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I got. Shot. In Avail quarterbacks. Timeframe. Very. This is the Sean. Salisbury. Show? Again traded. I was that was something that we squash. To do so and a lot of people probably thinking they're analysts saying. And he's not going anywhere. Nobody's going anywhere. We want to stay with his team and and keep pushing forward so. Other stuff just Kinda some that we want squash can with a lot of noise and no people of course it on social media so. Basically squashed in letting everyone not just focus on ball and focus. I like leadership and a guy who congrats show. Yeah I. I've said Long said that. When you have something, you Wanna discuss you go in and. Comes to personnel. Maybe you get a say in it when it comes to offensive. What you're doing offensively and what you're doing as a team, and if you have a problem with what the coach Sunday at go in and discuss and talk and and let your voice be heard I think great leaders do that if you don't like what's going on, you know what's being called or how meetings going. It's okay to address your coach they expect that's called leadership trying to get the most out of everybody you're talking to a player and private and. And let them know and. Maybe. We can do this this week and sitting in on meetings and those things that you do and I I've encouraged it. I think it's okay for guide elevators plays later and have your voice heard. I I'm a little surprised that. None of those guys are going anywhere. So did they tell the Sean this? Is the SEAN and we at the end of practice. Squad since you know we we we put that out at the practice. So who is exactly making these personalities? So we do understand that they're not making any decisions that were staying with who got were just GonNa play ball as Dijon said that he now controls personnel moves and told them you're not trading. Any of these guys is that where we're at with this team is that's what it feels like right? It sounded like it now like I said I like a guy who steps up and. Is a leader but no fence maybe there's a fence. The Shawn Watson a quarterback and with leadership role on top of it, he's not the personnel director or the general manager or the President or the owner. So to me Texans don't they don't do things the right way. So he may have an opinion. Any should if they came to him and he says, no I don't want any of these guys to go leading the team, the little league and yards per pass attempt we're starting to come into our own COBB and cooks and Fuller, we're we're starting to feel it. Oh okay. Cool. Man That we won't. We won't make phone call to anybody WANNA trade anybody you're good. Now he talking about on offense is he talking about the whole team we're going to stick with we got well, what does that mean? He said the entire team got together after practice and talked about all. He said it was from what I read according to multiple people. He's that we all got together and we said, no one's being traded or rolling with this team. We're going to figure this like that kind of stuff. Yeah my big question is, did he actually talk to Jack Easterby before this because if not, then what's going to happen when? Will Fuller traded well, I got news for you if he did talk to Jack Easterby. And and And this is how they're doing it. Then Jack Easter Visa Jack there's some jackass there. If you get my enemies that. You're allowed your quarterback to roll up there and not only take avenue he's accused. So He's accountable for personnel moves. made it says is this and not only did he get paid Sean didn't WanNA. Do it. So we don't you know I'm wondering did to Sean actually that's a great. Point did shot is did he go to jackets? Hey, man you're not trading anybody, right? I'm going to tell the team go ahead to Sean or is it like now we squelched that after I went up to the team and said guys keep playing ball nobody's going anywhere. So does that mean? Oh, Texans are out of the running if they could've traded four dudes for three draft picks their out or leaderships one thing. Running the entire show let me explain to you something. It always goes to the. SAGS MC I'm here the phone number seven, three, two, one, two, five, seven, nine, you want to chime in. I've heard this and I've mentioned this before. When coaches leave wooded players say a lot of times when the coach gets fired a lot of times I'll coach didn't deserve it. You deserve better. A wish he wouldn't have got fired well then what we say well, you should have played better if you loved him that. Much. Right. So in this case with a team that's one in five. My quarterback who's really good and I liked leadership and his input. Gets to tell the team that nobody's getting traded. So does that so so what happens all the sudden they trade cop for the day tree if they did trust stills. Shawn's mad. Stupid you. The Accountability Fall is a fall on. We'll deschamps really not got the year of the team and the guys look at to shot I thought you told us all they nobody going anywhere. If they're not even trying to shop guys into Sean? Squelch there's like that. He was allowed to do this this organization's Never GonNa Win and Talk Scott loud this week. I. Mean Not only on our show I. Mean, I, kind of talking about last week but. I mean with Green Bay town in needing wide receivers in the Texans being this bad and having wide receivers. Does that make sense for that team? The talk I'd even louder over the last couple of days and Yeah. Sean is throwing his weight around without talking to anybody. And then something does happen. It's just A. This organization. Maybe, it's just not bill O'Brien like we've been saying obviously on the field he doesn't tackle and do that kind of stuff. But fascinating to me. This was no surprise that Chamot's would say something like this. I honestly we've been sitting here talking about tearing things apart and trade and things and everything I've had zero expectation that they will trade anybody because that's what they do and you know what I'm not I won't be surprised if they don't trade anybody but here's what I don't understand. Is it? No offense. Your team's not playing good enough for the quarterback to dictate with the personnel does your one and five Peyton manning didn't get to dictate most of his career what the personnel didn't Indianapolis and he's got far more skins and trophies on the wall. Then our quarterback here now over the long haul, Sean may be that guy and he's a hell of a player and I've always said as I said earlier, I, I'm all for you stepping up if you don't like what's going on to go back in the room when Bill Brown's here Tim Tim, you know what? A the guys feel more comfortable. This do I don't like that good coaches do oh, you don't like this. Let's let through after the week practice. Then then we're not GONNA call it. Why would you get that? And if you go to the Sean and say Hey Sean what do you think man he's confident in private and he says you know what if we get the proper for I just don't feel it. No doubt Aaron dirty long you don't give give you input. Sure. He's your best player and he just signed for eight million. Eight billion dollars I get it. But for him to say that. He either way. OUTTA. Line. Or? The Front office here has zero balls to step up. Doesn't mean you go to doesn't mean you go to trade anybody? It doesn't mean you're going to trade fifteen dudes. But. Can you imagine. Jarret Stidham. I'm not saying it's the same thing or even, Cam? Newton. Who has more skin in the game these won MVP saying. We're not trading anybody we got here to channel. Three and I'm GonNa take exactly what's going on here I squad that practice today we talked about it. Bella check would walk up to him, and first of all, he'd trade somebody just to spite that guy I In, over here. Right. So my point is it? Now, if you want to say I hope nobody gets traded I like this team, we're GONNA fight through it but I don't make those decisions and hopefully they see the progress on the football team and we're going to get better I believe in this team. Dude. Why wouldn't you? That's what you should be saying. But for him to. So as if he doesn't have enough burden on himself to carry a football team in an offense and scored thirty six and still get beat. You get to dictate whether Whitney Mercilus is here or not. Is. What is what I gather from this quote Ed. Right. Yeah. What if what if Sunday? This is what five team and my quarterbacks tell me who I can and can't trade and I'm allowed it to happen that nobody going anywhere and maybe they aren't letting. Shot shocked me either but I don't really with the trade deadline coming up. It's like dude, you can't because if they what if what if they move fuller? Sunday him and fuller have a monster game against Green Bay Green Bay comes back Monday and was. Just like Secretary for Damn, here's our second round pick we need a wide receiver say go you have to take that deal? So dot doesn't that all the sudden if you do that, doesn't it diminish the Shawn Watson leadership one hundred percent undermines his leadership yet in the process they allowed him to undermine. Leaderships one thing. And listen I understand if if if nobody's checking to Sean about that I mean I don't understand the organizational do it but I understand it to Sean says if they're not gonNA check him if they've just said, Hey, do card watch. I'll I'll take it. What would we do to bill bright this organization's good at giving people power they don't need power right? I love the Shawn Watson guests who shouldn't be making personnel decisions on this football. Shawn Watson Yeah you know what his record as a starting quarterback this year. One and five, and he's a great player, but we don't as record is on and five. Yeah. They're destroying Baker Mayfield therefore to now. People he's not even the same. I get. It was the first pick of the draft whether he shouldn't have been or not, and I understand that shines a far better player my points at four and two they are I'm telling you they are crushing him in his own town. One in five and this guy's making personnel making personnel decisions for Texans. Leadership one thing. I'm not I'm not mad at two Sean if they haven't checked him. So it's like a guy trying to step up saying we're, but it was almost emphatic a matter of fact it wasn't I hope. I'm running this show and we're not trading anybody, and if they did say to him yeah we're we're not going to treat anybody. We're going to bring this. We're GONNA figure this out. But don't. Let him tell them. Yeah. you go out there and say you you tell your don't say anything like into Sean should know that. Yes that's dumb. Yes. Hard thing is dumb. All people involved here are dumb right well, when we say to Sean, do you want to tell us about the contract negotiations that you had he? You're not gonNA tell us now of course because why it's private and it's his team and it's their team and what you do it's private. Haven man. We're not going to trade him, but you just keep playing. Sometimes people say that in passing to keep the confidence that are focused on the job at hand, and then a week later they're traded and he always quotes after PRAC-. So they all came up after practice like a players only meeting is this what this was. Don't worry about. Okay. Two shots said I ain't getting traded. So I'm good. What. I. Just I couldn't believe when I read it I was like what is going on? It's more of a knock on the front if they've allowed this. Then, it just reeks of on. This is more as the Yeah. It's got to be smarter than this too because what if somebody walks in and offers a first for willful to Sean need to respond that's that tells me there's a little bit of rabbit ears. Did you if you listen to his quote he says, well, you know there's been a lot of talk. So that means because there's been a lot of talking on local radio in the newspapers and on. Social. Media. But what did I tell you what I tell you about rabbit eared quarterbacks. To just be played, just keep playing you don't need to respond to what people are saying about. Should they trade randall cobb go to Randall Cobb and say do that They come to me I got your back. You don't need to me that ran macabre yesterday said I'd bought a house here. I want to stay here long term but I know this is a business, right? That's all can say, Hey, it's a business. I don't control these moves. The Front Office does give my input if they ask and we're GONNA roll with whatever team I got out import for the players to notice Sean has their back and we'll go to bat for them. It's also important for the organization to know and I want to know did it's none of their it's none of the world's business right now who they're trading who they're not until happens and you're one in five. So there's probably day jobs a little bit more important. I understand why they WANNA. Keep his players but to say, no, we squelched out meaning we had a meeting and idly right after practice is anybody get traded non traded okay. Cool. I don't know any front office it would say, yeah, you're getting traded by the way. So before the train hat, right, they may let them know. At some point the day before man we just traded, you were getting ready to trade you. So he can no but I'm talking about the player, but you need two weeks or so before. November. I just don't understand sounds like they're not gonNA take calls period and also made it sound like. This decisions made and I'm telling you. So somebody along the way whether it's the front office by Hammer, the front office get undermining cut off at the knees. If they trade somebody and the other one don't we're all GONNA say they didn't make a move why? Does Shawn. sportstalk seven hundred come back and discuss. Seven three, two, one, two, five, seven, ninety, six, MC myself on a Wednesday welcome in. Godless. Listen to Sean Pulse Berry Holster John Salisbury on Sports Talk Ninety. Your home faster. Baseball. Right when I have what I said welcome in on a Wednesday. Going to let you know it's Thursday it's Thursday So. Man. These days. Run together on your ass you know what? I'm saying Zach Aitken senator. Sean. Twenty twenty to get into you. It's Thursday. Yeah and he's right. It's about getting that way with our world without sports the football. Football's no. No I'm just saying like I'll we went from having all these options, all these great options, compact them together to college, NFL? Yeah and we'll have the masters in a few weeks and that's I don't want and five team. Yeah. So I mean it's easy to you'll eat you're not going to be playing January that part you do know yeah. That'll be nice save some embarrassment in the postseason this year though. I'm thinking of the area schantz changing the proud of the playoffs format. He's adding four every other. From Him fifteen teams in the AFC caller, rob Manfred. Teams. All they gotta do is beat the jets and they're in. So what were you? To make things worse football around here, he's one five team. Texas is any air they're out of all the LSU Wolf I mean the most fun team to watch put it onto cougars. Is. Like a big circle around Texas Oklahoma. Arkansas is right there in Louisiana. Arkansas is the best plan better than all of. Yeah. That's been the team that you're like, yeah. You see something out of them. You know maybe yeah they still lose a game here there, but they're actually showing fight under. and. That's been maybe the best foot store. College Football Right now is Arkansas taking that next step under the leap Franks they've been. Talk. About a program that's been such much maligned when Bela Off Reagan hammered, they couldn't win an SEC game basically. Darren. McFadden right and Felix Jones. So they have they've. They'd have they'd have they'd have victory every now you know they'd up Saturday paycheck close in the game at couple times out of Jerry's house right when they had that at a neutral site every year but. Experts Reno often be almost. Eight million years to win a over by the way of won an SEC game per Trina was there from eight to eleven writings. Last two years they won ten and eleven games but since then but Bielema never was able to sniff that no, and that's the game. That's where you see these coaches leave good programs and go somewhere else and yeah they get some more money but balloons out of a job. If he was still at Wisconsin, he'd probably still be at Wisconsin. Doubt and and winning ten games in there with the Patriots. Team, every I believe. So he moved to the giants outside linebackers coach. Joe Judge took him there. That's right. Yes he did. That's right Is Bielema. Arkansas you know what's crazy is well, they've never been when it was used to be the southwest kind of south Western Conference Southwest Conference in Arkansas always had really good player. They were good. They've been good in that meeting in years past I mean you know you'd think about Thanksgiving weekend years ago when I was growing up the Arkansas was relevant I mean they they were, and then throughout the times like you said, you know with with portrayal, there'd be times when they went ten and. Had some great players. That some great players did my Guy Billy Ray, Smith from Sandy. It wasn't he in Arkansas. was that good players, Greg Cook again, another one. Famer yeah. There's been some really good players well. And they've struggled I love this because in also guests who was as Malaya's any starting quarterback in the country. Fully Pay Franks called Phillipi. Yeah, he was hammered. Goes transfers and has revitalized his career there playing hard man they are, and you're exactly right when you say what's the hope Texas is frustrating Houston. Byu came back put it on them. I. Guess. The other one in my circle that I created is Oklahoma state. That They're still under. They got a big game this week. To include them because the truth is say what you want every year Gandhi has team winning I mean for them to when they only win like seven or eight games. It's a down year for Oklahoma state right? Sometimes in the past that was a good year for Oklahoma state, they're the. Only chance. To win out and doubt they will. You know whether you like his approach or not a Gundy's underrated football coach he's done. He really is only. Wins he does a different way he's been there for Wednesday. He's had a coordinators he's had to replace your has gone from there at Ohio state now Texas I. Mean He's had guys that have been really successful for him but Mike One Twenty, three and sixty four. He's one, twenty, three and sixty, four Oklahoma. So he's doubled his damn near his win total over his loss total. To for Does. He need this goodyear because his last two years kind of eight and five last year seven, six year before and that's when they coming off three straight ten win seasons. That's my plan. They lost Mason. Rudolph kind. And now they got Dispenser Sanders Kid that is much better and talked about is a top. Third Round round fourth-round your over the years when they. Lose to I think it was Iowa state when they were in the national title talk you know it was like well, if they do this and they go undefeated, they got a chance to