher. Spotify any of the places where you find podcast, check out all of our podcast. We appreciate you watching this one, especially all right. We head out as you mentioned it before the Phoenix, Arizona. I assume raceway a little bit new configuration basically flipping the track. If you will what was turned four is is now going to be. She turned to essentially, I guess the way that works out the start finish line now in the old turn to in the corner. What do we expect it when we had out the Phoenix have the team's been able to do any type of simulation? I know we had a tire test out there. But from Pinski standpoint, you know, kind of how you guys are prepared for you. You know, it's interesting because we've seen track reconfiguration in the past where we've changed the track. Atlanta was notorious we took a really paper clipped large oval put a dog leg in it. And we did that we switched front stretch toback stretch. And that was a track reconfiguration Darlington. The track has never been reconfigured since nineteen fifty eight fifty nine, but we did was we swapped the front stretch in the backstretch. Nothing was changed on the track. That's a similar process than what we've done at Phoenix. We haven't changed anything at the track. We've simply rotated the front stretch from the front stretch where it used to be over to aware turn to us to be in the back stretch. And so that'll be interesting to. See because we you're racing differently. With the start finish line on the other side of the track. Restarts will be different. Because some of the cars will be going straight. And I think the drivers are interested to see what goes on as well. Yeah. It should be really interesting. See how that works out approving some of the drivers there's some guys on the outside looking in Eric Merola outside looking in Kurt Busch outside looking in obviously Joey Logano already in what do you think about some of these guys heading into this final race? You know, what it'll be interesting to see I think we had a chance to catch up with Joey Eric ankle Bush with their thoughts at the new Phoenix configuration. But I do think, you know, we're we're the start finish line is where the re-start boxes and most occurs. Restarting in the turn. The cars that are fifteen fish or maybe even closer to front to that will be in the turn. It seems like I haven't seen it yet. But it seems like that and then obviously you can cross finish line. And there's a lot of real estate to go. Download that we always use. Right. So I could see a lot of cars making those big moves the other challenge that was at Phoenix all the time was the start finish line restart box was going straight. We think here, Texas. You had the dog leg able to see if someone's mythic year or spinning their tires and a lot of times someone misses a gear there, you just can't see because all these spoiler before. So this kind of help that as well. You know, we we're not allowed to pass till we get to the start finish line. So I think when you look at at Phoenix with the start finish line being before the dog leg. I would imagine that will cross the finish line and will be nine wide going through the dog leg, and then we'll try and figure out how to get back to to wide. I think there's potential for us to be. Four five six wide going through that dog. Like we've seen it we've seen it when it was just the back straightaway. So now just kind of going through the gears. I think it's going to be pretty crazy. It's kinda gonna remind me of Richmond. I'd say, you know, a lot of us are restarting in the turn Richmond. And they thought that was kinda going to be a problem when they first asked me, they're like, hey, you know, as far as start finish line placement. Where do you think it it can go or should be or where would it be weird for it? And I'm grateful. They asked me, but I told him exactly that. I'm like, look we're Richmond's is we're in the corner almost anyway. So it doesn't matter. Yeah. It's just a matter of where it is. There's not a lot of room out there. You know with the speed that you need to carry through one and two it's it's going to be it's going to be pretty crazy. I think. Join Erica Merola could see five six five one. But the one thing they kept mentioning was where that restart line is relative to the restarts and relative to the finishes. And that's really the biggest thing. Again. We've seen track reconfiguration pass just like we just mentioned. And if you don't know what I'm talking about from three minutes ago. Go back, listen podcast rewind it, and you'll hear me say this is a reconfiguration without a track change configuration while we've done we've taken the start finish line from the old front stretch. And we twisted around kind of like springing Ford and falling back on your clocks. We've moved the start finish line around the old turn to ish area before the dog licks. So it'll be interesting to see how hey how restarts R and B. How finishes are how you're coming to the checkered or the end of a stage getting those valuable points. And that's what realistically we see. I'm looking forward to it only because we stand down in interns one. And to the old turns one and two high on the roof. And we can't see exiting turn four a lot of our wrecks. Like, Joey llegado mentioned when somebody misses his shift. All you see is a spoiler in front of you getting very big very quick. And we can't see that as a spotter. And that's the biggest problem yet should be a lot of