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Episode 107 l Quarantine & Chill (ft. @heymrholman)


Nice yeah she talked to me. Nice Yeah you don't talk to me twice. No elbow through like they walked on. You know how his off you'd have to be if you came home after working long day like I don't work overtime at work. It in our come home to see a whole lot ass Nigga just in my class a whole nigger just when I come through Dole Hug My girl it next thing I know I hear some of it. Being next handled the closet door open up like what was in like Bruma. I open the closet and Bam so the broom coughs and it's like. Oh this house. Don't look clean. Why the broom in the same dust? Bunny right there. In nineteen earlier I was actually get this morning but then I was running late so I didn't get it grow. Devoted to corona virus. You'd also be quarantine you gotTa hold you put over his and he NECCI stepping on modules. Let's see that's the whole crease? In his shoes I mean worship. They got it. They both got it. That moment. If you about the crease. Lobbying shoes joke like warm yet. Although take a you only one time I was not honestly. I could have worn my ten times if I come in the house. And you got a whole life as negate in our house nigger and then on top of that he. My shoes are not somebody got my. I'm coughing Oh my this before I want you to audit coffin hard for them to just make sure lady hit him minute phase. I think that's how you target. I don't I don't know call me on that but I think they can. I think that made me so. It always turn into Lincoln so so when the Rock was in wrestling. That's why only spit on his hand in a hit him. He got just too close. Look building on your clothes. Billy Gunn was he went from like an ass to maybe I can ask. That's true right saying he was an ass man like you right. You would be really good. Hey Oh look how. Look how all come together got got. It is good. I did not want to settle put into less than God is good and I want this. You should order those shorts and be that for Halloween. You just have to know they just played. I think yes first of all to nobody. Nobody but people from attitude era kiss jokes. Oh Young always. Everybody listed as podcast wrestling fan so everybody would understand slow. No it's not very often buildings I did. I know I know it was my phone. I Know You'LL AKA NEW AKA is miss s Billy Gunn. That's what is way worse. That's not like a gay porn star. I can't do that we we've come to greet. I said if you look you fisting. That's how he's aren't just. Everybody knows it should lay. You're supposed to learn some everyday. Joe That's it. I don't like to start as podcasts are now I love worse way worse than this way worse? Oh Yeah you could have had down air a why. He got the Hoodie chainsaw. Likely he bought the night. Java rabbit off on right now he doing so we in a bull that was your booth at end. I didn't do anything spent at. I'd just put the tags on compared to change change for saying like I feel like you should part of nation nomination. Fisa fist up like this. We want overweight. I'm legend after work at the rafter. Owners Yeah this is a nice touch. Yeah flu patients got one two three four days two. We got so. I'm a double. Our is not enough. It's not enough. I'm not really liking. The start as podcasts. Really no I don't know L. Kaz added big. That building on thing was gonNA stirred. That's not going anywhere near. Oh it's so perfect. Oh he's not going anywhere but I really wisened you would. Just today was watching wrestling back in ninety nine two thousand now like I really wish people knew that right. I mean go to Youtube. Search Billy gone. Yeah now that as Billingham you gotta do that. Yeah the ADS. Because if you type in asked at the end of it and the thing song on play green tights with the blips on it was the only reason why might this because miss ads is fine but it was? It was the billion thing. It was the character after Mr asked where I don't like at I don't is a lot of windows there. We know what he looked. This was somebody yes. He looked so no no. I'm giving you. Billy gone cash money nine. Nah Fuck we go to he he had asked you. I don't I don't like so you also bill. Euless Man Aka Terry Works Aka visit to sox himself again. Missed the ASS. I guess yes Billy Riley. I'm sure some will come up after that. Oh I'm here with me in here with me. I should say It's the Guy River what's going on man man just surviving man. You know. I shouldn't even be here. Which are right now. I know how much I'm dedicated to. Well I I like to say To some of you podcasts. As if you now pie Kenniston. During this time I get it. I I sorta respected. But if I if. I'm doing this if we're doing this in a podcast during this time that means you're not dedicated to to this podcast in thing in stepping all your next pretty much. That's all I'm saying. I just all at once. Say to the PODCAST AT THEIR. I do respect it. I do respect. Not Career by yourself is no reason why you came pie. Absolutely like they say keep six feet from each other so we're like six feet away from each other right now. You know saying that ain't even tell us right so you know what I'm saying. So it's not like podcasts at all but if you're not doing it I get it but if you're if you're really really not just doing it for the past couple of weeks did not dedicated to this shoot. You know what I'm saying. You just not talk to these nagazine. Well speaking in the first person to talk on this podcast Voice her was none other than returning guests. You already know y'all should know this guy by now if you don't know you should. Jeremy was having a man. Amo survivor China not to catch all surviving. Amen up just after I wear mile trying not to catch his ronin. I'm saying big run out here. I want to shut down schools. Rony well we. I brought up the Rona. I took it as a joke. I did I apologize for that too. I think the following week 'cause I I really did took a joke and I didn't know people were dying at the time Own people died that he had to let me know. And I'm like Oh shit cause I wasn't paying attention to this shit at all and Is becoming worse in worse and worse has gone on in. It made me cancel my trip. The vacation I was going to go right I was going to Mexico Sunday. I was leaving for Mexico this Sunday. Coming up I was going to leave. I had to cancel it last Thursday after seen right after after I seen. Nba Cassidy should catch it. A whole fucking season. That's when I took it. I mean I think that's when Nick seriously actually but it has taken seriously in. Had you know we all had to take precautionary okay? We got cancer this trip. We can't go man they cancer. Nba season yet cancelled. March madness has on March madness. They cancelled they cancelled a lot. Yeah that I mean. They even got golf. They got the white people They cancelled a masters. The Masters is the biggest golf tournament out there. If y'all know nothing about golf all know about the masses young in a postponement while now because this is going on in the name Mass. Imagine Tiger Woods winning Orion. We had a wind masters. You know. Say Yes yeah Dolly. That really scared me to be honest with you about the trip that was ongoing was not the virus but the virus. It was about going there in being stuck out there. There's little doubt was that was my main concern. 'cause they are to cancel unlike during this kiss Castle Not Europe but plenty of plenty of the countries but what? I was going to say what I was going to say was Chicago Midway or even even with that that was afterwards but I imagine I was already out there and you know shit like the habit you get a rental car and drove all the way at right dog across the border all right so that's fought the virus. It was just a matter of being stuck out there. You know not knowing how how will get home. That was that was my main concern. Really so yeah had to cancel my my my vacation. So it's Israel out here. We got our first. We got our first. Eleanor Death to see that this morning. I mean the Welsh. It was the wild shirt was it was nobody. I thought it was a black woman so I was like. Oh Shit dishes series. This shit is serious. I saw this morning old issues. Retire retire nurse retired nurse. They thought she had pneumonia and her family surrounded her and so they they got a currency in the family. Now you know what I'm saying so this crazy 'cause it's like the common theme will audit like with all the Best Odyssey is that they've got like respiratory issues. You know same breathing. Problems or like to underline health issues but when. I go but that goes to Saito bike for you know for us. We will be far from it. But y'all got to think about go. See Your Grandma. Go See your aunt. Go See your parents what I'm saying like. Yeah no parents older you see them like you may be five but can you imagine going home like seeing your parents grandparents in the next you know. They got it from you dated. Yeah because the older folks is all high risk so so it makes it easier for them to have in harder for them to to manage in as you can imagine. Yeah a lot of these folks are dying because of it. You know what I'm saying seeing that woman that Data Illinois. She was sixty one years old. So yeah this should have serious serious than we originally thought. Speaker speaking on ever ownership. I got something to say. I guess I'm seen so you know they've been telling the whole social distancing are saying keep yourself six feet from people large groups of people right. I'm a stress all the people that went to this beach and Florida while talking like hundreds. Y'All that went to the Beach Florida. A lot of y'all college kids Breaking because you know they. They decided to cancel a lot of these colleges saying online classes. Give y'all breaks breaks. Y'All WanNa go to this speech. Yeah yeah they're doing. I hope you get the corona virus on your nipples because y'all out here being blatantly respectful. Yes they are often big. Ronan a game in sweet. Don't you don't think the shit like Swedish Fish Heyday bar. Snickers of butterfinger thrilled they. They got on the news the men they said that I think blo new sloth Shit Fuck Rona here. Y'All out here. Wow link there. Buddy ain't taking this series especially the month the younger people that not. I love my chance of dying very well. But it's like you still can pass own. Yeah right you still passing like all these people that has gotten so far like the ones we've heard at light fog rudy Gobert for real We'll we'll get through it but him. Hey is harshly fair. I know it's partially fair. Come okay we'll get to Donovan. Mitchell I I watched the interview Donald Donald Mitchell. He said I can do a seven game playoff game. I'll play AL series if I wanted to right now. That's how I feel right now. The scary part about this shit right now is they. Don't feel any different. Yeah they don't fit. That's the crazy in scary part about this whole virus. That that's the scariest part to me like. They don't really feel any different like they don't feel they don't feel sick. Rages not positively. Got IT Tom. Hey I was the only person I heard that that said they really got celebrity wise issues album who. He said he felt sick. That already felt said too but he didn't feel He said he still play. He could say that's why I held out and tested with because like we like him. They tested him for the flu. Came back negative. They tested them for like upper respiratory. Infection it came back negative so then when the both of them came back negative Will Damn let's go ahead and give them Kobe? Nineteen ad in came back positive and it was crazy. 