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Get ready for your daily dose of marketing strategies and tactics. From entrepreneurs with the guy and experience to help you find success in any marketing, capacity. You're listening to marketing school with your instructors, Neil, Patel, and Eric SU. To a episode of marketing school, I'm Eric zoo. And I'm you'll Patel, and they we are going to talk about how to grow your SEO traffic consistently. So Neil, I mean, we've been doing this for what you've been doing it for a little longer. But the one thing we found with SEO is what it's that traffic is up and down. Right. There's an algorithm changed. This happens. That happens just the other week. We are traffic jumped by twenty thousand a day. And then it just went straight back down. So how in the world? Do you start growing SEO traffic consistently? Well, the first thing I do is I algorithm. Yeah. If you get penalized or something like that you see do percent drop. You got to do something, especially if it's making a lot of revenue if you're doing it should be Maki revenue, but the reason I algorithm, and this is how I found consistently. Get more SEO traffic, everyone when they're trying to get more SEO traffic deal lookout back links word cow. How many pieces of content that there? Reading I focus on one thing and that user experience, and I'm not talking about from a design perspective. I'm talking more than that. Yes. Some of it is designed, but I'm talking about when people are coming to the page. Are they finding what they're looking for when someone types in keyword and Google knows better than anyone else. No one is just typing for random words or phrases. They're looking for a solution to their problem again the looking for a solution to their problem. So I believe that if you put the user I you provide that solution, and you're making your solution end up, whether it's content whether the product whether it service, if you can poke holes, and you can fill them all up and be like are cover this every single way that's possible. My site loads pass, it's we'd -able might Texas. Appropriate sizes darken up your taking all the factors into account that affects the user experience more than just from a design Ray also from the messaging and the delivery of what they're. Seeing and you could provide them what they want. I'm a big believer that you'll rank higher in the long run. And you'll consistently get traffic because Google is not trying to rank sites base off of data like back Ling. They're trying to ideally rank sites at the top that uses love the most. Yeah. And piece of the user experiences. Also, I don't know if you touched upon speed, right Neil. So speed is a big piece of it as well. So this is why Neal if you actually put his site into Google page actually for putting single dot com in there as well. I know desktop and mobile, I think you're above ninety or maybe even above ninety five or so is that correct? I have no idea because we keep doing changes site, and then every month guys go in and they look at page, and they try to fix it that touches upon my next point. My next point is basically the way you look at SEO or just anything around marketing general really specifically around SEO and content is that if you treat it as like a garden, and your constantly you have people tweaking this part tweaking that part. Removing things. Right. So removing content. No longer make sense or looking at a page and looking at pages that or keywords at rinks for adding those killers at our page or more creating content around that where you are basing mapping it out. Based on the stage of the buyer's journey. You're just doing a lot of different things, and you're upgrading content to write your optimizing. The speed you're improving the user experience, you might be doing this epic collaboration with somebody else you're doing a lot of different things all end up adding up. But the problem is what Neal's alluding to is. Or spoke about earlier is if you are counting on algorithms, and you're freaking out when algorithms are happening. You're not playing for long-term you're playing for the short term. So if you are playing for the long, then you can actually affectively ignore all these little short term changes. And know that what you're doing is going to pay off because what I've seen in the past. And Nielsen this too is when people have done blackout or gray hat before easy. Come easy, go, right? The traffic will come like get loads and loads of traffic, maybe hundreds of thousands. Millions of visits and all of a sudden next day, it'll go basically two zero because you weren't thinking consistently and the key is again play the long game put these I and think in every single way possible like when someone does a search in they land on your site as that page at their landing on up today is a year-old is at five years old. Will it's five years old. Should you? Do you need to update the content? I'm not talking about just making it more thorough netting. Marquee words. But d- update the continent. Making more relevant. I had articles on my site that we're getting traffic for things like forgot that service. Not periscope. What's that Twitter one that they bought buying? So I had articles on my side. There were getting traffic for things like vine vine doesn't exist anymore Twitter badeah, and then ended up crushing it crushing bad way. Guys. The what crushing it in a bad way guys. True crushing in bed with like, just demolished it. And yet could've kept the article up and getting traffic, but why user land on that article? It does not provide them with the good experience might as well, delete. It. The other thing too is bounce rate. Right user comes sees it. Boom, they balanced because it's like probably in today's day and age people are searching for that are searching for vine aren't really looking for that. Exactly. Yeah. It was on like bind. Marketing tips anything else. You wanna add on this one? Now, I think we covered it. But the user I think in the long run. All right. I have a review so guys we can definitely use your help rating reviewing subscribing to this podcast to help. It spread around the world. This review comes in from envy tunes. So this is what this one says it's a five star review. It says the perfect binge for marketers. I've been drinking this digital marketing firehose episode one and still love to hear the volving takes Eric Neil and marketing practices concepts and principles that are fresh as right now five or ten at a time, and you can really just get the ideas of flowing. I love it. And let's see this is actually that's funny. We also get good feedback on these two just the fact that they use the term guile in their intro lets you know that this is. In your ordinary marketing podcast, and is served up every single day, which is extrordinary these guys deliver Levitt. All right. So that is it for today. But guys we are doing live event happening in June McGrane dot com slash for the application to fill out, by the way. We're not weeding out people. We're just getting a good inventory of who can actually show up to this. Because it is a free event. We're coming out of pocket for it. And that is it for today. See you tomorrow. 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