Wrestling With Altitude! - Episode 12 - Lonnie Valdez


And now an ad from dad right save money on car insurance when you bundle home and auto with progressive guy take these off right. What is this wow? Where did you get this? I'm talking to you with the hair yeah. Where did you get good stuff solid? That's not veneer that solid stuff progressive can't say to you from becoming your parents but we can save you money when you bundle home and Auto Progressive Casualty Insurance Company affiliates and other insurance discounts not available in all states or situations all right welcome back to the wrestling with altitude podcast. I'm your host Mr Fourth Row and today on this episode of the W._W.. A podcast I have the fans addiction Lonnie Valdez Lonnie. How are you doing? I'm doing pretty good man. How are you how's your not going? I it's going well. I you know spring is happening so I'm finally glad to have a little bit of the warmer weather. Oh yeah absolutely madam always more of a summer boy than a winter boy so yeah. I'm quite happy about that as well all right. We'll so hey let's <hes> I'm so glad to have you on the podcast this this week take so. Let's start at the beginning. How did you get interested in in professional wrestling? Did you watch it as a youngster yeah. I've been been pretty much watching wrestling my whole life. <hes> my family was doing a little bit of like local wrestling out here like more kind of a outlawed territory kind of indy wrestling <hes> Michael did it out here and there never anything big or national or anything like that they just did it like very locally so I grew up around them. They always showed it to me so when it came time when I was eighteen <hes> I've been in martial arts for a long time so when I turned eighteen and got out of high school. My mom asked me she was like are you going to be a wrestler or boxer shouldn't really ask me if I was GonNa go to college or anything that she she does a wrestler-boxer so I I chose wrestling and you know <hes> went down to a Dory funk junior school down in Florida started training and then came back out here and started taking bookings awesome awesome all right so you're family kind of already had a career path in mind for you then yet they just kind of I think <hes> especially my mom she she kind of knew what I wanted to do and where I wanted to go in she was just there to support me. She just very much <hes> I had my back on that one <hes> you know arranged for me to go down to Florida and started doing that down there and then came back out here went back went to eventually and then <hes> just started taking bookings and been wrestling out here ever since and this year and this year in August August fifteenth. It'll be twenty years that I've been doing this. Oh well cool well congratulations on the upcoming anniversary. Thanks Man Yeah it's been it's been a very fun very long road yeah for sure all right so did so did your family <hes> since it was kind of a family business. Did they kind of <hes> influence you when you were did I mean did you. Were you watching the the product on on television <hes> when you were younger. Do you know where you watching the W._w._f.. The W._C._W.. Maybe even the AWA bound yeah yeah yeah when all is smaller <hes> like I never actually got to see my family Russell like I said they did it very locally and only for a very short time but they had really good memories memories of it so they <hes> my own coal in one of my aunts. I think my aunt had like three matches. My uncle probably due for two years so it wasn't like it was a big huge deal but listen to them talk about it was kind of a big deal especially when like four or five years old well you know <hes> but so I never actually got to see them do it. They did it even before I remember that but yeah I grew up watching W._W._e.. Awa 'cause like Nick Block winkle in the margin in Shawn Michaels goes down there in the in the Awa. This was very much native your territory so I actually didn't really even watch stand W. A. or or W._C._W.. Until I was like a teenager right okay and who were some of your favorites to watch grownup like you know when I was that young violently like you know guys like Macho Man Randy Savage Hulk Hogan the big the you know the top guys obviously and then <hes> but when I became a teenager I really became like obsessed with the cruiserweight style especially like Japanese protests who you know <hes> Super J Cup nineteen ninety four guys like a Ultimo dragon was a huge influence on my style al which is where a lot of Ki Moon salts come from you know Eddie Guerrero de Milenko Minister Junior <hes> Otani juiston thunder Liger cray sauce gay like all those guys if if you look at one thousand nine hundred Super Jacob Than Tyrod Taylor is pretty much kind of kind of influenced my style and who really made me want to become a pro wrestler and getting up there so <hes> yeah I really became a huge fan of like the the cruiserweight style and mainly protests Asu like a new Japan junior heavyweights and the all Japan you know heavyweights in in the nineties those guys that really kind of like turn my head and made me want to do this not just watch it but made me want to go out and do it okay all right well. I can definitely see I can definitely see the Ultimo dragon in your repertoire from watching U._S.. Like and I can see how that influenced you and I think I think you almost have a