Super Bowl 54 Recap, NHL Tips, and Pebble Beach Picks Betting the Board with Brian Blessing February 4, 2020


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It's only only a game until you bet one guests on the program here today and that is Brian blessing host of Sports Radio and Vegas ocoee hotline right today. Man I'm doing well Adam Life after football you only thing I can say the saving graces. Could you imagine if the sports books graded the props. The way they put the results out in the Iowa caucus man you got to get enough. I'm like thank God I do sports. I mean it's only twenty twenty and we only have a ton of technology available so I mean I. It's it's assists sad. It's what it is but her. Well let's talk some Super Bowl here. Forty niners in chiefs. We talked a lot last week but really the last two weeks about this game. You did some videos for us over on our Bang Book Youtube page. You and I talked about this game for two weeks and talked extensively about it last week and a lot of the different props that we liked. So so how did the Super Bowl finish up for you. I have mixed bag is probably the word but I would say actually well and I think our videos goes well. We did really well on the props. The I like San Fran and the under so that was you know the one aspect but we did talk about that. You can make make a case for either team and I liked props better than the game Sanford and the under to me the way the game was played. That's what it was Then Kyle Shanahan put his falcons cap on and you know I. It's just a bizarre ending full marks to the chiefs for coming back. I thought the the one play the drove me nuts. You know the the past the hill certainly got the chiefs rolling but the play that I thought was the death. Knell was right after that with a field goal. Lead the most. Get six yards on first down and you WANNA take time off the clock. He got impose your will. You GotTa change the field position you want to go. You may get some more scores. They had no answer for Samuel's they didn't give the ball hardly at all in the second half and then they threw the ball on second down past got bad at down Garoppolo. Incomplete pass three out. They gave the wall right back that second. Call to me and not Monday morning quarterback. We're watching the game. Why run it? Just keep running right down her throat do what you do best But as it ended up Casey and the under was a great result for the books from the proper perspective What we talked about? I had three props that really. I built my day around That that was mahomes longest rush over eleven and a half which I bet up to thirteen and a half. He got a thirteen yarder His first rush was over four and a half. The one we like best of all was Daniel. Sorensen's tackles where that number was at five and a half and he had eight nine tackles respectively in the last two games. James Plus you got him on special teams so he flew over that total if he's in the middle of field he's going to be the Guy Tackling Kelsey so that one worked out and then actually early Over the Super Book. They've got a a par label page which are generally sucker bats of diving into it. So you know take a little kid can here Everything we talked about last week The parlay was no score in the first six and a half minutes. which is a thing when you're sitting there and you're like you know that whole bad is it was one place catch that he can keep the clock run and move the chains? Don't kick the vehicle it but it gets there Then it was the three unanswered scores which was You know mine is a dollar ninety. That was the one that was the toughest of a one team that up with The first rush over four four and a half for mahomes that being said I was one of those guys and got the rude awakening after the game. I said if I like mahomes homes longest rush over eleven and a half I like Mahomes I rush over four and a half. How do you not play mahomes over? By the time we got bad up it was thirty two and a half and still did it. Well he gets it up to forty four yards not even thinking it in a cookie jar bets over that there's another winter mark that one down and the kneel downs he takes at the end of the game he goes backwards ten yards and five yards and ends up. Twenty eight yards rushing. That is to me when we talk about the long list of we've all got horrible. Beats AIDS Grizzly. beat man I mean. He flew over the rushing total and then gave it all back on the last two. Plays the game kneeling down. Yeah that's one that's going going to be talked about for a long time to say the least the only thing that a rush. Why is that a rush that you'd like a non? I don't know there should be a category for that. I don't know in a box. Score if you're surrendering yourself or victory formation or kneel down the I guess it's not I mean I guess in but I mean ninety nine hundred seven hundred and I understand the premise premise of going back. And Kill him an extra five seconds to not move the play clock. I mean no beef with all of that but you know but ninety nine times out of hundred take take me. I mean Okay Great. He gave to yards back. He finishes with forty yards rushing and he flew over the projected total but anyway it is what it is. Yeah I mean that's the tough thing is the fact that it just the way that the circumstances kind of played out late in that game. I'm actually fortunate because I didn't play them. A homeless rushing over I played mahomes cross sport. Prop with Carrie price saves on Sunday. And I think Healy had twenty two or twenty three saves for the Canadian so that cross sport prop came through for me. It was actually Kinda surprised. Played that game but you know I had a couple of of difficult beats myself. One of them I know Brad powers is on our show. On Thursdays. Had this one. We had Kansas City under four and a half players with a rushing tapped and inexplicably travis. Kelsey gets a carry for two yards. Oh I know I would wear that. What what what was the other one there was one other one? I the cross-border water cooler things. They're really tough. Because you gotTa handicapped to things unless you really think you got an edge. But I saw one I said man I gotta take a shot with this one because I did play the Vancouver Carolina game over over I think it was five and a half but I play the over in that game. It ended up being four three