Steelers Hangover, Part 2: You dont have to love the way the Steelers played in Dallas, but can you dig 8-0?


And we're back for part two of steelers hangover with bryant. Davis davis an tony. So let's let's take some questions while. We're getting brian back. Here's one from john. Trent cut edmonds pleased. Now why do you say that. I don't think he's this is his best year so for know. I wouldn't go that far. I think he's he's progressing He's he's he was a bit of a reaches a third round as a first round. Pick back in two thousand eighteen. But he's gotten better each year and and brian is back. Welcome back brian. Ya i gotta tell you I do apologize. I have a brand new computer three hours old. Because i dropped it during the game yesterday and ruined it. So i'm gonna pass a hosting duties onto tony now garth now. We're taking questions while you were. I figured i'd get right into the questions. That's what wanted us to do right questioned. Yeah that's what we're going to do anyway go. Hey here's went from informed. Eighty how many tackles connor breakthrough in hundred plus games. Maybe to what do you think brian. I thought he'd running hard. I thought he was running hard. Yeah you know. I really think he is you. We're in a situation with james conner. Where when he gets going when he's getting the lanes he's fine and but he still a powerful rusher. I'm not that worried about james conner because we did the. I know you're a little bit more worried about him. I'm not as concerned. I don't know how many tackles that he's actually broken. But james conner is is fine. Yeah inside really did. I'm worried about him despite himself. It's more like a combination of the way. The offense blinds to run blocking in you know in front of them. Because i think a running back needs needs to go whereas according to a really good franchise quarterback ben. Who's who savvy in knowledgeable. Seventeen years can can Can compensate for for a lot of a alliance struggling by getting rid of the ball quicker knowing his is reach you know beforehand in protection and everything so i think that's really the issue and from what people eat. Listen to scouts. Like matt william center there. He's he's convinced. Part of the problem is because the steelers. You're getting rid of the ball so quickly. Because is during so quickly that they're sitting there. Crowding line of scrimmage again. So that's making harder for them to pat to run block. So i'm going to bring up in if you've already brought it up Yell at me and tell me Tell me no. But do you see matt canada being the oc next year county. Well i didn't think earlier in the year but he's getting shortening turn into garner more and more praise among amongst everybody i now i wouldn't be surprised if he is. Of course a lot of people saying might be pitt's new head coach. But i don't see that because i'm not sure if he if he left on good terms here but but i could definitely see him be being the offensive coordinator next year. I think he's done a good job. I mean i was. I was skeptical of the whole of that. And but but but he's really done a good job. And here's a here's an anecdote the Chase claypool jet sweep at the end of the game where you should have got a first. He slid too soon. I called that before the before they did it. I was so proud of myself. I am so witnesses. So i think i think he could be the next year attorney. What's your middle name. Julius tony julius deaf the next offensive coordinator of the steelers. If you want somebody to complain about go ahead and hire me tony. How about rodney good. Evening sirs man's what's the deal with juju in the dallas star. Yeah i don't know about that. That's not that wasn't a fun. Call back to an old celebration because if you remember that game back in ninety eight i think it was ninety. Eight between the forty niners in the cowboys ugly when teo did that twice and that caused the big fights well no know what what he was thinking there. That was not a fun loving celebration definitely so who stopped him from doing. It was the question. Because i i just read about this Afterwards did you see it. Getting ready to happen did a story. I saw him running running in that direction. Allah te'o back in the late ninety s and some. I think it was number ninety four and they got who. They called it on the unsportsmanlike conduct. Caught it on number ninety four. I think he stopped me from doing it. But it wasn't a major deal. I guess just big enough for him to draw a penalty. But i guess that's who stopped in ninety four. I forget he was a pretty good player yesterday. I forget his name. But that's you. Stop them you know what. Thank you number ninety four. I will just say that i mean. I'm glad it didn't happen. So let's just say that Mattie pebbles our guy from down under tony who was the most surprising player on each team for you yesterday well bad bad or good performance. While i think the cowboys most surprising player was a garrett gilbert. What about you brian. Chris boswell but really surprised me and we gotta we gotta talk about baas the talk one of my favorite shows of all time is mash in the pilot episode. I there's a great line at the very end of the episode when they thought they were getting arrested but the reason they were not going to get court martialed was because they were excellent surgeons and they're like we screwed up. We can't get