HR 1: Lakers need a big man in their life!


I ain't laura's not here today true reloads is getting us into the show and bronstein is taken. Takes two people to do laura's job around here so i'll settle down numbers. Don't lie bra. Sia hats so but nonetheless used during the baht on twitter talking about greg and his love for in and out fries which look i love in and out as much as the next guy. The burgers are great. Fast food burgers. But i'm kind of with laura here the fries are just okay. Bergman stop it. Stop it the fraser delicious. I love the fries there. I mean i really do i. I love lived in and out fries. I'm not even going to deny. I love eating out. Here's the question. If i am in the mood for a frosty i will wait in line at wendy's just for that frosty. Damn are you waiting in line just for those fries or the fries like a happy sort of you know package deal but not enough for you to go just for the fries. Yeah that's fair. I will not go just for the fries love to love that. I won't go anywhere for just fries. Maybe mcdonald's no no. I don't even like i mean mcdonalds. Fries are still. The king usually remind us that mcdonald's is a sponsor. Aren't you supposed to say. actually. I know that mcdonald's zone just love mcdonald's fries now bergman i i said i'd i love mcdonald's out a big fan of the price yeah let me tell you something. Animal style fries. Okay now look. I got it. It's it's not good for you. Okay but you gotta have no food guilt to throw on top of the fries. The the sauce the onions. I mean those are good fries. You can't drive with those fries. I can tell you that right now. Yeah look i love burgers. Fries are fine. Animal style makes it better. But i'm just saying like in and out burger best fast food burger okay. I made on that best fries. Mcdonald's is the king like it. Just it's okay. Don't get about five guys. Five guys fries. No yes is double fried. They're amazing. Oh no no five guys feels like i don't know man. It's like they're very oily. I don't know guy's got a hot dog. Like i never get a hotdog join for a hotdog. Hell cap i know. Give it a little. Usually they lie. The dog elsie. I don't care what they do to the dog. That dog's not being that pound right exactly. So i've been to shake shack. They have they have all sorts of other stuff that aren't burgers like they got a hot dog back. They never would get a hot dog but it just so happens five guys that they got a great dog. I it's hard for me to get in a vehicle. We're in a line fight. Traffic for a hotdog agreed. Unless it's the dodger stadium. But that's at dodger stadium for the dog. I went to for the game. Yes i'm not going to five guys for the dog. I'm just happened to say that. I find myself in a five guys. I didn't know their fries. Were that great. But i do know that. They've got a dog man. I'm gonna let you handle that. Hey speaking of handling things real quickly. L. z on our pre show meeting took off. And i said that the guys i go. Hey did i miss this yesterday. Or was l z. Clean shaven yesterday. I'm a pretty observant guy and bronstein said kaplan you notice the most ridiculous things about people like ridiculous l. c. had a long goatee forever and it's gone. He's all clean shaven. he looks great. Did i miss that yesterday. I did shave it. Yesterday i was clean shaven yesterday but you know what i thank you for noticing. You look right man. it's it was Those passive aggressive directions from my husband goes it. i knew he was saying just. He's he's he's got a ha- you know how it is and you're married with somebody long enough. There's no need for sentences You know he looks g stairs. Your facing goes and that was the end of that. That was it. I'm feeling well you look right man. You look very clean. Shaven very smooth look right. Well thank you. My shannon seen twenty twenty one for the first time. Yeah i would say so. Hey so speaking of two thousand twenty one look. At this year's been strange. We know that and a lot of strange things have come out of it. So what i would say is. Would it shock you. If a professional football player we're breaking important. Nba news l z granderson. It would not shock me depending on. Who was the football player. Okay what if. I told you this football players alan robinson alan robinson is telling us that andre drummond is going to the nets that would surprise me. Okay that was surprised me. The chicago bears. Who was franchise. today. I am sitting here. And i'm trying and i was trying to figure out you know. How could he possibly have this kind of personal information right especially considering under even bought out yet. So i'm sitting there going You're saying they knew each other from detroit right. George yeah he he. Alvarado's is a revenue. Troy and right and andre drummond played in detroit for a long time. Had still doesn't feel like enough for me i. I'm i'm leaning more towards trolling us for the hell of it. Then he's actually breaking news. I actually thought it was really funny. The way he puts in his tweet per sources. This isn't like hey everybody. I'm buddies with this basketball player. And here's where. I think he's headed. It's her sources like it's an official report yet. He's gone all adam. Schefter or whoa giannis. Right that's the reason why i felt like. He was kind of. Maybe trolling us a little bit. Because while he is born in detroit he never played in detroit so it was like you know if