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Kingdom Radio debates fan Mahomes vs. L. Jackson


Sports update all Kansas City chiefs. Brought to you by Arrowhead. Empty joined Chris on iheartradio apple podcast. Google podcast specifies regard player at them cast box and all third party applications check out facebook platforms such as of date and Arrowhead of being. And if you cannot finest their research kingdom radio it's issues and you will find us. Welcome to the Kingdom. Welcome to kingdom radio. I'm your host Richard Smith and with me tonight as always my senior. Nfl analyst and Co host Chris Chavez. We've got got a special podcast tonight. A Baltimore Ravens. Fan Coming on these two. Are you the fact that he will say that? Lamar Jackson is a superior quarterback in every way in every way to Patrick Mahomes Chris. How are we doing this evening fantastic? I'M STILL ON THAT SUPER BOWL. I know and you know I wanted to say something about that. It's still there. I'm still feeling you know we have a whole offseason ahead of us but this is probably the one time in my life that Not asking myself why after the end of the season. And it's amazing and yeah can't see chiefs Super Bowl. Fifty four champions. I'm proud of proud of it but Patrick mahomes absolutely absolutely and former. Mvp tonight we have somebody coming on here to discuss the reigning MVP Lamar Jackson. And you say you. And that is sage craft. Welcome to show. He's from York Pennsylvania He's a Penn State Graduate Bachelor in science and a minor in psychology and psychology. Major in psychology. Excuse me apologize. I mean he definitely needs to be introduced correctly so sage. You know what I'm GONNA I don't know if you want the floor right now to start off or do you want me to start off with Patrick Mahomes. But I'll tell you what there's amunition waiting on this end here and we can start off however you want to well. I'm I'll be glad to be here. I'm definitely nervous. This is my first ever podcast I feel like you can. You can lead the way with Mahomes Aright so Chris so we can all get involved in this conversation here. Let's start off with you know some statistics here because Chris. You're use the statistics king. I Love I love my stats on this end but I really want to hear what you have to say out of the gate and we'll follow Chris lead so go ahead. Chris. We'll end head to head battles. Just looking at the two passion mahomes comes out with a glistening to nothing record. Cisterna those two batches nothing. You're not just an head matches but also in the two years of these two players have been starting together or how many no look passes. Has Lamar Jackson completed sage? Let's hear this one. No look passes. I'm not sure probably not. I would say zero but I do know that Lamar Jackson tire. Nfl touchdown passes which I mean he. He did lead the NFL. Touchdown passes this year. And I just want to point this out that it's solely because the super bowl. Mvp His knee was on the side of his leg and sat out for three games of the season. I think that if if that wouldn't have happened that we'd be having a different conversation here but the you are speaking facts so I don't want to downplay. The fact that Lamar Jackson led the League and touchdown passes because he did Now Chris what ultimately when we look at stats here we're talking about a Patrick Mahomes For in his career Let's see where's he at and touchdowns Seventy six touchdowns in his career. Lamar Jackson Forty two touchdowns in his career. So with that was what sage just said which is true. How how can you contest to that? What what are we? What are we doing? What are we looking at here? Okay so over. The course of their careers and two years Passion homes averaging two point five touchdown passing touchdowns per game whereas more Jackson's averaging one point four and then you also look at this year stats which this is Lamar Jackson. Mvp YEAR. He threw for three thousand one hundred and twenty seven yards and that was in the fifteen game season Knowing that he was held out in week sixteen or seventeen excuse me as homes having missed a game and a half with his knee of on the side of his leg. threw for four thousand thirty one yards and a game in half a game less because he only played in fourteen games. So we'll actually given half because you also have to take into consideration in the game that he got hurt against Denver. He didn't play for half of that. Game counts as a four game and so you throw that in there as well. He throw throw more yards in. You also look at the number of sacks Lamar Jackson at twenty three sacks. This year fashionable homes only took seventeen six now granted more. Jekyll absolutely give him his props. He's a fantastic back. Absolutely he ran for twelve hundred yards. But even if you add quarterback but go on hold. Yeah but within okay. He's a quarterback with running ability. But when you look at it where when you look at the overall when you add up the stats of total rushing yards and passing yards. Still doesn't compare to Patrick. Mahomes who is five hundred yards and kind of guest meeting there because I can't really do the math in my head. But he's about five hundred yards away from ten thousand yards in two seasons. Say Take off. I feel like I