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The. Coast to coast in Canada across North America and around the globe on the world. Wide. Web. This is race line on the right flying already on network presented by Subaru and is driven by the twenty twenty Subaru wwl ratchet wrx Sti these a typical sports cards fighter Subaru VR's Ed. The tenable sports car that's fund drive and by general tire anywhere is possible tears yet another Subaru Canada presentation of your national. Radio. Motorsport Authority. Yes. Indeed. The Race Line Radio I'm Eric Thomas, your host, your anchor still working of the home studio will Weber our supreme commander and Rice Line Master Control Josh Santos back at the network helmet full speed ahead this week the very latest covert nineteen US results and schedule adjustments as this virus is still manipulating our sport you are all part two with former NASCAR Cup champion crew chief coal burn on his new gig with Ed Carpenter racing the INDYCAR series with conor daily for the rapidly approaching Indianapolis five hundred will have part one of our introduction twenty year old. Canadian Devlin Deep Frencesco the current points leader in the Indie Bro Two Thousand Development Series working for Michael Andretti have sound with Nasdaq cups leading man Kevin Harvick was a few more entries and comments will Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag trivia contest in the race Ramp News, they've set the grid for the greatest spectacle in racing f ones in the heat of Spain and ask part on the Daytona road super race fans anywhere and everywhere powerful sport powerful radio. It's our twenty eight year awning are across Canada. This is the race line radio network. Stirred race line radio. Eric Thomas Race Line on the. Radio Network Latest News and opinion for Ya on the race line race rap latest results in news around Covid nineteen qualifying for the one hundred and Fourth Indianapolis Five Hundred Marco Andretti was only two months old when his Granddad Mario, scored the pole for the Indianapolis. Five hundred that would be back in nineteen eighty seven family history repeating itself in two, thousand and twenty as marco kept his foot in a very loose race car in a wicked crosswind to take the poll for next Sunday's five, hundred, two, hundred, and thirty one, point zero, six, eight miles an hour his granddad was on his mind I thought of them because today I. Walked out of the motorhome, it was pretty windy is a famous quote within us. He doesn't say so many people but he says the window scary you they'll never crash you. So today he was right. I don't know if that's right. You know totally PGA pretty awesome. It is pretty awesome. We thank NBC sports for Marcos Clip. Scott Dixon to come we'll share that front row oakville James Hinchcliffe will start six that's the outside of row to stove ills Dalton, Kellen, outside, of Eight, conor Daly engineered by last week's guest wrath Roy on -Tario call. We'll start outside of row sex, the Indianapolis five hundred delayed from May by Covid Nineteen Sunday. The twenty third without fans coming up on our guest segments in this program part two of our conversation with coburn on his Ed carpenter racing indycar assignment with daily on the development side introduced twenty year old Canadian? Devlin Francesco. Points currently in the pro two, thousand series, Formula One while they asked Lewis Hamilton talking about heat how it was out there after his win of the Spanish Grand Prix Hot Lewis said Beasley Hotta Cataluna, well, over one hundred degrees in those race cars but Hamilton led start to finish every lap never challenged in his Mercedes for his eighth career win Max for Stopping Second Victory Toss third a very nice fourth from Montreal's Land Strolling Teammate Sergio Perez was slapped with a five. Second penalty for ignoring blue move over flags for leader Hamilton. Bogus penalty. He got out of the way in lots of time anyway eighteenth for Toronto's Nick Latifi off the bottom F. One points into Belgium Louis leads for stopping by thirty-seven and drivers over red, bull by ninety six in constructors. Mercedes boss Total Wolf convinced racing point is innocent of this ridiculous brake duct copying caper racing point own of course by Canadian land stroller where his son Lance races was dot fifteen constructors points. And find four, hundred, thousand euros, the FAA deciding their front and rear brake ducks are Mercedes copies the stupid part in this their permitting racing point to continue to race with the illegal parts. The rest of the season infuriating slower teams racing point is appealing and so they should Nascar Cup of the road course at Daytona simply too late for our nineteen record deadline postcripts on this next week cup clippings though easy to see that Ford is the runaway leader on the