you and drummond are at around the same age that means you are basically gone by the time he arrived so like winded us relationship develop. If it's from detroit connection nothing is saying that you couldn't is just what we know. Brother spinning their off-season than detroit. So it's not like they were hanging out in miami or l. a. Lenna and he ran into each other some trying to figure out like how could they have in close relationship to the point in which dray will feel good enough to tell him his plans in the event that he gets brought out. Now that you're selling it like this. I'm starting to think about the possibility of being trolled. Because it wasn't long. After alan robinson throws out this tweet about andre drummond him going to the nets possibly but then espn's field. Yates jumps in and goes. Yo you got any allen. Robinson franchise tag updates force. It's almost as if robinson was saying. Go look over there at that. Nba story and don't even bother me about my whole franchise thing that's happening today. I mean it might have been you know. You never know like how these guys could be friends like. It's very possible. What if now if he doesn't go to the nets like how would that make you feel like if because look stranger. Things have certainly happened. I i still would know him. I mean because we many of us think that you know the lakers the nets you know. Our teams that drape goto anyway right and the nets would seem just based on numbers alone. How much money today have well. You know that's what i was looking at that today. Well okay 'cause example. I tell you what it is. They gave blake. I think two point one million. They had five points. I wanna say five point seven million available so they still got three and change available to give a andre drummond if they wanted to if he gets bought out which is more than the lakers hundred ten thousand dollars. Even if you're saying i'm not chasing dollars. I'm chasing the championship. Well what brooklyn has is. They have a possibility to championship and they actually have three times as much money for you. Correct right i the only thing i would say if dray is kind of going through this you know process if you will. He's gonna get more run in with the lakers. He's gonna get more run. They need him for brooklyn do the do. They need him. Like lakers back. Adm as much. Yes i don't agree with that. Have you not seen mark offers part of the season. Yeah but if they're in the playoffs if they go small which they're going to do a lot like i feel like then. Andre drummond is not as necessary true but we know that the lakers big and small to get this championship. there's no yam yokich is real. I mean that's one opponent is what i'm saying and may or may not see him. We only be one opponent to beat you. But do you think the league's would have lost that series. I don't know if they would've gotten through as easily as they did. Remember there was there was there was a last second shot that everyone keeps forgetting about. That may or may not have gone in. Which could have turned to series. So you know it's like. I know we won for one. But we didn't beat them down close outside they one right there still think they lose the series. Well put it this way. Do you feel good putting mark assault on yokich for the duration of a series. I don't know. I don't. I don't but i will say that's why did we trauman. But i don't care. Because i don't think the rest of that team is better than what the lakers are gonna put out there. You know what i'm saying. Like i mean i know jamal murray is hit big shots. And all that but he's been fairly inconsistent this year already. He was consistent last year. He's been in and out of your your top thirty. He stays in my top thirty top third. Denver nuggets are a little bit fraudulent. Feel the jazz are a little bit fraudulent. The only team. That would worry me a little bit as the clippers. That's it doesn't change the fact that we're talking about a team and the lakers. That aren't positive what the future holds for anthony davis and even if he does come back after that there really is not an athletic big guy and so this is about and i thought this point was made yesterday. It's not necessarily just about trying to make a run for this year. Drums a guy that could be around for the next few years. And i think that's kind of an interesting perspective on this too is is is it just one year rent a guy need a guy now or is it. Could he be part of the next couple of years. And don't you need another big body. I would say you definitely need. I mean i'm the one that said he could be for the long haul so obviously you can got me. I definitely feel like andre drummond could be vital piece going forward because listen. I know everyone is in nam with perimeter play. And so am i. But the lakers were number one in the paint here number one so between our defense efficiency scoring those are some of the biggest reasons why we won the championship. Not because of our peruta offensive play per se. So when i think about what we lost what would replace it with there. Seems to be in my opinion a gap between height advantage that we had a season ago which clearly was very helpful. And what we're offering now. We can out small ball anyone still but we can't out big people and i love the fact that the lakers were balance last season and this season we're not as balanced. No they're definitely