have several points that I want to get to like following that response the first thing that went through my head was I have the stats here. And if we look in simply wins and losses simply wins and losses in the regular season but wins and losses. You mentioned that Patrick. Mahomes missed three games. The the stats here. Say That is quarterback record in games that he played in where I assume start. Eating is in Lebanon and three that that was Patrick. Moms record seven eleven and three. If you look at the Mark Jackson his record season he sat in week. Seventeen because they secured the first round by his record was thirteen. And and one loss was to the chiefs and the chiefs. Grech chiefs can see chiefs. Okay okay I just wanted to clear that up real quick because but my point in bringing up the wins and losses was Patrick. Mahomes played less games but he lost readings. And and that's yeah and that's why and that's why. Lamar Jackson won the MVP. This season Patrick Miles. No no no no negative. That is it now okay. So there's a line in the sand to to wear any given year. A player can have a more talented year and have the status year for Lamar Jackson. I'm giving him his credit Harrison. Like I really. This is a comparison that I really thought about for a long time like I have to stop and go speak up Louisville. Okay I compare how I can care. Lamar versus Mahomes Lamar Jackson junior his full name. Lamar Dimitrius Jackson all right. Lamar Jackson versus Patrick. Mahomes is the new era Peyton men versus Tommy. So but what about who? I'll tell you to Patrick. Mahomes is peyton Manning Lamar Jackson. Has Tom Brady dog get Outta here? Lavar Jackson is Tom. Brady I swear to God. So what about the shot? So this John Watson Chris go ahead. No you took exactly rose going to You've got so many other quarterbacks who are going to be vying for that comparison sage and while understand where you're coming from but to Shawn Watson is arguably he probably a bitter quarterback right now l. Them Lamar Jackson will. You're coming from in regards to the overall records which I understand week. Shawn Watson wasn't considered was equally didn't why didn't you an MVP well because Football is a team sport. Because he didn't run for twelve hundred yards because he's not as good as Lamar Jackson. Lamar Jackson is something has ever seen done before his grand for twelve hundred yards the more taxes on credit. There is a fantastic athlete. Who is your present. Lamar speaking to speak in your phone. Lamar Jackson is the best quarterback in the world and in the NFL and how many super bowl wins? Does he have true. How many Super Bowl? Mvp's does he have zero currently. How many how many times has he thrown for fifty touchdowns and five thousand yards in the season? He hasn't done for fifty touchdowns but he got fifty votes touche. I mean I don't know where to go with that but okay so all around passer rating N N total for for for Patrick. Mahomes an Lamar Jackson career. We're talking one ten for Pash. Mahomes and one or four point seven for Jackson so we know who the superior passer is and we know who the superior rusher is. Can I make another point here? Cheering mentioned that loved. You mentioned that the market reach fifty touchdowns right well. Let's set the record straight on. How many got in the first place which was like I believe off the top of my head was like forty three? You could check me if I'm wrong. Forty to forty okay. So it's forty three now. Let's consider the fact that I mentioned earlier that the Mars record was thirteen to remember whether it was right. Why was at thirteen to fourteen to because he was set the last game of season because the Kansas City chiefs locked in the number two spot and and it well. It didn't matter while the Ravens had one chiefs out to didn't need to play in week. Seventeen he didn't need to play because he was. He felt short by seven but he skipped that game and he scored five touchdowns three times previously in the season. So one game could have been five touchdowns and then another thing. You're forgetting that earlier. In the season they were sitting him in the fourth quarter they literally would sit him at the beginning of the fourth quarter several games. What A SMART. What a smart franchise would do. And if you add. All those fourth quarters backing would've went way past fifty. What are you talking about? But he didn't but what about Okay but he didn't he didn't so we're about last mahomes. Here's the thing. Patrick Mahomes was playing in week. Seventeen Patrick Mahomes of playing week. Seventeen and I work out for him. Oh that's right he just happened. All Super Bowl. Ee padded the stats. Okay but that the year he threw fifty touchdowns he lost a new England so now all alone. The defense had stats. He was earning a chiefs second seed into the playoffs. It would it would have been adding the stats if we had already had. Ours are seed locked up down for -TUNITIES lamade didn't have the opportunity they sat. That's okay but how is that a comparison? You CANNOT COMPARE THAT SCENARIO. Because it wasn't like he was sad because he was bad he was. He was on the bench because he was so unstoppable. He's on the bench because they protecting them to go into the playoffs because he was the ultimate