parallel. If I can take the <hes> the time to say so well thank you I take that as a very big compliment like I said a those guys were always just wants his own Dragon Ultimo dragon style kind of fit but like I've honestly stole a little bit it from all of those guys you know as snaps flexes now suplexes from Ben Wine <hes> a couple of different moves from D Milenko in you know in you know Ray Eddie and just that whole group I've Kinda modified them kind of made a my own especially after doing it for twenty years you know you kind of make your own but <hes> while nearly twenty years but yeah pretty much debt group a not a duct that group wrestlers at that time has pretty much by got everything from even guys from like Tori Amman or a dragon gate or whatever you WanNa call it like a guys like <hes> Shema and you know <hes> you know dragging kid and all those guys that's those were really like big influences on my style and so <hes> you talked about now. Were you started your training so let's talk about your first match who was against in. What was it like any nerves or any of that kind of stuff happening? Oh Yeah I was always insanely. Nervous on there was a tag team match it. It was me and this Guy Adam Windsor against <hes> this Guy Jeremy jet in H C low canoeist for it was for Dory funk he put on a little show in Uncle Tokala and we also that at night and we got you know got broken in got. The hell beat out of us like like is pretty common for rookies but we ended up winning. We ended up going over in the main event that night. We had a a battle royal and <hes> actually leader <hes> W._W._e.. Hall of Famer Lido she ended up winning the battle oil that night so it was a it was a pretty cool pretty cool experience for from maybe fresh eighteen years old to be in their N._B._A.. It will see all the youngest I did. Oh Wow that is very very cool so <hes> so far in your wrestling career. Have you had any real memorable. Moments are brushes with the greatness I I think i. I think I saw that you have but let's let's talk this the listeners about that yeah. I've been very fortunate to wrestle some some of the best guys out there like you know when everybody remembers his <hes> I fought I wrestled seth rollins unsuited for your Seth Rollins Tyler blackout here in out here in Denver <hes> Joey Ryan as well you know recently. I've been able to wrestle quite a few. <hes> you know. Super talented insanely talented guys D._J.. <hes> Zima I on just got signed as W._W._e.. Me In him and Caleb crush just a couple years ago. We got to have just an insanely fund match for which Lebron Laughs <hes> you know <hes> Colt Cabana like only real fun guys that are just really really good at what they do is always always a pleasure to work with them. A ton of super talented guys down in Florida. You Know Dory funk junior. He kind of attracts he kind of attract some attention so you know he's always got you know different front of stars coming through guys you know another hall of Famer like Carlos Cologne came down there. He brought Eddie Cologne who everybody knows his premo Cologne in the W._W._e.. I got to train with him for a second in other said after after that after so long you just Kinda meet all these different people in to get to see how a cooler guys they are not only in the rain but out of the ring. It's pretty cool when you think about it. I don't even really think about it too much anymore but yeah I've actually we got to be in the ring with some very very talented guys and you know kind of blessed to do so to be honest. Oh cool cool okay well now. Speaking of not thinking about things I just have kind of an oddball question. Lucia Lebron laughs as I I have mentioned on the podcasts before has their ring up on a stage and so it is even higher than <hes> the floor. Is You know from the top rope to the floor and you do some crazy <hes> moves off the top rope. Do you ever get scared because of the little bit farther than the average height from the top rope to the floor he just Kinda. Go go at it and just kind of trust your opponents to be there to hit him with the move. <hes> you know I it sounds. It sounds crazy in. I'm not trying to be Taco or bad house or anything like that but every time I've done insults are jumped off those ring off that ring <hes>. I've never once been scared to do it <hes> so I think if I was scared it would stop me cold so I don't even think about it. I just kind of do it but it's not like it's a it's not really something I'm afraid of and so far so good nothing bad has ever happened but uh throughout Lucia labour in Laos kind of turn that entire you know the Oriental Theatre Kinda turned to my giant playground on pretty much jumped in flip a building at this point <hes> but it's it's worth it the especially for that particular crowd in how fun name and Help Fund A._R.. It makes you want to do more and more for them 'cause they're. You know they're reductionist so great. You know it gives you such a energy like such an adrenaline rush that had you know I I will never mind. Doing you know silly crazy stuff for those guys 'cause the the locker room is always great. The <hes> promoters is a really good guy. Don't ever tell them I said uh-huh but all in all young man upturn that blaze inside out and done some you know jumped off and back with some really really crazy stuff but it's always been for the betterment of the show and you know I never mind doing it. It's just a if I could add it to it. I will it is that by any chance of where the moniker the fans addiction came from was from that promotion. No no that came from a that came from a long time ago and honestly it was a it was a joke has started off as a joke <unk>. 