not as balanced. But i don't know i like i think it's important. I think he he. The nets need him more. Because i actually feel like just as much as you think like mark is not very good anymore. The andre jordan is birdie. Sorry he's pretty he's pretty shot to. Yeah you know like he ain't staying no abc healthy. So i feel like and blake shirts. L. not going to do that. So that's why i feel like they would need him more but again. All of this is predicated on health. Right right and you know how you know that. Deandre jordan is shot. Because because i'm james harding is yelling at him on defense right right. That's how it's been really good for brooklyn's got there have been really really good. I look we'll ask the audience. Eight seven seven ten years. Do you need andre drummond. Like do you need him. Like need is the keyword there. Also there is this on baron. Dave's baron davis actually tweeted something out that makes me feel like there could be more to this. Baron davis thing than meets the eye. We'll get to that in a couple seconds. We'll be back in about two and a half minutes the ground but first kiki we're traffic. What's up. kiki. I thank you so much busy tuesday afternoon and head on out to diamond bar. Boulevard northbound at the sixty that pomona freeway right before the dickie seven. We've got all lanes blocked in both directions. this is the end of a pursuit. And so we've got just a lot of police activity through the air. So so if i can help you to avoid that area please do so. This report sponsored by the california labor and workforce development agency. Essential workers are the foundation of our economy families and communities depend on them. You're concerned about your safety at work. Due to covid. Nineteen take action. Learn your rights visit. Dr dot c. dot com forward slash. Kobe i'd kiki with your traffic seven ten. Espn i mean you do notice weird. Things kaplan early. Do the guy had a fricken gigantic goatee for ourselves. It's not like it just went away and it was like. Hey there's something different about your finger just something. I don't know what it is. I was pretty obvious. Don't you think. I don't think that observation was on the other things you said right. Maybe it's because i've seen you know. L z all these different facial. hair iterations. Maybe they're not new to me. It's new to you cap. Okay i mean. I gotta say. He looked very very tough when he had the whole thing going on with the tough. Now i'm saying now. He looks like very very cute. Like a whole different. Lzw him happened to show like we were on a road and all of a sudden cap at the steering wheel and now. I'm tiger woods all right back here and all of a sudden we had a meeting beforehand. That's a google doc. We're supposed to be saying speaking of the meeting and you heard bronze in. They're in for laura today cap. You did make this observation. And it was astute bronstein is an android guy so what happens is our entire group. Text is all screwed up now. Because you know when when you're all on iphones it makes it easier to do the i message. And the you know the android guy does stick out literally like a sore green thumb in this particular case bridenstine to block you me because because you've you've flooding text messages and i have to scroll and scroll down scroll to find christmas insults against me right right. I like the insults to be very obvious. I don't like to have to search for the insults. I prefer them to smack me right in the face with insults. Yes it only me search for them. There's always one guy in a group text that's an android guy and everybody else got live in the android world because a one guy. Listen to me. Everybody should have an iphone at this stage of the game now. i know. There's a lot of androids out there. Go no no no you should have an android smart guy but i just think the iphones easier thing because everybody seems to have one. Am i wrong here or there. More androids than iphones i know are there. Feels like in my peer group. There's way more iphones than android. They're very few androids. Googles e yeah. I'm similar. we got hooked with those commercials for the ipod. Yeah and ever since then. It's kind been hard to get out of that apple vortex. I am curious although nowadays. There's what's up. There's all these different chat apps. I guess we could do that. Make it a lot easier and not have to do the green text chat thing. Although that's just an extra step he's right. You get caught in the apple. Vortex i remember the rest of you guys. But that's what happens because then it becomes an apple laptop and ipad iphone. Well so i am committed like l z. Said i am committed right. So i've got all apple products. I've got a mac in front of me. And i'm able to bring up my text messages. Except they only come. In as i messages so if it is an android it won't come on my computer screen like i gotta check on my phone so it is an extra work bronstein. That is for me. At least these are by the way pretty obvious observations when a gentleman is rock and gigantic goatee for a really long time and all of a sudden he's clean shaven people notice that stuff when you're on a group tax and there's only one person with with antibiotics out and it sticks out like a sore them. These are pretty general observations from people who have their eyes open and are paying attention. That's all nothing major. Here yeah yeah. Okay fairness i