Kyler Murray Talk, New Coaches & Divisional Preview


And now move the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Bucky Brooks. Everybody was going on DJ Bucky here. Move the sticks. And we have plenty coaching news to talk about today. Buck as well as it sounds like a very intriguing player entering the NFL draft yet crazy last forty eight hours with all the coaching moves and then prominent quarterback decided at he is going to cast his lot and to national fully. Oh, yeah. By the way, we have some big playoff games this weekend as well. Four G kind of a big deal. We'll jump in. And do our preview of those games. Once we get through this. This news here at the top which is going to consist of a lot of new hotel coaching hires. But it's not official yet. I guess, but there's reports that came out that said the Oklahoma quarterback Heisman Trophy winning quarterback. Kyle Murray is going to throw his hat into the ring. And maybe baseball is is on the back burner. Buck maybe this is this is this is a football kid right now in baseball in color Murray yet talented playmaker. Obviously husband trophy winner is a special and unique town. Wanted the position we could talk about all the good things that he brings to the feel high Q bigtime arm. Tremendous athlete has speed is quickness loves to perform on the big stage has a reputation for being a winner going all the way back to high school some say he may have been the best high school player that ever played the state of Texas. We says a lot, but he is going to have to work around two things you have to work around the height size deal being at a guy that will probably come in at under five ten summer saying five nine and he's under two hundred pounds. And so you weren't you wonder if he's big enough to the withstand the contact and physicality punishment of playing in the league. And then the other thing is the baseball issue, which one does he really really love because he's been a first round pick in baseball is more committed to playing baseball the football. There will be some of the things that is to work through. But there's no doubt in my mind. Just from a pure talent perspective that he is a first round talent is just a matter of which team is willing to Bank on his. Willingness to come to the league and his ability to get it done in a league. Yeah. And we say this every year when it when it comes to these draft prospects and work, you know, people want to go work with they go look it only takes one team. You can talk to twenty teams that say, you know, what he doesn't really fit with us. You know, we're not going to alter what we're doing a little bit. And and his size would be an issue for us. It only takes one. And there will definitely be one. I'd be shocked if this kid didn't go in the first round in what I I watched him last night book first thing that is I watched all the third and six plus throws which I love to watch on all these quarterbacks. You kind of eliminate some of the bubble screens. See these guys pushed the ball down the field. He has got a cannon. I mean, he has huge arm. Baker Mayfield, it a very strong arm as we've all seen this kid's arm is every bit as strong if not stronger ball jumps out of his hand. He's obviously one of the fastest quarterbacks. You ever gonna see when he takes off? He covers ground in a hurry. But I don't think he's accurate as Baker was on the on the on the flip side. I think that's a little bit of an issue there. I don't think he moves around pocket quite as well as Baker. He wants to get out of there little bit more. So I don't think he's the he's different. He's a different player. He's a different style of play a little bit even though they played in the same offense. But if you commit to it, and you wanna spread people out and and put him back deep in the shotgun where he can see which basically is NFL football right now. Absolutely. This guy can play. It's it's weird. I would've never thought. I mean, if you if both of us were having a conversation in the coffee shop and in mobile at the senior bowl five years ago and said we're gonna five foot eight five foot nine quarterback, no chance to different. It's changed man. And and you've got to adjust to it. I think he's a more natural passer than Lamar Jackson. I I don't know where you are on that. But I think it's just he can throw from a variety of platforms, and he can throw with some, touch, and and and everything else. So I thought he was a better thrower of the football in the more. Yeah. I don't even think there's similar in at all in terms of how they play whatever I think the biggest thing for. Me is I would comprom- to more like Russell Wilson in terms of like kinda starting from their bases, particularly because Russell also played baseball. He is not as thick as rose. What are you going away? By the way, I think is going to be probably about one ninety five. I don't think he's much bigger than that. If that, you know, and he's he's going to be