'cause I used to be a D._J.. At a particular club I won't say the name of it but it was a it was a gentlemen's Club and one night when I was watching a Jane's addiction came in with Dave Navarro they all came in they were partying having a good time and got to actually interact with Dave Navarro and everything like that and like talk to them is just an insanely cool guy <hes> who took me very well and so that night we were joking around and I was wrestling at the time in one of my friends at the thing said <hes> you know those guys Jane's addiction your professional routes around here. You must be the fans addiction and I thought he it was really funny and I liked it so much that I started using it and just kind of stuck in you know I thought it was unique. I hadn't heard it before so I thought it was a coal a coal thing and be truth be honest. I can't even remember that one guy's name but I thought I was lying. Oh Oh very cool. I like it. That's that's a good story all right so <hes> before we <hes> got officially interviewing here. You had told me that <hes> you actually have been I'm doing you did some training in your career as well. Tell us about that. Yeah honestly <hes> out of all the things I've done. That's fine stuff. I'm most proud of like the friends and family that I've actually been able to train you know the I think the most successful one out of every guy I've trained so far is probably Roy Cizek you know he's out in California and out on the East Coast and pretty much everywhere right now pretty much winning retitled that isn't tied down. You know he's doing fantastic all over the place right now. He's Russell D._D.. In Japan he's you know you know all kinds of different television shows. He won the defy making champions like you know he's killing inspecting partner Joyal. They're doing fantastic. Super Super Proud voice. <hes> Cody Devine's another one of my students. He's he's on California right now. <hes> Kayla crush who wrestles with me at which Lebron laughs. He's another one of my students but you know I've been pretty much <hes> training for about eighteen years now in had some insanely fun matches with my students and you know pretty much. Those guys are like family to me brothers in a big bad way in a limited S._O.. At of all the things I've done you know training those guys C._N._N.. Come out and become L. really good at what they wanted to do. And it's a very social thing for me so yeah yeah very proud. Will you okay so yeah I gather from a breeder interviews that I've done when the student gets to face the teacher in one of their first matches if not the first match. I hear that it's really really fun and it's really exciting for both parties. Is that the case yeah yeah. The first time I got to wrestle. Roy was on a Lucia show out here not literally allows like a a smaller Lucia show <hes> it was first Hugo's Lucia back back when they're still running out of this little bar and we just got to go out there. It was just a mash that I set up because I wanted to get him the more experience in so I kind of set it up and <hes> we went out there and we just had a blast and it was a lot of fun in Royce said that during some part of the match I like did a Tokyo Bay over and landed on him and we kinda landed in the front roll and I didn't hear it but Roy started. He said that one of the fans dislike leaned over to his friend and was just like this is amazing. This is awesome or something like that and he got a huge kick out of that now being one of his first matches out <hes> <hes> wrestled cody several times you know like a ton of times of Caleb crush to like all these guys you know you get to I get it to get in the ring with the National Se- them apply you know the things that you've been going over in practicing with them. It's really cool to watch him. Grow beyond what you've taught them. You know one thing. I've always taught my students or you know. The as I've trained is that you know I'm not your only trainer seek other people out your you could. If you only wrestle me. You'RE GONNA come. You're going to get really good at wrestling me but you have to learn from other people as well like I start you off the next show you some stuff like yet. She started but you know you're not GonNa be great listening to one person go out and listen to other people find other trainers. I'll always be here if you need advice or if you want my opinion in on anything got your back but you know as soon as you know go out and find other people who could teach you otherwise 'cause wrestling is so subjective on the different ways to do things so go out there and learn from the best and keep going and so many of my guys have done that on on proud of how much they've grown right yeah I would. I would say that it's Kinda like that thing where like Fay say you have a problem <hes> <hes> to draw a parallel say like you have a problem with your car and you take it to the same mechanic over and over again. They can't fix it well ticket to another mechanic because they have a different set of eyes so it's Kinda like Kinda like that parallel where you you have somebody else looking at say a