so bearing davis we were talking about the andre drummond thing. Andre drummond is playing for the cleveland cavaliers or technically not playing for the cleveland cavaliers. But you get the point. He's on their roster and he makes twenty eight million dollars on expiring contract so the whole point is the lakers obviously would need him to get bought out so speaking of buyouts now. Baron davis tweeted this today. Because remember baron davis at the end of his towards the end of his career was on the cleveland cavaliers. When lebron was with weight and bosch show barron tweeted this out today with all the drummond news. That's out there. He says i remember dan. Gilbert send a message to me. He wouldn't let me out of my deal. If i went to play with lebron exclamation point exclamation point facts. He knew that's where i was going to play any played hardball. He said if i went to play with lebron he would win a title. I told him lebron's get a win. One anywhere which he was right and poor barren didn't get a chance to latch onto a championship team but which they probably could've used him especially that first year chauncey billips went through similar thing. Actually that was. He wasn't allowed to go. He wasn't bought out in the right situation. But you know. Do you believe that. Dan gilbert could still l z. Be playing hard ball because it is lebron on the other side even brought them another brought him a championship football. I think hard ball. It's when you're both going after the same thing and you're fighting you wouldn't to be dirty. I think that's hard ball. Okay what he would as petty which he really has no horse in this race. Andre drummond is not helping them. When trading andre drummond won't turn into a winner now this is simply being petty to prevent former player on another team from several years ago from winning a championship. That's been petty right right. But it's but it's not beyond dan gilbert or by the way other team owners right to say. Now hold on a second here so yeah. Ok lebron left. He went he one. He came back he delivered but he's gone now and so you know what. I really don't want to help him. So i'm going to. I'm going to. Baron davis this guy. Because i don't want him going to help lebron when moore is it petty one hundred percent. Is it realistic absolutely. And is it beyond these guys better. How much money or success. They have absolutely not this. Portion of the show is presented by alignment health plan changing healthcare one person at a time. Let's go to the phones. Tony's in downtown. La what's up t guys. I'm gonna else either. I really feel that we really do need dramatic but we really big period and if we actually don't wear the cap hit this year which i hope we do. What's it called. It's gonna we're gonna look back Let's what how relieved. Because i like microsoft in the past. He's tries now you know. Yeah he can talk ball and everything but he's really just tries The really do anything. Were tony thing. Though everybody's trash trade. I know you're saying he's been really bad. I'm with you on that word trash. I won't call them trash. But i'll just say i said so. When we signed him like he was he was obvious. He was done in toronto that last year. The playoffs was bad. Playoffs right plans were bad and you knew that it was. It was a rap. He's very skilled. he's still very skilled. Big man and i think in small dosages he can help us tremendously fifteen minutes. But if we're leaning on him to be a defensive force in pick and rolls And to to score points offense you know and clean up games and clean up a possessions and things like that. He's just isn't there anymore. And this is the thing about mark last season guys. We could depend on our biggs to score in the paint right if necessary but if necessary like that little you know. Pick and roll easy. You know law passed that brown feasted on for a good chunk of the opening place. Javale mcgee filling. Yes that's gone yeah. That corruption is completely gone. Outside of anthony davis correct. We had three guys that would do that. Play for us last season which then gets back to the question of the word need versus want. Do you need drummond. Or would you want drummond. And right and i gotta say whether anthony davis is fully healthy and comes back or he doesn't. I actually still think the word is needed more than one. He's a complementary piece. I think he's a and by the way it doesn't have to necessarily just be him. Another big body is something that this roster seems to really really need. Let's go to david downey. What's up david bergman. I love me from in and out. I even had me a little in and out flash set to but their fries are thought awful so well we love island. Go that far but i think there is great as birdman. Did you say you have an in and out tattoo. did you say that. Yeah i got one of those little Friday the thirteenth. They do little design and Some my arts a little in and out cutting selections really really really love in and out or you have other fast food restaurants. Can't on your body. The only one the only non like non jews that i've ever thought it was that one that i also met a trigger. Rakoczy those are just kind of like flash dot going in and out burger mind when he won his oscar. Can you do. Can you take a picture of the in and out to dinner or something. Yeah of course listeners. If you have a mcdonalds or mcdowell's one in those as