weapon and this and this season and you're right and and the two thousand nineteen season. Lamar Jackson was the ultimate weapon. And the two thousand nineteen season. Patrick Mahomes is the ultimate quarterback. Chris could you? Are you with that no we? I mean you look at all of the numbers Stat Wise career-wise playoff wise as Lamar Jackson in. Yeah he had a fantastic year. I'm not gonNA take away from him on that look. At how many yards? He pulled up nearly five hundred yards in his playoff loss. Yeah five-pointed let that slide like people didn't make a big deal about that. If it was Tom Brady. People would have been like oh five hundred yards but people didn't really care 'cause it was Lamar Jackson. Five hundred jars. He had five hundred total yards yet to even better. Here's here's the thing is is people noticed though and sage. I want you to know that this is not. The Lamar Jackson is getting unnoticed. And we don't think that he is a top tier quarterback. I'm absolutely putting a Lamar Jackson. You know if not top three top five so make no mistake. There's R- There's respect that lies here in this conversation You know within is the respect though because your friend was just calling him a running back but that I mean I mean Chris. He does have a valid point there. But let's make but think about this for me but I don't even know if that's about point because for me. I feel like I would be flattered that I would be considered a running back and quarterback Chris go ahead ladainian Tomlinson in factoring anti was a running back. Who sometimes throw the ball with. Did we necessarily call him a quarterback? No because he didn't do it all that often where who he's running as we have a thomason. Yes when you haven't Robinson was always a running back. Lamar never played running back in his entire life. So when he runs for one hundred seventy six attempts when he has more rushing attempts than any other running back on the roster in any given game or in most of the Games he's he's not also potentially run playing running back as well in every game that Lamar Jackson has started in at any level whether it was like from a child to college to the NFL. Every single game ever played. He was listed as a quarterback On team but when you also look at Heuer's Kordell Stewart who lined up over the fields. They played certain positions. But my Martin Will Lamar win. Lamar Jackson and is taking the snap as a quarterback on employees that is as a designed run comes a runner and so every quarterback. So does the white quarterbacks who can't run that fast well. I'm not making this thing about any sort of color bro. What I'll say is what I'm saying is calm. Here's the thing. Tom Brady becomes a running back when he runs. That's what you're telling me so. Let me interject for. Let me check too because Chris getting a little hot on your end and now let me let me just say this is. I don't think that there's any compare. We can't compare Lamar Jackson to anybody. Because Lamar Jackson has done something that nobody's ever done and he's a quarterback who rushed for twelve hundred yards in a season. The closest thing to to that you know as Michael Vick and so look the props are. They're mad respect. I don't know why it has. I respect your comment sage. About how no matter who it is in the situation and says situational football. You become a a running back if your quarterback I don't I don't care how it's how it's the I guess Tom Brady. Is Tom Brady a running back when he runs because Iran? Sometimes Tom Brady Ron. Sometimes does that make him a running back? What is what's the arbitrary. What's the arbitrary crossing point to win? You're running back. They're not so. No Lamar Jackson hold on. Lamar Jackson is a quarterback is a quarterback but what a-? All I'm saying is is sage. I'm agreeing with you about the fact of when you say and situational football when you're being rushed or pressured or a call is played and you are choose you choose or you're forced to run the ball. Every the platform is the same for everybody and I understand what you're saying on that stage and I agree with you. The platform is the same. So I wouldn't when Tom Brady's being rushed and he chooses to run. No he does not make him running back. He's still quarterback but he has has to run the ball so I I see what you're saying and the respect is there and I think that proves the point a little bit into your side of things and you know just on that on that note so Chris I want you to take that into consideration what he just said you know how I just broke down and now cal fire back. And you know intellectually rationally and kind of. Let's break this down because he's right. He's right in a sense. There's no argument with it. But let's listen this in a different direction. So did I miss peak when I refer to him as a running back. Yeah but it just Tom Brady drew. Brees does any other quarterback on the ball as much as the Mark Jackson does know. Lamar Jackson is a run. I quarterback and you know and that's and I think that if he's a run. I quarterback who is the leader in the NFL in touchdown passes for the season to season passes. And you know. And here's Chris Okay so now I'm not. I WANNA break this down to because Chris when we're thinking about one season