be in the national title the BCS I think it was going on then before the you know when they were all Right. So I, you're right those two teams Oklahoma state in Arkansas in this big circle night and it is not Lsu. Oklahoma it's not Texas. It's not the Texans. It's not the cowboys. It's. Jerry's Alma Mater Arkansas even the saints are kind of like. Good good. They really that good. But we're like they went from being the dominant team that we thought in the NFC at the beginning of the most people did to. Put Seattle in Tampa and great right now, most people say I'll take Tampa over silver over New Orleans in a heartbeat. As far as like WHO's GonNa Wind Come January? Most people will take Tampa, Bay Specif- defense place like that. So it's just interesting how You know it becomes cyclical, and then you look at Arkansas tired of being down but they've they're playing their they're playing not just hard but one thing to play hard. But they're getting some results there and they're hanging which they haven't been able to do a while so good for them but back to the Sean. You know it's crazy. What did they? What ten teams from each conference made the playoffs? Do you realize they still wouldn't yeah I know you still wouldn't this right now I think they're giving the dolphins the sixth pick I'm not mistaken. I think that's it's. Lorient. Earlier, three three or that were they really the six lot at three and three. Next time at the taxes are given the Dolphin. Six. Three dollars they're like the Texans pick. Their sent in the six whole. Is Right now. Okay. Let's say hit the deschamp thing again for people who might have missed it here's what does Shawn. Watson. said the speculation all across into the deadline of one and five team you gotTa Start Getting Assets Right? You don't have first round pick because Laremy tunsil situation. You've done a lot of trading around and moving pieces and the guy who did it all it's not here well. Is the front office making phone calls while here's what Shawn Watson had to say about. Speculation. Dumbo again, traded alison that was something that we squashed in. To over deal so and of people by Ronald, sayings sayings that he's not going anywhere nobody's going anywhere. We want to stay with his team and and keep pushing forward. So other stuff is GonNa some that we want the squash with a lot of noise and know people of course it on Social Media base question that everyone knows his focus on ball hokey. Nobody's going anywhere because all the talk on social media. I don't know why they care what people are saying on social media about the trades if social media's dictate who and when they trade or radio shows or local newspapers or a fan Dan this this team. Is Worse off than we thought yeah they're screwed. That's the case now I'm not saying they should trade fifteen guys I don't I don't know if they think if they. Right at least got to take the call call right. But this is almost like, okay, that's done. So for the next couple, forget that the Texans are out of the business out of the trade business. And then what happens if it does happen? Well, then some some people look foolish along the way right and now they don't treat anybody. You know what the city's going back to sean runs the team just like bill and the team. That's exactly right. Sports Talk Seven, ninety we will. Have the big one poll question next here on a Thursday And we got nine o'clock. We have Pete. Pete Doherty of Green Bay Post Gazette talking this matchup. Yes. Yeah. And he'll probably be able to tell us how irritated Aaron his after what happened last week right I would imagine understanding the buzz in Green Bay doors he'll join us at nine o'clock. It's sports talk seven, hundred eighty. sags. And you seven, three, two, five, seven, ninety, big one next. Fastball I'm mice, macos, junior astros you're listening to Sean Salisbury on sports talk seven hundred. Dollars out the performance your home for Houston Astros, baseball? Question? Crushed by at one question. This is the big one. The big question of the day on the Sean Salisbury show. One of the day. And listening to Sean saying none of the guys are getting traded. and. That's a lot of pull to have. How did you? How did you craft this? SAY THAT WE SAY Should. A player. Should it shouldn't player able to dictate personnel moves should a player? deshaun Watson quotes be allowed to dictate player personnel moves for a football team. Fair enough. It's up yes or no obviously Yup yes or no, and the answer to that is no. Yeah. Let's say this is A. Difficult one. There's going to be that. Percent Though you know won't be I'm just saying from the correct decision it should be easy it's a now and I hate to say it but even though it's not on him Okay. Let me go through this. What does Shawn Watson goes his whole career. Wins an MVP. Get them to the playoffs. Has a really nice career. Doesn't win a super bowl does even go to one. Let's say it doesn't go to. Get through some of these quarterbacks. Right Say he doesn't go on. Are we going to spend our whole time saying. Just, because everybody else know, what are we going to say at some? He's going to be I imagine him playing long enough to work. It will be he was part of the reason why? So my point. Yeah. Early in his career me, he's got a lot of the hall pass Yeah Right. Sure and I understand it and the truth is without him. They're not flowed unless that other quarterback was mahomes here or one of those guys, right. But if it wasn't one of those guys, I mean he's he's kept his franchise. Offensively Rolling I mean because he's a special talent there's no arguing that there's no arguing how we feel about it but I just wonder how long will he be one of those? That, we will make excuses for him, the city US people that. No matter what? because. In truth now. I listened to people in this town hated the De'andre Hopkins thing. But I saw some who said I hate the Andre Hopkins Straight but man cooks Cobb stills four. We got we got we got the best four. Some we've had here. So Dynamic and. The Cutie mentions is what I've heard people say and when you see it on paper saying, okay, Crandall COBB had good career so far. Has Been Thousand Receiver three times. Will Fuller was a first round draft pick on when he's healthy takes the top off good. Player Kenny stills has been a solid two or three. Shore. Here for sure. It was a two in Miami at times actually was there one? Okay. So my point is What is Baker Mayfield? Has a couple more has a couple of pro bowl seasons gets into the playoffs five times and he has landry and Odell Beckham. Throughout his career. They're going to blame you know who their blame blame Baker right. If and it's it's so select and it's weird how like I said Dent Dak Prescott who gets waiting for the cowboys woes he does. And it's like wait a second now cooper. He puts up huge numbers like our guy here. Hasn't got him to the very deep in the playoffs which which. Will. Maybe you know the Sean. We all think Schanzer. Cut above just to step above. Of Dacca we all three thanked are good player. But isn't it strange how? When the cowboys defense doesn't do get guess who gets the blame? It's like well, Dak can't carry them. But even though the what's wrong with him, he's no Russell Wilson I couldn't show for five hundred and sixty right Russell. Wilson. Yeah. Guess what guess who isn't Russ Wilson about thirty others. So. It's just weird how we do it and I'm just wondering how we're going to look at it. If if the Sean does his whole career and has I mean you can't look at this and say his weapons suck. They've got him a left tackle. But you know what? Right now on this team struggling gets whose fault it never is. To Sean And I tend to lean that way. I, probably part of the crew that. that. Jumps in there. I'm not. I'm not saying that I'm immune to the fact that I don't say the same thing I. Think Man. I'll pick out place to say he's not above criticism, but it's like. Most of the time, he plays well enough to win most of the time. Now, there's games that he doesn't. So I, I'm guilty of it at times as well. Probably like for instance, he made a few balls thrown behind guys last week that. We don't even talk about. Because he played great everywhere else when it was easy throws that he'd normally or should make your yet and I and I fall into the trap because I think he's so good and I liked the kid. The person and I liked the player affect loved the kid and love the player and I hold him in such high regard that I also fall into the trap say and I confess somebody else's fault right for him I do at times. But as I look at it more and more get into their offense should be scoring twenty points a game they got. They got person I got a high draft picks up front. They've got a guy trade couple number wants to get. You got a former pro bowl running back got four wide receivers that are supposed to be really good. I mean they should score they should. They should score and we're GONNA. quarterback league now. So. But. Do you guys get my point and now they've also now now they've actually given him personnel. Personnel. Decision. Making. A one in five team I just wonder what is the one thing that number one trait that we always talk about the quarterback is supposed to do if you're going to be on the side of two. Sean, if you're one of those out there unlike me who? Is More critical of the Sean and I'm critical of by watching tape but I cut him more slack because I think this team would be two and fourteen without him yet one in five with him right now. So you get my point there well on pace rights. Even with good as he just crazy. Do you, guys. Lost my train of thought be. You're watching his game and. Oh. The trait that I always say sake you've heard me say it for. Half a dozen years now. An. Mc for a couple of years is. The one trait that you have to have. You gotta make players better right. So is it a response and when we talk about super bowls in hall of fame what do we say to the coach and quarterback? Owes record am my super got and then we throw the numbers in right? So. One in five wind is a responsibility become quarterback to elevate his defense. We. Expected from Dak Prescott. We expect it from. Russell Wilson. will go on radio show in Arizona and they're like man what's wrong with Tyler and they won. And he played average but made some spectacular plays along the way they want to know what happened. Connor. A CICADA. is going to be fine. Don't he's the least of my worries in Arizona. So point is is win. Do we why is one guy? The Oh man he's gotTa elevates team and make them better. which all say about Mayfield at four he's got played better and elevate his team even more. Why don't we say that here? Or is he elevate them enough? They just suck on defense so bad it doesn't matter who the quarterback is. I'm not saying he should I, just I, think. The question on base no, I think it's. Just said I mean he is playing specially over the last four games since the Baltimore game he's played really really well but like you said, he's more relaxed like you said I, mean. Dak, Prescott put up amazing numbers in the first four or five weeks before he got hurt and. It was still tax not doing enough stack not very easily replaceable while the defense is giving up forty a game on average they want that can't stand up forty nine to the browns where Baker's not playing. Well, I mean that tells you. So to me, it's the same thing between those two guys now deckert obviously often you hear People Ryan for Atlanta not very much right now he's big numbers it unfortunately, they don't help they can't other than the super bowl part of it We Still Hold Matt Ryan and tremendous regard. I get it good player. Hall of Fame Player more loud. He's been there once and not want it and. It's Not wanted more blame than somebody who's not been there. Yeah. It's weird. It's just weird I was that was his liar, right? US incredible. MVP sees now. Were they in this would they weren't the same year where they? Weren't there was a two thousand seventeen Or Sixteen. Sixteen season seventeen super bowl that sound about right Allie. So yeah, it where he was the MVP breakthrough. Had A bunch of touchdowns in ten. Deserve. The MVP Cooper Five, thousand, thirty, eight. Yeah. So it's just I mean I of this whole thing comes down to I. Don't think I want quarterback who's fabulous and fantastic kid a great player making personnel decisions and telling us. We're not trading any of those guys because we decided we squashed that after practice and if they do trade them well then doesn't it undermine leadership. Yeah. So there's a fine line there and I'm not sure what's going on in the front office over there I just know that with this quarterback got a chance to win and unfortunately you still put thirty six on and can't win. It's not a good thing. 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She's awesome eight, hundred, nine, one, three, nine, six, one, three, eight, hundred, nine, one, three, nine, six, one, three. Exactly why you fell in love in the first place Dr Viviana Kohl's scheduled session. She's awesome eight, hundred, nine, one, three, nine, six, one, three, eight, hundred, nine, one, three, nine, six, one, three, Houston relationship therapy dot com. A lot happening. And he's got a lot to say about. Sean Salisbury continues on seven hundred. COPLAND said have to disagree about that. Garrett. Got Most of the blaming Dallas pinion gear. Got A lot of blaming. Deserved it. Now they're. People begging for him back right now with way McCarthy I wasn't combat coaches, todd strictly players and Dak Prescott underappreciated and football, and he gets he gets I've listened to people national hot take artists destroy him. About. Well, he just he just you know as if he's just some dude, he's that he's not a great player. Dak Prescott chance to be special and I think he's numbers they begged him to put up numbers. So what did he do? He put numbers put up numbers so I I agree on on the Jason Garrett thing but Dak Prescott was his underappreciated and still is any starting quarterback in the league, put the numbers up that he puts up period. I believe that until somebody not only that gets paid until somebody puts a little more respect on his name I don't think they put enough on there. So I get your point there's no doubt. It was Jason Garrett? Hence why he got fired but Bill Brian took all the Brunton here that's exactly right I mean it's the same. and to put up the numbers but at one point, D say like. Putting up the number. Yeah, and nothing's changed going nowhere. It's I hate it but it will become reality at some point that's. Some point in time. The company Well Hall of Fame Career Philip Rivers. He carries it around and he's been right now some of these young guys haven't even sniffed type of career Philip rivers out and. Super Bowl. To season. Yeah. He got to the championship once twice maybe. I know one time. Got Him right. Yeah and then the early with Lt still there right remember remember when will and then Mardi got fired after a fourteen year well, not one of the year is fourteen two and AJ Smith fired in the next year. Because, they just couldn't get along two, thousand, seven to. Win The furthest Philip was gone. He pointed eleven career playoff games. Yeah. Right. That was nor Turner by the way that was eleven and five year. So he was that was the team that went to the schottenheimer still was still what they went to the plastic at one time they were. Glenn and Lt was standing on the sidelines and Philip rivers was playing leg. Is beat up right is leg was this was that game the gimpy leg that he couldn't get around member and he was he got it out and then they also played New England in San Diego We was either one year and then member Brady threw a pick. The chargers started return it laid it on the ground on the return gave Brady the ball back which ended up leading to a loss for the chargers and they had the lead of the year before right. So back to back. So two years and that was that was a those norv Turner's time. And how far they go on the fourteen in two year. Mardi. must've. been. All on that wasn't north turn was very team to. Say. Okay perfect. So one time the defense and they had him brady threw a pick they laid it on the ground. Brady got the ball back and it was the divisional round. They got the first right just added to the all here's Tom. Brady gave me another chance and then obviously the one when lt was on the sidelines with the yeah. The Rain Coat on head in Philip rivers was. attempts that game? Yeah. So remember those both but rivers it's to still haunts Dan Marino Dan is good as he was people still say yes but. Which Dan Falls under similar times like the Sean like meant get some good players but and certain times they couldn't get the defense couldn't get some stops and so we punish. Dan. For not getting to a simple yet you look marines numbers say, what are what else could he do right? But yeah, we say, well, quarterbacks supposed to elevate them right. So there's early similarities with that because SEAN IS GONNA put up monster numbers like I said, he's leading the league. In yards per attempt and what we complain about quickly, and so conservative. Well, they're pushing their even though they're not throwing deep fifty yard balls on a regular basis. They're getting some run after the catch and the ball and space, and they're doing some things, which is a good thing to have I like people with guts and getting after it but. It's still wanted five and there should be players being talked about for trade. The Sean should not dictate who who who doesn't get to know it sucks. Is that this season what it is giving us is that the It's unfortunate like you. We've talked about when you have to Shawn Watson, that type of player that not going to have a bad season and. They're having a bad season like they're going to have a losing season something we didn't think was possible it with at quarterback they got him. They're going at least eight nate, every year seven and nine worse. looked. At how five in Levin how many losing seasons is Brady Manning those. Zero he's never had a losing season as that's you think about this twenty eight years rookie year maybe yeah. When he when he led the League in picks twenty seven, I think it was twenty seven or twenty, eight, Twenty, eight, twenty, eight picks. Think about think about going your whole career and playing to it's tough it up that data losing season playing eight years. I'll just take a guess. What do you think Brady's all time record is. Did I cannot tell you how many games cook gets two, hundred, Ninety one games so not guarantees probably. He's one over two hundred games. Yes. He's like, let's say to twenty and seventy one, seventy, two, thirty, three percent. That's very close. To twenty three and sixty six. Are you go? He's lost sixty six games in the regular season. Win Percentages that as I didn't say. Don't ask me to do man. Pace Payton had the losing record is rookie year after that at a lot of that was on him because he throws A. Winning record over he he went one, eighty, six and seventy nine. Seven. Almost seventy seven percent Brady's