the final when they played the uncover and Carolina goals verses chiefs chiefs field goals in touchdowns in the first half. And I you know I I played the under twenty six and a half hundred twenty seven in the first half so I just I like that first half under as well. I do think the hockey games going over there. I think the only way you want to really get involved with that like is if you really believe you like both both of them very much that you give yourself a bit of a cushion and that one won't Kinda handily so it's funding the Super Bowl Wola such a roller coaster for me and and obviously for a lot of people you know. The thing that lasts touchdown for Damian Williams pushed the second half over the total and a lot of people played that second half over. I know that's one that some of the retail sports books out in Vegas got hit very hard on the Chelsea Carey screwed me. I had both teams make a field goal of thirty thirty. Two Plus Butkus field goal was from thirty one so that was all kinds of fun but then I also got super lucky. I had Patrick Mahomes. To score the first touchdown at at sixteen eighteen to one something like that. And I think Damian Williams was was in the end zone with that second attempt they never reviewed it. The homes winds up scoring the touchdown on that fake option play. So I got that one. And then I also had used check for I san Francisco touchdown at seventeen and a half to one nice. I hit two of the first touchdown props otherwise the game would have been by and large disaster for me. I did hit the Sorenson profits a lot of the other. Things I played didn't really come through but it's amazing you know. Everyone talks about this Vegas knows and this and that. And that's not really the case. But that so many of these props actually lined really really well and I kind of came down to some of the little place in the fourth quarter and stuff like that. It's a lot of fun you know. Obviously if you go to the Super Bowl looking to make money you better differently than you do. If you're looking to have fun with that at least some of the stuff we talked about on the show here for two weeks came through well in the funny thing is if it could be some of the things that you're involved with every one of them close because if you're tying certain things in two off guy to a defensive guy of uh-huh every prop it's not. Okay Hey this guy's getting this. Every guy is correlated to about seven other things so it stands to the reason that a number of the props that are correlated if the game flows the way you believe it is a number of them will be fallen right around the number. It's great it was great fun and enjoyed it. It was the In finding those plus prices and Lisa page Things of that nature can can Make your day the other thing the MPP only tell you something. I mean I think he could make a case for Damian Williams That's what we said. That's why Mahomes was three to five deserving he got a backhanded but the the mahomes would virtually scoop up every chief but I thought you know the fact that the chiefs were able to get something out of the running back position. I thought was a big difference maker for them. I thought he had a real good game. He moved the chains on some great plays but head. San Francisco won the Game House. Listen some people the other day and I'm like what game are you watching the well. San Francisco went. Garoppolo would have been the the MVP. And I'm like pardon me like. Are you telling me if they'd kept doing what they were doing there. In the second half I mean Deebo. Samuel Samuel was a lock to be the MVP. I mean he he was. I don't care if he scored. We didn't score. This guy was doing everything. He was unstoppable and then they got away from. I swear I football drives me nuts. Team started you're killing a team and then you start to sit back Things that are working until they figure a way to stop but why stop doing it. Yes there were a lot of little details about the super bowl that really stood on me. Kyle Shanahan I mentioned this a million times on the show. I love the guy. I am a man crush on the guy. I love his play design but once again in the second half and specifically the fourth quarter of a big game game I mean he disappeared again. I mean he just went way too conservative. And that is something I will think about next year if San Francisco winds up getting back into this position Shen or even if they're just in the NFC championship game. That is something. I'm absolutely going to have to think about and again same thing with the MVP. Like you mentioned Damian. Williams hundred thirty three a yards on twenty one touches had two touchdowns but mahomes wins the MVP. And he did. But if Williams doesn't do that and what have we said about the chiefs all year long. It's a red flag when your quarterback is your leading rusher and finally they got massive production from the running back position. Yes you know. Mom's through the pick. I mean you know he he. He was clutch he. I'm not I'm not. I don't have probably have a bigger stone in my shoe Damian Williams but I really thought in terms of the impact of that Game Kansas City in what was was a close game got massive production from the running back position which they never get in the way. The Guy Score two touchdowns and it wasn't just the touchdowns house you how about some of the place. Little swing pass to him in the flat he makes three guys. Miss any moves the chains and he keeps a drive alive. I thought Williams made some of the absolute key plays in the game. He did but basically where I'm going with. This kind of underscores that I mean look. It's very hard not to win this thing. If you're a quarterback position guys just I don't get it because the quarterback gets that production to you know. It's exactly what we talked about last week. There's a reason why there hasn't been a running back to win the MVP. Since Ninety the eight I mean you'll get Williams probably had the stat line for it but again mahomes deserved it. I think the way that he was so jittery in the first half didn't look right had the two picks seemed to be panicky against the rush even when it didn't get there but then he made the place when he had to and Garoppolo had a guy downfield old overthrew him by four yards. That could've completely changed the complexion of the game host me the place