'cause I man out there and like it was about to play game. He was he he was out there on the court about the play a whole basket. I was watching the game. You played a whole. Espn two. He's about to be a whole as best shooting around at the point. I know about the video to go back to talk about consumer on him right now. I know what he did on video and Nas while said that he's responsible 'cause he didn't take a series we call on referring to the video that went viral. He was he was having interview a little. Dan You know he was making a joke touching the you know the mice coughing things. Even his teammates say he was still doing that in the locker room coffin overnight bags of stuff. Yeah okay Sosas blame. That's what I'm putting on. I don't like how people are trying to treat him like patient zero right. That's what I what I don't like they like Rudy. Got The league's shutdown. This like that's not necessarily true. They just took it more serious once. His case came out. But I'm like wouldn't you rather them? Did that. Then played the game. All Star catching it. 'cause y'all John Touch the ball. Yeah because y'all all touched ball when you rather them did that. That was kind of a blessing in disguise because the MBA wasn't stopping they was just GonNa have no fans let the patient zero because he is the first person in the dead they know construct this out Christian would got it and he just played them. We don't see Chris would gave it to him. Well here go. Here's another thing about that too. They said that Rubio beer gave it autograph to a young Fan and a young fan had it. What if the fan gave it to Rudy? Gobert right so we we put this all on Rudy. That's my point. Put this all on Rudy and yes grew was reckless like rudy was reckless like Rudy was like r Kelly trapped in the closet. My phone go off reckless. Oh my God the virus. That was good. That was good as good as it ain't rudy fought in eight rudy fault virus. May His fault. I guess it's not really you know. Put this blame on Rudy. Not all the Rudy by just love all the jokes on Rudy. No but what I will blame on Rudy Doe. Was He fucked? Arch madness for me. That's what I'm really did. He did much madness march madness. Everybody everybody knows air worry about me. I'm worried about my needs. Could make some money off gives you a lot of people make money off the march man. How's about to go to India? This week I was just going to India this weekend from our Bachelor party whole shit there. Yeah Oh yeah. That's the whole shit now. I took time off. I had A. I had cancer my time off. Request March Matt Bourbon. Barbados will start. Tomorrow it's madness in March in March. Tell you how do you feel about The playoffs the end. I will get the final spin offs in them starting. When did they say I think the plan is them? They WANNA start in Jill. Yeah did win. The finals would normally start is when the playoffs would start right correct. I think what this is going to lead to is getting like a shorter. Mba season like from now. Like I said like what the season normally starts in like October when surprising if they push the start of the season back to light December event just give us either more times in between games or a set of eighty two game season. Give us like a sixty gang season. Is this shorter than the twenty and twenty eleven season. No because I think this season. Yeah Wayne shorter or no. It was about the same number games because that season was six sixty six. So we're about so it's about the same like some teams play like right at that. Sixty six board GOTCHA. Okay starting on Christmas wouldn't be tear. It wouldn't be worse I did. It wouldn't be at the CNN because they hype Christmas Day up so much yet. They just started right at Chris. Let's think about about sports outlets and stuff like that is basically say the NBA season. Don't start Christmas Day anyway. Why not just start to see just everybody playing on Christmas but you know no. I'll keep this bekker's member the first night of the NBA on Thursday. There's just a couple of teams so I'll keep it the way do Chris- Christmas got you like by game. Then affiliate here because if they start the playoffs in June think about it they will have the play offs then they will have to go right from the NBA Playoffs City Olympics. They not doing that. I don't think they're gonNA do Olympics. Did they're canceling Olympics? If they don't is GonNa be a lot of players that don't play China? Japan Japan is Japan. Okay I'm sorry I'm sorry I got it all wrong. I think they might end up pushing back the Olympics. I mean they very well could be. I think it might end up. Push back the Olympics. 'cause when you think about this is basic. They basically have in off season. 'cause IT started. What the beginning of March if they don't start the season till the playoffs in the middle of June as basically offseason right there. That's the aussies. That's three months it. Ain't you duty Olympic. Said you know what I'm saying. June August Olympic September right season starting December. So they get a little bit of off. See Right the people who's not an Olympics or whatever right and people around Chris make work. I don't I don't see a problem with it. And the guys are arguing paid during the suit so it's not like they're losing out right now. I don't think they should just come back and go to the playoffs. That's how injuries go. Give them a couple of gain. Yeah you'll have to give him life you'll have to have some exhibition games like you know what I'm saying. Well they'll have to do is still can count for the season like all true. You know what I'm saying. Just plates him. I mean guys like I love. They only got team fifteen. Okay so you play half maybe seven. Yeah give them something just so they can build a rhythm. Getting rain. Legs To deal with no crowd to Jewish is GonNa be Kinda which is which is fine. I don't mind that but I don't want them to different though. I want the playoffs to just randomly start in the middle of summer like that. That'd be ass but Lebron with no crowd is going to be crazy. They gonNA play this like a pickup game to be honest users. Go here a lot of shoes. The lightest PICCO game. It's GonNa be wild to see chess combatants in basically open gym such. Yeah I oversee obsession DOT COM. It's awesome Jim. Says it's going to be like forty fifty point gangs around this program telling air we should talk and we don't hear here every time you call it a bit so I definitely talking to you. Heard actually kind of excited about it. I am actually kind of side about it which is fucked up because I was really a a really appreciating this season because this this season was like the first time we was like even playing field so a lot of people for a lot of teams are short the virus you know. Kinda fucked that up but even when we come back. I'M GONNA be excited to see you know crowd. It's going to be a different environment to see but it. The crazy thing is when season started. Everybody started excited. Is They lied? All anything can happen but once the subtle. It's really a two team race championship. Yeah I mean I. I don't see the bucks beating. Lakers order clip. I don't if I my money on it. I don't know but I will put them. Three entertain Clippers Lakers in the bucks. Oh yeah well you go into the final. So you've got a chance. Yeah I went I. I don't care who the bugs meet between those two. A wind put I wouldn't put. Yeah not even Toronto. I just When Republicans Got Toronto made the finals like good number. They lose five super maximum. That's that's why that's whilst Oh so the But the the crazy thing is a man. I'm here homeless alive down so by the time y'all hit this. We may be underlined down. Already orders. Conversation may be in the works but for right now y'all betty ditch all P as MDA's of mmediately schedule. It's if y'all can't leave the crib y'all have in-house got I mean. Honestly at this rate this rate we don't even know double booking to mitigate to three points today you better do as much as possible. Because that's what's going to drive a lot of money on this crazy. I'm telling you know Sports Ano- such on what listen road about the sit out here people about the out here listening to take care. I'm just about to be texting all types of exits talking about you know what I think I can settle down with him. I got to be having conversations about. Hex is going to be wild people. You know what I realized like either one way or another like you know Web I. Would you know what we need to know this stuff settle? You know what I'm saying like we need to. We need to work this out one way or I really been void in my phone right now. I really been avoiding my phone now. I can't wait to see what it just like. People start like twitter and each to each other about the facebook post like twitter about the out. A lot of people are figuring out that they they don't like the -nificant other so yeah all right. That's their their their faith or their kids. I mean there was only what the -nificant other for the Pussy addiction with Angel. Really figuring out who they are you know saying after a couple of days the way they chew. Yeah did you always to my dues is saying. They checks continuously without makeup. Yeah L. Every day with this girls out here like you know these girls. We say I get. I get dolled up for me. I get put on makeup for me and now sitting around the house in Bonnets just liking dog at Clinton only you only see them by. Tim is at a time with that bonnet though. Like 'cause you're gonNA work so Raunchy both at the house both at the House now. Comfortable calm is yeah. She comfortable with distinct brand. Yongsan impressed T to five o'clock. Pm Right that layer. I ain't gonNA work. You know what I mean. You hear the phrase. I ain't going away as a reasonable some negligence out in a weaker statement. I ain't going nowhere you eleven o'clock you start. Judging her ride every hour she she really winning throwing it. Ten o'clock machine a mate. She she ain't even making dinner like she's like got Sanford Yourself. Maybe to sit narrow likas wait. Go in the kitchen was something to change. The realize girl just walked down now. She's smell like spoiled chicken through now. One Time Oh five days. What the Hell's going on I heard no typewriter like they said we got a corn team. You have to quarantine in the same drawl risk. You can take them off court city. You marinate that's a then asks you marinate Donna extra