out of here. We we messed up by doing well and so it's really funny because the steelers mess up. They mess up get a penalty. They missed the field goal. They missed fifty four yard field goal. It goes back to fifty nine. And i'm sitting there and i just started a smile. And my buddy. I my good buddy. Love him but he is. One of those guys very steeler pessimistic. So yesterday yesterday he was really threatened entire game and you still threat now because we didn't play well where where i'm like. Hey there ain't now relax and enjoy it. But i sat there going like this. He's gonna kick. He's gonna make this. He's making this field and he drove it right down the middle so you know that second chance were. They're the ones that screw up if i'm a dallas fan. I'd be like that's ridiculous. We should take that off. The clock right reached. You take that off the we should take it and say hey look we should be able to decide whether we decline that or not but the deadball fao. You can't go really lucky there right and i was glad they gave him that happening. Did he drilled that just for his own confidence because he missed the extra point to the left and he missed the. I feel before the penalty to the left and that was kind of his problem two years ago and kept pushing stuff to the left. So i was like. Oh here we go again. Two thousand eighteen. But but i think that if he was lacking in confidence that had to restore it right there Sending a franchise record absolutely. Yeah that was great. And the franchise record was I was corrected on this. I thought it was just gary anderson from nineteen eighty four but merry christmas. Chris brown had one back in. I believe i believe it was ninety nine or two thousand hundred fifty five so that breaks it by four yards That is heck of a long kick. I was just smiling when i saw it. Boswell didn't have the best best day. Did that come into play tony at the end of the game when they decided not to go for the field goal and an eight point lead. I don't think it was at that point. I don't think of his boswell. The the broncos their ability to jump over the line of scrimmage or time it just right and they blocked the one one extra point and they almost blocked a another. So i think that's really what it was the breakdown and in that area more so than than boswell brian anthony. That was is that he didn't get to see the real bad play You know what i. I really wanted to see him play. And you know pine richland kid. James madison kid Radio pitt kid. I would have loved to have seen them play But you know what that was just I'm still the real bad. I don't believe Brian anthony de nucci was running around in the nineteen seventies in the nineteen eighties. So i'm going to claim that i'm the original. Bad at trait. You're a bigger legend. You're so far. So far i mean he. He has to prove it yet. He and he hasn't proven it yet. So yeah you're still in the bigger legend. Let's talk about seven here. Tony can the steelers run game. Be a bit more creative under the center. I like ben but dan. You can't squat and run strong or weak formation. While i think the biggest problem there in my opinion is the absence of derek. What i mean he hasn't he was brought in here for special teams and to be a full back. He's missed so much time. And i think yesterday he would have been how many times they wasn't just at the end of the game. I think they were stopped short and other time on fourth in short. So there's where your fullback can really come in handy and he did Throw some really important blocks earlier in the year. So i think that's. That's the part of the problem is is derek. What his is ongoing health problems absolutely in west. Lets us know that ninety four is randy gregory. A guy who really had some redemption has had some redemption this season the kid from nebraska came out on the two thousand. Fifteen draft had a lot of substance problems Really putting it together. So that's who Randy gregg Randy groggy randy. Gregory is It's good to see him. Some redemption Informed eighty mentions that the rookie over dallas had a good game. Two that's metal gallimore is neville. Sounds like a harry. Potter character. Doubled delamore but i tell you what yeah. That's a guy that a lot of people wanted the steelers look at in the draft. And i thought he was really good yesterday so i mean a very fine a very fine performance from him. Douse came to play. We talked about this at the beginning of the show right now you gotta know. Yeah i mean you're right. I mean they they. They're desperate. They're desperate because that that afc the nfc east's is so wide open. And i'll takes is one win and you're right back in so they were. They were down to the fourth quarterback but they were still gonna gonna try to do their best to to win yesterday's game. I'm laughing at this nightrider sixteen. They protected the star. But when andy dalton got laid out they didn't move a muscle. She's protective grandbaby. Protect that brand. Evidently evidently there stars like the steelers. Terrible towel if you do anything to it. They just really take exception absolutely so we're going to get ready to wrap everything up here. Tony my question to you is. We've covered a lot of stuff. What are your thoughts going for. We are eight and now we at the half point of the season. of course. you're. I'm not gonna ask you to the steelers grade because