Garoppolo didn't home gets the MVP deservedly so but this this is why. It's so hard to take skill position guy because homes quarterbacks going to spread it around. And even if he doesn't he's getting all that production two so really for me when you look at future Super Bowl sear it's quarterback or a defender exactly Yeah yeah the quarterbacks we and we talked about this on the podcast list last week that specifically see I think honestly I really believe if San Fran had one I think Samuel would have a depot Samya would have been the MVP but we said anybody on K.. See mahomes would scoop from them Not Expected Williams to have have that kind of game. But you're right. I think it's quarterback or both bats the ball down on the first play of both that gets a couple of sacks you in that game. He forced a fumble in the game. You know that's a that's a nineteen seventeen kind of game a defender could win it right. I mean so I agree it. It's quarterback defender I. I would have liked to have seen if kyle US check gets in with that second reception. Where he got tackled at the one yard line? I mean is there a chance chance that he gets it with like forty yards and two touchdowns I mean yes because had they won the game. He's also like the guy I that's opening all the holes for the running back so you would you would reward him for what he does best. And then by the way score two touchdowns I absolutely I think he would would have been had. He gotten a second touchdown and had seen friend won the game. I think absolutely he'd have been in play. That would have been crazy. Don't have been cool to see to also so he's a local guy here. He's from Medina Ohio so that was pretty cool but what are they going to ask you about. All the reports are going to start coming in today with official bottom lines for the states and the different operators and all that but Vegas did very well on the game. Circus sportsbook actually. Didn't they took a couple of hits on. Some exact point totals some of the other stuff. They are very aggressive in their risk management. Approach though so I mean they gamble a little bit too and credit to them for that I know I think I heard on visa that. MGM AND GM had a big swing with the second half going over the total but by and large Vegas did very well. Now what do we look around the rest of the country. I've seen some reports that New Jersey Z.. Overall the sports books lost money in Pennsylvania. The sports books appear to have lost a pretty decent amount of money relative to the handle. How the hell do you lose? Lose money on this super bowl where the chiefs do cover but the game stays under mahomes had a good game but not a great game. A lot of unders on player props no safety safety overtime. No two point conversion. How do you lose money on this thing? I think it's GonNa be interesting to see how those states adapt and adjust in future super bowls. Yeah I think the simple answer I guess and it may not be right would be that. It's really elite general public money you know in these new where it's newer in jurisdictions and the general public you know was infatuated with the chiefs. would be the belief but combination wise if they were correlated. San Fran and the under correllated Casey in the over for it to be Casey and the under would be the optimum position for a Lotta places every book has liability with futures and all these other things but Across the Board in Vegas and this is what we had talked about last week. I think when we did the podcast last week at them we said that total was at fifty five. And I I I firmly believe fifty three and a half would at least make an appearance. That late in the week sharp money was gonNA come back and start hammering the under of so for the for Vegas biggest. The the key was that that game stayed under the total and if that game stayed under the total Vegas was gonna be a winner. Well that's something you talk about on sportsbook radio every week. I did a lot of stuff with the Subaru last week. He did a couple of prop shows there at the West Gate. So I know everything slows down to a degree for you here. But how did things wrap up in terms of the show and everything that you had going on last week. Oh sauce I mean it. The week is kind of a whirlwind But we we did two shows over at the super book which is distraught jaw-dropping when you walk in there and it's just such a cool place Jay Corner gave roll out the red carpet force. But there's like the high I lost track. I don't know it's eight nine years. We've been doing this in a row but Oscar. I give Oscar Goodman. God bless him. He's he's a good friend. And I call Oscar. You're saying hey we're we're doing the again okay. Fine what they and they set it up and Oscar in the show girls and then Oscar says he's going to do it then the va they call the TV stations. And he walks in the place erupts and and he's a circus act and they get him as big drink and And he came on he did the whole hour the one day had a lot of laughs and is good fun then Friday. We're out at sunset station Saturday night. We had a Golden Knights hockey. He party and that was cool. A lot of people were playing Golden Knights props in that hockey game Into the Super Bowl and then Sunday the another big party party out at sunset station for the game. The weeks kind of a blur Monday Monday hits in your like actually today's last night. Good three hour nap. That out of nowhere hit Now it's like the highlight of it to be honest with you bud and we're so fortunate we do what we do but the week between the Super Bowl. The off week was the first true week Saturday and a Sunday off thrilled. The Golden Knights were like the dark side of the moon out of town. There's like a weekend off first time since August but now football ends. I actually get weekends off so you kind of get your life back for a little bit but then before you know it they'll be in training camp and we wind up and start going seven days a week again in August. Yeah for sure you know this is. This is one of the busiest time of the year for me with MLB guide. And then I write conference tournament previews a US forever conference over a bank dot Com and then also of course. I'll do the handwritten march madness game previews so a lot of stuff going on here over the next two months over at the website. But one thing I do when asked about