team. I'll tell you what I ain't yeahs today. This whole get that out to mind right. I asked you go back to work until it's going to be now. They've shut shut down drums and shit voice about about the yes. It's probably a lot out. I imagine it's going to be. It's going to be a lot of emails to man. I'll tell you I'll tell you that much or they don't day just figure it out man out just been a week with your significant other A week and see this is the thing to inane even like no work right because it's not like a week going somewhere else. I can go vacation. You would just significant other for you at home. You are not crew. You can't go nowhere because you don't want to because you say you're working for home. Saint Francis both out of the job until the next. What did they say lakes couple of weeks right now? Yeah like Woody Way. You understand each other faces. I don't even know I need that time away from you so when you put a put us in that position right there were. I'd have to see you the whole day for a whole two weeks. I don't know man. I don't know if the laptop going bedroom I don't know I don't know why people start treating small fucking touch me but he'd been on Spangler like I've seen a history a liar liar. This crate like I'm right here. No he could get. You could get the real thing with the state he looking at B B. W looking into a racial great bay. Botha get all your. That's why when you start learning your searches Man Don't be black. Innately integration all. You'll talk all it. Is the boat White Tories? Uk Una biology back in have interracial. All why do I always see Natasha? Nice what is this always looking at your damn sit fuck is Kelsey Munro. Tolsey Monroe's Sarah J turn figure that out talk. The bitch is British. She said only. Hey y'all say above Angela White. She said Crikey soon not get adventure. You didn't learn more of a hometown. It's already McCabe that information. Thirty six double D yes. I don't know all the porn stacks noted sees you look at the stats. Y'All do that Y'all college. They went to now started. She leaves do forty minutes to see six minutes. I don't know that special double penetration specialists. It's just me I guess figure that. Yuck y'all Cortina chilly. Y'All any outdoing. According to I live with my fiance he wanted every day. Yeah I mean I'm quarantined. Chilling quarantining eaten core teen in painting. Gossiping Yeah Tripping Trevor. Yeah whatever happens you think I mean you you. I'm I'm definitely. Yeah doing yeah. I'm doing some. Will they come in here with the mask on with fucking mask? The Mask on now. Chubby part of the future coming through the Doing all that but I think when you chew 'cause you know single people like us you gotta you gotTa pick and choose at this point like who was scoured. 'cause you don't know you'll know what they do outside of here true you know like you. Good 'cause you got married right now. What I'm saying at this point like right now. Yeah you gotta be careful. You gotta be careful you bring over. Be careful with the box. Yeah you gotta be careful with box next thing. You know you're going to got nothing. Chilling food I mean. Yeah but you talk about like they come to mask shit. See my thing is like the Would honest potential. I wouldn't use them protection before this happened so I may while the sun just going to start you gotTa Yoga Point. I mean I was out here rolling the dice anyway right so I mean what is corona alive. The no sense since y'all kissing anyway so why not just go wrong right do you have? What's the bodies is touching any each other? You're you're buying. These are literally use Hudson. So what the fuck is that? Con-going do nothing. What so you don't cough like that's it. What are we still see? Especially if especially if this end of the world I'd gone down fallout sugar. We're would now now. I'm her ladies if you ain't swallowing during this time. What's wrong with you a? Oh I don't know this one you should be you know the nutrients that we are trying to give you. That's just wasteful. That's the way the protein we try to build. You make you strong inside so you can beat this thing you just going just just regarded like why and this is just Wasil. Don't don't do listen. You can't waste nothing right now. No I'll aid you. I knew the noto the more you realize. No now. I'm doing that. I mean this time for. Y'All for the people like the spit on people. -Ympia don't do this. Don't do that round. Yeah that's like that's the one thing that I'm GonNa jaw Chile. I Have Today. I will never and I shouldn't say yet 'cause I'm not GonNa do that. Just is something that people do. People talk about like People Social Media Shit like that as a as a thing as eternal that should not army. Oh not one bit. I'm just saying if we have a sexy migrants put on me like she looks like we have other media. If diction divorce papers already talked i. I'll say if like for the head for example from gin he gets spit on. It's automatically all you do that yet. I don't get I don't like that man. I don't get it I. I just don't like it's not aesthetically pleasing me. Don't look I love watching me get here. Oh Yeah I'm a big it feels like. Pov is I did I. I'm not much of a big watcher when she do it. Like I watch of course but I'm just saying what the hotel I'm watching I'm won't whereas the where's the look the know everywhere else everywhere else. Not The blow. I do that when hidden and I'm trying I'm trying to concentrate so whereas don't get in here. Oh I'm in it like I got a camera I'M S. I'm holding your hair your bags. Whatever I told you we do this. They shouldn't spend only sex. No I ten seconds. He taken that shit up now. I WanNa see you real hater. She likes and dislikes before that even happens so she's only audubon it. Let me bend over everything that I'm going to do. You know who who's getting to tell you who's I wanted to get the towel. Tougher would game. Never lost? Got One purpose. Undefeated never lost. I mean for the position that normally like she is like I am courtesy if I get because otherwise. It's just GonNa be all over the place I really out like to lay on a bed. Because then next thing you know he's GonNa Wipe it off than us wet and he got or you've got changed. She especially if it's late at night interchange odium. She's the one o'clock in the morning. Sounds like a lot so I'm GonNa tell you all leads to say I'm considering I'm considered I get to tell at one hundred percent of the time I don't ever let tile to above your juices. Yeah Okay Yeah. I was getting rid obviously OATMEAL OATMEAL CREAM. Pies gang over here so you know what I'm saying. Yeah he just gives you when people start bringing that up getting the tile. I never knew exactly what I would like fucking periods like. I never really know things off you know is so yeah. I I wonder Sing Pao I. I don't I don't ever let them get it. Get up and go. Yeah you know what I'm saying. They usually stuck in one position. Right right that's what I'm saying. It's like if you move now. You creating a bears. I bet not move yet. Don't worry about it. I should you know what I should do. Just like go like go cost money but it's tax time so you know a little bit you go get like five six plan. B's you know what I'm saying it inches abner. You know what I'm saying so then it's like Bam Bam while agree to take it. That's the thing so even if you have him on day or you just like cruncher putting food. If you'd like Valentine's Day crush no dog saloon. Possible small freight Amongst other things that you do for Valentine's Day you bring the Abbot five or six more Ryan Plan B's we're GonNa make an vinet it the whole weekend. I'm just going to dog it out and we just GONNA see. That's that's that's a little dangerous because danger will because the thing is though like if I'm not mistaken you're not supposed to take more than one in like a twenty four to seventy two hours so you gotTa know that cause because it was like a plan B. Like I like grilled messes up with the women's hormones. Okay so I just I. I just learned this. Yeah basically is basically like emergency emergency. Perfect show like you can do long relationship. You'll grow take beverage shit. Oh Yeah Yeah when they take birth control like their their hormones and stuff is on birth control. Compared off. Birth control is like a two dollars. Yeah I know all about so I know all about paying just an emergency like a see I was. I was unaware of the plan because I never had to deal with this. So they have like debate. Be Like all you'll you'll make a weekend or your father's word. Oh yes so maybe aspirated out. They haven't had a vacation vacation. Okay blue like a vacation would be crowned in blue. It's also the name of makes a crown him blue. So who who's WHO's MIC? Is it like billy. Elliot's Billy Billy. No Elche Billy Riley Billy Miss Ass bad ASS BILLY. Gunn like hey. Y'All is billy hear man. I hate dinner up. The podcast. Hate to interrupt the episode. Because I definitely want to listen to it but I gotTa tell you all about the sponsorship and that is anchor. Now if you haven't heard by anchor is the easiest way to make podcast. One being that is free and you can't beat free this creation tools that allow you to record an editor podcast right from your foam and right from your computer. Now anchor will distribute your podcast for you in so it can be heard on spotify apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast also you can make money from your podcast with no minimum listenership. That means you can tell your one baby mama and two other baby mamas at which makes three so all four you can listen to it and you can still make money from your podcast out. Probably wouldn't tell them because you know that. Add onto your child support you know. I mean 'cause you got the new girl. Shane like seeing like this. You got the new girl. Says she puts you on child support so all three of them together? And you know what I'm saying too much anyway. What I won't try to do is download the free acre APP or go to anchor dot. Fm to get started anchor as everything. You need to make a podcast. All in one place. No liability rallied. Oh Okay Billy Riley. I like that I mean you could you could do. Is You could just like mixed having a mix a mix all your ego. Yeah Oh yeah so that you could do like a ti Bro. You start such starting their mix tape you on any type of radio show like me. Real confident immorality. Yeah I'm letting you noticed like right now is a friend like yeah. We did ask him for the road. He's So I was think says we don't have march madness. We can create something for the podcast. This march madness like right and that there was a tournament but instead of basketball that will be categories. Who told you four only three movies one is easy and I like movies. One is easy as it sounded like after thinking that give to will pick one to see what will move on but that will represent the podcast so ecorse two out of three votes move on. Okay and then that'd be that'd be that okay General give you first pick