Episode 102: RECAP Fedor vs Sonnen & Bader vs Mitrione


What is happening below the belt listens for jumping his juicy ass podcasts, couple dates, you guys the big one, just announced January nineteenth. I'm in San Diego shooting my one hour special for Showtime. It's happened in San Diego. So socalled let's do this. I picked a spot. So my friends and family and fans in Los Angeles can make the easy drive to San Diego. Then I'll see San Diego's a great great city for me to stand up. It's always been good to me. That's why I'm doing it there. I love you guys come on out to shows January nineteenth when it seven one at ten, those tickets go and fast. Speckles theatre San Diego, California, the biggest theatre I've ever done. I never think anyone's gonna buy tickets anyways shows, but these tickets growing fast, appreciate guys t. fat k. dot com for those tickets from my one hour special on Showtime in San Diego, January nineteenth just went on sale, but coming up this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I'm in Utah, Salt Lake City wise guys. 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And Ryan Bater this weekend, you know who's gloves they're wearing ever. Last MMA, boxing, it's all over ever. Last dot com promo code fighter for twenty five percent off the whole damn site. Your welcomes traded for some. Then gap put tried in the face. Woke up with a baby Fu-kang over the place. With the. Started doing. Seraphic Borlase makeup race begins to. Ola friends welcome. It is Monday, October fifteenth. Little bit of a later start. It is almost nine thirty AM Boileau slackers slackers in the Showtime, blow the belt studio. This morning, busy weekend, man. Crazy weekend. Parents came down up. Shop was in town, did stuff nonstop. You know is when you have guessed in town nonstop. What'd you do this weekend? Made videos, punch videos you. I saw its burger pizza pizza burger. Why pizza? Burger one came of that title. I just call the pizza burgers. Pizza slices on a burger. I I don't like license on a burger. I don't like thick buns. The like was what she said. You don't like thick by hate thick funds in a burger. Yeah, I love them. You like like the small Burger King bun. I l- I don't like any of them. I don't like any bath, maybe in and outs. Probably my favorite, what in and out and then the taste of shake shack buns, but I still don't like the thickness. So scrape out all that stuff in in like in the middle. Okay. I'll let doughy stuff. Very strange. And then you do what? No. So the pizza burgers. Perfect. Is this like a thin crust pizza? Right? You just cut into a square. I'm confused though. What your point of doing this pizzas funds the way I like it. So it's a burger Patty with the the, the, the crust or buns or pizza, just pizza. So you take too thin? Sliced pizzas. Yeah. And then put a burger Patty in the middle. Yes, but there's also vegetables, fat. See like the pizza has cheese. It's got sauce. It's got all that good stuff in it. Guesting crunchy on top, discuss. Guoying notice like you're just like, you know what? Fuck these buns. I'm gonna take two slices of pizza. It's amazing men and then put a burger in between it. And it's amazing. How how are the reviews on online people think I'm weird. Like definitely a serial killer now. Get to whatever, but you love it though. Yeah, love it. Pizza burger. I just remade as the call. Like you spin off on a picture or some shit. Now I make weird stuff. They won't cook it up. I don't know about where it stuff remember in. Whereas at Seattle, we're talking about you make in Crean grills. Yeah, I'm still going to do it man. You're still. A little drunk little bit charcoal grill is it idea. It's a char char. It's a personal personal charcoal grill, first of all, let's just go through some logistics. So you think I want to charcoal grills outdoors take just to get to get going, takes awhile to spark those things out. Surely chin wants his cream barbecue indoors, and I watched that charcoal taste, so it's a small charcoal grill. It's going to take quite some time to heat up and then you bring it indoors and then you cook your Zoeller. It's perfect, single. It's a tiny little. You can put it anywhere store anywhere. I feel like just to be some fire hazards with a charcoal grand door. If you have a regular grill already, you're fine. No one has been door, though, chin. I'm talking about your stove. You get good to go tough bro. Different animal. I mean, the thing's made out of like ceramic shop came up with the name of it was I don't want to mess it up. He said it so beautifully to want that you want that chocolate taste, you'll have them. He's he was Turco pace. They don't have the space. He's like the way he did. It was so funny. I wasn't invest, write them in there. Now. Glad I didn't just kidding. I hope it works out for you. It really do. Yeah, busy weekend, man. Papa shop was in town. Oppose the patriot Mazi guys can see that gentleman. If it goes right now, he's a big dude. I always suppose picture when it comes to town, big strong, do the threat, get my frigging genetics, the hell joked them adopted, but me went dad look exactly like, I'm still Tanner. To go buy some and I do the cardio classes. They're like with all the cardio bunnies. And you know, it's like a bunch of rounds of cardio and mitts and bags, and weights and circuit training and sprints. And we went in those into it with me like hell, no, and just went and did his own thing on the bags basis, like the hell out of my face his mess. He's like, what is this secure? Trying to have a heart attack. It's it's funny this shit on my face when just hit some old. The old dead lifts said, fuck this noise in your fancy, lay workouts just hit the dead lifts. Have my dad and tem. He's not here very long. Nobody long busy fricking week though because when you have them in town and then how low weaned took the kiddo to Disneyland and it's a different time and Disneyland Jim because it's Disney Halloween. So the park, the regular Disneyland close at seven PM and after seven, it's only the Halloween crowd. So you have to have additional pass above your admission just to get into the park. If the specific Halloween pass, you have to have a wristband in the kick everybody else out. I thought by doing by doing this Halloween pass, it'd be less crowded. I was completely. It was so packed. It was so so pack I just off the, you know, it's Disney for God's sakes. It's just crazy how busy it is meant that can't be the best experience for the consumer. No, there's no way pack, but do they just not give shit? They're citing. People are buying tickets, man? Yeah, look out packages but want to be better because let's say, you know, I live here and I grew up here in the summer. So I've been the Disney jillion times since two and a half. He's been two hundred damn times we have season pass. Right. But let's say you're. Blue collar family from Iowa saved up. You know your money for for few years to bring your family of whatever five out here and you get to the park and you're there for two days three days. If you're not there for longer than two days, you're not. There's no way you're seeing all the rides, you wanna. See, I mean, we got, we got two rides in. I mean, think about it. You're gonna miss most of most of the big things because at one point, the haunted mansion ride was three hours long. That's crazy. Man. I think they're just at what point is Disney. Like we're Goodman, just frigging, let's create some sort of plan or where it's not so packed or maybe there's certain days in the week. There's a premium ticket. So it's definitely not as packed. We price a consumer out and then another days you wait cheaper tickets. It's already super expensive. So I don't know. I I'm walking around like, this isn't the way to do it man, and then there's the, you can do the VIP thing where you skip all the lines and you go, you have a an escort and they they just take you for line everything behind behind scene. Yeah, there's that people get mad at those people. Yeah, I mean, yeah, there's that which I probably should have done for this. But again, I think it was going to be that crowded at friggin. I don't know what I was thinking. Repacked, fuck impact. Not scary for them to super, super PACS. So Universal Studios, but it's like you go there. You're going to all the hassle to get to teach an hour to get their tickets, two hours to get the Disneyland. But say you get there and then you get their park. You're looking at what six, seven hour day. If you go to universal whore nights. Where the hell it's called your own on one ride. If you on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I just don't feel like that's the way to do it. Man really consumers like what the fuck you don't. You don't get him brace the Disney kind of feel environment, Yamen chaos. Then there was rain. Rain makes a little tough to the started raining. So they had to cancel the parade which my son's favorite thing. There. Now, my son's apparently a bunch of people are nightmare before Christmas, it's so the the, the haunted mansion does ends all. Jack Skelton from nightmare before Christmas, Sally nightmare before Christmas fan. I'm a Tim Burton fence. Yeah, me too. That movie solvent theaters young kid, no biggie, but it was weird right in the theaters is cool. It was just so different is data's weird. It holds up. It looks cool. He's still holds up. Yeah, if the classic when my son's obsessed with it now, but apparently bunch other people are too because it's all over Disneyland. And then. Jack skeleton, you know, they have. They have make you have goofy, have you know, Jackson says what everyone came to see and I asked this guy who has chatting with about fights who works at Disneyland. And I do my son's obsessed with Jack Skelton. Where's he going to be at? And he was dude, you gotta look for the. We don't know exactly was I can tell you around the pirates of the Caribbean, but you'll see there's a lighted like signal of zero the dog as AUSSIE that below that is where he's going to come sweet. Yes. So we went there. They're still a little bit of a line, wait forty, five minutes for that just to see Jack Johnson, and we got to the front, Sally look legitimate shit. Sally, I was like, God, damn. That looks like real life Sally from night before Christmas. Jack looks like a shitty alien. I was so disappointed, man, I was so does God damn it? My son was into it, so I'll take it. I remember for Christmas the craze right now. I went to the live one. There's a whole community of people. Yeah, that's it is bullshit. That's him. Didn't look like do that's an alien. That's the alien from scary movie four alien. That's a fucking like we get for the fries. Like this is the line, Sally, you're cool, Jack, fuck you, looking at bullshit. Yeah, Jack, the skeleton man come on Disney. That Sally leasable should they? I don't know what that is, but you're seeing the makeup people do for Jack the skeleton for frigging Sally for elements insane. The alarming thing, though in that line is mainly grown men which