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Father Frost


The tails on this podcast are dark sometimes scary and full of adult themes as a warning the original story of Father Frost features death by freezing easing parental abuse and neglect. Please exercise caution for children under thirteen. Nostra's sad at the base of a for tree. She'd been stranded in the Wilderness for hours with only a damp and threadbare coat to keep her warm. The Sun had set long ago and the temperature had dropped well below freezing. Her teeth chattered and her body was racked with violence. Shivers Shivers bit by bit. The fits of shaking fell off until she was completely still she. No no longer had the energy to shiver nostrils eyelashes. Were so caked with ice that it was hard to keep them open. She concentrated traded on moving her hand but her extremities had lost all feeling finally with great strength of will she managed to swing swing her hand in front of her face for examination. Her fingers were black. This was the end she'd been left not to die in the cold and perhaps she should nostril let her eyes closed and her head fall back back against the icy bark of the tree. It was then that she heard a deafening. Snap ring out from the depths APPs of the forest. I'm Vanessa Richardson Richardson. You're listening to tales. Apar- cast original every other Saturday. We dive into the dark origins of another fairy tale. You can find all episodes of tales and all other park has originals for free on spotify or wherever you listen to podcasts to stream tales for free on spotify. Just open open the APP and type tales in the search bar at podcast. We're grateful for you our listeners. You allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we're doing reach out on facebook facebook and Instagram at podcast and twitter at podcast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help us is to leave a five star review view. Wherever you're listening it really does help? Today will be telling the story of King Frost a Russian fairy tale featuring the ancient figure of dead Moros a winter deity who can be just as dangerous as he is lovable. The origins of Father Frost have deep roots in Russian folklore. Up until the ninth century CE the predominant religious belief belief in much of Eastern Europe was in Slavic Paganism and included in. Its Pantheon was the mythical Snow Demon Morals Car Maros. Tomorrow's Co was a powerful wizard who used his prowess as a blacksmith to turn water into ice though he occasionally used his powers for good would he just as often turned them towards evil early stories of Maros cartel of peasants. Bribing him with OATMEAL KISSEL or rice. Porridge Feeding Morroco was said to keep him from freezing the crops but failing to appease him could have even more serious consequences as Maros. Cow was known to kidnap children if their parents disrespected him. And if they refuse to pay his ransom he'd keep the children Dron as his slaves. As Christianity gained dominance in Russia Moro's cut took on some attributes of his Christian counterpart Saint Nicholas by the nineteenth century. He'd transformed into the friendlier and less. Enigmatic character of dead Moro's after the Bolshevik Cevik revolution of nineteen seventeen. The Communist prohibited all religious practice. Dead Moro's with his connections to Saint Nicholas was denounced announced as a Christian figure and banned for being an oppressive tool of the bourgeoisie. Twenty years later the Soviet government was experiencing dancing massive civil unrest due to a campaign of brutal political repression and widespread famine. Stalin lifted the ban on Father Author Frost in hopes that the once beloved figure would boost nationalist sentiment and help him gain the support of the Russian populace. The reinvented dead. Moro's was a staunch supporter of hard work and communist values he brought presence and propagandist lectures. Here's to good children on New Year's Eve today father. Frost is a complicated amalgam of his. Many identities of the stories stories told about him one of the most famous was implanted in the public consciousness by a Scottish novelist named Andrew Lang in eighteen ninety ninety four Lang published the yellow fairy book one in a series of twelve multicolored ferry books in it was the story of a poor woodcutters daughter and her run in with the infamous father. Frost stun is lava woke to an incessant dripping things sound. She looked down to see that her blankets were soaking wet. She lifted herself groggily from bed and surveyed the sleeping being loft after a moment. She saw it the whole in the roof. That had not been repaired properly. Her stepdaughter was to blame for for this Nostra's slept on the floor and awoke with the Dawn. What did she care if the Mid Day snow melt leaked into the loft status lava climbed down the ladder into the main room of the ease? Baugh even in bright daylight. The little cabin remained dark and gloomy. A A thick layer of grime layover. Everything and the musty smell of foul cabbage