whatever he is five eight and a half five nine five ten I went back, and I looked at our opening stuff when he came through, and it he measured out at five ten out. I don't know if that was just a generous measurement. He didn't do he didn't do any of the testing. And normally I just kind of wanted to see what he ran. But he didn't do anything some of that may have been due to the baseball stuff. But he's more explosive than Russell is as an athlete. I will say there aren't talent is comparable. I think one thing when it comes to Russ's that he's not as thick as Ross was internet league. And we've seen how Russ is kinda grown into his body and become a little sticker. You know? I don't know if Calicut ever be Russell's Bill. But I do believe look kid has been playing all of his life. Like, he's never had any major injuries. He's always been away found a way to be successful. They talk about Texas high school football being the best football this out there. He did it at a bigger stage in the big twelve. So I won't count them out. And in this draft. I think is a perfect storm because we could talk about doing Haskins be into prototypical. But all those other guys. They question marks everywhere. So why not throw you your, you know, your head into the ring and just kinda see which team falls in love when I talk to people. I got a lot of favorable responses. I'll look man he might not be necessarily for our team when there's no doubt about the talent. And so when you hear enough of those you begin to think like me he's going into first round. I just have no idea where. Yeah. No, I agree with that assessment. He's going to definitely go in the first round. And then there's that I saw Schefter head kind of speculated a little bit this morning that you know, there's video floating around of Kingsbury saying the first pick when he was you know, while. Obviously never knew he would be on with a team that had the first pick. And then you've got Josh Rosen their Zona. So maybe they trade Josh Rosen. They draft calamari Murray. Number one, commit fulltime to this cliff cliff Kingsbury brand of football. But when I when I saw that report buck, I don't know where you are on this. But my first thought was no-one what we learned about. Josh Rosen a little bit through the draft process, even just because Adam Schefter, so reputable, the fact that this is being floated out there if Josh Rosen is unquestioned your guy, you better get out here. Someone needs to get out there and say something right away for hours and say happened. We have Josh Rosen or Josh Rosen. You'll be ha- that ain't gonna that is not going to end. Well, if you don't back him right now. And then you end up keeping an staying which Astros, and that will not be forgotten by Josh Rosen won't be. So that's why they need to squash. It if there's anything especially because it came on a cliff Kingsbury mouth, even though it came out of his mouth in October. He needs to squash and say Josh Rosen is my God. And I know he was very if you in his praise at the Prescott was before. Collar murray. Right. Right. So now, yes to make sure ain't go back and make sure that number three knows a you're my guy, we won't build a single round you and this how we're going to proceed Steve com. Also can kind of squashed at as well to let everyone know that we already have our franchise quarterback. We're looking to find another impact player the top of the draft. Yeah. Well, it'll be interesting. See what happens there with collar Murray? I would just kind of pencil it and right now based off what I've seen plenty more work to do on. All these guys. I I would still have it as Haskins at number one buck, and then to meet two and three actually kinda liked drew lock more than I thought. I would. I know the completion percentage did not great. I kinda liked him. When I watched him. So to me, I think that's a competition with with lock. And and Daniel Jones there for that number two and three spot in the in calamari, just he's a wild card. So to me he would be he'd before. But again, we saw Baker Mayfield. I thought he was the third best. And he was absolutely the right pick for the Browns. And he went one overall. So I think it those are the Ford names that we got to focus on they'll going into the spring. Yeah. I think so. And then it comes down to looking at what teams need what what what are they looking for. How do they want to build their office? And now that the coaches are beginning to settle around. Let's look and see what is available to one thing that we do know certain guys have certain parameters where quarterbacks won't fit the fact that drew lock and Danny Jones of both more of the prototypical style, they'll carry favor and some rooms whereas Murray is a little different. And look at two thousand one was my first draft just to drew Brees Michael Vick draft. And we absolutely no matter. How great drew Brees flayed? We couldn't put a first round great. On him. And so he went thirty