I know that you and I automatically our brain triggers to last season. And you know Patrick mahomes fifty touchdowns but Chris look at this as an average season an average season. An and that's like this season. I mean. This was average season quarterback think. Here's the thing I talked about people. Not Giving Lamar enough credit that he deserves. Here's the thing. Do you realize that to become the unanimous? Mvp He's only the second player ever to win that and the other person to win it. Was Tom frigging break. Patrick Mahomes win the got hurt. Margerison went in one. Mvp about last year. When when mahomes through fifty touchdown he wasn't he wasn't getting voted as the MVP. Chris Fire Off Kris. Okay so looking at last year and this year's so I'm cutting out bashing MOMS as cocoa first season because it was only a game so looking at last year and this year. Your remark Jackson has completed sixty three point seven percent of his completions or of his attempts which is an absolutely fantastic number to have. I mean I think that any any team other than the chiefs would probably want that. Completion percentage trip and that's saying average league in an average league so keep going well Adams as sitting there at sixty six percent which is two point three percent better or you also look at the number of attempts Pasha moans has had versus Jackson. It's almost five hundred more attempts which is why you have such a staggering a differentiation with nine extra games nine next year or was that just the season You're looking at eight extra games but Jack has more Jackson has twenty two games on record whereas homes has a has thirty so there's an eight game differential there but his what what does pass attempts have to do with A. Who's the better quarterback number of attempts and you take into consideration the completion a completion percentage? Which would you said was two percent which is not really significant to percents has not really significant. Okay but when you take that over five five hundred more attempts that's got many more completions five hundred ten per game with with a extra Keaton's. Yeah and so when you look at the yards per game average Ashley. Homes is averaging three hundred and four point three yards passing housing for a game so the mild with Christian for one hundred yards against Lamar Jackson is averaging one hundred thirty nine point yards passing and st one point three yards rushing per game. Even if you add those two numbers together you don't get the three hundred yards that passions is throwing four and I'm not even GonNa add in sixteen point three yards rushing. He's averaging throughout his career. Either a a all I gotta say is a big trust. Woo So do it keep going. Yeah because I feel like that point wasn't very strong to say to hell. His completion percentage just two percent better. He had five hundred more yards. Whatever like tests just arbitrary stuff. It's like we looked at the wins and losses. We looked at the wins and losses. And Lamar won more games and he had less losses. Mom's lost more games and had less went all right so let me let me step in here real quick. Because I'm going to bring up a great point here and I know passionate mahomes played eight more games. But I'm gonNA bring up a staggering number here for you and this should says shed some light a little bit on the scenario two seasons for both players ballplayers two seasons. Patrick Mahomes has thrown for nine thousand one hundred and twenty eight yards. Mark Jackson Stone for four thousand three hundred and twenty eight yards. The difference between that is astronomical. So I want to say this this this eight eight extra games. We're talking about a whole season but we're talking about half a season but he's doubled his numbers more than doubled more than doubled his numbers plus five hundred numbers plus five bucks. So here's the thing is when you WanNa talk about the best quarterback in the NFL. Let's talk about the best quarterback in the NFL because when you talk about the if if both of these players were too into their careers right now. There's no way. Lamar Jackson could ever be considered a better quarterback patch mahomes ever have an MVP Lamar. That's the only comparison that's it. I'm VP his his his his point. I want to make this is. Who's going to remember? The Lamar Jackson was the unanimous. Mvp other than Baltimore Ravens fans when nobody's going to remember that will here's who will patriots fans will remember because Tom Brady's the only other one they're not paying attention there to hurt their to her. Hey let's keep a real patriots fans don't know anything right now. Because they're watching that dynasty come to an end because of flu. Patrick Mahomes Tom. Brady's GONNA play for the Miami Dolphins next to you really think so. We'll see what happens with that. You heard it first from sage. Craft Miami Dolphins Tom Brady. I'm GonNa tell you this. I think I think Teddy Bridgewater is GONNA play for La chargers. So there you go. I don't know that's my thoughts because Teddy. Bridgewater is a better quarterback injuries. You're saying that the mark drought. Here's the young girls are making excellent. Sorry you were saying that. Lamar Jackson. It's the younger quarterback Greg. It's still echoing