here real quickly before we transition over the NHL the XFL. I will admit and shame on me for this because you know it is football. It is something that a lot of people are kind of getting a buzz about. I have not looked at all whatsoever. At any of the roster's I've seen the win. Totals in passing that. Like Caesar's put put up. I have not paid any attention to the XFL whatsoever is anything that you've kind of started a dive into it all literally twenty five minutes ago on on twitter. I just got up and started looking at my stuff and so people I know followed the XFL twitter. I'm like I guess so. I followed all of the accent. That's it that's my first foray into the XFL. So I guess I would give it. I would give it the the opportunity. I watch a game or two eighty if it's worth watching but most importantly to watch it to see. Are you picking anything up. Trend wise that makes it worth really paying attention to it but as of today the short answer is no I heard I heard somebody say. What's the kid's name? Had the bills drafted after the from Ohio state and he ended up with San Diego as a cartel. Jones is is one of the quarterbacks. That's my that's my working knowledge of the XFL. The Cartel Jones is a quarterback. That's it that's about mine too and it's tough. I mean I imagine there's GonNa be a market for it. I'm sure people want it covered. I just I haven't been able to get to it yet especially trying trying to make up some ground here with all this baseball stuff so no promises for our listeners in our readers out there trying to dabble into it a little bit here but we'll see but let's let's get to the chase here and this hockey stuff is so amazing. I just say this because we did this last Tuesday. I'm doing on a new thing. It's called the hockey bedding podcast. With Cam Stewart. Whose hilarious we do that Monday? Wednesday Friday. I put it out on my twitter Bryan blessing. But it's a Bet Chris. Candido ended a dot net and we dive into the hockey and the sport is the best bet right. Let's cut the chase and and you're bringing up the point. Last as we we sat there we rode that wave. It was utterly ridiculous that the League did a better job of getting teams to try to get teams coming off a bye live. Play a team coming off a bye. There's no way to do it across the board. It's insane the teams that had a game under their belt. Just murdered the teams that that were coming off the bye. The first game awful by is it's a brutal game to play Columbus Asleep at the Switch Eichel you. I know you were happy. You were texting me during the game. When you were flipping out the wind and overtime and like automatically it not only did the opportunities on the Front End Adam but then you're like it's the next game okay? Columbus loses at Buffalo now now. They're going to play Montreal. They got their legs underneath them and because they lose the buffalo you get a low number on them against gets Montreal so it wasn't just the teams you get them in the first game lose but then you get the quality teams to bounce back. In their second game it was a it was one of the best weeks ever in the NHL Any till in terms of making money analysts are reach out to me and said that that by week Trent last week went ten and one and of course the one that loss was Arizona which I they had as the third leg of a partly with Buffalo and Montreal. So of course the one that loses the one. That really hurts me because those are the three spots. I talked about out extensively on the show last week but they still went to three. I talked about and that by week. Trying to if you picked up on it was very very good even Vancouver beating the islanders. I in that weird afternoon spot for them in Brooklyn Islanders. First game off to buy Vancouver had been playing even they came away with the win and that one so it was brilliant. It was great. Hopefully you took advantage of that from US talking about it here on the show and this will probably be a thing again next year the NHL does a better job like you said. But they can't light everybody everybody up like that so I think next year against something that will definitely hammer home. I just throw one out there. Because the best event of the weekend and it wasn't close close in I'll I'm going to venture a slight guess you didn't see it did you see Edmonton Calgary Saturday night battle of Alpert. Both games were. Oh my God listen let me I some and first of all you know we. We won't go down this rabbit hole but the analytics and the power ratings in addition to that but Wednesday night they I played an incredible game. Physical mean nasty and it goes to a shootout and at the end of the game rid it. And I had calgary that night it really makes the save it in the game and he does the Batista Bad flip with the stick at the end of the game and immediately I said that I am jumping all over Edmonton I am coming back with Edmonton Edmonton this game. On Saturday night eighth still watch it. They were they were fighting. The goalies went at it. But that bad flip as it tell you this is in no box score. You know power rating their no. Nothing telling is watching a game and no one how hockey players think and sure enough Edmonton comes out like their hair's on fire they chase reddish out of the game and they had to pull. They didn't pull them between periods. They had a poem poem during the period and he skated a bench. And every guy on the oilers is standing up screaming at the guy they just chased out of the game just in his face. Ace right then you get the goalie fight and rich has to come back in because the goal has got kicked up and they scored three more on the players. I get the license plate man. I'm telling you that that would be. It would have been in no box score. That's just knowing how these guys are at and you're getting his juice. They were like apply plus a dollar sixty five. It was something ridiculous like they. They wanted religious head on a plate and they played that game like their life depended on it was awesome. I'm telling you I swear to God. I what suit teams to meet in the playoffs. So bad let me tell you the regular season they play. But and there's there's right as today right owner maybe not Are they I mean. Th there's a real possibility they they play they're they're they're separated by a point or two. Oh here I got it with her As of today