second. Overall, the second round pick to the San Diego Chargers at the time. And that's what it was. And now we seem Baker Mayfield a guy with similar dimensions. Go number one. So all bets are off in terms of what Calum Murray would be. But I just know it made I draft coverage a lot better because then we got some quarterbacks that we can talk about. I know we thought we're always talking about defense, also Lovie, meat and potatoes. And then I saw a report coming in today that they may as may allow him to work at the combine. And all I could do was clap my hands. Go to talk about it on. It's my balls on. Yeah. So I think that's the thing is always obviously better when you have some sizzle when it comes to the quarterback in. I think one thing that I do wanna come to warn people because we're gonna hear this narrative especially coming out of Monday night's championship game with Trevor Lawrenson to windows, guys. Everyone's gonna talk about this class beam week, and I'm gonna say, please don't dismiss the talent at quarterback in this class. It's a little different. Than passers below. I remember a couple years ago with the Shawn Watson, Pat, Mahomes and those guys didn't question. Right. And then this year like last year, we talked about it being celebrated, but there are questions on Josh Allen Sam Donald and the like every year their questions on the quarterback is about picking the right one for your franchise. And then having a plant and the other thing that we have to kindly, I guess get this out of her head. Yeah. There's no waiting to get on the field. Whoever you take they're going to play their rookie season after two games four games. I as some point the rookie going to play. So we can we can quit talking about a day need to sit a year and get some seasoning yet. That's not really hit. No doesn't exist. It does not exist. And the funny thing is I think you've got luck or sorry. Drew lock in Jones. Daniel Jones, kind of I think vying for position they're both believe going to be on the same team coach by the raiders at the senior bowl. So we'll get a chance to sort those guys out. And then I mean, you could not any opposite the way Dwayne Haskins plays a game in the way Cuyler Murray. Plays a game here. They're both. Is finalists Murray wins at Murray undersized explosive, you know, going the national there the semi-final game. I didn't think he played particularly. Well, you look the MO who ran for over one hundred yards against against Alabama. No didn't Haskins his a peer pocket passer. Like, he is not moving at all. No. And that's the thing like the thing Dwayne Haskins, and we can pick them apart. We can talk about the other guys. I think is just really really important everyone kind of do the evaluation. Make sure they kinda degrades down kind of put it put it into deaths. And when we go through this roller coaster ride of the the, you know, the senior bowl combine, the workouts man, just trying to remember how they played and trying to get caught up in the workouts in some of the other stuff because man is going full you, and we'll see a lot of movement, and the guys that are probably the best evaluators are the ones that kind of state you to process, and I wanted to ask you this because you Baltimore Ozzie Newsome, feel savage at a time. They were known as I mean, every I mean organization was known as probably the. Drafting organization. How did you treat all star games and workouts when it came up to the combine we always talked about? And you hear it in the media all the time, but we always talked about just check another box. So we wanted guys that kind of we felt like just kind of passed all the tests, but we always set our board before the all star games. So guy's not gonna fall too far guy's not gonna rise too much. So you kind of anchored to the board a little bit before you get here. But we, you know, we'd be meetings and say okay guy passed the test and the regular season. He passed the test at the all star game. He was did everything you needed to do it to combine interviewed well as physical came back fine. Those types of guys we wanted to take in the first two rounds. We wanna get guys it. We're just clean across the board and didn't have any hiccups throughout that process. But now you can get some values you can get some values now and get those middle rounds because guy might lay an egg in and all star game. And and people discount everything that he did to tape. I mean, I see it. He didn't lay an agin the all star game. But I remember Desmond king getting beat verdict. By Cooper Cup and that kind of stuck to him a little bit in the draft process. The chargers ended up get him in the fifth round buck. Now, they don't ask him to play outside. He plays nickel guys. An all pro. So you can you can kind of get confused a little bit by what takes place these all star games. Okay. So it's funny that you mentioned that about also game. So you obviously worked under Ozzie Newsome who is a hall