Brady's one more game said seventy three and I'm like is that I like that's how good rate he's won more games than most people. Will play hair career I? Think about this. He hasn't lost more than five games in a season since two thousand nine. And like I've said, which is sick and he's only lost more than five games in a season one shoes three times and you think about this he is spent. One season less than half of his career. Playing in February. Suzanne twenty years. Games right. His season has ended. In the Super Bowl half of his career. Nine. Out of twenty seasons is the quarterback and one of those. He wasn't the starter remember one or two. So basically half his career that he's been the starter. Every other season on fifty he ends it in a super bowl is the last game. It's phenomenal and he's played in sixteen games every year but the knee injury, right? Yeah. His obviously has first and second year is the second year is when he came in and took over at fourteen starts uniform but didn't start. And then yeah, this suspension. Smoking again, real fast he has not missed a gain didn't they come out of the suspension and what a super bowl a One eleven to one. Twenty eight touchdowns in two interceptions boy the Guy Sucks and I talked to Scott Zolak their play by play guy last night. I, mean, they're color analyst who's been in the sports hub and longtime played quarterback. He was BLEDSOE's backup. Still, get she said, won't be he said, won't shock me one bit of he's planning in February again, this year. They're they're big thing after especially with Oj our getting her Evans and Godwin gotTa stay healthy G- Rockin Cameron break got to stay healthy and Ronald. Jones has got to stay healthy if they're healthy and Brady's upright and their defense plays like they did against Green Bay and they get to January there the favorite in the NFC. Texans should call them on their degree and that's why when I said the preseason I picked them to go to the Super Bowl and I'm not sure they can't win it. I'm not sure they can't win at sports talk seven, ninety, hour number two next I want to tell you about comfort and confidence that you can get with new balance shoes like I have done for new balanced greater Houston uptown and the woodland's the two locations to get in there today to see fit specialist to put the perfect fit on your feet. It makes a world of difference I had mine on again yesterday and guess what my likes feel terrible today but my feet don't they feel fantastic. That's just because I do too much on the leg day but my feet again feel great for my run because I had those new balance shoes on my feet and I? Want you guys to experience it as well. It's not just about those running shoes. They do have those awesome look in lifestyle shoes as well. They're going to put you into the perfect fit no matter what you're doing, and you're going to walk out of there and say I am never going to the store and buy my shoes off the shelf again. Uh so get into the two locations uptown and the woodland's the uptown one is the spot for me. It's just over here in the Galleria area off of post oak that woolens location just off Kirk up there for you people on the north side. So getting their today goes through those fit specialist at. New Balanced Greater Houston. Bill. Inch longtime friend. This is the Sean Salisbury show. Their. Tremendous. Who Does he's really good. He does a good job at the line of scrimmage controlling the line of scrimmage getting Gaza jump off sides. Oh, he does a good job of recognizing the defense. Knowing where he needs to go with the ball and he's got weapons around him that he uses you know he'll use the stable rang back at they have usually they have a big tiny end. That's he likes goes to they got good receivers you know, and so with all those weapons just like I mentioned with with our guy if he can spread the ball around, you have to cover them one to to a degree are choose who you're going to double and he's experienced. So he can figure out what the double is and then you can go somewhere else with the ball. That's Romeo coronel talking about Aaron Rodgers and boy is he ever? There's no better Hard Count Snap Count Guy and? At it seems like every game at some point he gets you to jump off sides and then while. Man We jumped outside she'll continue the plan throw touchdown. He's best heart a thousand times times against the bears on national TV. It's like there's Aaron taking advantage somebody's the. Defensive. Back flat-footed after their offsides, he plays it out. It gets a big player, throws a touchdown and everybody's like what what, what he is the Best Snap Count Guy in league. So you can count on at some point third and four him using it and extending drive because of Aaron, rodgers moves seeing the Texans defensive line do it Yep a couple of times this year at least this is the best and if you're and going in, you know this. So you could also be a little hesitant which means you get off the ball errands the ability to change up his snap count and not use the same cadence voice inflection. All the time is been masterful for him. To Call Romeo Cornell would like Rahmael doesn't intricate. Male Nice changeup pitch sometimes like that. It's more formal Rahmael Cornell. About know how does that fit now with that last name? Romania CRA Nell Rahmael What do you think? Work it doesn't not with Cornell. It doesn't. Get the maybe with a different last name. Chronology. Just too hard to go what if his name was? Watson. AOL. Johnson better right. Better but not still. Not. Now. Rahmael what? S, pretty. Good. Better. Now it's got to be something. Romeo crew. Yeah. Home Ao crews. Can't, be. Romeo Canal doesn't Work Romeo crews, Rahmael Watt both got four letters in. It really knows that Romeo Cornell re dancing on the sideline again at some point. I don't want them to keep losing games right I. Romeo's a good good good dude. Any helluva coach if we were putting assistant coaches in the hall of fame, he he belongs now he's the head coach and they've got a task facing Aaron Rodgers. And we are going to talk to Pete. Who writes for the? What is it the gazette there it locally Green Bay Green Bay. Post Gazette is that what it's called? Yeah, and Pete's been around this team for a while and discussed with him what what a week of practice even though they can't sit there and watch it all but you know they hear you hear the. Talk coming out of Green Bay when your local will we hear here is I wonder what the practice fields been like will be like the rest of this week in Green Bay knowing that they were humiliated I. Remember when I was when I watched the Miami Dolphins Forty niners game and I listened to Kyle Shanahan posted his press conference. Coming out of this game, I said it last week. In in an interview that don't underestimate. Teams that are really good. Or that have been places forty nine or super bowl green bay packers. Get embarrassed in front of a lot of people and everybody watch them humiliate themselves against Tampa. And aside from game play list embarrassed isn't going to get you a win or anything but I alone. But when you've got good team in this team is really good. What were the packers thirteen and three last year? We actually think there better this year. And they went in and they got they got taken to the frigging woodshed. They get curb stopped and in. Tampa. So, you come back home and while you're putting a game plan, you go back to work. You do all those things you're playing against a team that you know if you're Green Bay at one and five, they should also be embarrassed. The differences green base better team anyway. So teams that are really good embarrassed usually respond teams that are really bad embarrassed continue to be embarrassed people that are embarrassed that are Aaron Rodgers typically. Respond a little bit differently than most people right. So with this, you've got Aaron Rodgers going to work and you're you were humiliated outplayed and every I mean, they dominated you. So. Do not discount in cal Shannon came out after the Miami Dolphin, after they had one this past week and beat the rams and said, you know after we were embarrassed. So you go I've been in those meeting rooms and you are humiliated. Damn we went out there and didn't show up. Don't discount that in this game. So you're not only dealing with the best pure throw or when it comes to just throw her in the league rogers you're dealing with an angry Aaron Rodgers and a really good team and not just stopped anybody and not just on that side of all new, the other side balls the dairy. Smith impressing, Smith have not played as well. This year as they did last year last year they were really damn good that. After and this year it's just been a little different form but. Shown flashes and then Rashawn Gary's finally healthy get after Kenny Clark. Carries Health Yeah. So I mean, and then they have a top five six corner in the League gyro Alexander I mean there's plenty on that defense to give this offensive line fits. Here's the thing is Sean, can go. As good as Sean is and he's been really good. The dude across that come into town can match him throw throw. The problem is, can you as this defense get off the field? I think Green Bay can at times you're facing a I just you're facing a really really I'm not saying you can't win a game but if air put it this way Aaron Rodgers is playing like The. Really really good Aaron Rodgers you're screwed. Yeah. You're you're. Not GonNa win. No matter. How Good Sean Place because your defense hasn't shown. Any En Aaron uses the screen game and the extension of the run as good as anybody in the league. So they like the chiefs do like the forty niners do teams that us all the parts, right? Right people involved and I'm just telling you that. If, you get him out of rhythm you gotTa shot. If he's in rhythm, it's going to be a rough day and last week's packers defense against the bucks the buck's play almost a perfect offensive game like they did everything they wanted it was just one of those. Positions, exactly. Defensive score to the packers defense is not what you saw last week. That's not the team rolling in here. No No. But the problem is after six games. I think I know what the Texans Defense Zach gotta see. It's boom. You got to see about three weeks a really good stuff for me to say, okay they've made some adjustments and changes mar what's going on man how you doing? Good. Morning. Fellas Hey, can we bring back Bill O'Brien too hard to handle the J. J., Watt Trade. So that way instead of one hand saying which we get to see ya thanks mark I. Don't think that you'd get to Ham sandwiches if Bill O'Brien was doing, you just get the one it would probably actually not be ham would be baloney well I what about an apple in a roadmap, a trade for somebody or you think about this? Thanks For. Some of these looking to bring somebody back to pull off a trade, it's Rick Smith so you. Do you think. Atlanta roadmap is a good one to trade for somebody for I mean. Nice roadmap. For the right guy, I mean, maybe a pack of cigarettes somewhere in there I don't WanNa call names but you don't call names let's ship I will let shoes. You about this. Can we get a first round pick for Renault? Ombo of JJ, and will fuller too the packers? No, they don't have money you can. Pick. Let me dream. Your second round for sure maybe a second fourth. Second Fourth Those Bill Fuller and JJ Watt Bill Fuller that's that's my guess. I. Mean. Don't you? Guys were talking about trade. They're. Also the Shaughnessy could offer. For. Fuller. Also, the packers would never be interested in. Willfuller, because he's captain soft tissue and guess what he's not going to stay healthy and they'll cold water Ernie. Give me. Soft tissue is that what you're said, yeah y'all WanNa be spent sausage made of Plato Okay well with that in mind it doesn't matter nobody's getting traded. To Sean said so thank you sportstalk seven, ninety stakeout next. Footing the. Logic. Illogical former Prong John Salisbury continues to break it down one seven ninety. Sean Woody here now Now the cells very stakeout. Steakhouse. On the Sean Salisbury show. Let's take out. File was I like it was sometimes was A. I don't know if saw this yesterday but saw looks like. He's going to be back. Antonio Brown. Possibly ending up in, seattle picked them up and fantasy football and put him on bench already and supposedly. They are not alone in teams trying to snag him after his. SOC- he's suspension. You know it's GonNa after week eight Texans are going to train everybody signed him. Sneaker. Out Trading anybody. What does Shawn said? No. Okay. To Sean decides. His get traded. Onto Sean Mc. Yeah GM to. Sean yes. It's quarterback slash. GM. I no offense. You just see of track record year for me to. Guess. What get all? Know what else he's also a capitalist. He. Did he negotiate his own contract. poolside yes. Well, SEAN Struggle on third down a little bit. So we're going to drop another five million. But I'm good here thing this spot he represented the third quarter with two minutes left. I'm five for five. So put that five million back on. He also is going to represent the buyer and the seller in his house I mean he does it all it's smart upset he he's he's GonNa do it all There you go to Shawn. Watson. GM. If if you're Seattle and you want Russ Wilson, even take it another level. I'm assumed this he's gifted now. The Antonio, Brown to play. I'm curious and he's his workouts. He always comes in shape now that most people would watch his off season workouts I would imagine I I'm hoping for his sake. Now I know he's got a lot of problems I? Like Comeback Stories, I hope guys learn lessons. I hope they don't hurt people along the way or themselves I root for people success. He's been a bonehead and a lot of things he's done. If. His mind is clear right and he's cleared the dockets of he's he's trying to be a good dude and doing right thing and trained well as a football player. He can help Seattle oh he can help them. And I'm telling you with the veteran leadership they pretty good at that dealing with it. It's a team. Don't don't watch Andy. Reid. Sneak in and grab them. They're just add another player. Could you imagine dot going to happen but can you imagine so I actually root for either as much as I look at him and I think he's one of the he's been a butthead at times many times. But. I think there's deep seated issues with him. I'm not a doctor said called but I think that's that's. A really hard book big reach by me, right do you Antonio Brown has had some issues? I'm not making fun of them at all but he does, but he may need football also for his well being you know to get back into do you know how a lot of people when they're going through too much time on their hands right hopefully and We haven't heard from him in a while guys. Right seems like he's been on his best behavior trying to get back in. So if he's back in and then after this eight games, I would expect somebody to jump all over and as a football player, the guy can help your team win. Now he is his last full season played at fifteen touchdown catches. Found mistaken that year in Pittsburgh when he didn't play any game sixteen. and. Then it all went down the hill with the raiders and the Patriots and all that. So I actually as much as. Bad Times says he's been two people in the videos and the tweets and all those things. I still root for people's comeback for themselves. Now, I don't know I've met Antonio Brown a couple of times but. I I root for him to get his life in order for his family and his kids but as a football player as well. Teams are interested why think about all the things that he on twitter that he said and done teams are still interested in and you know why talent because he can play? Yeah. I. We we we've talked about that before about other people he can play key will be. Somebody will sign because they're gonNA if he's reinstated by the Commissioner. then. They're going to say, well, if he's reinstated the he's taken the pod the proper steps to get himself back in the League and somebody will take a chance and they keep signing Josh. Gordon. So Seattle. The perfect spot I would not be surprised and they may be on a little bit of a bidding war because there may say something but there's a couple of other teams that you jump all over him. You don't Tom Brady likes him, I'm Tom and door. Dealing never shoot that down. You know I'm just saying. That I was like because they did lose Oj hard had another ripe in there and you know. There's teams that are on the CUSP statement. One more player would be really good Antonio Brown's big time talent now. So. We'll see we'll see where he wants to play I think one spot to watch outside of Seattle is definitely Baltimore Hollywood Brown's cousin and Lamar they've worked out together. So it's definitely another weapon that beats man coverage. Yeah. Vase him I still going to Seattle. Well, I would rather be with Russ as far as chance to you made it with the quarterback wise or or just the veteran yeah. I'd go there. John Harbaugh good with. Either one of them. I was GonNa, say you got a great quarterback and Lamar a better one in Russ. You've got a city that knows two coaches that know how to deal with. Pete, and and John Harvey Know How to deal with. Controversial sometimes players that are a little indifferent right and then. And both of them know how to win so he can't go wrong but I would think probably in the passing game, he's going to have more success could consistent success there with Russ I would think do you think this is his last shot? To be right with think you now if he comes out and does what he's been doing the last year and a half, you'll never get back there if he's how old now he thirty two if he comes back in if he comes in and. Keeps his. Focus and plays football and stays out of trouble. I'll he he may get paid has a good season. You'll get paid again now. Not Not GonNa. Get twenty million I don't mean to get paid enough to. Live good life how Randall Cobb does yes. Nine man he's a better player than copies. Better. Right. So it all comes down to kind of. How he acts as a person and his team will directly reflect his future in football. There's no question about because you know he can listen when he gets off press coverage you try to mankind you can't get him the ball he's going to beat you. Yes he's. He's really good. All right. See what you got man. Okay. How about this? There's been a study done. Then has put together the list of the most hated states in the united. States states were sports or just stay states in general California top of the list. California, New California is number three New York New York is not in top ten I would say. To me that was very debatable cares estate. It's very near New Yorkers at the top of list. Who Sits Jersey Jersey is number one number two. how about number two? Ohio Washington. Now think south. Oregon. Oh Texas Texas comes in at number two. How can we be hated state the top goes New Jersey Texas California Oklahoma random. Florida Michigan Kentucky Indiana Alabama Kansas. Kansas how do you hate Kansas there's nothing ever grass. Don't even