manufacturer's tally. Underlined by Kevin Harvick's sweep of the Michigan doubleheader for Stewart. Haas Harvick had the pole for the Daytona road race. By the way the former race alarm radio guest says it's no secret why they're so darned good. Just a lot of hard work a good team in a pretty fast forward heading into Daytona Harvick with his couple leading six wins held one hundred and forty point lead on Toyota's Denny Hamlin Nascar xfinity Daytona road as well. Austin Syndrich with win number five Canada's. twenty-seven trucks were there to Sheldon creed wins that Canadians career best third recent guests and Quebec Rookie Raphael Nice work again young man Kyle. Busch teammate Alex Tagliani and a Wallaf Twenty-second. Stewart freezing tenth that Askar Series report brought to you. By general tire anywhere is possible general tire dot ca click on the NASCAR banner on the homepage to find the best generals for your. Vehicle season-opening doubleheader sunset speedway for nine hundred CHR saw veteran drivers LP Dumas and recent race Lamberto guest. Jason. Hathaway claiming victories dumoulin surviving to take the first one twenty five out of a wreck on the very last lap hathaway a victim in that race one entanglement stormed back in the second one, twenty five and drove away with it to claim checkers they go again at. Flamborough August the twenty ninth sports cars. Yeah. Just simply too many health concerns. This year's eighth annual twenty, four hours of September nineteenth and twentieth the sports. Second largest race will be staged without fans. The virus continues to ravage game. Here's the rally news presented by the Subaru wrx and wrx Sti the typical sports cars, the Canadian Rally Championship presented by Subaru updating their schedule. For Remaining Events Sharma Quebec BECO- tober twenty four Rocky Mountain Premiere BC November seven Tall Pines Bancroft Ontario November twenty one big white Columbia. See December the sixth they ran pierce nays before it covert hit. Carol Jerry of course winning that is you know so they need to run at least one of those remaining four rallies award the championship bikes Canadian superbike double feature Canadian tire. Motorsport Park Toronto Championship leader and frequent race slam radio guest Jordan starts from the pole. In Race One, he is chasing a record fourteenth national title results points on this next week world MotoGP bikes at the Red Bull Ring Austria having dominated the news. When he confirmed, he will break ties with do caddy the end of the season in a very strange relationship strained as. Well Andrea. DECIO. So rubbed it in with his first win of the season Austria fifty th of his career way to go andy drag racing Nhra drivers seriously hurt when the street legal unlimited fifty seven Chevy wagon known as the s box of dum they were riding in went off the road from the Drag Strip at Indianapolis Raceway Park last weekend. Richie Crampton. Dominic. Laguna Jake. Saunders hurt Lagaan the driver life threatening injuries he was crew chief for top fuel winner. At Indy Steve Torrance Crampton is also a top. You'll run prayers all of course from everybody along the reach line radio network faces in the pits just another victim of the wrath of covid Nineteen Osh speedway and Global News Radio Nine, hundred, C. H. L. Hamilton coverage canceling the rest. Of Their calendar after scrubbing earlier headline events like the first NASCAR candidate series on dirt set to run this month all we'll be back in two thousand and twenty. One same thing for ransom bill speedway New York state restrictions forcing the cancellation of what was to be their sixty third season of operation Canada's oldest and longest operating track marital speedway Catharines also for news talk six. Has opened their sixty ninth consecutive season with TV only events, they have been admitting one hundred fans per race night based on provincial health protocol chosen through a lottery they stage on the marital speedway website, it works for them and Riverside International speedway James River Nova Scotia for news ninety, five, seven Halifax checking in to tell us that again because of covid nineteen restrictions if had to cancel the iwk to fifty super race weekend supposed to run last month shame it's been. Though for July next summer twenty, twenty, one riverside is a few more events though on hold the season, it's just best to check their website for the latest updates and that's going to do it for this week on the race line race, wrap your question John Opinions your comments on headlines in issues always welcomed. Let's hear from y'all stay safe and sensible with masks on added safe distance, show your racing thoughts and opinions or. Their fellow fans across the network could win you the Grand Prize in the Subaru Raisani mailbag trivia contest we play shortly. Okay. Well, let's