hanging on my son'll tied around these parts. We'll tighter. Why are grown mints in line Disney way, Dan line to meet this character. Anyway, but the rain, everything hot to answer still. I missed the Vint of the vintage hunted men mansion man, I changed it. Yeah, because he used to eat, you know, now it's all it's completely different. Not as scary, still good though. Still really good, still super good. And then took my son, pumpkin patch pumping pumpkin patches or the thing right now, man, it's the craze onto public patch off Washington, the needs Culver city, legitimate shit, man, just every site. I mean, these pumpkins after we genetically modified thirds. So fucking big. These, these, you saw two pumpkins I bought are out of control. I mean, they're ugly shapes sizes, some have warts on them, and I was just thinking, I'm like, there's no way that pumpkins grow like this in just normal life. Now. Definitely not. Again, skeptical hip is I'm at the punk pets, my son of grown men by themselves without kids and women. Very strange to me. Specifically for. I mean, there's there's cutting candy fuckin- machines everywhere. There's bouncy castles their stricken face painting. There's a petting zoo where they had these goats who were clearly on Nyquil. They were so like. They're so over it. There's all sorts of shit there man for kids then when I see just grown men with other grown men stroll in the pumpkin patch need for you, bro. It's very strange to me. When I was a kid, I used to love frigging, oh, that's it. Mr. bones. That's where I went our Mr. bones. Great. Pumpkin patch is Fred Durst, boom. There's carrying some pumpkin sponsor pumpkins, but you pay them by weight basically a dollar per pound, not a great deal anyway, yet grown men. So let punk pets that kids strange dude thinks should be requirement, have to have a kid to get in. And I love cotton candy as a kid growing up, I thought my kid would like it. Not the same. She the picture I posted, which one I said throwback Thursday, Bobby Lee. Awesome. My son's one of my son's best friend's the little Korean kid and. Oh, that's cool. His mom and my girl, their best friends. Elegant. Bobby Bobby Lee. Who made the who got you got them there. The boost squad, the boost God. Now there's another kid who they hang out with a who's also my somebody hangs out. Yeah, that's cool. Dude. Yeah. To what did you say fashionable? Yeah, Mr. Steele yo girls, but they. They have another cream kid in the mom bottom all the matching outfits boost grad. That's cool. They love that place though. Party Lee, get him. Saw this yet. Sure. Don't know how big is on his. It's funny. I'd love to see a baby picture Bobby Lee and see few matches out a little bit. You gotta. I'd love to seize vitro Bobby Lee. He's hilarious. His girl price it. They do their podcasts, tiger belly, right? Yeah, they asked me to do it. I just did you on Monday nights, man, Monday nights. I work all day Monday, you know? So for me and I do at seven o'clock and West Hollywood. That's a tough time. The worst six o'clock would be the worst five, seven seventy thousand miles during Russia. Yeah. So you'd be going through all that crap just now I love those too, and I'm sure it's a great podcasts by just that's the time with the fame and for me to drive out, there'd be tough. People love that podcast. Yeah, launcher they're doing well. I love both them, but bobby's, hilarious that does look really, I was about to post them, like, is it racist? No. Right one. Not at all. Now sometimes people get carried away. Giveaway to Kate away and it does look like little Bobby, let me kids with his hair to identical. They have the same haircut they looked identical. And that's a good thing. Always acute dude. That's cute kid are you? I said, q., dude, Yemen, hilarious. What else go on? Oh, just announce man. This is big big moment for me personally, but January nineteenth, I'm shooting my comedy special at Spreckelsen theater. Sprinkles theater in San Diego, California for Showtime, Showtime, one hour, comedy, special, January nineteenth. This would be the biggest venue of I've ever done bigger than the Wilbur. I don't know why they think I can sell this thing out, but apparently someone does, and I never think he wants to buy tickets and you guys keep buying tickets, but this one should be. This should be a special one that should be is a big one for me. I'm excited. Yes, San Diego, man that is thought about doing places in. I think we'd narrowed it down. We're gonna. Do New York, Boston Toronto or California Allen doing California's where I started doing stand up, I want to feel a little bit of a home field advantage meaning. You know, it's not big production to give because you know, my family friends, everyone's going to be. I don't want them to have to travel stuff like that. San diego. I don't know. Great crowd in San Diego. I love it down there. Absolutely love San Diego. I'm gonna drive down there. Me and my bro- drive down there have to special special close friends open up for me, which I won't announce yet. So that should be fun be to be big one man that is spreads theater in San Diego patent Oswald shot his special. They're nice trying to think less thing. Conan O'Brien, his life shows there. So yeah, the soda, good amount of tickets, but tickets are still left. It's only two shows, I think is seven o'clock in ten pm show you get to the way it works on specials. I think Rogan films, four show he'll film to on Friday to on Saturday. Some people do that and then. Most people I think do just to there might be a baller out there who I don't know who it is, but just as one, but the ones that count when it's live chambers, live bullets in the chamber are the just those two shows on Saturday. I'll probably do my one hour somewhere the night before I dunno San Diego or LA. I'm sure we'll figure something out. But as far as shooting shooting, that's that Saturday, you know, you get to takes gametime man. This is really, really cool, man. Pretty cool. You know, it's also cool the fact that I was with you basically since it started, so I saw everything you've seen they breakdown one? Yup. I live show first solo stuff. Crazy. Awesome. They Brown breakdown ice house. Specimen was the first one. Yeah, I was amazing scholar was there. That's right. Schuyler up and opened up. I just takes gathered of the Dixon heard from said, hey, remember me, I know dude, right? Yeah, along ways crazy. This is always my goal is such a huge deal. I mean, don't let it sink in too much such a big. Don't fuck this out. Brendan not that little, you know, just super cool. It's cool man. That's amazing. Excited. I'm excited for the product because I can't give out too many details, but it's a comedy special. I'd really hasn't been done before the way we're shooting. Some of the stuff that's in going into the post production should be a really, really cool product. Once it's all said and done. Now I'm on the road now on the road figure not figuring out, but just fine tuning the hour and then boom Janney nineteenth. How will we not Tober? She got November December bat lot. Got, and plus you're busy with a ton of other crap too. So it'll get faster than you do, but stand ups the priority with all this. So I'm in Utah. This weekend, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. I think the next show I'm in San Francisco. I'm all over on the road leading up. Yeah, but if we got some are do my our before, but on announced, I think because you don't want to. I'd love to come comes during the Hoya, but you won't take ticket sales away from. I don't know out pretty cool though. Very, very cool. Yes, sir. That's a big one. But the thing is you can't be one hit wonder, right, can't do. Just one can be the guy who is one comedy, special. Can't be the Millie Bonilla comedy. I'll see that happening del hell. No, God, no. God, oh three months. What? What's the shortest amount of time you had for to care for a fight. I never got any short notice fights. I tried stepping in short notice for some fight and never came to fruition. Is three months these another time for comedy? No, for a fight. Three months? Yeah. Yeah, that's pretty standard. Got three twelve weeks. Yeah, that's that's pretty. Right better too, because they give you more of a notice than you can over train. Yes, not bad. But how many, how many days is that Chen. Right now we're on the sixteenth for on the fifteenth fifteenth. And that is the, let's just say from the nineteenth which would be Friday were, let's see. Got November December. Let's do this headed. One, two, three. The month. Four, five, six. Wait for five, six, seven, eight, nine ten. Eleven twelve. Twelve weeks, twelve weeks, boom, he called him in twelve weeks to grow in that we should figure that way. I'm so bad with numbers man battled the half had so bad. That's the one that a basketball is the one particular thing that I'm Corinne and it just doesn't make sense. My brain goes elsewhere. It just was enough focus for you when your kid, though? No, I'm not good with numbers. I think I'm, I think I'm kinda dyslexic really like I do really well here, but suffer here. So people are like, that might be really get a lot of us do when you're growing up to if let's say you're in science teachers like, oh, wow, you're really good at this. Then they like gets embedded in your mind like, damn, I'm good at science. And then when you go to art, if no one says any like grime kinda shitty at art, you know what I'm saying? Yeah, I'm I'm right. I all like, you know, art, drawing, music, singing, trust stuff. I can do all that stuff yet, but the numbers for in particular numbers got us going to. It's probably better to be more on the creative side than numbers because if calculators and snap stays with technology. When you're a bouncer, did you when you're looking at ID's the worst? I was the worst too. That's right. Does this kid look Twenty-one deal? Yeah. He said he says that like bitch is fourteen like, all right. I'm gonna go with now. Oh man, except for the holidays, Halloween. He seen you. I do. I was asking for good, Halloween, movie recommendations. I might start posting one. I'm watching at night right before bed. I usually watch scary movie during October. Last night. I started watching that show that Netflix series haunted hill on house on haunted hill. It is good old one. Now. It's brand new just I think it just dropped like this weekend. This one, none. No, go net flicks haunted, Netflix. And I'll show house constu- haunted house. He'll they go, Netflix haunted house hill. That's it. Did I want is legit son the haunting of the hill houses the actor. Nine out of ten. I am be one hundred percent on rotten to all that I had the the first episode you're like, Jesus Christ, man. What is it about? People who are haunted? Okay. No, it's hot house and family that group in the haunted house and just the way it shot in the way it's written that how it shows them currently and then goes flashes back, and it's fucking Goodman, really, really will really will really well done. Kind of creepy. Yeah. Delon's