know why why would you hate Kansas mean? Self do you ever heard people hate texts ever heard wizard of Oz? Dorothy do you think of like state is? It's got to be the most liked state it'll be. Zona. It's west. It's not that far south. It's not yours. It's west of where you're thing Montana. Wyoming. Idaho Idaho. Yeah I could see it but I'm not a Ho your I'd think it's more about the fact that. It's not that it's well liked just nobody. Nobody really. Beautiful Have you been there not I'd have you been there six. Nominal. The place. You Want WanNa go play you WanNa go play Quarterlane Golf Club course what does it go? Court Elaine quarter core d'alene yes it's Court D. and I think that's apostrophe. Lane I'm telling you now bledsoe had his tournament there I think elway has a place I'm just using it. So you guys get an idea it's beautiful outdoors. It's fishing hunting. It's peaceful. He go intellect Ketchum and there's the town that you'd go to the diner. There's a lot to I. could see myself having a place I'd love Idaho Idaho's a frigging on just never going to go there because it's the most liked city or state because you want to go to the places. Go. Real has a floating. Its Tournament they're a little. Yeah a little. Yeah. The southbound, bad, ass. So Great Golf Course, and I'm telling you people that have been to Idaho had are golf. Yes you like Wyoming Montana you're gonNA love Idaho to it's phenomenal. Understand why you put Texas second? Why? Because everybody wants to move here? We're here because people like to fish hunt and they got guns well, why? What's wrong with this state? Not Tax what's not to like weather's good. People. Good. Food will what what the hell is not to like about. Texas. Be at the top say. Real. Quick you to or Idaho Idaho. Okay. Is a lot like yellowstone. Really really. rated. Oh my gosh when yellowstone. Lake. least now, Friday leave now outbreak along the next producer I bring in here. A yellowstone fanatic or they're out. Okay. Your God. Giving hit Hawk real quick. Against yes he's your guy. How dare you but Idaho I can get it then. You did that golf course I'm looking at Amazon. including. Gimmick Golf course it's. Also I'm GonNa go look at what the prices are for stuff because we've got to have vacation. Was it Idaho Public Golf Course? No, it's called quarterlane. I. Think Golf Club C. O., E. U. R. D.. A. L. E. Any yes. Ever came with the name include. Idaho Public Golf. Course? Probably. You don't get a like in Montana Wyoming Idaho. It's not like you get nine months golf weather but is frigging beautiful. I got a bunch of my. High School, friends, a handful of families have moved. From California to Idaho because they wanted the the more piece, a little more peace and a little more affordable, and you can get some property there in the lakes. It's phenomenal placement is why that's number one, but I don't understand how Texas is the second most hated state. People who hate it WANNA move here save it. I lived in California and Texas. Not. Don't put. Don't put California Texas and California in the same breath especially now with the way who's running the state yeah. Okay. Save it. Okay. I. Don't WanNa hear it Texas and that's me the my home state I know. That there's a reason why People might think that you're pandering. He's always been very consistent not pandering one bit and I tell people in California. The same thing I appreciate yes, I am A. California I was born and raised California love. He's always been very consistent. Yes. Not Pandering one bit and I tell people in California. The same thing I appreciate. Yes, I am. California born and raised California love has. Gone Away Yeah don't WanNa live there. Anymore sports talk seven, ninety walk continue to throw it around. Say I got you fired up about Quarterlane Golf Club don't I really I'm looking at this point. Sports Talk. Seven hundred. The hottest takes in Houston. Sports? Mostly. The Sean Salisbury show continues. On sports talk. Seven. Ninety. Sports Talk Seven. Ninety. One van Gundy got hired as a coach, right. Stan and he's not exactly going to a team with a bad player named Stanford. Stanley could even stay in being Gandhi. Your name Stanford really say Stanford you say stack and Stanley. Allen. Coin Gundy Stanley's. Stanford though I WANNA call. Stanley. Dot Com. Damon name. Sad say Dave Save. What's Love Stanley Alan Van Gundy does not fly. How do you yell at a kid like that stay late Stanley Alan van Gundy yes. Doesn't flow I love the name Stanley. Rather, be called Stanford though Hayes and they just say, but Stanley van Got Allen in Gundy Stanley Vanguard daily Allen. Yeah. That works. You. Can't have a bunch of syllables when both is one's gotta be like. It's got it's got a really can't be like Stanley and then a long middle name, right? It's. got a boom boom gotta be. Precise. Can't too many syllables when you're trying to double down on the first and middle name, right? He's taking all his syllables now to. Lot Of vowels and Stanley van Gundy to New Orleans. Yes. To coach the that guy's resigned ain't bad right signs bad. They'll do in a pinch at Brandon Ingram had a good year. Yup really matter of fact, breakout I. I question the fit per se that's just me. Guys known for his defense. In a League it's offense hopefully he's taken back in Cetin, sat back and watched The way the League operates and them do I i. don't I just didn't. I didn't expect them to get another job Detroit was the disaster. Do you think? Are you guys shocked? That or do you think let me put it this way I before we get a little more to Stanley do you think that the longer this goes with the rockets? The less chance Jeff Van Gundy tired. No I think more you do so you Think it's. Called me nuts if you want I think that the longer it drags the more. I looked I I don't know why they're waiting longer than I. Hire somebody today gathered. I don't. Have a clue is this tillman saying we'll give you four and hime saying I want eight and they're just not budget off each other I mean because if you're close, you get the deal done if that's your guy. But Supposedly Stephen Silas is still and maybe I'm wrong for the name to wash maybe maybe I'm wrong for the longer drags the more likely to Gundy maybe it's the opposite Jesse I almost feel like it's the opposite. That's how I felt. When the more I'm concerned that that couldn't come to an agreement they'll find somebody I thought when Van Gundy was here for two days I thought the deal was done I to and then Stephen Silas came in the next day for a second interview and I was like Okay, that's a little bit of a Red Flag because normally you have a guy like van Gundy you just get the deal done and it's like when dachshund went to Philly, the deal was done. I I've come to the conclusion that we won't even be Silas. It'll be van Gundy or John. Lucas. Yeah. I don't think I mean. No offense to Silas or no offense to. Go in terms of inspire al.. Fan. Base they are going to do that. That's hires now I want you to offend no. I. Think. The John Lucas is great at what he does in has a ton of respect inside that organization from. There's any doubt. Hasn't been a head coaching candidate. For anybody since he was the head coach of the cavaliers way back in the day. Wondering. What people can sit I. I hold John Lucas I regret. What people can. Just as James Harden and saying I want him to be right. I was about to say this consider and I don't take this wrong. Are you. Well. If what Sean says holds true in his organization. Does James Harden have the power to hire the head coach and this one. Yes. We know this James Harden literally runs that organization. And didn't didn't tell me for Titas just say we're not trading anybody. That I do believe, I don't know why I don't know why anybody thought there. Actually like I would love to see them trade Russell Westbrook just to get rid of that contract. So let's see James Click Mr. Crane. RUN THE ASTROS YEAH Tillman for Tito runs the the rockets and Gerald. Rockets James Harden. Daryl's gone and now and Desha runs the text. was. Bill who runs a dynamo? Brian Ching stolen involved over there. He'd done I don't know. Just say you're the soccer I know and normally I'd know this. But I I, just you know. What do you say died about the you've talked about a new. Law. Remember. The dinosaur dashes, the male team. Would have been easier to to. Save. They're supposed to name the team eighteen, thirty six. The Houston, eighteen, thirty six, and then there was some sort of controversy with that or something with I don't know. The general manager of the Dynamo by the way is. Matt. Jordan. Gawky former. Owners of the Dynamo are Gabriel Brener Oscar Data Hoya being gilly James Harden and Jake silver. Never. Heard About Oscar de la Hoya. What's he do I? Don't know I know about the other. Guy Likes likes to you know use cocaine and run around with these women's paintings. That is. Any he didn't. He say he's coming back to box. That's a bad ass weapon right? Really did not hear him say he was going to or was that a rumor about four months ago pooper pre cova disease possibly going to boxer. All right. I thought Dale Hoyas. Way Older. He's only forty seven I thought he was like fifty six by now no evokes. Yeah, I, think he just said He. Thought, he thought I read in the last four months ago or last four months that he said he wanted to box was gonna box said never fight because he's got what golden boy isn't he the? Golden era. Productions Guy. I say so the goal tender for the diner. Breakdown for WHO's now the GM you know great length. Arm Jammer coach you said measured yeah. He's the GM. Tab Tab Ramos Yeah Tall Good player now I do know that Matt Jordan was tall. Grey hands because you know you could be six six to. Aurora Colorado. Not Too. Far from played. FOR THE DALLAS BURN UP THE ODIN SPEAK K. Right, lumber crew. Colorado rapids do not play gamble was on that team. Played Way too long time for the Montreal impact. He's good at speaking French slowly. Does even know when you say our our. Our men's Olympic soccer team. He wouldn't even know you're talking about world, Cup team who? I know. That young kid yeah. He's really good. Christian. Pulitzer Yeah. There you go. Pulic out for announced. Sure good player worth Alexi Lalas. Casting. Vicki's play. All right. We gotta we. GotTa. DECIDE IF WE'RE GONNA hire Stan Van Gundy or John Lucas. You'd think. Right now. Stands in Newark I say, Stan Stan just obviously was hired by New Orleans Geoffrey van Gundy. Jeff Van Gundy. On the side that the longer it takes the less chance van Gundy. The you think the takes the more chance Van Gandhi. Y-. I, hope. WHO's coming more or less expensive Jefford John Lucas. Expensive Lucas I right by how they Yell that's double. I don't know what it is like. I love for silence to super cheap one, seven, the other three and a half one, eight, the other four type of thing, and I can't even imagine going to be seven million dollars a year usually dantonio making four sauce between five but just got to be making good money broadcasting to to determine that it looks like maybe up to like five million bucks. So I mean aren't imagine that you have to give at least five million bucks which I would imagine John would command that right now right concern I, think him and Silas both. Three dollars three yeah a baby still a lot of money. Yeah. But Grey money I John Lucas now John's competitive as hell but James will have a say in this is what you've. You're trying to tell me right would. I mean. There's no way that it can't be yep I would agree. Part of me just wants the rockets to. Snack especially, a guy that hasn't coached in the NBA what thirteen years however long it's been. And or you know John Lucas No van gun van Gundy. I met as a head coach John Lucas I mean it's been a while I mean. I just like the idea of a younger coach that. You know like a Eric's bolster type that can lead you while you're good. But also lead you through whatever kind of rebuild you're going to go through Sama Van guy like Van Gogh you're you're not totally now as as the new head. Island yeah. No. I. Don't think. So we'll discuss sports talk seven ninety stand van. Gundy's now the head coach. You'll get out of the broadcast booth back to the court and he's the head coach for. The New Orleans Pelicans. So is jeff next or who will be the next coach here maybe we should ask to Sean. About whom I have an idea and she very well May. Got Some pull in this town he got some pull apparently at the trade deadline. Sports, Talk Seven Ninety Classic Chevy sugarland. Get, to go over there today and welcome all Theresa Proc face to the group. It'd be Nice Matt Thomas. Part of the group Classic Chevy Sugarland. Now great family great family. Sebastian they've created incredible atmosphere. For us to. have an opportunity to not only be part of their company, but you as well welcome in with the incredible deals. Incredible edible atmosphere. For us to. have an opportunity to not only be part of their company you as well. Welcome in with the incredible deals, incredible customer service that you get. When you go in just walked through the doors. It's one of those things that you know. I think a lot of times most of us and I know I'll speak for myself in the past I've gone to purchase a vehicle or go looking at dealership walk in there a little bit out nobody sees me, and then when somebody sees you if nobody sees you and doesn't give you attention. Anybody GonNa give me attention. There's that fine line of knowing what's perfect for the customer they do it classic Chevy. SUGARLAND ten years in a row the GM dealer of the year going to drop in their today a bunch of us and say hello and get a chance to. Take a few pictures and go see Jeff and tiffany bashing and continue to thank them. There's a reason that the GM dealer of the year. The deals are through the roof. They didn't back down during covert. They made it convenient for you to order online and take delivery at home to come on in and the deals just continue to get better and they continue. Again ten years in a row the jam dealer of the Year Classic Chevrolet Highway six open on. Sundays Classic Chevy Highway Dot Com Classic Chevrolet Sugarland Dot Com Classic Chevy sugarland the deals the customer service. Is. Better tell. Jeff and Tiffany I sent. Classics. Chevy sugarland DOT COM classic Chevy Highway Dot Com Open on Sundays. As James. The sauce ause berry so can seize the sauce. The sauce. Off. Score, Saux Ninety. Jesse Wells I'm with him saying your hate Jesse Wells put up. The picture of ripped. Yeah. and. said. For Sagar with his Yellowstone Hayden, it's rip with a is that an accident analyst says you leave now or you never leave which means did you know they update? You haven't been to the bus station, the train station trays train of bus. Yeah Straight. That's right. I'm thinking. About to drop you off at the train station, do you keep talking poorly? Ripple put you in that four wheel drive upfront the duly. Roll you up there to the canyon down there and look overboard and you're gonNA ask were that was the train what time to get here for you arrives Dow. So you might want to. Like a bomb on my airplane, and then it just never seen airplane again can't say that they're going to pay off. The Part where they planted and we Put a bomb. Off the Beck becks brothers I believe they were calling. On their airplane and then we never saw the airplane again. So I mean still on the hanger. Great job on your. You know your, you've got to the point where you're combative towards your. I got Kinda I am disappointed combative. Disappointed ever since he's into finale. It. It's ridiculous. I'm not watching any show right now. I'm not guys I mean none of the we've been watching all shows. I don't think they've really started yet. I think it's next month. You know normally it's. A are early October haven't some like the CVS and the five as some have but. Like a lot of the. Free massing or is back she's been Washington frigging style I don't watch it. I've never seen it. I've never seen. It's not worth done. I mean I think all the shows like that have been on the air like Svu those Kinda shows that on the air for a while. Michelle's those all starting. Next of US comes back like the twenty something. She's already told me about that a bunch. Why don't they have me on their singing voice like Ferguson Jesus? No saw not do that if. I did. I did watch the first wheat. I watched a little bit of the first week just because she said, whoever was saying was so bad and it was Mickey Rourke. More he probably and he was awful honestly not in a way. Both talks pulled his mouth. So tight he was. So. Bad. He was better than you doe he was. and. I will. Now, who's going to the train station, discredit him and Mickey Rourke. Mickey Rourke and he's never had both talk he sounded like he was like intoxicated slash boat dock down. You don't think he said bowl talks he's had whatever he's done to himself. To his face his face is just plastic now I think they replaced his. With plastic let me let me explain. Hey, he said he's a better singer than you so. All you need to know. Singing we'll have a sing off. Because his verbiage. Jesus. I come over the phone that well. Studio sound I'll let him go cut it. In and and we'll. We'll let him at his down. I'll destroy Mickey Rourke in a single. Yeah. No. Yeah. No I. I don't know who will win. Ended the DART. Throw contest that he does on the what the interchangeable. Shells called can never get. Expendable I call I don't even know anymore. So many times I don't even know. interchangeable. What he stayed throw knives matter of fact, not only I throw a knife and hit the debt the the. DARTBOARD better than him. In the target Bullseye, all outsing is asked to. We'll. We'll sing whatever he wants to sing just. Yeah to be too. Bad singers. Canada show driving ratings away. If I were on their singing he he was on their on episode he quit on his own. Vote them off he took the mask off. Okay well, let's say go on the other show the other show with the Blake Shelton the voice voice. Of. An American. Idol Guy. Because you'd be in the category of William Hung. Nobody is turning. Four. Depends on WHO's first is John Legere returns round. When he turns. Legend I'd say, well, John I'm just going to do what you always do plant some. All Star. Game. You ever notice he's the be. Almost one, hundred percent and four are turning around for. The the battle comes down to Shelton and what's girl's name? GWEN STEFANI WHO turns around I for me. No. Neither one I'M GONNA cut a two minute cut saw two, two, thirty and senate into the voice. Good. Lock my aunt, and I'm going to say that it's going to say my name and imprint the season's going to say fergus Jesus. Right, you're not getting callback. D- Shelton. Font turnaround get to the stage so they can. I can help and John Cut you're. Saying. Maybe were. Do Tiny dancer how? I got one for you. I'll sing. Dancing in the moonlight. and. Shelter around and say. Shown around, take his shirt off the font looking me saying I thought you were in love with that's how my voice. Turning around and taking the sure because that's how good my