clung to her nose and throat. Perhaps it it was fit for a rush like Nastya but this was no place for a girl as delicate and refined as status lavas own daughter in the dim light stanislavs stumbled over the dog making it yelp in pain. She kicked the dog out of her way retrieved a Tin Tin Bucket and walked outside to fill the bucket with water and search for her stepdaughter. Her Eyes Scan the yard. Until will there NAS. Jay Knelt in a field next to a pile of upturned Earth Stanislavsky stocked towards her bucket. Look it in hand before the girl could say a word. Stanislav Flung the bucket of ice cold water over her next time. Hi My ask you to repair the roof. You'll do it right. She shrieked at the stunned child that would teach the girl to disobey her stepmother's orders Nasha looked down at the potato in her hand this morning she had awakened to a cold dead hearth and a nearly empty larder. She'd gone gone outside to fetch wood and build a roaring fire next. She'd gone out to the fields to dig for potatoes. It had already been a difficult day when when the sun peeked over the horizon now that it was noon and her stepmother was awake. It would only get harder. Nas just stood up up in approached the ease by her little dog. Malicious ran to greet her. She picked him up and gave him a kiss. She peeked in the window to ensure that her stepmother was not about and entered the house to put on dry clothes. Nasha looked around the dirty little cottage years ago it had been warm and welcoming back then. Her father had the energy to help with chores and provide food. Everything changed when her mother died. He became silent never slept and barely eight nostra. Had worried they would starve until they met. Stanislavsky and Marsh at first dade seemed harmless Mar Fujiko was lazy and entitled but She was too empty d headed to be cruel stance. Lava wasn't kind but at least she had given papa a reason to wake up in the morning unfortunately it wasn't long before her stepmother had taken advantage of sealy she berated him constantly and forced him to work himself ragged earning. Earning money from our foods KAZ dowry. They may not have been starving but it was as though her father's very soul had been extinguished Nostra pulled on one of her father's dry coats. She did not have any other shoes so she would have to wear her wet ones. Hopefully she could make a quick work of the roof repairs Mar Fukushima and vassily returned from the village to find Stanislavsky pacing furiously around around the cottage. She called out to her husband. Your daughter tried to kill me this morning. The sealy shrugged and collapsed onto a wooden stool stool. Stanislavsky asked him what he was going to do about it again he just heaved his shoulders. Stanislavsky ranted about how NAS it's Joe was a plague on the family how she wanted them all dead so that she could have the house and Markaz Dowry Marsh got sat up at the mention of her own name but quickly lost interest when she realized they were still talking about Nostra. Status Lava turned to her daughter. If NACHO wants to freeze me then we'll do the same to her more fujiko shrugged and asked who would do the housework without her stepsister. Stanislavsky assured her that without nostra the housework would practically do itself Marfa suggested that perhaps they should send nostra away. Hey to live with vasilis sister in suzdal status lava screamed in rage at the thought. She'll come back to burn down the house unless we get rid of her for good. Why just this morning? I saw her steal your code. Vassily at that moment. The door swung open and there stood Nostra clothed plain as day in her father's coat. Her stepmother practically hissed with rage. Vassily leap put his head in his hands and began to cry Nostra gawked at her sobbing. Father she had no idea that her fate had been sealed coming up nostra must fight to stay alive. Thank you so much for listening. We WanNa take this time to tell you that tails will be taking January very fourth off for the holidays will be back with a brand new episode on January eighteenth. In the meantime we do have a special gift to share with you while we're away. We'll be airing our listeners. Most requested episode of two thousand. Nineteen if you'd like to check out the most requested episodes from podcast other shows subscribe to Park podcast presents to hear our best of two thousand nineteen from everyone here at park cast. We'd like to wish you a happy holiday season. We're thankful for your support. 