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Brown girl radiant celebrates the brilliance of women of color the reflective conversations and story. I'm your host pure brown joy. Hello to allah my radiant friends. I hope you're twenty. Twenty one is off to an excellent start. We are still celebrating. Brown girls abroad the season. I'm very excited about this. Bonus episode which features mice seven year. Old niece it has a hit of international flair through the eyes of the child who is full of joy happiness and wonder. I think it's obvious that we all need a little laughter especially because we are still in the middle of this. Pandemic january started off with a lot of hurt frustration after we saw domestic terrorists and white supremacist. Try to overthrow our democracy with the insurrection at the capital. But i don't want to give a lot of energy to that moment because we're going to continue to discuss it for years. As america tries to heal itself from the sins of its racist history and the double standards of how justice is administered. I prefer to focus on positive events that have taken place this month and the optimism. For what twenty. Twenty one bring into our lives. I'm going to quickly. Share some highlight from this month before we hear the sweet interview with my niece spurs. I would be remiss. If i didn't acknowledge that inauguration day january twentieth was beautiful. We witnessed history as the first black and asian woman. Kamala harris was sworn in as vice president. On that day. I had a mixture of emotions. I was happy about the new administration yet. Still very heartbroken about many aspects of our nation's history primarily how blacks have been treated for the last four hundred years which i recognize can't be repaired in four years just as it was not repaired in eight years under the obama administration. One of the most impactful lessons. I learned about inauguration. Speeches was in the eighth grade. Our history teacher had us read the prior speeches of various presidents. And then compare it to what they actually accomplish during their administration they were often overly ambitious. And some of our former presidents just straight up lie jal president joe biden head to deliver one of the most difficult inauguration speech is due to the climate in our country with the pandemic and beyond spoke about unity. Which is a beautiful concept that i pray can become a reality. I will continue to choose hope and believe that progress will be made and of course always stay prayerful because as isaiah nine six says the government shall be upon his shoulders when it says his shoulders. Isaiah was prophesying about the birth. Of jesus christ not a democrat or a republican. I loved the way black girl. Magic and poet laureate. Amanda gorman discussed the complexity of america in her inaugural poem titled the hill. We climb she said yes. We are far from polished far from pristine but that doesn't mean we are striving to form a union that is perfect. We are striving to forge our union with purpose to compose a country committed to all cultures colors characters and conditions of man and so we lift our gaze is not to what stands between us but what stands before as we close the divide because we know to put our future. I we must. I put our differences aside the final thing. I'm going to say about inauguration. Did you see are forever. I fell slaying in plum. Everything it's been a couple of weeks. And i'm still not over how gorgeous she looked and i know it's not what was most important about that day but other than hearing amanda gorman's poem seeing michelle's fabulousness was one of my favorite moments speaking of the beauty of our culture. One of my goals. This year is to complete multiple audio books by black authors. I completed my first book for the year this month. By comedian amber ruffin and her sister. Lacey lamar the book is called. You will never believe what had happened to lacey crazy stories about racism. This audio book is both brilliant and hilarious listening to it. Made me feel like i was out to dinner with a couple of girlfriends or in this covid era it was like being on zoom happy hour so i highly recommend it and i will let you know what other books i complete during black history month and throughout the year. Feel free to send me suggestions and let me know your thoughts as we are about to enter into a month of intentional celebration of black history. I have to acknowledge that we recently lost a queen. A- gift a legend a national treasure actress sisley tyson who just turned ninety six back in december. If you don't know who she is. Please stop this. Podcast right now and google her. I can't go on without knowing about her legacy and immeasurable contributions to our culture in one of her final interviews just days before she passed gayle king asked miss tyson. What she wanted people to remember about her. She said i tried my best. Her best was excellence. Cecily tyson was black excellence. She is