you WANNA go. Tv wrestling or music lesson doll head. Let's go ahead go with music. I like music. I like to cat like that. Go ahead what what you have move to the second round. If your first round matchup was Mariah Carey versus beyond Sir ruinous. I want you to first verse gate. You better pick right I so we have to consider everything. Yeah right everything out of Vietnam say Araya carried out some folks you know what I'm saying. Yes she yes. There was a stretch. What was that the two thousand five album the Hanley Yuba a we belong together on? That album runs the mass patients who fire. Who like that I mean? Is She getting yet? She got bankers going back. I mean she got the best Christmas time I mean of all the time caught up. It's the most play like she will be making money. Yo after November twenty six is you know it's it's it's own yet five thousand times yes but but I mean beyond say same to you know what I'm saying like I'm a show like say my name say my name is light bright and as all Saatchi yet I mean she. She got crazy love. You know what I'm saying. I mean I mean low key though. Her stuff with desi shouted slightly better to her solo stuff. But I won't get into. I'm going I. Oh okay. All right incident Saito right. Yeah oh I gotTA choose to with all three of Oh best. Two out of three hundred Shane. All right. So there's going to represent the plot the move on okay Well I I share the same sentiments to be honest with you. I WANNA honestly say both. Both artists are one the biggest vocalists of all time. Both of them. I want to start with love okay. So mariah Carey has major. Hits beyond say has major hits. I don't WanNa go through all of them but we all know and I'll I'll make this quick Mariah Carey has out of the Office of out of both of them market. Has the better album to me with emancipation of Mimi. You've got that up. I really liked the album performance. Wise beyond say Shit on lot facts not even not even not even got Loesch Snyder question not even close beyond say just got shit on. She's like they're right there with Chris Brown like her performances crazy. I watch homecoming last year. In maybe even bigger fan out. I'll say two of her work ethic 'cause it's nuts so with that said I am going to pick beyond saying okay So I will be the tiebreaking is. You're on the tiebreaker. I don't even need loan soliloquy. You guys said all sides I am going with Mariah hands down. I knew now I do question so I was like is so let me. Just say all the brakes say I before I before she gets you know what I didn't even think about that. I didn't even think about that. Podcast the Joe had right. We had a podcast about her before. And I was being dumb on that because I picked the other check but I was just being stupid because I love twenty four. I love shot clock at the time so much but I was. You know of course but not in this case. I said okay. I'll you know I was always fucking away but yeah so Mariah you move on. Yes we belong together. It's okay billy. I knew was going to happen. I knew that's my chop. We got two point. Where's the Biggie? Okay go ahead. I wanted to go ahead. Go ahead you got I mean the show. Classic East versus West San is basically an all star Game Hokey but this is basically the Golden State Warriors versus the Charlotte. Bobcats is. It's I'm sorry. Not But yes I think. What does this respect? What you just said. Wow I don't wanNA know Bob Cats. Do how part a magnitude put Biggie. The Bob cats the bobcat wild disrespectful. So I for me. I think the one album. That biggie has is more than one. Hurry to guess too but technically three. I guess technically I guess technically three. I just like I shouldn't fight him. I'm trying to let him explain. I I noticed. Okay I was Tim's I would've been cool okay. He didn't have that he didn't have that reference in that metaphor. I you know what I disrespected biggie with bacchus. That's my that's that was actually very as I said it but I had to go with it because saying so there was no go back but that was a little bit. I see what you said it for effect but but I personally think that to pock is clearly better than biggie smalls. Just you know music wise catalog. Wise was strictly talk of music. So I won't even get to the Act Assad of it but just from a music base thing I think to pock made better music than big and I like. I understand the debate because earlier. Same time but in my mind I don't know in my mind I don't think I don't I think it's just because like big east like you know like you had a classic East West thing big would did you know that stuff like people make closer than you know. It's a gentleman sweep what I'm saying. It's a it's self. I got puck. Okay I'm not going to get his disrespectful. Is Jeremy 'cause I I appreciate both artists? In what they've done to the games I mean in their demise of course out. Of course they're gonNA be compared because they around the same time It's Kinda to me but I'm not going to be as callous as Jeremy here to He has some great songs ever. I mean every mother's Day I mean what Song you plan your mom. Dear Mama out he had will. Smith should saying like this dude was so Chris Matic in his acting of climate. I bring up acting to you know what I'm saying. He had me juice. You know he had me. I finally watched What's the one movie Poetic Justice? He killed that role. But this all music though. I know you're gonNA play in commerce. I asked him has nothing on. I'm just saying he has many you know he. He played me has in a short amount of time. He was on his hurt. Mickey never did that. He had He is black ugly as ever. However the the amount of I don't know this do countless Two hours that he had many in freestyles and shit like that. I won't even get into you. Know the metaphors he got into in in shall I mean. I don't say planes day is big for me. While is really low is big from the way he talked about podcasts waves and you know what that is my little brown and like you feel. I think his bid in is not that close to me. Yeah it's it's not it's I. I was just going to stay just like the person's given us but I do say on a bit. My thing is when you hear a song that somebody does and like one song can just top a Lotta Shit. That you her pain. The first time I heard the Torey Stugz it changed a lot to me like it changed a lot and park a focal pock songs but pock just my opinion does not have a song that I like better than he does. He got some shit on hit among a lot of changes changes yet. It's so loud. It's just I can keep going on but Tores thugs is something different amid did a House on it made it his and he he he both done deal. It's crazy. Don't get me wrong. I love my favorite to pop songs and probably of all time is like a wonder if ever got a ghetto a I would like to know in in. He has other songs that I love. But that's like Malzahn favorite. Here's but I say it's not even close 'cause I love I love. I love story STUGZ. I love fucking you tonight. Like the so's he did with Brad the REMIX The one more change like all those shows like that. I don't think park has also I need to plug has like monumental songs too but it's not it's not like big I also I also think though like between big too. It's that the types of songs that they ha type type that each of them have like our little different innocence of like. House your style. Yeah right Stylistically there are a little different way. Yeah definitely so. Yeah I I'm not met Moves on big muscle and that was the next round j. cold versus take a what's contrast. I mean for Peek behind the curtain on this. I'm not behind the curtain. I don't have my answer for this yet. Hartman it. I'm going to be honest. I wrote it and I'm like I don't feel so I don't have my answer yet. Geez I mean Jermaine Cole Lake. I mean you get makes I mean the evolution of J. Cole. I think is one of them. Things that is crazy to think about this underrated to be honest like the evolution of him from Friday Night Lights. You know what I'm saying. He's earlier. Mix Safe stuff right if you go to Can't think of the name of his first off the top of my head but the one had a can't get enough with Trey Songz on it like that album. Yeah that then Bohdan Store. Yes our next door. Yeah Yeah search to burnt center by just the transition. Yes shoe twenty fourteen four so dr I mean I I. I can throw on that album out. That's a classic. I've listened to all the way through I remember when is album came out it was just like ananymous? Everybody had to just like loved it like nobody said nobody had a bad thing to say about. The man went platinum like platinum and features. I mean that was the thing like that album whilst the thing and then going to Keio D- You know like there were some split decisions on how people feel. I like. I like the fact that you skipped delayed the album after twenty fourteen. I'm sorry that's right. It was is all I. I 'cause nobody like I'll say it was gonna be so that's my my back. Oh always on there with neighbors. Those only gray song about the So then the stuff that he doing now with Dream Ville. Oh yeah you know saying so? I think you have to take that right. Yeah but I mean Kendrick. Why fucking blanket on good good Kim acid like you like you WanNa tell you about two classic hours right there while you're at twenty fourteen Twenty forty four so Dr Another album I throw on right now. In no skips as in like not even going into like section ninety like his mix tapes style section eight success by the the whole flip that he did on Carter three that whole like. He did admit he asked state right that he basically did all three songs. Beat for beat and just get the fuck out here. Oh you never know wrote. I did not know this Bra. I Bro it's No Bullshit Yeah I did. He did a he did. She did a mix tape. It was before he did overly dedicated yet like because it was like. I say he did it like not too long after Campbell He did it around. The call decree Firemen Mrs Officer is on the hit. The one that he did to a phone all all mine he killed that all go in like you know how Wayne do do a song. It in my own way. I'd make arbiter. Home is kid. She's then just put me awesome so in in to go from good city to Pippa Butterfly. Aw Damn down like like I love J. Cole stuff Love J. Cole. Stuff like this is but Kendrick man like King Kendra Kendra for a reason. I mean what he did on a big shots control that I said he put on there. Yeah he he made a lot. Yeah he made his third right there. He may He. May you may like eggs rat. Yeah you did. I Love J. Cole. I Love J. Cole's music but it's hard to get somebody who ain't missed so you choose choose a Kendra So you say you would say something a little controversial I mean I've done it you you did. I is out because Begin just when you start. Just say Kendricks. The ball gets. Don't you can't. You can't let you know this is the only time beyond say will be on the first one. The only time ever happen only on this podcast to be out in the first round does while I was a little controversial. But I'M GONNA wait into the into my soliloquy before I