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These incredible stories are all brought to life by an ensemble cast of talented voice actors. And most importantly these episodes so those are all free and only available on spotify follow the podcast limited series famous fates only on spotify now back to the story. Nostra's tense relationship with her stepmother had come into a breaking point Stanislavsky convinced that her stepdaughter wanted to destroy. The family was demanding that her husband get rid of his own daughter Nostril Knelt beside her papa and tried to comfort him but that only made him cry harder her eventually he dried his eyes and told Nostra they were going to take a trip. She wanted to ask why but didn't WanNa make him upset again and instead she just nodded and went outside to hitch the horse to the Sleigh as she left Stanislavsky called out after her. Before you go take off the coat that you've stolen from your father with a heavy sigh. Nas just shrugged off her father's old old coat and put on her own damp one before going outside into the winter chill. The hours passed in silence as the tired old horse pulled Nostra and her father deeper and deeper into the woods. Her father's tears made her feel as though her heart was being wrenched from her chest. She wondered if they were going to suzdal with her aunt lived Stanislavsky must have asked Papa to send her away that was why he was crying stanislaw had made him into a shattered shell of a man but without her nostril astral worried that her father would wither away to nothing eventually the sled pulled to a halt at the edge of an ICE crusted field field. Her father said that the horse was getting tired and needed to rest. He asked nausea to go into the woods and gather sticks for for a fire there was little dry kindling to be found in the frozen Pine Forest Nostra wandered further and further into the woods. Soon she could barely see the edge of the trees. She squinted into the distance and picked out the thin figure of her papa. She called to him but stopped when she saw him climbing. Back into the SLEIGH. She frowned. What was he doing? Had had he been so distressed that he'd forgotten about her or a chill ran down her spine. As NASTYA realized what was happening she dropped the wood and began to run when she reached the field at the edge of the forest. It was is too late. He had disappeared and she would never catch up. NASHA understood now why her father had been so distraught. He hadn't been upset about sending her to live with his sister. He'd been crying because he knew that he was leaving her. To die. Nas just heart sank. She hadn't realized the extent of Status Lavas power over her father perhaps through the fog of his melancholy. Her Papa thought. He was saving her from starvation. Perhaps he hadn't even understood what he was doing. Nostra's sank down against a tree at the edge of the forest as she sat her coat turned into an icy cast around around her body. A light frost formed on her eyelashes. Soon it grew so thick that she had trouble keeping her eyes open night. Eight fell and the moon spilled a cold light over the swaying shadows of the forest. Nas just numb hands hung at the ends of her arms arms as though they were dead things unconnected to her body. The forest made eerie creaking sounds to Nostra. It sounded like devilish voices. Were coming from within the trees every so often a tremendous snap thundered out of the darkness. As though the very trees themselves were exploding. A tear fell from Nostra's I as it touched tur- cheek it froze solid but she did not have the energy to wipe it away. She leaned back and let her is close. Nostra had been violently shivering for hours. Now she could feel her heartbeat slowing as the uncontrollable shaking king. Stilled a vicious crack brought nostra out of her stupor. She might have thought it was another tree exploding thing but this was louder sharper and closer. As though a giant had snapped his fingers right behind her she made the colossal effort of turning her head to look around but there was nothing there then the sound came again and and again with each snap. The forest around her grew colder the frost covering the trees became thicker and and the powdery snow on the ground settled into a gleaming crust of ice. Nas just sat up. The air was so cold that even when she in her state of numbed stupor could feel the terrible chill a fine dust of snow swept across the field. Old carried on a wicked gust of wind again. Nostra heard a noise that made her start up. In surprise it was the crack crack of a whip accompanied by the clank of a metal harness and the distinctive sound of Horses Hooves pattering against ice. She moved her head. Again this time squinting into the depths of the frozen forest three white horses bedecked with embroidered rain Raines and harnesses were speeding towards her. They pulled a troika made of a rich dark wood and set on runners of gleaming silver silver standing in a sled and cracking a chain of ice was a figure she recognized at once. It was dead. Moro's does the God of frost the troika whipped across the ice before coming to a stop at the meeting of woods and field. The horses win need and stamped their feet. The ground beneath them which had been earth mere seconds ago was now covered in a smooth layer of ice the massive figure of dead Moro's stepped down from the sled. He was at least seven seven feet tall and dressed in a cloak of deep blue velvet embroidered with golden thread and trimmed with White Fur Nostra. Didn't know if she'd ever seen anything. So rich and