EP120: How to Grow Your Instagram Following with Giveaways


welcome to the wellness business podcast fast simple strategies to counter the online noise to fast track the growth of your wellness business with fear and panic and Kathleen Legris. Hey Hey welcome welcome to another episode of the Wellness Business podcast. I'm Karen Paddock and I'm here with my amazing co host Kathleen Legris Kathleen. Hey Hey shake in my ma. Well not much as she can this before we hit recording. We are recording schedule off so we're doing this kind kind of well. I guess it's not really early morning now but a lot earlier than what we normally record so told Karen it has to be late enough so that I don't have my man wastes yeah. I totally totally get back so hey before we dive into today's topic. I wanted to share with you and with our listeners a little bit from my experience at tribe live so I just went to that conference last weekend. Is You know Kathleen and and it was amazing. I'm so glad I went. I really plan on going again next year. I'm hoping that the dates workout that you're are going to be able to come with me. I know before you talk about a so so if for listeners who don't know what tribe is what is it and who is the leader yeah okay so the leader is Stu McLaren which if you don't know him he is he is just second to none and he is top notch educator person human being just all I just I I loved him before but I really just love him. Even more now that I went to try so tribe tribe as a program is a program that Ah Kathleen and I invested in this year that helps us grow our membership site so the wellness business insiders club it teaches us how how to make it an even better experience for our customers and it has been such a good reference. I mean we did a lot of things right. That's kind kind of cool since we did it on a wing and a prayer we put it together but it also has given us so much insight into how we can up level that as a membership program for all of you and more to come on that but you can expect in January. It's going to look totally totally different when we opened the doors again and it is going to be a customer journey for you like you will never forget so that's what the program program is about and then there is a live event once a year. It was in Toronto Canada so that's about a six hour drive for me from Michigan so oh I made that truck all by myself and didn't really know anyone going and there were a few people health coaches that had reached out to me saying hey I'm going to be there but I wasn't going there with a buddy and so that was a big deal for me as well and it was such a great experience and Kathleen right before we got on on said what's your overall highlight or take away and I would say that it was just the feeling of belonging so there were about a thousand people there and it was amazing how I've been to a lot of conferences guys and this one in particular you. You just felt like you were at home like you. Were in a room with a thousand people. That almost knew your name. You know and everyone was so oh friendly. It was an experience that I'd never had before at an event like this and it's it was really promoted by their desire. I should say sue and team right their desire to get us to network with one another. They talk about it before we go. They talk about it at the event. It was a big deal so I had really psyched myself up for. I am going to make an effort to sit in different spots in the room. Never get comfortable. Keep Meeting New People and I did and that made it even better but they facilitated it even one step further by the first day we were there. We did a scavenger hunt around Toronto the city of Toronto and so you were put into groups of five or six so that was kind of fun. I met some New People there and then throughout the the weekend. We did these workshop activities so it wasn't just like they were speaking to us in teaching us they were then putting it into practice or allowing us to put it into practice practice by getting into groups and doing these amazing workshop type activities and there was a whole workbook that came with that and it was such a good experience and like. I said Kathleen Aisher hope you can go next year because it is incredible yeah. I can't wait and it was. I know it was somebody really difference. Any of you are planning any type of live events. It was something that you know would be really good tomato. After far as getting people involved in it's not it wasn't listen. Just your typical event where you're sitting there learning. It sounds like it was very interactive. Which people really like yeah? It definitely was and you know it's it's so different you can't really compare it to like when we went to social media marketing world because that event is designed to be just full on education nation and really immerse yourself in all things social media and depending on where you want to show up on social media which platform you have a variety riot of speakers that you know lean into that topic were this was about one specific topic only and the the all of these people have been building their memberships either since when when we joined which I think was April or even then in past years so some alumni were there and it just really everyone was speaking the same language. It was so fun everyone everyone was speaking the same language and like I said Stu was amazing. He's such a great storyteller. which is something that I aspire air to be better at and he just is so funny anyway? Hadn't he uses his whole body as he speaks and for those of you listening that were there with me. You know like it was a good time for sure. Tell her so global. I will definitely be there unless we're in the middle of shipping my daughter off to college somewhere so I know I keep trying to get the dates. I'm working on it all right. We'll enough of that. What are we talking about today. Last week. I had mentioned actually the week before today's the day I'm going to tell you about the Webinar that I have though I have a free online training that starts next week. It's called four key ingredients. Every coaching program must have to quickly enroll clients with confidence and you are invited. You'RE GONNA learn the four things you're coaching. The program must have if you Wanna fill your