good. Dry Dracula on toad on told what's FX. I watched Hansel and gretel witch hundred entertaining night. Not scary. Doing that flies under the radar. ABRAHAM LINCOLN vampire killer. I've said this before man that the movie is so underrated it's a good ass movie. We all know that ABRAHAM LINCOLN story nothing about that story and input him as a vampire killer. It is so legit. It's such a good movie. Especially right now during the holidays come on, man, haunted holidays. Onto holidays. Wow. They only give it a five out of ten NBD thirty five percent, but like ninety two percent liked this movie on goo. That's what matters the most. Yeah, he kept forget that show people. It's just a good ass movie man, legitimate vampires. I'll you for all the conjuring I love the Annabel's. Great. What is it conjuring Annabel's what's the other one? Not conduct that they did insidious says, those are all fucking. I wanted to see the last one for in cities. I think the skeleton keys that might be the scarce one shitty ending. Super scary story. All throughout the Annabel's are good sinister. Damn good. The the first one. The second one's a little bullshit. Insidious. The last key? Yes, that's it dude than cities. Laskey again, the ending bullshit and a disappoint you. But before our alter the up to then it's damn good by the skiers. One. Delivers from evil. I told you about that one quality. Truth or dare pretty good. I didn't mind it. It is what it is for today. I haven't seen the none. Hey, hey, none. How about you? Come out on DVD during October for God's sakes or on demand for fuck sakes. Do that dynasty that man gotta come on demand for brother though. You get your scare into scary movies like these are no chin, the Korean ones. I love the Cray ones, but I love I love the conjuring wants to people have to EMMY suggestions, especially that's I knew start posting when I'm watching a lot of them, we've all seen, but they're just ones that I'm into. Lupita posts, like dude, mature watching cities. So the conjuring dude, if it's that obvious, don't send it to me them thirty days of night seeing that the vampire owner. Yeah. Fucking good man. That's a different kind of scary right down ones. Like real monsters legit. Scary. God, damn scariest. Fuck Donald Alaska. Take over. Yeah, those probably the scariest vampire creature, whatever the fuck you wanna call. It ghost ones are scary to me. There are way more scared me when it's go psychological stuff. Yeah, that then you need to watch this net flicks when it's a real mind. Fuck haunted hill. Yeah, because the hot detailed because they're not like off, see the non insidious and the conjuring and all those movies Annabel there they look scary like the non in the, you know, those things look super scary. But in this movie looks how you would probably imagine real ghosts looked if they're out there. I said, if who knows I was on ghost hunters and I was scared as shit. Did you see? Mama? So mama okayed that one don't scared you. There's parts. That's the one with the two girls were like in a house for a long time, and then they were like scrambling around scattering around. It was all right. That part scared me. This obscure ones, though. Decent movie? Yeah. The sip freaking movie outside that man only big fights. This weekend Crawford fought bene- Vitas Boxton ESPN better. Beatles brought it man. I, you know, I still think Crawford's top two top three pound for pound on the planet, but Benavente has you know shows he's a damn good fighter. They're very good fighter ended up knocking them out in the twelfth round, but it was definitely, you know, it was a scrap is a fight is wasn't going anywhere. He, he landed some punches on Crawford as well, but Crawford's an absolute animal probably v best finisher in the game. Is a great fight. Nast not a nasty, knock vicious uppercut. And then just, you know, he stood up for eight count, then Finstrom off after that, but Crawford's a monster man, Crawford Earl, Spencer junior, that's the fight man. That's the mother fucking fight. I love that fight. Crawford? I'm assuming fought in Nebraska. Yup. A one hundred Brassica three drum. Don't feel advantage. Get fight though, watch. So the way I did it, I had that on a laptop and then watched the Biltmore show live Jewish melador Jin. Yeah, actually bought that for design for it. Oh, because you don't have regular cable. Okay. So you bought design? Yeah, I was designed. There's a lot of empty, like just nothing happening. They're just focusing on the the cage and just panning the camera for like minutes and minutes and minutes. So they're like, make up time or convert, is that where does that? We're on the broadcast, there's commercials, there's no commercials either only only the only their commercials only their ad. Yeah, for what I remember from what I remember like their upcoming fights and stuff like that outside that it's just like still of the k- it's just a lot a lot of data dead time. Yeah, that usually that people will talk during it, you know, to keep the audience kind of like entertained, did you have to? They just didn't. So it's a lot of the assume it's the same production, same staff that we saw on the same network version? Yeah, with Josh Thompson, Frank moon, Jim Brown. Who else? Jay Glazer. And Mike Goldberg, and be John. Yeah, he's different Maradi. Right? Yeah, yeah, it was the same, but they just did nothing. It was weird trying to figure it out. Yeah, if I still figuring it out. I mean, good fight card, solid fight, chick jet Congo quietly, just doing work over and belt or you got some super born fights. I think a lot of people held it against them, but say kind of slowly working his way back to just being an absolute monster. Ben Henderson looked phenomenal kind of the performance. He's always been looking for in bell towards. He's had a rough, go and Bella tore it to be honest also hasn't taken the best fight. Matchup wise. He's had some tough. Tough gone did great against Saad Awad Saad Awad. Okay. Name. But I, I gotta be honest. I, you know, I was like, man, I'm I'm pretty excited for this card. Nothing crazy. And then when it came to fade or and chill I was, I was on the gym. I seat. Yeah. I was like, oh, here we go meant here we go and fade or bub Bubba. Bubba lasted chill sewn in the motherfucking grill right off the bat that, oh shit jails in trouble here, man. Jails in trouble. You know, it came to the rest, stuff like that. The jails only kind of real chance was to get fate or down early control him where mouth and then go to work in the second third round. But if he didn't get out of that first round, he's definitely gonna be in trouble. So fade early good. He looked at splice of takedown defense, look, pretty solid. He reversed jail, you know, two hats off to jail, you know, for gin blasts in the face multiple times, the hardest shot. I thought happened in the ground and pound when fater stood up and just rain down a huge, fuck in bomb, huge bomb on Chelsea Jones face shows us one of those guys man just tough as sales buffet. Damn good. Damn, damn, good. And for fate or the nice thing is is now you're fighting Ryan Bater. So your game plans not going to change a whole lot. You can do the same training. You're need better conditioning Ryan's gonna be faster, stronger. Better striker and you know he, he, he's gonna be hint things a little different than chill sonum was. So you know, he's just younger and he's in the prime moves career. I still think Ryan Bater gets us done. He's been my dark horse to win this term since day one. So. You know that that that forgiven finals. The final, the grand prix, final fate or verse Ryan, baiters phenomenal, phenomenal matchup. What a cool concept, man. It's just feel so old school pride, so so old school pride, Ryan baiters never looked betterman. He looks for dude. He beat the breaks off metro. Yeah, he's definitely dominated that fight starch. Qingbo chemo's a monster making MOS great career starch, king MO, taking seconds, manhandled, Matt Mitchell on his own natural way, bigger by the most athletic guy and belt or history. Manhandled him dimming get knocked out. Nothing like that and is fighting fate or in the finals. What a, what? A great feather in his cap. If Ryan Bater can pull this off, he's already to light heavyweight champion, bell tower. Now's the heavyweight champ. If he wins this, what you know for a lot of guys, you know, you can go back when they make the move to Bella tour. People go got bad move for Brian baiter, God, Dan, was that the right movement? You'll be a two division world champion, heavyweight, light heavyweight. You beat the likes of Phil Davis. You'd beat the light to fade or king MO, Matt Mitchell on. Three, the heavyweight champion, their heavyweight division, who else is there for him really do work if you if he beats fair or to defend his belt check Congo's right there. That's a fun fight. I think the bell tower move has never worked out more anyone's favor than probably Ryan Bater if you were to pull this heavyweight tournament off and also when the one of the good guys in the business, just a good. Good. Great dude, really, really good dude. That's the heavyweight division, dude. How about on Friday night? Surrogate. John of knocking out ROY Nelson. God, ROY Nelson just as tough as they fucking come in. But that was just a tough fight to see bombs. Bombs bombs is right man. Golic the heavily Shipman not mad at their heavyweight lineup, this stuff croak up on the roster. Just not of it. Looks like it Vanderlei. Justice in just rents on Rogan and Bert. Kreischer this week he's supposed to go on here. Just I feel like once you go on Rogin which go on bird, you've gotta make rounds. Dude. We've I'm a gas game thing or we're not gonna break any news here. The scheduling was stopped, so I'm going to get them in next time. But he's with that. What's his name? Levada junior on how fail off feel Levada. Junior, who's. Supposedly may be fighting gay guard Musashi next for for title fight hafi Levada. He's a. Out of Oklahoma gyms out of Oklahoma, and he's a complete badass when it comes jitsu, but you're hear my, he's gonna be on been Bert, Kreischer tune into those men. I don't know if he's going to be on Burt, but either way you guys should know this guy, he's undefeated since he's made is McConnell. Debut nine wins. He could guess it most our submissions. He had a nasty ass TKO though of a knee was vicious a little bit ago, but just the decorative is shit when it comes to Brazilian jujitsu and a great guy really good dude. That belt or those exciting man. I'm hoping I Scott Coker. I hope the ratings are Good Hope. The ratings are good for them and competitions. Good. The UFC coming off, the biggest paper you they've ever had in history. Then hopefully, you know, fade or in jail, brought him big ratings, hopefully baiter Mitchell and did decent too. So it's just a good time to be a sports fan. MMA Spanish. It say for move on thinking, pistol go for two. Man, I travel all over this beautiful nation all over. Got to be honest. A lot of dudes at my shows mainly all dudes few girls. Now I'm doing some Bravo stuff. Mainly dudes though. 