somebody. I don't know what's going on Chris. Good okay so backward to quarterback yes Lamar Jackson. He's younger than Patrick Mahomes. Okay well how the records during the younger quarterback to throw for six touchdowns in the game who is that good sage? I guess I'm going to take a stab psychiatric problems. Yes yeah absolutely now twitching. Weird four days. What is that supposed to prove? He threw six touchdowns in a game. Saudi books Nick Foles so let me ask you this. I'm going to go deeper here. Hold on hold on. Let me step and I'M GONNA go deeper here. Saves let me ask you this. How many times has Lamar Jackson thrown or even scored four touchdowns in a quarter in the NFL? I don't probably zero zero and Patrick. Mahomes did it twice. I think. Lamar scored five touchdowns three times the season. Well we'll see how that is a great stat five five touchdowns three times this season. But you know what else is? A great stat is three. Come behind wins and the playoffs which has never been done before and the super bowl to become super bowl fifty four champions and to become the super bowl fifty four. Mvp So here. This is what I want to ask you sage. Okay we've given credit where credit is due. But I definitely haven't heard sage give credit where credit is due so as much as you. Can I give you the reason? Why why Yes has? It's because my opinion is the hot tip. My opinion is what you think. Lamar's better than Patrick Mahomes. You're crazy but and here's why because there's a difference between being hoover rated and being underrating. Patrick Mahomes is very overrated. Absolutely not because the media pumps him up the media. Hails has number one because he's clearly number mark that Lamar Jackson is under. No He's not. He's not underrating underrated. He wouldn't have won the MVP if he's underrated sage he wouldn't have won the MVP because even even though he is unanimous. Mvp He's still under. How does that make sense? That makes zero sense that better than let me tell you this. I'm GONNA there is. That was an arrogant statements. What that was because if you're the unanimous MVP that means that everybody believed that you the best player in league that means you can't hold any higher accolades so tell me. Is Lamar Jackson? Better than Patrick Mahomes. No no unanimous. I'm just made the argument that if you've been unanimous. Mvp this off season this season. This season one year is not enough to say that. Lamar Jackson is better than Patrick Mahomes. You're telling me that this season tells you the he's better look look at the MVP season. Patrick Mahomes had blows blows. That out of the five touchdown is where you're on your own Lamar Jackson. Mvp was much more impressive than Patrick. Mahomes. Mvp a twelve hundred rushing yards. 'cause nobody's doesn't because nobody's because and 'cause nobody's done that to people before. Patrick Mahomes a throne for five thousand yards and fifty touchdowns. It's not just about the it's not just about the rushing yards. It's about Lamar. Jackson is a better football players and Patrick. Mahomes peers negative. It's just the truth to halt. Jackson was the fastest seven thousand five hundred crew passing yards for games along the way. No Patrick Mahomes. Before Elkin passing an forty touchdown passes in thirteen games. Not That's Patrick Mahomes. I'M GONNA put not always about the stats. It's about when you're watching the game and if you listen to us about rings isn't it? It's about rings isn't it? It's not about stamps point when the when the Ravens beat the seahawks. Remember that remember when the Ravens went to Seattle in the rain and beat the seahawks. Remember that Jesus won't turn New England and beat them up there but we did you guys watch that game honestly when Moammar went to Seattle and beat them. Okay in that game if you sat down and watch the game like in the announcers and like the energy of the game and what? It must have felt like to be there. Because I wasn't there I would watch them on. Tv But literally. Energy Lamar is like taking over the game. And if you go and Google it literally. The seahawks defenders were literally like making headlines. Because they were just like. We couldn't stop him. We couldn't stop Lamar. He was unstoppable. But you know who did stop him? You know who did stop them though two years in a row who stopped them Kansas City Titans. But here's the thing titans meet the chiefs too but we beat the Titans and AFC championship game. The one that you the one the one that Lamar Jackson didn't get to that's the most unfortunate thing about the season. The most unfortunate thing about the season is the ravens chip. That's like the the saddest story lie. So so let me ask you this with that being said outside of stats because right now we're gonNA stats conversation because you can't tell me overall anything because we saw over all Patrick mahomes first. Here's a starter. Afc Championship both. T. Bo both years then. Super Bowl Win Super Bowl Super Bowl. Mvp But there's no overall talk right now. The only argument you point though. This is a really strong point and this is a point that I thought of a couple of days ago that I really stood upon and it's true and I said this to somebody in DMC so true with when Patrick. Mahomes was drafted. Alex