practice and earn more money without working more hours. This is how I built my health coaching practice years ago and I'm sharing the steps with you on this training. There's going to be two dates. One Tuesday October eighth and then a second one on October tents there will be a replay for those who register but I have a special prize special bonus for those of you who attend live and you can sign up for this free re-training through the link on the show notes page scroll down here. If you're listening in your podcast APP and you can click on Kathleen's lanes Webinar you can also go to the show notes page at. WB PODCAST DOT COM forward slash episode one twenty all right. Today's episode is going to be fun because this is GonNa be a little behind the scenes about how Iran might resent instagram giveaway and I'm also going to break breakdown for you how you can use the simple strategy to grow your instagram following two and Karen. I know you've done this before right yeah yeah yeah. I have actually also. I'M GONNA share screen shots with a few of my give away. That'll be over on the show notes page. You can see exactly really how I word it. You're GONNA see the image that I used and you can check that out on the show notes page at. WB PODCAST DOT COM forward slash episode. You'd one twenty so here's the thing if you feel like you're instagram. Growth is super slow and you want to get an influx of new. The following is doing giveaways can be a great option and you can follow Karen. I on Instagram to see how we do this. Karen is Karen Paddock and that Kathleen Legris we'd love it. If you follow us and we'll follow you back will enjoy sharing really more behind the scenes. The stuff of our lives over there. We do instagram stories so it's definitely more personal than what we share on facebook so come on over and join US yeah definitely uh we love to have you guys first. Let's talk about what an Instagram giveaway even as maybe some of you aren't even sure what does that look like so it's a promotion that you run for a set period of time where you give away a product or a service to one or more lucky entrance and you spell out the criteria right for them and and then they enter and qualified to win so there's GonNa be some parameters that they need to adhere to or hoops they need to jump through and the period of time is typically three to seven days and on the last day that's when you announce the winner her so this can work really well because part of the criteria of giveaway is for people to like your post and tags some of their friends when your followers tag other people it calls their attention to your post and some of those people are going to end up following you and joining meaning the giveaway as well so it's kind of this domino effect and then the person that was tagged tag someone else tag someone else and so you get this influx of people fault so we're. GonNa share tips on how to create your giveaway and how to promote it so that you'll know what to do. If you choose to do this so that it'll be a success us and we'll be sharing where stats with you in a minute but it ended up that Kathleen gained two hundred and one new followers in five days. Can I get you go girl. You're so funny that's interesting. I had never done a giveaway before Ansari. I'm so this was my very first. One and I will say I'm going to do more because it was a lot of fun. It started on August seventh. So if you go to my instagram program on that date you can see the actual post and this really was. This was just an experiment to see how it would go. What what response was. I GonNa get with what I was giving away and I was really happy with the result so I'll probably do this. Maybe every no before the five months or so. It's really easy they do. That's what I like about. It is very very easy so let me tell you what I did. For My giveaway I offered my five day menu planning and challenge for free and that is valued at one hundred ninety seven dollars. If you go to my website and you purchase it. It's one hundred ninety seven dollars so that was almost two hundred dollars worth worth of value so I knew it needed to be something worse at least two hundred and ideally two hundred so that was perfect. Some here are my stats. What's there on that post. There were two hundred and ten comments so that means people that were tagging their friends and saying thank q two hundred and thirty four people liked the post and lie Karen said a game two hundred and one new followers in five days and because people were so and dizzy aspic in this little excited and so creative I ended up giving away two of them even though the way really was I ended up giving way too and I tag the winners and the post and I also sent them a DM to get their information so that I can send them their prizes and they were both so so excited. It was so much fun so here's here's what people had to do to enter and qualify to when this was all explained in the post. Everybody knows that if you go to my instagram you'll see a number one. They have to follow my account number two do they have to like the post and then three tag to colleagues who are either health coach or a nutritionist so really three simple things follow me like the post and tag to people you can have someone tag more than two ideas chose to because that's a pretty easy action for people to take when you do your giveaway. You probably won't be saying colleagues but you can say tag to friends. Instead the more specific you can be with who those friends should be the better and the more qualified potential clients are going to be so who is who is this person so how does this relate to your niche if you help people transition to begin diet your postcards eight tag to friends who went easy ways to eat. Vegan so do you see how it's important to really you. Don't want people dislike tagging their grandmother or whatever so the more specific those parameters in you can you can give them the better because you don't just want more followers. You won't followers who will be interested in what you have to offer okay so now. Let's talk about how to promote your giveaway and get people to join in on the fun so before we jump into that I just I wanNA share Kathleen. I didn't go all in when I've done mine. You really went all in. It was actually so