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Trust me if it was that easy, a lot more guys would be going over. The reason why the UFC is the biggest organization on the planet when it comes to fighting because they have the best contracts in the world, they have the best lawyers working for them. You can't just jump over. You don't want to fight here. Cool. I'm here does not work like that. Do not do not. Tweet me could be beltway here. They come and then fifty cent posting. You know, here's the real Chan we'll treat them right. God does no one know how any of this business works. It does not work that way just because you happen to see him. See you can't jump over to Belot or their off-season. Competitive, you does not work like that. Tamang guys ones. It's it happens is going down in Los Angeles, correct. Now that was the Mitchell unwanted said, no, I'm telling you Ryan, Bater favor fighting Jane, late January. You know what? Hold on on c. team. I asked they're fighting January twenty six at the forum in Los Angeles, Ryan Bater fatal. And Scott Coker bell Tor I'm gonna be going to that with my friends. Money brings out tickets. You're right. Bloom, Inglewood, California forum. I'm gonna be there. With a frigate Ryan Bater shirt on suck at Russia just to just getting, but I am room for Ryan Bater. Tell you what. One of the things I thought the overall fight was great, the productions. Great. One of the things that that that kind of. Fight was missing was Marlin. Also they need a little bit of spice in that commentary. Everyone did a great job. But when when fate or fights, I knew here Marlin oh, I need to hit some Morrow. Men. About moral. 'cause he recently tweeted that he's sort of a free agent. What do you have it up there? His tweet was theorem me promoters. See this year I have call, oh yes. Those three goes deer ever made promoters. I've called some of the most memorable moments in the sport and would love to continue doing so fulltime to nineteen. Please contact my manager, Frank shamrock if interested in my services. Wow. So you had that is weird. He was on there. But again, kid be contract things. I'd take some what, what's up, man? How come you on this? And you know, he just said his contracts up and they're trying to figure it out. So I think it's just that they think they have Mike Goldberg big, John Frank Maher. Jenn Brown shouted to Jim Brown. Then he got Josh Thompson yet shale. That's six lot. Does Gobert already. Yes, Jay Glazer. Yeah, that's seven. So you gotta you gotta get him out on the roster. There's some sure yet figured out he can pay in everyone, but Mara Nala man. There's none batter outside outside the USC. Obviously, Joe Rogan's numerous, no, John DC those guys. That's the. Yeah, scandal at is word. Very strange. Hopefully they figured out when he Marco and fight, especially when favourite fight for God's sakes. It's convention. Yes, sir. Let's go at the first one that the pay per view record. I think you talked about this to you. You policies or something on Instagram also have t. twenty nine to beavers McGregor destroys previous Emma may record for pay per views estimated two point, four million estimate two point just under. Yep, just under right? Yeah. Yeah, you know when I not even I just was, I admit, I was wrong. So I, you know, I didn't think I thought it would. It would do around one point six, something like that. Just wrong. I don't. I don't think I took into account how exactly big of a megastar Connor is. And I thought legal streaming would also play a huge factor into it just because the the younger demographic, that's what they're doing. People are streaming shitload of it, and I thought that would hurt pay per view numbers as wrong. Thank God because now could be and Connor you paid. Yeah, I, I want that. I never, it's. It's not a matter of me hating or anything like that in the circle. I'm in the world. I run and I just thought I didn't feel the same buzz as I did for the Floyd Mayweather fight. But again, maybe you know, Conners move the bar so high up when it comes to fight hype and pre hype that it's so high up when he hits not like God, this isn't usually there's something more going on here and you know. Doesn't need to do it. And this actually helps Connor. And his future negotiations has how much media he's gonna do because he didn't do much at all for this fighter. Two biggest find ever. So when they go, dude, we need you to this world tour when you fight Tony Ferguson or Nate Diaz nam and why? I barely did any media. It's the biggest all time because they can say, dude, it's only put more money in your pocket. Well, let's do it. It was the biggest vault time. So it's a good thing. This isn't me like bow down like a, there's nothing wrong with being wrong. And like you said, good thing. I was wrong, good thing, man, and that rematch Jimmy bigger than that. I wonder how many of kebabs fans are responsible for this too. He has a big following huge phone. Yeah. What four million followers on scam, something like that. Now they're Instagram's are completely different if seen post-fight because kebabs with the. Degs Danny inch are the Chechen kind of. Figure the lead a twelve point, six million dollars for a so he's Dan. Lewis could be post which one? This one? Yeah, that one and the other one. That's interesting. Oh, that's another current event to. I'll bring that up in a second k. Let me see his other posts. This one. That's just a painting piece of art. Don't talk too much somewhere Turkey, and that's interesting. Yeah, there have been very different. Right? So it could be got a car from the Chechen leader. He had a Mercedes stuff like that. He's with Putin, and then college just live in his best life and some people are upset. I see people I watch for steak and all those shows the ESPN shows in the morning and they're like, dude, how can he show up to this football match? Like he's done anything is asked slip, stuff like that. I get a little bit of it, but same time to man the UFC, especially the UC's different than than boxing where you know you're fighting the absolute best day in day out when when you do sign up for fight and you know, lost doesn't really. It sucks for sure. But you know, MMA fans, they, they don't forget everything you've put into the sport, like boxing us. Once box that guy he's done. He's gonna be shit and never made man. Get lose the next one come back like that fan base really doesn't waiver that much. I mean after you have your fair weather fans, but other than that, it's just different man, but he's definitely live Beth best life, proven that proper to a vodka whiskey. My God, that boy is everywhere. Just has happy as could be. Cannot be happy that much money in the Bank. I know and him in particular like fans, they don't care him in particular. They just don't care when he loses or wins Darwin than that, so much support to win the next one. You can't. I think most fans understand that. You know those a tough match-up form. There's a laugh, stuff like that. Gotta win the network in order to keep this kind of mystique mystique vibe going. He's just a happy chanted Heike not be happy. Benjamin on his best life just doing the damn thing. Say that fights really taken stole on like, but again, never get Instagram confused with the real life who knows how he's feeling outside. This game is three seconds out of your day. This is I don't know why trading concert. I know it's been. Yeah, he was migos. Yeah, just doing the damn thing. Man. All right. What else we got. Let's go here up. So you talked about this on fat k. but you want to cover some of this over here. Sure. So it could be amalgamated ultimatum to the see that if they cut that guy's a beer, a beer, something, his teammate that he'll quit. So we know that his teammates not fighting Artem Lobov he plays John's. Yeah, by a fight for them month fight though, either way. So we know that's not happened. We haven't found the, they've stuck by the cutting, you know, if you see, you can't let the, you know the inmates run the silence. So I don't know what you do here because. You know, with a lot of guys when I say a lot of them, say ninety nine point nine, nine, nine, nine percent of fighters in the ac- when you have a problem with UFC, especially if you're at a world championship level, you're a big name in the sport, and you have an issue, they'll call you behind the scenes and they're going to figure something out to make sure it's worth your time, whether it's money, Amina, vet something, a new sponsor. There's something they're going to do to make sure you pipe down with Khabib. There's not amount. I don't think that they could call him with and try to go. I listen, we're gonna cut him, but we're going to give you the mount of money. You're just dealing with a guy who does not care about fame does not care about money. So for the first time, you know, there's a lot of guys who call the UFC bluff, hey, I'm not gonna fight. I'm like, can do this. You don't do this and it's never worked out. Look at the the Nate Diaz doesn't import offs in hindsight's getting date because Nate doesn't pulled out such. A fucking bomber, we'll get to that, but with him pulling out. But remember when Nate and dozen tried force in the ABC's hand for once if you five pound division, that makes all the sense in the world. But when you let the inmates try to force you to do something, you know you, you go down a weird road. So you'll see even though it probably wouldn't good for business at the time in hindsight's? Nope, not happening, man. Yeah, that would be good. Not happening though. So with Kabeba I don't know what you do. It's a, it's a tough situation because also with this with his buddy who's getting cut who he calls, you know, his brother is his buddy getting cut. That would have been a fun fight to watch our verse him would have been how much of a bigger fight now. Now I always green great to me. Nice guy is tough as they come fighter out of out of Conner's camp, but did we really care about that fight until now? Now I feel like if I get a lot more eyeballs, do you have see just swallow that pill like here. But again, UC swallows that pill of lend these guys dictate who they're going to cut what what they're gonna do. Quiche man. You go down a weird road, super weird road because then. You know, it could be jump out of the ring in the whole plan of action and then kinda premeditating this attack on Connor stuff like that. There has to be consequences for that. Do their house. We consequences for Conor dot. There has consequence all the way around. So you can't just go Kay could be is going to bounce. We can't do anything. Let's not do that. You can't do that. If the, if you're the of see they're in a tough spot, man, it's I, I generally don't think could be gives a shit about your money or your title shot or what's next. I said, Josh Thompson came on here, and we've had these talks behind scenes to he's could even no matter what was going to retire. I think