Smith was the quarterback and I wasn't really following achieves but I was following the Patriots and the chiefs. Were in the play off the chiefs. Were a good team. Like it wasn't like the chief Suck and Patrick. Mahomes came to the team made the chiefs. They were already good travis. Kelsey and fucking Kareem Hunt. What's what's the language. But yes they had cream on it. Yeah so here's the difference when Lamar was drafted. Joe FLACCO was there. And the I. I meet my grandfather's Ravens Fan. He loves the Reagan. T love. Joe FLACCO and I kept telling my Mars better than FLACCO and he didn't want to believe it but eventually lower started and as you all know he went. Yeah I think you went seven one down the stretch when he took over and the team was like four and five. They were not a good team. Wilmington tell you I'm going to tell you this and you keep going but I have to say this when when you think of Canton. Ohio already are ready. The Difference Between Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes as Pasha mahomes already sealed the deal for his bust and Canton Ohio. Lamar Jackson's Jer. Lavar Jackson's Jersey would be hanging up and Canton Ohio at this point and tell you win a super bowl. I don't care how many yards rushed for. Don't care how many MVP's I wanNA sound. I Don I do not want to say I don't care how many VP's you have but one in VP. Thank you think anyone who wins. The superbowl deserves to be in the whole thing anybody. Who'd anybody who's done what Patrick Mahomes has done within the first two years of of his career as a starting quarterback deserves to be an end Canton? And nobody would argue that. But sage crat he has he has no I. I don't know what's going on over. I'm not the I'm not I don't vote in. Here's the thing Patrick. Mahomes is the face of sports right now. The face of sports. I'm sorry. Trent dilfer Trent Bill. No He's not. Get outta here when you get out of here but when you watch all the what do you watch. Espn commercials and watch and watch anything about get OUTTA here Chris Takeoff. That's why they have the commercials Chris. Take commercials are there? Because he's looking in the same way that Baker Mayfield's overrated Baker Mayfield. Here here's the thing you know. I'm from Penn State. I was so mad. I was so mad when the the Browns drafted Baker Mayfield over saquon because saquon was such a better player than big. Maybe and like it disgusted me that they took Baker Mayfield and not say Markley. Okay hold on I wanNA I wanNA touch base on something no quick chiefs kingdom. How I met. Stagecraft is on twitter and sage had blatantly said that. Lamar Jackson was hands down no matter what a superior quarterback to pass them homes and we and we had tossed some shots back and forth at each other but I just wanted to give the background story here of how all this has come to be and you know. The perspective of sage is a perspective of somebody that I met on on twitter. And who is a smart cat look? He's a smart cat. But I have to say I have to say. I'm leaving this conversation believing the Mars better than Patrick Mahomes like. You guys didn't convince me it's not over yet. That's not. Hey look okay so Chris takeoff here because look. We've a lot of attention to what you're saying about Lamar Jackson and I think it's our turn to take off on patch. Mahomes and Chris go ahead because sat silent. Let's really get down to it. I mean outside of stats our say outside of stats but bring the lumber. Let's go were these are. Nfl Western mahomes now. Winning like rigging your mic. Because it's going good so the NFL station. Said I three game the first third her game once you the first for six touchdowns I think most consecutive road won't more touchdown passes Mercer player to throw for yards in versus most consecutive three. I will grow passing hurt you muffling your muscles consecutive three Yard Games. Four thousand passing and living in or more touchdown passes and fast and two seven thousand five your belts awards in twenty four games those are NFL records and angle in his second year. Starting Chris the whole thing was muffled. The problem is that the the microphone is echoing from the speakers. We're in the middle podcast. I don't WanNa talk about the problem with the audio. Let's continue basically hands down Hash. A homeless breaks records week in and out. I haven't watched. I haven't watched a a Baltimore. Ravens get okay. We'LL SAM watch more. I haven't heard about him breaking record. But I'm telling you the Baltimore. Ravens are not breaking records. Seventeen weeks and the season. Did you know that the Baltimore Ravens just became the greatest rushing offense of all time? Do you know the Canc- speaking super bowl champions well that happens every year but the greatest rushing offense of all time happens who knows how many times once once I mean. Unless you're right you're the records road record if you look from now on one hundred years for now. If it's not broken it'd be like okay who was the greatest rushing team of all time and the Book Will Save Twenty Nineteen Ribbons. Twenty nine thousand nine hundred and that's all right. Twenty Nineteen Ravens so when you look at Super Bowl rings when it's all said and done from the Mark Jackson and Pask Mahomes and when