student in this case so they can see you know. Give you some more advice to hey. Try this or do this or you know that kind of stuff so it's it's kind of getting you like you're saying kind of getting more influence from different directions yeah exactly and like a you know. Different perspectives is also key because you know I can look at you from my perspective all day long and say. I think this'll be good for you. That could be good for you but you know you go somewhere else. Completely different wrestler is just like try this. I saw this guy over here. Try this this one time. Why don't you try and then it fits you know it's <hes> in a learning from different perspectives is always key like you should never show somebody out? Never you know if somebody gives you advice even with wrestling after a while things could get very annoying with people telling me try this. Try that but you know you should always listen to it always just kind of take it for what it is especially guys with experience if they've been around a little little bit they've seen some stuff. If they've got an idea for you you know listen to it in and see if it applies if it applies great if it doesn't cool you didn't lose anything you know but <hes> other people giving you advice and trying to you know hand you a couple little nuggets of information if they take their time out of their day especially veterans if they take the time out of the data pay attention to you and they see potential in you and they want to help you out. You know <hes> definitely take that advice. I you know I tried to do that. You know I try to do that for a lot of the younger guys out here. I always find it a huge compliment win you know younger guys like filter or Curtis Cole or Austin Logan those guys kind of reach out to me and ask me if I can if I have anything forum or I watched their match in Ohio. We started out of my way to do that for him. Because it's it's a huge compliment me and I know it's just you know trying to get better at aircraft so if anybody's listening this young man ask everybody for helping and they can help you it will yeah yeah cool so let me ask you about <hes> something another little kind of off the tall topped off the wall topic so in Lucci Lebron laughs if the listeners don't know by now there's running commentary during the matches so the comedian that was had their set before your match joins the master so mony Comedians <hes> for that match. It's right after them now. Do you get distracted or even get amped up by some of the running commentary during your match. <hes> you know every now like most of the time I don't pay attention and I just kind of tune it out and kind of paying attention to what I'm doing. I'm paying attention to the crowd mainly so the commentary I don't really listen to it but every now and then a joke will sneak through in a day sometimes even makes me laugh you know <hes> <hes> our host for a long time <hes> was Bobby Valentino and when he was introducing me to walk to give me the ring is like and Bobby will tell you that he always says I'm GonNa save a wrestler but he when I come out there it's always dangerous being a comedian favorite wrestler because they just they just Rabi the whole time so <hes> on the way to the ring. He's the one who's the first guy ever say that I was a called me the the boy with the Dragon Tattoo and and so has become a favorite line of the commentary team now they they'll bust out every now and then <hes>. I always hear that appears through when they say that I think it's hilarious. <hes> you know being the fans addiction one of the commentary team said at one point you know all the fans here in the Oriental theatre are addicted to three things <hes> cutting adding themselves cocaine and Lonnie Velez in and I thought that was hilarious said couldn't stop laughing you know in my matches about start and I'm just like giggling to myself so I try to a tuna melt because they're hilarious and I just try to not pay attention but every now and then they get me and it's it's always a is always hilarious funny. That's I can see that. I remember some of those lines. That's that's great alright sober yeah they are <hes> and it takes it takes talent to <hes> if for example the Comedians that come into lutely rain last it takes good talent to ad-lib you know something they're not. They're not exactly completely familiar with would you would you agree. Oh yeah absolutely and it's a very true. <hes> you know I've been doing been doing these shows with Lucia Lebron laps for so long. I think it's going on you know four or five years now <hes> that I've just been consistently being booked with these guys and you know it's promotion I really love and really we take a lot of pride in how how cool these shows it become but because of that had become friends with a lot of these comedians so I tend to go to their shows when I know there when I'm available and they have shows around guys like Sam Talent Maitland <hes> end up I you know accordingly in all of these guys like a present Thompson all these guys <hes> just become friendly with them and good friends with the couple of you go to their shows. They know who you are. They introduce you. You know what I mean. Everybody's like happy to see you in. It's weird how much comedians in professional wrestlers comment we go to their house parties. You know what I mean. You Know Party with these guys just just because