check off another prints up next part. One of our introduction of twenty year old Torontonian Devlin di Francesco points leader currently in the indy pro two thousand series. Then later switching from ashkar to indy cars with coal pearn. This race line presented by Subaru for more info infant news on. wrx, wrx. NPR's Ed. Click. Subaru dot ca this is the race line radio network. This is stuart freezing and you're listening to race sign radio. We are Canada's National Money Mortar sport. Authority. The Race Line Radio Network. I'm Rick Thomas simply great to have you with us in step with this program's mandate to chart cover and promote Canadian racing talent because we've long understood that race car drivers make up one of the strongest and most successful international sports contingents. This country has and we start them young too after winning last year's F- to championship this twenty year old Toronto neom has already taken his Andretti. Steinbrenner entry to the top of the points in indy pro two thousand series on the INDYCAR development ladder. So with part one, let's meet Devlin di Francesco on race line radio. Was it pretty clear from a very early age that this was something that you wanted to get into you've been successful in your only twenty years old and your future is is wide open here but was this something that you know you were pointed to at a pretty early age Some, some very early manly. It actually all started with a commercial with Michael Andretti was Jillette. Commercial. Okay. From what I was told I was very young I was only about four years old then in the Christmas of two, thousand and five, there were to go cuts under the Christmas tree. Wow and. He actually went by my mom stock in bomb. Everything started and you know as soon as I. Started driving I instantly fell in love with it and never wanted to stop and here here we are today in all fifty years later and it's quite the. Clintons non-driving for for Michael Andretti. In Defoe two thousand and it's amazing. It started with a commercial with Michael, and now you're part of his organization but you know it's it's quite clear from anybody that we have on the show to chart your career Dublin that without your parents support and your and your parents sort of pointing you in that direction, it would never be possible for you to get into this I mean without. Support and and them sort of guiding you this. This would never happen. Would it off course I? Mean you know at the end of the day you have because what you do, but you also need to correct people around you and the right support. You know it's many things together that that make us successful racing driver. You know it's not just the one element it's it's a complex puzzle of. Lender I'm very, very lucky. I've had You know my mom mother and father's support from variety early age and they've always pushed me. To do better and strive for more our and you know I can never thank them enough for that. Never repay them per where everything they've done absolutely, and it's it's a universal phraseology from any driver that we've ever talked to rookie intermediate or someone who's you know a veteran that can remember back to when they first started with your parents and the one good thing about this is a lot of kids get get started in karting and then kind of fall by the wayside. But you started winning races and started winning championships when you were young and that is a huge catalyst to keep you going to keep you motivated. Isn't it? Of course you know I I. You know the results are definitely at the excitement. You know you know I Greg and other people I've raced with no. When I was young winning car races and championship is are a lot of the now or Formula One and Indycar. have reached a professional of motor sports. So it's nice to see that the same people who are in the front back then or now succeeding. Now what a team to learn from though you know you're part of the Andretti autosport organization you think of Michael Success. You Know Marco was there and certainly on the indy-car side with Ryan Hunter Ray and Colton Herta and then of course. Mario the legend hanging around I mean what a team to learn from if you're if you're a young guy like yourself wanting to learn, can you think of a better squad to do it with? Honestly, I really can't you know and eat off the situation this year with with this whole pandemic and everything that you know the very limited limited time we've card before actually starting to Camp Egypt for swamp. You know it shows me. Why and Redneck one so much Great of an organization it really is. I mean before raced one, we only did one test day with the car. Wow. Wow harvest new to new to the organization to the guy you know new to me you know and we you know we just took a step that and you know or work. Thought and You