I'm sitting here or the chiefs are sitting here with six and you and the Ravens don't have any. Is that a different story. Then because because of the stands right now we can. Patrick mahomes already has a super bowl ring so you I feel like my argument on my end is multiple. Multiple Super Bowls is is a better argument than on your end as far as any super bowl. When you're comparing two quarterbacks one of them is twenty three one of them twenty-four. You say one of them has a super bowl and if you close the door on their career at the age of twenty three then when you're talking about closing were on anybody's career ultimately seeing because Patrick bombs has one rain that makes Minimum Amar but absolutely absolutely it does when when it comes down to the history of the NFL. What quarterback look at Dan Marino? Dan Marino killed in the league but he didn't have fucking he hasn't had a fucking ring ring ring ring yet but passion mahomes does already but that would mean a lot if both of them were like forty years old but they're both like in their early twenties which bing headed to advocate apparently after staging two years right can compare. You can compare what you've seen. What from what we've seen Lamar Jackson Patrick negative. How can you say that you have a ring? Your team doesn't have a ring. Your team choked in the playoffs. That's better that's better not plager- says teen teen choked not the player as a player. Lamar Jackson is a better player than Patrick MOMS. Every turn more than that one is is is always determined by throws the most interceptions who like okay. You're you'RE GONNA YOU'RE GONNA argue around the point you're not gonNA look at the stat if it was about interceptions. Brett farve wouldn't be in the hall of fame Type Barker. Winston are if you want to go. That route Davis Winston Thirty touchdowns. Thirty interceptions three touchdowns thirty interceptions. So now so now. Tell me and not only thirty touchdowns five thousand yards and throwing yourself so a so. The good thing about this conversation is look. This is the great thing about football is. When you're this diehard and dedicated you're to the end and so we we can talk and we can talk and circle. Night is literally in love football like if you watch the sound effects from that seahawks game. It's like he'll bring a tear to your eye. The emotion is like incredible yet. The mostly is pretty high for for patch. Mahomes and Andy Reid. In the entire depth chart tire organization they were seen as the juggernauts. Nobody came from our chance. That will be a chance when nobody's GONNA give more chance original season. Nobody's GONNA give March Jackson Chan. The the light of day to win at Lombardi trophy to know why because patch mahomes is in the league this is a classic classic case of and you might not even be old enough to remember the stage but this is Jordan Barclay written all over it where you have the best player in the get out of here. No because Paschall homes is better than you've ever seen you crazy and okay so so. Lamar's Tom Brady. And Patrick Mahomes something you've never seen before. Patrick Mahomes is the golden boy. That's what he is and Tom. Brady was the underrated won the six around ten. I mean Lavar was the first round pick but he was thirty second overall because people because he was black. He couldn't be a good quarterback strata. That's what they thought they literally the. Nfl is racist. Give all right. Look look look. We're not going there. We go there on this show but where I will. Nobody sisters when I will no we. Don't there's certain subjects that we don't touch base on on on the show and I really don't WanNa touch base on that but what I will say about that is. You're you're discrediting the talent in the league by saying that. Because three of the top five quarterbacks in the League are black so I don't want to understand the coaching situation. Josh Rosen get drafted in the top ten. That was a. That was a choice by a franchise. There was obvious. Look there. There's a difference between a vulnerable franchise does not have a smart front office. Compared you guys were talking to you. Talking to me about Shawn Watson Right Mitch. Trubisky was drafted ahead of Shawn Watson gifts and and look busts happen. Do they not? There's great there's jamarcus Russell Ryan Leaf. There was no reason there was no reason for them to believe that. Mitch Trubisky was better than to show him Watson. If you just looked at their college careers because Shawn Watson was a national champion and Mitchell trubisky played for North Carolina. Chris Takeoff Case Age looking backward. Tangier his voice. More Jacksonville Wuss can walk Jerry. All the Harvard Have Current Louisville and you and as to the analyst said that he was out meal to act in the NFL correct. I'm sorry I can't understand your audio because it's echoing. You really break up a lot. Chris I don't know what's going on but you're the only one having problems here so I don't know what's going on but I can't. So Lamar Jackson came into the attorney computer volume down if you have a computer. That's we cannot get houses better when it's still at goes but a little bit better okay. So the learner. Lamar Jackson came out with a very We're looking for this. Created accuracy