you're traveling entertainers. You know you're you're looking for bookings. You're always in the green room. You're always on the road. Those those kinds of stories are universal between Comedians and wrestlers so you have a ton of things to bond over so it's kind of easy making can French between those who circles and you never think those two things together but you get them together in actual actually go together pretty well. It's it's it's a really cool dynamic. Yeah Yeah I would agree. I I love going to triple it. It's it's fun. It's <hes> S. T. D. at something totally different and it's well worth the price of emission. I mean you can't beat it. Oh yeah man you know we've we want to comedy night of the year like four years in a row we just keep racking up. Well you know <hes> awards with a westward and different other places like that we we got. We cut a commendation from <hes> the Senate you know like the Senate. It's it's it's crazy like Hoa Hell L. Much See shows <unk> bull in Hell loyal fan bases because you know when we when I first started working with them the fans that were there were there to see comedians and they weren't there to so much see wrestling and you know it's grown so much what's that the guys who aren't traditional wrestling fans who may not watch you know Monday night raw every week and they may not know who you know who liu says is or anything like that but they come to Blouson. They know who they know who my slidell is. I Know Zach who a Ni- they know who you know Allie got though is who I am you know they they know the main stays in you know they know what we bring to the table so it's pretty cool to see the way the fans have grown from comedian. Comedian or comedy fans to wrestling fans and <hes> you know it's it's great to be able to see that like evolve and grow over the less you know lost four years right right awesome okay so let's let's <hes> talk about the near future. Do you have any kind of wish list of people you would like to get in the ring with <hes> either as a singles competitor or no you don't do a lot of tag team matches but even as a tag not matching who would you like to tag with as your partner and your some of your dream matches while me and lend Parker have been tagging in which labor and laughs lately <hes> you know we've been kind of a whenever he's around whenever we can and that's who I <hes> as much partner is these days we've been having a blast. Our styles are very similar with lots of striking lots of aerial aerial offense so that's a dynamic at works really well plus me inland just kind of get along. We've had some fantastic matches catches together so as tame. I think we're really we really jail me and him had a really really fun match against Kahlil crush just a few months ago in just had a blast with that so so any type things out there yet like you know from you know I'll be I'll probably be taken with Lynn against whoever as far as singles matches as a lot of younger guys that are coming up right now that I've you know I've worked with filter. A ton of times always been in an press with him and look forward to the next time <hes> got to get in there with Curtis coal which was which was really cool like after mass. You told me that before he started wrestling out here I was like his favorite wrestler out here so is a big deal for him and I was super impressed with him and you know would would absolutely love to jump on the ring with him again. <hes> Austin Logan's another guy that I've come to know when mind getting in there Lyn Parker again. There's it's just a new crop talent. That's coming up that I'm paying attention to even guys like immigration like Rocky Mountain pro- <hes> you know guys. I think there's got their name Bruce Wayne's that I I've kind of seen a couple of times that I've just kind. I liked what he's brought to the table. You know there's a whole bunch of new guys that are just coming through right now that a ring with and I'm always looking for new guys you know new experiences anything like that you know cody divine if he ever makes his way back out here to Colorado love to kick his head in again you know Kayla crushes one of my students. I always have fun time wrestling him so you know just you know Royce ever comes back here. Miana <hes> Mike slidell talked me Matt sidell. His brother actually chatted about wrestling <hes> less. I'm he was intone so he might be somebody that no on that. I got my Unin a always Martin Marty the mosque. He's actually a good friend undermine and we've never actually been able to wrestle one on one been in a four way match against each other but maybe more one on one would be a lot of fun. Sometimes so oh well cool I mean I know Martin's <hes> by Colorado a few times a year or so and you know he is a as far as I know he still the <hes> rocky mountain pro twitch champion so he asked to defend it. Yeah I did see that you have to reach out tomorrow and see what he's up to <hes> less awesome out here <hes> I actually drove back to the airport like me and more we've been we've been good friends for a while. <hes> headed had good time at my birthday party a few years ago so but when he gets out you're always trying to always try. Try to hang out with him whenever he's around so maybe that'll be something that we can. We can look forward to in the future. No it's something we've discussed before cool cool so I kinda gather from just talking to you