well. Wendy's burger king. Whatever when you get fifty percent off if you show them okay. That's working for me. Yeah yeah so david upside. You say what you were saying. You were in yeah. I think we need them. I'm a with a big before me. If an associate for right now. I mean we're in trouble. I remember the day where damon jones has a star because the phone without and trust and have that much height we meet need some high and also to if it seems like a d isn't coming back sooner that we think and we're going to need someone helping journey can also score the paint night. So what are you want to help these games and it also feels like brooklyn is grabbing all these guys. The way the clippers last year does feel like that. Thank you for the call. David does feel like that a little bit. I'm gonna sneak one more in before we play our game overrated underrated properly rated. It's devan in long beach. Says l z will hate his take. Why why would your take on. What is your take my take. Is that basically the same way that a lot of owners in nba. Were being petty and kept chris. Paul from coming to the lakers If dan gilbert wants to be petty keep andre drummond from coming lebron. Then oh well. The lakers are my team. But oral i just. I don't have any sympathy for. And i know l z. Lebron's your do and All the help that we get would be helpful. It'd be great if we get a drama but we can't well. We didn't get. Get get chris paul mandible reason. We did not get chris. Paul that that is true. I don't think. And i think i've been pretty consistent with this. I never thought it was a race jesper drumming but as a race to get bigger. Okay andre drummond is the name as forty right there. So when i say we need him. I'm saying we need what he has to offer. But i agree. I can definitely agree to that. I yvonne thank you so much buddy have a great day divided long beach drops off coming up. Next we've got overrated underrated or properly rated the game that is sweeping the city coming up in two minutes here on seven ten. Espn all right. Fellas over under overrated underrated properly rated is brought to you by group chats the android guy so look at you being witty to start. How bergman on brawny is been on. Don't be the android guy. It's a real thing split. Start off in major league baseball. And i haven't seen a lot. There's been a lot of discussion about the dodgers and how they had this giant payroll. They have a two hundred forty five million dollar payroll. The are is the most in baseball by a large margin is the discussion around their payroll. Despite being made of a roster that's mostly homegrown overrated underrated properly rated and l z will start with overrated haters. Hate haters going to hate. They're trying to say we're buying championships. Now maybe we are growing championships. And then we're taking care of them once they're fully developed so anyone who criticizes the dodgers for quote unquote. Buying championships are just teams. That are doing the same behalf. No chips to show for it while i agree with your overall premise. L z. i will say that if you look at their salaries at the moment. Trevor bauer is their highest paid salary. Who is a free agent. Mookie betts was a trade and he's their third is salary at the moment. Aj pollick is their fifth highest salary and david price is their seventh highest salaries. So i think that because the roster has changed some. I think there's this narrative out there that isn't completely accurate because again. Those are only a handful of guys that i mentioned now. They do account for a large portion of the pie. But it's not the largest portion of the pie. That's for sure. I would say it's properly rated because while you can talk about home grown talent and that's fair and george you bring up a talent that has been brought in from the outside. It's highly paid and that's also a fair conversation. Have the end all be all is you can develop on the farm. You can draft. You can cultivate but if you've got an open checkbook to go out and get what you need and then lock it up. That's something that the dodgers have and for those that don't have that we'll tough but let me just tell something. San diego complained about that forever. And then all of a sudden they're payroll exploded from out of nowhere so new ownership with deep pockets. Stop complaining about small market and they started ending up. Yeah i mean listen. I think it's just properly rated. I think that they are high payroll and they had a lot of guys. But that's what you're supposed to do when you have a championship team right. You're trying to win. I think that when you're in it to win it you have a window and you take advantage of that. I don't feel like that. Should be viewed as a negative like okay who cares so why plenty of teams in baseball. That aren't spending money and aren't really trying to win. And i say credit to the dodgers for continuing to scored wanting to win. And that's something that clayton kershaw talked about about a month ago like. Hey we're still in this thing trying to win it all right all right. What's next greg. All right so i've been. This is maybe a little bit personal but having some stomach issues. And i'm going on a clint's and i'll never done it before. But i feel like maybe now time to do it and Clauses overrated underrated or early rated. Oh no no no no. No this is underrated okay. I call a natural colon. Cleanse