voices. Going to switch shy. Song. you know as you call voice you it sounds like. Yeah Fergie. Jeez William Hong. WHO turns around first of those guys sex seriously of all four of them for me. Probably, Kelly. Clarkson had to turn. What? She I just can't stand that woman. WHO TURNS AROUND I those four sex Clark Shelton Stafani legend none. The song is the one you want. But it's not the original. That's not the original version. But yeah. The original who you got for the original version I. Don't know. It's this is the first one. Now look for the original song. Yeah. The original version is by. What is a one hit wonder? King Harvest King Harvest's there you go this. Song I sing this sometimes like when I'm. Getting. Out of the shower in the morning saying I've actually. Night. Sciences. I hit this song here. Matter, of fact I think I'm better than King Harvest at the King Harvest Song. Just ask. We're done here. This listen to this cut. Don't you? Okay right now picture Stafani listening to me saying this right now. You Have Blake, Shelton taking his shirt off for you. Again defining doesn't care. You Want Blake Shelton. Taking your shirt off while you singing dancing. I turn it into somewhere. L. Late night skin. That come. Mason. Got His image of play Shelton lathering himself up waiting for you have the stage. while. Sean. Singing. Dancing in the moonlight 'cause that's the. Damn Song. Only you. You. Guys are stupid. I probably would sink the saga blank. Had Him the One? To shoot off. With female. Voices Zoll. Wants to finding, Kelly Clarkson. Well, that would have been a no brainer. That's that's the obvious ones that it turned around. It's so smooth and Silky even Blake. Takes is no wrangler shirt. Off. Which? Is. You know when you're like, Oh, I'll sing that song. Thought about you gave me a thousand guests dancing and. Dancing in the moonlight is not popping into my head. It's something that you're going to sing on the voice. You have yourself you're putting yourself through stage break. Jesus shod salary GIG rbis. Shirtless Bleach. Shawn's voice. For his own Jesus right here that's wrong. sportstalk seven Eddie. Won't French. This is the Sean Salisbury Show author. Man? Sports Talk Seven Ninety Day Stan Van Gundy with the coach what was What movie was it the mask where Jim Carey's name was Stanley. Wasn't he stanley in that show Yeah Buso Yeah. One of those, right. I think. So Stanley, the math you. Can't remember his last name but. Like that and so van. Gundy. Plan. T mixture. That they should the PGA SIPC is there you go. I mean the West. Let's think about the western conference gold states going to be back at Golden. State is going to be good again, their playoff team and it sounds like they're willing to trade number two for something good or smart. Golden. State Clippers. Lakers rockets will still August nuggets jazz shouldn't be going anywhere more manage to the MIC explore Lynn the thunder knows. The Utah like you said Portland. Still going to be a race. Right Alice. Yeah. We can't leave them out. West. It's going to if there's one team to fall outright now memphis with the back end would be that would fall out. You Think, Memphis yeah. They they were almost portland. Who knows? Oklahoma City. They won't be the five seat again. There's no way. There's a chance that could. Chris Paul apparently could be point for the Lakers. Are. You serious. That's not the Moore Yeah. There's talk of I'll be that big of a difference maker anymore that's just me. There was talk of the Lakers, the box and the Knicks. For Chris Paul. I heard about the Knicks. Yeah and I don't know how. To really look into. Laos have to resign ad Lakers. Knicks. Who was the other one bucks? Milwaukee's yeah. Do you guys still asked this question at the beginning of last year? We started the season before the covid hit so I'll ask it again. Janas finish his career as a Milwaukee Buck. Now. I've changed. It's too and we all hate that because we also probably then remember be big big fish little pond keep him. You know what I'm saying the Milwaukee small market. But after you've seen what you've seen now I actually don't see in finishing his career and he's going to leave their join out because that's what players do go get rank. Yeah, and then Finally. WanNa ring I tell you he's not a number one on a theme. He's won A. and. He'll probably a one of the WANNA guess it debate. You mean to win a champion. Yeah. Okay. If he he has to go and people have already said it. Dallas where he'd be the second fiddle to Luca, which is. When. We say this on the surface here that come out of our mouths talking about it seems. Back. Again, VP and it's because you can't Schuch better player because he can't shoot. Right? Well, he he just. Disappeared this postseason I know the but see wasn't didn't take over the expected daddy make first team all defense as well. That's right. That's right. He's the first did what? Lebron never won both from the same year duty Jordan. Jordan Akeem. Okay. In Kobe won in the same year, right? Okay. So Jordan a Jordan most recent allies on more recent than Jordan. Ron Is. Bronwyn both but in the same season as he wanted to. Explore. Because he was at one point time he is always A. You know at least talked about when you decided to shut you down that he the Kobe's the joy he was never defensive player of the year when he wanted to set you down, that's a good point. So Jordan. Ever. Is it just those two and now? Neon this is the third. Yeah. So here we are you. So you think you honest has got to go somewhere to win a championship where he's not the focus. Yeah. The offense the. Only, Jordan's King Keyword guys have done it other than you. Know Yeah. That's if he could shoot. Well, go be the number one anywhere. He has to go a place where the guy can take over offense like he can get to the rim and do all that stuff but I can't put the ball at the end of the game in his hand other than to create the rams say a clipper Laker Warrior, the warriors make the most I would say they're at the top of the list, right? Yeah. It's just the truth. Katie goes. Keep pitching basketball fit for him. Oh my gosh but it's also just Asking to this league and all these guys I hate it I hate it I hate I hate it. He does not have to shoot. It Golden State. Right. What he does. Just gotTa do what he does get to the Rim and be physical play you know. Play lockdown defense and do that and they will. They will win another title I. Think They I more or to a lot of teams could he could fit with? I, think if Portland, where to get them dame mccullum. Yeah. Because they met. And makes sense that'd be their biggest. WHO's our biggest free agent get ever porzingas the man's rated Jason they've never. Met for. A Guy they brought in, you know the the was the. Day Reagents every year, and then when they brought in. Poor. porzingus looks to be they've brought in some guys that haven't. Jason Kidd was at the back end of his career medicine channel. Ten of money, but he wasn't very good there. But he he'd come off we you know everybody thought he was going to be a star in the league. PORZINGAS is probably, but honest would be the biggest one. They've ever how for sure. No. Doubt about it. Yeah. Never brought a lot of talk about Miami Miami and make a ton of sense to it seems like every time a team comes available Miami. is now in the if there's one guy that can close team Pat Riley yes and pollsters a hell of a coach. And they look really good. He's the Janas says the exact kind of player that Jimmy Butler would love to play with because he's a guy that cares on defense. And will let Jimmy shoot the lash up and and physical enough that he doesn't WanNa to get and he'd won't. Butler, right Ryan Butler would let him do his thing. But right he's not a Butler would appreciate his effort on the other end is what you're percent. Yeah. No question. What you got be Bruce. How're you doing welcome in? Hey. Thanks guys. I always enjoy your show. You know talking about the rockets I think as last weekend, ESPN article about New York, wanting westbrook and and the potential for that and then. My question is is. Do. You think they're going to blow the team up and if if they did trait Westbrook to New York, they were talking about a package deal for harden as well. Plethora of. Draft picks coming back with. Would they consider? I, mean you know it's hard. You WanNA trade a guy when you harder to trade him on your early before when you're late you know. But Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there I. Think Van Gundy comes in he's going to be a good coach but I had one other question maybe when you talk about football later you can you can and. Is Cowboys, but you think the Lost the team and would they be wise to change directions after one year? You know when you start talking about football, maybe you could talk that as well. But I'd like to know what you thought about the rocket trait. All right, guys. Thank you for. Those rumors that keep getting thrown about on the Internet about the. New York Knicks are dumb silly internet rumors that come with the NBA that you should just ignore there's no chance. The rockets are trading somebody new. York, Knicks where they get in return because that's what they get is nothing in return and there's no trimming next James Harden's going anymore. They're not trying hard harden it's not going to happen so and Excuse me I bruce I. think that we we all agree that sex isn't as high on it. As Embassy and I are in the. Thoughts of Jeff Van Gundy coming here. He wants a little more guy who's a little more. I don't want to say newer to it, but with experience but a little more youth on his side sex is what you're saying and I think van Gundy could bring I i. think he would understand plus being a Guy Kinda gets it right so we'll see an emcee. That takes the more chance van Gundy which longer takes for me and you I think that means a van Gundy won't get the job as far as football goes in the cowboys. If and I trust her sources. WHY LOSE Jane Slater I trust I trust her she's she's always she's not a hot take person that if the the whispers that are now becoming roars coming out of there saying, they don't know how to coach they're they're not prepared. They're not good at their jobs. That's what you're hearing players Save the coaching staff. That's only lost a team that is off the rails and did you see what Mike McCarthy said when asked about it? He said, maybe it's that were over coaching and it's like that's not what the players are saying. They're saying Batten coaching and you're not compare that tells me that you're not over coaching you're under coaching. So of preparedness so it makes you start to ask the question. What is How of Mike McCarthy in Green? Bay being let go. Is following him here. You know that kind of fell out of favor and you know there was there was some some battles going on and when he came here, you think about it they thought it was a tremendous upgrade. Most people did I did you did we thought it was an upgrade over Jason Garrett. Now there's people long maybe it wasn't Jason Garrett which may not be true. Jason. Garrett didn't tackle anybody Mike McCarthy's not but. If you, if you've lost locker room six weeks into a season. You're not long for this job I like Mike Mike since his days when he was in. San Francisco, but even in New Orleans. I do Mike's good football xs and os guy but it sure doesn't appear like he's got control over the team right now, and if it starts to go south even faster. quarterback out. They're not winning defense bad than Jerry. Starts to jump into the fray if it does. This would. This will not they will not be long for this job if this happens in stays like this daring if he's From the whispers and turn it into roars from Jane, Slater sources it appears that the Dallas, cowboys and I don't know who those loud voices are in there but. When we were already six weeks in my coaching snap not prepared. I still don't like the fact that I. IT looks like the players a little bit help themselves grown asked men they're not doing their job we went from Jerry Jones having Mike McCarthy Status House during the interview process is over two players think he's ill prepared in Canada yeah. are going gray no, they're actually not. You're exactly right. It's a bad look and when players start air their dirty laundry, it's not good because it tells you don't have control over them either and now it's become in the I confess it's the coaching staff's fault. In in Dallas I hey, guys I want to say, Hey, can save what hundred thousand when say hundreds of thousands, hundreds and even thousands maybe over ten thousand dollars bought a new house asphalt shingle roof might need to be replaced right. So you get some quotes and the price tags scary. Very scary. The mahomes tells me about roof Max and a patent pending technology can add years to your roof without needing to replace it. 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So called a schedule, your evaluation today at roof Max Eight, six, six, six, six, nine, eight, four, fourteen, eight, six, six, six, nine, eight, four, one, four save five, hundred dollars now by calling roof Max at eight, six, six, six, nine, eight, four, fourteen to now. Back to the Sean Salisbury show on sports talk seven. Ninety. Four your strokes, your rockets your voice. Rock come in guys this real quick we got. Game plans to break down and Pete Doherty from the Green Bay packers of the the Green Bay Post Gazette is that what it's called Sakes, why do I keep doing right right with that? He'll join US talk about Aaron Rodgers this Green Bay team and puts expect I also want to get a little feel for maybe just ask him a question about Mike McCarthy you know what the cowboys were getting when they got him? Yeah. Because I know we have a lot of cowboy fans that roll through the city as well but we'll focus a lot on on what's happening here in. Houston and exactly how They are going to deal with Aaron, rodgers and what the weakest like when Aaron Rodgers is pissed. So we will discuss that but guys real quick in the next couple of minutes we talking about how deep the West is. Let's just look at the roster as we see it right regardless two coaches, John Lucas, Jeff Van. Gundy. Or whoever might be that comes in here silence. Championship team. Golden State and I'm talking about without I mean no judge of the players are where they are. Now jaanus is still in Milwaukee. Let's just say that is it's going to stand pat with rosters. Yeah. The rockets are going to make much of an edition probably. So you're. Right there middle packer, the West team that I still believe. Could make a run on somebody. I would not bet on it I think they'd be a team that advances to the second round with a chance to get the conference finals and that's about it and they're a team that if they start if they're having one of those series that they could be eliminated around one absolutely is it they could be as likely to get to the Westinghouse finals eliminator on. Yeah Right. I'm Kerry I feel. I'm curious to see if they you know once. A lot of confidence in an NBA title, right? Yeah. Whoever comes in and this new GM get together and they say Let's trade one of if not both heir Gordon Robert Covington. We. got. A Trade Heir Gordon Employees. We got to be able to bring some size back to this team and kind of a different route that was daryl in Dantonio thing. I don't see. I don't see the next coach. If he's somebody, it's not in the organization John. Lucas. Yeah, I don't see the next team playing basketball the way the team played at this year, right? Yeah, somewhat. Because hard. Yeah. Talking about. But I think the name to watch continue to live situation. Hate it Tristan Thompson? He's a free agent. And I think get them for the mid level or whatever it is that they have isn't just a guide. He's just a guy, but I think that's What they when they bought yeah I mean and if you could turn if you could take Covington who's I don't know if he's desirable but he's up tradable piece. Yeah and get another guy that maybe they starting caliber big man but isn't great great obviously because you're not going to get that for that one guy and you have no picks to trade with them. Basically a hate that we have to talk like this, we have A. Guy That's just a guy, and it's not really enhancing making them that much better is my point but someone on a level playing field of Covington that could start at center and then. Similar look. The other thing we'll move with a bigger body, the other thing they have to. Figure out what fiscal now Daniel House. He is not which with Daryl being gone and Mike Dantonio being gone I've changed my mind to thinking that he'll just be back. Yeah. I mean I have no idea that'll be something I think he's gone. He'll be back. Okay too cheap. Honestly I think that's that's GONNA be he's too cheap and affordable. To. Really. Dead There's GonNa be some issues if he really. James that's going to be the key. Yeah. How bad was James I'll tell you what happened. Well you might James is going to dictate whether he's here not more than likely. Yeah. No matter who the coaches correct. Saying if he didn't want him here if James says. Not Today son there's a good chance that he may not be. You guys have a pipe pipe-dream player that you want the rockets go get Janas. Maybe more real okay. Dream Chris Paul. Chris Paul for Russ Jack. Could you imagine. PIPE-DREAM I'm trying to we have a list of players. It may be available I have to give them Bradley actually. Yeah. Buddy hield. Sex Sacramento. Yeah on there every Monday and There's a lot of he'll talk of. That's why big time and he's got a contract the the rockets could actually favorable they could work work with the contract they'd have to send back at this stage of the game. WHO's better player? For? Those. All IT'S BRADLEY? Bradley beal but healed is surprising not surprising but he is like quiet laws blast your. It's been twenty points per game basically last two years and he shoots but bills a steady bill shoots I mean forty, two percent he's career forty percent. They're both great outside shooters both very steady ally mcbeal contract situation would be. Up After. Next year. have one year left on his delays, but if you could package deal with right. Now for him, we wouldn't be that stupid now the Bradley Beal Talk. About getting out has been going on for what guys three years now. Yeah. Bills got one more guaranteed. You're an option. This is this is the year gets traded. There's no way. Finishes his career there no I think he's a really solid. Good. All around player I personally, if you gave me, the choice would probably say on this team with the current roster I'd rather have Bradley. Beal. Than Buddy healed. I. Think He'd be great with either one of them, I think. Fantastic fits replace Eric Gordon that'd be A. Thought from the beginning buddy healed when he came in was going to turn out to be this type I always thought it'd be the shooter, right but yeah, I mean. And Oh, well, when he came out of school, you thought well. When they traded for him and that cousins deal the owner of the kings the t the guy what's