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Homeless shelters like water you put water into a cup. Becomes the cup you put water into a bottle. It becomes the bottle. You're putting the teapot. It becomes the teapot. I can crash home. P r tuning into the hustle and great experience. I'm your host. My name is Prince William's no real Prince William's and I'm here to help you flow and grow expand your mind, You can live that hustle and great lifestyle. Follow me yet and Instagram Prince William's two underscores. You can also find me at my YouTube channel Go real Prince William's if you like this content, and share my episode to all of those that you think would benefit from this red pill knowledge. The title of this episode is called how to be like water off in this episode. We're going to be discussing. Why is it important to practice adaptability in your lifestyle how to be fluid like water we're going to touch on the points thought it mean to be shapeless. How do you go with the flow of life? And what is adaptability so stay locked in and enjoy the discussion because we're going to go right into it. In the intro, you saw Bruce Lee speaking about being like water. Why is this important? What he's talking about is learning how to practice adaptability in our lives and let go of anything that doesn't serve Us in order to do that. There's a certain level of Letting Go and allowing yourself to flow or allowing yourself to be we often get in get involved in things that hold us back. We tend to let our external situations affect our internal environments which manifests negative things back into our lives disinfect takes are positive thoughts that serve us back in transfer transfer those. Such a negative thoughts which doesn't serve us at all. You can see how this is the start of many many problems water seeks to find his own level. Meaning that if you're not careful, you can manifest negative people things and circumstances into your life. You have to be careful about what you're thinking about be thinking about what you're thinking about now repeat that be thinking about what you're thinking about Bruce Lee was also talking about how much water can float in water can also crash meaning that water can build and water can also destroy so off. We had a Crossroads here. We can choose which direction we want to go. Do we want to continue to build our lives in a positive manner or do we want to grass or to enter the store Our Lives thinking negative and manifesting negative situations the process where I was when you allow yourself to be or to become like water. You're actually allow yourself to be in this in this most natural state. You're allowing yourself off. Began to supposed natural state water in his most natural state is pure energy there for you and your most natural state are flowing within pure energy. And if you allow yourself to slow and growth, there's no limitations in where you can go or what you can do. Therefore. We have to kind of fashion our lives behind that same ideal. We have to be really careful about labels. We don't realize that we are not our labors. We can be more and we can do more you are about pure energy energy needs to flow in order to grow. The the first law of thermodynamics is energy is neither created nor destroyed. Energy is always expanding. The universe is over. They always expanding since you are pure energy. You are always expanding you are made of the very particles that water is made up of water is made of the particles from the universe tell you agree that you have to Invisible gases oxygen and hydrogen bonding of invisible particles that create a very visible reality which we call water. The earth's surface is made of 3/4 water. You are made up of Life Force water every cell in your body functions via water without water you cease to exist. That's why you have to be mindful of what you say and do because you're invisible reality or go invisible thoughts. Positive or negative can create a very visible reality. Is that starting to make sense you again? You have to be mindful of what you say you into because the thoughts in The Invisible can bring the visible to your reality to allow yourself to flow is to be and be as the actual word. They'll be coming. Thursday, is the ultimate level of attainment for a male. Especially not be a non-participant in your development of people when you practice these Concepts you actually starting to become more adaptable which circles back to my original thought about being adaptable and letting go what doesn't serve you being like water is coming to these into the self-awareness and having the ability to change and your thoughts and bring and take your life into your own hands. As you become more self-aware, you're held to a standard of the knowledge that you are receiving. So you're essentially becoming a vessel. So just like a vessel when the vessel becomes full it overflows. It gives a big of his content. There are four saw you as you become more of a vessel, you're responsible for the knowledge that you receiving as you receive more knowledge and become more self-aware. You actually are giving you actually putting more into yourself so you can give more wage water becomes to cut. That's what Bruce Lee was saying. You put water in the cup. It becomes the you can create any direction of your life that you want. But which do you choose do you choose life or do you choose alternative do choose to create is to choose life to choose death is to destroy many of us are on a path that leads to destruction. We make decisions that only lead us to a path of a early death whether that beat that death be literal or whether that sometimes often metaphorical it leaves us feeling empty and unfulfilled water can destroy anything that it comes up against again Bruce Davis and water can flow or you can crash you put water in the cup. It becomes the cup water is formless yet steeled. That concept alone is deep. I'm a leave that for another video but think about that water is formless against the Palm. This is what makes us limit this and highly effective to be able to flow and to create whatever we desire in our lives. But if we choose to destroy or we choose to be negative and be on the path of Destruction it can cause us to be limited. So let's take the lessons for Bruce Lee was actually same and is this be Limitless the forms be shapeless become like them and be water monster. So in today's episode we learned about what is it mean to be a playlist how to go with the flow of life. And what is adaptability. So I want to thank you guys for listening to my content wage. Follow me on Instagram Prince William's two underscores. You can also find me at my YouTube channel. The real Prince William's please share and then tune in off more this weekly empowerment and motivation. Remember, I'm here to help you expand your mind. So you can live a hustle and grit lifestyle. I want you to flow and grow and until next time I salute you.

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