of Famer as a player would be all the famous executive wasn't already in there. I worked on the all those guys they were descendants under the wrong wolf tree. And the way that we treated all star games. We're completely different. They were independent and separate from whatever the regular season. Great was so we would give a great based on the film study from the regular season. And then we would look at the all star games and the all-star game. So in the regular season. Like, you know, how you give we have degrading scale, integrating scale of up eight point. Oh, so you can give great. And so maybe a bottom of the first grade would be a seven, oh, that's right at the bottom of the first round. It just means that you are solid starter. Euboea started from day one desk, the expectation in all. Star games. It was a simpler smaller grading scale that was really one to five. So if a guy had excellent week at the senior bowl or at the blue gray game or any of the games, we went to we just give them a five if it was very good for three or whatever. But they great didn't really factor into how we view them on the board. It was just a thing to be. Okay. We'll also game. He kind of had a little issue dealing with speed. Let's go back to the regular season tape and see if that showed up at all, and is anything that we missed based on what we saw at the all-star game. The same thing would be said for workouts at the combine watching workout. If a speed issue came up, a let's go back and look at the tape degrade doesn't change but less make sure we didn't overlook anything. Now. I know some people somewhere is Asians do it a little differently. But I was always taught like Dessau you valuated. Make sure your grade is really rooted into what you saw from them. On the film and the fall, and that you don't get swayed too much by what happens after December. Yeah. We did something similar. So every if you're there in all star game. You don't stay for the game for those that don't know the most scouts come in their personnel departments in there for the practices. Then you'll watch the game on on tape when it comes into the facility, but you're there from Monday to Thursday, so Thursday or Wednesday evening, I guess I should say because he watched the morning practice Thursday, then usually they leave but Wednesday evening, we would run out a conference room, and we would all the scouts come in there. And during the week every scout would be assigned to a position at at the senior bowl. So we would then you had to write a little summary on your on the guys in your position you had to give them we use the same grading scale. We use in the fall you had to give him a grade for that week. And then you had to rank them in their position group. So we'd say all right. Let's start with DB's DJ. You do the DB's? So I'd read my I go through all of them. All right, starting with the number one guy, you know, that this this week, you know, sixty seven number two guy this, and so you were kind of stacking those. Guys, just based off of that week. And then it could be a little bit of a could be a tie-breaker. I guess I should say when you get into the draft room. So hey, we have trying to sort this guy out two guys said they'd take Jones two guys to say, they take Smith. You know, what they were at the senior bowl together in the same db group in Jones, you know, we had him as a number one guy that we Smith was number five guy. So that'll be the tiebreaker. We'll put him over him. So that's kind of how we did. It man. This is so funny when you talk about like the tiebreaker because I told you we did those long meetings Lena by where we're all together. And even though you graded everybody in the fall like we were sitting there. So for twelve scouts on staff. We were sitting around the table we were popping the tape and on the board. We have all the left tackles or all the office of tackles and affable order, and we would just go down. Athabasca order pop three tapes in on blankety blank prospect, a we'll look at all of them. Then we kind of have a group discussion. And then we've become the said the board that way, and it would take about seventeen. Eighteen days to get all of the names. But the one thing that I liked about doing it that way because I was working in the west, and I hadn't had an opportunity to see some of the guys in the southeast gave me opportunity that by the time. I got to the combine I knew everyone was so at least when I'm looking at like, okay, I remember to from Mississippi State or from LSU. So it just it just gave me a different kind of perspective. And it actually my mind. Help me when I went back on the road to be like year this guys nice out west, but he's a west coast east. Yes. Yes. Oh, so it was so it was good from Davidge more. But I wanted to get into that. Because man you had opportunity to work in Baltimore. So sometimes like we always talk about the secret sauce, and because they've been able to kind of knock