fun to watch how you took this challenge so seriously and yeah your results are amazing so I wanted to just give all of you listening a little clue into a to what it looked like for me I I know Kathleen said she gave away her five-day Menu Planning Challenge which was valued at one hundred ninety seven dollars so so I've done this three times and the first time I gave away access to a program that I think was valued at around the one forty seven mark and then the second time I did a thirty minute free coaching call with me and then the third time I gave away access to that same program again so this is what you need to be thinking about and we're going to give you some examples here in just a bit of of what you could give away but when you start thinking about this in planning this what I found at least for me with my audience the two times that I gave away access to my program. The giveaway was really good. There was lots of engagement people liking my account people following directions when I did the thirty minute a coaching call which really in essence had a higher per seat. Not a higher perceived a higher value right because it was one on one time with me crickets. Nobody wanted to spend the time to get on a coaching call and here's the thing yeah my initial follower. I know who I am but when they tag a friend and the friend didn't know who I was so it really. It was like oh well. Why am I gonNa take somebody else when I don't even know who this lady is. The prize is a call with her and so this would even be more specific for all of you listening in in your health and wellness specific niches because as Kathleen used the Vegan example if they tag to people that want to eat vegan that's great but then and will those two people really tag to other people if they don't know who you are so thinking about what you're giving away to bring that out as far are as like high value is a big deal so think about that young lady said that okay so let's this ship into the next piece of this puzzle so when promoting your give way you want to think about all the assets that you have and where you you can spread the word so assets when we say assets what we're talking about our other social media platforms that you use in addition to instagram for us that was facebook. Our facebook groups our facebook page. Where else on social media are you. Maybe you're unlinked. Maybe you're on pinterest twitter. Share about your giveaway there too and bring people from other platforms over to instagram. You would be amazed at how many people follow. Oh you on one platform and not on the other if you use livestream video. That's a great way to spread the word about your giveaway as well another asset that you you have is your email address so let your email subscribers know that you have the superfund giveaway going on over on. Instagram your facebook facebook group as I mentioned the people who know you that are really other than your molest probably the most likely to participate in help you spread the word and and then also for promoting an instagram be sure to use INSTA- stories and instagram live Kathleen. Did you use instagram live or or did you just keep it to story. I did all stories I have not. Here's a confession I have not used instagram live yet. I do mostly facebook live and instagram's stories because because I do like to follow my advice and go all in and a couple of things but I do want to try instagram. I have not tried it yet. Have you know yeah so honestly I haven't used it in a while and I've been thinking why haven't I been using it but when we first launched the podcast for about the first three months I was using it all the time on yeah okay so let's keep rolling so the next thing as I mentioned what you give away and what you include in your post host are very important so your post needs to speak to the benefits of your prize and who it's for. Tell them what you're giving away. What the value is it is and why they want it to people may not exactly be sure like especially if you're giving away access to a program if you check out Kathleen Post you're going to get a really good idea of how to do this because she did. A stellar job of explaining what's included the value and what they could expect from access to her five day menu planning challenge. You also want to include a disclaimer at the end of your post. That's included in Kathleen Post so you'll see an example of this but this this is required by instagram rules right that they're not participating or or condoning giveaway. They're not part of it. You're giveaway. Luay should be something. Your ideal client would want evens. Oh giving away an ipad which is kind of funny I yeah I don't know about your budget. My budget would now. I'm going to give away an IPAD APP. That would get you a lot of likes followers for sure but that has nothing to do with your coaching program or who you help so what is something your potential clients would love to have this can be either a digital product like a recipe book bundle up pre-set. Reset ten day meal plan for your specific niche an online program or it can be a physical product. Just be aware that if it's a physical missile product you probably don't WanNa pay to ship it. Outside of your country. See May want to be specific on the geographic restrictions so colleen Gallini think we have some some suggestions right yeah so let's let's break this down in case you're wondering okay. I'm a health coach. What the heck can I give away. Since I'm nine giving away an IPAD so so number one this one is the easiest and I'm really glad you shared what you shared Karen because they may be thinking. Oh maybe I'll just give away a free coaching call or free thirty day. One on one coaching might not be the best thing even though it's probably worth the most so the first one would be access to some sort of digital program you have. Maybe it's detox. Maybe it's recipes. Maybe thirty today's jumpstart something. That's valued around one to two hundred dollars. That's that's just a rain but needs to be good enough of a price. He's like if you're giving away something forty seven dollars. I don't know you might get a little bit of a response but the higher the value the more. They're going to get out of the more people you're going to how participating so that's