literally the definition of a goat. Greatest of all time. She was such an inspiration to black women everywhere with herbs. Beautiful brown skin. She gave us a standard of beauty and she was a trailblazer breaking so many barriers. I made sure to download the audio version of her new memoir which she released two days before she passed away. It's called just as i am as i honor one of our elders. I also want to celebrate the next generation. My guest today is my niece. naomi who just turned seven this month. She is a big sister and she has two younger brothers elisha who has three and emmanuel who is fine you will hear her talk about them and this interview has a few surprises along the way because kids have such expansive imaginations. It's unscripted and i wasn't sure what she was going to say but it ended up being a lot of fun. I hope you enjoy it and take a few moments to smile ready. Okay you're gonna talk in the microphone action. I'm so excited to be back on brown girl radiance podcast with my favorite guest and my favorite niece. Mail me last time. I had her on. My show was in december of twenty eighteen. And now it's january twenty twenty one and she is seven. She just had a birthday. Send it on. Sunday january seventeenth and when we first met her. She had one little brother and now she has two little brothers. So naomi tell me how has your life changed now that you have two little brothers. How's it being a big sister. Pretty great the best part about being a big sister is that like when a man of cries. I don't have to like just pick. I don't like just have to call when to get him. Cut his throwaway. It's just like next to us. So so if i hear him crying i can just go pick them up and bring him to our room tain gapped because sometimes we would go beyond our or leisure would be sleeping so i take him for a little walk around the room. You're such a good big sister. Yeah it's it's fun being a big sister. 'cause you get to be like you're the mom of the when mommy is not at home. I'm going to be I'm little mommy the boys. Yes yes you do a great job. You do a good job with them to what they have fun with you. Yeah but a man who usually has fun with me. 'cause we don't go downstairs when i hear him crying much 'cause if i feel like he's hungry we we good stairs like again. The women picked him up or sometimes he might not wanna come out the room he he closes it when we are in it So that's why we stay in the room with alexa. and you play gang. Playtime zeke. I hide under the beanbag. Amanda founding me in one go emmanuel smart. he's he's a little bit over one years old but he's a smart guy right here since he's not that big. I tried to hide the easiest. Please can find because than the heideman jeff older kids. I me that makes sense. I like i like the way you do that. That's a great strategy. I like to see this is why you're a your big sister. Okay now i have some other questions for you. The first one is about school. 'cause you're in first grade and you're in virtual school fank school french school. So what do you like about your virtual school. It that Like i do good in it in. i like taking. Nobody and i like typing stuff in the chat box. Why can answer. If i don't want to answer real has goes if if they're about to save the enter. I wanted to say that. I just hype it in the chat box. So they know. I want to say it so last time i had a smart girl and my teacher called to tell my mom at the mall that i did super well. I'm speaking a lot like i'm tied them. What i think. And i'm raising my hand so my my friend don't for some reason and i'm getting lots of a plessis. I'm so proud of you. And what's your favorite subject. My favorite subject was math. We day in the game on my birthday namur. Yes i remember. I want my listeners. To hear you say what your favorite subject is another question for you about school k. 'cause i know you're in the french school right and since you're in the french immersion school. Can you tell me some french words. Can you teach my listeners. Some french can you teach us three words. L k bond chew camman salva on. okay now. What do those words mean. Eleven which one means eleven is eleven okay and the first word you said the fresh wife i said was up and you say hello by saying bone joel and the second word you said was but how were you and how do you say that again. Montalva what thank you for teaching a little bit okay. I have another question for you. is it something else. Yes not about not about school. Don't be checking me. I'm not tricking you. I have another question for you. Because okay i trust him. Thank you well. Here's the thing this season. We're talking to brown girls like you all over the world you mean problems and girls well right now just girls because it's round grow radiance. Okay so i know that. Your dad is from cameroon. And that's in africa. Can you tell me what he's taught you about africa. He told me something i well. It's not really my dad. Who told me but my uncle me how. Oh is that me down now. I'm