his name? He's the guy that has the idea of Cherry picking right. But he is like I. Think this is GonNa. Be The next Steph curry right? Steph Curry. He can shoot and he's not Jim for dead either now but he was yet like. I just think of that situation more like I would be bugging the hell out of them because for one they have their GM now's your former assistant GM. and. You got some insight into the building they they've constantly been stupid and in fact that trick them into doing something you need a veteran piece you need to take Air Gordon's for buddy heels or do you think? Yeah. Wishful thinking right. Now, I'm just trying to find pipedreams with with buddy with a safety in here who you like. You said, we we all agree that bills the better all around player but for this offense and how it sits now do you want healed or shooter or do you want Bradley beal? Who's WHO's a really solid good player I, mean find spiel average thirty two and a half points. To say he, he took his offense to a completely new level. His three-point percentage is come down each and last year's but he's got a great long range but he concerning eight percent career but I mean he was early in his career he was forty, forty, thirty, eight forty but the last three years have been thirty, seven, thirty, five, thirty, five. What was his you know in in the backcourt for the for the longest time with the wall, the back and forth right but for the for the longest time but what was his highest scoring year this past year not talking about not standing your for low twenties Twenty five us he's a career twenty one points per game base I. Four Years He was thirteen seventy. He's GonNa. Isn't that twenty three twenty? Air Gordon early and air. GOURDS. Career Clippers. So I've always looked at as a low twenty s against. Moore. But a good player and new well, three point shooting goes down its legs are friendly and I get. He's taking his numbers of come down as he's taken more and that makes sense. It's a big drought. Monitor thirty five, he was a monster this past season. On the offensive end, he was team had nothing right so so you liked better for this offense for I. Bill is who I would prefer but I mean buddy healed makes sense because could shoot that yeah, and that's the guy you'd be able to get. Right? He's like that one Guy Gordon you'd be you've been missing for years they can just shoot the Alabama. Yeah. But here's the thing though Bradley Beal's always been a guy that we just don't talk enough about this. They deserve every year he's he's just a consistently really solid player. Yeah, and I mean it. To be honest, he's been held down by John Wall. John Wall, my point that was. Later this year with the injury those'll happened yes. Those two dudes it's it's almost like. I mean John Wall was so overbearing. That Bradley, he was supposed to be the rail it. How's for this? Nation should have been running through build on entire time and that's why I was saying we never really finally cleared the way and what's bill do hangs thirty on your right each night. So it was always whatever you talked about that team. John Walls name was always mentioned I, but I think across the NBA people unlike most of the people in inside know that Bradley Beal Better yes. Yes. Agreed John Walsh is more explosive right? That talk I mean, right? But he there is no question. It's like a coach at North Carolina back in the day holding down scores right? Seventeen seventy give the NBA The average twenty, eight when John. Wall. Was Air Bradley beal was never really I don't know this sounds cheesy. But ever really to expand his game because John over last few years. Yeah. That's exactly right. So I think Bradley Beal's got plenty of game left in and really good game I'll take either one here. Oh thank you to somehow find a way to talk. On Sacramento's going on a lot when I. Hear my thing about buddy healed Israel fair. I Have Daniel House, they're very similar players in my mind. He'll is going on a lot when I. Might. Think? About Buddy healed Israel. I have that guy that's Daniel House They're very similar players in my mind but this is a better score say don't you trust is? Swap out of whoever for Air Gordon like I'm replacing Eric Gordon with Buddy healed replacing Gordon but I you Daniel House, those shots that they're getting. He's putting up those points see I don't. I. Think I think Daniel House offense of peak is right where it's at ten to eleven points a game Zach. Think he just held back by two guys that shoot. More shots than anybody else in the League, and then you have Gordon who just chuck's. And I mean to me that's what their big mistake mistake was signing Eric Gordon. Interesting the. The question is, will they be in the Mar while they jump on either right there you know how much movement will they'll be with the new. we're GONNA try and a big man and probably ride with everything else they guy I think you're probably right sports talk seven, Ninety Sean Salisbury. We're half hour away from Darty from Green Bay the Post Gazette talking about this matchup this weekend and what we should expect from. Aaron. Rodgers. Business owners struggling with how you're going to recover and move forward in these difficult times insperity. Is Ready to help you develop a plan, a human resources planning one that focuses on your organization, a people strategy that supports. Your Business, strategy, what if an HR strategy included? 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How does Rogers you'RE GONNA have to be right. Somewhat right. Can Score. Yeah. Meaning meaning this team he's right. It's. I don't know one percent chance to win the game. All right. Let me ask you this is this the best quarterback Texans faced all year. Yeah take his playing. I'm talking about this year. Draft five years. Sure for ten. Who's the best quarterback that the Texans faces here? Jim There's been. There's there's There's Lamar Tannahill and garments you. Pretty good. Yeah. I don't know I would say Rogers is the best player just playing the best right now this year he's the best quarterback of those guys. Off against them. So maybe on the individual game, it's mahomes right now. If they all have a great game. Rogers is GONNA look so. He's GONNA put up three fifty people's. Yeah and I think the. UK I would expect this to be one of his best games of the year sentence. Because of happened to him last week and the only way he doesn't get to three hundred plus in my mind is because they get off to such a hot start. Up Twenty eight nothing at half or twenty, eight, seven at half, and he doesn't need to throw them all that much. Here's A, here's a lot. What is game might look it's so. Annoying that we have to talk like these they throw them all a lot in the Texans are actually able to keep the score close. Rogers will probably do something like this thirty to forty, four, three, hundred, sixty, four, yards, four touchdowns note picks that was his week one game against Minnesota. That's the kind of game expecting. Even his game against Atlanta Twenty, seven of thirty, three, three, twenty, seven, four touchdowns no picks. Okay outside of a couple you know a few places you're. They've gotten a few sacks tax about sustained. On defense sustained for four quarters or two games or a half. I guess the biggest there was a stint in the third quarter where Tennessee's playcalling win a little haywire for me. And the defense step their game in the offense was responding with points right which was helped by. Blocked kick. Strip sack fumble we got hit from behind a rookie came in when. Lewan was hurt and remember Ryan Right. Time. And he recovered it. So it kind of made it even worse on the play calling because it was just a one. Yeah. Long drive by the Texans and then the one play interception drive which you know. It just looks bad that that's the first play of a dry right then followed by a long drive. So I'm sitting here thinking and I went through and I was thinking about. Late yesterday afternoon about okay. What would come into the show tomorrow? How can I present? The Texans. Defense. With a legitimate chance. Okay. They're watching tape and I was asked this question did the Tampa Bay buccaneers. Give us a formula. To Stop Aaron Rodgers it'd be they give you a former but do you the personnel that can execute the Formula Bingo Now listen. Let me tell you what the formula for any. QUARTERBACK is. Hit him early often and take a pick six for a touchdown. That works on. At guys like me and it works on. Him and everybody in between now. Here's the deal. I always love it when it hey man somebody come up with the formula to stop Lamar Action. Well, yeah. If you got the Pittsburgh steelers defense. Big Big difference. So the formula to stop Oh yeah I got a formula for you. It's called beat the living hell out of the quarterback, get a defensive touchdown and then you're in it. And then you're in it and remember that game started ten nothing Green Bay? and. Then they turned it around and through it thirty eight on answered on him and one. You will not see again this year. Aaron Rodgers team. Get thirty eight in a row without him responding again yes. Entire you they make you beat and they may lose. Thirty eight to twenty one they had games like that last year. didn't say Francisco kick the crap out of one time and they still went thirteen points. They respond quickly man but I'm talking about we're rogers are just going to be so overwhelmed that for thirty eight straight points and the other dudes on that other team they play last week there's a few good players on both sides of that ball I. Mean that that Number Twelve, eight half pat right he's decent. He's okay. So that's the exact thing and so I thought, okay what's the remedy? What is the remedies you better? Clare's better play better better get some new players. Is. How do you do it? And for me, you have create early in the game. Doubt and Aaron Rodgers mind which have a whole lot of during a whole lot of times. Aaron. Rodgers doubts himself I assure you or doubts his team but you've got to do it early if he comes out and has a great first quarter, you're screwed big big time. Big Time. So I I was trying to think, okay what's the rent? Well, you hit it. Do, we got personnel that can do what Tampa did, and then you can continue to respond in score on their defense. Yeah. Maybe get a quick pick six a quick change turnover at midfield fumble where you strike quick with your own touchdown the problem is. This guy doesn't have these like I said once able to picks. Like I said yesterday it's been four years since he's picks in a game you think you think about that. Do you blinken most quarterbacks with two picks in a game, just by a tip ball to two picks in a game and for him I don't know. I got a blueprint. The problem is the blueprint. Doesn't have the foundation to build the house yeah. Per makes sense perfect example. Read Matt Tom we say the the. You're laughing at Aaron got a blueprint dope blueprint to build this house. But yeah, blueprint looks at Danny unless you ain't got the money to put the House up, right? Yeah. They don't have to bloop blueprints. Fine. Ain't got the the money to put the foundation of the box last week. Hit Aaron Rodgers. Thirteen Times right box. Great Defense. The Falcons who are more consistent with the Texans in terms of overall team pad and defense wise bad could be evasion. They hit Aaron Rodgers. Once. So. That's the turnout form right? The bad lost thirty two sixteen. Okay. So you lose by two touchdowns and Just going to look and see what Rogers did in the actual game. That's the twenty seven thirty. Pretty. Good. Yeah. So I mean. The Vikings and other the. He did Williams them don't hit a great quarterback you got. It, it's you don't live. Do you don't hit an average? Screwed. He's been sick seven times a year total that you don't need an average quarterback and one of them were in the last game right? You don't. You don't get an average quarterback they'll beat you hit a good one. You're in trouble you don't hit a great one. Light out they'll deliver party hats. And that's what he's capable of doing. All right. We will continue to discuss this Aaron Rodgers Pete Doherty in about fifteen minutes I if you guys out there have an answer. Honestly. It's funny when you ask for an answer, there's not a whole lot of people have an answer right? If you got one, what's your hope? What the? Texans this week against Green Bay a one in five team are you still in the playoff hopes? What does this week mean to you or is it just whole home? It's the packers Aaron Rodgers were screwed. How do you feel about it? Seven three to five, seven, ninety I'll tell you I feel about Soda Weight Loss. S. O. T. A. stands her state of the art. All right want to lose weight pride. Ego. Listen. There's there's a trigger mechanism for all of us. It tells us what we want do. Clothes don't fit as well. That's the only disadvantage of Soda. 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Already, ten minutes talk Green Bay packers in this match up, and you know we have I know there's a lot of people that come here that. Like the Dallas cowboys and it's been a rough year for NFL SPORTS NFL football teams here in Texas between the texts and the cowboys, and well the tax and seem to have turned their ears off to their coach. So he got fired they brought another guy in it seemed like they turn their ears off to close it off to Jason Garrett. So they go out and get a guy that. Excuse me most people thought this is a great upgrade. Well, they've been struggling a little bit in Dallas case you hadn't noticed. And there's already talked to Mike McCarthy's lost team. Here's what Jane Slater NFL Network Jane James with. Still Right. Does a great job for NFL network on the cowboys players versus the coaches that's going on in Dallas right now I'm told this coaches staff is totally unprepared. They don't teach they don't have any sense of adjusting on the fly another saying they just aren't good at their jobs. So now we've got both sides it seems pointing the finger while perhaps the coaches aren't doing it. Now, the way that I'm getting this information out this thing feels very broken we've seen. In the past with Jason, Garrett no matter what the record was. This team always seemed to play for him and play up to what he was challenging them to do weaken and week out. But I find that very concerning when you've had players who have not wanted to get back and really comment on the sense of where we're out this locker room announcement that is beginning to come to the forefront does two things cop out when your quarterbacks now her hip per. One. Is it tells me that the Players already do not respect the head football coach or the coaching staff. That's one to it also tells me it's a losers lament players blaming everything on the coaches I got a good idea when somebody's in the whole tackling cover somebody. Play. So while I understand that, but you are a grown man there comes a sense of pride Resale K.. Even if I'm not getting coach Red, I'll study myself and at least go out there and play for my job. So that's that well, here's Mike McCarthy now. Discussing about how he feels about communication with his football team? Claims men I. Mean if you do have something to say publicly that is. Most important I think it's important to say to the individual. Particularly in in in a group dynamic setting especially in the game of football especially for the Dallas cowboys I mean, that's all part of the development. Of. Our. Program of our system that we're installing hair. So I think it's just. Part of our flight right now we we don't like the way we played last night. We got some some barriers that we started strong him, but you know it's It's definitely not what we're looking for. And that was with Kyla. Murray having a poor game for him nine completions in the game. Okay. Carthy by the way, a five year deal who's going to be here longer McCarthy or Dak Prescott. Thanks so yeah, I st- I. To be stupid enough to let them go. Okay. We'll both of them play through talking assuming that gets another deal right here. We're both of them. finished. Their Contracts Dallas. No McCarthy will. Just based on the way starting to no no reason to believe he's going to be. Back and fixed caddy you get back and gained players they're all six weeks into the season they're telling reporters that their coaches aren't prepared and they are not good at their job. If the head coach I gotta find out who it is growing as you gotta find out who the mole is right the Talker is right I'm surprised he has no talk I can't stand pillow talking locker I'm I'm surprised he is not just Bit The bullet and just fired Mike Nolan. Just to make statement I tell you. He and that's that's also kind of an I confess that somebody's fault but the truth the matter is. It would you watch Dallas and listen I've known Mike Nolan Longtime Mike's been a good football coach. There's a part of it that looks like Mike. It passed him by. It. Looks we I don't mean that mean doesn't it though a little. And they do have a guy I'm not saying he's the answer anything GonNa Change Everything, but they do have a guy in Jim Tom Soula. On the staff that can take over the defense and Anna head coach. Nolan is just has to. Go here, and basically you've given up forty points per game. You have no reason to keep your DC. Didn't I see? Jeremy pruitt fired his of his defensive coaches at USC. Yeah. I, mean, it's obviously it's not beyond the realm sometimes make a state right and if and if this continues in the question is does Mike McCarthy when he watches tape Look at it and say this scheme works I. Know it Mike Nolan's putting it in I. Know You know if you're if like Mike Shanahan, Mike Shanahan Mike Shannon would have. Cameras in each meeting room. Each meeting room talked to players. He would have cameras in each meeting room to see how your coaches are coaching the players. I don't know how many teams do it, but they did we mike was in Denver okay. And THE DENVER broncos. Elway was there right when John was there and tape in those meetings and Elway in the front office. So that's one but are they doing here? How can it depends on when Mike McCarthy watches a defensive tape is guys are just out of position being poorly taught or the guys just aren't good. Yeah and if the guys are poorly taught and it's not working and they're not reacting do not be surprised if Jerry Jones goes to Mike McCarthy says you got choice brother. You can let him go or. This can continue and you may not get four more years on your deal. We think is one and done a Lotta Times I. Mean it happens I would bet against Jerry doing it. He's Go forever that's exactly he's not GonNa do it. If this keeps up somebody on the staffs go art it may happen here too if this keeps up. If, I but I don't know how Romeo would feel about that. They'd even let him if this defense. During the season yes defensively. At this point. So what happened Oh I know Five what's IT GONNA hurt. Players. And Romeo Groomed Anthony. Weaver. No no no but. Will the linebacker. I think Romeo is gonNA. Make sure nobody on the defense goes 'cause loyalty. Yeah Doesn't want the finger pointed just at the deal it's basically his screen and weaver is his. was his pupil and we all know that no matter what the staff is being wipe down. Yes. There are playing for Jobs Yeah there coaching for their next GIG. What makes me think it's more Mike. And Mike Nolan because the talent isn't very good there in Dallas defensive fallen off Alden Smith is actually playing really well, demarcus Lawrence though is seems to. I don't know if he's just getting triple deemed every a what it is but triple team he isn't really stepped up and played well, but is he being played out of position? Is the scheme not set to him I? Mean there's a new Mike McCarthy's a head coach, his job figure that out you have a great middle linebacker and Jalen Smith now, the other two can't stay healthy. You say they're lies but and then the back end on their field. Yeah. The back end really bad. And we thought last year at the two young that they were starting to elevate. We thought they are actually starting to make some headway in secondary. They're not playing good football. So they're gonNA, have to decide if scheme or not is the coach is is the case and you're right about the an offensive head coach and. It's easier to let go of a defense of guy. It is then defensive coach letting go of the Defensive Guy. If you're the head coach right P. already next. Green, Bay post gazette topping Aaron Rodgers, and the packers, and a little more of the cowboys as well because he was there when Mike McCarthy was hey, business owners listen it's insperity. The business owners and leaders I'm talking to you. I know we all struggle at how do you move forward? How do you recover from what's going on in twenty twenty? Well, insperity is ready to help and develop a plan for you. The focus is on your organization, right? 