he's done, which I found fascinating. You know, fascinating. Yeah, I don't know what you do during tough spot. This guy in particular is a tough one too, because could be no his buddy that got cut or supposedly cut. If it was just like a Connor was doing like defending himself or even attacking from the front, it'd be one thing, but this is from the back. That's what made it like you kind of have to let the guy go. Right? It's such a bitch move. You know, the terrible here. Like man, if it was facing Connor, it'd be different, I think is bad to the public. UC's in a tough spot. What else you? All right. Let's do this. We already talked about this stuff, but now in last last week show, do you wanna talk about other stuff? Joel, Alexander gets into five to light heavyweight builder UC to thirty two. So DC district, I love that. Man, they they, they, they did strip DC. They will strip them if like private same thing, once I punches thrown. Yeah, they're going to wait for it. See some falls or something like that. Yeah, good man. Glad John's back. This is the thing. If I asked you chin who fought last John Jones Augusta, and what would you say. I wanna say guessing, right? He's been out longer than John crazy because when I first heard this five, my God that for John come off that longest lay lay off and fight Guston that's by far stuff is ever to date not even close. Some people think guest won that fight. Not filing the same card. I saw both men's bodies after the after the exchanging of fisticuffs in that locker room. Both men were so fucked up. They both lay down the line, no one loss at night, but the judges dig it to John Jones. By far the toughest fight of his life, they have this long layoff. You're dealing with all this stuff and they give him gusts in my initial reaction. Oh, fuck me. And that is what's the odds? That's my brother. You would look at the odds, you know, not that John can't beat them, but that's a tough comeback. Fight man against rangy Guston who's a monster now sitting there, my God, I guess Simpson doing work man. Last time he. Not to look it up like. Wall John. What are we talking about? This is the perfect plan for John to ring, rosters to ring ring rust. Rearrest is real as Connor as something guy's been out for a long time. What are the odds. Yeah. When you think about it, you, you know, you always think fricking. Oh, that's great for great fight, though. Man, phenomenal. I'm excited for excite for both guys. I would assume Johns as long as Justin's been. Our third is minus two seventy five for John Jones. Yeah, plus two. This seems right. My initial thought was like, oh, fuck John. That's the fight. Let's get a warm up, but not the way the UC works. It's not the way I sport works. And also allergenic has been out a lot longer. You know, John wins that one. What do you do? Let's say the Oddmakers, right? John wins that one, you know, I'll see DC's fighting soon against Derrick Lewis. Have we talked about that on the show I was going to be bring next so we can do do that next, but John wins that one, he becomes the light heavyweight champion. Stuff predicament because you put remember when they said John would never be a headliner again, you never been the main advantage. Just hilarious. Also still the best promo of all time, the John Jones against DC to, oh my God, you want to promo, you'd look that fucking being the things of ridiculous. Best sports, combat sports promo ever ever cut hats off to ever get that thing. So now you have DC verse Derek Lewis for the heavyweight title. Off CDC's the heavy, heavy favourite in that, and they got John fight in January. And then DC if all goes according to plan and the automakers are right yet, DC beats Derek Lewis and who'd fight and what are we thinking still February March against broccoli center. He wants to be done by March. So he said March, right? Yeah, but I'm sure I'm sure if they set up the fight after March, he'll be fine. He'll do it only if it's Brock list. Yeah. Only if his Brock listener. Live, John has the light heavyweight belt. DC has the heavyweight belt. How big of a fight is that DC verse John Jones for the world heavyweight title in a trilogy fight. I mean after after DC beats Brock listener. Yeah. The amount of money DC and John can make together. But for DC, it's like you've been this. You've been the light heavyweight champion the world, right? Even the heavyweight champion, the world, you'd be Brock listener tree got good amount of money in the Bank. There's never enough. Do you risk it all and fight John Jones with your heavyweight title for your last fight, ever at heavyweight and he's gonna be even better heavyweight thing to you, risk everything and fight all that against Jon Jones heavyweight God, dang, man, or do you write off in the sunset. There's such pros and cons because pro, if you're at a beat him, you're the best of all time hands down. No argument adver you're the best mixed martial arts ever. There's literally there's people can't be like well here. No, there's nothing if you were to be John Jones at heavyweight for the world championship. After beating Derek Lewis after doing what he's done, too steep bay in. I mean, we're, we're talking about men, so there's that on the table and the biggest payday of all time. Gotta gotta feel in DC might be like, you know what I said, March. Let's just say to a nineteen my last year. Yeah, I think so too. Right. I would imagine it's just too much impluse. He wants his legacy. He doesn't want that little feeling that he couldn't be John Jones. Although I did hear him say somewhere that he wanted to fight him back, it light heavyweight, light heavyweight. But. I think he should do heavyweight. Because that'll be fighting to fights at heavyweight before he gets to that place. Let's remember. Last time we saw John off strict. You of testing was against SP. He looked as human as ever severe DC you're looking at that going. I can beat that guy. Let's see how it looks and know. I also think if you know if John had struggles against Guston or that, you know, there's, you know if he loses me completely fucked, but we don't thinking like that. But if you were if he says so few ring rests of its Stahl there with you saw testing. I bet DC takes that fight at heavyweight. That's his last one. We have three more fights at DC. I bet you DC Derek Lewis. Get Devers Brock listener and get DC verse John Jones about right. That's what I think. What if Gus wins. Well, then guess is gonna then DC might go to light heavyweight. Maybe I don't know. He's beat a right, so it's not that intriguing to me. It has a close fucking fight. Yeah. Alexander has been this close to being the best in the world. He's so goddamn Goodman. And those are brutal fights to with John Jones and with DC. Oh brutal. It's taken its toll on that man. A semi thing about no one's talking about this man. He's been left in the dust is St. bay. Dino poor steep, Amen. Yeah. The most winningest heavyweight champion of all time defend thousand most times, and they're just like. DC made a good point though off. See Steve base talking shit because he's upset because steep is willing to take that fight short knows who gets DC mess Square Garden. Yeah, in DC goes, listen, Stevie sea. Bake can beat me in number of ways on the ground striking. He's very well rounded and the short of mount of time. I'm not fighting him again, and I agree with DC. There's not a whole lot of ups. I just starched the man. You know, Derek Lewis, very, very dangerous in that first round, second and third round. Let's me five round fight. Data's one through five, no matter how fucking tired. He looks. Dick Lewis has the fucking touch of God in that right hand that touches DC at anytime that fights over, but that's literally the only way he can win that fight. He cannot wrestle them. He cannot strike them. He can't submit him. There's nothing you could maybe ground and pound him. If you know DC got shot in his heel and fell to the ground and get taken down, but you're not gonna take him down. There's just not a whole lot. You can do there. So if I'm saving the fight card, the shore of notice dick Lewis is the perfect perfect match up and shout out to Derek Lewis. Man finally get a title shot, dude this the way to do. I don't know if he gets one if he doesn't do this. So I, I think this is brilliant. What it's either this or they throw you to flicking steep pay, you know, you wait around, then you get steep, which is obviously a rough matchup for him. Although without right hand, which is why this is intriguing. You know, c. s. fought similar guys. You look at he fought rumble Johnson eight. His big shot awfully steep as a hard puncher. He he's fought some tough, tough guys who can fuck and strike man. I'll see Anderson Silva, but little different from Johnson's. Probably the closest one has beat him twice. Submissions submitted both them did Hanson heavy puncher, ROY, Nelson, heavy, puncher, Frank. Mayors, no punk, Josh Barnett can hit Bigfoot, civil, can strike in all. He's he's lots of heavy heavy handed dudes and was able to deal with them. So I'm both them get paid, especially for Derek Lewis. You know, money's his objective here is going to get paid. He's fighting for the world championship of heavyweight title. So hats off to both those guys. I'm I, I like to fight. I know some people like this is inferior to Derrick. Lewis pretty awesome. If you're Derek Lewis, you can pay any money. What else you got in? I got this. This came out of nowhere. Kevin levers ally Kenta to headline FOX thirty one December fifteenth Milwaukee. Yup. And I know Kevin Lee, when does Emporia got hurt, right? Everyone knows doesn't Pori and eight days the fights off because does appear. Raise hurt. I d say, hit. He said, hip Kat such a shame in breaks your heart. I know Kevin Lee was the first one to call Sean Shelby and go. Please give me Nate Diaz. He's trying to step in and fighting eight days and they decide they wanna keep them for this main event on fight night on December fifteenth against raging ally Quinta. So. They what? After seeing what you know could be Connor seen what to how I quit to dealt with Khabib. It makes you wonder out. Good. You know, I went to damn good fighter toughest home, very, very good fighter. But man, I wouldn't mind Kevin Lee. Nate Diaz have been awesome. Yeah, I wonder why they didn't do that the price saving. Nate, right. I don't think I, I don't. I don't know the, I have no idea, but I'm assuming Nate Diaz is like, no, I'm not fighting for Kevin Lee. He's just not big enough named for him. Yeah, he called out, could be going to wait for could be that fight. You be waiting forever though. Name your, you'll be fighting when you're forty, four dude, like they're not gonna you know, like to be given, he's going to have a suspension. You haven't thought in forever. So. Yeah, I wonder what they do with a man. What would you do? And they. Depends on what he wants, but I guess wait for the really big fights wait for what happens to Connor, but you know Connor and could be getting suspended. Yeah. I