fine. His face was covered in white hair and all that Nostra could see the of his features. were his sparkling blue eyes and the bulbous protrusion of his red nose and cheeks. He carried a massive acids staff of carved white ice when it touched the ground. It made a crackling sound. As though the very air itself were freezing Solid he moved from tree to tree like a mountain goat strong swift and impossibly agile. His fingers were long thin and tapered like ICICLES. Each time he snapped them. They made the same booming sound that Nostra had heard heard before when he reached her. The air had grown so cold that her heart struggled to beat against the bitter hurt chill in her chest. The Frost King looked down at her and smiled widely showing a mouthful of pointed icicle. Gold teeth in an unearthly voice like the crackle of ice. He turned to her and asked well maiden do you know oh who I am. Nostra opened her mouth to speak but as soon as she did her. Lips and tongue were covered in ice. It's dead Moro's laughed. The sound was like the tinkling of a thousand ICICLES. He continued I. I am King Frost King of the red noses then he gnashed. His teeth together snapped his fingers and gave of her a terrifying grin nasty. I felt her heart. Skip a beat with great effort. She wrenched her frozen lips lips apart and managed to whisper through them. All Hail to you. Great King Have you come to take commute. The Frost King cocked his head. Curiously he smiled again and gnashed his terrible teeth. Are you warm maiden he asked her Nastya looked up at him. She was so cold that she could barely think but she I also knew that one must not make demands of a king. She pride her frozen lips apart and said quite warm. King Defrost King. Frost leapt up onto the branch of a tree. He jumped down again. And where the souls of his Vallon K. touched the ground the snow turned to a thick layer of ice. He leaned in close to her his breath and Arctic Gust that stung her is he asked again maiden are you warm. Are you warm beautiful girl. She had to lean away from him to speak and even then she found it. Hard to breathe out a whispered answer quite warm King Frost. She said knowing that to speak otherwise would be the highest disrespect king. Frost leaned back back and cackled madly his eyes sparkled as he stomped his feet and snapped his fingers releasing a hail of crackling cling icicles from the trees above them. Finally he leaned down to her one final time and asked made in. Are you still warm. Are you still warm. Little love she let the Faintest Smile flits across her lips as she his stout an answer to his question still warm oh king coming up. NASTYA is rewarded for the respect that she has shown King Frost now back to the story. NASTIEST father had left her in the woods to die and she'd she'd been ready to meet her fate bravely until she'd come face to face with the strange and terrifying King Frost King Frost looked down at the pitiable creature in front of him. He could see that she was close to death. Her lips were blue and her hair and clothes were caked with ice. He'd never seen a human looks so frail yet when he asked if she was cold she'd been courteous and polite eager to show the respect that was due a king. He tapped his staff against the ground and from it sprang road of polished ice father. Frost gave a sharp whistle and his horses cantered up to where he stood stopping in front of him with the Winnie and a snort. Father Frost reached into his sled and pulled out a magnificent coat of white urban for. He wrapped it around the frozen girl. And then retrieved a fur-lined Cook oceanic of blue silk from his pocket. He placed the crown around like hat upon the girls head and watched in delight as the color returned to her face. Finally he pulled out a cloak of heavy candlelit edged in Foxfur. He placed it over her head and held out a hand. The girl took it rising to her feet and looking down in wonder at her new clothes. He helped her into his sled and together they wrote off into the rising and son. Stanislavsky stood next to the stove watching bubbles form on the surface of a thin golden pancake. She she had not felt so good in years. Now that Nostra was gone. Everything would be better. There would be more money more food more of everything everything for everyone. She awoken this morning in such a generous mood that she even offered to throw a funeral for the girl she'd send send her husband out to retrieve the frozen body and buried by the cowshed before sitting down to a meal of bleeding the traditional funerary pancake pancake Stennis love called out to her husband. Vassili if you'd like your pancakes Warm Yata go soon to fetch your daughter's body. Vassily appeared at the edge of the sleeping loft. His eyes were puffy and red from crying. He climbed down and sat on a wooden stool to pull on his boots. Malicious Nostra's dog poked his little head out from under the table. He growled at Stana. Honest lava and then went to sit by vasily. He looked into the old man's eyes gave a sharp bark and said your your daughter