know constantly making the package better and better every time we drive and the professionalism of of you know everyone A part of that organization is is huge and it's really Early goes to show why they've. How they've won so much And everything they've done exactly is Michael. A guy that will come up to you and give you advice or does he kinda wait for you to go to him for some advice? How does it does it normally worked out? Well You know toll pandemic I met my for the first about a week and a half ago. You know but he you know he's a great guy. You know really nice down to Earth Open honest. And someone definitely be believing on with a lot of the experience that he has and Definitely. Be someone who is Who has been very involved. In mean always been guiding me You know to. Improve and help definitely been part of the process and And making the the DIPLO car. The level where it is now for sure. So there's part one with current indy pro two thousand points leader Canada's Devlin di Francesco on race line radio part to this talented lad next week across the race line radio network. Okay. Well, it's fire off another pit stop coming up more freezing comments for the Subaru race on email bag trivia contests. Then part two with now indycar engineer Colpon. This is race line radio network. This is gopher and you're listening to race line radio. Canada's National Motor Sport Authority the Race Line Radio Network I'm Eric Thomas Check out my Thomas Tales, collins, and insect trap Motorsport News magazine I'm up I believe in the next issue, you can also view the tails at sports net dot CA. So here we go again with the Subaru. Race Lonnie Mailbag Trivia contest the grand prize pack to grab if you qualify by answering the Subaru Trivia questions correctly in your email comments entries go into the break room with a winner drawn at random at the end of the on track racing season still hanging onto this qualifying question I might change at the end of the month. Don't know for sure. Don't need to worry about it. Because we can sort of make up rules will be go along the twenty twenty two, Subaru wrx Sti reported calm without engine power. How many horsepower is the next generation wrx? STI projected to put out a repeat that question for you the two thousand, twenty, two Subaru wrx Sti reported to come with added engine power. How many horsepower is the next Gen wrx STI projected to put out okay. While you ponder that, here's how you connect us at race line radio DOT CA to connect and enter the Trivia. Contest. To win the prize pack at least a chance to do that Eric at Roseland radio. Dot Ca Capital E.. R. I K. The symbol at race on radio. One big word. Don't put a gap in their dot. Ca Eric at race line radio DOT CA you can get in here by facebook and instagram race line radio network three words all squished together race line radio no gaps between them and the address on twitter is add et race line. Okay. Let's go through the mail bag and get some entries. And some comments do with Oh. It's over here. Here we are. Jim Tarango Sports Net five, Ninety Toronto Listener Sunday Mornings at seven Sunday nights at eleven says. In Montreal in a four car shared garage on mcglynn. Avenue was a young Jaakko tour dropping a pontiac flathead into a Morgan for plus four or Frenching Lincoln headlights onto a forty eight month arc a giant coal bottle of Kit Cola got. US welded for extensions on our CC bikes. Wow. On the auto show at McLaren display showed jocks entry to the Canadian motorsport. Hall of fame. Question have. You ever interviewed him on Race Line Radio Ya I was told he was living in Hudson Quebec Subaru Trivia question the two thousand, twenty, two Subaru wrx Sti will have over that horsepower and he's got three hundred, sixty, one pound feet of Torque that part is right heaven given you the the answer on the horsepower but he's got it right. Way To go. The Gym, appreciate the the entry, enjoy your show and listen regularly on sports net five ninety fan in Toronto. Jim. Tarango Lansing that correctly, thanks so much. Thank you for the vivid description on your your car and bike customizing. Appreciate that appreciate your listening on Co Flagship Station Sports Net five ninety-two Fan in Toronto. He's He's into the brake drum. He's got a chance to win that prize pack and appreciate it. He can enter as many times as you want as he wants manager there's no there is no restriction on how many entries you can put in here Paul Anton from Dearborn. Heights, Michigan Listening Alloy every Sunday night eight, o'clock eight hundred see klw Windsor will tell you he's already won a prize pack. He can win another one and he is a regular ballot box stopper and that is perfectly fine. He says at you mentioned last week or at least recently after noting that f one would not be recent North America or South