coming from all warrantless enlisted for the thrill for sixty percent. Completion percentage fell. She proved them wrong this year. Oh absolutely give him that create. He's doing fantastic in the NFL with where he's at right now. If you look at the overall to year comparison he's not on Patrick Mahomes his level and he doesn't bring something to do the field that patching homes doesn't yes we as a very good runner and he brings out that element to his for patch. Homes wasn't happy to do that when he only needs to. And we saw that in the game Tennessee when they came back and won. You is the thing like. I think you said something to the extent of Patrick. Mahomes can run if he needs to. But not in the way that Martin like that's not an accurate statement if you see Lamar against the bengals like and it's the bangles okay. Whatever it's the Benghazi. But Lamar literally scrambled did a frigging spin move. That faked out like two people ran. Eighty yards for a touchdown. It was crazy. I guess you miss my point. Hang of them were Jackson in. It's a very good runner but actually I on that in his universe MOMS and not GonNa Miss Universe of like mobility and speed quickness. And Right now so let me ask. Marsa Polin. Let's turn the tables here a little bit and what I want to ask you. Sage is if you put Lamar Jackson on Kansas City. And you put Patrick Mahomes on Baltimore are using the Lamar Lamar went. Nineteen for Real Lavar woulda went nineteen cheeks because like I said earlier when Lamar took over for the ravens they were four and five. They were so five hundred. Then he went seventy nine or seventy one and his only loss came against the chiefs. I think that season they lost against the charges in the playoffs but he became the AFC north champion after being down for four and five from Joe. Flacco 's inept football abilities which that's another discussion. It was stupid to me that the rape didn't bench show flacco soon. Because Lamar Jackson. He could have gotten the Ravens. The number one seve last year before twenty nineteen twenty eighteen. Well we have. We been on here fifty nine minutes. Now we're going to hear an hour and I don't think that anyone in chiefs kingdom is convinced by the persuasion of sage here and and his analytics and and his point of view and not discredited because there are some good points you brought to the table but all in all when comes to the wall and it comes to the history of football super bowls and Super Bowl. Rings are where it's at so sage. Look I really appreciate you coming on the podcast tonight? It's been fun. I've enjoyed going. Tit for tat back and forth here but it's time to close it out. I hope you enjoy yourself as well. It's it's always one of those scenarios when you're passionate and die hard about your team obviously will stick by them to the end and I will give credit. That is exactly what he did this evening. And Hey that's what we want to do it so I don't expect fold on your on your beliefs and what you know. Lamar Jackson is capable of and what he's already done and what he's achieved but when it comes down to it super bowls are super bowls. You can't argue that smiling year to year right now because like I've really appreciated this opportunity to come on your podcast and talk with you guys even like I knew it was going to eat it because that's the type of person I am but it's entertaining. I bet you people people would be entertained by that. I completely agree with you and I will say this is look. It was a heated a heated discussion. And that's what we wanted and already know. Chris Heated Chris. Chris go ahead and breathe my guy. Hey look you can come up out of the water now and gasp that Hughes Breath of yours because I know your face is red as it gets right now. Chris how you doing all right over there. Yeah I'm just upset with the speakers being too loud very welcome and very well could have. But I'm glad that I mean it was. We could tell what the conversation or what was happening conversation. You heard essentially what the message that was coming across all great. Podcast say's oxides. You Gots Opportunity Chris. You brought some some great insights table gray arguments all the way around And in my mind. Hey this was a lot of fun and something that You know every podcast or should be doing so chiefs king number say first podcast ever first podcast ever. Hey Chris I appreciate you coming on the show as always as west year after over I would love. I would love to follow up podcast. Where do you guys like after something significant happens? Like maybe after the chiefs game or maybe before the chiefs ravens game next season because they claim twenty twenty. Chris what do you think let's do it? Let's do it. All right well chiefs caned him you heard it here from kingdom radio on the on the not not too soon talk about. Pash mahomes and Lamar Jackson and who's better and who and ultimately where they will both end up because we talked about that as well and we all know pack them a home rain. Supremes Patrick mahomes reign supreme as really really no argument there cheese kingdom. Thank you for tuning in. We're really appreciate. You have a great thank you for nearly debris go to podcast for everything.

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