is the way to go first of all there are people who do this regularly is is relative. Because i'll tell you about regularly like a couple of times of year. Yeah what do they call that procedure where you go in you know. That's a colonoscopy. No no not that procedure. Another one where they clean it all out what's that one called a flush Sort of a flush. But i'm not sure that's what they call it. They call it something okay. Well nonetheless there are plenty of cleanses and ways to do it correctly and you follow the guidelines of a medical professional. It is good for you to do occasionally. Is that something. You should be doing regularly. But yeah like. I actually think it would be good for you. You'd never have any idea what kind of junk you got in your intestines bro. Like and my guess is complaining about not having the greatest eating habits over the pandemic. so maybe i feel like it's a good way to get your body right and then you gotta take advantage of it because you're going to lose some weight. Clearly you gotta then focus in on what your goals are from a health and body perspective from their. Don't just do it and be like all right. I'm going back to eating hot dogs at five guys like capela joy. Whatever it really is that that's not gonna help start having a healthier lifestyle. If you're gonna do that. I'm not saying you can have fast food or whatever occasionally but just you know started over. Hit the reset button high colonic. Have you heard of that kalanick. Yes that's what it's called collage out what we're talking about here. I mean sort of kind of what you're talking about. I'm not just. This is uncomfortable for me. I love your body occasionally to reset go. Get yourself a salad dark. What you doing roughage i. I don't want to prescribe a cure without knowing what the helmet is stomach issues could be a thousand one different thing so i don't wanna say dr start there. I don't know what's going on with your stomach good place that's dot com case. You think your stomach problems are not diet now. I think there's a specific Doctor for the The digestive track. What are those people called A booty allergist not a proctology or jesse. Let's see come on doctor. Who deals with stomach problems. Have you have you tried. The natural t incher knowledge issue astro. Entomologists so you need to see way. Too many syllables. Have you done denver. Line tees and things like that. I i don't even. I don't even know what a line a little cameo maybe occasion dandelions flowers that grow in the field world. T is you know it's the by when you seep those leaves in hot water and they're good for digestive system. I'm really homeopathic. When it comes to that your stomach problems. I think are a byproduct of stress not necessarily just purely diet. I think your daily stress of everything. Sports i mean the the life and death nature with which you look at sports i think is creating tremendous stress inside your body. And i think that's manifesting in your stomach issues. I don't know what you could just simply be eating something you're allergic to. That's what i'm saying like. I don't even know what you're upset about. Yeah go asteroid. Technologists go do that. We've good insurance around here. Take advantage of it. We do we do all right. The last one is going to be for cap. And so this this date in nineteen sixty six. The beach boys began recording recording. God only knows for their album. Pet sounds which is one of the top one of the top albums of all time cap. Are the beach boys. Overrated underrated properly rated. I'd say the beach boys are properly rated. I think that the beach boys are perceived to be a sixties seventies Feel good southern california beach vibe. They were able to extend it to like appearances forever. And ever and ever because they've got songs that are sign somewhat timeless a couple of songs. I know i like be true to your school. Like every girl and guy be true to your school. now let your colors fly high. Be true to your school yeah. I like the beach boys for a couple of songs here. And they're okay with them. I say properly rated. I wouldn't go properly rated as well like i. I look at the beach. Boys as a product of their era much. Like you said cap. And i think that They i feel like in that generation you know when people looked at southern california. They were the they were kind of the first thing that came up in their minds. Right if you had no idea about southern california. Yeah the beach boys. I know that you know what i mean like. So they served their purpose for a time and they had some pretty good songs. They're not necessarily in my rotation. But yeah i would say properly rated. I will say underrated. Oh okay. I think underrated because usually people when he talked about bands immediately. Go beatles rolling stones and then you know the beach boys make mention. Someone's top ten or top five k. May not depending upon you know your ear. Obviously we got all the music from motown to consider as well But i think in terms of their cultural influence and the people who took elements of their sound the way they took elements of other people sound. Create their own vibe. I think is underrated. Plus the fat boys sampled them so they can't be all bad boys they did the february's sample shut out by the way recipe sprints marquis de boys who passed away. You know. i worked with him l. z. In the same building a radio station. And