America this year with Covid Nineteen F one looking to add additional venues for F. One of the US you know that they're looking at both New Jersey and Miami is possible sites. My question why not consider the crossroads of America Indianapolis. Motor speedway, it's basically turn key the garages and the course or they're. Good geographic location in the US. A new owner Roger Penske might make it happen. What do you think? Here's another entry Trivia question the twenty twenty, two, Subaru wrx STI will have a to the additional power this year where to go yup and appreciate your entry once again Paul. You've probably heard me say this over and over again because repeat repeated over and over again, it was the perfect place for Formula One to have the US Grand Prix at the Indianapolis Motor speedway and the George family spent millions upgrading that place. Putting that road course in the NASCAR is using this weekend of course, Indycar runs on that thing as well upgrading the the paddock area near the pagoda there spent millions upgrading it, and Bernie kept his hand out he wanted more and more all the time the sanctioning fee according to my context kept on going up. So they said no, we're not going to have it here anymore, which is a shame because basically f one in my mind just price themselves out of the marketplace to have it to have the US Grand Prix. Apples, what a perfect place to have it but don't f one decided that Hey, they wanted more money and they're not there anymore. Maybe Roger can broker a deal to get them back exactly. Sure. But they never should've left Indianapolis on the first place I thought it was a a wrong move not to continue running their Paul. Thank you for your entries and everyone else that that got one in here for us this weekend send issue contest entries are comments, join us, US Eric, race on radio, DOT CA to. Connect and enter facebook and instagram resign radio network and twitter at et race line. Still this question two, thousand, twenty, two, Subaru wrx. Guy reported the common without engine power. How many horsepower is the next Gen wrx expected to put out? Let's work in the pit stop right here. Well, than part two with NASCAR champion crew chief turned into car engineer coal pearn. This is race line presented by Subaru for more on the be ours. Ed Sports. Goop go to Subaru dot ca slash VR's Ed. This is the race line radio network. This is Marco Andretti listened to race line radio. Canada's National Radio Motorsport Authority are twenty eight consecutive seasons on the Eric Loss Canada we are the race line radio network straps way on Tokyo's colpon former radio guests was crew chief for Martin Tricks Juniors Nascar, Cup championship season for furniture row, Joe Gibbs, racing, and twenty seventeen call left the sport to operate a ski and Hiking Company in Columbia but he is back now hired by ED carpenter racing as. Lead engineer on Connor Dailies Indianapolis five hundred entry taking and INDYCAR versus a NASCAR stock car and other revelations in part to recorded just before indy five hundred qualifying with coal pearn back with us on. Race. Line Radio Your first crack at the Indianapolis, five hundred it is the biggest automobile race in the sport bar non even without fans this year because of see nineteen, it is still a huge big deal. Yeah I think. So obviously we'll be very weird experience you know I haven't been to race yet when no fan so that'll be that'll be different. Definitely a different experience but for me I don't know any different I. Guess makes it a little more even sure of course you've likely been warned about the speedway in Indy cars I mean, you've been there with the NASCAR stock car with the brickyard events but with an Indycar persnickety things like air temperature, track temperature, Wind Sun Angle, going down below the behind the grandstands for happy hour. All big effects on how indycar handles there. When trying to get your car around the place, it's a, it's a fiddly place. With the STOCKCAR, but it probably is more findlay with an INDYCAR. Would you think so I don't think so I think okay, I mean it's all. It's all the same things we have to deal with on the Cup side I just don't take talk now because much you know on the east side. So definitely, it's like said Super Finicky finicky track for you know for high speed is is and how flat it is easy to see lies. So you know I've been been through a Lotta tests days there. You know your your full circle and a full day just chasing the track whole time. So I think from that standpoint I at least feel you know feel pretty comfortable I don't feel could get caught off guard. Too. Bad. With outside of things colpaert back with US radio lead engineer on conor dailies entry for ED. Carpenter racing in the upcoming one hundred and fourth running of the greatest spectacle in racing