they are not no because Calgary fell behind Vegas So game handle but admits it's got to throw a blanket over all these teams. I'll tell you there couple really good stories in the NHL. The Pittsburgh story is lunacy with the injuries that they've had that they are thirty three fourteen in five It really remarkable what they did with crosby to be out in all the injuries they had would have picked a nice story at the beginning of the year with no defense men now. They're falling off the map. They've got to make the trade but I'm telling you one of the best stories and it's just flying under the radar above in couvert was a nice team. Young guys heading the right way. They'll be there and they'll fall short. I don't know man they're thirty. Eighteen and five in the key is they're keeping the pederson kid healthy but it's more than him they're getting good goaltending of. I think that's a pretty good. Golly combination with March Trim and Denko. But you've got guys like the Besser and whore VAT and the big. I think one of the best moves made off season. Nobody's talking about Vancouver got. Jt Miller from Tampa Bay. This guy has made a world of difference. This being couvert team. They're not going anywhere you know as I look at the West here. Maybe this is a good time to start taking a look at this. I know you kind of wait until the trade deadline it and everything settles down to start making some of your futures and taking a look from that standpoint but Colorado here sitting third in the Central Division they are plus thirty the three goal differential. That's the best in the western conference by fifteen goals Saint Louis and Vancouver both plus Eighteen Colorado. A team that the arrows those kind of pointing up with them. Oh I in fact if you can punch up where I can find it real quick. But what their odds are if I was going to play somebody and I generally just refuse to do it until the trade deadline. But I've said all along I like Colorado in the West and now the fact that they're are you know down just a little bit of this team is the real deal man in a series. See the thing is when you're playing uh-huh and watching the team we'll get Tampa last year. You know the regular seasons the regular season and the thing the thing you get is okay. This is a quality Louis team. This team knows how to play back to back nights or you'll this team's really good on the road or all the things they can do and massage lineup the regular season. It doesn't mean a hill of beans until when you get in the playoffs when you're playing the same team over and over every other night in the matchups in a series. It's just I throw the regular season out and Colorado is a match up nightmare the the absolutely are and if they're healthy You know they're going to be fine and honestly I think they're more than sound in the net. I mean I you you know I'll see. Let's see what they end up doing here. The rest of the way it's still grew boundaries. Play Thirty Games but the frank whose kid don't sleep on him he's been really good to goaltending to to me would be the one question mark with Colorado but from a speed perspective and and they've got some physical guys calvert a terrific player when you get get to the playoffs in a big strong guy I think Colorado is a team built to really do damage in the playoffs and so yes they would be a team team. I would. If you ask me today would you play a team of future it would be Colorado looks like Colorado about ten to one range out there which actually is one of the lowest Louis prices in the western conference so again looking at some of their metrics looking at the fact they do have two games in hand on Dallas in front of them three games in hand on at Saint Louis who they trail by eight points in the division here can. They've got that goals differential. They've got the most goals scored in the western conference. This isn't team that obviously kind of getting some love out there in the futures market but as far as the east you mentioned Pittsburgh you mentioned liking them a little bit. Obviously Boston and Tampa Bay or going to be there until the end in probably in the Atlantic division but other than that. We've talked about this Toronto's not good in their own zone. Florida did not play well early on. They've kind of turned things around around a little bit. Same thing with Columbus has been very very hot. Philadelphia's now been hot they're creeping back into the picture any sort of under the radar team but anybody outside of the top teams. You think has any chance in the East a I. I would give the islanders. A- punchers chance with trots. I the islanders would be one. I'd I take a mini kick at you. Know the leaves have no defense The bruins are gritty. They get good goaltending. They find ways People are in love with Florida. I I'm not. I'm not buying Florida. I loved Florida actualize. As the last night they were Barkov was out and that was another situational. Play Auto. Toronto was life and death to beat out of it the other night. And here's Florida coming up the play them but Barkov was out so the number goes through the roof from Florida. Beat them beats actually was a cool story. They put Mark Pyzik. WHO's a defenseman? Because barshop was out they through the Defenseman who I think he's played four hundred. NHL Games and he had four goals. I think going in they throw him up at forward last night and he got a hat trick You know but so but floor floor is the deeper team. Toronto I think is so flawed in their own end. Why Washington in Pittsburgh I? It's it's hard to say they're going to be a very very tough out. The East is to me. I I couldn't tell you I mean but if you want the overlaid price I would they just don't score. You know. See what they do with at the deadline trots man when you get into a series. Don't sleep on Berry trots rats and don't think the coach doesn't matter when you get into playoff series islanders somewhere between twenty and twenty five to one out there in the futures market but Brian. Is We take a look at a massive acids card here for Tuesday night. I believe what thirteen games on the card here this evening. I you got Florida in a back to back. They take on Columbus Dallas in a back back to back. They're doing that. New York New Jersey Swing. They play the islanders tonight. One I will tell you I like here. We'll start one that I like you gotTa Take Arizona tonight right short favorite price minus one twenty-five Edmonton off that big emotional game Saturday night. I know they've had a little bit of time to come down from it but I don't know man I feel like they're kind of an auto. Oh Fade when you've got a big rivalry like that with physical games emotional games. That next game is a real tough one so I like Arizona bit tonight. Yeah the letdown thing. We mentioned that On our podcast Arizona are. I'm sorry Edmonton Calgary be Leery of the letdown. The only the only thing and I'm I'm not trying to talk you off. At the only thing I would say when Arizona Wins Game Play. 