it out the park. I just wondered what you know, like poor someone to catch up. All right. Let's go through just real quick here. Give me see if we can do. Let's see one liner. Okay. I'm gonna give you the coach that's been hired by the organization, and you just kind of give me your one liner could be a comment could be a question could be a concern you it's up to you book a challenge. You ready go? All right. The jets higher Adam case. That your comment. I just don't I just don't know how to feel about this because he has a reputation for being a quarterback developing. Everything's about Sam darnold. He's gonna bring Dowell loggains with him. But I just don't know. I I guess need to notice success stories. Well, everybody says, you know, Peyton had his best year with gays that was how we got the reputation started to grow. And then you had Cutler had two of his better years. I think two of his best years with him there with the bears. That's what got him the dolphins job and tannehill played well early when he was healthy. So that's that's that's the that's the supporting argument. Yeah. So that's that's the just man. I'm just curious. Like, what is he going to do because he's just off inside a division? Let go inside the vision. Division division Rowlett. And you scoop them up and make him your guy. And I think the Witter thing that came out of that it seemed like you got met rule was really in play. But that mcadoo wanted to hire his staff like who would ever agree to that? You know, I think that's probably, you know, I tip my cap to Matt rule and saying, hey, you know, what he's he is his reputation is really growing in the NFL for what he's doing at the college level. He's got NFL of some NFL experience. He's got the Tom Coughlin stamp of approval. Haven't been around him. Don't just wait man, you'll you'll get a job when you get to bring all your dudes. Don't don't take one and get get other coaches forced on you. That's just be patient. He'll he's going to get one here. He's a good coach, man. Yeah. I mean, I think he is a good coach. And I think what he's been able to do in Baylor. Turn the program around having some NFL experience turned program around in temple lie DJ, if I'm talking about taking a college, that's the kind of college that I want I would like to have. A little level of success and be like, okay. He's running program. He understands how to get the program going because in the NFL. That's what you have to you got to get the entire program going beyond just a quarterback. All right. Let's go to the next one here. Freddie kitchens. The browns. I like it. I like it had a conversation with someone who has all staff up there lashing. They talked about Freddie, kitchens into collaborative effort that he kind of engaged in after he took over on offense and how they kinda share responsibilities. How to players were involved in terms of building the game plan and those things, and I really really liked that there's a part of me that believes that coaching in the pros is really a cooperation you want to solicit feedback from all of your systems, you won't players to have a little bit of input because I just believe more people are willing to invest and kind of buy in when you kinda give them a little say in the process. Yeah. I liked it too. I think it's smart. He's already shown he can he can move the football. And he's he's got a good report there with Baker Mayfield. Now that just comes down to me. And the right defensive coordinator, Greg Williams out. They gotta go find a good coordinator. So that'll be his challenge. But I do like the move. I think it makes sense Broncos Vic Fangio love it. And I love it. Because at a time when everyone or kind of reaching out trying to find these inexperienced, head coaches. A like the fact that the Broncos are getting these grizzled guys together, not only do you give Vic Fangio, but you get Gary kubiak who used to be the head coach you have that experience. There you have experienced play calls on both sides of the ball. And for team that I think still defensively they have enough pieces to almost be at a championship level. I believe these are the right guys to kind of get it going. I like what they're doing in Denver on this one. Yeah. I was talking with somebody that said in the league and said, you know, what L still from kind of old school, and he just went and found a guidance a good football coach, you know, like, he's you know, maybe a little bit vix a little bit gruff. I've been around in Baltimore. And he's going to he's going to be very Frank, and maybe not going to be the best press conference guy. But he's a football coach. And he was in Baltimore. And was there. He was kind of a top as as Bill IX like timeout guy. Like, he was okay, man. I didn't. I didn't know he's been. He's just one year. Okay. Well, yeah. He was I don't think he would he wouldn't on the field. He was just he was up in the booth. All right. Bruce Arians Tampa. I love this. When to