i remember. He worked at the hip hop station. The sports station and i would go there every afternoon before he started his shift at all do is ask him questions about those days man. Did he have great stories. So shout out to prince marquis de who passed away recently. Just an incredible incredible stretch of music. That time period was and their movies are funny. I loved them. Yup absolutely disorderly. Yeah yeah so there. They are all you can eat. Yeah oh yuki. They did that their plans signature. That's exactly what they were known for. All right that is overrated underrated properly rated coming up next the three point line man. This thing has become an issue now. All of a sudden does the league need to change the three point line. There's been some discussions. We'll tell you about that coming up in two minutes but first kiki with traffic. What's up. Kiki hey george thank you so much. I'm going head downtown. La one southbound between los angeles treat and bigness. All lanes shut down in both directions. Traffic is stopped from hollywood boulevard. North is jammed from the five. You could take cesar chavez to get around this police activity this report sponsored by taco bell like you a taco bells five dollar bill cravings box picked from some of your favorites to create your own personalized box complete with a medium fountain drink exclusively online or on the app for a limited time tax extra at a limited participating taco bell location near you kike with traffic seven ten. Espn so bergman. How many people are now sending you a cleanses. I got a couple of them that this one guy is telling me. Let me see whether you say the cura from alphonso said do the poor eum cleanse peo- m clinton's but it is a sound like you need to cleanse based on what you were talking about in the break it sounds like your body's already naturally cleansing and that's not a good cleansing much too much exactly that the reason why long gaps of you being on air and stuff maybe has. It happened during the show. No thankfully there's been times where my stomach is. You know grumbling a little bit. I just wait till the show's over. I know you should just go like it would actually be. I mean you know. Hopefully you'll be okay but it will be for the bid you know extremely dark. Thick coffee in the mornings bergman. I do drink black coffee. I thought you were going a different direction with that. I'm glad you said coffee. Coffee is natural. Dia rettig it is. Yeah but i don't think that's the issue. No i don't either. I mean. go see dr bro. No no no no. Don't see a doctor. Be a man suffer in silence too late. Yeah exactly yeah. Sometimes you don't want to go see a doctor. 'cause you're petrified of what the results might be. I'm with chelsea. Be a man and fricken. Go see a doctor and listen. You gotta go deal with reality. You can't just things not gonna get better by itself. You might be very very sick all of a sudden bergman now you got me nervous. Yeah i got so some of my. Latino friends are weighing in and say that Bourbon you gotta stay off the dominant che is the is c. h. in spanish which means to ah which means junk food in spanish. You're you you feel like you gotta redo the diet. I feel dr for as we gotta redo the diet sure. I don't have a lot of junk food though. We don't put a lot of junk food in the house anymore. Because of what was happening. When i was two hundred twenty pounds well but if you may have done that damage already is what we're talking to you about twenty pounds Yeah yeah it was two hundred twenty pounds on the pandemic i started. It was a it was a bad situation. Where were you eating everything everything. There was a pizza. There was a lotta pizza. We would get a lot of fast food. It was just bad. 'cause it was easy and i can have it delivered in fast delivery man like seriously like door dash and ubereats and all these things that have now become like a regular part of people's lives and people are calling mcdonald's to be delivered by door like whoa dude. Really you just go drive through. It's cool no. I'm having that big mac. Delivered the mason syndrome mason gets delivered to his house. I mean for the love of god. I just go go go get it. You know what. I'm saying if you're going to do that drive ten minutes. Yeah yeah say you're gonna get fast food. Delivered popeye's is not a bad route. That's fair so you you are vita meena. Chat data or to cherry depends on what the dialect in spanish. You wanna use. Start with the high colonic. Do go get a high colonic. No he's high. Colonic bodies flowing too much i think. They'll they'll scrape off a lot of the junk that's on his intestines. Listen just some flour. Some just eat some flour man you get do. The what is it called Some breads but anna brand names. Yeah right grains. What is that called the bland diet. Right is banana God what does that call. What is that supposed to slow you. Down oh tighten things up. I gotcha okay you to cork it is that you wanna do. You don't wanna corky it's called the brat diet. That's what it's called the brat. Diet debris diet rapper brat. Diet no brat implant uprising. Applesauce does fucker by that or not brat. No though bergman because you know if your stomach is hurting like that and you're constantly in and out of the bathroom you know and like you're making noises and it's disgusting and your girlfriend probably is like gross. You know yeah you probably