said so I I share all your sentiments Arlette. I won't I won't even make it a long. I love everything that Jake Holdings doing right now. Like you went through hits and all that stuff but he has some hidden misses. I don't get me wrong. I mean Kendrick too little bit. I give them that to face he's made. He's I didn't like overdoing dedicated. Like that okay. Okay Yeah He. He's made some Mrs amp. Some would say to defy the album like that. I would go like fifty fifty on now. So he's made so Michigan. Okay okay. It really didn't hit sturm wrong because look now still. Dan made a big ass oppression especially especially with the pimp a butterfly style. That does that differ. There was a couple of album by a Gambino album at that time that was similar to like sound wise. Like the judge the neo soul rap type deal but yeah right exactly. So yeah then both made hidden Mrs so I WanNa make this quick. I'm picking Kendrick. The only thing I will say about J. J. Cole has way more misses than he does. Hits to me personally because I didn't like him before the only thing I really had like sidetrack all of of coal is is one of his weaknesses. Which is he made his own beats and I didn't really like his his beats like sold. The flow was nice. The lyrics is like a one of course but the beats guide one hundred percent. I was like if you can't get with the bees like I can't really listen to you like that so it run the I honestly. It wasn't until he may truly yours. Those mistakes to yours wanted to that I really start paying attention to cold and then I had to go back a little bit because I was. I was not a fan of cold. I'll I'll I'll be straight up and down honest with you. I was not a fan of coal. It wanted to truly yours mixed Especially the first one. We had Jesus to change on that may say that's what may that's what kind of turn it around and I was like. Oh He's a better beats. I can listen to now in after that. Twenty fourteen. Classic Album The neighbors album whatever ill and In which I enjoy but Kendrick is like no denying section. Eighty is like one of my favorite. If you WANNA counted the album a mix tape whatever freestyles things kill freestyles and shit like that kid is just Kendrick man. Don't Kendrick Iraq circle. I was GONNA go Jayco. No no no does loco. I'm only based that off because I think people don't talk about more centers much as they. Should I agree I agree with Naito re Balls better album born center combined with twenty fourteen. I'll feel those two albums more than I feel any two albums of Kendrick's unlike out but I'm just talking about as much the love. A half of those two albums they are more than any any love. I got for Kendrick any to I. Guess you So but says nothing about anything against Kendrick because I like kendricks range in a sense of. There's a style the Rage down that rage floating. They just containers yet going there. Yeah when Kendrick Hits. His rage flow is laws It's it's sure it's well I like. What Cole Says Moore though Cole has some bars so I'll take what Cole says but I'll take Kendricks. Bill livery I get what you're saying right things that over copes Jacob Jacob Amazing in a small room but Kendrick great on a big stage and I would like to add outside with the J. Cody his run with the features the past year or two He killed that show He. The regency did the past two years crane every song that J. Cole has gone on every every Sauna. Jayco has been on since his last solo album. Yeah I mean honestly you can argue. It's about as good as Roma's anybody's had with features like it rivals Wayne's when he came out of jail 'cause I never run at Wayne went on we got out of jail was just dumb and J. Cole has been doing the same shit. Yeah everything that he's been on every verse he's been put out. Just arrival is a lot of the features. If you WANNA talk about who who killed the feature game. Jayco got on for him for his run. The past two years is got to go on there. I like what he did is better than Kendrick feature I know that for the arrivals to change Nikki's Wayne yet. You gotta put him in. You gotta put him in that list. I definitely forgot all that. A right Kendrick. You move on next. Match Drew Hill versus one twelve. I liked the sound in it though. This could be click. I don't be clean. It is going to be quick. Drew Hill Shits on one twelve through hills twos. We're both fast moving even in my my beauty fast steps five stance against the one from the rush hour visual right Song for the on that they made for soulful. No no that was Does boys a man. That's my bet. But they did a song. Yeah that's what I should be. I should have. Did you hear his voice of man that would have been easy to? That'd be nice sale to eleanor. Let's because I thought about it. What was his way too easy for that. Let's change that is boys? Oh that's okay well. So Damn Okay so soda. Since I'm on a Jew hilty and not to mention Cisco Himself Thong Song. You know what I'm saying. Which is the same song. Saint versus back to back but it is incomplete. You know what I'm saying like CISCO LIKE CISCO GUESTS SOME CISCO Ghasem Song so in the Jewish but going against boys to men like. I think it's clearly boys to men like Abbie like like if we're gonNA Giulio boys man like I mean. You got a motel philly like they. Once Week Day Mariah Carey Day. They get a software mama they got. I'll make love to you. I mean off. The water runs dry way too long ernst and then like just drew hill. And you can't you can't talk about you can't talk about drew here without talking about the one-step they doing tell me. Tell me what you see. Tell Me Video. You know you know me jury and that takes talent. You can't jump in seen. They did it though. Yeah I know what boys boys from. Yeah Boys Madman. I'm I'm I'm going with boys to men but it's not that like united really really. It's not like fans there. I was in here. It's every was Dru Hill in one twelve. I was like yeah. No at got road contribute I couldn't think of a group but once he said boy surrounded by tuition been. Yeah I I. I feel the gap between boys. Amena Drew Hill is much smaller than the 'cause they kinda hits they got mad. Hits that you still love today. What am I gonNA say in the thing with Drew Hill? Also that Considering like Africa sitting all the music you have to sit at Cisco so yeah you had massive Internet you have to consider Cisco Solo. Run if you're going to consider Joe Hill as a whole you know a voice sea bass what makes it so close because that drive album its own. Yes that's really unleash. The China think about this for a second to be honest Anglians. I ain't GonNa hold you. My answer was Dru Hill until y'all brought the Sun Mama. Nobody had brought that up? But I forgot about that I was like. Oh Yeah. That's also another mother's Day Song as it is that okay worcester moves on. Yeah they have to this. Julia heart is just like that. Dummies a heart. Give me wrong you. Somebody's I feel like this will be easy for you to not easy as a conversation but I'm sure we all won't have the same answer. Okay I like that okay. Drake versus Jay Z. Okay this is GonNa be an interesting conversation. I got IT Z. Wise Dan like Jay Z. Stands the test of time in Jay Z's glacier in the ship for I mean blueprint one-two-three? Yuga demanded gangster album You get I mean. I wasn't a big Fan of merging Michael. I wasn't when I ranked on their own. That's towards the bottom ev. We've had that discussion before. And that's I know that's like number two number three to me like I mean you get what he did Cayenne wash thrown. You Get up. I mean you got his features although eminem killed him on his own song although he also does although he lost. GonNa do better but but what I will. Jc The Rockefeller thing. Good or bad. Like how you WanNa okay but what I will say about. Jay Z is. He is perseverance. As a motherfucker because normal human being would have died after Easter a normal human being would have die after ether and speaking of people dying after district Drake's perseverance? Perseverance is a story that nine. Yeah that's psych. He died he. He's like a normal human being. Yeah would not be if it was any other rapper. I think he would've out think he he. He wouldn't have recovered no feats at that. He took it and kept going right there. Now now talking about drake you have So far gone imitate. I mean right. Probably one of the one of the top ten mix as of all time the are. It's time for me. I mean I'm just saying top ten. Yeah yes definitely in my talk. That's not even argument okay. You have his first album. Aw thank me later. Thank me later. Very good So I mean we take care. I CONSIDER TAKE CARE CLASSIC. We we we. We considered take care classic. We can argue that the weakest. It'll take care a classic yes Okay so now I may make. Arctic air is best album which I make this I shared. It's now I'm sorry. What was I take care of his best album? Not including so far gone. His album like take care is his best album. This is your opinion. This is my opinion. Okay now if we say this as best album than maybe you know I'm talking myself. Maybe dissuades a vote one way or another but then you have nothing to say. Yeah another sack can think of the name of another was saying if you're reading this. It's too late stuff that he's done with future. Yeah Yup you WanNa talk about. A man who was on a feature run like Years Jersey was drug is deadly a feature run two millions. Yup Yup now still run now. I think views was eh also to like. I think he has some very good song now. Mike Redemption of redemption on it was like a Western row flows like hype like You know abused is what I learned about abused or not the cut you off views album that if you come back to it. It's better than what you thought. It was yes yes because I went back to it. I'm like it changed. My opinion like this is actually better than what I thought it was right. It's one of those items. You gotta go back to like you know you had more life. You had Scorpion. Like I am going to go with Drake wildwood inspector. Then I am going to go with drake and I'm going to go with drake because in my opinion I think all though Jay Z has been in the game longer. You don't seem to convince it's like fifty to forty eight after like he's been a make a point that I was going to break. I'm not with a V even no longer. I think Drake's catalog is better. That's all go drake. Although Jay Z has been in the game longer if you look at his entire catalogue and the Catalog Hassett Queue features. I think Drake's catalog is better than even include the fact of of back to back. And you know the the Meek Mill Dis- no you Charged up you got to charged like and I think what sends me over the edge with drake over. Jay Z is the feature work because okay the feature work that he I mean from ballgame to everything that he did young money to fall for your type two song that he did with Jamie Foxx to erode the digital digital digital girl that deal with Jamie Foxx in like the Catalog. That drake has versatile pulpit. People don't talk about how you can get