here you feel. Do you feel like you're kind of like one of the <hes> elder older statements in elder statesman I should say in the Colorado area just kinda watching over the watching over the scene and and kind of getting a good feel for for everything. That's that's happening yeah kind of silicon of of a kind of earned that I don't I don't. I don't know if there's any active wrestler out in Colorado. That's been doing it longer than me like I said in in August it'll be twenty years. <hes> I know Joe Joe McDougal l._l.. Has Been around for for a long time <hes> in Johnny crash who helped train him to he's been around for a long time. There's been a bunch of guys that have been doing it for a minute but yeah I'm definitely one of those guys that's been here for awhile and very proud of how how much this territories grown hell good. The talent has gone to be out here. How much fun to shows have become as for longtime there? The shows weren't weren't greatness is when wrestling was kind of in a little downslope and now you know you're going to see some you could go a lot of different places in see some incredibly excellent you know now neck and Neck Anna Nick and matter you know respect women's wrestling link going on now and that's how strong the territory was were back in the day. You'd have one maybe two girls that could Russell and most of the time they were wrestling guys and now you've got a promotion here in Colorado. That's four women wrestling muscling before you'd be lucky to help one women's match on on the whole show and now you've got a whole show filled with women. which is you know it's fantastic to see how much territories grown how hell good talents gotten girls and guys this teams and whatever else you WanNa you know? Have you seen where it was to where it is now <hes> glad to be part of it. You know I plan to be a part of it for a while in the working with a lot of the the the new that's coming up in you know seeing what's next and you know it'd be happy anything that can do to help strengthen territory or make a little bit better anything I can help. Do you know make shows a little bit more fun than you know. I'm always down for that. You know I'm always very proud of the whole territory and I'm looking forward to seeing how big it can't get yeah yeah. I totally agree yeah especially in the last <hes> let's say especially in the last three years or so. We've had so many promotions <hes> <hes> debut and just take off like you said yeah you know for a long time guys would start up run two shows and then closed down or they start up in only use wrestlers that were very cheap or they could get for free. The and shows won't be that good and you know they would never run again but now you've actually got guys who are actually putting effort into promoting. Actually you know doing doing close to do and booking good talent and reaching out and getting good talent from other places to come in and you know there's so much going on that it's just it's really proud to see a guy like Matt Hayden who I've known for a very long time. <hes> you know saying what he's able to do with a on our M._p.. Is Really Cool. You know <hes> seeing nick you know go from promoting comedy shows to now. He's got to promotions to wrestling promotions. At least promoting is really cool this stuff you know Joe mcnichols been promoting Primoz. I think that's the oldest promotion in Colorado. They've been promoting longer than everybody so it's just it's it's really cool to see the size of the shows and how much effort everybody's into it in how much they you know how much they're taking into it like I said seeing <hes> the beer things that like <hes> Jaden and Nick you're sold out time and time and time again over and over again and you know there's so many people were turning away people at the door which has had for quite a few times. It's a really cool feeling to be part of that right. Okay well <hes> so let's talk about what you have coming up in the near future <hes> what <hes> promotions are you <hes> working with four. Four <hes> and tell all listeners you know about that mainly Qasimi a literally ran Laos <hes> right now with a more personal stuff. I've had to slow down. Take a lot outlets bookings <hes> just because my personal time has been kind of a occupied making money outside wrestling's become a huge priority so unfortunately things are things are going pretty well <hes> so I want to focus on that not so literally ran left's is my focal point right now but <hes> you know you never know like I said I have a lot of friends here in Colorado in <hes> you know I don't really have enemies as far as I know I don't have heat with people so you know when it comes time I might reach out out to a couple of different people in see where where might wind up you know just last year a couple of times you know I jumped in the Ring Primoz just to just to have a little bit of fun. You know up a couple of people that was fun <hes> so he always open to suggestions if any other promoters out there have any ideas for me or anything like that. I'm always willing to listen like I said a you know I I just I'm at a point now where I just really enjoy doing this so yeah. I'm you know it was very soon on might reach out to some people if they reach out to me. I know there's a lot going on in Colorado Springs right now. So you know if anything down there is interested. I'm always always available