I think experience matters just like we talked about the Denver Broncos going to get into best coach. I think the fact that Bruce Arians is grizzled enough and Desta word that I used earlier I think he's grizzled enough to maybe maximized Jameis Winston I think he might be the right kind of tough guy. Nice guy to count the work there. But also like the fact that he had a staff ready to go when he got there Todd Bowles as defense coordinator by left which coming in as the offensive coordinator. I think this is a move that Bruce areas made the be there for a couple of years. I think this job transitions eventually Todd Bowles tap. Yeah. It makes sense. I I like it. He's got to get James up and running. I think. Gel. Very well. With him reminds me a lot there, JIMBO. So that'll be interesting there Kingsbury, I know you've gone on record on this one. So I'll take it book. Shocked. Maybe I guess shocked. It'd be the word I would use. I just didn't think you could sell it. You know, a part of the part of the deal is you got to be able to sell the higher not only to the tongue to the fan base. I'm even talking to the team, you know, he's gonna it's gonna take a minute. I think for cliff Kingsbury to earn the trust of some veterans on that team. They might just go full rebuild just just scrap it buck and just go completely young try and build it up from the ground floor because I can imagine that will get met with some eye rolls in the building. You know, look. This guy's wasn't successful at Texas Tech. The guy had NFL MVP at quarterback. It still wasn't winning big. And then for to answer the questionnaire. But it's going to say it's hard to win at Texas Tech. Well, Mike Leach was more successful with a lot less. So I'm just saying he's gonna have to win over the building. And that's going to be it's going to be as I challenge there. You know, the funny thing is of all of the coaches at Texas Tech. He has the worst record Mike Leach Sonny dykes all those guys. Like, he fall below. All those guys. Now, I will say this the first month of the season is going to be the most important month for cliff Kingsbury if they can start off fast, then I think you'll get guys to buy into it. But this move kind of reminds me a little bit of the Steve Spurrier higher in Washington. And so is really really important that he picks a staff that has enough NFL experience that can get it going while still respecting him. And I think that is going to be a hard deal because when he comes and depending on how his ideas are in his ideas are kind of too far off the radar, and they're real collegiate like some of those ole ole school coaches are going to look at him sideways, and they're gonna walk out the building and they don't start murmur into themselves. And I don't think he can have those kind of guys on staff and he also has to hire the right defense coordinator because the defensive coordinator in a way is going to be the de facto head coach because he is going to be the one that's experienced in the league and. He has to make sure he not only gets a guy that has the right resume and winning pedigree. He also has to write personality. So he doesn't come to usurp. What cliff Kingsbury is trying to do in Arizona. Great points. All right. Just quickly on this last one here because we talked about it because we got it in real time on the pod previously. But the floor with the Packers. You know, this is this is an interesting higher, man. I text a bunch of guys about leflore, and they said, echoes wise. He's terrific. Great mind. Brig your mind has been exposed to a lot of stuff. He comes from the Mike Shanahan cow Shanahan tree. However, they said man had one guy tell me like and I never saw him as a head coach tight down. Never saw at another guy say light, look, leadership, skills and communication are his weakness. So the the relationship between he and Aaron Rodgers will be interesting. How he tries to navigate that. And by his own admission he talked about like working with Matt Ryan and how it took a little while for Matt Ryan to come to warm up to him. I think the biggest thing that leflore has to be when he walks in the door. He asked to be authentic, whatever his personality is he has to just own go about it. And then the second thing. Yes, to do as he has to find a middle ground with Aaron Rodgers a little bit of what he likes a little bit of what I like come together. But I don't think he can come in as a young inexperienced guy and kind of tell the former MVP this is how are we going to do it? It's my way at highway. He has to kind of figure out a way to bridge that relationship because if he gets that, right? Everybody else will fall in the line. Yeah. I think we can kinda say the same thing. But all these it's about earning some trust. I think the one built in advantage is is when you look at Freddie kitchens, their he already has a trust of that building with with what he did with that offense there in Cleveland, instant see what