shall live to be your delight. Her daughter shall die this very night. Vassili seemed not to notice the dogs cruel cruel words but stance lava felt a shiver. Go up her back. Such foolishness from a member of her own household would not stand and stennis lava took a piece of the pancake. She was cooking and knelt down next to the dog. She looked at the dog and told him. Hold your tongue. You foolish beast. There's a pancake for you. But you must say her daughter shall have much silver and gold. His daughter is frozen quite stiff and cold. She held the pancake out to the dog. Who Ate it quite happily? Militia looked at the Seeley before giving a sharp bark and cried out. His daughter shall wear a crown on her head. Her or daughter shall die an would unwed stennis. Lovers face contorted with rage. She gave a sharp or kick to the dog who yelped and ran under the table. Before crying out again your daughter shall live to be your delight. Her daughter shall die this very night. Stennis lava screamed in fury. She dove under the table and reached for the dog but but militia had backed into a corner and could not be reached. Stunning Slava went back to the stove for another piece of pancake. She knelt knelt by the table. This time trying to tempt the little dog she cooed to him and told him if he'd stop telling such terrible lies he could would have his many pancakes as he wanted. Militia only sat under the table barking and saying the same words over and over are your daughter shall live to be your delight. Her daughter shall die this very night. They continued like this until till the front door. Flew Open with a gust of cold wind. Standing in the doorway was Nastya but she was no longer a simple peasant girl now. She was a radiant beauty bedecked in a jewel encrusted Sarah Fan of Golden Silk Silk over the golden frock she wore to elegant furniture. Cloaks each of them worth more than their ease. Baugh and everything in it then. There was a Koshnick of blue silk sitting like a crown atop her golden curls for a moment meant. Everyone stared at her then nastier broke into a broad smile. She left her father's arms and they both wept accept with joy. Stennis lava stared at the girl incredulous. She was supposed to be dead but here she was perfectly quickly alive and dressed like an empress nostra turned to her stepmother. She told Stennis lava that she bore her. No Oh ill-will she even hugged her stepsister. Who had emerged clearly from the back room? What happened to you asked Marfa? Nazia held up a finger. Her eyes sparkled with excitement. She said she would tell her story soon but first I she must show them one more thing. NASTYA dashed outside. When she returned she was dragging a heavy lacquered trunk franck behind her? It was brightly painted and overlain with mother of Pearl when Nastya swing it open status lava and her daughter gasped. It was filled to the brim with gold and silver coins. NASTYA grinned and took her stepsisters. There's hand telling her there are two more outside come help me bring them in. Stennis lava turned to her husband. Basilio really was still crying tears of joy so she slapped him across the face to calm him. The sealy you must hitch the horse to the sled and take my marsh to the same spot where you took Nastya. The sealy looked at her wide eyed. He shook his head but stem is slava slapped him again. NASTYA may be rich but we are not she will take her gold and leave US destitute hoot. Now if you're lazy useless daughter can come back from the forest with two chests of gold. Just think what my Mar Fujiko will bring home for a moment Stanislavsky. Thought she saw a flicker of anger in her husband's face but then his shoulders sagged and he nodded. His assent mar foolish. Go looked in envy at the trunks of gold and fine clothes. She had not realized there was such treasure to be made just from spending a night in the woods she only tore her eyes away from the horde when when her mother called to her Mar Fujiko ran to status lava who spoke in a low voice. My dear child I I have told your stepfather to take you to the woods and leave you where he left Nastya so that you may come home with chests of treasure as she has is more considered this. She didn't like the idea being left out in the cold but if that was how Nastya had gotten her fortune it would certainly be worth it. Mar Fish gotta agreed and skipped off to wear. Her stepfather was waiting with the sled. The Journey Journey through the wilderness was long and cold. The little wooden seat of the sled was terribly hard by the time they reached the spot. What were nausea had been left Marsk was eager to be done with the long uncomfortable ride? She stepped off the Sleigh and gestured for her stepfather father to leave the Sealy gave her a sad look and then shook. The horse's reins and was on his way Mar Foolish go looked around her. It didn't look like the sort of place where a fortune could be made but if NASA could do it then why couldn't she mar- Mar Fujiko sat against the base of a great for tree and awaited her destiny. It