then. I'm always as a as I would say. I'm very tranquil right now all right so April fifth you'll be Lucia Lebron Maths and so do you have a opponent yet that we can announce can announce nick has announced the opponent <hes> okay I. I will give it a little bit. It'll be it won't be just one opponent house up. Okay that's cool. That's a that's a great teaser. That's a good reason to go to Lucci. RYAN LAUGHS DOT COM in purchase a ticket yeah. If you look at all the craziest stuff I've ever done in which labor in laughs it's always been in multiple and matches so expect expect some <hes> some silliness that night. I know the guys so far the guys from what I've heard that will be in the ring with. I can't stress enough. It's GONNA be amazing. Show literally releases always amazing shows the April fast. Come check it out. Oriental theatre forty four thousand Tennyson <unk>. It's pretty much our home so come. Check us out and come and see what we can do all right okay well Lonnie before or let you go if the listeners wanted to follow you up on social media. Where could they do that? <hes> let's see on a on instagram. I'm Valdez addiction on twitter. It's at Lonnie underscored Al and on facebook. It's just facebook dot com slash Lonnie bill does so anyone of those probably find the other profiles from those profiles okay Gotcha Gotcha cool all right once again Lonnie. I appreciate you coming on to the PODCAST and I will definitely be seen you on the fifth. I think I've already got my ticket so that's fantastic man. I I look forward to seeing you. Make sure to come say hi and check my science. 'cause you know after I get beat up only paying attention too much anybody so make sure you're going to stay with us again. Thank you for having me on the show and like I said just seeing this territory grow to the point where we have podcasters now is really cool for me Aso <hes> thank you for contributing to the territory and I look forward to seeing you on the fifth borough. Okay all right sounds good all right man. You have a good day okay once again a big thank you to Lonnie Valdez for coming onto onto the podcast this go around for this episode and letting the listeners know all about him. It's great stories and his wrestling career so far so once again thank you so let's get into it and do the week in review when it comes to the wrestling that I experienced the go around four the wrestling with altitude altitude area so <hes> we talked about it a little bit we <hes> had the rocky mountain pro ignition and charge tapings <hes> by believe leave. They said they were trying to get ready to <hes> Gergo live on right now TV here very shortly in April which is literally right around the corner so they got to WHO <hes> do some <hes> test runs with that this go around seemed like it happened <hes> pretty well it <hes> went off smoothly and they did a great job and I hi am I called him out on twitter saying that you know the <hes> episode therefore ignition in charge on last Thursday will so good now coming this Thursday. They've got supercharged three and Mike how you guys going the top that so got that challenge out to them in <hes> they <hes> liked the tweet so I think <hes> they've got something cooked up very well for us. People going to be watching it in attendance it's and on their twitch stream and for right now TV on Friday rocky mountain pro returned to the Alamo remember the Alamo and they had the <hes> Hot Fuzz US movie there starring Simon Pegg <hes> which a lot of people know he's been in a lot of things for me. He's course the new Scotty you know. Star Trek fame and they did did really well in my opinion with this to a lot of the matches were themed to the movie theater experience and that was great. I'm going to do a special shout out to Chango Bronson because his character plays extremely well <hes> in the movie theater <hes> environment and they they did really well and I never had seen hot fuzz like ahead mentioned <hes> on twitter and I may mention it here on the podcast and I actually enjoyed it was <hes> definitely a well worth seeing. I think it's definitely one of those movies that you you must see you go. Go ahead and put it on your list to make that part of your movie watching experience and then on Saturday I went to Iron Hill's championship wrestling for the very first time in Colorado Springs and I enjoyed it got to I got called out for not city in the fourth row <hes> but but <hes> there of course I just kind of said that I'm just incognito and I'm just my alter self so there you go. I enjoyed it and I was GONNA say. This has probably been one of those great weekends that every single event and show that I went to this past weekend they all headed out of the Ballpark so oh I'm going to give a big Kudos to everybody that I saw an attended in person so that's great so let's talk about what we have coming up here in the area. Well we have a huge weekend of course so let's go back and <hes> reference that we have well. You know what actually instead of me talking about it. Let me have. Of A couple people talk about it now hazard here. I don't have much time. This broadcast is going out to the recommend pro multi verse. Did you know that are in P._S.. Four shows going on this weekend too. Many shows you say nonsense. What if I told you that if you purchase just one ticket to the stomach music hall for this Sunday featuring a special Q._N._A.? With Al