happens with these other two openings got the Bengals the dolphins still way. No, see what happens there. I hear Christmas chard kinda guy buck what the dolphins potentially could. Yeah. Yeah, possibility. Yeah. The two two names tuna Christmas short and Brian floors. Chris has relationship longer this year, but the New England page because his dad Bobby was a longtime executive there. And so maybe he looks back at that organization and appreciates and respects to stability of their program. Maybe tries to emulate some of that down in Miami. Or he just goes for a guy that I call an energy, Chris Charlotte is the energizer bunny. He's a guy that when we were in Seattle. We drafted him. He was third round pick for us play for us for a couple of years. We trade him to Miami where he finished his career, and he has a reputation for being one of the best teachers in the in the game. But he's also one of the best leaders. And so if you're looking for a dynamic leader, he certainly is that I don't know if the Miami Dolphins can go wrong with idiot, though, either those guys, but also believe that the special teams coach Rizzi that it keep interviewing he be in play. And I think more team should look and consider special team coaches because they are the one. Coach that deals with everybody on the team the coordinators on both sides the players on both sides. They always have to be into when it comes to gain management is an underrated position. But as one they could turn out a really good head coach just look at what John Haubert has been able to no doubt good point. We'll see what happens to those last two openings and buck before we get to these NFL games big playoff game series. Let everybody know they can stream every NFL playoff game live on your mobile or tablet through the NFL or Yahoo sports app. So if you're on the move, you can still check out the playoff games this week. Let's just go. We're kind of getting a little bit short on time. Just kind of the one key here. Let's go to the games colts chiefs. What what's the overriding thing here? What's going to decide this game coz have to control the ball? And I know like man Franken I go way back and Frank talked about like, we're not gonna play keep away. We're going to try and scored or whatever. But if he's trying to fast break with the candidacy still get blown out the building. No, they're high scoring outfit. But the best part of the Kansas City Chiefs is their office. So the best way to keep them Ebbe. Don't let them get the ball. If they continue to play the way that they've played control the ball takes us out of maximum protection to men rouse and find a way to kind of get their time possession to about the thirty two thirty three Mark. I absolutely believe that Indianapolis Colts can go on the road and win a playoff game. I think you said it perfectly. I I like the colts in this game. I think they match up. Well, I just think Andrew Jackson have a little bit easier. Go of it against that that group on the other side than Pat Mahomes, we'll going up against a pretty stingy colts defense still shooting though. It's going to be shootout big-time shoot shootout high scoring game. Cowboys Rams, I'll take this one. Buck to me when I look at this ball game. I think these these linebackers for the Cowboys. This is a perfect stage for them the play inside out versus Todd Gurley in that primitive run game. They'll run those fly sweeps they're able to get to the edges, and you're not always going to be able to set the edge with your with your end. So you gotta be able to sprint to the football. Inside out. I think the speed of the Dallas Cowboys inside linebackers not only ranging to the primer, but also gonna be challenged a little bit in coverage. We saw this Rams offense. When Todd Gurley was rolling. We saw them isolate some good linebackers shoot. I remember Anthony Barr getting toasted so they're shopping coverage as well. But I think the Cowboys linebackers the key this game yet a Cowboys linebacker have do a good job of containing tiger. When I look at the Rams personnel are really think they're a team that has to scheme it up for their guys to win. I like the Cowboys personnel on the outside better. And then on offense. I just think if the Cowboys able to run the football and kinda pounded it's another game keep away and playing at the Coliseum if plays in your favorite because more than fifty percent of the fans in the building will be cowboy fan. No be interesting to see what happens there. I'll be doing chargers patriots. So I'll just get your thoughts on this one. What do you think your buck? You know, look if the charges are able to walk into the stadium and they don't get daunted by the helmet and the logo. They absolutely should be the team that wins. It did a more towns. The team that a team that has all the level players. If we drafted the top ten players on both rosters. I would say eight or nine of them would be charges overpay traits. And so that's the