'EM START PLAYING I. I've never seen a team like this. Th they've they've done this like four or five times win for loose forward win five loose fine there in the middle of a five game losing streak. When they stopped the bleeding start playing them but rates reads has been itself? They've got they've got the camera back. Yeah no that's definitely when I noticed that too you know with with around playing in that game against Chicago actually wasn't bad. There were a ton of shots on goal in that game are automates saves. Had that highlights save the Scorpion. Save as they like to call it but Chicago. What does that tell you how bad they're playing? It's the only one of eleven games that a team coming off the team. Coming off a break was able to win. That's how bad Arizona's plane. They beat a team. That was coming off the break. That's they're playing horribly at the moment. But when they win a game they'll go on a four we're game winning streak that's just been their mo all year long it could it could be tonight. I'm again I'm not trying to talk you off right. But when they win they win. I get on Arizona's again but I'm going nowhere near until they win a game because right now I don't I'm worried about them. You know finding their way to the arena. Now that's that's definitely a very fair point. What do you like on Tonight's card? The crazy thing is with this bevy of games a really tough night. I mean we. We were hard pressed to come up with some games There's like some fly in the one of the best angles all year long. I'll throw it out there I I don't I'm I'm not GonNa do it. You'LL VEGAS couple of games off the break and there's playing a simple game dumping chase but it's not like they've reinvent. Invented the wheel of they had a two goal lead against Carolina. Let it get away but then won the game on a power play at the tail. End The game then. They had a really good effort but Nashville is a dog's breakfast right now. Then Vegas goes to Florida the the weekend in Florida now they could be implemented some stuff finally with a practice with pete the board but these guys had a couple days off in Florida. Maybe did some golf watch the Super Super Bowl but it's Tampa coming home. I gained from a long road trip. And we've been printing money Faden teams like that. I just I think that the extra couple of days down in Florida scares me on that one but it should be an interesting game. The Colorado was a dollar thirty five on the opener. It's up to a dollar seventy five. We talked about the that that was A. What's that number? What's that all about? Carter Hutton. Came back. He he had lost eleven in a row before he won the game of the two one game against Columbus Thomas but that was a team coming off a bye. who if they had eggs in their hockey pants wouldn't have broken one egg during the course of the game? I now now that they're taking on Colorado Rondo. I kind of liked that game to go over Colorado Buffalo to go over six and a half. The sneaky. One I think is an over game is Anaheim and Ottawa The total on the game is six. It's conference game. You know two teams hopelessly out of it. I think again that could in all of a sudden there's an Anaheim team is starting to score goals. A little bit but Gibson is really good but Anderson. They're talking about this guy. Getting traded but auto got shot. You bought this kid. Plays Twenty eight minutes a game CA- chuck in the past Jokin. There's an actually some sneaky offense out there I think for two teams that are hopelessly out of it. I think it could be a fun kind of pond. Hockey Kinda game. So of all the Games. I kind of like Anaheim and Ottawa. Over the six and other than that. It's a tough card art. Maybe Maybe Carolina Saint Louis over five and a half. But it's a tough car tonight but you look at that Carolina's Saint Louis Game first just home game for Saint Louis. Since January fifteenth. They were on the road. They had the all star game. There they go to the by then they start on the road again so first. Home game for them. Since this January fifteenth Thursday's the first home game for Florida's since January sixteenth and. Then obviously Vegas. They'll finally be going back home for the first time in forever here in the not-too-distant future. I would throw that one. I would just throw that out there. That Vegas getting these. Two wins for them is big because they face an absolute murderers row. Oh here and there in a dog fight so them. Getting these two wins on. This trip was a big deal now. We'll see what they do in the Florida swing but they will be playing on in February eighth their first home game in a month. They had a four-game eastern road trip before the all-star break then the all star break their break in another four-game eastern road swing twice. They've come home from four plus Game Road trips and been absolutely mauled in both of those games. And they're coming home Saturday to play Carolina who's got a stone in their shoe. Who Vegas just beat at the last minute? The other I think that first game back for Vegas Carolina a a pencil that one in watch out that that is just a and it's it's divorce first game in Vegas but you know the first game home. I I think the the road team might have a say in the matter here and teams are coming into Vegas by the way. There ain't no vegas flu anymore. They is getting everybody's best shot. Everybody comes here. Ready to play from the drop of the PUCK. And that's what we've seen all year long. I will definitely Carolina and that one other one for tonight and it's kind of intriguing here Los Los Angeles and we talked about this a little bit last week. I talked about my situation article. The kings have been awful on the