back to listen to pop that. He got the way he attacked. Pop The B. I tell people I'm like I don't think he got enough altogether. Just do if you just put on that and go right to drake verse. He murders his. What did you think about this the verse that he did on a the first lady did the Lessons yes set verse. Slake okay fucking problems fucking problems like yeah like like it's close like this isn't this isn't i. Go with drake. Jc is at this around okay. I get that Warren Yes definitely definitely Jay I think the only thing that I would say. I don't the only thing I will say about. Drake A luxury. It's I don't I don't revered take care of the classic I don't we've had discussions about that but then you as a person like how you are you should love. Take Care of all people not. I like it. I like it a lot. It's just not what you guys. I don't see it as what you said we would. You guys are straight fire like I'm talking like you could put it in this house. Attorney often warm up. The House. Wouldn't allies protectorate Saris i-i-it so by you on Lord knows right now lose Lord knows is not going to heat up my house. This is not. Don't do that in my house. It will shake know like Madam on in my experience. Their body auto okay. Let's say this is the twenty minutes making References Hill? You fucking right. Sorry go ahead. I hope you get you. Get the Rony just saying you could do better. Was that even out here was on. The marlins room wasn't we got the guards that'd be headlines we had to take care that's the model JC. Jay Z Z. My answers the dussault. Guitar his Lucy's into Al. He did turn this. Losing twelve drew Muzar Jay Z. You joined a girl bay. That's now that's wild so I'm starting I view around. I'm start this just because my answer so obvious. So I'll just start it next round Wayne versus film What can I say? Wow lucky you say after you did a whole episode onus Yeah I love Eminem if anybody that knows me knows that I think when it comes to rat and I'm talking about storytelling on talking about Play on words VOCAB Freestyle I think Eminem is the best all around. Wrap the Southfield. Ken But best rapper. And that includes some quality. I think just Levine. Is the best thing his his superpower of making somebody else's song better than now just sets him apart from anybody like I just keep going on and on but I'm not going to because like I said my answer was obvious is check out episode ninety whatever when we did the whole the Wayne episode. You know his his sentiments on the win. So we're going my way or I'll next Wayne is he's tapped into me. I know where you et with the river Speak for me. He stopped him rapper. For me you WanNa talk about evolution this. The mayor went from winter. To you know one of the biggest rappers most lyrical rappers you ever seen in your life From freestyles in you know song structure you know just making making other people's songs his own. I don't really I don't see I will see why he's in other people's top ten. I had to be honest with you him. I love Essay loved and I still do you know when when does You know when he gets net freestyle bag. That's what I'm love him. I love this earlier stuff. I bought his first album. That was one of the first albums are bought with the cursing in it. That was one of the first albums. I got the explicit. The yeah so that was a big moment for me. So M is a big part of my life and I know He beat a J in renegade. I'll I'll I'll on that. I was fucking. He did B. B. J. in renegade in. I don't like to say j just lost in the first round too so I don't like to win kick people when they now but with that said. I'm picking up picking way because I don't like recent stuff is much as I used to in his earlier career. I put I put him into the J. Cole bracket where I don't like his pizzas months. Either in that kind of Henderson away too so when you putting him against Wayne is is like anonymous anonymous to me. It's it's Wayne all day M I like. I like some of his recent stuff but not. I don't like the fast rap. He's doing he really. You WanNa talk about evolution. He went from you know. Listen to what the hell he was saying to. All this fast rap. He's doing right now and I don't. I'm not with it so if I'm putting them together right now picking way I will start by saying nuts. I think EMINEM has the best album between the two. If you take m's catalog in Wang's catalog. I think the M has the better album if you put together the Marshall Mathers LP New Use I forget I didn't even get into martial Mathur's LP like I am. I will stand on the fact that I think stand is the best on the EMINEM ever made over. I think the EMINEM show is also a great out this. I mean it's a great follow up just a great follow up to the marshmallow zone. I say that I agree with your sentiments. On like eminem recess. I mean because you had relapsed over recovery. Whichever one was I was yeah. Relapse was it was relapsed. Recovery Recovery was decent four him being gone for so long you know he had a couple of good ones. Then kind of you know fell off kamikaze was Lou at whatever whatever I Wayne Carter One Carter too. I mean great card with three. I think was the transition of Wayne from rapper to being able to be mainstream and I think that's helped keep his career like going Cardiff Carter Four. I personally didn't like the credit for that much but Carter five thought. The Carter five was good. I thought his funeral funeral was really good. There I've heard a lot of mixed feelings on nap but funeral I thought was good. Then mom it will it all work out from Carter files I mean Shit. But that's not even what makes the difference. I mean I'm picking Wayne. This is a clear three is a clear. Is it clear? Three older and it's Wayne in ways not even close because simply if we're gonNA talk about Music Ways. Mix tape game is better. Any like Wayne's mixed eight-game an renewed stakes really Wayne's if you take away. The album's Wayne's mix eight-game Winston. Yes isn't that I'm not like I'm not gonNA. I'm not gonNA continue with this like because y'all already pick way if you take mix tape game take out the album's Wayne's mix tapes beats yams disarm Area so gonNA talk about albums. I just mentioned that. He's the best mix tape artists and they do agree with you wholeheartedly that some people might be surprised that is. I do feel marshmallows. Lp is a better album than any of our said that March that Marshall Mathers LP Is is something. It's hard to three Yech really marsh. Just no broke. It's it's in my top three of what I feel out of best albums ever made. That's how strong about Marshall Marshall Mathers LP like if you haven't listened to While take it like that album is cool. Yeah I am. I mentioned. I BOUGHT HIS FIRST ALBUM. Which was the slim shady and that was like a. I bought dead so imagine by net one. The one right after it is. It's like oh you made a better album than the yes. That's all up on the lights. Lie while saw more else crazy I was so much. Say has the best. Follow up of any rapper upping. I do that I give. I mean I can't really say I I I can't think on top of my head who had the better follow-up of any lie you going straight from W to follow I mean if he would have to be because I mean Mike Marshall mathers. Lp IS A. I mean like I would have to think about this March Madness Oprah's easily in my albums while easily. Yeah he's I would color trout in late registration. I'm trying to follow college dropout with significantly better to say because I think college dropout late registrations Even though I think late registration is a great. Follow up album. I don't think play. Registration is better than a year. That's the album atop thirty cows dropper. Talk About Yeah. We're GONNA get there. Okay Nikki versus Cardi. Can I go first? You can pick this Harvard but I I'm going to pick two Cardi out. I'm picking Cardi 'cause I love her. I love her. Personality loved music everything. She's putting out so far She wanted to album of the year. Were the grab album of the year and Yeah Man. I think she's a lovable person. You can't deny how how this person is good bad indifferent your own saying I'm not even talking about the fight. She had with Nikki. Would ever and the reason why. I picked Cardi over. Nikki is because she hasn't really done anything aftermath. I like. She's done things that I like. Don't get me wrong but it's nothing that I actually love after monster that I'm like. Oh fuck you with this. Lay Mazda is undeniable but does after that like All about that does nothing for me in Cardi when she's talking about second date. How do you not like it? Toll Cardi I. The main reason why I am going to pick Cardi B. Over Nikki. Manashe is that although Nikki has been in the game longer how how dare you? She got Tim plus years on her. The biggest reason. Why is that? I agree with you that after NICKI MENAJ PUT UP MONSTER. She is not really put out. She's had good songs. She's had good songs but she has not had good albums. In my opinion I did not see it. And that's true and I think that although Cardi only has one album Cardi's album is better than any album that Nicki Minaj chess. That I will agree with. I will agree with controversial saying that I agree. I think Cardi's one album is better than any album. Nikki massages and all Nikki need. It was all she needed. Was what album to win this. Because she has the she has the better because her features are she has very good features like Leading up master couple. She did a couple of a couple of songs. I believe on weighing a couple of wayne mix tapes like. Oh yeah stuff like that. But the fall off after monster like she hasn't really like she's had a couple of weeks but she's basically bottomed out since then and so. I think off of off of the inability to sustain 'cause like I say for Cardi Cardi's album is better than any album. Nicholas put out and that is the difference McGregor this sweep all's cardio you said Everything Carl we love you almost two more battle of the rapper slash producers. We got back to drive versus Kenya. Well okay all right. Well Dr Dre man use a US done a lot man worth Anna Shady shady aftermath. You know you've found him and stuff that NWEA SNOOP SAY Q. Likes THE CHRONIC CRIME RATE OUT HERE? Two thousand one great. Yes the I mean. The people that produce for beasts that he's made Cayenne west I mean cows dropout top-three out Walter Yup late registration. Good graduation eduation solid album. Yeah was eight after eight. Always the hardest breaks out wasn't a wasn't a fan of personally but My beautiful dark twisted fantasy dear. Lord what an like what are you. What out didn't like Jesus dead then. Like didn't like ease of the site wasn't a fan of the life of Pablo although I I'm not sure if ultra light beam was on life of Pablo or eases is known as Pablo Pablo okay. Pablo's wasn't a fan of the life of Pablo Sanz ultralight much like being Liz. Yeah wasn't a fan of the Gospel album. He put out. But it's like a west now so you choose who that's what I'm choosing I'm also choose. I'm also choosing because Dr Dre Lila's back today at us for a long time yeah detox. Yes Yeah Dr J. Look out for detox for life to us. I draw a lot before he came out with Compton like by to us at. I don't appreciate being too. I'm a man of principle. I'm I am a man again and I won't say that's not the reason why I'm picking but I think I think the difference comes into the music cattle. I think producing wise like they've both produced for tons of people. I mean Dr. Dre Like I said the people that he found the cubes the SNOOPS. The M.'s fifty cents. Yeah like gang but the music catalog the gap in the music. Catalog is bigger than the gap of the names. That was found win win. Beat when the producing side is damn near. Even that's where the that's SORTA difference. I would have one hundred percent agree to everything. You're saying. Doubt that was going to be the thing that was. If you don't WanNA bring it up. I was going to bring it up. The difference is between the the music side. You've only dre only come out with three albums. Two out of those three we had in the light. We have in regard to out of those three com. Today talked about like a lot when it came out. But we don't really talk about. It is mostly daily. Talked about it when it came out when only when it came out. 