guess you wait for the trilogy- fight. I mean him against it can be a fight though. You know, like it's been a long time, but if you're Nate, it's like, all right. You want me just to fight this late. Notice, you know, Kevin Lee, I don't wanna do that. Yeah, I know it's gonna bring a bunch of eyeballs. I want to get paid, man. I need a big fight. I see what needs doing man. It's hard to argue with it. Ferguson's gonna. Wait, right? Like I thought maybe I step in and fighting eight. I'd love that fight. I the only reason I don't like it on short notice because the build up of Tony, I eight days would be phenomenal. I'm not mad at that either. Now they got Nate Diaz ranked ten. Yep. So if you're Tony, I it's names, you know titles don't mean everything these days names names names. I will. She got, dude. I see that name right there to number four. Eddie Alvarez. Yes. Did you hear about this and he's close to or probably is done with the deal with won one championship, a multi-million dollar deal, blah, really? Yeah. Good for him. Yep, that's some I really didn't expect him to go there. I thought maybe Bill go where wherever you're going to pay him the most. I if you're any Alvarez, you've done it. All right. Bella toward champion, UFC, lightweight, champion dream. I think he was champion, but either way he's a frigging Allah Famer. So at the end of your career, you just want to get the biggest payday possible the glory days are behind you who's gonna pay me the most one FC. Fantastic. Where do I sign? I love it. Good for him. Good. Yeah, we're at eob RAs. And he put on about to announce when the biggest athletes signings in the history for one chimp any guesses that's shot sit you're Dong from one. So I'm most like, how do we know it's a multimillion dollar deal area, reported it air Awani? What did he say? Free agent? Eddie elvers is very close to agreeing to a molten fight. What do you see multimillions. Right. New, multi fight with windows multi, so's missing would be the biggest free agent signing you saw so inside his red, multi as multimillion than no. Well, yeah, by bathroom, my that. I'm assuming it's the highest paid though, so good for him. Others saying they're paying like a million of fight. That'd be sick. I thought it was. Right. Well, she got all right. So I know you're not gonna like this. Yeah. So the headlines I feel sick carry on this guy. You met this guy Leonard? Yup, l'herbe. Yep. So he posted with could be challenging Mayweather teeth of a fight here. Yeah, I saw this. Let the listeners. Leonard with the old chomps. They're just like. They look like glow in the dark teeth self. Yeah, shiny, aren't they? Yeah. Well, a little bit just, you know, I'll see could be fucking around getting getting Instagram likes somebody get time. This is one of the beast is life. It's something fun to do. Obviously, Floyd Mayweather inconvenient gonna find a boxing match. It's not his forte. Yeah. Say the least Lindo right hand. Connor get the fuck outta my face with that. Get outta. My face are just a closes out for did respond. Of course, in the headline, he's the greatest marketing marketing fighter ever and CBS Showtime, MGM grin, get the checkbook out, go to letter w page. If you could be challenged to me, has Jake CBS hashtag Showtime hashtag, hell Nov do not ever do this ever. Yeah, sounds silly. There's no let me just if there's any any frigging heat here. What could be being a champion? He's stuck to the FCC though. Right? So you'll see would do a frigging deal. Yeah, with all my say hockey, talking about chin, got damaged, dude, obsess, who knows everything, his buddy. His buddy is not going to be the anymore. He's done. He's Audi. Yeah, but the US's Cooman fight. This is a this is such a mockery of just spiting in general. Yeah, definitely. Silly. Just I'm not gonna say who I'd takes Showtime, but the guy knows the thing too about Floyd Mayweather he's probably gonna be like, don't ever text this ever again, I'm disappointed you consider the. This offseason happened. Good for Khabib. He's a household name. Now. He's giving their of course Floyd's going to run with this Floyd's like I'll, hey, any you big UC FIS you want come on down QB come on down. I mean you just made, you know? Yeah, we'll make Floyd a make a one hundred million dollars from beaten your ass in just boxing. Tamang man. What else you got. All right. You asked this question before, so now we know it the chocolate LT Ortiz, three pay per view price. Can you get so much? They're charging ninety nine four, nine. No northern that more than that four hundred ninety nine more less than the UFC ninety getting closer forty-nine Bom. Forty nine. It's old school baby. And it's gonna be a fight TV. Am I gonna legally stream this? Yes. No kidding. There you go. It's going to be on what f I m I t TV website. He'll be streaming whatever sort TC for forty-nine yet some nerve charging forty nine ninety nine. Good for them, though. Man, hey, if they put together those guys can make some money good for them. I'm not gonna eat on it. All right, Gleason T-Bone nets. He would be fighting on the undercard as a welterweight. Oh, wow. That's big news. Is it because he was with the for so damn long. Fuck man, if what has twelve years. But if I that's all along twelve years is in in professional sports world, twelve years. Is that for I know, especially in the fight business, he was shocked when he was released. He lost a punch, though, man. Yeah, yeah. When's the fight taking place. November. Third, I think fucked Sutin band, and that's in the form. I might be wrong about the, aren't you going to go to? I was supposed to go supposed to. You got any tickets. I'm sure we can get you tickets. You really wanna go. I definitely do want to go. Yeah, you know what? I don't know anybody building point you don't. You know, Chuck. And you know, Tito though, does my boy? Yeah, there you go. All right. Remember twenty four th at the forum, November thirds of ESE Cartwright. Yeah. Hey, what I cannot see Chuck losing this fight man, really? I'm sorry. I can't see to log literally just based out for. I'm back Tito young. These fucking good man. He looks like really in shape now to you term about Tito. He beat Ryan Bater pretty recently. Chill. What else yet? Yes, he beat jail. There you go. All right. So now for a hot minute, this is going on everywhere. So glad you brought up. So this is where Jonty Walder was doing a Spanish television network or. Yeah, it's ESPN ESPN in Spanish, right. I've been Sonia spin. I've been on this show and apparently everyone was saying that he broke the mascots jaw while you punch the mascot. I just want to how did this all happen? Was the mascot like, yeah, punch me. The guy whoever this host is he was like, yeah, punch him in the face of the stomach. So I'll just play this clip real quick visit clips whole areas, fast, four girl posted. I could not stop laughing. And that's a legit hit two. Stands there worry. He's all the mascots. All. Yeah. I mean, if you if you were gonna sit inside that or stand inside that costume, that's kind of where your head's going to be to where you punched house about it. That was fun for that guy. Hardy, punched him? Yeah. Did they say so reports are inaccurate? No injury was caused in the mascot earliest once. All right. What Shikata deonte is response to it because they're saying the headlines are saying that he didn't know that there's an actual human being inside the costume. That's such a low dig. Of course, he knows the frigging human being in it. Hold up. Heavyweight boxer not to breaks Joff filling to realize a real person. Leave the picture. He's all he anything Hedley. Anything headlining. I don't know. Human being was in there is just straight. Click baiting like, come on now. I guess the mascot rolled out there show some respect, sincerely apologize to the brave man that was injured. If this is true, which is not the most high respect for him, his participation, Willis encourage, this is true. I personally would like to invite him to my December. I fight word is bond champ. God. How hilarious is that. Did it no human being was in the mascot. He thought that was a fucking robot. Yeah, that that picture. I know he behind like, what the fuck did they let him sock that mascot like that dude that do though is the host. He was like, he actually showed what a punch in the face or the stomach. Knocked the shit of another thing too. What else went pretty hard on that? This is just a quick one, Dana white. You know, he said he'd probably if could be was gonna be under a long suspension. He would probably be stripped. Now he's saying that he won't strip. He won't be stripped him out of what that's cool. Okay. And then this one. All right. So you know it's the jar you basis to fight. I feel bad for men. Yeah, yeah, she's the, she's the girl is the main event announced for mess. Qu- guarding Valentina shift chant go for that belt anyway. How about Joe Rogan? I were doing his show and. Jaime brought it up right when it happened. We were both. Like what I know. So that kind of swayed some things I think so. Then she put at Dana at McNall deleted bunch of fucking couch point from this thing and you'll regret it. That's pretty hardcore right. You'll regret it bunch of fucking coward me from this thing in your regret it in what way? Though? Put me, then she put shortly. She quit run this thing like a circus put me on. Put me undercard, put me co, main. I don't care, but put me in for the flyweight title shot. Dana McMahon yard. I've earned my shot. This might time quit running this thing like a circus. How make may. Okay. Well, my bad, I guess you ain't. No. Sorry, this is my life. You're playing with. Yeah. So she was emotional, obviously, hell. Yeah, I'm sure she's upset. Listen for her to no matter if you know who she is. If you feel like you're fighting style, whatever as a fighter, the biggest moment of your life is headlining a UFC event, especially at mass Grigor does not get better for title shot, and then he gets yanked out from underneath ya. And it's just like she's done nothing. She didn't ask to be the main event amass Square Garden. She didn't ask to to fight all this. You know, this controversy surrounding the main event. She didn't think, you know, she thought maybe she was gonna find on it. She didn't know she's the main event. And then there's such a back laugh. Last UC goes, oh shit and retracts the statement just fucks the girl over. Yeah. I sit on how seriously were about putting that on his as a main event. Like it's is weird. I think they were scrambling like, dude, we have nothing. So there's put the title shot up to get tickets hills rolling. And there was such a such a backlash, like, oh, fuck to sink. In workman, call up DC made him offering. Can't refuse call up dick Lewis like we got one and then boom. But poor Seraya Eubanks man. That's just it can't. It's not her fault people hating on our like, she's like, what the fuck. I just fight. You guys make the cards. You guys make the main events. I was honored to do this and get all this