the Indianapolis five hundred indy it's balanced getting it to stick you know with the throttle open all the way around theoretically that rectangular track and speeds well over two hundred and twenty miles an hour. That's sweet balanced between enough downforce for cornering but not too much. It creates too much. Drag on the straightaways. Is that kind of the basic setup Kohler horribly oversimplifying it? It I mean I think you know if he's out, you know a huge part of it. You're basically going to be in traffic balk of the time unless you're some I'll be the one guy to call five the poll needs. Happen. You know running and traffic, and then you know being tuned for that as you know, a huge part of it, honestly a lot of what I had to go through last year on the on the Cup side with the different rules package there ally was very similar to what this is not get. So worked up on on your single car speeds more work on your traffic soon, affect so I think you know I'm how? I'm happy to have that experience for sure and I think that'll help. Definitely you know so far reading notes and then looking at data and seeing what they what they experience it it all makes sense. So I feel like reese though what the problem is under Snyder trying to figuring out conor Daly is a driver known as Dad Derek an awful long time coal. We've charted connors career since he started he's done Weld Indianapolis. Good lapse ten in the race Last year knows how to get around there. You just need to give him a car that he can fight with. It seems so simplistic in the description, but in wants to go after it has been working to get where he is a long time. So he's a keener and I don't know whether you know that that usually works well and. I think you're looking forward to working with him because he's certainly looking forward to working with you. Yeah. It's been run really well, and those this year you know not free cr but with Carlin and it's right I. Think it's confidence is high, and like said, he ran a good good strong on their last year. So she's super super excited, super keen, and we had. A chance to work together on on a simulator already. So that was gonna hit the Kinda. Good. You know work together and heared here's feedback on that side of things. So obviously different when you get in the real world, but at least least forget that belts and you he's been working with a lot of different teams over the last couple years. So he's he's. Relationships you know I think that helps for sure. You just got there. Basically don't know if you've had a chance to to speak with Ed Carpenter himself he's the Oval Guy kind of an oval expert. He's a rather low key level headed kind of guy. You think he's the kind of owner that leaves you alone to do your job. Cool. Maybe that's a loaded question I don't know. I, mean I think. So I mean he's definitely pretty involved because he's still still drives and he's any own studio. Yes. Seem Super super level headed and You know they always put a huge emphasis on this race that was definitely a comforting comforting factor becoming area. Now, I. Know How important is them and you know how much effort they put on so hopefully puts you in a position to succeed Lee. Bentham is a fellow Canadian the team's driver coach Nice to have that can knock influence there. They're crazy I didn't even know that. Yeah. Ready for the simulator and leaves on there I'm like Oh wait what? I was growing up is You know as this little kid leaves the news the man and go karts so that's it. You know that's that's pretty cool and obviously you know huge Fan of the whole players program when he was in it, that's enough. So Yeah Kinda Neat We haven't we haven't seen each other yet since I've been here but definitely looking forward to CNN. Is No recogni recollection of me being a little. Kid and go. Now I definitely always I remember Amway back so You'll enjoy working with them. He's one of our favorite humans. He's a good guys in a marvelous sense of humor and very, very talented, and he's he's done very well with a team, a driver coach. So I think you guys are GonNa GonNa hit it off and be really good together. You are also an analyst for NASCAR DOT. COM Calls Sawyer postings on social media. How did you link doing that kept your hand captured in it? You know and catch you connecting, right? Yeah. It's been good. I. You know they asked over the winter if I'd be interested in something I wasn't really ready to and then the whole Cova Greg Cap and they reset again us and I was like, God, why not you know I figured I was true mostly watching the races anyway my little. Make some do something related to it so it's been yeah. Different experience I think Yeah. It's been good to be other Kinda, give it a different different feedback side of it and I think always you know done more media stuff for the last