'cause IT WAS. Oh Shit Dr. Dre only right. Yeah so we finally got something The the people he has produced lad. You brought you brought up everything. Snood game everybody that he had brought up in a Illness like everybody. Like you really have to take account today. Don't really equate really. I mean it's Sorta does like everything we bring up mostly even because they is brought up a couple of people to he's brought up Sean. He's brought a shallow people travel sky K. Cutty like all these guys that everybody regards as like one of the best music Brought up right now so either all even a near so in in that regard one have to say because he brought he brought up more music. Now only thing I would really say because I love Drake's produce that's what kind of tugs me This way because Yeah Man I've like explosive. I like to watch her love. You know saying like how can you go against that? But then you think about the only challenge conor Razman and I like. This is a personal opinion. So I'm like fat. I got to like I got to like so I gotTa pick yet. Oh I have to have yet sweet but the crazy thing for me is not close to me and I was not a disrespect to Dr. Dre is not sound like disrespect. I'm not trying to but I don't even have to think about this Kind Gate we also have a him putting help like putting all the blueprints one is one of my favorite albums on the best of her and he is a huge part of that You're the fact that how he helped calm and come back in the spotlight to be out twist on kamikaze yes. We don't even have singles like that when he put only were nights. Celebrity overnight. Celebrity was a overnight. Celebrity is an underrated. Saw does not get a does not get the love that it deserves only does not all the praise overnight celebrities like you want to know the May reason why slow jams get all. The praise is because slow jams was actually on kyw as album. Also it was there was on both. It was also it was on college dropout and kamikaze because yeah so that's why that gets a lot of the praise when overnight. I mean so. James is good overnight. Celebrity was sold isolate. Yes something no. It's it's a clean sweep are right and we got three sweeps in a row. I didn't see that coming all these sweeps easier at the end. I didn't know about that. Thought some is no picnic At expect the car. And this is the last one in the album one I got the drought three versus. No you can't do. You can't do that. I did not album is under music. I didn't put artists but couldn't match up any album. The only album I can match up that does Mason's my mind was the drought three versatile. I act- I actually. I mean if we have time I actually have one album Clash Artists Wise. That week that it probably better for album side but I really hate you because like no no I was thinking about. The conversation of Wayne's best mix tape light. That's why I said 'cause I've had this debate with so many people. If the person don't pick no sales they pick the drought three at they. Don't pick the drought three-day Pitino says. It's always one of those two. So it only makes sense taking them up a spicy like a big rich. Let's do it all do it. Now I gotTa do what the Fuck Up Real Nigga so fuck with me and I don't give a fuck uncle dough. Yeah off vast talk to this. Yes yes yes. Yeah Oh oh my God somebody please go. I I need I need. I need some WAY CONVERSATION. All means look definitely starting. This is why I'm picking themselves. This is why I had. I had to break it down and I always told people. This is the one thing that give no silence the edge the fact that is in the conversation and the drought three is a dub. Wow the fact that. The single mix tape the trout. Three is double isn't it? It's a double album so the fact that the no ceilings is that good. That's why the drought three so good because it's two CDs worth of mixed tape music even though of US could to put it on one. Cd This conversation be different but just the fact that no sellers is so good. It's still competes with that double city and in my opinion asset this on the episode. We talking about way his song of his takeover of the Jay Z. Song all of CASS is my favorite song on any of the albums. I just think rundown so great so the Yes is no Okay this is Lou. Anonymous. I'M GONNA pick no ceilings to it's Out just going by the two and I was just looking at the track list right you know myself if I'm comparing to I like drought three because of nostalgia reasons in No ceilings has the better has the better songs in. Although they're Kinda freestyles there. They had the right. He has the better songs on drought. Three I mean. Sorry what is that? What no sailor. I'm sorry it's it's not even close to me really signing close drought three. It's great foot scouser reasons. I like plenty sauce on going wrong. I like but it's nothing. Nothing compares to say compared to I can put song the song in a lot of the no sailing is being the drought to me Looking at the track list of the to the drought three. Why the we taken over remix was on air. Lets me the rapper? You're like back on? My grizzly was on their economic grizzlies. Flip upgrade you killed say yes killed upgrades yes like like. I can't figure so easy. They cannot see me they are like Stevie like I can't feel about face was on there then in the line. If we're going to say this there's only one that you could play front the back dot stop and that's no cellphones. No feelings like no No Simmons came out. I was a freshman in college bro. I was listening to that mother. Like all like like Bam for TV LIKE INSULIN. About eight from seventy delegates enough. I watch my shoes. La Okay wasted like fucking. He killed. Waste it don't Wayne on me. Yeah the twister. Good Yogurt Fokker face. Yeah the best thing about Wayne. Somebody sons. You'll be like is gonNA come on and where you can make poker face like where you can just like just fucking around as like oh up like joe like this is hard but it's it's no silly that's the that's the sweet yet this week on. You know why you did that man. That was unusual but for us as close for us the nuanced view. Because you said it's not close for me is closed. Yeah like this is a conversation. We're going to go with show bonus but we just keep it with this just to tamper your this took so yeah and we got other stuff coming to so yeah. Yeah so just. Keep it in music with this. What was your bonus one? So I don't know if I want to do album or artist. Think artists would be a lot clearer. Samaniego album confessions or teepee to dot the redux first of all allows you progressive along with you said album. That's actually what I thought you were talking about. You were like no. We're GONNA talk about the way mix. Oh would mix the mix thank you. I know you're right but because he knows how feel about? This is no debate. I think we've talked about this on a podcast. I love confessions do I do. Here's here's the thing. Here's the thing you had to release it for it to be better version of it. Didn't need a a second really that matters really anyway so the so. The addition of my boo and my boo confessional. Because that changes. The confessions part wants to meet changes the holistic but the fact that the second version had to come to the need a second version because it because I guess the first version was just. The interlude is just enter loop right literally. The addition of confessions part one changes the whole out in me. That's how much I love. That's my favorite song. Going down on confessions. Real first and foremost confessors. Yes is my favorite. That's why that's my favorite song. That's why so you don't really love the avenue. No but here's the thing songs off the album other people with other people that matters right so when I heard the album. I thought the album was good. I was this is a dope album. But then I'm listening to the inner loop I'm like why is this just an interlude? And then when they made the song. I'm like you just boosted the album. It should have been there. Assist jump but like you just took the album somewhere else but TV too right when you start off getting Kelly goal for your head off top off. Offer offering unlike acid originally. What we had this conversation. I don't know how you would a straight face. Tell her sit in your face to end the songs the range of this album. Doma from freaks out from yeah. I know the range of this. Algal to have that to have a song you can make for Fallen Soldiers. You know to have that. Listen to someone like that. What do you mean that was a single what talk about? I wish list video for you. Listen to have that for that. He could see right now no birds I deserve. Also no I will give it all up. Just you wouldn't do window with the REMIX. I mean there's a lot of verses I can't say off confessions but if you put it on I can jump in man. I mean. He did say he wanted to go to church on Easter Sunday. Which you just from that. The uplifted soldier songs on now. Then the party songs that started the best of both worlds with the ESTA that the s the jumps led to vegetable worlds. I mean it's it's it's TV to like. I said it's it's not close to me I'm saw is not all right. Well I'm when I like I really liked. Tv TO DOT COM REALLY LIKED DOT COM. You just did. Unit deciding factor. Actually so negative you. Our noses are literally didn't solve. Hey well I think confessions ochre like from like TV COP. Very good very good. I'm going to distract list right now. Tv 'cause I always seem to be. It's a lot of damage. Rv Light won by guys that outright like TV TO DOT COM is no joke. But I I mean for me. Confessions Ish just like. I don't think it until you get to my boom on the deluxe album. I don't think there's a song that you could skip on it out. See How feel about TV too? That's how I feel about TV too. I don't feel