number one what about number two so another one. I Love I love the program access. It's really the easiest and and I just based on my own experience. I don't recommend the free coaching call and honestly it was an experiment. I'm glad I tried it but here's the deal guys like if you get thirty minutes with them and this is just supposed to be a prize really what can you do in thirty minutes not really a whole whole bunch so even even especially for someone's health but even for someone's business like for me that would have been really really hard and and so the fact that no one really wanted to do it yeah that makes total sense so another option would be Maybe you just are sending your favorite book or a book bundle of sorts. I have done giveaways lots of times for lots of different things over the years and what makes this one super attractive is you can send it via. Amazon so you just get the person's address boom you order. Greta is shipped for you. You don't even have to manually do anything no trip to the post office and if you have Amazon prime membership even better because now it doesn't even cost you anything for shipping so I love that one. I love giving away books which this is actually getting me fired Yup. I needed to do something inside my facebook group because I've had three books this summer that have been so impactful on me. that I definitely I should do that so I love. That idea was funny. You say that because I did a giveaway in my facebook group a few months ago and although you're not really agana necessarily reach more people I mean you you could but I just did it. Just for my my current members and people loved it. Yeah Ah love love loved it so yeah that that is really get run so you you just want the book to or books to somehow relate to what you do ya aw look look at like maybe he's like. What Book Are you reading right now and just think about. Is this something that would help my ideal client yeah. It doesn't necessarily have to be you know. It could be like your favorite cookbook. It could be something related to. Oh if you do teach vegan eating something thing around that but it also could be something around personal development and own because let's face it for any major changes transformations in your health you have to get your head straight to and setting goals in personal development and and navigating those changes your body mind mind and spirit. You're you're going to need some support on that so it could even be something better combination thereof so you know think outside the box. It doesn't have to be linear but still related program. Yeah I liked that a lot. so the next one would be you can put together some sort of care basket so for best you could send something like like some meditations along with the candle and maybe a crystal. Maybe this is an for me. This'll be fun. I have done this before more so for prizes for my challenges but also some exercise gadgets jets you know maybe some resistance bands act the sky's the limit it's so easy views Amazon. Are you kidding me. How how easy is that yeah. Yeah anything. Only tells you WanNa add out of those that we have access to some sort of digital program. You have a favorite book or books some sort of little care basket or care package. Yeah I think those are concrete examples and certainly every single person listening can fit somewhere in that equation and and experiment because just because something worked for our audience or didn't work for our audience audience doesn't mean it wouldn't work for yours. Oh baby steps and keep experimenting Yep. I love it. Keep it simple. That's it simple for sure. It doesn't have to be complicated and I mean we're basically through the stop so easy breezy right. Just make sure you go to the show notes page and look look at what Kathleen did exactly and just model what she did super easy. She did all the heavy lifting for you okay so let's just recap this right eight. Instagram giveaways are fun and easy and they can get you in front of New People and boost your followers in a short period of time so that's really exciting. You know that we love when you take action so give it a try. Following what we laid out free today and let us know how it goes you can do that by tagging us on instagram honestly what we'd love for you to do as when you host about your giveaway on instagram tag us and so so it'll it'll notify us we can take a peek at it. That'd be Super Fun. Don't you think Kathleen Yeah it is it is I to me. This is one of the easiest things you can do on on social media to get new followers. Yeah I love it. You need to create a post you to have some sort of graphic figure out the parameters and go for it so I think this is something you guys really could take action on in the next seven days. You Think Karen Oh not could take action. uh-huh will take action. I want you all anyone listening right now. Raise your hand. Raise your right hand and say I will take action as you're driving. I'm your instagram way in the next seven days. Yeah superfund super easy aright so to to get the show notes where you can check out all the good stuff. We talked about today go to. WBZ PODCASTS DOT com forward slash episode twenty and you can also get the link there air to register for my Webinar. That's run the show notes page again the Webinar. We'll have two dates. The first one is October eighth and the second one is October tenth so we sure to grab. Have your spot for those. I'll be covering the four key ingredients. Every coaching program must have to quickly enroll clients conference. I hope to see you there yeah I I can't I'm so excited I'm going to be they're better percent. I am going to be there. Track you down so guys join us back next week when our guest is going to share nine types of social media posts that engagement if you feel like posting all the right things on social media what years still airing nothing but crickets. You're definitely going to want to tune in and this. Gal is one of our all time fades apes so you'RE GONNA want to make sure you join us so in the meantime have an amazing week and I'll see you next time. Take Care Thank you for listening to the wellness business podcast for show notes in three resources visit W._B._Z. PODCAST DOT COM.

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