you've got to give them an a. For going eighty now. I mean this their one hundred percent effective right now right. But let's look at the arrow. I still think the era was pointing up. I don't think that this team has peaked yet. Tony what are your thoughts. I'm i agree one hundred percent. I mean i think you know teams have slumps throughout the year right. I mean they struggle at times. And we've seen this in the past. You know different this year as with the previous years like the last two years as they get out of out of these bad games with wins and when you assume tyson lulu is going to be back soon. You assume mike go be back soon so you know. That's gonna help tremendously with the defense. You have every williamson he's gonna get. I'm assuming you're going to be getting more reps whether he starts out not like we talked about last week. He's going to. He's definitely going to factor into that rotation with at inside linebacker so from defensive standpoint you're going to get You're going to get well soon. Offense i mean they have. I think you know they're gonna have their struggles every now and then but they're still put up twenty four points yesterday despite not having the greatest game. So i'm pretty optimistic and you know here's something that nobody's talking about. The steelers only gave up nineteen points yesterday exactly and that's one of the lowest output from opponents this season i know the giants eighteen up but that that's pretty good too in. This is a bend. the end. don't break team they They gave up. How many touchdowns one yeah. That's all gave up so they kept a team to field goals. They outscored them. They won twenty four to nineteen short. Wasn't pretty but man how many patriots games over the years have been pretty. Were they were. They escaped right. We're seeing the chiefs escape. People are still talking about the chiefs being the best team in the league in. You know what you keep on saying. That i love it. He began talking about the chiefs right now and led pittsburgh even with that eight and a record. Let them be the number two team in the league and have a chip on their shoulder. I think the steelers do much better when they're disrespected. Ben rothlisberger does a whole lot better when he feels like. It's his team against the world. So i'm not saying that they're being disrespected. But all i'm saying is that if people still wanna talk chiefs that's fantastic but the chiefs once again. Eked out a win yesterday. Were they could have lost that game. Ben roethlisberger is not pat. Mahomes padma mahomes is not ben rothlisberger or these guys on a collision course. Tony i think so. I can't wait. i mean i'd love. I'd love to see people. Keep saying i don't want to see the chiefs in the playoffs and yeah i'd rather see them have the easiest path possible but i would love to see that matchup and the ben Outlasted one last time on you know as he enters the twilight of his career in win another super bowl. See i think. They are on a collision course. So we're going to wrap things up. Many pebereau. check. Out his show touchdown under along with mark davison as well on saturdays. Fantastic show love hearing ben in the game. Press saying what jeff said steelers fans are the best in the world. Tony the are the best in the world and we have proof of it here. Hundred thirty seven right now in the live chat. No matter who you are whether you're a name that we don't recognize but we read we read some names. We didn't recognize too that you know what happens the next couple of weeks. Those names become pretty. well known. so you're part of our family and your your opinion counts here and that's why we love it. Look i might love. Chris collins worth not love. Tony romo or not love phil simms. I might. I might think that. Hey you guys are. You guys are wrong for being scared. No you're not wrong for being scared because this team had a bad day at the office. So that's your feeling. You're fine but i'm here to tell you. In my opinion everything's gonna be quite alright. Don't worry about it. Embrace eight and my friends embrace it. Tony final thoughts. I agree one hundred percent. I mean you're not gonna. You're not gonna look great every week and and i always tell people the great thing about having youtube now and instrument streaming tv. Is i get to go back. And watch the old legendary games from the seventies and nineties teams and there are a lot of really great future hall of fame players that were making mistakes and look pretty ordinary time. So you know i. It's just it's just a tough. It's a tough league. And you mentioned the chiefs and how they've struggled at times this year. It happened from week to week. And especially when you when you were injured especially at three game road trip. It's just it's just tough to to win in the nfl. Steelers have done nothing but that this year despite the recent struggle. So i'm really optimistic about the second half alright. So let's embrace this eight and a record. Let's look forward to a game with cincinnati bengals. Next week we will be talking about it win or lose. What kind of hangover. It's gonna be a we. Don't know but i've got a feeling so we're tony nephew. My name is brian anthony. Davis you can call me bad and just when you think you've got all the answers. We keep changing the questions.

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