road. I mean they've been pretty competent at home for the most part. They've been really really bad on the road but I don't know if you play a lot of the plus one and a half puck lines tonight there plus one and a half minus dollar twenty or so. I don't mind this spot. The Washington comes off Sunday's game against Pittsburgh they play a lot of big games in conference. You'll get a lot of these spotlight games with Ovechkin and the following day. Have I kinda like Los Angeles a little bit here. Plus that one and a half and may take a small piece at them at more than two one dog to all right. It's funny so you start talking about about it so I quick punch up their schedule. We talk about situational things. It team ex team. Why I don't care who the teams are that? We say the first game home from a long road. Oh trip is brutal to play for the home team but this other thing that and I know we've mentioned on this podcast but really this year starting to really say it makes complete sense and now the more I think about it and I've been watching when teams are going on a four game road trip starting along road trip. They invest a ton of energy in. WanNa get a trip off to a good start in in the first game of a long road trip. The road team is extremely dangerous. So that was kind of a blanket statement so now you say that I go look real quick. October twenty twenty-second. The keyser starting. A four game road trip in Winnipeg. They won three two Then there was December twelfth. They were starting a five-game road trip. Six Game Road trip Adding Anaheim they one to one January ninth. They were starting earning a five game road trip. They won in Vegas five to In in Washington almost three dollars favorite in their first of a four wargame eastern road swing Yeah the the the plus one and a half at that low number I think is of interest and and you know I'd say take a mini mini Flyer on the kings at that balloon number. Oh by the way Washington displaced just played their bitter rival Washington just played Pittsburgh. Let me know the was out of the balloon. Oh great we're playing the kings after playing the penguins. There's a lot of reasons to say. play the Kings or see if that one comes through forests here tonight one other item of Business Take Care Era of here on this segment that is the. At and T. Pebble Beach pro-am. Obviously it's been an interesting Gulf sleep. You know. We had the three courses in the American American Express. You've got the Waste Management Phoenix Open which is an animal unto itself in the Gulf world. Now this poem or you got a bunch of celebrities a bunch of athletes it's alongside the pros. You've got three different courses here in this one to another tricky handicap. I would say well I would say we really I. I don't think we've mentioned him last week but we almost got on a golf tootsie roll. which would have been great? We I think we have some people get back to us. We did have leash Mun right forty five to one or fifty the one we we had him on the podcast. A couple of weeks ago on Friday night. I Bet Tony Female last weekend. And of course he blows a two shot lead with two holes to go bet him thirty thirty two one on Friday night he shot a sixty two on Saturday So the the goals going good. We're in the hunt and this tournament is really an interesting one atom. Because you've got to think of the personalities here you're Gulf War matters but you're a you're playing all the different courses but it's a four four day party and the clam bakes all the things they do off the course but the golfers are out there playing five and a half six hour rounds. They're playing with amateurs they stand around. They wait you guys. You know they just. They got no shot. They're miserable they're not having it they're not embracing the atmosphere and then there are guys that just you you know. Have Fun with it. Play well and by the way. Get The Sunday let's go. This is a golf tournament. Let's make some money so you got to be in the hunt on Sunday I would look And I do this a lot. I looked for guys that are show you signs of life on a weekend and take it into the next week Daniel. Berger had a really really good weekend at the Waste Management Daniel. Berger Forty two one I think this kid's recaptured as form of a couple years ago. Daniel Berger Forty two one. He's he's is my topic. I I'd be a fool and I can be a fool but I'd be a fool not to play Pat Perez. We always talk about Pat Perez in California Before this ship sails California. Pat Perez is seventy five to one And then I've got one real shoot for the moon and then I'm going to really come back on Friday night. Ted Potter's actually not playing horribly. He's two hundred to one. He won this thing two years ago and his forms. Not that bad bad. So I've already played Daniel Berger Pat Perez and Ted Potter and then on Friday night. We'll see where you stand. You'll get Daniel Berger here only one start at Pebble Beach House back in two thousand fifteen but he was tenth so maybe he just takes this week off usually but does it seem into mind. Format obviously Dustin Johnson. Your favorite. He's won here twice lots and lots of top ten. Does it really mind the guy that he's playing with. So that's one of those situations where he's at six and a half to one or so very very low price but you don't like him to be in the hunt and he you know. We know Dustin Johnson at Pebble Beach Job. Everything's everything's sets up. Beautifully for him. he just got done playing in Europe right. I mean the travel to me is a thing I I I just couldn't go down there The other guy who lost in a playoff who also plays good. I played him in matchups. Lost in the playoff Mickelson last year is Casey Casey's ACC twenty two one. Paul Casey might be a sneaky. Good play I actually want to think about. It might might take a little piece of Paul case here on the Front End to a twenty to one. Yeah another guy that twenty. Two One Range Brandon Grace at twenty five to one's kind of interesting. He's playing really really well. Doesn't really mind this format a whole lot. Couple of top thirty's not great by any means but he's got to win and a top ten hero rose last four events. Maybe he's not a bad guy. Suzy kind of fun guy. Sort of a happy go. Lucky type HYPOC due to a degree. Maybe this is a a format that he doesn't like you said too. I mean I