backlash, like what the fuck. That falls on the UCS nothing do with her. She has to be careful if your super stuff like that tweet at McMahon yard Dana white. You know, there's you some repercussions there. Yeah, you and see what she so upset though. Of course, and they would. She says she would have made history like I African American female to headlines like she, there's, there's a lot to it. It wasn't just a regular MS lot to no matter who's fine for title. You're black, white, African Chinese, Korean, like Brazilian when you're fighting for title history, no matter what I see what you're saying the first, but you know, from the you'll see like take it's men but the season the wrong here because don't announce it if you were going to switch it on this Borgo what else you got? Yeah, I got this. So. Since she's fighting or you know, there's a thing here, so she's gonna fight onto thirty against Roxanne monetary. So she did her fight eventually, but just not for title show now and it's not even. I don't know where it's gonna laugh, fight. Are these? She has a fight she wanted to fight of at least she has a flight there. That's not good. Yep. And because of that now the Valentina shift shaneco. Let's go. Now the Valentina Shevchenko and you wanted inch j. check fight. It's gonna go on again for the title that in Canada to thirty one. Toronto? Yeah, Scotia Bank arena. That's cool. Again, sex with that girl, man. What else yet? It's take up. I know you're not gonna like this either, but it is making the news out, so fifty cent reached out to could be saying, and you already mentioned this kind in the beginning that he would pay two million dollars. If he came over to fight and bell Baltimore, which you're saying, you can't do anyways. Also, two dollars ain't shit. But the funny thing I've found here was Cubbies response. He just says, just send me location that this thing, right? Yeah. And then. He says, if you wanna see place where we'll born, I invited STAN in when I come to let you know, thank you for support. You are real man. Yeah, I know you wouldn't like this fifty cent. I know could be a man of principle, and the disrespect was overwhelming McGregor any mispelled McGraw. Put a space between the name. It's overwhelming and overwhelming. LEGO is lucky. He didn't ignore him. Tapping out and kept going. He capitalized having. You just doesn't know the fight game in the least bit, but whatever. Hold on all deal with Dana in your contract later could be the UC is not the only game in town. Zoo guy has always welcome. Also. Yeah, get the fifty. Good luck with Dana white Neo, see on getting Kabeba his contract. If you just be Connor. I just. It's all just smoking. There's none of this is real. It's all fun. I discuss. None of that's real. Fifty cent knows about as much as fighting as I do about fucking skiing in what are we doing? What else yet? This is another quick one. So after Benson Henderson, one is fight that was octa weaken. That was so awkward is post fide. Speech was talking about, never. He gets on the mic. It's always Hugh. He could be such a bigger star, but when he gets on that, Mike, it's always like preachy bullshit. Like Tony Robbins like God thing, and it's just people like God and feels like like, you wrote it three weeks before. To use this of kind of the performance only been looking for from you in the Arctic inside the cage feeling goes, your sons, your daughters going to watch when you're when you're going in there is going to be on TV. How do you explain that and big. I'm sorry what he's like, oh, he talked to me, bats. I jumped out of the cage how you can explain it to your kids, or we said something to me, your son's going to be five years old. He's gonna say this kid said something to me at your school. Where are we going to say, no, watch how you conduct yourself, your professional ANSI. You've got the hold yourself a higher standard. Jeez. Out of nowhere talk nothing to do with it. Also you're not in the. It just it was sloppy, wasn't well put together. It was your moment, and even the crowd was booing you. You said this big fight. It was awkward and I love banning. He's the best, but that was terrible. How. What are you say to your son when he's sitting in satin sheets in a fifty million dollar crib, because you jumped out a cage is the biggest rematch ever and everyone tuned in and everyone paid seventy ninety nine for that HD cause the biggest fight history because I don't know shit about selling fights and could be yeah, it's bad right now. But when the smoke clears, it can be the best thing ever for the sport because everyone's talking about it. How you explain that you tell your kids that. How you tell your kids, they're set up for the next seven generations because daddy meat so much God damn money. He came from Dacca, STAN wrestling, goddamn, Kodiak bears. Now you don't have to wrestle shit besides Bank accounts and pitches for the rest of your life because they had jumped off the gut MK. It's like an eagle and the entire world saw. I'm more famous than ever now. Hey, explained that to your kids. You tell me. Let's get to church. Dude, only a few more here. All right. So ROY McDonald. Broke his nose, guess confirmed that he would? Yeah, he broke his nose. How the hell you do that. Then man, three times is that at least three times sometimes when you break it, it can come back stronger, but sometimes what he did, it's a hot mess in that in that beak of his broken nose Coker said, I know that whatever he needed to do. He did it. I'm ready to go straight to start changing few weeks time out time out. Just relax. He's Amel. Just want to keep training funding. I don't know, man. Yeah, it's a bummer. So he says, he's gonna come back. We'll Scott Coker wants back sometime around February. He wants to come back sooner though. This one. It's just continuing on with Hoffer, Sanyo's until Danis your last week. We talked about them tweeting each other. Yup, he's a nobody. That's how failed the sangha says. Now he's challenge into a fight for two hundred thousand dollars. I feel dose Anjos said, why don't we? Why don't we do like you said to Kevin Lee? I one hundred k. you put up hundred k. and go, your Jimmy come to mind jumping the cage though. Time. Whatever walked out takes two hundred k. wow, you're move shit. I mean, I'd pay to watch that forty nine and watch that. You heard about that Kevin Lee went to? Yeah, still long stream like a seven hour stream of those two grappling. Straight jitsu. People forget how does dose Anjos is a monster grappling, but God get figure Dana's younger, no time limit. It's gonna be trouble. I'd watch the shit out of that though. What else you got. Does Angeles has a fight, though he's the main event against. Your boy, the fuck Nigerian nightmare. I'll Comoros man. Yup. Pretty sure I did see something about that too. Let's say the ultimate fighter. Finale November. Thirtieth go to finale good one for who's been man. He's been looking for big fight. There you go. There you go. And then there's really not much any big ones you want to just look at this real quick though. Remember Jesse Taylor. He popped year ago, like four Koma theme. No, that's the first time he did it. He believes it was a supplement all that stuff. So you have c. didn't say anything to him. They just spend it until that time. So it's a month away. And then now they finally released. He's upset about that. Like, why wouldn't they tell them sooner? I don't know what is there anything else? That's it. Some questions? Yeah. All right. Gene. You want me to start if you'd like to. at Matt Dern as. Do you think secretly beeps camp is afraid of potential matchup with Tony Ferguson? And then he goes on why I'll stop you there. To be any fight at this high level to say, they're scared of another fire. You just. Just doesn't work like that. No one's scared. I highly doubt could be scared of the grappling of Tony Ferguson. I do think it's tougher potential matchup for could be, but scared. No, I don't think they're voting anything. Anything at all? At Shawn, underscore de underscore. What's worse could be friends hitting Connor with cheap shot his punching or chins Google in skills. Hunch was awful. At adian scored lighten score. What do you think about DC's comments about not wanting to fight steep bay because he's quote unquote, too good. I gotta I really think you guys are looking at this in the wrong way. So he's always start steeper, right? He'd knocked out in the first round to become the champion the world on a short notice fight you the only way you're gonna take that fight. If it's significant in your favor more likely than not, especially when you're the tail into your career, it doesn't make sense go. All right. Let's give steep another chance at this. He's a phenomenal striker house cardio any can wrestle. So after worry about all these other facets, if I take the steep and very beat himself, nothing to really gain here what the only thing that anyone can gain a steep air that fight DC gains nothing by find steep and short. Notice he has. He's risk of losing everything his shot against Lessner shutting John Jones. He's risking so much more than St. what steep have to lose nothing and it's whereabout all these other things. So you take short notice fi. Fight businesswise dick Lewis gays, a monster by can take him down, probably beat them easily easier than steep. It just makes sense. Anyone goes at soft, that's softest hell to talk like that. Get the fuck outta here. P scored the underscore lock, dude. I love the podcast, but you can't let chin lied all about the ads. There's always one hundred percent ads in the middle of every podcast. Love from Australia. You wanna take this chin. Yeah, love you back, but it's not a hundred percent of the time. We don't have any percentage, but it's not I, I won't with any of this. I do the reads, and then I exit the building. So it's not one hundred percent chin? No, it's all over the place. So hit or miss. It just depends face since that since people are so concerned, it's only when we're like, absolutely have to put mineral. That's I'll just mid roll. Everything else will be in front then front. It's free content should now it's I dunno at low Lena on score Pandelani scores today. When are you coming to Hawaii to do a show. We have really good cream barbecue down here. You're Hawaii. Cream barbecue. Hawaiian cream barbecue. My friends who my son's friends there little boy there, Korean shit, and they're like, dude, you shouldn't went to Korean barbecue and Salem. But yet Jin told me that like LA has the best. They said, there's some hole in the wall, the best in the world. Here. There's one called parks that people. Like a lot of famous Crean celebrities go there too. I've been there. I think it's great, but the hole in the wall, it's kind of hole in the wall. Not all takes you find. It's not really whole, but find out. I'm thinking about maybe becoming a Hawaiian in. In February after my special do some shows and take a vacation which haven't done forever. That'd be my plan tried to work slash rication