fun for the fans as well. Got an all new grandstand area new food amenities. And you know, who else is gonna be great for the crews because I think if you would take a poll on what the worst garage area experience was for the cruise over the last ten twelve years Phoenix would either be at the top or near it was just an old grant. Now, you're gonna have the big wide open spaces the fans become right down in their take of us can be good for the teams as well. When we get to very similar architecture as the Richmond raceway. Yeah. Yeah. It's gonna be a lot of fun out. There should be pretty good from spotting standpoint. Joey now that now that big rations a little bit turn you mentioned. You're gonna be able to see better off a four now. But how do you approach that dogleg? Now knowing that guys might just dive down to the flat or how you gonna approach. That'd be something you and Brad talk about based on what you see maybe in the previous races. No, we're actually going to talk about it. Based on what we see in the truck race on Friday and the expand race on Saturday. We're gonna look at past experience and the only past experience we have four the new configuration is the two previous races before a Cup race on Sunday. Yeah. It should be a lot of fun out there. When you go said, we're we actually go out Thursday morning. Do anything. Everything sponsor related man. We knew a lot of work. That's good stuff. All right. Let's take our final break here on motorsports Monday. And we come back we'll wrap it all up on this Monday. Grain put on the Bobby staying. Boom. Citywide to countryside. Whatever you drive wherever you go. Hercules tires has the value selection at industry-leading warranty to get you there. No matter where the road takes you. To learn more. Visit for these tire dot com. Berkeley's tires right on our strength. Are you a serious die-cast collector? Do you have a favorite driver? Are you looking for a gift for a race fan? No matter what the question. The answer is always plan b sales dot com. Plan B has all the latest in die-cast from Lyonel and apparel artwork and other items for your favorite driver in NASCAR or other forms of racing. Go to plan B sales dot com to your driver's name in the handy search window and look at all the options, your one stop for die-cast and other motor sports. Collectibles is plan b sales dot com. Hey, this is gone on. And you're listening to Erin motorsports. Monday. I think your first one's always special. But I think this one feels a lot because it's so it was so close. I don't know if I ran a race like that before where I was running second and had you know, passed in the last lap. But it was. It. It feels good. I mean, I think those guys gave me a great card homesteads hunting. They were probably they probably I was more up to them. I feel like I think they they are in that win more night at homestead, and I feel like it makes makes me feel like I kind of did my job today. That was cool customer won the NASCAR Finnity series race at Texas. Joey arguably maybe the best overall green flag. Checkered flag race of the weekend instantly catapults himself to the front runner leading contender for the championship. At homestead Christopher Bill was clearly the dominant figure going into that race. Had an issue got tangled up another chase place. Windsor crash. He said he has two more chances. So he needs to go to Phoenix to win out of the points. He can't just point his way in realistically, I still believe still believe my retiring fellow Elliott Siler can still pull off and get the homestead and you see right there in the thick of things. But but Christopher bell needs to win move on. Cole Custer by winning that race in getting the homestead already and his dominating performance at homestead he has to be foaming at the mouth to be able to get the homestead and go to that high line and put on another good show for those guys right there on the edge. Daniel Hamrick battling Justin all again, Christopher bell. And just all have dominated this year in two thousand eighteen and they both run the risk of falling out and not being able to go to homestead. So Phoenix a lot a lot of pressure on both those drivers. Yeah. I'll always seems to find a way doesn't he always kind of steps up and Tyler Rettig. I don't know what the kid has to do to get a win. He has been right. There have been very impressive over on the truck series side. We talked about the the unbelievable finish with Justin Haley getting the win after. And runs out of gas. And now we have to GM's cars. Haley and Johnny solder already booked their way into Miami. But look at that list of drivers right behind Joey. It's up. Anybody can end up in those spots. Rent moffitt. Ran a OEM motor all year long after a small NASCAR rule change chose to go to the MTV one had a very good performance. Noah, Grayson, right, there, a KBM and grand finger out of the door sport Matt craft and Thorpe Ford who knows everybody's race. A phoenix. What a great short truck race restarts. Crazy. Yeah. You talk about experience at Phoenix. Matt crafted probably has more than anybody else. South with Joey was a lot of fun. We only got a couple more of these left tripleheader tripleheader. We look for at homestead Phoenix get the are in listen Marin dot com. Come back Joey for for to sputter Joey Meyer, Woody canes on special assignment on Tony Rasidi. We'll see you next time on motorsports Monday.

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