think it's so important to talk about that yes. Sunday is business but the the first fifty four holes can be a real challenge. You're out there you said standing around you got bill Murray crack jokes and a bunch of other people just kind of having fun with this somebody. Somebody who's been pretty good in this. I don't really know necessarily about his recent form. But Jimmy Walker got five top ten since twenty eleven Maybe that's the guy you kinda take a look look at it one hundred to one. Yeah I mean we give them all. I played those three Casey. I think you could maybe make the shortlist but a guys. I've used in match ups that actually really you'd still thirty two one on them. If they're in the hunt on Friday night a couple of guys says read sixty two one and Lehto oh griffin is one hundred one he's leading the Fedex Cup and these are guys that are coming in here in playing in this thing for the first time that may just relish the format it just happy to be where they are and every soak up every minute of it that the standing around waiting doesn't bother him but I think again. This is one of these things you watched your watch Thursday Thursday Friday and it's a mixed bag because a lot of them are playing over at spyglass of but if anybody on Thursday night you know if somebody gets off to a good start start at Pebble Beach and they've got spyglass coming on Friday beato if somebody shoots the leader seven under who who played at spyglass ask. Somebody shoots three under at Pebble beach but they're so therefore shots back but wait a minute they gotta play spyglass tomorrow. But they're going to give you forty forty two one and the guy because he's four shots back no he's not really for shots back because he's GonNa play the easier course the next day. But you'll get the overlaid price on Thursday night. That's an excellent point. I obviously you do that with fina last weekend and got a really good price on him and he should have gotten there for you but yeah. That's a great point here. You know kind of pay attention to which courses versus these guys are playing and how they play on them you know. It's a lot like Torrey Pines. We saw some guys go out there and just flag hunt on the north course. They went to the south course in struggled. Some guys played the south. Course I you know. They wind up with scores. That maybe aren't as impressive. Their prices reflect that they go hang low number on the north course. So that's a good point Eh. Great Betting Angle for these tournaments. That are a little bit different. pro-am format the multiple cores format. All this stuff early on in the year. I think it's definitely something for our listeners. Keep in mind mine. It's an analogy in doesn't happen every week but it'd be the same kind of premise. When you look in say how many times is tournament have been decided? By the TI- Times a lot you know guy plays early. Thursday morning in wins GonNa kick up Thursday afternoon and then. The weather's gorgeous Friday or Friday afternoon. You know so you have half. The field could be eliminated by getting a bad teatime on either of the first days because the bad weather is going to kick in and only the impact half the field That segment when the weather kicks in. So it's kind of an analogy to the tougher an easier course where you there are advantages there. If the weather forecast holds true and then there are advantages. If you do well on the first day on the tougher course but you're off the pace you'll get an overlay relate price playing the easier. Course the next day sage advice and brilliant insights as always from. Brian blessing host in Vegas Hockey. I I read. We'll check out. Those shows a sportsbook radio and Vegas Hockey. L. A. NEW TO HP DOT com of the shows are archived at sportsbook radio DOT com. And then I'll put the links out for the show and my twitter at Brian Blessing. And we'll put the link out for the hockey betting podcast as well which is actually grown quite well and knock on wood. I mean again. The hockey to me is just the opportunities are there. And it's not it's not. It's not that the oddsmakers aren't you know doing a good job on it. I think it's still just the the working knowledge of long understanding angles that it don't matter who teams are there. They're just massive edges way more than the NBA in terms of the scheduled. Just dictates this team's team's GonNa play well or this team really is at a disadvantage as always Brian. It's been a pleasure at Brian. Blessing on twitter CASS. HP Dot Com sports radio DOT COM. And I'm sure you'll have some videos for us over on our Bang Book Youtube Page for this week as well enough to do it today. Man We'll we'll we'll get. We'll we'll get the Gulf up. We'll get up and oh by the way Do you get into the NASCAR. At all. I write the previous overpaying. The box so really really in the last two years I have made a point of it. I love the NASCAR and I just think matchups of they have the group matchup a partly or the group matchups where you have to pick a driver and everybody in the group is like plus two fifty and I hit about three of them last year. A AH clowning around having some fun with it but I mean boy you do your homework up you know you do a three teamer and everybody's plus two twenty five or higher a let me tell you something the return on investments pretty good. So you've got this weekend we've got the what's it called the clash Daytona. They'll go out a the punk band. What's the what's the the race the short race? No here no. It's the Bush clash Ashdod heels called the Bush last. Sounds like something completely different buddy. The favourite is eight. The one is Joey Logano. The favorite is eight to one. It's the Bush class. It's Sunday this coming Sunday. It's on F S One and And then the Daytona five hundred the following week and the restrictor plate racing you can in Absolutely swing for the fences restrictor plate racing. Well another market for us to talk about here on the show throw another briquet on the fire. Why not not go get side? Warm yourself up video sit here. It's thirty in Vegas. It's sixty sixty in Cleveland. The world is spinning backwards. Yeah well that was yesterday not today. It ain't sixty here today. Well we won't see sixty until April so buddy all right man you take care.

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