like there's a song like like an like I don't skip things on. Tv TO DOT COM. But I just I like I think just for me personally. I feel confessions. Like I feel confessions for like going from like like going from confessions to burn bag girl. That's what may for superstar come on like like here. This is this is that you ain't talk picking. This is the thing. This is the thing that I will say about. Usher's album the top six songs. On the album minus throwback were all radio hits. That's true Sarasate say seven to because caught up this number seven. Call Kate so caught up to caught up caught up with after the fact because of he ended up making a video for that. But if you go from eight to thirteen I make the argument. That aged thirteen might be better than one. Seven Lake that second half of the album like before you get to. Because what because on the deluxe album. It went by BOO confessors part. One DOT COM was a underrated. Bangor fucking I'll know how to who he thought that that was that was dot com. Yeah that was something. That was some shit right there. But like scorings new confessions though Mecca. Fashions is confessions. My Shit ed by I lean towards confessions. That's that's why I wanted to go album artist because I thought about going artist but I was like. Nah R Kelly like kills US artists right like that's not a I mean because like be personally I mean for our Kelly bumper guy like Youth Obama guard on. I'm fly but not confessions. Confessions is my. I'm going to confession album. Kate I was GonNa say I was going through a TV TO DOT COM Like every song that I was like. Damn I notice on Dam dam. I notice on demo notice on by from one to fifteen. I know it's fucking now so effortless. I still notice it. Look Infections Man. Confessions I was telling celery like I don't even really count hits really because that's like one through six or seven but he counts the deluxe version. Which I mean if you want to go there and that's fine too I would. I would pick confessions. Not including the deluxe version. I I don't even really don't really care about that. Because the middle part to the end is like my favorite part of the album is to. I'm sorry I'm sorry I need part one. It changes it changes for me so I need part. One live from superstar to chew for simple things that girl. That's what made. That's what is made for in. Can you handle it the transitions between can you tell you? Handily is like one of the best transition out of ever heard in RBM and that to me like I don't even it's not even a question. It is confession. That transition is everything. Those two songs are probably the girl would probably get pregnant with those two songs. Like honestly transition to a twinkie for real straight up right honestly. It's not even questioned. His confessions the IT. It kind of wins over just off those two songs Alone to me. Cause THOSE ARE. Those are the best songs to me. And that's how I feel going from teepee to to fill your boots great sex for like all year you we yes. Yeah you pregnant. I didn't bottles five B.'s. Well this is good man. I like I like the whole field of this man. I was good. That was good comes. Yeah this was. This is good. You know to get the krona virus out of out of your head for a little. Y'All stuck with each other. Put All these albums. Yeah plug put on. Listen if you WANNA prone confessions today and then tomorrow because you're going to still be going to you. Minus twelve sanitary is going to be born. But what are we? What are we picking next for the next podcast What since he picked this alleged You've got wrestling or TV shows. What's going to be the most interesting I WANNA pick? Tv shows shows TV zone. I don't I don't mind wrestling. Okay give me time to put more. Russell's no is going to be a great interesting conversation. I can't wait for it on that. Note guys it's been fun. Jeremy Thank you. Give coming through See we didn't have any s matrix. We didn't have any emails. Will we got some day? But we're going to get to those estimate. Sho's I think corona virus for your for your people going to the beach of Florida. I'm shaking here. That's all right now. What the hell you're doing. Yeah for sure Eighty dollars apple. Podcast Google play Spotify stitcher radio definitely angers ANCHOR ANCHOR DOT COM slash pod to be nice here. We forgot what episode this was. Absolute one zero seven years Yeah Department Jokes. See How will it right? Yeah we did. We D SHUT OFF FREE IN ASIA. Shadow free in. Aj Girls. Yeah Roxie to dig. I couldn't even sleep today because we do even on us all right. But you know what? What's up corona girl stopped play and get some line and feel better better playing his song shining. I know anything to say before. We a battery of Ma'am Be Safe out here in DC. Think about others. Don't be selfish. Yeah Stop Hoarding Toilet. Paper is ship. You cornered Quarantine Chilin you know. Lose the rubber right at this at this rate at this point you don't need it. I mean what's the point right? I mean you ain't seeing your piece. Most I understand you is probably wearing eight. You lose a couple of people to. We didn't even talk about day. A couple people got. Yeah yeah cut off a couple of think. I think they still senate. He's doing and they say I'm GonNa go back out and see if they restart toilet paper yet and they just mean they happy somewhere to come back home like nowadays a lot of talk about. I'M GONNA go back tomorrow again because I'm so why are you? Man is cheating Download the PODCAST pod to me. Nice man we I I'm your host bill yellows AK by Teddy Roxanne Billy rally billion. Mr Adds that Jeremy. Thank you for coming out. Peng Guy River back. You know what I'm saying. And that is it guys next piece. GimMe Oh I got to tell you about this city so speaking of the virus real quick. I had to tell you about this fucking phone situation Bro. So I saw Friday. My phone fucks up by muffed screen. Goes BLACK THE SCREEN GOES BLACK? While I'm at work sound like shit okay. But it's happened before but I saw I got insurance on the phone so it really didn't matter to me really. It's it was like more of a okay. They'RE GONNA do to shift for free. 'cause I got insurance I want to do is take it up there. Um Solo. I made the appointment for the next day. Which was Saturday? I was okay Saturday morning. Go up there. Abby up there for like an hour you know go to the mall because I was going to eleanor's resonant snow's Dog Mall So I went up there. I was GONNA be there for like an hour fix. It focused them all forbid Lee Guy Saturday morning coup. I get there again. They're in walking tour in. I know where the apple store is. Once once I was getting touristed SA- gang of people in the front of the store and I'm like I'm thinking another but I'm like okay. Maybe they're not open yet. I was like well you know in you know shit happens. I get towards the crowd. There is employees there One of the employees Amen? What can I do for as I got an appointment here? That blindscreen phone need to fix you. Say Yeah Man. I'm sorry sight which you sorry for. Sorry Man Yet they made a decision to close all the apple stores this morning start starting now until March was probably thirty or thirty five slight year as like what he said. I said I made an appointment. I made an appointment yet. I got some y'all I started feeling. Hey people that got fired so fuel as John was called in yesterday would you have come in from all the way up his car pro like I was so pissed but I knew what his fault but I'm like okay. So what do I do now? I have amd showing I what do I do now? He's a man I can. We can do some salt or something. You don't get the process going so when we do open up you can get you get fixed I said that's does nothing for me. That's in two weeks that has now. That's two weeks without my phone. Are you know so like at this point? I'm like I? He can't do nothing about it whatever they do. They have police officers inside the apple store. Modu too because I'm sure some other angry customers came through to the same problems so they have some cops in there to mind you. This is eleven o'clock in the morning in the morning so they had a whole four day with this shit so I was like I so I had to. I'm like what the fuck do I do? And then I thought about it. I said well I am a for the upgrade. I didn't WanNa do it. 'cause going in at fixed green free-of-charge. Tom Like think I'm GonNa have to give me another phone because that eight-plus was already paid for. We're okay so I was just. I was chilling. You know what I'm saying. I didn't really want to do that so I was like. I'm have to give me another phone. I. I can't wait another two weeks so I went to my carrier which was Acidini mall comcast for other people who don't know in the I just went in straight in light. Look I got. I think I'm up for upgrade. I'm GonNa give out phone eleven going to give it to me. I don't care what color and he's like. Yeah you are I was like I knew it. I'm here Sallie Mae. All you gotTA DO is pay on taxes in the first month of the first month a payment. Whatever I wouldn't hundred no mind you go your phone. Bill is due. So you can't get your phone less your phone bills parent here. I said this mother so not only do. I have the hours I was going in the morning. Just offering Quitted you know whatever I live out there and I paid to sixty eighty bucks for the taxes forty four. You know the month whatever and plus plan my phone bill. Two hundred six dollars. I thought I was just GonNa pay nothing much payment of beer last day. If they'll like eighteen alabi I say y'all ship owners phone. Madison leave spent eighteen months David. I'm just very thin. Fresh wound. I swear I will do right a swell. Give him chance now us were he could be Yojiro baby right. That's it takes you begin right. I mean I'll be right anyway but I'm saying I would write our do ride the right thing I do right. It's a spike Lee joint. All your morals will go down the window. Moore's Moore's Chicago. That's what I'll say all you wouldn't even matter. It won't even matter. What does she wore? Bonnet Listen I was going there. Listen can hang less you dissuade because you know if it's too yeah. I'd be like okay. Can you wrap the scarf around escape? Put Your Hood Up. If you've got a Hoodie ah what's your favorite sports team. We were ahead so we all your rules. Go Down God all you know what I mean. He all his morals. I won't even. Maybe she'll look. Nevada reconsidered everything. Like you know what maybe I could change. You know what I'm saying like. What is she what she's accustomed to domestic islands? So she's neither you hit. No no she hits you. Oh you mean that what year I mean I mean what did I do offer. What did I do sometimes? We need to take responsibility. Fell and that's all you don't baby. I am in a wrong headed totally. You had to tell me what was GONNA Happy Happy. You know what you know. She's a woman and her word and I I appreciate it. Yasu to clearly on. Listen stay on our relationship am.

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