deal. But the patriots are team that they typically find a way to do whatever it takes to win in this game. I think they're going to play Wisconsin basketball. I think you'll see more twenty one and twenty two personnel. They're going to run the football. And they're really going to be selective with their slots their shots. They don't want Philip rivers in this offense to get on track. I just kind of thing that Tom Brady is going to try and control it on his end. And it really would be up to charge his defense to dictate the terms. I'm just give you one guy here for the for the patriots teepee. And I on here is Trey flowers is is a really good defensive player there. He can generate some pressure move him around if they want to. So that'd be one guy. Just keep an eye out for the patriots. The chargers had had some pass protection issues. There are much better that last meeting with the Baltimore Ravens but previously against the ravens and the Broncos they had some issues. So keep an eye. Trey flowers be key player for the patriots in that game eagles saints. What do you think man? You know, like you got to weather. The storm everybody ever talked to about playing the saints in their place. They always talk about the way they play at home is so much faster than the way they played the road. So you have to be able to kind of get out of the first round. I mean, they were kinda liking it too old school Ronda Rousey fight like, you gotta get past the first round and taking the deep. What if you can do that you can survive the Philadelphia Eagles have to just kind of be enraged at the end of the first quarter. If they do that, I think they can rely on the experience and find a way to maybe get it done at the end. But that first quarter is everything if I'm the saints. You wanna star fast and get that crowd whipped into a frizzy? And if I'm the eagles, I just kind of want to stay close and kind of take it into the fourth quarter and find a way to knock him off at the end. Yeah. You want to hang in there. And I'll tell you what the other thing you've gotta do you gotta take away the stars. You can't if you're the eagles and you lose this game. And they're throwing the ball around everybody else. But mike. Thomas and Alvin Kamara you just kind of live with it. If that happens that happens. Well, you can't do you can't get out there in that first drive, and you look up and Michael Thomas has already caught three balls and chimeras got loose. You've got to find a way to take those guys away that to me is going to be the big challenge for that group when you go back in and look at their earlier meeting with the saints. I mean, look at Michael Thomas a pretty good job at four catches for ninety two yards. But man, they've got to do they've got to continue to do that with him, and then shutdown Kamerhe they couldn't get chimera stopped in that first meeting. So that that to me is the key for that eagles defence. Yeah. That is absolutely. The key. They have to do a good job of of containing it slowing it down. But you're right. This is as simple as you have to make someone else out of number forty one number thirteen beach may make somebody else make plays less than body else. Beer hero. But you cannot let those guys get off. Make drew Brees have to go. A little deeper down the depth chart defense playmakers in this game. There you go. Let's. Let's look forward to a great weekend of NFL football. And we'll sooner or later buck. We're gonna know who's coming into the draft. Officially saw the Missouri tight end just announced he's going back to school, which is a blessing because I don't know how to pronounce his last name. I was going to be Albert, oh, but he's going back to Missouri. So we'll worry about him next year. Yeah. Man. So many tight ends in this draft. Like if you're looking for playmakers to second and third round should be loaded with tiny tons of. I'm good grip safeties to all right? Let's let's get out of here. Look forward to catching up with everybody next week. You're going to have the PB you you've got rent in. I believe Sunday right to go over. We'll take away podcast which will be released on Monday. And then we'll be down there in Tampa for the east west game. I think we're new podcast down there. So we'll have all your all your reaction to these games as well as a little preview there for Sunday's all star games coming up. So should be any else you got buck now to it, man. Just working on the notebook talk. What? Right. Talking about play call. And then how the Dallas Cowboys are built the right way to be a champion roster for us to come get stuff. NFL dot com slash bookie Brooks. You can check out buggies notebook each. And every week. That's going to force. Thank you guys for listening. We'll see next time right here on move the sticks. Thanks for downloading move, the sticks with Daniel, Jeremiah and Buffy Brooks for more Goto, NFL dot com slash podcasts.

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