couple of years. So it's definitely a different different world to get into and you know a different experience for sure it's. Nice to to try something new from trying to absolutely might be a bit of a corny question but did you miss the the Nascar community? You should say it's an arduous schedule. You said you were at peace with the decision to to go and run the run the business in BC. Did you did you miss it at all? not really last night but like you being honest. That's No I. Mean for sure. I mean I think in this the competitive aspect of it but everything else? No I don I mean, my life is. Is Way more balanced is very consuming lifestyle and being around my wife and kids more and more of them. Normal life. I've realized how much actually I was. I was missing out on away. So I sleep played better in later you. Definitely you know even better feeling better and I miss missile parts of but no no way at all the grind and all the dark days that come with it. Yeah. That's good and appreciate your honesty you and Marty seem to get along well to have you have you spoken to him since and d does he know about your New Gig? Yeah. Yeah. No, we talk every week I still. Man Still Pretty involved on on their side with a nineteen and still know pay attention to talk back and forth with jeans all week long. So try to be you know sounding voice there for him and sure yeah. Talked to talk to my about every week really still. So involved just able to shut my computer off on the races over and go do something else not a lot. Different from that standpoint. Okay. That's good You know you you mentioned it's a one off and the right many guys around with your credentials and experience that can do one offs like this coal may mean the obvious question is if this works out well and you seem to enjoy it I, mean, as you say, you really enjoy your balanced life and spending time with your family and that's paramount because your family always come first. But could you see yourself sticking around maybe an Indycar? Or maybe doing some more after the five hundred if it works out and feels okay I don't think so I think maybe you know. Maybe don't come and do the five hundred. Every year I think would be the the extent of it and really see myself. You know with the whole travel side and everything wanted to do you know to do any more than that? It's fine. So you've never gonNA say never but no definitely, not not in my crosshairs anyway well, that that's cool and and as one of the things we we like a bunch of colas restraint shooter in your in your and your obvious in terms of being. Honest and that's one of the things that we like about should excellent to get caught up with you again. Sir, we always very excited to see you back in the game on the indy-car side with conor Daly and ed carpenter racing the very best of luck in the five hundred we watching of course. Thanks so much for the time stay well, and we'll chat again soon. Sir. Thanks thanks for having me on. There is new indycar engineer, Canada's coal pearn on race line radio. Safe to say out of this interview, we discover the good smart ones have absolutely no trouble adjusting to an indycar after winning so much on the NASCAR stock car side. Okay. Well, let's engineer that final pitstop. Then we're back to the last laugh next week she'll guess lineup pan more. This is race line presented by Subaru powered by the heart pounding wrx. Sti, all things wrx, good a Subaru dot ca slash wrx. This is the race line radio network. This And you're listening to race line radio. Eric Thomas sits race line across Canada on the race line radio network flag right there means one more to go. So here's what we're lining up for you for next week part two, we're twenty year old, Canadian. Devlin di Francesco who is currently leading the points in the indy pro two thousand development series. We start our coverage of the new oral station track development in the oral Dante Lake Simcoe region north of Toronto with Jeffrey Campbell plus more entries and comments for the Subaru Race Lonnie mailbag Trivia contest. But when checkers fly, we say goodbye. Norms race line. Thanks going out to coal pearn, re- rents and Ed Carpenter Racing Devlin di Francesco Megan Barnhart Andretti Steinbrenner autosport Kevin Harvick and NASCAR media. Big thanks as well to supreme commander. Will Weber and Josh Santos for their operations and pre and post production skills. So from all opposite radio, I'm Eric Thomas still reminding you to use your hand to stop the spread race slime coast to coast on the race line radio network presented by Subaru has been driven by the Subaru wrx. WRX S TI and be ours ad. You can learn more at Subaru dot ca and by general tire anywhere is possible talk again, next week do it right here on race lying radio Hum.

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