should go to a doctor anyway. So the three point line. No no easy transition. I'm just there's no easy. Transfer source of booty. Three point line is made. Nba booty do you. Do you think that the game is worse because the three point line absolutely okay. Absolutely i feel the same way. I'm really consistent. When it comes to this kind of perspective sports. i like big serves. I don't wanna see a match with nothing but big serves i'd like i. I like home runs. I don't wanna see only scoring by home runs. Okay and i live three point shooting. But i don't wanna see a game in which that is the only shot being taken so kevin arnovitz our colleague at espn had a front page story on espn dot com today about this about the nba's problem with the three point line. And by the way our buddy kirk goldsberry hideous being has also written about this over the last couple of to and there's been a lot of different suggestions about it like how to handle it what to do and i with you whenever you want. It was different when it was just like the warriors rockets doing that. Initially you know what. I mean like doing the crazy numbers right. But now everybody's playing that way for the most part so there's not any difference between the teams because even when even when that was happening you still like the memphis grizzlies. Right with soul. And and my coddling those guys the grit and grind right like they were doing it differently. So there's no variation to the style of play. I think that hurts too. I think they need to move back. I would get rid of the corners and just moved the line back some. They've done that before. They moved the line back. But i would eliminate the corners because the corners are the easiest shot to make from a distance. I think right theory. But i've gotta just give you guys a different perspective here. I think the three point shot is what people really like. Now i feel like i feel like okay. Look people wanna see home runs. Yeah we wanna see home runs. Seeing a home run is the most exciting thing going on. People are play playoff the plate people. Well okay but people want to see in in football. They wanna see more offense so football has adjusted. Its rules to create more offense and in basketball. The three point shot because it's worth three points means that over the course of generation more kids have become great shooters from long range and i think people like that. I mean i feel like the three point. Shot is a good thing now the notion of maybe backing up the three point line is kind of a good idea but nobody ever raised the hoop to eleven feet because people were dunking too much. I mean listen. The reality is that it's more about a copycat league than anything else and that the warriors were successful with the three point shot. And so they're being copied and we're just sitting back waiting for the next evolution of the game. But until then i wouldn't i. I like your idea george. I also like the idea of just having my four or five spots that are three point spots like rocket. jack exact was actually well. Don't go that far from the three point competition. They had those two mountain dew. Balls right remember this week. Green balls yeah. Yeah from a different spot So i i mean i do believe that this what we're witnessing is very similar to the the year that the league experimented with moving the line up and there were all sorts of people taking threes then and it just kind of devalued the three because it was so much closer. Now the three is being devalued because it's so often us and we all know what happens when things get saturated you get bored by it so i think they need to find a way to bring play at the rim back. Because that's what brought the league to the four. It wasn't the three point shooting. It was the opportunity to embarrass someone at the rim. That is still the thing that i think most people still like. Maybe we should put up a poll. What amazes you more in a game. Like the long distance. Crazy threes. Or body or greg catching a body at the rim dunkin the rim because man now granted not. Everybody can pull this off. But when you watch damon steph pull up from like half court. Basically and those shots are in their range. Like that's insane. Like steph curry shoots thirty eight percent. From beyond thirty and damian lillard is also in that similar range like thirty eight thirty nine percent it is. If you move that back i think it becomes more more of a specialty shot. And i think that to your point if you wanna develop that game of different strategies it does allow room for that. If you move the three-point back three point line back. You know what happen in two or three or four years and maybe it wouldn't even take that long everybody would adjust. I mean this is just look at it. Yeah i do. I mean i don't know we're barely making it right now. I'm just sitting here. Would then just go to go to work on it. You know like okay three points or here now. So i gotta just shoot shoot shoot okay more but you know what's really i think as taken away from the value of the game isn't necessarily just a three point shots is the fact that effectively people are starting to devalue two point shot that is interesting l. Say let's ask michael thompson about that because he's going to join us next in the next segment we're going to be back in three minutes. Said ten espn.

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