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Before the application process open fifty, nine percent of insperity clients there were surveyed received funds in the first fundings. Compared to the national average, which was just twenty percent. Was Your HR provider ready to help were they insperity can develop an HR strategy one that includes access to Fortune. quarterback John. Longtime friend. Very This is the Sean Salisbury show. Welcome back down number four shot sows show here on sports talk seven ninety joined now. The covers the NFL and the Green Bay packers among other things for the Green Bay Post Gazette P dougherty joins us now. Here Pete Welcome in. Let me start here. I. Contend after all these years of watching Rogers who is great at taking his anger and spreading it out and beaten up on other teams after the embarrassment in Tampa. That if I was the Texans I would have rather had Aaron. Rodgers. Threw for four fifty and four touchdowns last week. Then having him come here embarrassed beat up and ready to roll after last week. What say you Yeah I'd I'd I'd have to agree with that. I, don't I just I'm thinking back through his career once he became a good player and you know late two, thousand, nine, two, thousand, ten, and there I don't remember him having to bad games in a row. And this was as bad as I mean he he's only thrown. He's only thrown to pick sixes coming in to this game. I ain't his career and this was his third and then he the next possession he throws another inception it might as well. have been a pick sex 'cause they brought it back to the two and that completely changed the game and. He was He's been those you know everything's by zoom now of course. And since camp all is he doesn't want to once a week thing plus after games and there's always conferences so far this year he had been really light and in a great mood and introspective an interesting and yesterday. He was just really subdued and just a little on the surly side. So yeah. This is obviously a couple of the other players were Kinda like that too so you can tell that they're really really bothered by what happened at down at Tampa. Pete. Is this team they were really good last year and kind of what at thirteen and three they didn't most people didn't even give him the national respect they deserve with that record I contend that when they're healthy, they're better this year are they? Oh Yeah for sure. You know. I mean they're point differential last year for thirteen and three team was really low like kid realized I don't remember the exact numbers, but it was like plus fifty something I think which for a team that record is really low and that's why the analytics people had them backsliding this year because you know the NFL history shows when that happens there's a lot of good fortune that goes with it and you probably slipped back to five hundred or so if you've won that many close games and not dominate your opponents and the four games this year, their offense was just it was It was like watching different team the last year they just. steamrolled everybody they just kept can run the ball this year and they just kept running it and then that whole passing game. I don't know if you were in Houston when Kubiak was there. That's the way it plays where you know everything is from Mike. Shanahan Kyle Shanahan Kubiak everything. Goes up that outside zone game and everything looks the same. So it's if you're running a fairly at least well enough. Teams just don't know what what's coming in their on their heels. The packers aren't super explosive. They don't have. You know they're receiving core. I, mean it's not the Kansas City chiefs where they Can come down and you know free passes in there in the end zone, but they just keep running it and moving it and they're super efficient, and then they had a really bad game at Tampa, but the first four games, this offense was I think they were on pace to set a scoring record in the late not that they were going to keep that up but it gives you an indication that they're. They're definitely better this year than they were. Last. Year, they're a real super bowl contender this year I realized they got a championship game last season but. San Francisco with so much better than this year. San Francisco is not as good as they were. On the NFC at least right now looks pretty wide open and. Even though they played such a horrendous game on Sunday I'm still thinking that they're I. Agree with you that you'd better team than they were last year and they have a better shot at actually getting that last game this season Green Bay Post Gazette covers the packers in the NFL Pete Darty joins us here. On the Sean sows ratio pita mentioned a an angry Aaron Rodgers in a in a laser focused and you've seen this team here in Houston and people say well, you get a blueprint for Tampa did to Green Bay will you better have the personnel to do it? This is a hundred and seventy seven yards a game on the ground given up defense. I don't know if Aaron starts hot how you defend it. there's no I. Mean. You've seen it. How in the hell in your idea do the Houston Texans defend Aaron Rodgers and a run game is pretty solid. something that I've been kicking around is you know. I'm sure Houston can watch this film. And pick up some things. That'll help him. You know I'm sure 'cause you know one events backers had those first four games was there just wasn't much with Laura. Kept tweaking the offense so they. Scouted look. She gets the first four games right now. There's now there's all that tape. So there you know they'll that'll help him. But you still it's personnel so huge in those the guys who blew up that game last week where those two inside linebackers for Houston other for Tampa, David and white I mean, those guys are just explosive and they blew up the run game. I just don't know that there's another team up there and that can match that kind of talent at inside linebacker. So. Yeah that the the run stats suggest. That this'll be a really really tough match-up for Houston now, the other side of it is They've got Houston's got an outstanding quarterback and some talent on offense even without Hopkins and so so they're gonNA just have to keep up. I would think that this game will be high scoring, and for Houston to win, they'll have to put up a lot of points and just keep up on the scoreboard and somehow turns you know if get Rogers the throw pick turn somebody over get a couple of fumbles something like that but the. The run stats with Houston being I think there are thirty two in run defense that's That's a that's a tough sign for them and You know they'll have to find a way to slow the run game a little bit. But then if you had eight in the box all day, you know there a quarterback who can make you pay that the best thrower in the world when he's right and this year, he's been right most of the time and Aaron Rodgers Dark Green Bay Post Gazette joins US Pete. We've heard this bantered about first off the activity that the Green Bay packers will have on the trade deadline or before it should I say and what about this jj? Watt and will fuller another weapon on offense you talk about speed and homerun enter and a difference maker defense for a to a four and a six which has been suggested with the packers be into that. A two, four and six. How old is what now do you know off the top of your head early? Thirties? Thirty one, thirty, one yeah. So and I know you know he's been beaten up. So badly he's he's nearing the end now that's they I mean they need huge health on the D. Line and they could use some explosiveness receiver. So that is two things they really need. If I'm Brian Gouda to two, four and six. I give that some really serious dot I I. Would I don't know if you seen what do that or not? but that would be. That would change their their defense they would that would make them so much the packers so much better defend he plays. He's still their best. He's still the best defensive player here even after the surgery and plays with the most energy. He's there one hope on defense, but I'm not sure but you can see that even one guy and this defense and helping he would help your team. So you would make that deal Pete. I think I'd probably probably would. Would you do it? Yeah. Well, if I'm the Green Bay packers, I'd be all over it because. If you're Houston, would you take? We're getting to the point we'll fuller's contracts. He's going to want bigger money especially if he's healthy Jj Watt. Another year or two you're not gonNA get anything for him. Now, the only thing about it is you know he's a hero here P. Z is keys. He's city what I mean he hand mattress Mac are Houston. Right so I don't know if they'd have the guts to pull it off but I don't think you're going to get much more from anywhere else. You're not getting any higher than a second round of for either one of those guys and will fuller if you're not gonNA pay him, he's GonNa. Walk. Anyway. So I think you'd have to listen although to Shawn Watson said nobody's get trained. So I don't know if the Shawn Watson has that much pool but I would, I'd have to really consider it I don't know about my partners but I'd have to consider if you're green bay I think you jump on it easily because both of those guys are probably worthy of second third round pick meaning watt and will fuller. All right. Let's switch over to Dallas for a second. Pete. If you don't mind you know Mike McCarthy players are talking Did, Mike have respect from the players when he on the way out the building, what was my impact? Does it shock you what's being said out of Dallas About Mike McCarthy and the coaching staff It it's a little surprising. Yeah. I think for the most part you know because they went through tough times here he was here long time and they had times where of course things you know they got off the bad starts they hit blows in sixteen when they went to the Super Bowl I can't remember exactly what their record was. They were like five hundred or A little below and they had to win those last six games to get there. So they they went through things like that several times where it looked like the team is GonNa fall apart and he held it together and they ended up doing well. So it's a little surprising I think that suggests the players like listen to you. So it's a little surprising to hear that now. At the end things that fallen apart with him and Rogers, they've been together for too long Rogers just didn't like McCarthy's offense anymore so that that had fallen apart but that was just one guy I think with most of the locker room it sure seemed like he had you know you have the respect of everybody So it's a little surprising to hear that things are really going poorly. Down there, I mean. What are they two and four and you know they just don't be they just haven't looked good and amazingly I. think they're still in first place in that horrible division but it's it's. It's still a surprising to hear because he's one of his strikes seemed to be that he could hold teams together through two pretty tough time. Yeah and defense in the state of Texas. Pete in in real good and Houston Dallas right now. So Teams are feast on both I'll let you go on this. If you were if you had to was a life decision you had to make. What's the score points read wise between the packers and the Texans. If it's a life decision, you had to pick it as close as possible. What would it be? So I'm going to the chair if I, get it wrong I would. I would say. Packers by. Seven or eight somewhere in there. Okay. Well, that's that's in the packers will take. They're going to have their hands full as Houston with a quarterback in an angry team Pete, this is great insight and I hope you'll join us again and we sure love to have gone and thanks for the great stuff and stay stay warm up there in in great part of the country we appreciate you. Yeah, the weather's starting to turn thanks John Anytime. To that's great. Pete Doherty, the Green Bay Post Gazette will come back and talk what he said and. He's got great insight. He's been doing it a while and. Having him on it. For two that's the great darty. The Green Bay Post Gazette will come back and talk what he said and He's got great insight. 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If you're roofs over seven years old I strongly recommend that you call roof Max today they'll add up to. Can add up to fifteen years of life to your roof at a fraction of the cost replacement and you know we have weather in this town. It's quick. It's easy and if you tell him, I sent you instantly save one hundred and fifty bucks you're going to get a free roof tuneup. Like that guitar almost it's about a four hundred dollar value free with your treatment call schedule your evaluation today at eight, six, six, six, six, nine, eight, four, fourteen, its roof Max that's eight, six, six, six, nine, eight, four, one, four, say five hundred dollars by calling roof. Max. That's M. A. X. at eight, six, six, six, nine, eighty, four, fourteen, do it now? This is sports talk seven ninety home of the rockets. And the best lineup in Houston sports now back to Sean Salisbury. Most people maybe. The early Aaron Rodgers who's been happy this year McGowan I wonder if this refocuses and energizes Gets them back on track this week obviously here in Houston we're hoping he delays a week. Not sure. We'll. Normally you'd say, well, you don't have to delay the loss, but we're not getting that first round picks a you WanNa win right So I just don't know how and they run the ball pretty well sags MC. John Deere run at pre matter of fact, here's what Sex grab this Romeo said about Aaron Jones. and. If you just think it's Aaron Rodgers lead team and he will. He he quarterbacks I. came to crush you on a consistent basis with a huge plays down the field but can it's even worse because it's like the? The slow death where you get bit by the snake and it takes like an hour and a half to kill you instead of seven minutes. Like Kansas City does quick. This is more of a slow cycle. Again, we hit his eighth slant in the row in a row on US right that type of thing. Here's what Romeo Cornell said on another piece of that offense, which is something that. Aaron really doesn't get much of as in his career and that's run game. Here's what he said on Aaron Jones. Well Hey. That's part of that stable that they got. You know they all They all run hard. Through arm tackles who blocked tackles And you gotTa have the quarterback. Pretty simple right helps quarterback he sure does. So this can be great on you. When a guy like Rogers and you'll know pretty early, what is rhythm is now if he's within touchdown at the end and see, here's the scary part he'd come back to me. Yes Scott Watson. Can still beat you up his. He's such a good player but not distanced yourself late in the game. If you're within a touch senator ten points. Yeah and and you've got six minutes to go like Watson does Aaron Rodgers is capable of boom boom boom boom and you still lose because your defense hasn't proven over the course of time that you can get off the field into clutch situation. Here you're playing against the best throw number. One thing if you find yourself a little late lead, make sure you don't give them the ball back with enough time because we just watch how that went last week. And then the question is, can you run the ball effectively in what we call a four minute drill where you can kill the clock give me three first downs in the run game and use it Rogers doesn't get the ball back. They haven't shown an ability to do that running it. So. That means Watson carries more responsibility like the GM. He's pretty young. There you go. Dosage what's up man good to talk to you. Gentlemen is good to talk to you longtime now calling, but I always listen. Thank you. Brother just pick up the phone with them with Adam I wonder which the best. And we're GONNA miss him. He did admit he. He did to me that he's GonNa be. A Green Bay Packer Fan. How about that? He's not going there. He'll he'll he quit on green bay you ain't going to green bay you'll never see him. Tuck in Green. Bay. Wisconsin. Right. There in Appleton being a packer. A janitor, a question what's the word or the latest on the GM search for. The rockets and all. They have a GM they say they hired in. House. I'm sorry I Apologize For their for the coaching staff. And also on Michael. If you have any more news on any international signing for the Astros. And he tweeted the other day man I'm already missing baseball. Thanks for taking my call Jams Y'all have a good day. Take a couple of bless you though Seki, always great to hear from you the first one we J. GM hired in house and he said coach, we were discussing earlier. It appears it's down to maybe Silas. Van Gundy John Lucas. And we're kind of under the thought that the longer it takes less chance at Van Gundy but we'll see I I don't know if there's a long shot in this guys that we're not discussing, but it appears it's one of those guys. I guess it's going to be up to what kind of money they're asking if that's the hold up I don't know or if there's A if there's a rush to be kind of like want to get that settled. So I think we're there now Michael I have zero idea on an international. Amino they had the Pager Leone. That's the Cuban they're going to sign for like four million bucks