after she dispel at Bob. Woo 'let how fighters get paid from pay per view buys and what percentage to the fighters make per by it all depends on the negotiation. I'm suing Connor has a higher pay per view percentage. So I think Brock listener was to make. Between two to four dollars per pay per view, used around there yet. Surmount appoints. So you can imagine with two point four million buys Connors making, who knows for five dollars a pay up to six dollars a pay per view, and should could be on the lower end two to three dollars. They're making fucking Bank men. They're gonna get real money from that thing. At shawny Ringo what's worse? Comma Gregor thrown a football. Fifty cents on a baseball. One hundred percent fifty cent throwing a baseball because you grew up in the fuck in New York City. You every kid learns how to throw a baseball unless you parents moved away and became a terrorist. Most people know how fucking baseball you're born and raised here. Comma Geiger did not. Did not. Grow up in our culture has not thrown a football before has really never seen the Merican style football. So for him to throw, of course, they're gonna throw like fuck in drew Brees. I expected that it was. It wasn't good, Kim sun, throw a better two and a half. Yes, but he was raised that way. Connor was not fifty. Cent has no excuses. Also kinda was just don't throw it fifty cents. That's a whole lead up. You know, you have coach at helps you with those throwing things. They've offered me do this stuff. They off you coach, throw four to help you throw and you get some practice throws so easy j. dot day underscore. We're kind of coffeemaker to us for the big Brown dark roast by black rifle, what's your favorite way to make coffee in the morning? Big fan shot to you. J. date underscore in the morning is through that big Brown. I have one of those fucking what is that chin. Mocha master. I don't know dope, ask coffee setup that black rifle set me technique form, mocha master. It's a nice one, but I drink my coffee with a little splash of all milk on Sweden every morning. What do you got any any. Just a couple of here. All right. Let's start with this one. This is so random TB JJ ES q.. When is it appropriate for a grown man to where overalls out for the day? I used to wear a middle school. It was the kind of the look died. It's tough because like if you wear that, if you the overalls and you do both, you look like a super redneck. I'd have to see what what else you rock shoes event. You're gone. If you have swagger before it takes us specific type of dude, rock overalls. Some guys can pull off most cannot. The coming back though. What else yet? Girls can do all the time. Right. I didn't expect you know roles? Yeah. All right. Nick, underscore mortello. Why did show flip forward off of feeders back? I guess he could have been going for Dr Senate Kanda shit. One of my favorite moves is when you have their back light it and you flip the front and a transition for Darshan the Khanda not jail forte. I don't know why he did that. That was a terrible idea, terrible move. He ate some horrible punches on the ground there. When you know fate or gave his infamous ground and pound after that kind of the mistake of the fight for Challe, it's a very high level move, especially pull off on a guy who's as versed in submissions and sambas fade or is so terrible. The whole, the whole set. It was slow. His hands weren't in the right place is a bad move on chill, and he paid daily for it. I'm sure he grits that yet. Thai Taif ni. First off, I'm a lesbian who loves loves the straight man based podcasts, and you definitely need to see old boy that Korean movie old Bohol shut out. The was been any more insights into cowboy versus Perry. Now that's thrown has left, Jackson wink. No zero anything. I'll hit up cowboy just take some of them a few weeks ago cowboy up the skit. Question co, Yoda given the performance that could be gave it to twenty nine. If you had given a classic humble Habib speech instead of the ball, we got, do you think that would have tremendously slowed down this whole entertainment era that we're in right now? Yeah, I would have slowed it down. God. This is weird to say that I'm not saying anyone doesn't know, but Kip eaves way more well known now because of the the antics. So in the end, if you're fighter and you money's your number one objective, this can have gone better for Connor could be after the fight. This can have done better. The fight went perfect for could be dingo Gordon plan for Conor, but after to set up the future and paid as and just the surrounding kind of media response from this. Also you've see doesn't want this, but same time to. You're gonna use it. It's gonna equal. Pay per view buys the biggest fight again of all time. Because if this doesn't happen is anyone going. We need that rematch dude, like we're no one's foaming at the mouth going. I gotta see these to go again. Now I feel like people no matter if you thought Connor got mauled or not, which I didn't think you did. So she after a long lay-off thing, he did pretty well. If you give, if he's if he stays kind of in the rhythm of the fight game, he has a way better chance of being Khabib. They fight again, especially could be a long layoff, so then there's ring us on his end. So now I just feel like this Bill is even more so it was perfect hate saying that hate saying that. But that's the game that that the the UFC brass and the fans have created. You got you guys eat this up, you guys eat this up, so that's why they run with it, but else yet. Lawrence, eleven. Every picture I seen a you over the past few years has. A look of sadness in your eyes. Why is that. First of all terrible picking we're gonna end on this awful questions, chin got another be. I think you need a new phone. Sounds wrong with your lens. I could not be sad bitch. This fuck in this is happy shit like my life could not get any better. Like Santa, Steve, it. Hell, no, you need feel vowed to you need. You need new mirrors any new guy, damn phone. You need to. You need to rethink your life. Maybe maybe you maybe you think happiness is sadness, maybe that's what's going on now. I could not be happier, man. Sorry off on that one off on that one. Be hard to mess up my what else? You got one? Yeah, I guess we can't end on that. All right. Well, shit, chin. This might be too. I don't know. How did you see the John Cavanaugh interviewed all with Joe Rogan? Yeah, I did. Okay. So shout out to Lockhart. Yeah, I'd send diem afterward. I thought he's really good man. I didn't know about too much about them. I've, I've seen the business. I've heard people say some negative things about him that I my mind changed as I started listening to this dude be this could be friends Custos shitload sound like a bro at the part at the beginning, a very military, dude. You tell knows what the fuck he's talking about cuts to what he's breaking down. Like do I if I was of women fighter on have Malky as my God him manager manager in case you saw a bus me, I'd have Lockhart fucking cutting weight. And again, we learn this through. It's a great platform. What Joe did given him that in just hand them out as I ride with this. I like this dude. Now. When before guys, misled by what the fuck lot or something like that, but here talk ios. Yeah, man, some guys, miss wait. People use people brag about how they've never had a weight. He goes, I wear that shit with honor because you know, I get these guys in. It's a fucking test, man, try and get them down. We try and sometimes they don't make in that. That's that's. That's real man. So that's how it goes. I'm a fan that won me over. Yeah, I did not like him before I saw a measure that, dude. I, I think differently now I'm a fan when he started talking. It sounded very, like almost going in bro science direction. And then he started giving like good information. Good information. Brian stand military dude was doing work for the military. You know, a lot of these nutritious is watching. You can call me Trish dietitians the guy, weight management coaches, you know, it's so new. It's almost like moving coaches, right? What your credential movement coach. I see what you're bringing the table man, you know, I got to see how you do it with these way, cutting coaches, it's it's tough man. Everyone has their own version, stuff like that and not very many can articulate especially with his background militant stuff like that. Again, I'm fan. But what are we talking about that? So j. Connor thirteen. Asking after hearing coach cavenaugh Connor talk about the fight. Do you think to a certain degree they knew they weren't going to win and they were fighting this fight with a rematch in mind because what he did say was we realized we didn't fight to win. We fought to not lose. Yeah. Again, I talked about how Connor having that swagger going into that octagon that ma- that starting camp and maybe just consi worked on wrestling and defending take downs and not getting taken down, taking down, getting back up one before you're working beat Conor McGregor. And so I don't think it's amount of them planning a rematch. I think it was just a matter of them kind of put too much focus on Khabib dozen. What Connor does. I don't think anyone ever goes in there ever ever to lose that. That's it. I man thank you for listening as usual, like send begin tickets for my special January nineteenth, San Diego. Cal. -fornia at speckles theater just went on sale, get them. Now that is one hour, comedy special for Showtime, it's the biggest honor in my life, biggest feather my hat. So you bet you ask, I'll be ready for this one that is in San Diego, California. This January nineteenth, two shows both on Saturday. A semi clock in ten o'clock show was tickets are going fast. It's the biggest venue of ever done this one's for you guys. You know, when you stuck by me from the very beginning who's been on this journey sits fighting men and to come to this, it's special because you guys, and that's where I get my energy drive from from you guys. So then you realize from the show come into any shows I've ever done for subscribing to this YouTube channel, your comments. You guys make this show happen. So I will see you guys in San Diego January nineteenth outside that this weekend, Thursday, Friday, Saturday in Salt Lake City, Utah at wise guys will my favorite. It clubs in America, Salt Lake City, Utah. This Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Then I will be part of the all things. Comedy festival tour. With our show. Fair, big j Bryant count the'll the first show sold out so there's the sanctuary might be out, go check, but that is Tober twenty seven. Now, after that, I'm in San Francisco cobs cobb's comedy club in San Francisco, November second, and November. Third after that, in Sacramento and the New York City New Mexico budgets coming up, I will see you guys in any of those cities, Utah this week. And yeah, I'll be around town then gets relisted love you guys next time on Brennan. Shaab I'm out.

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