Snow and Stevie Richards that you will also get access to supercharge three this this Thursday in Golden Rocky Mount Pro Experience at Rak House on Friday and we are back at Romero's Canine Club at tap house this Saturday and Lafayette by one get three shows free. That's not Steiner math that as math Oh and don't forget about the Bob Evans Super Camp Going on March twenty eighth do the thirty first with Bob Evans Al Snow Stevie Richards Chris Silvio and many more with Bob. Get better boobs also marty the moth will be back to defend and then his twitch title and he is going to be offering his supplements to keep you supplemented while your joining all of this nice wrestling action you gotta go out this weekend. Rocky Mountain pros bringing its audience four exciting events around Colorado don't miss the action as we bring pro wrestling elevated to Golden Denver Lafayette and for the the first time ever pro wrestling at the summit music all be there for the top wrestling in the rocky mountain region capped off with a huge first time event with some special guests also and Stevie Richards other special guests include brew Bob Evans and Kim Hughes of Ring Ring of honor and former Lucia underground champion Mardi them up as well as special guests from around the world and for a limited time get all four events for one bryce heading to our M._p.. WRESTLING DOT com slash events and purchase your tickets for summit musical all to get access to every event of the weekend Thursday through Sunday to experience rocky mountain pro is to experience pro wrestling elevated tickets are on sale now all right right so there you have it from the mouth of hazard and <hes> owner of Rocky Mountain Pro Mercury Matt Yay dn now. I don't know I don't remember if they said there in the a two promos but if you need to get tickets for any of these events including the super camp it's as simple as going to our M._p.. Wrestling Dot Com so what else do we have happening in the wrestling with altitude area. Well we have another event. <hes> is the bad boys of wrestling. If you have not heard about the bad boys of rustling well basically <hes> what it is is. It's a <hes> touring promotion. I guess that's the best way I explain it. <hes> they have have <hes> rustling teamed up with monster trucks and it is basically monster trucks and you know other auto type stuff you know I think they even even have some kind of like sometimes motorcycle <hes> tricks and things like that as well motor sports type stuff and so they go to all types of different cities well this weekend in coming up on Saturday and Sunday. They are going to be in Montrose Colorado. which is what we call the western slope so it's on the other side of the continental divide of the United States so see your listeners <hes> if you may not be familiar with the Colorado area? That's where it's at. It's <hes> a about a five hour drive or so from Denver depending on how lead footed you are and all the stuff that most the time from Denver we go through the mountains and so this weather looks like it should be pretty decent. It's GonNa probably be outside <hes> Yo you think I'm not positive positive of the Montrose <hes> <hes> fairgrounds <hes> event center that it's going to be at but on Saturday the they're actually having to shows one is at hat at two PM to four thirty according to their facebook page and the other starts at seven and going till nine and then on Saturday there <hes> Joe is at <hes> just one show on Saturday at two PM to four PM and if you need to get tickets just goto no limits monster trucks dot com simple as that you can buy your tickets right right there for many of their upcoming events looks like they also are going to be in a post Acela Idaho soon and powdered the Kentucky as well so oh are they may have already been there this recently so that's it looks like according to their website and then also on Sunday as well as you may have been heard on the previous episode with the Tough Guy Inc <hes> huge Hugo's Lucia libra is having their big show on Sunday the thirty first at the Jefferson County fairgrounds the same place that Rocky mountain pro holds their events and if you want to get tickets I think all you need to do is you can either get them ahead of time by calling seven two zero three six five two five nine two or you can get tickets at the door so some of the people that <hes> you may be familiar with of course <hes> previous people that had been on the podcast gassed Delta Junior Anaya tough-guy inks <hes> brutal Bob Evans and tough Tim Hughes of course wrestling and Martin Casaus Mardi the moth Martinez Martinez as some of you may know <hes> also scheduled to appear on that as well so hey that is it so but before we go. Let's give a big shout out to you. The trending topics network who hosts this show and if you guys love the wrestling with altitude podcasts go ahead and subscribed or stay subscribe to this feed and you can cut catch other great shows such as wrestling cheers the Spanish announce table and chill the Eurovision showcase and also the soapbox box so if you want to get a hold of the show you can email me Mr fourth row at g mail DOT COM check out the website at wrestling with altitude dot com and you can contact me <music> on twitter Russell altitude at wrestle altitude so thank you all for listening and having fun wrestling with altitude.

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