outside of that. I haven't heard anything China Games got He's big time prospect. Yeah I mean he's People like him like they say he's going to be. Any Cuban. Cuban. Keep going back to the Cuban thing, Moss Cabanas let's say for the white sox because they signed a bunch Cuban right Astros. It's the same way. That's a many Cubans right more more twenty one year old. Fee Down there apparently that's debatable with the age. Yeah you never really know but Yeah Oregon's twenty three just don't. Produce right keep doing it right. You're twenty twenty-three with the needs of an eighty six year old. So, we may be forty. Keep it. Go. All right. So there you have it though sectors what's what's the kid's name again Pedro Leon. Okay and any outfielders Yep so and what he's twenty one. Yeah never know you never know how long the Cubans typically don't take forever to come on say they're pretty mature and bust on the pretty good, right? Yeah. Pretty fast. So we'll see what say Moscow Buenos. Else are you Gulf sportstalk seven ninety. It is our number four covered a lot of ground today and I wonder how many people are even think that the Texans are have a chance this week, we'll get to Garrett meanwhile talk a little. Shawn Watson and we will take your calls at seven, one, three, two, two, five, seven, ninety, we are in our number four, hundred Thursday. With sex and. MC. Sean Salisbury Show continues on seven ninety and continues in your home. CEO Alexa Play Sports Seven, ninety on iheartradio. To the better quarterbacks in the league. Going, head to head here in our g this weekend. and. One defense is better than the other Ken Watson Win. In what could be monstrous shootout? Garett. What's on your mind man how you doing? A Good morning thanks for taking my call. I guess I've been I've been thinking about this whole. You know trading situation if we get into a situation where one and seven or whatever it is. one, six, I think deadline and you know moving why instills in cooks in accumulating a third or fourth rounder a second rounder I think that's really good and that's building draft capital because I think to really if you really are serious about rebuilding, you know you're going to have to at least twelve fifteen picks per season for the next two three years actually move off. Yeah, and that's that's that's it. That's draft capital. and. So I. That's Twelve fifteen Russia the Miami dolphins got but it's hard to get accumulate in fourteen or fifteen picks that's average into around that's a tough thing to do but I know what saying you're saying the more the Merrier I got you. Correct so I sat back and I said well Shawn Watson is obviously got the highest value if the tax do I advocate trading them no but what's really worth and I sat back and I said there's a lot of problems with it. Because I said I don't think you can really find trade partner with the draft capital that you would want. You know 'cause at minimum you would ask I think for three first round picks. And I don't think anybody would do that. You don't train your quarterback either. De Before. We let you go gary I'll let you finish number one is I think there'd BE A. Bunch of teams in the League would want him. I. Don't think and you're right. He may be worth three first rounders but they wouldn't get him. It's a moot point the money you're not, and we rarely trade. Franchise quarterbacks in the early part of their career in this league, we did we just don't do it especially ones you just signed a long term contract. Yeah. It's like that House that's ten million dollars. That's a limited group of people that are going by it. This is a great football player, but people aren't gonNA give away three first rounders for him right now not that he may not be worth it but they're not you're not gonNA you're not getting the he's the touchy he's the untouchable. On this football team, there's no question. So I kind of know where the hint where you're going but that if somebody called about to Shawn Watson, they'd they'd hang up in their ear they wouldn't take the call. Well it's just one of those things where I said if we're going to pair up or defense or whatever assets we've acquired, you've got to think about it or at least you've got to analyze it. You know because you know I. Think you know obviously it's going to be really interesting what coach free hotter you know and you know of course, I've got my suggestions but you know ultimately, it won't matter until cal songs that check. So thanks for always have a great show and taking my call appreciate to Garrett. Thank you very much. Yeah it's listen. It's. There's not a lot of guys that people are willing to give up three first rounders for anymore. They probably would for Trevor, Lawrence who's not on a team yet. But. Very few team I mean you're talking about. You better be damn sure that that's the difference maker in when you got lots and Garett talking about defense trying to rebuild defense. Well, I would not sacrifice my franchise quarterback to rebuild my defense because this is a quarterback league you've got the one position you need right now you're going to now now does. Listen our other people. Available. Probably, not tunsil but everybody else is go at least listenable. But. You you just when you got the quarter, they're so hard to come by men. I can I can point to franchises listen Miami while we think to is it Think how long Miami's been since damn since Marino. Thank look at Cleveland. Look a Cincinnati. They finally got one everybody believes away Joe's plan. But think about all the picks they drafted at that. Didn't wasn't but they went Palmer Dalton nobody did. Not between the two, but they weren't there not the but I'm talking about super were there. Talking about how long they've flail floundered around. Trying to get to the Super Bowl thought they had it palmer yes WHATSAPP. SEATTLE. Forever Battle Until Russell Wilson Yeah David Craig was the guy before remember they went out and drafted like Kelly staffer Dan mcgwire, would you get a? Vote on the chair, right? No, and I'm not saying that did listen Dalton VIN solid player and Carson Palmer Heck. Were you there one knee injury away from beaten Pittsburgh? Yeah. Well, big time but you know what I'm talking about where? They thought they had it in Carson Palmer and unfortunately. There's an overall team winning championships. Yeah. I know the last time they were in a super bowls Asya soon. Began San Francisco. Vikings what's your bike Viking same way since culpepper where you fly the scrambling around trying to find it chargers they went too far. For. Some people it tells you is good as much. I love like, Carson Palmer. There's some people that don't think Palmer adult more the guy at both has got him to play. They were good here really good player smart that next level, right? Exactly. So that's why we we got that in borough Cleveland's been going through it forever the jets they thought they had it in Donald Right now they're not sure they do and they'll take it long lasting closest. Sanchez got to AFC title defense and running game and last like legit half these quarterbacks Pennington probably. That's crazy. Went through Vinnie and boomer assize and a whole bunch of quarterbacks there What's our guy from Boston College member of Shane Foley. Mean, they've been through a lot of them. So you start to. Sift through it. It's it's hard to find the. Compared to like Brady and Manning and locked in Wilson I mean how guys Rogers but man alive? Forty niners, you put the the damn the Dam Saints Existence before degrees I. Think oh big fat nothing. Aaron Brooks. He threw for four thousand one year. He actually had a four thousand year old season but so you get the point is that hell? They're hard to come by so you're not going to Sean what when you finally get the dude guess what you do Got To keep the dude especially because the NFL this isn't like baseball where baseball the Astros, my white sox teams that we've seen do at the Tigers are doing all kinds of teams. The cubs. Did it yet tear everything down? To then build it up, you trade anything that can bring you assets even your best player, the NFL you can. You can make a switch in two years baseball. It's normally a five year thing. And say my bill three players in about eight plays. Football you just don't give that up especially when he's twenty five and. Obviously you pay to validate what you're saying sakes. You get. Let's say Eric Bana comes coaches. You got the Shawn Watson. You got the left tackle they could be. A huge threat in two years. To technically a playoff time next because. Just you pick up a couple of players of step up and couple of veterans and play cow overplay. That's the NFL. We see teams go from. Worst to first and divisions in make the playoffs and. The turnover in the playoffs is so much different than the other sports in this. And you made a mention about Dalton. Carson Palmer even though Cincinnati hadn't been, you know when a plot won a playoff game and forever day. Yeah. But when you actually think about the quarterbacks and all those other teams, we mentioned like the jets like Miami like. Palmer, and Dalton are actually better than the majority of those teams had been searching. Yeah. quarterback yet that team couldn't win a playoff game you know what I mean. Other teams have won playoff games that have had less or quarterbacks and Health Palmer was the first pick. So you thought you had a franchise Guy Dalton was what one dollars second rounder. Right. Right. So you had guys and yet while they couldn't win a playoff game and people said, well, we have a franchise guy the truth matter is Cleveland and all Miami, the quarterbacks in Cincinnati or better than the quarterbacks that those guys have had throughout this run yet, and maybe that is part of the reason why Marvin was there for what sixteen years yeah, there's. Just look at guys like that. You look at teams that have been in the Super Bowl and or one it I mean Joe. FLACCO was not. He's just not this great great quarterback elite Bro Trent Dilfer for a year. For four solid quarterback though but solid but dilfer solid rex Grossman had gear out of his mind but all three teams defense driven. That got them in a different era and for the most part, not just defense driven dominate. Yes defense. Now. It's Imagine sex if you're often said like two or three more weapons and falls could. Good under pressure with that defense. Now, we're talking to different ballgame and you look around and normally. The quarterback in this league becomes the Pitcher in baseball or good pitching beats getting most of the time. Look what good quarterback just did to greenback? No doubt. The bears just did Bach any mentioned white and Levada. David. When you've got guys that can run around they did when it got right down to it you. minimalized the best quarterback in the world at least thrower. You've made him look very, very average at best because your defense they did everything right and they executed from and they did it what from the start, right? Even though it was ten nothing they got Adam early in the first half and it changed around and then from then on, it was a beatdown. So got to get those good ones early just gotTa get Watson early. If you get to watch early, you can change the game of Watson's hot early they stay in the game question is concerned defense, close it out and they have been able to do much of that. In quite some time and not at all this year. Heck. They even struggled at times against Jacksonville. So the question is, how do you do against Aaron? Rodgers this is gonNA be. Funds the right way to put it going to be interesting i. see what Aaron Rodgers brings them to the table are come back, talk a little rockets and of TJ wants to chime in on. 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It protocols for Broncos are really spreading guys out a player. told me players must now eat breakfast lunch dinner either in their cars in the parking lot or at small tables overlooking the practice field, no more indoor cafeteria city. It's cold and Denver now I think that I think it's like It's supposed to be snowing and everything this week. Yeah they're. Go Out. To Your House lawn eight your mail. Yeah. Here's what it would would. I don't know why we keep talking about when we're shocked when somebody gets Cova Do, I, just don't. As I said a long time, it's been more shocked when somebody doesn't get it. Now, you hope everybody recovers but. I I don't know what every single. Ever. We still have a one other person. Got It. I. Mean I know it's a deal in the because. I get it. But I just. It's I we shouldn't be surprised that these things are happening. Okay. Which leads me to one thing I'm glad you talked about this TJ. We're GONNA get to you just second. About covert and one other thing I. When you go to the grocery store, you know you put your ATM Card Yeah you touch the machine and they put the plastic over the yourself. It ended do anything doesn't everybody coming into the same one? and. That one thing about that. Go to the personal checkout at a grocery store. You touch the whole thing goes it will know she. Tried to put cash in. Oh. Yeah. This is taking cash at the at the one nobody touches the cash. Yeah. The only. Most They've stopped doing that, but you can go to the check in and give them cash. Yeah. Where people actually touch the cash fare smart, I read the wonder we're having trouble defeat this. The Common Sense. That society has and Haymond put that little plastic thing over but. Don't handle. You don't wear gloves when you handle money and the people that are pushing their ATM number. Their pin number they all push the same thing. And that. Is that stopping at how? Okay. So. You're watching your eating from Bucar okay from your cardio broncos player. If somebody has like a food related injury. This week is because they spilt something hot in the cold weather in the black guys walking out sandwich in the cost to the parking lot in car. There you go. Hey, Tj what's up man Questions. I wanted to get some information on the rockies. News and who are they thinking about hiring and why hasn't Stanford sale being in the front running and the other thing I wanted to ask you about how come we still got that same kicked on. Because I just feel like any Husky hormones can do their job we needed hansel trials or something. He's been. He's been good aside from Watson he's been by one of their strengths to. One field goal this really solid this year ten of eleven fairbairn house fourteen or fifteen from extra point. Even solid real quick just to let you know that they Jeff Van, Gundy I think Sam cells still a name being mentioned I don't know why they haven't high but I haven't. Heard of. Interviews other than the beginning silence and then obviously John Lucas. So I don't know I. Don't think we know when but the kickers been pretty good here matter of fact, very solid yet with this rockets thing I think we're all wait hopefully in the next week or so we'll know real quickly may have a market being set for jj lot. The Vikings and Ravens are finalizing a trade to send Janiking Gakugei who just For Twenty Twenty one third and at twenty, twenty, two conditional fifth. That's after the Vikings gave up a second to again Gakugei and a twenty, two, twenty, twenty, two fifth. So basically, they're sending that pick. Another or they're getting the pick back and then going from second to third so. I don't know that. It's going to get A. Second Round pick does not feel like it now. Well. Yeah. That third so They're working out. So Baltimore gets in Goch Way and they get a third and a fifth rounder, yes? Oh. Okay. So that would that would tell you that you're probably the third rounders. Probably what you're looking forward Jay Right is third and I've even said in the past a fourth I would consider what? Right. Interesting. So I mean, that's Baltimore's defense trade anybody you know what? In Baltimore? GM. Say it again to the GM. Nice. Thank you and good night. While you're eight to. Appreciate Yeah. He gets paid that much money. He can do both right? Yeah. Absolutely. Why couldn't he I listen? I. Think he built his both for awhile. Yes. Sean could do both a hopefully the the length of bill doing both I mean Schon doing both last longer than the length of building both can the Texans go get and I'm not saying now can Gaga No ochre Matthew Judah. And the off season. The off season. Say they're not getting a free agent. Pay What would you guys do by the way to the trade deadline and they were buyers Trading Twenty, twenty, two, first round picks for. An average wide receiver, slightly above average wide receiver. Wonder if they're going to trade honestly regardless of what the shot said on if they're going to trade anybody. If they don't. Sneeze not like I'm a fan of the Texans right? I think they should do if they don't. It's just this organizations just a disaster maybe we should tomorrow on this poll question if they keep it to sports, tomorrow asked the question which wide receiver would you trade? If we're going to do that because it would seem like they have an abundance of them and they got a good quarterback straight to. Fuller see of fuller's not going to sign an extension or you think he's going to be too expensive train both and Isaiah culture is going to be coming back. You have cooks you have cobb have culture, and then you go get somebody else in the draft. Now the question we'll discuss tomorrow. Is What happens If you trade him, what will it do to Sean meaning? been mental will be bothered by it. I hope not excuse me. I shouldn't be. He should have a realization where the team minutes. Yeah. That's exactly right. It's always says, don't let you know. Just quarterback then Bagri, that's what I'm saying I. Agree I'm just talking about frame I one hundred percent agree he doesn't get to make the personnel. Decisions is good as he is, but we'll see and we'll find out where is this trade deadline gets near but possible trade within Gakugei from Minnesota to Baltimore for a third fifth is that the market? Landhi clue in Chris Gordy I'm sure we'll discuss more as well here followed by the map tom show with Ross in the eighteen this afternoon for sex and MCI Sean we don't take you for granted ever. We appreciate you and we'll go through our picks and our power rankings tomorrow heading into the weekend along with John Clayton. He'll join us at nine thirty and we'll have our school takes as we do every Friday sports talk seven hundred tomorrow. What about twenty hours? In the trenches next. Now the Skydive Space Land Weather Center. The News Radio Seven forty forecast scattered clouds with the possibility of a thunderstorm today high of eighty four few clouds tonight low of seventy three. This report is sponsored by Altruism healthshare twenty years ago out you a healthier was created offer healthcare alternative for like minded individuals and families who live a clean and healthy lifestyles starting at one hundred dollars a month for individuals and one fifty a month for families alcohol sheriff. Better. Healthcare at a lower cost. 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