hadn't been more than an hour. When Mar Fujita allowed snapping sound? She looked up at the field in front of her for a moment. She didn't see anything but then something emerged off. In the distance it was a handsome troika pulled by three snow white horses whipping. The horses horses with a chain of ice was a man like none she had ever seen before his face was wrinkled. Red And bulbous. He seemed very old and yet he was taller than the tallest man she had ever seen as he came towards her. The air group even colder marsh began to shiver violently. Her feet became numb and she stopped them to try and regain feeling. The old man removed his hands from the pockets of his coat and Marsh Gusau his horribly long thin fingers he snapped them again and again and each time more ice covered the ground around him. By the time he reached her Markaz Markaz Lips were blue and her teeth were chattering. The men grinned revealing a mouthful of sharp teeth breath. The color of Arctic ice are you wore maiden he asked Fujita Marsh. Gus snorted nor did what a blind old full. You must beat. Ask such a question. Can't you see I'm nearly frozen. The man Dan tilted his head and frowned at her. Are you warm maiden he asked again Mar Mar fujiko laughed. You must be deaf and blind then because I said that I'm freezing. The old old man looked around himself. He seemed confused by her responses. What an old moron he must be? He looked back to his sled and then back to Marcia before asking a third time are you warm. This time Mar Fish GonNa cut him off. Can't you see 'em freezing cold and every time you open your foolish old mouth. It makes me colder. The old man took a step back now. He did not look confused. He looked angry. He stood up straight eight as he loomed above her terrible dark. Clouds began to gather inside the ease. He's VAA NASTYA flipped. One of the pancakes that had been meant for her funeral. Stun is Slava was pacing about the house every now and then she would open the door to check for her daughter's triumphant return. Nastya had tried to tell her stepmother that she ought to fetch more foolish. Go back the home where she would be safe. But status lava wasn't interested. She walked around the little kitchen muttering to herself and stopping every now and then to aim a kick at malicious when malysz tried to escape from under the table Stanislavsky picked up a bowl of peeled potatoes rose and threw it at the little dog then she turned to her husband who sat quietly in a corner. It's been long enough. Go Go and fetch my daughter and see to it that you bring a sleigh big enough for all her gold. The sealy started to speak but was interrupted the little dog barking from under the table. Your daughter is frozen quite stiff and cold and shall never have a chest of gold old status lava picked up one of the Bellini. She flung it at the dog and screamed. Don't tell such wicked lies. There's a cake for you now. Say Her daughter shall marry a mighty king before she could continue. The door was blown open by gust of icy wind status. Love smiled and said see. This must be Marfa. Shkin now back to share her wealth with her mother. She ran to the door but as she gazed out of it her face fell stennis lava of a lead out a piercing shriek. What stood in front of her was no longer her daughter? It was a frozen corpse with Pale. L. And wrinkled skin its eyes. Were Milky White. And it's lips were frozen in a grimace of terror Stanislavsky. Let out one horrible pain Saab before. She ran forward to embrace the thing as soon as her arms arms closed around it S- tennis lava began to violently shake. She fell to the ground and a thick white frost grew over over every inch of her body. She gave a last gasp and then was still frozen solid by. I heard daughters IC- corpse the ancient version of father. Frost is neither hero road nor villain. Morroco was the son of villas the god of death and Mara the goddess of seasons unpredictable capricious and Mercilus. He exemplifies the Russian winter of course the brutal winters are also an essential part of the Russian cultural identity. The ability to survive in extreme cold has often aided Russian troops in fighting off invading armies for or a Siberian peasant winter also provided relief from the swarms of insects that could make the summertime just as unbearable as the bitter cold like the winter itself. Father Frost is a creature of duality. He is kind just as often as he is cruel. And he's known to turn his icy wrath against humans without appealing to any sense of justice to a modern audience. The story of King. Frost may seem strange. It's hard to fathom why NASTYA would be rewarded for a sort of suicidal politeness. Perhaps what Nas Austria is being rewarded for is not a lack of self preservation but a deep respect and fear for the power of winter. Nastya knows that those who do not give Father Frost the reverence. He is due will meet a gruesome fate Thanks for listening to tales. We'll be back in two weeks with a new episode. 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