not much yet yet but you will be because one day you'll get to go there right okay. July joy when questioned for ya. Okay so i took an ax. Those cuts yeah. I said okay. That means that means. Ask away okay. So what's your favorite animal. Some my favorite animal is probably a jag. Wire because i it's a feline feline. It's like in the family with lions tigers. Oh yeah that's the jaguars year about you. Favorite animal is the most important in in. What is that. It is a parrot. Wooten parents are beautiful. Any have at least two murray wit favorites. Okay go ahead. I like lions. Yes and i like. What is it again. But you have a goldfish. Which one gummy. Oh so you like fish too then. Right only gun only gummy. Yeah and gumy is really cool like last year. We did something. No the fish could do what he did. He fun slip. What yep wow. He is something else isn't he. He's like one of those flipping fishes while he's a beautiful fish that i know for sure yet n n. He's like super cool that some people call him gummy beer. I like that our gummy bear. Sue i love them to play. Need a fish. Gummy ono that you can eat in gums fishes. You know what. I mean yes. I would not eat the fish gummy. I mean like vicious. Start shoe we yet. That are that are actually gummy bears. But there but they look like fishing like the candy. Gummy fish. Those are yummy. Shot can ask you some more questions yet. Something the internet. Oh you wanna question about the internet. Okay what do you want to tell us about the internet. Now young me question. Navigate the best part thing internet okay. What's the best part about the internet. The best part is that you can download and you can play games and you can watch channels. You can tax. You can do face time. You can do facebook. You can do note. You can do like almost everything. Okay so i heard all about what you like about the internet. Now what questions do you have for me. I saw who is. Who is your favorite president so far. That's an excellent question. My favorite president so far is barack obama. That's the same on. I wanted to say well. But i like his daughters. Sasha and malia pressuring me. I believe the other smaller. She is melissa's the older asked sister. Yes so that's the one name again. Shasha get so. Sasha should be the youngest yes. I love the obamas and michelle. Obama looked fabulous at inauguration. And you have the same birthday as michelle obama. I know which is not great. Why not you don't wanna share a birthday with anybody now. Because i don't get her party. That makes sense. Yeah i will lead. We got kicked. If i were there oh you would have to cakes. 'cause you would have some of your cake anthem Then she had some. Mike can hurricane. But i get bigger piece makes like almost bigger. They harsh outside her party. But the cake. You're michelle's party. Yeah what else sleeping. Oh okay so it was like a dream now okay. It was reality rowdy real life. Yes your mom. Didn't tell me you went to michelle's party. Because he was. Now keep that and don't tell anyone not even mom. Oh okay on ninety evening sister okay. Not even anyone ochre not even. More back a bummer. Not even barack obama yet. You can't even meet him. I can't meet him now. I'm already met him. Oh yeah a long time ago. When when you were twenty three Milk day something. Yup do you have any other questions for me. What are your the questions. My question are what ch- colleague did you go team. I went to florida am university with mommy right. No she went to hampton university. So you guys onto different colleges yup. They're both things but they're both historically black. Universities it s picking up. No we were in two different states rather near. We're far away from each other for college. Do you know what college you wanna go to yet. Now well you have a few years before you go to college right three years. No you have your only in the first grade so you have like eleven more years. That's been great. Yeah exactly so you got to figure out where you wanna go. Do you have any other questions for me. Which house do you like better. Do you like your lower da house or ask disney okay. So which do. I like. Better my home or disney. I like my home. Because i don't want to live at disney. I just like to go play. there will mayo me. Thank you very much for talking to me and being on my show again. I hope you have a nice happy. Twenty twenty one. Let's say goodbye to allah my radiant friends. One two three goodbye. Why thank you so much for listening. If you enjoyed this episode of brown gradients podcast. Please share it with a friend so that we can continue to celebrate and shine together. Brown podcast is available on apple. Podcasts google podcasts. Spotify tune in radio cast box. Iheart radio and pandora. If you wanna stay connected to round gradients podcasts. You can follow me on instagram at brown girl radiance podcasts. Feel free to email me at brown girl. Radiance podcasts at g mail dot com.

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